How the New Mileage Tax Will Get Your Old Car Off the Road

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Joe Biden and the Republicans – without whom Joe Biden could not have done it – may have just outlawed cars that can’t be tracked without actually outlawing them, per se. Instead, they will be regulated away – the new trick in government’s dirty bag thereof.

It might have caused a ruckus to propose a law outlawing older vehicle without Onboard Diagnostic (OBD II) electronic data collection ports, GPS transponders or some other, similar means by which a vehicle can be externally tracked – using the pretext of keeping track of its mileage that way, so as to tax its owner that way. This being bad enough all by itself, being invasive enough all by itself. Instead of paying gas taxes anonymously at the pump whenever you fill up – possibly with cash – the federal government will tax you automatically and electronically by the mile, wherever you drive.

Which will also give the government – and the insurance mafia, which is also effectively the government, just ex officio but endowed with governmental power to make you do things or else – the power to monitor how you drive, since the same OBD data port/GPS that will be used to keep track of mileage can also keep track of how fast you drive as well as where and when you drive.

Everything about your drive will, in other words, be known unto them.

That is one of the many treasures hidden within the just-passed – by enabling Republicans, who provided the necessary support for the Democrats who confected it – “Infrastructure” bill. Which only has about 20 percent to do with building new roads and bridges or fixing the ones that exist and 80 percent to do with funding various projects that almost no one wishes to fund voluntarily, as by paying for them willingly. Things like Amtrack and related forms of government-controlled herd transit. Also “green” things such as electric car charging stands and of course electric cars, themselves that cost plenty of green – all of it to be extorted from the public that would otherwise never freely pay the cost of it.

Hence the need to fleece and force them to.

Thanks, Joe!

But the real thanks are due to the Democrats who identity as Republicans that made it so. The ones who voted for the above, which also includes the pre-crime conviction of every American who drives – who is henceforth to be considered presumptively drunk and – as was once done to convicted drunk drivers – not allowed to drive until his car determines that he has not been drinking. Even if he doesn’t drink. Even though he has never been so much as accused of ever having driven “drunk.”

All new cars will be fitted – at our expense – with some kind of alcohol detection technology functionally the same as the equipment courts sometimes order convicted DWI offenders to have installed in their cars that prevent the car from being driven if they sense the driver has been drinking. The difference being no conviction will be the prelude to this degradation of all American drivers, commencing just as soon as the new regulations can be articulated.

Which brings us to the  way they’ll regulate older, pre-OBD and GPS and similar follow-you-around technology cars off the road under the pretext of taxing by the mile:

Cars without such follow-you-around technology cannot be taxed-by-the-mile. Not electronically. Not automatically. They have mechanical odometers that would need to be read manually, by some form of government busybody. They cannot be read in real time, as you drive – in order to dun you as you do – which is what Biden and the Republicans have just decided they are going to do to all of us. Not without retrofitting them with some type of electronic transponder, at any rate.   

The problem with add-on transponders – as Democrats (including Democrats who identify as Republicans) will argue – is that they are too easy to jimmy. One could leave the ol’ EasyPass or whatever oily, opposite-of-what-it-actually-is verbiage they use in the drawer while you drive, thereby evading the tax. The transponder/mileage recorder must be embedded in the car such that it cannot be jimmied with, at least not without a great deal of effort.

The long and short of it is they intend to ankle-bracelet all new cars and that will leave a gaping “loophole” – older cars, made before embedded electronica – that they will insist must be closed. 

They won’t pass a law. That is too blatant. It might arouse objection – before it’s too late. They will simply regulate vehicles sans the embedded electronica out of existence by requiring them to comply with the electronic data collection mandate.

This will prove technically unfeasible.

If these very bad disconnected, free-range cars cannot be made compliant, then it will be decreed that they cannot be driven on the government’s roads – which is what they’ve transitioned into from the prior public right-of-way that everyone had a right to use. Having transitioned, the public now enjoys a conditional privilege to use them, even though to be denied the right to use them means, effectively, no more right to travel.

Unless, of course, you are compliant.

The gas tax isn’t going to be retired, either. The Democrats and their Republican enablers will make sure of that. No one is even talking about that. They simply passed a whole new tax – a new federal tax – to be collected by the federal government by “any method” the Secretary of Transportation – who is Pete Buttigieg, a Marxist who has been very open about his urge to throttle our driving – “considers appropriate.”

In addition to the existing taxes applied by the federal and state governments.

This means your cost to fuel will stay the same – assuming you drive a car that needs gas (and assuming they don’t increase the tax on fuel, a thing as improbable as snow in July) but your cost to drive will go up.

You will of course not pay fuel taxes if you buy one of the electric (and electronically tethered) cars that the Democrats and Republicans who enable them intend to force you to buy, by giving you no option to buy anything else. But you will pay 30-40 percent more for the electric car, itself – unless the decades-promised “breakthrough” in battery technology that never materializes does materialize and thereby lowers the total ownership cost of electric cars (including the cost of replacing the battery at some point during the vehicle’s lifetime)  to parity with not-electric ones.

This being as likely as snow in July.

This being the result of there being no meaningful opposition to what the Democrats, enabled by Republicans plan for us. Which raises the question: Why have Republicans at all?

The answer, of course, is to provide the illusion of contention. That there is opposition – as opposed to serial collusion made to appear as something else, so as to avoid any ugliness arising from a general realization that we’ve been had and will continue to be had so long as we remain under the delusion that Democrats aren’t Republicans – and Republicans aren’t Democrats.

Both representing themselves.

. . .

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  1. Hi Brandy, and anyone else who may be paying attention. I’ve got a similar story to tell. I was out looking for a $2.00 part for my boat a few months ago and while at one of the local RV parts departments waiting to see if the clerk could find the part for me, he mentioned that the reason these things are becoming so hard to find for a reasonable price is because of people like your Mr. Donald who do not claim to be advertising anything illegal, but simply claim that if you respond to their ad, they will send you a credit card in the mail which you are then directed to use on certain websites of their choosing. This clerk informed me that he had a friend who replied to one of these ads you see all the time on YouTube, and followed their instructions to the T.

    They directed him to a number of websites where he was then instructed to purchase whole lots, containers etc. full of anything from electronics to Tupperware, to just about anything you can imagine. He then followed their instructions on how to then turn right around and sell these very same items individually at a significantly higher price which is why the $.50 cent wholesale price plastic housing this clerk was looking for was now over $2.00 and I would have to pay close to double that price if I got it from him.

    He continued with his story by pointing out that most of these purchases were handled automatically. He basically just set the ball in motion, and in a few weeks he started receiving checks in the mail which turned out to be good. The key takeaway from his friend was to not ask any questions. Don’t ask where all of this stuff is being stored, or how he’s able to collect these commissions on these sales while not having to pay any of the costs of doing business.

  2. Speaking of old cars off the road…

    I bought a new window for my ’94 S10, after having it smashed out by unspecified ruffians… I installed the replacement window, and it doesn’t appear to be properly curved in order to roll up into the weatherstripping the way it should. Everything else is perfect. I have to give it some persuasion from the outside to get it to roll up properly.

    Anyone else have some BS like this happen? I guess its what I get for buying a $40 aftermarket window?

    Aftermarket parts sure as hell aren’t making it easy to maintain my old vehicles!

    Not buying a new vehicle, however. I’ll be forging steel and pouring molten glass before I buy one of these new bastards!

  3. ‘Big win,’ implausibly claim the servile stenographers of the Lügenpresse:

    ‘The Senate approved a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan on Tuesday, a rare coalition of Democrats and Republicans joining to overcome skeptics and deliver a cornerstone of President Joe Biden’s agenda.

    ‘The 69-30 tally provides momentum for this first phase of Biden’s “Build Back Bugger” priorities, now headed to the House.

    ‘Senate Republican leader Mitch McClownnell of Kentucky voted for passage on Tuesday. It swelled to a 2,700-page bill backed by the president and also business, labor and farm interests.’ — AP

    A 2,700-page bill, by definition, is a porkfest — absolutely larded with non-germane easter eggs inserted by lobbyists.

    Nobody, of course, read all 2,700 pages. As the great Nancy Pelosi once quipped, ‘We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.’ And so they did.

    One nasty little twist is a mandated breathalyzer in new vehicles, injected by lobbyists for MADD and Intoxalock, owned by private equity firm, ClearLight Partners LLC.

    Never mind ‘innocent till proven guilty.’ Old Dirty Turtle Mitch McClownnell makes a fine living brokering squalid deals to sell out his constituents and the constitution. Fortunately, he is uninhibited by any personal principles whatsoever.

  4. Once the electric goes out, none of this is going to matter. Complicated shit don’t work without the Juice. The felons and traitors of DC can crank out as many pages of stalinverse as they want, they’re just the band playing on the Titanic. Fuck em.

  5. Want to have some fun? Just watch the tumblers spin at the US Debt Clock at . Just like a slot machine. To the best of my knowledge, there has NEVER been in all of recorded history any nation state or government that ever ultimately survived hyper-inflating their money supply. The USA is doing that very thing. Will we survive, and can the Dollar and our nation last forever? We’ll see.

  6. We should pray –no, better yet,, we should ENSURE– that the country is so deeply embroiled in Hot Civil War II that neither Rome-on-the-Potomac nor the states will have any practical way of enforcing this bullshit.

    • I was about to post something similar. But it just occurred to me that if this is put into place, there’s no way it won’t be abused by the next regime.

  7. A link to this virtue-signaling crap was at the bottom of a FedEx “Your package is on its way” email today:

    I’m trying to imagine the tracking details of the future:

    9 a.m., April 2, 2040: Departure scan
    9:15 a.m., April 2, 2040: In transit
    11 a.m., April 2, 2040: Stop for vehicle charging
    5 p.m., April 2, 2040: In transit
    9 p.m., April 2, 2040: Stop for vehicle charging
    9:05 p.m., April 2, 2040: Service delay (power blackout)
    9:10 p.m., April 2, 2040: Recalculating scheduled delivery
    … and so on.

  8. Why not offer older cars the choice? Install a mileage recorder or do like what they do with Kelly’s Blue Book. Look up the table with average mileage data for year and make of model, maybe adjust for condition and region of the county, goose the numbers ten percent, and bill accordingly like the auto excise tax. If actual mileage is lower, get the mileage gismo installed. State inspections like we have in my state are good at getting older cars off the road. Then the future credit system can lower the permissible mileage quotas for those who kick up a fuss.

  9. I see a lot more civil disobedience and non-compliance in our future.
    I will not take part in this big brother law.
    This may mean we stop registering our vehicles and maintaining a driver’s license.
    We must opt-out of the system on every level.
    The good news is the incompetence of the government will continue to grow now that they are not
    promoting based on merit.
    Time we operate like the Mexicans operate.
    Outside the government system. Black market.
    We must create our own communities.
    Protect them with our own defense/security forces.
    Create our supply lines for food.
    Create our own industry.
    Create our own health and wellness center.
    Let’s become more Amish and Mexican.

      • Come on, man. A lot of them were grifters and rent-seekers, just as bad as King George III. Just like Mel Gibson said in THE PATRIOT, we exchanged 1 tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants 1 mile away.

        They started hacking away at the BOR before the ink was dry.

        It’s just human nature to want to conquer and dominate.

        • Yup. And to be conquered & dominated, too. And then to excuse/enable the abuse. H. sapiens? H. sado-masochism is truer.

    • Yes,finally people waking up.Dont pay taxes to the 8 families who own the i.r.s.,which is a corp. Heaqauartered in Puerto Rico.Constitution Article18:code241:RE:Conspiracy to intentionally deprive Citizens of their rights!Read it,learn it,use it!!Admiralty/pirate law,learn it because supposedly that is Really the law under which we are being oppressed.Fakeprezpedocriminalbidet sniffsalot is:dead,superdemented,a clone,an actor,cyborg,reptilian-take your pick.C.G.I. Mixed in there also.Look carefully at photos of him from last forty years.Foia them all.Sue them all.Govt. Sunshine Act them all.Open Meetings Act-learn it and use it.Prep up.

  10. My son lives in Norway where they tax miles driven. They can also use it to see how fast you drive. It is a sizable monthly bill. In addition they pay $7 or more for a gallon of gas. Things work there because it is a large country with a small population, they have almost no unemployment and it is a predominately white country. I like to think of Norway as a country populated with people from small towns in the midwest, i.e. honest and hard working. This will not end well if the US goes through with this tax. Washington DC will squander the money using it to pay for more entitlements, which will require more taxes and debt. There are no longer two political parties since RINOs are really democrats giving the democrats a permanent majority.

    • None of this is supposed to “end well”.
      We are to to surveiled, taxed, fettered, harassed and impoverished on our path to extinction. Just like South Africa.
      There can be only one Chosen People.

  11. That there are two major political parties is largely a myth, just as much as the covid pandemic and fake vaccines that will save you from nothing. Both parties ignore the Constitution, the laws made for the public and any accountability or checks and balances. Since Dems are more likely to lean toward Communism, they find it easier to infiltrate the other party…thus we have a gagle of RINOS who are really demoncrats. When was the last time these fake political parties joined together and did something really good for the people of this country? Something that would make us proud to be in America?

    Everything that Congress does either comes with a huge price tag, adds some control to the population or panders to the voter. The only thing a politicain really cares about is the next election. From the first day they take offiice, this is their primary goal and they will sell the soul of the country to ensure they are re-elected at all costs. Our country is now a giant DC Swamp of unmitigated corruption…beyond hope without some sort of cleansing revolution. We are now Rome in the late 300’s AD.

  12. I suspect a lot of people will actually disobey this. People don’t like getting things in the mail, especially if they didn’t think they did anything wrong. The propaganda push for this infrastucture is purely high school compared with what we have seen with COVID 19. People are not going to take kindly to having another thing to keep up with. I called my senator’s office on Sunday, the VM was full. I am rarely sanguine about anything, but I doubt that this lasts as long as the Obamacare individual mandate.

    • Totally agree.
      There is way too much regulation and control.
      They don’t stop making stuff up.
      It’s non-stop.
      Not enough people to enforce these rules.

  13. They are not going to put one of those devices in my car and I’m not paying any bill that come my way. It’s that simple.

  14. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the founders would be home cleaning their muskets and drinking cold ones by now. Oh how times have changed.

    • It has been on my mind for years!

      I have been screaming about this shit becoming reality for well over a decade.

      Nobody wanted to listen, I got called a LOT of names.

      And yet, here we are! Do something quick folks, the only way they will stop is if WE The People stop them.

      And we must do it brutally or the replacements will do exactly the same shit.

  15. Heres the interesting thing – the urgency with which they are pushing all change. be it cars, be it Co2, be it rona vaccines. And this is really whats getting many like me suspicious, and want to do the opposite.

    Im mean on a personal level, as ive said before i see benefits in things like say consuming less fuel, small (and cheap) electric cars for the city, and say vaccines…. for example I used to occasionally get the flu vaccine without thinking too much into it…. I inherently like electronic gizmos and gadgets, including in cars…

    but ofcourse those days are now gone – my second car for town is my old diesel X3 and will remain so till they force me to change it (and I can be very stubborn)… i no longer get the flu jab. will greatly research any further vaccines for my kids……. avoid electronic crap in cars…. no way am i getting a tracker in my car (as much as insurance wants me to)….

    and i have a feeling im not the only one…. as always – government wants to do something, they do the opposite… I guess I can be thankful that they have woken me up to a lot…

    • Big hint with vaccines? When you get an actual vaccine, you can no longer get the disease or illness.

      If it does not accomplish that it is NOT a ‘vaccine’ is is whatever they claim it is not.

  16. Scratching my head for how the blow tube would work, while the new cars now all come with the auto-start at red lights things. Do the powermad D.C. morons really expect drivers to “blow the tube” everytime just to get the damn engine to go when the lights go green? It’s gonna get very noisy when everyone lays on their “the lights green, idiot” horns.

    • They are actually planning on using an ai/camera system to watch you. They arent just going after drunk, but distracted driving. And 5g network, will allow those cameras to upload high resolution videos of your vehicle occupants, contents and surroundings to cloud storage.

      Some cars and many trucks already have this technology embedded. Though one truck company did away with the interior cameras due to the disguesting habits of their drivers. No one wanted to watch fat guys jerk off, piss in jugs between naps & driving.

    • Hi Simmerjet,

      I lately consider this option as well. Maybe buy an RV and piece of land way out in the Boonies – off grid, even – and just say to Hell with it and them. But then I become resentful of the way our lives and all we’ve worked so hard to build are being screwed with by these pathological bullies – most of whom are, on an individual basis, the biggest pussies you’d ever meet. And I become more determined than ever to not let them win.

          • Thomas Jefferson once said (regarding the establishment of a national (i.e. central) bank:

            If the American People ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their money, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks, AND THE CORPORATIONS, that will grow up around them, will come to own ALL property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
            Well, what exactly has happened since 1913, if not that?

            • Indeed, Claude!

              Jefferson was prescient. He also understood that freedom depended upon a population of largely independent freeholders. People who owned their piece of land and were not in debt. The income tax is about more than merely fleecing people of their money. It is about keeping them in a state of perpetual debt servitude, so as to prevent them from being independent and thus, free.

        • The current push to get everyone “jabbed” is part of the plan. Since DNA can be patented, the foreign DNA strands that are injected make YOU a “slave”–owned by the DNA “patent holder”…since YOU now possess the patented DNA…

      • “I lately consider this option as well. Maybe buy an RV and piece of land way out in the Boonies – off grid, even – and just say to Hell with it and them.”

        A guy named Randy Weaver tried that once…

      • Electric cars don’t pay road maintenance taxes since they don’t go to the pump.

        This is simply a mechanism to ensure electric car owners pay their fair share.Clover

        Once again Eric, you invent an imaginary scenario and rail against it.

        Do you know what dyed diesel is ?
        Kind of refutes your imaginary narrative.

        • No it is not for battery EV’s to pay their share. battery EVs are to justify more control over transportation. Tracking, permission to travel, and so on.

          Want to make battery EV’s pay their fair share? Charge them at the charger. Put a meter in their charging systems. Make their charging systems report to central authority. Done. It could even be accomplished by having the chargers talk to the HAN on the smart meters.

          Making battery EV users pay their fair share is a trivial exercise. Tracking everyone’s travels and eventually moving to a model where we beg our masters to go from A to B is expensive and difficult.

          • So you want the government coming to the charging station at your house – where MOST charging is done ?

            This nonsense imagined future where the ” the government doesn’t want you to drive ” will continue to
            to be bullshit.

            Stop making nonsense up.

            • I don’t “want” anything. You claimed tax by mile was for battery EV users to pay their fair share. There are much more simple ways for battery EV owners to pay their fair share without invasive tracking and control grids on every motorist.

              A simple electric meter with the tax collected by the utility will work. Much like the simple meter on the gas pump allows the gasoline retailer to collect the tax.

              Biden put a NEW URBANIST in charge of transportation. Go hang out on a new urbanist website like streetsblog. Read what they want to do and want to achieve. Don’t accuse me of making up “nonsense”. Go read what the political opposition says they want among their followers and faithful.

              If you think I’m talking nonsense look up congestion charges and needing permission in advance to drive into big city centers. It’s already implemented in some places. That will only expand once the tax by mile infrastructure is in place. At that point it won’t cost them anything more. It becomes flipping software switches.

            • How can anyone this stupid even know how to use a computer and read; the government hates individual mobility and has been trying to restrict and eliminate it from the beginning. seems to me that we should be asking ‘bob’ how the weather is in tel aviv at the troll farms…

            • Bob,

              As others have said, none of us (libertarians) want anything more than to be let alone. And if you don’t believe there is an agenda afoot to throttle personally owned vehicles, then you’re not up to speed on things.

        • Bob,

          If it is “simply a mechanism to ensure electric car owners pay their fair share,” then pray explain why it doesn’t apply exclusively to electric cars? Wherever these programs are being implemented or being pushed, they are intended to apply generally. To all cars. EVs are merely the vehicle to ensure acceptance. Just as they are the means by which transportation – well, privately owned/controlled transportation – is to be further restricted and controlled. This inheres in the nature of EVs, which are electronically controlled and connected (to the hive mind) cars. It also inheres in the cost of EVs, which will drive many people out of cars, because they cannot afford to spend $35k for a basic transportation appliance like a Nissan Leaf. Plus the “fast” charge equipment.

          Dyed diesel? Of course I know. I live in a rural area. I own a diesel tractor.

          • What is their fair share, anyway? Isn’t that what April 15th is supposed to be about? Why try to sneak it in some other way? Why pull data without a warrant in order to do it?

            I think that we should all be sent a bill, due on the 1st Monday of November, for our share of the national debt. Divided equally among all of the adults in the country. That’s our “fair share.” Maybe people would vote with a little sharper focus if that were the case.

            • Indeed, Publius!

              This “fair share” business. . . of what, exactly? I didn’t agree to any of this; I assume most other people didn’t, either. So what it amounts to is some other people deciding they want/need X and then telling you and I that this is our “fair share” of the cost of it.

      • They already have Bob. Why do you think this shit is happening. As Maxine Waters recently said:

        “Who is going to stop us?”

        The vaccine is NOT FDA approved, yet they are forcing it on us, in violation of American and international law, along with the rules on medical experimentation on unwilling people.

        They term that a “Crime against humanity” yet here we are!

        It is a shame nobody had the guts to band together and stop them before they grabbed all the power this way. America fell, “Without a shot being fired.”

        • Time is a flat disc…never stops…including all the backMaxine’ing.

          The late, Vanished?, great Cleavon Little makes Point:

          Super Soul: And today, in a beautiful gesture made by beautiful people,

          in beautiful downtown Goldfield,

          this radio station was named KOWalski (thr irony o’ cow…a Cuban, under Castro, here on a cattle buying trip,,,jesus…), in honour of the last American hero,

          to whom speed means freedom of the soul.

          The question is not when’s he gonna stop, but who is gonna stop him.

  17. The things they are talking about doing do not fit with reality. They will fail. When people are hungry, the gloves come off. It will not work. TANSTAAFL. Look for a a few bad years. Remember being at or near the bottom of the food chain helps in surviving, the creatures in DC and any other highly urban area will (well it will suck to be them) die first.

    • When people are hungry, they will beg for food, and follow any order given to them, in order to obtain said food.

      As Kissinger said, “Control the banks, control nations. Control the food, control people.”

      (Hint: he didn’t mean feed them well!)

      • Ding Ding Ding
        Spot ON !

        The Farmer will provide just enough, to grow wool amd meat.
        And the Sheep will say, Thank You.

        A smart sheep would……

        • I have always laughed when the cartoonish Gerald Celente quips, “When people have lost it all…and have nothing to lose…they lose it!”

          Nonsense. In reality, When people have lost it all…and have nothing to lose…they lay down and lick boot.

          Part of why we’re in the situation we’re in is that the maniacs running the show truly understand human nature, thanks to intensive, purposeful study for generations. The Herd, on the other hand, continue to believe the Hollywood fantasies that they’ve been fed as programming and entertainment…by the very people now liquidating them…

          • There are two types of people.

            1) Those who think government cares and is looking out for them.


            2) Those who think.

  18. Yeah, but at least now they can cut the ethanol subsidies in half, since the fuel will not be needed any more


    —Bueller? Bueller?

  19. They are working a dry hole. There isn’t a magic pile of tax money out there to finance their welfare state programs.

    But instead of admitting that “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze”, they are doubling down.

    This will not end well for them.

    But if they turn out the lights and announce “you’re on your own,” that won’t end well for them either.

    They’re screwed, so we all have to get screwed, apparently. Buy stock on pitchforks & torches. There will be a reset, just not the one the elites want.

    Does anyone else wonder if this is what Hillary’s stupid hot tub “reset button” stunt was really about?

  20. “They have mechanical odometers that would need to be read manually, by some form of government busybody.”

    Like, say, the busybody who tests your emissions annually?

    • Biannually, in my area. And they do record the odometer already, when you go through the check station.

      So, it would really be a short throw from there to add on some additional mulcting. Only thing stopping them, as far as I can tell, is massive public disapproval.

      • Drive something like an old Benz 123 or 126. Keep a spare speedo-odo handy. Run it just often enough to add a few miles per inspectin period, then swap outfor the real one for the next while. Yuo could end up driving a hundred K per year, but only showing maybe ten.. when you take it in for the annual look inside the orse’s mouth.

        Or move to a place where they no longer check emissions. Like where I’ve lived the past thirty years. Its the staate capitol, the legislators don’t like to put up with the inspection,s so they “failed” to include this county in the list of MUST TEST ANNUALLY counties. For onec, lawmaker corruption works for me.

        • Hi Tionico,

          I suspect that won’t cut it. I suspect they will require real time/electronic monitoring – because the object here is less money than control. To make driving as unpleasant as possible – so as to eliminate or greatly reduce it.

        • Most pay per mile tax schemes involve automated number plate readers (ANPR). This is either the entire system or it is used for enforcement and making sure people don’t go where they haven’t paid taxes to go or don’t have permission to go.

    • Move where they don’t have emissions (N AZ) and many other places I’m sure. Start a fight in your state legislature (could work in some states) to eliminate insurance on every vehicle, one policy for one owner since you can only drive one car at a time. Insurance mafia is evil and not well liked in most places. Just need to remind enough people why. But as Eric pointed out this is kind of a perfect storm of despotism so we may need to take things past the level of FYTW.

      • Mr. Franklin,

        This particular thing has more to do with registration than insurance.

        My state has made it quite clear that they do not want to do it, the EPA makes them do it. IIRC they tried to sue the EPA and lost.

        I could move out of the 2 counties where it’s required, but that would make for a long commute and force me to change my clock twice a day.

        And my job ties me to where the factories are. So I can’t just pick up and move on a whim. It has to be worth my while for me to jump ship. Not saying I won’t, but I am saying that they need to make a compelling case. Probably in dollars, but under the right circumstances I might also accept vacation, or a 4-day work week. No working from home, though, I hate that.

        • If you have relatives who live outside of the EPA out-of-compliance areas, just use their address to register your vehicles.
          I don;t know if this would work anymore, but when we had emission testing in Michigan, a friend or mine who worked in a gas station routinely took VIN numbers and license data over the phone and would put any car on the test machinery just to print out a valid emission certificate for mine and many others’ cars. Of course, OBD-II could make this impossible.

      • Hi Norman,

        They’re pushing us to become outlaws, since obeying the law means submitting to slavery and penury. I begin to “opt out” of much of this. I haven’t renewed the registration on one of my vehicles in years – and have no plans to. I put farm tags on my truck – no registration fees, no state inspection required. I begin to consider saying sayonara to the “mandatory” insurance I am told I must buy. Why should I? These “mandates” don’t apply to the illegal aliens who flood the country – and I harm none by not paying the insurance mafia (except the mafia, of course – and they can piss off). Yes, I know – there are consequences – for me and you and people like us – if we don’t send the mafia money. But you know what? Maybe the time has come to just say to hell with and – per Mencken – raise the jolly roger and refuse to be an idiot tax sheep any longer.

        • I’m with you on this, Eric. I’ve had enough, and this is where I draw my line in the sand. They estimate, in my area, that 20 to 40 percent of vehicles are unregistered/uninsured (we have a lot of “migrant workers”), so the LEO’s are obviously not very good at detecting that sort of thing. It shouldn’t be too hard to get away with if that many are doing it already. I’ll be 72 in a couple months and my DL expires in about a year and a half. I will not be renewing it. I’m done with these assholes. I haven’t been pulled over or had any interactions with the cops in 15 or 20 years, no accidents in the last 40 so, so I’m comfortable with my odds of driving unlicensed and uninsured. Time to drop out of the system.

          • Hey fellow Floridian, I’ve got a friend who’s also in his mid 70’s with two vans, a pick up truck, a few trailers, a boat on yet another trailer, and a travel trailer. He has one plate for the two vans and pick up, and one plate for all of his trailers.

            Years ago, it was a lot easier to drive without insurance. Everyone would pay for one month, get their tags, and stop paying after that. Now the insurance companies automatically notify the DMV who then notifies you that you’re about to lose your license. The plate readers will eventually notify the officer wo is behind you that you’re plates are no good, and you have no insurance or license.

            I’ve pointed something out before which is that things are a bit more lax on the water. I’ve known a few people who resorted to getting around exclusively by boat because they had no insurance, license etc. If you get a documented boat, you don’t have to prove much of anything.

            The other option is to get a recumbent trike with an engine or motor. Lot’s of people are getting those things, and they’re great because there are lots of trails throughout Florida.

        • Morning Eric,

          I recently did what you are saying. For the first time in my life I bought a car just because. Its a 2002 T-bird with 22k miles, like it rolled of the factory floor yesterday. It had been immaculately cared for and I couldn’t be happier with my weekend cruiser. probably not the best time to make such a vanity purchase but I’ve never owned a vehicle that wasn’t a truck or van. Every time I fire it up it reminds me how much I used to love driving. I got a really good deal on it and could probably flip it tomorrow and make 4-5 k, If the motor law passes soon it may become my blue barchetta.

          Anyhow my 2010 work truck is still registered in Washington state as it belongs to my son and why should I pay Az when it still has ten months left that he won’t get refunded. My 2001 Econoline registration expired and I didn’t renew, I told State Farm to piss off and I now keep it on our acreage driving it to the hardware store and to town keeping my trips close to home, it will never be insured again

          There is something liberating in the thought of ignoring the states dictates. They have sent me a couple letters ‘reminding me of my ‘obligation’ to register and insure all my vehicles. My conscience tells me that .guvs recent actions absolve me of any former obligations I may have agreed to. After all fraud vitiates a contract, and I can think of no bigger fraud anywhere on this planet than the .guv of the former USA.

          • Excellent, Norman!

            This dynamic played out in the old Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact countries; people just evaded/disobeyed where they could and thereby thumbed their noses at the legitimacy of the system.

            PS: Congratulations on the T-Bird! I have good memories of driving a then-new press car T-Bird, back circa 2002. And I have something tangible to remember the car by as well: A scale model (yellow) that Ford gave out to journalists at the launch of the car. It’s a very high quality Ertl model, with intricate details; a near exact representation of the real deal – except for the sound!

            • I don’t know if this can be confirmed, but it was said that at the collapse of the USSR the size of the underground economy exceeded the official state economy.

        • No Eric

          The main reason YOU are facing penury is because you refuse to take a real job.Clover

          Instead you spend your time selling outrage on the internet for peanuts.

            • You proved my point with your projection.

              You are just too lazy and undiciplined to get a REAL job.

              Then you whine like a clover that you are facing penury.

              • Frank,

                I occasionally amuse myself by dissecting non sequiturs such as those you’ve posted – in lieu of any semblance of an argument. It is typical of belligerent authoritarians such as yourself, who cannot brook that which they do not like – but cannot debate the merits civilly or intelligently.

                As far as ” too lazy and undiciplined to get a REAL job.”

                First, learn to spell. Second, when you have been paid to write books and published thousands of articles in major newspapers and magazines and made a living as a writer for 25-plus years, then I will entertain your criticism of what I do to earn a living.

                As far as “facing penury” . . .

                I paid off my house 17 years ago. I have no debt. I own everything I possess (excepting the taxes I’m forced to pay on them). I wonder whether you can say the same – and even if you can, it’s of exactly zero relevance to the topic under discussion.

                But then, I wouldn’t expect a Clover to understand that!

        • Totally agree with this.
          Non-compliance is the answer.
          Move as far away from busybodies and Karens as possible.
          I haven’t renewed my driver’s license in 6 years.
          I may not do it.
          SOS sells our private information for profit.
          I will need an ID, so I will renew my passport.
          My goal is to opt-out as much as possible.
          I will not pay for the license and registration of my vehicles.
          Everyone who seeks liberty must become a grey man.
          Stay under the radar.

  21. Well folks, we’re just gonna have to voat moar hardur in the midterms. Voting Republican will ensure that we have a reasonable compromise on this issue and reduce the tax from $100 per mile to $98!

    • Well, it took about 230 years of voting to get ourselves into this mess, so one more election cycle should pretty much solve everything.

      It’s like we keep flushing, & the turds circle around the bowl but they just won’t go away.

    • People in general don’t understand civics, voting, history, math, or science, and in general are functionally illiterate. I have voted all my adult life, but 11/4/2020 has changed that. They’ve cheated for decades but they’ve never been so blatant or bold, what they’ve done by 4 years of lying about and attacking Trump and then blatantly stealing an election from one of the most popular candidates of my lifetime, is to render elections completely meaningless.

      Why does this matter? The popular election is not about choosing a ruler, this isn’t a democracy and the people are in charge of ruling themselves. An election is about the ability to right public wrongs and change the management. This is basic civics which hasn’t been taught in public schools since Dewey and Mann did their evil work.

      An election is a civilized bloodless way of overthrowing a government. The alternative is the traditional way of feudalism, intrigue and war. Elections were the only thing preventing this and the only thing giving government at any level any legitimacy. By stealing the election from Trump and from us, they signaled (probably unwittingly, because they are both ignorant and arrogant) that we are free and that government at pretty much every level is strictly a function of force.

      • Well-said, Ernie –

        I’m no fan of the Orange Man but the evidence of “widespread” fraud is astounding. Most particularly the frantic opposition to any forensic accounting. What have they got to hide, after all? And for the love of god, Jo Biden? A barely-there old political hack won over (as you say) the most popular candidate of my lifetime? Yeah. Sure. And Lee Harvey Oswald was the “lone gunman.”

        • Joe Biden is the best the Progressives had to offer. If you think I jest, mentally review all the other prospects in their clown car. Note that they patently DO NOT have a replacement for him. Harris? She has the popularity of a skunk in the outhouse – even among Democrats. Everything they touch turns to dross and it isn’t getting any better for them. Then, too, there’s the election audits…

      • An election is a civilized bloodless way of overthrowing a government. The alternative is the traditional way of feudalism, intrigue and war. Elections were the only thing preventing this and the only thing giving government at any level any legitimacy. By stealing the election from Trump and from us, they signaled (probably unwittingly, because they are both ignorant and arrogant) that we are free and that government at pretty much every level is strictly a function of force.

        This has been painfully obvious for years to any non-comatose person with an IQ above freezer temperature, and yet NO ONE (or almost no one) wants to admit it.

        There is no way that the lawless tyranny that rules over us that not only ignores, but openly defecates upon the Constitution that gives it its lawful authority can be considered a legitimate government that must be obeyed. Indeed, we are well, WELL past Jefferson’s point of overthrowing it. What is disheartening is the extent to which supposed “patriots” still insist upon “working within the system for change.” That’s not only ignorant, it’s cowardly. Quite frankly, when the hot war starts, it’s going to be “Non-Playimg Characters” (NPC) like these people who are going to eat as much lead as the forces of tyranny. I for sure don’t want any such pathetic people in any part of my life, let alone “on my side!”

      • What was it Mad Maxine Waters recently said about one of their crazy commie plans?

        Oh yes, she said, “Whose going to stop us?”

        Hillary did not campaign, because she knew it was in the bag. Biden didn’t campaign, well, he couldn’t due to the mentality of a dish sponge, but he knew it was in the bag.

        Trump surprised them both times. Just this second time, they shut things down and brought in the truckloads of fake or illegal votes so Joe won at 4am.

        The people had years to stop this shit. The founders would have hanged every politician in the country long ago. Now, it is too late and they know it, leading to Mad Max saying what she did.

  22. Two Question Eric:

    1) what say you with regards to classic cars from a certain year and older – falling under some type of collector status and being absolved from this new mulcting? I’d think gov’t would be petitioned by such car owners to be excluded.
    After all, we the great unwashed need our bread and circuses (classic car shows) to distract and keep us occupied, while they come up with new mulctings.

    2) Do you think they’ll go after motorcycles too?

    Having dual status (U.S. & Can) I’ll just buy a car in Canada, bring it down here and drive it. Ignore any fees assessed on annual mileage from the Canadian DMV. Their license tag stickers are only for a month, not a year! So should the tags laps, it won’t be obvious to the fuzz.

    I’ll handle any (Insurance) paper work to appear current, even if insurance lapses for not keeping current with the mulcting. Didn’t we used to not have car insurance anyway many moons ago?

    There’s a reason I gave up not having a U.S. drivers license license while living in the U.S. the last 20 years. Any ticket I get, while I hold a Canadian license, breaks the chain of custody to hold my feet to the fire to pay. i.e. I get a ticket while visiting NY that I deem was a bit overbearing and unfair, I don’t pay it, when it shows up to my Canadian address there. Eventually in another piece of mail from NY – they inform me my CAN license is suspended in NY. OK, but they have no recourse, and I’m extra careful the next time I’m driving in or through NY. The chain of custody to extract their pound of flesh is broken with another country involved. Don’t ask how many states have unpaid tickets by me; that’s unimportant to the story.

    As for how I’m insured on my U.S. cars tied to a U.S. address with a CAN drivers license; “Well Mr. Insurance agent, my license is Canadian as I split time, like a snowbird.” “OK Mr. Insured, just send us an impression (record) of your last 12 month driving record.” “Sure Mr. Agent,” and $4.95 later gets me said emailed Canadian impression with no record of tickets in Canada (they’re not informed of any U.S. tickets) I’m assured the lowest insurance rates possible. It’s a lot less involved than it sounds.

    So, in time I may have to get a Canadian registered car that I keep in the U.S. and just drive, sans a annual mileage mulcting. Of course probably a ‘90’s or early ‘00’s car, nothing new – that A) probably sucks, and B) nothing that’s connected to the hive that “they” can just switch off if they don’t approve of my behavior. Lord knows I don’t approve of theirs; on both sides of the boarder.

    • The above could work. Pretty complicated though. If you happen to get grabbed by the gendarmes in Canada or the US you will be stuck. Might be better off going naked. Still stuck but it costs you less. Another plan would be to send them, US and Canada letters explaining that you are a sovereign citizen and will not comply with their laws which of course do not apply to you as a sovereign citizen. However you play it ,Good luck.

  23. This kind of news depresses me greatly. It’s the ongoing barrage of planned gubbamint control without end that irks me so. It’s a one way ticket to the gulag, step by step undermining my god given freedoms.

    At some point the dam will break and people will have no more of it, but when is that?? Or will the human family spend some generations in totalitarianism before throwing off the yoke?

    In the meantime it’s just waiting around for the next shoe to drop. How demoralizing!

    I’m glad I’m in my later years and not having to look at a lifetime of more of this BS. Death is no longer something that I want to avoid at all costs. I’m fine with heading out of here. I’ve had an amazing life with much accomplished and much experienced. I am not for wanting anything.

    I wish I could make a difference in turning this around, but it appears to me that we are descending into hell with or without an ounce of my participation. It will be a long time before any future upturn arrives, long beyond when I could be an aid to such a rebuilding.

    So what to do in the meantime? Maybe I just need to get off the interwebs for awhile, drop the doom porn addiction. Finding good news out there is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it’s just not happening. Maybe later……….

    • Your post resonates with me, Andy, except I’m 45 and have kids – I’m compelled to pay attention and carefully plan for their sake. The crazy train is picking up speed, and we know how it will turn out, just not when. I suspect we yet have a long way to fall, and we will.

      I’ve taken to focusing on my kids’ sports, work, and Jesus. Focusing more intently on the positives has been a bright spot – it’s made me appreciate life’s blessings more than I otherwise would have.

    • We are in a place of steadily mounting pain and misery, where the young envy the old.

      Man, I wish nothing more than that I was of retirement age, and could just munch popcorn and watch the deserving Herd get liquidated for their own foolishness.

      Unfortunately, I’m young and without means…meaning I will be starved out, and hunted down by that Herd, before their liquidation takes.

      Wanna trade places????

      • The word of the day needs to be oppression.

        Oppression is not just a word in the dictionary.

        Definition of oppression
        1a: unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power
        the continuing oppression of the … underclasses
        — H. A. Daniels
        b: something that oppresses especially in being an unjust or excessive exercise of power
        unfair taxes and other oppressions
        2: a sense of being weighed down in body or mind : DEPRESSION
        an oppression of spirits

        the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.
        an act or instance of oppressing or subjecting to cruel or unjust impositions or restraints.
        the state of being oppressed.
        the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety, etc.

        Say it ain’t so. This chicanery is so black, it is a sin, a crime. Just plain mean ass cruelty by asshole bullies who do not care at all.

        The spirit is willing but the flesh is stupid.

      • I’ll trade you provided I get to know then what I know now. With a newer better body. But they say that all the living will at some point long for death which will not come.

        • That’s it. Who wants an old body that’s breaking down, with an unknown expiry date? What will I have to go through before I reach the exit door? It’s looming on the horizon and I need a cane to steady me. You sure you want to trade places, Freelance?

          May be more fun as a younger person bucking up and going out with a bang. I might have to go out with a whimper with this depreciating body of mine. Won’t be able to join you on the front lines until I get this hip fixed.

          • Hey Andy. (They still got those goddamn roosters crowing non-stop all over Kauai? Pests!)

            “Who wants an old body that’s breaking down, with an unknown expiry date?”

            In a very real sense, that’s better than having a young body that is equally destined to break down, and has an equally unknown expiry date! The young body merely has more misery between it and that unknown time!

            “What will I have to go through before I reach the exit door?”

            Qualitatively similar processes to those that I will go through…except quantitatively less of it! (As Thomas Ligotti puts it in his magisterial The Conspiracy against the Human Race, existence always saves the worst for last.)

            “It’s looming on the horizon and I need a cane to steady me. You sure you want to trade places, Freelance?”

            Assuming you’ve got a bank account with enough to allow me to forego the increasingly grotesque and futile farce of “working” until what appears to be the WEF’s hard-stop date of 2030? I think maybe we can do business.

            “May be more fun as a younger person bucking up and going out with a bang.”

            That doesn’t sound fun at all…

            “I might have to go out with a whimper with this depreciating body of mine. Won’t be able to join you on the front lines until I get this hip fixed.”

            Better the whimper than the Gulag. “Front line”? There won’t be a front line. Just rolling mass arrests and sadistic pseudo-medical torture programs. And the masses will cheer as the refuseniks are rounded up.

      • Hi Freelance,

        I’m in between young and old – and so have the worse dilemma, arguably. Too old to start over but too young to retire and munch popcorn. Being young has many advantages, among them the (probable, I am assuming) lack of accumulated stuff – including commitments – to tie you to wherever you are. A young, single guy can just – per Huck Finn – “light out for the territories” and make his way. If I were 20 today I would seriously consider a backpack and South America. Or Alaska. When I was that age I didn’t need much more and if you’re that age or close to it, you probably don’t. either. Your body can handle sleeping in a tent – or in a truck. Hard physical work every day; it’s good for you! You have both the energy and the time to build a life whereas guys my age have less energy and lack the time to rebuild a life.

        Make use of the advantages you’ve got!

        • Unfortunately, I’m not that young.

          I’m not single, and we are both wrapped up in stymieing professional credentials.

          I’ve been a fanatical collector since childhood, so I have a perhaps gauche amount of frivolous stuff, cumulative and inclusive of just about every thing I’ve ever gotten my greedy hands on since age 6. (However, for the past couple years I have been in the process of liquidating all my hobby-holdings because I am quite confident I am not going to be allowed a future time to stand back and enjoy my Kingdom of Trinkets, a humble ambition which is all I ever asked of this world.)

          The only consolation I have is that I was an Anti-Natalist even before the Era of Government by Terrorism that began in earnest in 2001. Therefore, I stalled on procreating for long enough that when things got really bad, I hadn’t already doomed another consciousness to existence (samsara), and I don’t have to worry now about how to preserve another, ever more helpless, human life. I’ve never been a survivalist type, so I have no post-apocalyptic skills that I might pass on to the hardscrabble generation of Road-Warrior Orphans and Feral Kids that I suppose might eke out an existence outside the Techno-Feudal Terrordrome. I even detest camping!

        • I’m 34 and have nothing. I’m sick of everything, and the thought of being an unskilled ‘machine operator’ 40-plus hours a week, and then watching more reruns of The Office after work depresses me. Perhaps I will take a backpack and live a different style of life somewhere else.

          • Hi Andrew,

            Actually, many of us (even this old married woman) agrees with you. I think society will go back to a simpler time, but we are about 3 to 4 years away. I never imagined myself leaving my home, but I now look around and ask “Why am I staying?” It feels like foreign territory. At this point I would like to get a large plot of land and create a homestead and just forget the rest of society is as screwed up as they are.

          • I’m 37.

            You can spend the next 30 years bitching, and drinking yourself into an early grave (which would be just as well, because there will be no Socialist Security for us). Or, you can look around you, take charge of what you can (starting with yourself), and try to turn things around into something better.

            I have been denied a lot of the opportunities and success that society promised me. Sometimes I hate my job. But. I’d rather have one than not. I’d rather make the best of what I’ve got. And, when it comes down to it, I’d rather go down fighting than merely succumb. And this applies virtually and spiritually and mentally, just as much as it applies physically. Perhaps more so.

            The choice is yours. I encourage you to start by embracing that fact, and then proceeding to live your life accordingly.

          • I would also add, seriously consider learning a skilled trade. Welder, plumber, electrician, mechanic–whatever floats your boat. Once you own the tools and the skills, no one has to own you. In my area, the unions can be really good for this (ymmv–in a lot of places this is not such a good idea). You can learn to do it right through the union, if you’re any good you can learn to hustle in a non-union gig, and then you can go into business for yourself after a while.

            • I second, Publius’s, become a tradesmen. Coming from a family of tradesman – gas piping, welders, electricians, sheetmetal workers, HVACR, etc. one makes really good money if you know what you are doing.

              Companies are desperate not only for tradesmen, but journeymen or apprentices. The average electrician in this country is 58 years of age.

              Our school system feels the need to promote that every individual should go to a four year college…, they shouldn’t. Trade schools, community colleges, and other vocational training gets a really bad wrap. There is nothing wrong with graduating high school and starting to work your way up the ladder or getting an associate’s degree or receiving additional training in a field that interests you. At the end of it is likely the tradesperson is pulling a six figure salary with little to no college debt to pay off.

              Don’t get me wrong I am not downing a four, six, or eight year institution, but unless one is becoming a doctor, a chemist, an engineer, or a lawyer, it is a bit overrated.

              • As a chemist, I would say that you are better off as a tradesman. The jobs pay more, they are more portable, you don’t necessarily have to go into debt to learn to do them (and even if you do, trade school is way cheaper), it takes less time to learn enough to get started, and it is more possible to start your own business.

    • At some point the dam will break and people will have no more of it, but when is that?? Or will the human family spend some generations in totalitarianism before throwing off the yoke?

      A BIG part of America’s problem has been that for decades “patriots” have not put their money –or more accurately, their weapons– where their mouths are.

      We hear all sorts of loud verbal flatulence from the “Right” about gun ownership and the Second Amendment, but how many of these people actually 1) own any firearms, or 2) know how to use them with any degree of skill? The answer: far fewer than they would have you believe. Most of the Blowhard Right-wing punditry, in particular, probably wouldn’t know which end of a gun to fire.

      I also seriously wonder where the NRA gets its firearms ownership stats from (incidentally, FUCK the NRA; they’re the cucked castrato-bitches of the Deep State. If you’re serious about defending your right to bear arms, join Gun Owners Of America [GOA]). Anecdotal evidence suggests to me that the NRA either 1) makes up their stats out of whole cloth, or 2) relies on total firearms sales in the U.S. from all manufacturers and retailers in a given year without looking at who the purchasers are. In other words, if the Department of Defense buys 200,000 M-16s, the NRA does not differentiate that from 200,000 individual American citizens buying weapons. Therefore, they inflate the number of guns in private hands by 200,000 when no such increase in ownership has occurred. If as many private citizens owned (and were competent in the use of) firearms as the NRA claims, the American People would be the largest standing army in the world, one that would scare the shit out of the feds in the event said army mobilized itself. Why haven’t these weapons been put to “tree-watering” use?

      Look, I’m not trying to be negative, nor am I impugning anyone’s patriotism, but it’s well past time to stop thinking that “somebody else will stand up and do the shooting.” Until “We The People” mobilize arms this BS will only get worse. It’s frustrating.

      //Rant over, jumping off of soapbox and smashing it up for kindling//

    • Considering the USSC ruling a little while back, there will be no turning it around.

      The massive push to get everyone jabbed I believe is rooted in that ruling.

      USSC Declares Those With Vax No Longer Human No Rights, Now Property Of Vax Creators

      They do not even have to overturn the constitution! You get the jab, you are no longer under its protection.

      I hope people who got the jab are happy with glowing in black light!

      You glow in Black Light After Your Jab

  24. Every US FSA highway is riddled with cameras every mile of the way. The state DOT has cameras up and down the highway. If you don’t make it to the next camera location along the way, you turned and went home to your remote Wyoming ranch.

    Buy your self-driving car, send it to the destination, the middle of the freeway, with no driver and no passengers. Park it, leave it there with one percent of charge, lock it, not your problem anymore.

    If the gov has every intention of what you do and how you drive, just give it back to them, make it a pita for Uncle Joe and his merry band of idiots. F’em.

    100 million EVs with nobody to control them is going to be a problem, the freeways will be clogged indefinitely.

    An EV can be a soft weapon of mass distraction and there is nothing that can be done about it.

    Buy an EV, abandon it on the freeway, massive defiance, go home and wait for Armageddon.

    In heaven there is no beer. Neither will there be anything here on this god-forsaken earth.

    Drive it all into oblivion, easy peasy.

    • If the gov has every intention (to control) what you do and how you drive, just give it back to them, make it a pita for Uncle Joe and his merry band of idiots.

      Corrected to read sensibly.

    • ‘In heaven there is no beer.’ — drumphish

      Thus, no Intoxalocks to stop drunk driving on the Eternal Expressway.

      But here on earth, it don’t stop there. Soon gun-grabbers will mandate Intoxaglocks — pistols that won’t fire if you’ve got bourbon on your breath.

      And Intoxawoks — kitchen appliances that won’t cook if you’ve been hitting the Merlot too heavy. Could burn your fool fingers, you know.

      Soon, Intoxafrocks — co-ed wear with chipped chastity devices to ward off ‘why don’t we get drunk & screw’ surrenders to bodice-ripping cowboys.

      And they ask me why I lick cane toads …

    • “Every US FSA highway is riddled with cameras every mile of the way. The state DOT has cameras up and down the highway. “

      Indeed you are Correct.

      It doesn’t have to be that way.

      • Not FSA, FAS, federally assisted system. It was, now it is the Federal Highway Aid Program. Maybe the highways and freeways still have FAS on the maps.

        Every DOT station has computers linked to cameras located at places along each highway and interstate, camera locations are probably used to track traffic.

        You’ll be able to gather data, what goes where, and when.

        License plate readers know you’ve been on a toll road, you get a letter in the mail, they want their pound of flesh.

        They know who you are from the get go.

        Junior Brown wrote ‘Highway Patrol’ and his guitar picking is top notch.

  25. Horses. How you like them (road) apples, commies?

    I’m seriously beginning to think they may be part of my future.

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” – Albert Einstein

  26. When analyzing anything coming out of the Upholstered Bordello on the Potomac, I use Occam’s Razor and “follow the money”.

    When this comes to pass, I suspect the Feds will take the cheapest way into our pockets. Speed cameras, plate readers, RFID, etc. take money to actually produce something, install it, and maintain it. Justifiable for toll roads, etc., but not for universal implementation on every motor vehicle in the US.

    I suspect Uncle Sugar will decree the States must provide verifiable proof of distance driven by every motor vehicle registered in that State as an addendum to federal road funding measures already in existence, or lose their highway kickback. Just that simple. It will, in effect mandate a state motor vehicle inspection program, a “Checkpoint Charlie” every year, which provides the information. If the State does not have such a program already (like Oklahoma, which has no annual auto inspection, bless them), why, “get with the times you backwards morons! (quoth the Fed goons)” and start an annual mulcting program! The Feds get money directly in the distance tax, and from K-Street via distance travelled dongle manufacturers, and the States get the table scraps of mulcted fees from the inspection “program”.

    GPS feeding a dongle installed in the vehicle is one way to get there, paid for by the owner of the motor vehicle, thus not paid for by Uncle Sugar or even the State in question. Like OBD2, some FMVSS will be promulgated as to the specifications of the dongle’s data port, accuracy, memory size, etc., thus making billions for some K-Street oligarch company to provide the dongle. GM, Ford, etc. will gladly buy in, and start incorporating the dongle and GPS receiver into all new vehicles they produce, and pass the cost plus a mordida on to the buyer. Win-win-win for the Uniparty!

    • I mean in most lib states highway funding doesn’t go to highways…just look at the state of the roads if you live in the hell hole NYC tri-state. It’s like it was carpet bombed by b-52s in most areas.

      • Road maintenance slush funds typically go toward propping up the chronically underfunded DOT retirement funds, yet another victim of the FED’s helicopter money interest rate policy.

    • Even simpler is to just add another section to the 1040 form, along with Schedule MV: motor vehicle milage log (Note, only applicable for vehicles under GVW of 10,000 pounds. If over 10,000 use Schedule MV-H):

      From Box 3 on Schedule MV, enter the VIN of vehicle one:
      From Box 3A on schedule MV, enter the starting milage:
      From Box 3B on schedule MV, enter the ending milage:
      Subtract Box 3A from 3B. This is your gross milage:
      From Box 6C on schedule MV, enter your milage credit:
      Subtract 6C from 3D. This is your adjusted net milage.

      Then on Schedule MV they can throw in a bunch of loopholes and “credits” for any number of deductions. For example, if you’re driving your wife to the hospital to pop out another wage slave, those don’t count. If you’re driving to the gun/liquor store, buddy that’s gonna cost ya. Volunteering to drive poor folks to the voting booth who have no other way to get there? Well, hell, that’s double miles! The IRS will plant stories of how you might actually get money back (HA) if you drive enough virtuous miles while minimizing the shameful, wasteful ones. And of course then the various industries will begin to lobby for their own deductions, spelled out in sufficiently cryptic fashion as to not end up in Reader’s Digest “That’s outrageous!” next month.

      • Oh man, don’t give the IRS any more ideas!

        They’ll still want something to compare your self-certification with, so some doodad associated with your vehicle storing mileage will still be required. They still need something to smash you on the head with in an audit so they can take away your car, house, etc.

  27. A direct result of the 17th amendment. Before which Senators were selected by State legislatures, and could be recalled at will. After which the Senate became a popularity contest, just like the House, but with a longer term, giving them more time to descend to what level of evil they desired.
    Rapidly getting to the point that the mask and the jab aren’t the only things warranting “i will not comply”.

    • Yes, it is rather harder to congregate power in DC when the Senators know they will not be there if they go against the wishes of their State’s legislature. Instead of applying pressure to one spot (funders of Senatorial campaigns in DC), an aspiring oligarch would have to apply pressure in 50 state legislatures. Much more dificult proposition. Very bad amendment, should have never been ratified.

      However, even if control got centralized in DC with the 17th, it took the massive slush fund potential of the 16th amendment’s income tax to allow the Fed leviathan to grow like a toxic mold infestation. Another amendment that should have never been ratified.

      • Along with the Federal Reserve Act. All of which happened at nearly the same time.
        The 16th amendment actually amended nothing. The feds already had constitutional authority to tax income without reference to population, as an excise tax. But all would have to pay the exact same tax if they had income. Nowhere in the 16th amendment is it mentioned that the “income tax” could be applied per dollar of income. Nowhere in it is a progressive tax allowed. Nowhere in it is “income” defined, nor is it in any tax law. SCOTUS on a number of occasions has defined it as profit, or gain. Wages or salaries are neither. In fact, if you are not exchanging your labor for money at a loss, your employer can’t make a profit off of it. Your employers profit from your labor IS income. Which is what the IRS code means when it says “income DERIVED FROM wages tips and other compensation.” Its your employers profits from your wages that are taxable, not your wages.

        • Re: “In fact, if you are not exchanging your labor for money at a loss, your employer can’t make a profit off of it.”

          You assume that productivity is a zero sum game when it isn’t. Any sustainable employment situation must benefit the manager, the worker and the customer.

          If you go to work every day but when you come home you are poorer than you were the day before then why are you going to work at all? The fact is that you do experience a net gain in wealth by working voluntarily with others to produce goods and/or services valued by customers.

          • Hi Darren,

            I agree with your analysis. If the exchange is free, then each must be getting value – else neither would freely exchange. It “pays” to work rather than not – or a least, it used to!

            • If you guys would go and read the congressional record on the amendment you would find that a mans/womans labor is their property and the amendment was never about taxing property. Wages, salaries, commissions, compensation for services, gifts ( were not considered income. If you trade your labor for x with another it is an agreement of equal value. Both sides get what they have bargained for and there is no gain. If x takes the car you made and sells it for more than it cost x to produce it, the extra is “gain” and is taxable as income. If you put what x paid you for your labor (property) in the bank at interest, the interest is “gain” and is taxable.
              Congressional record, August, 1913 or thereabouts. I’ve been there. Also US Title 26 has not been inacted as law.

          • My exceedingly boring Evolution of Economic Theory professor made one truly memorable comment: Value changes hands in only two ways: Barter and theft. The value of money is only that it facilitates the exchange of value. Barter is when each party surrenders what they value less for what they value more. Theft is when what you posses and value is taken from you by intimidation or force. Whether you are given something in return is irrelevant.

  28. Once this monstrosity takes hold, the individual states will say “ wait a minute, where’s our cut of this new revenue?”,and will enact similar acts of their own to partake in the fleecing. But then again, the United “States” of America will become the One State of America. The Bill of Rights voided, the concept of a republic dead, the “Great Reset” accomplished.

  29. ‘Which raises the question: Why have Republicans at all?’ — EP

    … a question which provoked mirthful titters yesterday at 44×60 — the logo in gold leaf Art Deco numerals embossed on the serviettes and guest passes for the Great Obama’s 60th birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard. No Burning Man this, though a similar consensual bohemian spirit prevailed among the worldly assembled luminaries.

    All the posh people were there. Climate envoy John Kerry flew in by private jet. Glittering couple Tom and Daisy Buchanan were spotted toasting each other outside the refreshments tent, on the dewy fresh-mown lawn looking out on the blue bay.

    Former president Clinton — slack-jawed, vacant-eyed and skeletal in a cream colored summer suit — shuffled slowly round the venue, assisted by a muscular black man clutching his elbow and periodically wiping away with a handkerchief a thin stream of drool trickling from the elderly statesman’s crooked mouth.

    Fat Hillary worked the crowd in her frumpy blue maumau and granny slippers, with a wide, fixed fake smile pasted on her calculating crone’s mug. No one dared ask about her [literally clueless] ghost-written ‘book,’ What Happened — which netted her a multi-million dollar advance, but was read by no one other than a couple of sad, sallow-faced policy drones.

    Virile Barack, birthday boy, spent an athletic evening on the dance floor, reveling in the universal admiration duly accorded an eminent Nobel Peace Prize winner. Only the most observant guest would have noticed his spouse’s slightly narrowed eyes as she cast surreptitious glances at rival auteur Hillary.

    Michelle’s publishing millions helped buy the Obamas’ gracious Massachusetts plantation, of course. But in her heart, it burns that her magisterial prose is no longer quoted in the Times Literary Supplement, no longer (if it ever was) listed in the syllabi of English literature courses at her Princeton alma mater, where even the distinguished drop-out F Scott Fitzgerald remains avidly cited and discussed.

    Both these eminent distaff founts of belles-lettres would agree, had they actually conversed rather than exchanging the briefest of barbed greetings, that a lady writer is not without honor, except in her own country and in her own great house.

    Lady writer on the TeeVee
    Yeah, she had another quality
    The way you used to look
    And I know you never read a book

    Just the way that her hair fell down around her face
    Then I recall my fall from grace
    Another time, another place …

    — Dire Straits, Lady Writer

  30. Want proof that the tech exists to precisely track vehicles on a road without toll tags?

    Drive the new Express lanes around DC without EZ Pass and wait for the bill to arrive. 395 has the newest tech that doesn’t even require digging up the road surface to install, with everything overhead.

    • This spring I rode the PA Turnpike. The ‘tollbooth engineers’ were replaced with cameras. In July I got the bill (¡Ay, caramba!), which included pictures of my Colorado tags. I expected it, but pretty clear that the states are happy to narc us out to other states for traversing their roads. Of course it really isn’t the State of Pennsylvania that is running the operation, some silly-con valley racket does the dirty work for them, so maybe they run the scam for the “HOV” lanes in Denver too. No need to request plate info when you already have access to both databases.

      Over the last decade or so the number of cameras on highways has exploded. Pretty much every major highway and many of the secondary state roads now have them. The idea is that some state DOT central operations center can monitor road surface conditions and dispatch plows and other crews in an efficient way. But these things WILL eventually (maybe already are) be connected to police and state patrols. Visual vehicle recognition and plate readers will get good enough to track your vehicle, GPS device or not. You will get billed. You will be ticketed for passing consecutive cameras sooner than expected for the posted speed limit. Hell, if you happen to be driving a vehicle that matches the Amber Alert description (black F-150 for example), you’ll probably be hassled. I’m reminded of that second Matrix movie, one of the rules when moving around in the Matrix was “never go on the expressway.” We all saw what happened when they did*. Off grid life might mean traveling on back roads only, where there’s not enough traffic to justify a camera network. Then again, with Elon’s satellite network, AT&T FirstNET and funding for “rural broadband,” it might get cheap enough to justify cameras everywhere. After all, the backhaul network is the expensive part.

      *I’m talking about Agent Smith spotting them immediately and having no where to escape, not about being trapped in a horrible, confusing storyline…

      • If the booths are still standing, segregating the lanes in the plazas on the Penn Turnpike, then the vehicle detection tech triggering the plate cameras and feeding info to systems reconciling RF tags to car is still old school — loops in the road and, possibly, lasers.

        PA is in the process of choosing a vendor for tech upgrades to the turnpike, but the process is riddled with lawsuits between the government and essentially insolvent players, each hoping to be the last vendor standing when the dust settles in few years.

        • Unless it was installed without my knowledge, there’s no RFID tag on my vehicle. What might be likely is a human (Amazon Mechanical Turk) is revewing each plate and determining where to send the request. Either way, PA now has my plate data in their database, matched to my name and mailing address.

          • Most likely, the charge resulted from a human reading the plate. Some vendors supply OCR, but this is still early days for that tech being reliable and used without review.

            Contrary to prevailing thought on the subject, Bluetooth is still to unreliable to be used to identify specific vehicles beyond a university research project. Reading the ID numbers reliably outside of the vehicle is 50-50 with even the best available systems.

  31. Didn’t “Flo” have to stop issuing the OBD II dongle for “discount” rates due to a risk to the car’s electronics from a device being plugged into that port for an extended length of time?

    I remember lawsuits, but I could be wrong.

    Like everything else electronic, the components used in the readers for EZ Pass and the passive toll tags are shrinking. The primary vendor for EZ Pass in VA has a reader which can mount on a lamppost, but the problem then becomes tracking which vehicles lack tag signals. The tech exists for that, but, for now, construction and system integration costs are prohibitive.

  32. RINOS are not our friends, and both houses of Congress are filled with them.

    How many decent senators are there? Senators who would actually fight for us? Rand Paul? Josh Hawley? Mike Lee? Who?

    When the Republican senators are led by a self serving scum of a human like Mitch McConnell, there is no hope for Liberty. I believe this article sums up McConnell completely:

    Why do people still vote for scum such as this? Are they blinded and asleep by the endless droning of the Talking Heads on their TeeVee’s? Or, has voting been fixed for a long time as was displayed by the 2020 election? Stop voting for POS or we are truly doomed.

    • I think it’s been a fix for longer than anyone expects (for those that do). I bet that the people who vote for people like McConnell are faced with the choice:

      A) the fast track to a communist dictatorship
      B) the slow walk to the same place

      And, to be fair, at least with option B there is the benefit of time. Maybe it’ll change course, maybe it’ll be so slow, it won’t matter in my later years, or whatever.

      But it the GOP itself that is making it so the party as a whole never strays too far from the ultimate goal of totalitarianism. That way, as EP has recently pointed out (IIRC), they hope to have a seat at the table. It might be a seat at the kids table but it will be better than nothing because the ultimate privilege is that of the ruling elite.

      It’s Three Card Monty except that all the cards are the same and you can only bet on one that doesn’t exist.

      • Hi Eure,
        Indeed for quite a while now the D’s and the R’s are nothing more than the opposite sides of the same coin. They can keep the serfs fighting amongst themselves over which side is “right” while feathering their own nests at our expense. A plague on both their houses.

        • Hi Mike,

          Two sides of the same coin on one side is a stagecoach the other is a rocket ship. Heads they win, tails we lose. Either way the country is going to hell in a bucket. As the dead say, there may come a day I will dance on their grave, if I’m unable to dance I will crawl.

      • EM,

        The RINOs are to the Dems what the Washington Generals are to the Harlem Globetrotters; they’re the designated losers there to make it look good. One could think of the Rs and Ds like one thinks of the WWE: both “opponents” make a lot of noise before the match; they put on a good show during the match; then afterwards, both are drinking and eating together. You see glimpses of this when Cryin’ Johnny Boehner, that useless POS turd of a House Speaker, playing golf with Pres. Obama.

    • I’ve lived in Kentucky since 2019. We have two senators here – one good (Rand Paul) and the other McConnell, er, bad (guess they’re synonyms). McC was reelected last year. He didn’t have a primary challenger, or if he did, it was a nobody who wouldn’t have stood a chance. In the fall, it was either him or a communist feminist who claimed to be a Marine veteran (OK, so maybe she was, but I’ve never known a former Marine who stood for such communist BS). So what were our choices? Eure Majestat hit the nail on the head, there was no good choice.

      Another thing to consider – McC practically runs R politics in KY. Not completely, as there is still a freedom coalition (see Paul, Massey, a few state reps and senators), but mostly. Our state AG is a McC flunky who will probably end up replacing the old man when he retires. Better than a communist, I suppose, but not much better.

  33. Originally, when I heard about Republicans being “the greatest threat to our nation” or whatever similar Democrat absurdity, I thought it was kind of funny. Funny to see the indignation of the Democrats that call themselves Republican.

    But they have had multiple opportunities to change course (e.g. on Obamacare, etc, etc) when they were the majority. Never seemed to actually be interested.

    Oh but did you hear the exciting news? You must have! Trump is gonna run for head dictator again in 2024! Rest assured patriots, once he gets back in there, and GOP is the majority again…

    THIS TIME!! They’re gonna right all the wrongs and we’ll once again have a constitutional republic and the commies will be vanquished!

    This is like the crack addict that is counting his winnings from the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, that is sure to arrive any day now.

    God dammit! The stupid people in large numbers have all but signed the surrender to the communist dictators on our behalf. I wonder if there are any sane republicans that are finally, for Christ sake, going to realize that they have no representation in government?

    Even if there are, even if every dumb ass Dem, Rep, liberal, conservative sees the light TODAY and becomes a born again libertarian, it’s too late. Where we are at and where we are going thanks to these freaking morons cannot be undone by the legislative or judicial process.

    Trump 2024?!?! They may as well be hoping for Jesus Christ 2024.

  34. Big brother keeps getting bigger.
    I don’t think anyone in DC really believes EVs are greener, but they are mobile computers, which is what this whole idea is probably about.

    It is now inevitable that DC will have total control of your life through technology before I am dead.

    On the positive, they are encroaching into areas that apolitical people will start getting mad.

    • DC insiders are optimists. They all “beat the odds” and won (the birth lottery). When someone like Amory Lovins tells them there’s enough wind power in the midwest to power all the world for thousands of years, and that 1 square mile of Sunlight is enough to power every electric vehicle, they think that’s based on sound engineering. All that needs to happen is to get it built. So they fund misguided research into better solar panel yields, set up demonstration plants, etc. But Bastiat’s “unseen” is ignored. As is practical engineering and investment.

      It is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
      Signifying nothing.
      — Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5)

      • They are all shylocks, or of the shylock mentality. They believe they can argue and convince their way out of the laws of physics with the power of their keen rhetoric. They are O’Brien, telling Winston he could “float like a soap bubble” if he decided to. Physical laws are for the little people, constraining remnants of evil Western civilization. The bigs can just decree and it happens!

        • The other problem is that they see the world framed in “good guys” and “bad guys.” They never think that maybe the reason why, for example, fuels trend toward energy density over time is because it leads to efficiency gains, not because JR Ewing is evil. And that the world is inherently flawed but could be made perfect through willpower, while also maintaining the status quo (Orwell’s doublethink).

    • I disagree, a little bit.

      As DC exerts ever more control over the digital (virtual, i.e. nonexistent) world, their grip will necessarily loosen over the real world (which is the one that actually matters). They think their power grows stronger, but in fact they are growing weaker by the day. Sure, they have goons. But nowhere near enough of them to accomplish what they have in mind.

      At least, that is what I see happening.


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