DieselGate II

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Here we go – again.

Cummins, the maker of diesel engines, has just “agreed” to pay the federal government $1.6 billion as penance for “cheating” federal emissions control requirements. It’s VW all over again – and probably for the same reasons.

Per the catcall media:

The Justice Department accuses Cummins of installing defeat devices — which can bypass or defeat emissions controls — on 630,000 2013-2019 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup truck engines, as well as undisclosed auxiliary emission control devices on 330,000 2019-2023 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup truck engines.”

Italics added.

In other words, not necessarily does bypass.

As in the case of VW’s “cheating,” the bypassing probably occurs only occasionally, as under wide open throttle operating conditions. The resultant “emissions” are higher than allowable. But are they significant?

Merrick Beria-Garland, the lead inquisitor, insists yes.

The types of devices we allege that Cummins installed in its engines to cheat federal environmental laws have a significant and harmful impact on people’s health and safety,” he j’ accuses.

But he does not substantiate. 

Instead, he asserts:

Our preliminary estimates suggest that defeat devices on some Cummins engines have caused them to produce thousands of tons of excess emissions of nitrogen oxides.”

Italics added.

“Estimates suggest.” Not facts establish.

As in the case of VW’s persecution, no evidence was put on the table proving that Cummins’ engines have actually harmed anyone. Harm caused no longer being the necessary determinant for punishing people – or companies. The determining criteria is whether the  j’ accused has affronted the authority of the  . . . authorities. That was without question the nut of the federal persecution of VW a few years back. The “cheating” it was accused of doing was so meaninglessly trivial that no one would ever have known about it had it not been for an Inspector Javert-worthy poring over the federal emissions certification test results. In the real world, the j’ accused VWs passed every tailpipe emissions test.

Ergo, they were clean – as VW claimed.

But they were also a problem, as this column has previously mentioned. The problem wasn’t that that VW’s diesel-powered cars were “dirty.” It was that they were too long-range, too efficient and too affordable. As for example the sub-$25k to start TDI (diesel) powered Golfs, Beetles and Jettas VW sold that could go 700 miles on a tank (that could be refilled to full – as opposed to partially charged – in less than five minutes).

It is not a coincidence that VW’s “cheating” on federal emissions certification tests was discovered coincident to the beginning of the hard push to force short-range, inefficient and unaffordable battery powered devices onto the market.

For which there wasn’t (and still isn’t) much of one.

There would probably be even less of one if people were still free to buy long-range, efficient and affordable diesel-powered cars such as those made by VW until as recently as 2016 – the year, perhaps also not coincidentally, that the Orange Man ascended to the imperial purple and among his other malfeasances (in the eyes of the apparat) dialed back the federal regs that decree how many miles-per-gallon the cars we buy are allowed to use. These regs have also lately been conflated with “emissions” regs – carbon dioxide having been rebranded as an “emission,” notwithstanding its emission does not cause pollution. An interesting aside is that diesels – which burn about 30 percent less fuel than a gas engine – emit less C02, because they burn less fuel.

Never mind.

Something had to be done – and it was.

The apparat – which controls the imperium – discovered that VW had “cheated” and (among his actual malfeasances) Orange Man let the apparat Inspector Javert VW, perhaps not realizing that this dirty business was less about reducing emissions than about pushing electrification. The latter being about taking affordable, long-range vehicles of the market in order to push most people out of the market.

And now it’s Cummins in the dock, j’ accused.

As for “agreed” – that is like a woman agreeing to have sex with a man who is on top of her, holding a knife to her throat. But it is necessary to maintain the appearance of consent.

The inconvenient truth is that “emissions” have not been a problem – in terms of pollution – for literally decades. It is why the air is clean. You can see it for yourself. Just the same as we could see for ourselves that people who weren’t “masking” weren’t dying, either. Not wearing a “mask” being a kind of similar act to “cheating” on federal emissions certification tests.

But just as “masking” was an enforceable requirement (irrespective of the lack of any evidence that harm was caused by not wearing them) so also are federal “emissions” regulations enforceable – and extremely so. The reason why is obvious. If the authority of the federal apparat is successfully affronted, more are apt to affront it and – before you know – the apparatchiks won’t have any authority left to enforce.

The apparat successfully forced VW to stop making long-range, high-efficiency, affordable cars in favor of short-range, inefficient and unaffordable devices.

And not just VW, either.

The car industry was told which way the wind blows – and that they’d better adjust sail. Now it’s time for trucks – which must also in their turn be transitioned into devices that only a few can afford and most don’t want anyhow.

Sadly – like Ned Beatty in Deliverance – Cummins released a statement last Friday that it will “cooperate fully” with its own persecution – possibly into bankruptcy – even though it has “seen no evidence that anyone acted in bad faith.” 

Look, we don’t want any trouble here. 

Which is exactly how you get more – and worse.

Just ask VW.

. . .

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  1. I retired from Cummins after 42yrs in field service,on site repair of stationaty and large equipement.The EPA pulled this stunt back in the late 80’s or early 90’s and got all 4 domestic manufactorers to pay massive fines rather than face an unlimited army of gov appatatchics guaranteed to bankrupt you.The gov detests anyone or thing not beholden to them.

  2. Fantastic…with all the clean air, I can literally see the deadly pollution particles dropping into the lower atmosphere from all those endless chemtrails. Government ruins everything, and I mean the whole shebang.

  3. I’m confused.
    I currently believe Cummings added a device or software intended to enhance the vehicle’s performance at the sake of the emissions standard.
    I also believe this device had no other purpose but to enhance performance at the sake of the agreed upon emissions standards.
    You stated this system was designed for occasional use under specific conditions, and it is possible that some vehicles never needed to engage this device. But isn’t the mere inclusion illegal? And therefore isn’t Cummings guilty as charged?
    As an analogy, if someone possesses a firearm illegally, but rarely or never uses it to commit a crime, aren’t they knowingly breaking the law?

    • When unelected bureaucrats scribble new rules to the detriment of freedom, I say break those rules. Good on Cummins for doing it. These bureaucrats are effectively regulating companies like Cummins out of business under the flimsiest of excuses. I don’t blame Cummins one bit for what they did, I only regret that they were ratted out.

    • Hi Blacksheep,

      Legality is a technicality in that anything can be made illegal, by so decreeing. The issue at hand is morality; i.e., whether the law (the regulation) is reasonable/right. Arguably, it is not. The emissions standard were not agreed upon; they were imposed. Kind of like “mask” mandates. I felt no compunction about ignoring those laws, too.

      • I agree, we are being dominated by unelected bureaucrats, and that needs to be directly addressed.
        Regardless, what Cummings did was knowingly foolhardy. I’m not sure how they expected to keep their workaround secret. Some lofty heads should roll for this, and their pensions rescinded and applied to help pay the $1.6 billion fine. The CMI stockholders should not suffer financial punishment for the company’s criminal action.

        • itt’s CUMMINS not Cummings. Meh…

          BUT until I se some detailed explanation of exactly what the “fix” was and HOW it workd and ubder what circumstances, sorry I see no harm no foul. Chuct like FolksVagen… their pre-bust engines burned so clean they overall made less “pollution” than the “compliant” ones later mandated.

          The only meaningful measure of fuel comsumption for any vehicle is “Tonne Miles per Gallon”, (TM/G). Each tonne carried requires X galons of fuel per kile ravelled.
          The VW Jetta’s (TBD models) returned around 50 mpg, but carried 1.5 tonnes with the use of that gallon. They scaled (kerb weight) at about 1.5 tonnes. Thus tthey returned about 75 TM/G.
          My full sized Ford van, Powerstroke, weighs 3 tonnes, returns 18 mpg, this delivers 54. TM/G. Funny thing is, I took one 2000 mile trip loaded VERY heavy with trailer,, gross combinattion weight was scaled at 17,000 lbs. Yep. On that trip it returned ONLY 15 mpg. So, 127 TM/G. Almost twice the real efficiency as the VW. I also own an earlier Mitsubishi pickup, TBD, returns 37 mpg and weighs 1.5 tonnes. 55.5 TM/G about 2/3 the

          If FedGv were really on about quantifying emissions they would set the standards based on units of compound X, Y, Z, per TM/G. My old Kenworth returned only 7 MPG, but did that when moving 40 tonnes down the highway. . That’s 280 TM/G. VERY fuel efficient.

          I also have an YUUUUUGE issue with the numbers these Feds spit out for quantities of pollution emitted. The figure 16,000 TONNES was quoted above The fuel itself is almost all carbohydtare, carbn bydrogen oxygen, with minuscule traces of nitrogen. It takes many more times the amount of oxygen to burn a given weight of fuel, the output products being oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, traces of carbon MONoxide and oxides of nitrogen. These statements of polutants emitted seem to have more weight of pollutants than was fuel burned. How can this be? They never show their maths. I strngly suspect they specialise in the NEW maths… which are known to be flexible and can prove/disprove anything they desire.

          Bottom line, as with VW a while back, I am firmly convinced that da gummit dweebs have had some “private chats” with the folks at Cummins and have some ‘handles” in them, else they’d not be so quick to bowand scrapenand govel before their “owners”. Sad… more a thigocracy than a democracy.

          • Don’t forget Diesel-Electric Locomotives!!!…and VW, I believe, also had a 3-cylinder diesel-electric hybrid available in Europe!!! Thing about diesel is you gotta run it hot and constant–no “stop-and-go” as “carboning up” of the exhaust headers is the enemy of diesel engines. Also best run with a turbo for maximum compression efficiency!!!

        • Hi Blacksheep,

          Every engine manufacturer builds/tunes their engines “to the test.” Meaning, they set them up to pass the (federal emissions certification) test. These did. That is how the game is played. And it is just that. A game. A vicious one. As in the VW case, Cummins was “caught cheating” after the fact – by pedantic inquisitors looking for an excuse to go after Cummins, just like VW. And they found picayune variations in “emissions” that amount to nothing beyond a slight difference in what was allowed under the standards to what is not allowed.

          I know that sounds like a lot. But that is what this is all about. The Marxists want to end diesels (and anything else with an engine) because they want to greatly throttle mobility. EVs – and “the environment” are just the excuse.

          You call what Cummins stands accused of “criminal” – how so? Who – specifically – was harmed? Can you point to a single specific victim? Or is it just another case of the government’s authority having been affronted?

    • I can imagine a situation where the guys(engineers) setting up the powertrain for a given vehicle a trying to meet epa and performance goals simultaneously. They can achieve epa goals under 90% of driving conditions but under heavy loads cannot meet performance goals, so they let epa goals slide temporarily <10% of the time, otherwise usability would suffer greatly, (steep incline with heavy load)(short ramp to sixty mph traffic) the alternative is a bigger engine, a less than desirable option. I dunno maybe I read this or something like it somewhere, but I could see it….

  4. US is a nation of feminized pussy blowhards who talk a lot of shit and do nothing. when will one of these companies tell the govt GFY?

  5. This explains why the upcoming Supreme Court’s decision regarding executive agencies, commonly referred to as “Chevron Deference,” is of supreme importance in the new year.

    If they make the right decision, it could eliminate every piece of rule-making they have improperly used to attack the producers of the nation that wasn’t specifically authorized for them to utilize.

    And now that I’ve inserted my own personal politics, I wish Happy New Year, Eric!

    • Indeed, Travis –

      Much hinges on that decision. I worry what it will be – because I worry about them having photos of John Roberts on Epstein’s island…

  6. Hi everybody, i’m so sad, because this is what happens in the U.S., the “land of Freedom”. Many people, all over the world, has to be really worry about this cultural and social decline; we must light a light and do not curse the dark.
    Is time to be actors and not only spectators.
    Thank you again Mr. Peters, for your brilliant and scratchy articles.
    Greetings from Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy.

    • “Here you go, America, you are free to do what we tell you.” – Bill Hicks

      It’s just a ride.

      Bill would even cuss and swear, knew every expletive.

      A comic and a jester too. He made you laugh, seriously.

  7. So, an automobile manufacturer that “Cheats” on emissions tests gets fined by the government, but if, say, a pharmaceutical company that makes COVID vaccines does something similar or manipulates data on clinical tests to make their vaccine appear more effective than it actually is, that same government just ignores it, uncritically accepts it, gives those companies tons of taxpayer dollars, and even tries to FORCE its own citizens to take that vaccine? If that doesn’t prove that the government is NOT looking out for what they claim to be looking out for, I don’t know what does. The past few years are a mixture of a nightmare and several dystopian novels.

    • Excellent, excellent observation, John!

      The Pfarma Cartels cheated in a demonstrably lethal way, but because the cartels own the government, the government looks the other way in their case.

      • Hi Eric,

        The Left & the Democrat Party bleated for years about the evils of Big Pharma & how they had tremendous influence over the government, but the ironic thing is, just the past few years showed they were RIGHT. However, they’ve effectively abandoned their skepticism of Big Pharma after the Biden Thing got into office and even became their biggest shills to the point of demanding severe punishment for people who refused to be guinea pigs and(rightly) had questions about the “vaccines” having been developed at “Warp Speed” when vaccines normally take 5-10 years to be developed. It’s the same with war, the military-industrial complex, the billionaire class, and the FBI. They hated those entities in the past, but now LOVE them. It’s hard to tell if it’s because THEY’RE in power and power is “Their precious”, or if it’s because of obsessive hatred for Orange Man & people they consider their political enemies. The COVID crap of the past few years is likely the biggest infringement of civil liberties in our lifetimes, but very few people running for office even want to talk about it. Even Trump refuses to talk about it, and this COVID CRAP started under him, and only metastasized under Joe Biden. It’s as if they, along with the Pharma funded media, want everyone to think the past few years never happened.

        • I can’t find the story online, but I clearly recall reading an interview with Hillary Clinton, just after she was elected First Lady, where she said something about being nervous about seeing Marines in uniform in the White House. That is, until she realized that “They were ‘our’ marines now.”

          • After Hillary Clinton left the White House, she seems to have had this huge sense of entitlement to be the “First female President”. She ran for President in 2008 but lost to Barack Obama, who went on to become POTUS himself. In 2016, she once again ran, even though DEMOCRAT voters largely wanted Bernie Sanders. However, the Democrat Party establishment rigged their own primaries to make sure Sanders didn’t have a chance against Clinton. When Clinton lost again, her campaign, along with people in the FBI, concocted this BIG LIE that she only lost because her then opponent, Donald Trump, “Colluded with Russia”, which, to this day, there are people who STILL believe that lie. In 2020, I thought she’d run yet again, and the establishment & media would frame it as “Trump v Clinton 2.0”, but instead, the Democrat Party establishment made a senile old man who should be in a retirement or nursing home their nominee. With Joe Biden being “The oldest President ever”, plus most people wanting someone else, what are the odds that Hillary Clinton will try running for President a THIRD time?

            • Hi John,
              The way things are now I’m not sure which is worse, Biden vs. Trump 2.0 or Hillary vs. Trump 2.0. How about None of the Above? Just proves how stupid and corrupt the two party system is; 300 million people in the USSA and these demented politicians are the choices they give us. Not that it matters, they’re just the puppets being played for the WEF.

              • Hi Mike,

                It’s telling though that the WEF & the Deep State are afraid of Trump, though I read the other day that Trump is considering Nikki Haley as his running mate, which to me would be another reason NOT to vote for Trump again besides his continued advocating of the COVID shots and claiming he did a great job handling COVID in 2020, the final year of his term. I also had reasons NOT to vote for Nikki Haley if she somehow becomes the “R” nominee for President next year, though establishment media keeps putting out narratives that she’s SURGING in the polls.

                Depending on what happens between now & next November, I might actually vote for RFK Jr., though he had some concerning statements in the past on climate change and guns. However, he has also dropped numerous truth bombs on COVID, vaccines, CBDCs, the CIA’s role in the assassinations of his father & uncle, etc., and even wrote a book on Anthony Fauci, and wrote a book on what our government has been doing since 2001 or so on biowarfare and making experimental vaccines. It’s also telling that the Democrat Party establishment, the media, the DC Blob, etc., are afraid of him as well.

          • ‘I clearly recall reading an interview with Hillary Clinton where she said something about being nervous about seeing Marines in uniform in the White House.’ — RK

            I clearly recall reading a series of articles by R Emmett Tyrrell in The American Spectator in 1994, based on interviews with Arkansas state troopers guarding the governor’s mansion in Little Rock.

            They said Hillary went berserk one morning, cursing out the troopers: ‘I want the f*cking flag raised at f*cking sunrise every f*cking morning. Got it?

            Sho’ thing, Missus Hitluh … I’ll step ‘n fetchit righ-ut now!

      • Hi Eric

        Given that the Gangs (Government) are owned by the Bigs, why didn’t Big Auto buy enough politicians to protect themselves? Perhaps like the mistake that Mickeysoft made way back when? I suspect that this ties into the various agendas of the Usual Suspects™.
        Most are directed at lowering peoples living standards, keeping them frightened and ignorant, and thus more easily controlled.

    • Tyranny works by making everything illegal. At that point everybody becomes a sinner and it’s just a matter of applying “prosecutorial discretion” against your political enemies.

      “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime” -Lavrentiy Beria

      • Hi Alexandru –

        What can we do? We can refuse to comply. I did so during the “pandemic.” I will do so, going forward. If enough of us do so, we can have ourt country (and a semblance of liberty) back, again.

  8. “…to cheat federal environmental laws…”

    Why is it assumed that “federal laws” apply to the
    states or persons therein? They don’t, but just
    about everyone “assumes” and follows the
    irrational, illegitimate, dictates of Big Brother.

    Florida didn’t follow the fed’s demands regarding
    Covid – an example to follow.

    • Hi Libertyx

      Most of the times the Feds buy off the states with money. But behind that velvet glove, is the iron fist that killed more than 600,000 people the last time the states challenged Mordor on the Potomac’s power. The tyrant Lincoln demonstrated the real nature and reality of government.

  9. The government big enough to give you want you want –

    Legal and regulatory protection from competition

    Is big enough to take what you have –

    By turning the regs on you

    The only thing left is take a page from West Virginia and sue for exceeding their authority. That will take years and millions, but beats going out of business.

  10. …Speaking of slaves, are any of you on T-Mobile? There’s a new T.O.S. where anything you transmit must be legal in all 50 States, or you get a fine $$$:




    …When do the other cell carriers do the same? …And, more?

      • Oh man, that video might be, ‘a Mike Adams moment’.

        A couple of comments:

        “Has anyone seen this in their TOS with T-Mobile themselves? Reason I ask is that I did a little bit of research last night, where it is going around the TMobile circles, and it appears that this is not published nor has it been made policy as an end user agreement, but was a leaked draft that was under consideration for manufacturers that puts it in line with federal law for advertising and marketing. ĺ’m just relaying what I found out, do with it as you will. I’m 100% for getting away from the system and not trusting the government, but I think this may very well be a false alarm.”

        “This does not apply to the average consumer. It only applies to large companies sending out bulk sms messages.”

        “This is a code of conduct for ad campaigns and other bulk sending users. Not for consumers, so no need to panic people.”

        …Live, & learn?

    • Pretty sure that’s in all terms of service agreements, but only because of section 230 of the DMCA, or maybe FCC regulations about using airwaves for illegal activity technically being a felony. Reality is that it is one of those Al Capone style laws that they’ll tack on to get a conviction even if they have sketchy evidence.

  11. IIRC there was a Diesel fuel shortage a year ago. Prices were through the roof because of yet another biden thing’s manufactured crisis. And yet the EPA still pushed the D-E-F S-H-I-T and the foolish “emissions” nonsense.

  12. “Our preliminary estimates suggest that defeat devices on some Cummins engines have caused them to produce thousands of tons of excess emissions of nitrogen oxides.”

    So Cummins diesels allegedly released thousands of tons of something into a 5.5 quadrillion ton atmosphere? Sorry, but percentages that low cannot be measured. It’s literally less than a fart in a whirlwind.

    So many of our problems come back to allowing feds to trample on the bill of rights. As a Christian my god gave me dominion over the earth to use. What they are legislating is pagan earth worship, something they are explicitly forbidden to do, like gun control.

    But corporate folk worship mammon, so they do what they are told for their advantage.

  13. Funny how we use the word ‘slave’ to describe what we are. But then if one looks at the definition…

    a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another and forced to provide unpaid labor.

    a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person: She was a slave to her own ambition.

    According to the definition it looks like we are!
    Difference being that we are willing slaves. And it gets worse year after year. Government stole almost 5 or so trillion of our wealth. And it still isn’t enough… Is it ever? Government tells us what kind of light bulbs, toilets, and now cars we are allowed. Government requires we take their vaxxines, eat what they tell us to. Government tells us to accept mutilation of our children, teaches the children different types of depraved sex. Governments start wars then send us off to fight for them or provides the money and tools for others to kill each other.

    If we don’t pay up, comply, or be cannon fodder we are put in cages. Yes,,, the world hates us for being so free! I don’t know if I can stand much more of their freedom.

      • >jury duty
        No worries
        If you get “empaneled” after wasting 4 hours in the wait chamber, you will be interrogated to determine if you will vote the right way. Wrongthinkful ideas will get you kicked off the jury. BTDT.

        • So you are why an innocent man went to jail? Jury duty is a sacred obligation and a privilege of free men. You should be actively seeking it to shield innocents from democracy/mobs/corruption.

          Jury duty is one of our greatest nonviolent techniques for foiling the government. It shouldn’t be left to the senile, the stupid, and the incompetent.

          • >It shouldn’t be left to the senile, the stupid, and the incompetent.
            But that is what the “justice system” selects for.
            I spoke my mind, and the system found my thoughts unacceptable.

          • [Jury duty is one of our greatest nonviolent techniques for foiling the government.]

            Problem is,,, They pick and choose….The judge then diktates the ‘rules’ to the jury which if anyone else does that’d be ‘jury tampering’.

            Today you are judged by political correctness. I watched a ‘jury’ convict a man doing what he was trained to do and then watched public servants lie on the stand saying the technique was not in the training manual.
            I watched a family get millions of tax dollars for the death of a violent, drug addicted repeat offender of heinous crimes across the nation that actually Over Dosed himself.
            I watched the Supremo Black Robes turn down a retrial request of an obvious innocent man. Obviously scared for their hides.

            No,,, no more fair trials in the USA.

            • All true but it makes my point. Had even one juror stood against the lynching of Derek Chauvin he’d have walked. And had that one juror been ejected it would have been grounds for the supreme court to throw it out.

              • Howevah; & in spite of all the above, the point was, if you don’t go to jury duty, you become an inmate. Or, worse.

                IF, jury duty were a voluntary thing, …

                • Hi Helot. I’ve received about 6 or 8 jury duty summons in the last 50 or 60 years. Never responded or showed up to any of them and nothing has ever happened. Not that I have any problem with serving per se, but every time they sent a notice it was for a date when I was on vacation, traveling for work etc. Now that I’m retired, I’m kind of hoping they do send me another notice. I think it might be interesting, not to mention that I’m well aware of jury nullification. Not that I would tell them that, though!

                  • RE: “Never responded or showed up to any of them and nothing has ever happened.”

                    No kidding?

                    No warrant issued?

                    …So, it’s like The Census forms? …That is, unless you respond, & when you walk thru the courthouse doors, then, you’re theirs?

                    I always thought a person was arrested if they didn’t respond, does it vary by State?

                  • The one time I got close to serving on a jury (there was a last minute settlement), we were subject to a propaganda film put out by the ABA that we were to be put under oath that we were only examine the facts of the case. The actual oath was to uphold and defend the US and state constitutions.

                  • I got summoned a few times over the years but just spent the day hanging around the courthouse, never got called for an actual trial. Won’t get called anymore since I’m over 70 but always wanted to be on a trial so I could find a cop guilty or let someone off of a drug charge via nullification.

              • Chauvin made a bad decision. Just hogtie the fentanyl freak and drag him behind the police vehicle to the police station.

                After that, get a long rope, get the good strong hemp kind, then tie Floyd up by his balls and pour sand up his ass until the rope breaks. Also goes for Netanyahu the Idiot. Too late for Floyd, but not for Netanyahu.

                Justice can be fun too.

                Gotta go all Gaza like the kikes do, just sometimes.

                It’s time.

            • If the justice system is not fair, there can be no moral problem with telling the lawyers what they want to hear to get yourself on the jury.

              I got called once and told the truth that I would not convict someone for merely selling drugs. I should have said nothing.

              • I stated my belief that having a stipulated amount of alcohol in one’s system was *NOT* proof of impairment. And this was long before I ever heard of EP Autos or our host, Eric Peters. 🙂

                >no moral problem with telling the lawyers what they want to hear

                I do not remember if we were “sworn in” before being interrogated by the judge whilst sitting in the jury box. If so, then there may be no “moral problem,” but there will certainly be a legal problem. It is called perjury, and the penalty is severe.

                Best bet would be to disclose nothing. Respond to all questions with name and SS nummer, nothing more.
                Judge: Juror Number Twelve, blah blah blah?
                Juror #12: Ich heise ______. Meine SS nummer ist [spell it out, in German].
                Bet you get kicked off the jury, just the same. 🙂
                Whether or not you give the Bellamy salute. 🙂

              • Jury nullification is just a catchphrase for the jury doing its job. Which is primarily and always to keep the government in its proper subservient place, and see that only truly bad actors are afflicted by it.

                I remember everybody I knew being outraged by the OJ Simpson verdict. I will never be outraged by a likely guilty man walking, but a lynching like Chauvin suffered and the heroes of January 6 suffered, offends me to my core.

  14. From today’s WaPo – “The Biden administration’s push to entice more Americans to buy electric vehicles is falling short of expectations as consumers fret over prices, battery range and a lack of charging stations.”
    So there it is, all the shortcomings of an EV summed up in one sentence. Dawn is slowly breaking through the fog of propaganda pushed by our overlords, recognized by one of their MSM mouthpieces.
    Reality bites, bitchez.

    • RE: “Dawn is slowly breaking through the fog of propaganda pushed by our overlords”

      Fuel for the fire: towards the end of this video is part of a speech given by Obama, I’ll transcribe:

      “… what are you doing for people to believe this information in order to weaken Democratic institutions … you just have to flood a country’s Public Square with enough raw sewage … you just have to raise enough questions … spread enough dirt … plant enough conspiracy theorizing … that citizens no longer know what to believe … once they lose trust in their leaders … in mainstream media … in political institutions … in each other … in the possibility of Truth … The Game’s won.”


      OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY

      ‘So WHAT’S NEXT?’


    • So there it is, all the shortcomings of an EV summed up in one sentence.

      Well, almost. In addition, one should mention that among the EV chargers that do exist, there are no fast chargers. Not a single one. Even though some EV chargers are less slow than others, what they all have in common is that they are slow.

      This means that anyone who claims to be fast charging his EV is a liar, and anyone who frequently and repeatedly claims to be fast charging his EV is a pathological liar, as it is not possible to charge an EV with a charger that does not exist.

  15. IIRC, the VW diesel engines also did not require the questionably-effective DEF system kabuki which made the vehicles an even bigger affront to Uncle.

  16. The war on diesel continues. Do the demonic lunatics in charge realize that most freight in the U.S., be it by truck or by rail, does so via diesel power? That includes food and other critical items.

    My hope is the whole rotten lot of the tyranny that’s loomed over us since 1865 collapses peacefully and is replaced by a much weaker central government that stays in its lane (defense, coinage, etc.) and everything else, as the Founders intended, is delegated to the states. The problem is California has become the de facto rulemaking body for the whole country. Something needs to be done there, but short of Golden State residents shaking off their tyranny and replacing it, I don’t know what can be done there.

    • > The problem is California has become the de facto rulemaking body for the whole country. Something needs to be done there, but short of Golden State residents shaking off their tyranny and replacing it, I don’t know what can be done there.

      Revoke their statehood, perhaps? They’ve already demonstrated a total lack of ability to manage their affairs responsibly. Revoke their statehood, and don’t let them have it back until they unfuck themselves and start making better choices.

      • Since they are and have been treasonous, in active rebellion against the constitution withe their gun control rules among other things, perhaps the state of California needs to be dissolved and broken up into 4 or 5 locally controlled pieces.

  17. Cummins should take a RAM truck and drive it up Merrick Garland’s ass and turn it around in there.

    If you want pollution, stick up your ass.

    Garland will get his deliverance.

  18. Another very sad result of poor and/or criminal decisions. I feel sorry for the once great Cummins company, it’s Engineers, workers, etc…….
    This spells the end to them and their once great products. They should have pushed back a long time ago during the creation of the Tier 3 and Tier 4 BS. They didn’t. The were part of these regs creation, and their partner in crime now stabbed them in the back which going to kill them.

  19. ‘[Cummins] pointed to a previous recall of 2019 Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks and a now-initiated recall of 2013-2018 Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks.’ — MSN

    What if they announced a recall and nobody showed up?

    If Cummins’ alleged bypass adds to performance or economy, why would anyone volunteer to have it taken away?

    Does this post make me subject to arrest by Beria Garland’s secret police, the FBI, for ‘advocating a federal emissions crime’?

    Don’t get me started. I’ve got worse offenses than ’emissions crimes’ to champion.

    • Around this neck of the woods there’s a very large number of RAM pickups with Cummins turbodiesels whose owners have installed a “delete kit.” Usually just after they get a warning about the required maintenance of the DEF system that costs much more than the delete kit. The only people worried about keeping DEF working are fleet owners and people who live in areas that require emissions testing.

      There are quite a number of owners who have installed “straight pipe” exhaust systems too. While I don’t advocate for such modifications I understand there’s a fairly big increase in power at the expense of your long term hearing.

      Most of the VW owners weren’t ever going to turn a wrench, even just to change the oil. The owners of diesel trucks tend to be a little more DIY, and often have land and building space available to keep an extra vehicle on hand while modifying their truck. Or they know someone. And they’ll keep their trucks until they rust away, and maybe even beyond that if they’re good with a welder. Because it’s their truck, customized the way they want it to be. The factory made the base product, not what the owner wanted.

      • Yes, with a delete and/or a tune a humongous truck makes insane power and better mileage, all without traditional mechanical mods.

        Dont kid yourself about VW TDI owners, there is a very good proportion of tuners doing a combination of chip tuning, injector upgrades, intake and exhaust mods, and turbo upgrades which turn something like a TDI Golf into a fire breathing monster. I just got rid of mine only because even at 42mpg on 4.00/gallon diesel it’s cheaper to run a Honda Civic on $2.80 gas. And quieter…

  20. ‘The apparat successfully forced VW to stop making … affordable cars.’ — eric

    Today’s NY Slimes — a pro-gov, anti-ICE rag — contains a lengthy mash note to the VW Beetle … from the people of Cuautepec, Mexico. It’s okay for Mexicans to still like gasoline-fueled cars, you see, because they are colorful ethnic folks in a distant Third World city.

    “It is not a standard car like any other,” said Yolanda Ocampo, admiring her graying 1982 Beetle. “We love the Vochos so much.”

    ‘Some say “Vocho” is derived from the Spanish word for bug, “bicho,” but substituting the first two letters of Volkswagen. Others say it is just a shortened slang version of Volkswagen.

    ‘In 1964, VW opened a factory in Puebla, Mexico, where it produced Beetles until 2003. Each Beetle has its own personality and name; owners post their car’s moniker at the top of windshields or on its side. On a recent trip to Cuautepec, one Beetle was named Ashley. Miranda chugged along a couple blocks away. Another had “New York” spray-painted along its side.

    ‘Berenzain Amaya, a tattoo artist at Octattoo Studio in another part of Mexico City, says he has inked the car on at least 10 die-hard Vocho fans. “It’s hard to explain because if you’re from another country and see this German car, it’s kind of weird, but I think Mexico is a weird place,” Mr. Amaya said. “There’s a lot of things that aren’t too common to see in other countries. This is part of the culture.”’


    One thing’s for damned sure: no battery-powered cell-phone-on-wheels ever is going to become part of the culture, in Mexico or anywhere else. Brutal enforcers like Merrick Beria Garland have stamped out idiosyncratic vehicles, just as they tread down fields of spring flowers to wipe the noncompliant smiles off our grayed, ground-down NPC faces.

  21. Why don’t the manufacturers sue the government for promoting a climate hoax. Perpetrating a hoax on society based on lies is surely a huge crime.

    • Hi Jack,

      I think the answer to that question is – they’re in on it. The CEOs (and boards) are “all in” on the agenda – in part because they don’t think it will affect them. And because they believe they’ll get rich in the process.

      Greed – for money (and power) is behind it all.

    • Ford and GM are both ~20% owned by Blackrock/State Street/Vanguard, who push the agenda at all of their subsidiary companies.

      GM is 80% owned by institutions, with eerily similar ownership positions to Disney when The Mouse’s decision making was at its lowest, leading to that company’s current trajectory towards Bankruptcy.

      Mary Barra doesn’t care. She’ll get paid.

        • I forgot about Mary Barra sitting on the DIsney board.

          When I held DIS stock, I used to make a point of voting against Barra, Al Gore (still there), and Sheryl Sandberg when the annual proxy ballot arrived.

          Not that it mattered.

          What was really egregious about Sandberg’s presence is that a sizeable number of the institutions who really ran Disney wanted her installed as CEO when Iger retired.

  22. I could be wrong, I was once before, but would Cummins not be better served by spending that 1.6 billion on lawyers to say NO? Or to point out that Cummins does not build vehicles? A diesel engine in a crate produces Zero emissions.

  23. The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion ice diesel has emissions of 85g CO2 per km..it is even cleaner (less emissions) than a Toyota Prius or an EV….

    A bloomberg article states, “A current-model large EV car with a battery produced and charged in an average European Union country emits about 88 grams of CO2 per kilometer,

    Ice diesel:
    The 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel, capable of a claimed 88.3 mpg imperial, or 73.5 mpg U.S.

    it has a 971 mile range, the perfect car.

    it weighs 1125 kg, 2480 lb, the new EV’s are over 4000 lb. it weighs 40% less.

    Energy density:
    In order to go 200 miles the EV had to carry around a 1000 lb battery (some tesla batteries weigh 1800 lb, the hummer battery is 3000 lb.)

    In order to go 200 miles the 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel had to only carry 9.52 lb of fuel.

    The 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion costs $24,355 U.S., EV’s start at about $45,000

    there is a $20,000 incentive to buy the Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion…lol

    2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion for sale… $6403.00….buy one…


    • EV’s weigh far more then the 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel….so they cause far more road damage…and cause more damage in crashes…..they are far less reliable, maintenance costs are far higher, they eat tires, they cost far more, EV’s depreciate to zero value in 10 years when the battery is dead, or when they are in a very minor accident….Ev’s take hours to refuel, their lithium batteries are highly dangerous rolling fire bombs…lol…

      Consumers are figuring this out….so aren’t buying them….

      The tesla is just a virtue signaling, vanity purchase as a third or fourth car, for the rich people….

    • dieselgate….haha….more like environment destroying EV’s….get it right….the diesel is cleaner….100% misinformation/disinformation, pure lies…… to kill diesels and push EV’s to stop mobility/freedom of the slaves…..

      The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion ice diesel has emissions of 85g CO2 per km..it is even cleaner (less emissions) than a Toyota Prius or an EV….

      A current-model large EV car with a battery produced and charged in an average European Union country emits about 88 grams of CO2 per kilometer,

      • A current-model large EV car with a battery produced and charged in an average European Union country emits about 88 grams of CO2 per kilometer,

        They are going to ban ice vehicles and they say EV’s are zero emission…biggest lie ever told….they are HIGHER emission vehicles….lol

        slaves will believe any lie the slave owners tell them…..

    • The 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel 73.5 mpg U.S……current EV’s get about 25 real actual mpg…not at the wallplug e mpg bs lies……the diesel has about 3X better fuel economy….

    • This reminds me of the old saying that “a camel is a horse designed by committee” – the EV is a prime example of how bad it can get when government tries to influence and/or dictate the design of a car.

  24. “Corporate” America decided long ago that the be response to GovCo mandates was, “Yes, Massa”. Now they can’t say no even if they wanted to.

    I imagine large trucks will be next in line. The California restrictions on large trucks will expand nationwide.

    Sadly, only a slave revolt will end this.


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