Reader Question: Diesel-Electric Cars?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike asks: What is your take on the idea of a diesel-electric automobile? It seems this would solve the range problems that has plagued electric cars since they were first developed. Even if an onboard battery was included, it would still have a simpler drivetrain than the current hybrids. What am I missing?

My reply: It would work too well; it would be too affordable. It would increase the average person’s mobility. That’s what you’re missing.

These are problems, you see. What the elites – the people who wield power in corporations and government – want is an enserfed, easily controlled population. Electric cars accomplish this goal. They are very expensive and even if they weren’t, they’d still be very amenable to control because electricity is centrally controlled by a few large cartels who could easily limit how much you get – and because electric cars are electronic cars, they are tethered to the Great Collective – e.g., Tesla – which can turn them off and on at whim as well as monitor all aspects os use and control how the EV is used.

Hybrids – which is basically what you’re asking about – are less subject to control. They can use electricity or gas (or diesel) to self-recharge or they can plug-in, if they are plug in hybrids.

A diesel hybrid would vastly increase range and reduce costs because of the higher efficiency and greater longevity.

So they cannot be permitted. They “pollute,” you see. Anything with an internal combustion engines is “endangering the planet.” It does not have to be factually supported – like the Double (or single) Face Diaper. Just wear it – because they say so. Drive an electric car – if you can afford one – because we tell you to.

And that’s what it’s all about – unfortunately.

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  1. Hey Eric,

    Can you make an educated guess at how efficient my Volt would be if it had a small diesel engine instead of a small gas engine?


    • I can. From older VWs I have owned, VW four pot gas, 25-30 mpg. VW diesel four pot diesel, ~50mpg.

      So with a good hybrid setup, likely better than double what it gets now.

  2. If cleaning the air were the real goal, then natural gas would be used as a fuel. ICEVs can easily be retrofitted or originally built to use it, so it’s cost effective. It can easily be added to existing gas stations. No exotic tech is needed to make use of NG as an ICEV fuel; it’s been done in Peru for years, hardly a hotbed of tech innovation! NG is clean, abundant, cheap, and burns cleanly; it gives off water vapor and CO2 as byproducts-nothing else. If cleaning the air is the goal, NG is the ticket!

    I say that as an EV fan and advocate. Though EVs have made impressive progress; while I believe that they’re on the threshold of more progress; they’re not quite ready for prime time just yet. They’re more expensive than comparable ICEVs, and they offer less capability for that greater cost-hardly a recipe for success! EVs will only supplant ICEVs when they’re the better tool for the job, and can do that job at comparable or lesser cost. Until then, when given a choice, folks will choose ICEVs. I know I did.


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