Ode to Joe

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Ford has launched another series of commercials that appear to be sonnets to Joe. They are called “The Builders” – get it? As in Build back Better, one of the slogans of the Biden campaign.

And they’re not really commercials – since no products are being advertised.

Instead, a new normal is reflected in the Face-Burqa’d (and more, some wear plastic spittle shields in addition to their Burqas; it’s the very latest thing for the fashionista Sickness Psychotic) Rainbow Coalition of occasionally white people who flit across the screen, stoic expressions surely on display under their Burqas.

The spots are narrated by Brian Cranston, the Breaking Bad actor who also narrated the spot about Finish Strong that signaled the virtue of playing Sickness Kabuki. It’s an interesting choice given Cranston’s character in the series that made him rich and famous was a guy who refused to be a good cuck and assume the position but instead seized back control of his life

Now he has become the spokesvoice for assuming the position – lecturing us about the virtues thereof.   

In this one, in addition to the messaging about the divinity of the Holy Burqa, there is signaling about “principles” – the principles of obedience to the narrative.

“Follow their lead,” Cranston says.

“The ones serving and building others up” . . . hint, hint. That’s not you, Trump supporter. Not you, Burqa refuser. You didn’t build it.

But you ought to wear it.

“Look to the families, the communities . . . every small town, city and schoolyard” (cue flashing image of the not-Mustang) . . . look to the places and ideals that bind us together . . .” i.e., the places that impose the dogmas of the Sickness Cult, forever and ever, amen.

“No matter what goes wrong in this country, they’re out there.”

Indeed, they are.


Once upon a time, ran ads like this one:

But then, that was another America – rapidly receding in the rearview.

Of course, Ford is making this pitch for another reason – that of appeasement. Of snuggling up to Joe – who will shortly be in a position to favor (or not) the businesses that express the virtues he’s selling.

It is why you see the not-Mustang in this Ode to Joe, which receives almost equal billing with the Face Burqa. The real Mustang can be seen, too – but it is a token presence, like the other token presence. The future is electric – and “diverse” – provided you agree and look like you do.

It’s not a song Heisenberg would have sung. But then, he was only a character – and the man playing him was merely putting on another show.

. . . .

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  1. GM errr…”gm” caved..

    gm changed their logo and says its to show the world they are an electric car company!

    No Ford or GM…Chrysler products but they now joined Stellantis so who knows they will probably put out lefty commercials now!

  2. Ford is kowtowing to illegitimate power. If the Constitution was followed, “Joe” would mostly be irrelevant. The office of president has been made into a dictatorship. Dictatorships don’t end well.

  3. Lol you’re literally begging for money at the end. What a weak sensitive man you are. Who’s the snowflake now? ❄️🤡

    Good riddance old America. It was never great, but it will be now.

    • Hi Cynicism,

      Who’s begging? The tagline following each story asks those who like what they find here to consider supporting it. Can you appreciate the difference? This site is almost entirely supported by the readers, which is why it’s not filled with obnoxious ads and endless pushy sales pitches.

      As far as “snowflakes” – I’m not afraid of disagreement and welcome debate, provided it’s intelligent.

      • Amen, Eric! I’d much rather see someone who provides a wonderful free service *ask* that those who benefit from that service support that service if they so care to, as opposed to the creeps who Cynicsim supports, who extort and rob everyone to pay for services without regard to whether they use them or not. The former is free-market, free choice; the later is robbery and organized crime.

    • YOU are the snowflake, cowardly little trolling twerp. In case you have not noticed (not surprising given your obvious lack of intelligence), this is a primarily community-supported site that unlike the major media outlets and social media platforms is not beholden to government, or the state’s corporate sycophants.

      The old America WAS great despite its flaws. Now it will be a communistic 3rd-world hellhole.

    • If living with increased domestic poverty and diminished opportunity, lobbing more bombs at small sovereign countries, taunting of Russia and China, smut/pornography/pedophilia, universal face diapering, enhanced police/surveillance state, destruction of buildings/property/jobs, controlled narratives, censorship, medical tyranny, burning/looting, run-away inflation, anemic economic growth, stock market juicing, cronyism, suicide, drug use, communism, distrust, hatred and, well, cynicism, is great, you can have it.

      Got news for you, though, your lot and standing in life still isn’t going to improve. And you will still be poor in spirit, and a miserable, ignorant, petulant, infantile, condescending son of a bitch.

    • Scum like Cynicsim are a living illustration of “people getting the government they deserve”- and I hope he and his knuckle-dragging thick-browed kind gets every last bit of it! They are advocating their own slavery- let’s see how they like their new masters whom they have desired!

      • Amen, Nunz. Samuel Adams had people like that in mind when he said “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

      • The sad part, Nunz, is human debris such as this delude themselves into thinking they’re in the club. Never realizing they, too, will make up the mountain of skulls. Just sucks that they’re dragging down the rest of humanity for the sake of their own pathetic inadequacies, and their fantasy that their chains are wings.

        • Yep, BAC! The ignorant masses love the promises of communism- until they actually have to live under it. They love the idea of destroying those whom they envy, ignorant of the fact that if it can destroy their betters, it will destroy them and their children even more so- and they will one day wake up and realize that those promises were just idle fantasies and lies, used to enlist them as soldiers in their new master’s service. Let them choke on it! There’ll be no one left to save them for it comes for them- and come for them it surely will, and much, much faster than they could imagine- jiust ask any Russian, or Cambodian, or Chinaman or Cuban of a few generations ago.
          These worthless shits couldn’t lift their hand to their mouth to keep from starving when times were good, and they’d rob and kill each other in the best of times…let’s see what they do when things get tough!

  4. I’ve always endeavored to keep my footprint on the world small. Not for any of the so called “environmental concerns”, but because it costs a LOT less money to do so. When I retired a couple of years ago, I was a bit anxious about being able to live on Social Security, since my ex-wife had absconded with what few assets I had put away for retirement. Surprise! I have a cash SURPLUS. Live cheap, and the corporations can’t own you. It will come as a shock to them when they discover profit actually requires customers, which require products they need, want, and can afford, instead of what the Psychopaths In Charge want. When the masses hit their credit limit, they will stop looking for proselytization of the the Psychopaths In Charge and Snowflake SJW Wokester propaganda. They will be looking for products they can afford. Which won’t include trucks that cost as much as a house. There was a time when trucks cost less than cars, and were actually capable of doing work, which is what the customer needed, not an “eco friendly” toy to boost their ego that cost as much as a house.

    • The simple life is truly the best, and the one which allows for the most freedom. No debt, nearly no taxes, low cost of living = no servitude to some corp/agency/business, and time to live sensibly and enjoy the beauty of life. It feels GOOD to live with the simple basics, the way people have always lived (Cook and heat with fire; eat plants that grow, drink water, interact with soil and animals and wood…) as opposed to the artificial substitutes which are poor substitutes.
      I see people slaving their whole lives to buy big houses to fill with all sorts of junk- most of which gets filed away and not touched again for years[ they buy “toys” which indebt them for years and for which they have to expend much effort and or expense to maintain, and rarely have time to use…and when they do use them, it looks more like work to me than relaxation…..

  5. So, might I ask where in the fuck are the freedom-LOVING corporations, or have they all been cronied out of existence? Where are the Koch brothers-types? Why is all big business turning fucking communist?

    • For real bro. Aren’t business guys supposed to be tough and no-nonsense? Seem like a bunch of neutered simps to me.

      I could see them fearing the mob, but for FFS, you can grab 50% market share by just standing up to all this BS

    • Corporations are about money, not ideology. Once Trump caved, corporations started sidling up to those who control their future.

    • I still can’t believe that the militant nationwide mask-up that accelerated in July was initiated by a letter to Trump and state governors signed by the heads of the Chamber of Commerce, National Retail Federation and National Manufacturers Association. They practically begged for a national mask mandate, which makes no sense given that masks are weapons of economic destruction. One can only wonder who paid these supposed representatives of business off.

      • Hi Jim,

        The entities you mention largely represent the huge retail chains, who benefitted hugely from the lockdowns and the Face Diapering, which crippled or destroyed smaller, independent retail outlets. Keep in mind also that Corporate America is now controlled largely by the Woke. There is nothing more important than “safety” – unless it is “diversity.”

  6. Cool commercials, but let’s just say that those gas-mileage figures were “a bit optimistic” 😉 My ’81 F250 2wd 6 cyl. stick got 10 MPG……

    Man! Has it been THAT long since they used to make real trucks…instead of truck-shaped luxury vehicles that cost as much as houses?

  7. Not too happy with Ford right now. My first official car was an 88 T Bird and i currently own 2 Fords but if this is the route they are going to take to placate the sickness cult, the enviro wackjobs and the “president select” i’ll be looking elsewhere when it comes time for a new vehicle. And i am beginning to co sider replacing the 96 ranger we have that seems to spend what’s left of its useful life going back and forth to the municipal waste yard.

    • Hi Antilles,

      The only car company I’m aware of that isn’t “woke” – yet – is FCA and especially Dodge/Ram/Jeep. I don’t expect that to last.

      • Eric,

        I haven’t owned a Chrysler corporation vehicle since a very brief stint after college in the late 90’s with a Dodge Avenger. More went wrong with that car in the 2 years i owned it then every car i’ve owned since combined, and that includes my current Ranger beater truck. Currently i’m thinking about buying a low mileage pre 2014 Truck since i don’t think many car companies started using tracking software in all of their vehicles until after that point. Although i could be wrong on the year.

        • That was a Mitsubishi! So really you never owned a Chrysler product or a Dodge!

          The 1990’s Avenger wasn’t even built by Chrysler..It was a bigger Mitsubishi Eclipse!

          Nothing was Chrysler,all the switches,dash,materials were 100% Mitsubishi.

          I worked at a Chrysler dealer in the 1990’s and every Mitsubishi product they had that was re badged was problematic…Even the 3.0 in vans and some cars and the 2.6 4cyl and the later 1995-2000 2.5 V-6 used in Cirrus/Breeze/Stratus/Avenger&Sebring coupe…

          • Whsat did Chrysler have that was GOOD? Between crappy sludgebox motors; rubber-band trannies; disintegrating bodies and interiors…. If it weren’t for the 12V Cummins in the 90’s, Chrysler would have likely bitten the dust.

            Partnering with Mitsubishit was just another of their never-ending bone-headed moves…just like partnering with Fiat and Pewjit(Peugeot) today…or Renault (LOL) in the past….. But then again, who else would have them, right?

      • I’m going to spend the rest of my “car purchases” doing what David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich do on Roadkill Garage; by cheap old cars and make them into daily drivers.

  8. My God… seeing those Ford ads is making me feel old. I grew up seeing those all over the streets, and even owned a couple.

    That was Real ‘Murica.

    I’d like to think that Uncle Henry is rolling in his grave today over what his company has devolved into, but when you get right down to it Ford was already effectively nationalized during World War II. The postwar years provided a free-market respite, but now we are seeing a new era of corporatism in which the corporations are once again becoming de facto arms of the government…

  9. 1980s Ford trucks looked to be built and marketed appealing to Americans.
    2020s Ford batteries-on-wheels look to be built and marketed for Gayassericans.

  10. Proof that we don’t have a market economy.

    Making ads to appeal to the central planners is more important than making ads that appeal to the customers.

    Who cares if it fails? They’re just going to get more bailouts. With our money.

    • Indeed. They are voluntarily creating/contributing to the propaganda.
      They no longer need money from the customer because there is nowhere else for the customer to go. If there is somewhere else for the customer to go, as you said, they’ll just create some money and give it to them when they need it. This is one of the reasons we’ve been seeing more open hatred for traditional America and American culture from the corps the past few years. They feel confident enough now. They got their spot in the oligarchy etched out, and can basically do whatever they want. So they can spend their time on shaping the new normal as they see fit. I’m sure corps like walmart could open an armed enforcement division for the next thing needed to shop there, and if they kill someone for not wearing the cloth, hey, they’re a private company and can do whatever they want. They can “trespass” half the country, won’t affect them any. If Ford refuses to let your car start because you’re not wearing the cloth, hey, private company. What are you going to do? Sue them over it? Doesn’t matter what the law says, court says they won’t hear your case. What are you going to do? Vote? They’ll just stop the count and scan what they need over the next few days.

      • Hi Brandonjin,

        We don’t have to buy from them. There are alternatives, but if Americans continue to follow their path of convenience than there will be no other businesses. Stop going to Walmart or shopping online at Amazon. How much more do these large global companies have to smack us around until we scream, “Enough”?

      • If all of these horrible business practices aren’t backed by law (as in a mask law), then they are just that, and people can shop elsewhere.

        I’ve been pushing for some time for people to be as independent as possible, as in having land, growing food, making electricity. Then, if stores and businesses treat you like shit, people just stop buying. Anything. Same with the job market. If businesses aren’t paying enough for your time and labor, you just drop out of the job market.

        Of course, this requires reversal of the long time trend of people aggregating in cities, where they become slaves to vampires, having little or no land , with all utilities controlled by centralized corporations and “authoities”.

    • This is what most people are failing to understand. It’s not about “money” anymore. They can get as many Federal Reserve Notes as they want for basically free. Profits no longer matter. Markets no longer matter. They’re buying up as many hard assets as they can. This is where the real price inflation is coming from. Real estate and stocks are where the FRNs hit first. Any guess as to why those are the places with the price inflation? Bill Gates is now the biggest land owner in the country.

  11. Oh, I love watching the old Ford commercials. My grandpa actually had an old 1978 Ford flatbed with an elevated lift on it. I loved that truck. I thought it was great fun. Grandpa would put me on the lift and I could get up and down the back of the truck that way. It was closest thing to a Disneyland ride that we had in the country. 🙂

    Hubby and I had a 1995 Ford F250 for awhile. That truck was a tank. We actually sold it a few years back and we had put it up for sale in the field next to my office for $2500. By the time we got back home (20 minutes later) we had a gentleman saying he wanted to buy the truck. We sold that truck in under 45 minutes from the time we had it parked to the time the guy handed us cash. Obviously, we priced it too low, but we still see it around town from time to time – so she is still running.


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