Come Again?

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It has just been revealed that former Secretary of State Colin Powell has died of old age . . . whoops, the ‘Rona – according to news reports that no longer recognize that when an 84-year-old man dies, it is a natural death.

Unless the 84-year-old was run over by a bus or similar.

Every death of every elderly person is now a presumptive ‘Rona death – so as to make it appear that death among the elderly – the very elderly, like Powell  – is something unusual and abnormal. And also to create the impression that lots of perfectly healthy people are dying who would otherwise have remained living – apparently, forever.

This is a measure of how bad – how absurdly bad – things are. No. Wait, they are even more absurd than that. The same news reports state that Powell was “fully vaccinated.”

Italics added.

You know, with the “vaccine” that is touted as the cure for the ‘Rona or at least, a palliative.

And yet, he’s still dead.

Now, it is sad – for his family – that he is. But what family is surprised when an 84-year-old dies? Unless he was run over by a bus . . .

Or – as in the case of Powell – had a very serious case of cancer to go along with his years.

The phone rings. It’s the old folks home, where grampa has been staying. Because he’s 84. Most people that age need help staying alive. The nurse on the phone says she’s sorry but grampa has died. He caught a cold – a thing formerly understood to be a normal part of life – and it became pneumonia and he just couldn’t fight it off, being 84 years old and thus, frail and vulnerable to everything. Grampa’s death isn’t a surprise because he had already lived seven years longer than most men live – which is about 77 years in the United States.

It is sad to hear that grampa has passed. But it’s about as surprising that he passed as it is that the weather turns colder come the fall.

And yet, people continue to fall for it.

Which is a measure of the metastasis of brain rot afflicting millions, caught from watching too much TeeVee.

It has programmed millions of people to believe everyone’s dying – or will – because of a virus that most people don’t get or even know they had – that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of them that do get it.

To believe that it is not only reasonable but urgently necessary to Jab a needle full of something dangerous into the arms of healthy children, who are in less danger from the thing supposedly being palliated than they are from the Boogie Man.

Who believe that very elderly people like Powell would live forever, if only the “unvaxxed” had taken the “vaccine” he did take – and died anyhow.

As 84-year-olds tend to, no matter what steps are taken to prevent it. Because they are 84-years-old.

Eventually all of us wear out. Eventually everything wears out. No one – yet – insists that new cars be driven as if they were 18-year-old beaters with 275,000 miles on them or gets angry at the company that made the thing when the engine throws a rod bearing after 18 years and 275,000 miles.

It’s just life – and death.

But living is being sacrificed on the altar or a cult obsessed with death – that believes it is unnatural for an 84-year-old man to have died, that expects 20-year-olds to “mask up” and be Jabbed up to prevent it.

Maybe people should start wearing heavy winter coats – in Acapulco – to make sure that elderly people in Saskatoon don’t freeze to death.

And they ask me why I drink . . .

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  1. vax description

    This is NOT A Vaccine But A Disease-Making Machine
    not antivax it is anti disease making machine injection
    not provax it is pro disease making machine injection

    By Dr. David Martin

    Let’s make sure we are clear… This is not a vaccine. They are using the term “vaccine” to sneak this thing under public health exemptions. This is not a vaccine.

    This is mRNA packaged in a fat envelope that is delivered to a cell. It is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. It is not a vaccine. Vaccines actually are a legally defined term under public health law; they are a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards.[1] And the vaccine specifically has to stimulate both the immunity within the person receiving it and it also has to disrupt transmission.

    And that is not what this is. They (Moderna and Pfizer) have been abundantly clear in saying that the mRNA strand that is going into the cell is not to stop the transmission, it is a treatment. But if it was discussed as a treatment, it would not get the sympathetic ear of public health authorities because then people would say, “What other treatments are there?”
    (There is at least a dozen other treatments, they were all banned so this gene therapy treatment could get emergency use authorization).

    The use of the term vaccine is unconscionable for both the legal definition and also it is actually the sucker punch to open and free discourse… Moderna was started as a chemotherapy company for cancer, not a vaccine manufacturer for SARSCOV2. If we said we are going to give people prophylactic chemotherapy for the cancer they don’t yet have, we’d be laughed out of the room because it’s a stupid idea. That’s exactly what this is. This is a mechanical device in the form of a very small package of technology that is being inserted into the human system to activate the cell to become a pathogen manufacturing site.

    And I refuse to stipulate in any conversations that this is in fact a vaccine issue. The only reason why the term is being used is to abuse the 1905 Jacobson case that has been misrepresented since it was written. And if we were honest with this, we would actually call it what it is: it is a chemical pathogen device that is actually meant to unleash a chemical pathogen production action within a cell. It is a medical device, not a drug because it meets the CDRH definition of a device. It is not a living system, it is not a biologic system, it is a physical technology – it happens to just come in the size of a molecular package.

    So, we need to be really clear on making sure we don’t fall for their game. Because their game is if we talk about it as a vaccine then we are going to get into a vaccine conversation but this is not, by their own admission, a vaccine. As a result it must be clear to everyone that we will not fall for this failed definition just like we will not fall for their industrial chemical definition of health.

    Both of them are functionally flawed and are an implicit violation of the legal construct that is being exploited. I get frustrated when I hear activists and lawyers say, “we are going to fight the vaccine”. If you stipulate it’s a vaccine you’ve already lost the battle. It’s not a vaccine. It is made to make you sick. (This it is part of the depopulation agenda, which is part of agenda 2030).

    80% of the people exposed to SARSCOV2 are asymptomatic carriers. 80% of people who get this injected into them experience a clinical adverse event. You are getting injected with a chemical substance to induce illness, not to induce an immuno-transmissive response. In other words, nothing about this is going to stop you from transmitting anything. This is about getting you sick and having your own cells be the thing that get you sick.

    When the paymaster for the distribution of information happens to be the industry that’s doing the distributing, we lose. Because the only narrative is the one that will be compensated by the people writing the check. That goes for our politicians… and our media – it has been paid for – if you follow the money you realize there is no non-conflicted voice on any network.

    • Indeed, Larry –

      Purely if one goes by definitions. A vaccine immunizes. This “vaccine” symptom suppresses. It is a huge difference. It is also – objectively, beyond contestation on the facts – dangerous, having already caused more injury and death than any other vaccine in use during the past 30 years, at least.

      If one is healthy it would be idiotic to risk one’s health by taking this shot. These shots.

  2. Dr jekyll


    from Dr Carrie Madej

    you can patent anything that has been created, modified, or engineered.
    The c,,v//1…9 v……..s are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms in the same way Monsanto has modified and patented their seeds.

    For example, Monsanto genetically modified various seeds.

    So transpose that to a human cell line that could potentially mean that we could be patented, or human cell lines could be patented. And if it’s patented, it has owners. Do you see a problem with this?

    What if our DNA is modified with genes from another species? Are we still human? Is this trans-humanism? And what if our DNA, our genome, is modified and thus can be patented and owned? This is going on right now, today.

    I will add that this type of DNA v……..e has never been used on humans before.
    They are now proposing to take something we have never used and in//j….ect it into everyone that will make them trans-human.

    They are not using good scientific methodology at all. They have no randomized placebo-controlled trials for any v……..e, They’re not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us, to make sure it would work for us, or to know anything about it—and they want to in//j…e,,ct the v……….e and DNA altering cell lines into the masses.

    The v…….e manufacturers, referred to as Big Pharma, were made exempt from product liability in the 1980s. Meaning that if a v,,……e causes seizures, paralysis, etc., they as a group are not liable.

    another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing v………s in the United States. Each one of the four v……..e producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    here is the big lie:
    Big Pharma just has to prove that the v……..e is producing antibodies.

    Just because you’ve got antibodies does not make you immune to something.
    the efficacy of every single v……..e is predicated on the idea that it induces antibodies and therefore immunity. This is the key assumption – and it is patently false.

    ATTENTION READ: there it is: based on an assumption = a belief. this v………e bs is just a belief = religion. this is being pushed by religious fanatics. the new co//v,,,i…..d religion.

    v………s are just a belief = a religion no science behind them: v……..e religion: an occult satanic religious death cult

    j//e…r,,,,m theory: never been proven, just a belief = a religion. now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult, run by witches.

    it is worse than that: and now we have more evidence of this in the form of certified pathologists stating that there is no proof of the existence of C//O,,,V…..ID antibodies as well.

    Without testing we don’t know for a fact if it would really work as claimed out in the population of people. A real study would show that it actually works, or doesn’t work, in the population of people. But they are not testing, saying they don’t have time.

    Another important fact to know about all v……….s is that many of them are using the MRC5 aborted fetal cell lines from the 1960s. This is an immortalized cell line. Immortalized means it does not die. In other words it’s a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis—natural cell decay and death. A cell that cannot go through that death process is called cancer. That is a definition of cancer.
    So they are trying to use a lot of words to mask the fact you’re being injected with cancerous cells.

    Some of the v………..s that are using these cancerous cell lines from aborted fetuses are:

    MMR – measles, mumps, rubella
    Chicken Pox
    Hepatitis A & B
    Polio, etc.

    An Italian report backed by the government of Italy and a group of scientists called Corvelva They state that these v……….s have the potential to increase tumorigenesis, which means increased risk of cancers, increased risk of mutagenesis or mutant genes.
    anyone taking those v………..s would also have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. This is well known.
    SUPER SPREADER: read this…………..They would have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. so when you get the v……..e you will be a biosecurity terrorist. shedding spike proteins…a new zombie

    There’s new evidence that double-vax//xe..d individuals build up huge viral loads in their noses and sinuses, causing them to become super-spreaders, and infect others

    Israel is one of the most heavily vax//xe…d countries in the world, with nearly 80% of the population fully vac//…ted and almost 100% of the elderly. But now Israel is experiencing a massive increase in infections (and of serious cases), mainly among the fully vax//xe..d.
    sweden has banned people traveling from isreal

    The Co//v….i,,,,,,,d-19 v………..s will have a bacteria that’s a contaminant—mycoplasma pneumonias. It’s a very common bacteria used as a contaminant. This really has nothing to do with the v……….e itself but they have it in there. So you are getting an infection on top of the v………e.

    This stuff is so bad it has the potential to be used as a bio weapon. They are in//je…c,,,,ting cancers into your body along with very toxic substances, like mercury derivatives, aluminum derivatives and other things like that. In addition to the unknown effect of the combination or an accumulation of these v…….s together and the synergistic effect that happens. mixed together they could be 10 times as dangerous.

    In 2011, the German company CureVac was given $33 million for their research and development of RNA v……….s. Then in 2013, Moderna therapeutics was given $25 million for their research and development of RNA v………..s. Then in 2015, INOVIO was given $45 million for their DNA v………s, which they also mention admitting to using DNA nanotechnology.

    Nanotechnology is using microscopic robotic organisms in their v……….s. gates will install an operating system in you.

    All of these companies are backed by, or associated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’” these satanist witches are nazis.

    Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)

    Earth 2020 = V……….e will make you free

  3. we hear that muslims and jewish can’t and shouldn’t get the V………e, due to it containing pig ingredients. christians because it contains aborted fetus tissue.
    ATTENTION: now we hear that it will infect or disable your testicles.
    indigenous and blacks are the most v. hesitant…this is targeting indigenous and blacks….racist


    The bureaucrats behind this killer v……..e KNOW what happened in previous animal testing with m//r….na v……..s. When animals were v……….ed against the v….s and then exposed to it after v………..on against it, ALL OF THEM WENT INTO A CYTOKINE STORM. This is when the immune system attacks itself destroying every organ in the body. It is a rapid death. IT KILLED EVERY ANIMAL IN THE STUDY. cool, a v………e with a 100% death rate.
    The only other RNA v……….e ever approved killed the horses it was supposed to save.

    Now you know why they SKIPPED ANIMAL TESTING. They will give everyone this v……..e and then release another v……….s. skipped animal testing, the useless eaters are lower than animals.

    The DNA-based use reverse-transcriptase (like HIV uses) to change your DNA to incorporate the SA//RS-C…..ov,,,,,,,-2 spike protein into your own DNA so it can be expressed at semi-random times like the m//R…..NA v…… do. This is equivalent to planting random time-delayed grenades throughout your entire body.

    the bottom line is that the v……..e is UNSAFE and downright dangerous being an elixir mixed in hell’s real kitchen, and made up of “aborted fetus tissue”, “half mouse half human chimera tissue”, hydrogel: a biosensor which would monitor your body as well as send and receive information to the 5G Smart Grid.

    Autoimmune disorders of all kinds (allergies, psoriasis, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and many more) have exploded as vac//ci….ne mania gripped the world over the past 30 years. It’s not a surprise. V……….s by their very nature disrupt the immune system.

    all you really need to do is look at the decline in overall health over the past 30 years and it’s pretty obvious that v……..s play a big role. 1/3 of American children have chronic, lifelong health conditions now. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the 72 shots they take.

    what about the v………e industry’s little-discussed reliance on DNA from species such as birds, dogs, monkeys, cows, pigs, mice and insects in vaccine manufacturing. Noting Béchamp’s belief that “an organism’s microzymas are unique to it, and are not interchangeable with those of another,” Béchamp would disapprove of introducing microzymas “proper to one species. . .into an animal of another species”—which is exactly what v…………s do.
    How. . .foolhardy is it then, when v……….l microzymas are not only from another species, but are already morbidly evolved and are accompanied by preservatives, formaldehyde, and other chemicals? There is no sanity whatever to this practice.

    we hear that muslims and jewish can’t and shouldn’t get the V………e, due to it containing pig ingredients. christians because it contains aborted fetus tissue.

    now we hear that it will infect or disable your testicles.
    researchers say: To protect fertility, some men may want to consider freezing their sperm prior to v…………n

    And this mR//N…..A shot is pure madness if you care to look. The technology was patented in 1991 and has never been used on humans (so you get to be the first guinee pig, good luck with that, bringacoffin) because every single animal study has shown horrific results. Do not get this shot no matter what they say. It’s very, very bad.

    V………s to cure a H,,,,o… v……s that nobody can isolate, identify or photograph (yes, not even one v………s), (the chinese dug out something from somebody’s lung, it was actually an exosome, these people are nuts they believe in fake science), changes your DNA in unknown ways and people line up for it. They must be crazy.

    m//R….NA v……….s hijack the body’s cells, invading ribosomes and causing them to churn out non-human proteins which invade the blood. These proteins cause the body to attack itself in a “cytokine storm” of inflammation and autoimmune disorders, resulting in neurological damage, infertility, tissue damage and even death.

    another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing v………s in the United States. Each one of the four v……..e producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    M//R…..NA v………es intervene directly in the patient’s genetic material and, therefore, they change individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, something that has been banned and so far considered criminal.

    after unprecedented M//RN….A v………e, you will no longer be able to treat v………e symptoms complementarily. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured by simply removing toxins from the human body, just as you can’t cure a person with a genetic defect such as Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, Disease genetic heart, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc. ), because genetic defect is forever! dead or permanently disabled, gimped.

    the cv19 h//oa………x created a great opportunity to force inject a dna v……….e or insert chips, nano wires, nano particles, 5g is being installed to connect you to the cloud and data mine you. goal: depopulation, steralization, behavior modification, total control and a cull.

    These new v…..s are not v………s, installing gmo technology, chips, wires, etc. is not a v……..e, but they say it is to avoid liability, v………e manufacturers can not be sued. if they say it is a v……….e it can be mandated (forced), these new injections are not v,,,,,,,,s but they say they are so they can be forced. if there is insurance involved, you save the insurance company lots of money. this is insurance fraud.

    who is responsible for c//v……19 h///o……ax?
    the elite nobility/bankster/nwo/cabal/globalists and the .0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media), twitter, fa..ce,,,,,,bo,,ok, google, big banks, etc, china was chosen to lead it.

    Psychopathic members of an occult satanic death cult running the planet, planning your horrible future. religious fanatics ramming their poisonous v………e down your throat….v…….es/j……er,,,,,,m theory = religious fanatics, the new c//ov,,,,,i….d religion. a satanic cult that believe in eugenics, slavery, transhumanism and fake science.
    pope is part of this cult.

  4. When I heard this report on the radio they talked about how he was fully jabbed, died of the coof, the black mark on his record with WMD, his career, but they did not mention his age. I forgot that he should be into his 80s by now. Like probably most people my mental image of him was what he was 20+ years ago. So I think this is another intentional deception.

  5. Push comes to shove:

    ‘On Tuesday, OSHA officials sent letters to officials in Arizona, South Carolina and Utah to begin the process of revoking authorization for their [state-run] workplace safety enforcement plans.

    ‘The three states have declined to institute an OSHA rule from June, requiring coronavirus safety standards at medical facilities. This clash between OSHA and the states could foreshadow state-level resistance to what the coming [large employer] vaccine requirement might look like.’

    Now we see: states that resist fedgov ukases will have their state officials forcibly replaced by federal officers and inspectors.

    This fulfills the late Colin Powell’s wish to ‘restore the spirit of Lincoln’ — by invading, pillaging and punishing.

    • More details from Utah:

      While OSHA officials said Tuesday’s action was in no way related to Utah preparing to push back against a possible private business vaccine mandate, some Utah lawmakers were not so sure.

      “This feels like a preemptive action on the part of the feds because they’re concerned the state is resisting an overall vaccine mandate on businesses,” Rep. Robert Spendlove, R-Sandy, said.

      “It just creates more divisiveness when the feds come in and push their standards on us,” House Majority Whip Mike Schultz, R-Hooper, said.

      Now that the states have been notified by OSHA, the agency will announce their intent to reconsider their [OSHA State Plan] status in the Federal Register. That kicks off a 35-day comment period on the proposed revocation.

      Before the fedgov’s large-employer vax mandate is even released, OSHA state plans have become the bleeding edge of the battle.

      Predictably, the ‘Biden’ usurper regime exhibits aggressive contempt for state sovereignty and federalism.

      Foxtrot Juliet Bravo

    • Reaction from Gov Ducey of Arizona:

      “The federal government’s threat to strip the Industrial Commission of Arizona of its OSHA authority is nothing short of a political stunt and desperate power grab,” said Governor Ducey.

      “The ICA is actively engaged in a public input process, encouraging Arizonans from every corner of the state to participate, and now the Biden administration is attempting to silence input from citizens and stakeholders alike. We won’t allow it without a fight.

    • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Agency) goes on to inform that a safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume) creates a respiratory risk. OHS in canada or worksafe

      safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume). the problem is when wearing a mask it lowers oxygen level to 17% or less. this is an unsafe working condition, report who is forcing you to do this, if it is an employer report them to OSHA, or OHS canada.

      now there is another problem with these lethal experimental gene therapy injec tions people are getting.
      if you are an uninj//ected employee in a work environment surrounded by inj ected employees and customers, you are exposed to the spike proteins they are sheading, probably infecting you, that is an unsafe work environment,

      contact OSHA, or OHS canada, and complain, or report to worksafe and or start a lawsuit………

      the injected ones, the vac//cin……at…..ed, the jabbed ones are biosecurity ter//ror…..ists
      not the uninjected, non vax//x..ed

      this mrna vac// turns your body into a factory for spike proteins, you then become a super spreader spewing out spike proteins wherever you go, infecting other people.
      no escape the super spreaders will va//x you.
      the unv ax//xed could say they are va x//xed because they picked it up from the va x//xed sheading their spike proteins. they should be given the passport too.

      these people are spreading spike proteins because of their inje ct//ion, infecting other people, they are super spreaders a public danger, they could k//i…ll grandma. they are biosecurity ter//ro…rists, they are a grave danger to the un inje cted.

      zombie breeders

      dr bossche says the m r ..n a va …c ….ne destroys your innate immune system, turns you into su p er spr… ead er. the jabbed = a new zombie

      zombie life expectancy 1 hr. to six months, same as a tick. all in//je….ct,,,,ed will be dead in maximum 2 years.

      Vacc//in..ated individuals are blasting out concentrated viral explosions into their communities and fueling new CO//VI,,,D surges. Vacc//ina..ted healthcare workers are almost certainly infecting their coworkers and patients, causing horrendous collateral damage.

  6. is it ironic that he died in the loving embrace of the god Washington, D.C.? a lifer (60+ years) in the USArmy medical system. It takes such good care of it’s worshippers. Even vac’s them right up until the end, if it doesn’t kill or maim them at a young age in Afghanistan …

  7. Yeah, let’s leave aside how a “Fully Vaccinated” person still gets the “Rona” and DIES from it, which sorta BELIES that the “Jab” is to any avail. Not to be overly insensitive to his widow and family, of course, but there’s nothing unusual about an 84 y.o. negro male with cancer “buying the farm.”

    Of course, that General Powell passed on will be spun as “Whitey be ‘raciss and she-itt”, or, somehow, that it’s the “Fault” of the UN-Jabbed, never mind that the specifics of the late General’s medical condition aren’t really known, and due to this thing called HIPPA, as well as common decency, are really no one else’s Gott-damned business anyway.

    • Oh Goodness Gracious BA!
      I’m not one of those Conspiracy Theorist…
      I’m a Coincident Realist, Thank you!
      The problem is “those other guys “ have to come up with new Conspiracy Theories…because all of the old ones became true!😞

  8. The same news reports state that Powell was “fully vaccinated.”

    Which explains why he had COVID.

    As for the cancer, that probably ran away in terror once COVID set in. Cancer probably trembled in abject terror before fleeing Powell’s body faster than if Jesus Himself had laid hands on him and performed a miracle, cancer being no match for the dreaded coof.

  9. And the hits just keep on coming:

    ‘Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is vaccinated, tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday morning, according to department spokesperson Marsha Espinosa.’ — CNN

    Vaccine efficacy has plunged as the virus achieves immune escape.

    At best, covid so-called vaccines are like the flu shot: you may get partial protection for a few months.

    But flu shots have nothing like the appalling safety profile of mNRA ‘vaccines.’ As states,

    ‘The total number of deaths associated with the COVID-19 vaccines is greater than the number of deaths associated with all other vaccines combined since the year 1990.’

    Seven Nazi doctors were hanged on 2 June 1948 for killing a lot fewer people than this.

    • Seven Nazi doctors were hanged on 2 June 1948 for killing a lot fewer people than this.

      It’s an insult to Nazis to compare them with this current crowd of scumbags. Before this is all over, Fauci, et al, will, mark my word, have a MUCH higher body count.

      • ‘It’s an insult to Nazis to compare them with this current crowd of scumbags.’ — liberranter

        Non-player character ‘Biden’ guts national security … ‘sponsored by Pfizer’:

        ‘A total of 114 workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory — the birthplace of the atomic bomb — are suing over the [vaccine] mandate.

        ‘The plaintiffs include scientists, nuclear engineers, project managers, research technicians and others who have some of the highest security clearances in the nation for the work they do.’

        Clearly, these highly educated people are resisting on principle, the same way lunch-counter sit-ins (now glorified by a national MLK holiday) did.

        Personal health autonomy is THE defining civil rights issue of the 21st century. Naturally, the institutional DOJ Civil Rights Division is totally blind and indifferent, still diligently fighting the last war from half a century ago, under an assistant AG trained by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

        Her people have some of the lowest vaccination rates in the country … but she don’t care. Fire them, scourge them, burn them at the stake. Unclean!

    • Given that the late General and Sec-DHS Mayorkas are/were part of the Washington, DC “elites”, ever consider the possibility that they were simply “Jabbed” with SALINE? The implications are far-reaching.

    • Dr. Bryan Ardis says it is genocide

      what the vaxxed have to look forward to over the next 2-3 years: biggest mistake anybody ever made….

      1) Sometime between October 2021 and April 2022 we will see if ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) strikes you like it did the animals in 2012.
      2) Around 18 months we will see if “mad cow” strikes you like it did to the humanised mice that were injected with the spike proteins.
      3) Around 24 months we will see if Alzheimer’s strikes you like it did the Macaque monkeys that were injected with the spike proteins.
      4) 60% of the injected have detected ‘microclots’ with the d-dimer test in the first week after injection. …..NOTE: in the first two week after injection the liars call these unvaxxed putting out fraud numbers to the lying media.
      Right side heart failure within 3 years is common.
      5) The spike proteins impair your telemerase synthesis which is known to lead to cancer, CVD, diabetes, vascular dementia.

  10. There is this extremely stupid ad (I think it’s for some pharmacuetical crap) which always starts with the same line… “People today. You may spend 50% of your life over age 50”, blah blah blah. Really?? That means 100 years old life span, not very common at all, actually. But the key word is “may”, which also means, “may not, & most likely will not”. But advertising continues to push the illusion of immortality, regardless. Which “may” happen if you follow their advice, or use their snake-oil product. Selling false expectations of a 100 year life span is all part and parcel of keeping people in line by using the fear of death as incentive to “do what the experts say”, or else!
    So we get to hear “He died and was ONLY 84 years old! His life was cut short by the plague!”, meaning by whatever happens to be the current excuse for striking terror in the hearts and minds of the public. “Peak Oil” didn’t do it, neither did “Global Warming”, and, if you lived in the 1970’s, the all-but-forgotten “Coming Ice Age”. Even HIV, a real epidemic, didn’t have much impact. But a mostly non-lethal man-made “super flu” has suceceded in completely derailing society, where the rest failed.

    • HIV/AIDS hypothesis was just another Fauci-run scam. Kari Mullis, the inventor of PCR maintained adamantly that his manufacturing technique (which is what PCR actually is) was abused to support a fallacious and disastrous narrative about same.

      This was done to Fauci’s enrichment and aggrandizement, setting him up in the massively powerful position he is in today. All a trick.

    • “Selling false expectations of a 100 year life span”
      I would far prefer a much shorter and better quality life, after watching my father suffer 20 years of constant pain and suffering until his death at 91. Who needs 30 years of it?

      • Amen, John –

        My mom is still physically alive but she lives the life of a walking corpse. Her mind is gone. She cannot control her bladder. She lives in a prison for the elderly, without any privacy or dignity. It would have been kinder had she been killed in a car wreck six years ago, when she was still in command of herself. I hope to live a long life. But life – for me – ends when I can no longer live it. The thought of being a pain-wracked, enfeebled husk horrifies me. I want no part of that – and will have no truck with measures designed to bleed me dry to keep me alive in that state.

        One last ride on the bike . . .

        • My father was still at least partially coherent when he died, and in fact lived alone. Refusing to go to a care facility, and likewise refusing any at home care which he had purchased insurance to pay for. He likewise refused MY help, and often ran me off if I hung around too long. But every move hurt him. For about a year approaching his death, he moved around his house with a walker.

        • I am of the same mind. My wife’s mother has recently been placed in a care facility for dementia. I helped them move her in. This place, although very pricey, is what nightmares are made of. Horribly depressing, urine smelling prison with animated corpses roaming the halls uttering nonsense 24 hours a day.

          I told my wife that I will jump out of a plane without a parachute before I EVER go to a place like that.

  11. Keep in mind the Covidian religion they have created out of this mass psychosis.

    To them, the poison stabs are literally a baptism ritual, a deeply religious rite.

    The parallels are clear, your ‘filth’ is washed away with each stab. Perhaps confession is a better analogy now that they’ll require 5-6 of these a year.

    So when in an obituary, “Fully Vaccinated” just means the surviving Covidians can rest assured that Colin’s soul is going straight to Hell. errrr .. ummm… maybe that’s not clear yet….

  12. I wonder how many people have to die from the vax , before “they” can’t hide it and some government talking head comes along to tell us , ” it was worth it”.

    • ‘I wonder how many people have to die from the vax, before “they” can’t hide it’ — Ian McKay

      Despite pregnant women having been EXCLUDED from ALL of the initial vaccine trials, the CDC pushers are now urging the jabs on them too:

      ‘COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people 12 years and older, including people [sic] who are pregnant.

      ‘Evidence about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy, although limited, has been growing.

      ‘No safety concerns were found in animal studies.

      ‘No adverse pregnancy-related outcomes occurred in previous clinical trials that used the same vaccine platform as the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine … including in a large-scale Ebola vaccination trial.’

      Run this by me again: the same folks who refuse to accept ivermectin after dozens of successful trials, now push jabs on pregnant women based on ‘animal trials’ and ‘Ebola vax trials.’

      This is malpractice on a grand scale. CDC directer Weeping Walensky should be not merely fired, but stripped of her medical license and publicly flogged.

        • ‘Does that mean “people” get abortions, too?’ — eric

          I shouted out
          Who killed the Kennedys?
          When after all
          It was you and me

          — Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil

          You and me, bro.

          Uncle Joe says we’re blameless for what we done:

        • Eric,
          There’s this pharma commercial on the radio here in the SF bay area that says, “… post menopausal women, and men, should not take…” Ask your doctor.

        • Well, the procedure is touted as the result of a WOMYN’S “right to choose”, even though about HALF of the time it ends the life of a LITTLE ‘womyn’ in utero. Evidently some “womyns” are MORE EQUAL than OTHERS.

      • People have learned that repeating what authority says is ‘smart’. If you don’t repeat authority and obey it, you are dumb. This is why jab good ivermec bad, because authority says so. If you think for yourself and reach a different conclusion than authority you are dumb by default.

        Human society has been set back hundreds if not thousands of years where we now once again have to live by the word of priests who shape a narrative around the ruling class’s desires.

  13. This morning’s NYT:

    Colin Powell’s death highlights the continuing Covid risks to older people with medical conditions

    See what they did there? Now it’s all down to his age and health conditions. No need to mention his fully vaccinated status.

    The Lügenpresse lies effortlessly, reflexively, transparently.

    • Indeed, Jim –

      And also: Powell wasn’t “older.” People in their 40s 50s and 60s are “older.” People in their 80s are elderly. People in their mid-’80s are extremely elderly – having out lived most people by several years. It is uncommon for anyone to get much older than that.

      • Nah…I say, he only got about 84% of the lifespan he SHOULD have had. There’s no reason that, unless one’s time is cut tragically short by an incurable condition, or that “abrupt” meeting with a truck, or a wayward “Knee-Grow”, that a person in the Western world shouldn’t live to at least 100 years of age. Better nutrition (not always realized due to BAD habits more than lack of good food) and medical care make it possible.

        • I whole heartedly disagree Doug. Medical care has ALWAYS been suspect, all the way back to its snake oil origins. Nutrition is a maelstrom of different opinions which I won’t explore here. I will agree that bad habits will shorten life, barring accident or violence. Many, if not all of us are born with defects that come to fruition in the elderly, if not sooner.

    • “Now it’s all down to his age and health conditions. No need to mention his fully vaccinated status.”

      More than that, Jim, the Official Narrative that appears to be coalescing around Colon’s belated demise is that it “underlines the importance of getting Da BOOT-sah” (as MAG so colorfully terms it):

      If only he had gotten Da BOOT-sah…he would be alive today, and probably would have singlehandedly saved Afghanistan from Da Tally-Mahn! Get your third shot today at your local Walgreens!

      • ‘If only he had gotten Da BOOT-sah…’ — F_P

        A couple I know in their early 90s, living in a retirement home, expressed surprise at the rapid fade in vaccine efficacy and the alleged need for boosters. I suggested that they skip the booster.

        They replied that resisting the in-house booster clinic last week would be ‘not worth the effort’ and ‘would get them in trouble’ (including, presumably, the threat of eviction).

        It’s scandalous, bordering on elder abuse, that old folks are being unethically threatened into accepting experimental booster jabs that they are rightly skeptical about. This is NOT informed consent.

        • My own nonagenarian mother took the jab (series of two) last year after saying that she wouldn’t. Her short-term memory is almost gone, so she’s in the early stages of non-Alzheimer’s dementia. She clearly had no idea what she was consenting to when she took the jab at the senior residence where she’s living. I was FURIOUS – not at hear, but at the staff who bamboozled her. Unfortunately, there is no legal action that I can take against them since I’m not her medical power of attorney. I’ve told her NOT to take any boosters if offered. Whether she’ll remember to not do so is another question.

  14. Interesting that his family openly admits his alleged death from convid, while simultaneously virtue signaling his “fully vaccinated” status. It’s almost as if they either don’t realize the irony of their statements, or are intentionally signalling that they do.

    Begging the obvious question: What “worse outcome” was prevented by him being jabbed? Followed by: Did it protect him (clearly not), so why should anyone else be responsible for “protecting him” (or whatever the lie is that is being used to guilt people into this insanity)?

    I refuse to commit suicide.

    • It’s already being blamed on the “UN-Jabbed” in the Lamestream Media. Never mind they have absolutely NO FUCKING IDEA how the late General contracted the virus, or why his doctors could do nothing to save him. Surely (yes, I know, you’re name’s not ‘Shirley’) his widow and the rest of the “fam-damily”, being likely of the same political and social mindset, were ALSO “fully vaccinated”.

      The late General Colin Powell is yet another sad anecdote that the “Jab” is FUCKING USELESS.

  15. An average of 8,000 fresh corpses EVERY SINGLE DAY in just the USA.

    24x7x365 Extra actually during holidays, no weekend reprieves, no exemptions.


  16. Colin Powell, at 84, needed to be vaccinated twice like he needed another hole in his head.

    What good is the vaccine and a booster going to do when you’re in your eighties? At that age, you hope to make it to the next day, regardless of your health.

    Hard to turn back time, may Colin rest, his death comes at a not so peaceful time.

    I did a search for the chemical formula for Ivermectin. C₄₈H₇₂O₁₄ is the formula. Lots of carbon element and hydrogen element with OH bonding to form the complex molecule.

    From the information:

    “While normally used to treat animals, it is also prescribed to humans to treat infections of Strongyloides stercoralis and onchocerciasis (river blindness). Ivermectin is derived from the bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis and kill by interfering with the target animal’s nervous system.”

    So it is more than just horse paste, it is also an effective treatment for humans who become diseased. It is right there in front of you, you can see with your own lying eyes that the gov authorities in charge are lying through their teeth. Creates a credibility gap, can’t believe them. They’re making it all up as they go along. Getting too obvious now.

    There is a warning.

    “Ivermectin inactivates parasitic nematodes, arachnids, and insects. It binds to glutamate gated chloride channels (GABA mediated, present in nerves and muscle cells). This binding promotes increased membrane permeability to chloride ions which cases hyperpolarization of the nerve or muscle cell. This results in neuro-muscular paralysis which may lead to death.”

    • idk – just took a calibrated dose of horse paste when feeling unwell on Sunday night. Had a fever overnight, but by morning it was gone. Not entirely “cured” yet (it is only Tuesday), but feeling much better than I would have expected upon having a fever (which did not return). Taking a 2nd dose today (48 hour interval). Then I will relax and enjoy the benefits of a medicine that has been used billions of times the world over. I am grateful.

    • PS – I learn a lot from reading your posts, so I mean no offense here. But when I clicked on the article you posted, the only cross-reference cited below it was a wikipedia article. That was unexpected, as the web site seemed to be a scientific one at first glance. Of course the wikipedia article cited as the “reference” includes many statements to undermine ivermectin, while admitting its popular use in humans for other ailments (besides convid, of course). Sounds like cognitive dissonance.

      Not trying to tell anyone else what to do medically, just citing my own observations and experiences.

    • I don’t know that “death is never easy”, only the dead know that. It’s for damn sure DYING rarely is. Most of us go out just like we came in, kicking and screaming.

    • Well, he’s commiserating with fellow US Army Generals Washington, Harrsion, Scott, Lee, Sheridan, Grant, Pershing, Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, Clark, Hodges, Walker, Westmoreland, McAuliffe, Taylor, and Schwarzkopf…as to WHERE…SPECULATE.

  17. Personally, I’m amazed that we all live as long as we do, what with the worst health care system in the history of the world. I’m sure if he were in Cuba he’d probably be running a marathon next weekend.

  18. Powell being fully vaxxed, failed to prevent Covid. Period.

    Listen to the PTB. They and their pressitutes are defending fake vaccinations just like they defended non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

  19. They also didn’t mention that the octogenarian had CANCER (multiple myeloma). I’m sure that had nothing to do with his death. It had to have been that pesky virus!

    I hope Mr. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” doesn’t mind the heat too much down there. On the bright side, I guess he’ll get to meet up with all of his warmongering heroes though.

    • Very few with multiple myeloma actually die directly because of that cancer. Most die from some other thing that they got more easily because they had multiple myeloma. Usually, it has to do with either a brain hemorrhage or an infection.

      • Hi Shoal,

        Yup – that and being 84!

        It just halts me that so many people think 84-year-old people are in the prime of life and (apparently) will live forever – or even until the weekend. I am not making light of any 84-year-old’s death. My dad died in his ’80s a few years ago. But I wasn’t shocked by his death – as I would have been say 40 years prior.

        • When my father died late last year at 91, I barely mourned his passing. I had watched his deterioration for several years, both in mental faculty, and health. My father had essentially left us a decade ago, or more. The lack of a heartbeat was almost a relief.

        • My father is 87 and still going “strong” for a man of his years. But I’d be a deluded fool to pretend that physically he’s anything like the man I knew when I was a little boy, or even is as “hale” now as he was some 25 years ago when he was the age I am NOW. Likewise, with the same age spacing with MY #1 son, I’m certainly not in the same condition now as I was at age 37.

          It’s not that we die, or exactly WHEN we die, provided that moment is not the result of wrongdoing or otherwise “before our time”, but how we LIVE.

          • And living in fear is not living at all. Fear death when it’s immanent, not because it may happen one day, because it most definitely will. Fear cuts off the thinking front half of your brain, leaving the reactionary hind brain in charge.

    • It was those “pesky” un-jabbed that “killed” him. At least that’s what the woke morons are braying. How appropriate they belong to the Party that has a JACKASS as its mascot.

  20. I remember I think it was chris rock who once said “if you’re over 80, however you die its natural cause. If you get hit by a bus its still natural cause – because if you were younger you would have gotten out of the way !”

    That said Eric – what are your thoughts on this guy, may I ask ? was he part of the cabal (notice you didnt have your usual politicians obituary for him!)

    • Great stuff, Nasir!

      Rock is a comedic genius. On Powell: His actions in support of the “WMD” narrative are inexcusable and unforgivable. I once thought he was ay worst a typical careerist type of military-political guy. But I believe he was something much worse.

      • Another war monger gone…..can’t wait for Cheney and the Chimp to join him. Not to mention Kissinger, the AntiChrist himself.

        • Amen, Mike –

          Powell was especially aggravating because he was able to convey an image of quiet respectability; he was articulate and came across as “decent” – as opposed to the physically cretinous Chimp he pimped for and the obviously psychotic Cheney.

          Power does more than corrupt. In a way, David Icke is on to something with his shape-shifting reptiles spiel. People like Powell transform into something no longer quite human, even if they don’t actually have scales.

          • Eric – thats so true. Im seeing this as I see some friends go up the greasy pole in Pakistan. Good people, one who I know since childhood from a very well connected feudal family. Initially he was like us, went to a good college and well got a job to pay bills and earn a living. But I think hes caught on and now getting more and more political gigs… Had a chat with him over the jab recently, and for the first time I found myself on the other side of him in a debate…. he was respectful and open and understood and agreed with my concerns, but im worried he is going over to the dark side…. I think its just what happens when you move in those circles and see your success as tied to that system…

            • Morning, Nasir!

              Yup. The temptation is real- and those who succumb often get owned. I was offered the opportunity to become an editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal, back in the ’90s. It would have given me a shot at big-time book deals, fame – all of that. But I would have been owned by them. I would have had to live in New York, for one thing. Which would have meant the expenses that come with that. And thus, becoming beholden to the money earned to pay for it all. A synergistic feedback loop is triggered. Before you realize it, you are trapped – though many do not see it that way. Sanjay Gupta, for example, probably enjoys the fame and wealth that he receives in return for his soul.

              I am glad I was smart enough – or cagey enough, at least – to resist the temptation. Not being owned is worth more than anything I can think of, even one’s health.

          • It was also grating that so many Dummycrats and Republicunts absolutely fawned over the General b/c he was a “KNEE-GROW”…never mind that apparently he didn’t make an issue of race himself. Somehow that seemed to legitimize what he did as part of the military establishment. Which I don’t necessarily blame him for, you get it drilled into your head from the moment you’re some impressionable kid fresh out of college about “honor”, following orders, the chain of command, and so on. Works as long as the purpose of the military actions one’s involved in are actually “honorable”, which even an uber-ranking officer such as he was really has no say in, save to carry out. Unlike any other job, you can’t necessarily just “quit”, you “quit” when “they” SAY you can…but then again, even the lowest seaman, puddle pirate, private, or airman learns quickly, “You EAT…when we SAY you eat…you SHIT…when we SAY you shit…”

  21. So the vax thing works or not? Asking for a friend!
    Let’s see how MSM spins this one. Wouldn’t be a surprise if they start attributing age as a factor…which would lead back to what Eric (and a plethora of people) has (have) stated: elder people tend to be more susceptible to diseases.

    • No doubt he caught it from an “unvaxxed”. I don’t think elder people are particularly more susceptible to disease, they are more susceptible to DYING from them. I suspect many who have endeavored to do so, have a better immune system than many younger who do not so endeavor. It’s just that their parts are close to failure to begin with.

      • I think that’s just it, John –

        Regarding: “I don’t think elder people are particularly more susceptible to disease, they are more susceptible to DYING from them.”

        In the fall of 2019 – the last time I caught a cold – I did what I usually do to get rid of it. I went for a five mile run. This I could do because I’m not 84 years old. And because I do it regularly – whether sick or not – my lungs are likely much more able to literally cough up whatever is congealing in them before it congeals beyond the point of no return (or the point of pneumonia).

        I am not saying I’m superman. Just that I am not 84 – and so not “vulnerable” the way an 84-year-old is.

        That’s what’s missing from this insane Clown Show: Nuance – based on our individual risk profiles. It is insane – it is evil – to pretend that everyone is equally “at risk” and to impose risks on people who are at little to no risk for the sake of “protecting” people who ought to accept that their risk profile isn’t the same as other people’s and that they have no right to demand that everyone else assume risks (and accept restrictions) for their sake.

        I can’t ride the ponies at the county fair anymore because I’m not 10 years old anymore. What kind of dick would I be if I were to insist that pony rides for 10 year olds be banned because I can’t ride the ponies anymore?

        • “What kind of dick would I be if I were to insist that pony rides for 10 year olds be banned because I can’t ride the ponies anymore?”

          Well, the ponies might think you a hero!

        • At age 62, I might go for a WALK instead of a “run” (my hips get sore quickly if I run rather than my getting ‘winded’) if I feel “out of sorts”, which more often is DIGESTIVE troubles. Nothing like a walk to get the innards running in good order once again. There’s ANOTHER “activity” which tends to “right the ship”, but that has its OWN “complications”…my shoes don’t gripe that “we never talk anymore” or “go out to eat so often”.

          • “Digestive troubles” might be alleviated by a couple of things. As we get older, we often don’t produce enough acid to digest our food, which leaves it to ferment, causing “heartburn”, what many believe to be excess acid when it’s exactly the opposite. Try a shot of cider vinegar quickly chased by 2 shots of water once a day. Number two, keep your gut biome in good shape with oral probiotics, or fermented vegetables, never cooked. They’re easy to make, and instructions abound on the web.

            • good info, John. Braggs apple cider vinegar is highly rated. They also have good info on their site. I use a straw, so as not to damage the tooth enamel.

    • M,
      I heard about a double vaxed 73 yr old porker with several co morbidities who died and the doctor told his kin “It could have been worse if he hadn’t been vaccinated “!!

      Yes folks if unvaccinated and you die…
      You could end up becoming “double dead”!! Or perhaps even worse “Super dead “!!

      • ps
        Just scored a supply of 6mg Ivermectin tablets at a Dominican Republic farmacia at 45 pesos apiece (about 80 cents US) as an over the counter purchase
        F Walgreens 😎

      • Hi Lick,

        It’s literally crazy, isn’t it? W are urged to get Jabbed for the sake of people who have been Jabbed with the same thing that doesn’t protect the Jabbed from the thing the Unjabbed are supposedly spreading.

        Sometimes, my teeth ache and I just want to go back to bed.

        • Hi Eric,

          Now the push is to authorize the jab for children between 5-11 years.

          On TV, one of our local Faucis basically said that since there are some adults refusing the jab, they’ll have to go after the children to fulfill their “quota”. That’s worse than craziness; pure evil if you ask me!

          • There is in fact an ancient Norse proverb, “it is good to be wise, but not overly so, for a wise man’s heart is seldom glad”.

      • Hi Lick,

        Yeah, I remember reading that gem! Had to re-read it a few times because I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.
        You know, sometimes I think I somehow warped to a parallel world without realizing it as things have gone really crazy.

        P.S. How are things going in The Dominican Republic? Last thing I heard is that tourism is booming over there. Any word about jab pass thing?

  22. One has to wonder WHEN he was injected with this killer concoction. So far 16,310 are known killed [VAERS] 780,000 adverse events from the safe and effective vaccine.
    If they put him on remdesivir – the standard treatment regime- which destroys the kidneys, the lungs fill up and you drown or if on a ventilator it blows out your lungs,,, their favorite method here in the states.
    Warning: Be careful taking the flu vaccine. They are ‘accidentally’ slipping you the clotshot. Walgreens seems to be the biggest culprit.

    • I’ve already acquired the “shite” that I’ll take for myself if I test positive for the “Rona”…haven’t thus far. For all I know, I did get it many months ago, and the time to detect same via the “brain tickle”, which I’ve had done at Kaiser, has passed. Or I could simply have been remarkably LUCKY…or maybe, RESISTANT? There’s really no way to know.

      What’s also unknown is just what the fuck is IN that “Jab”, or if it’s the SAME thing, and I’m not talking about the different potions that Pzifer, Moderna, J&J, or any of “Big Pharma” is hawking. I’ve wondered if many of the “elites”, like the late General, were simply injected with SALINE, so THEY wouldn’t be poisoned, if indeed the intent is nefarious after all. A few years ago, I’d have said to even speculate as such was “tinfoil hat” shit, but with all that I’ve seen for about the past five or so years, NOTHING would surprise me anymore.

      • I agree that there is a certain “level” of individual who is likely getting only saline. Remember, too, the famous pic of Kate Windsor with the cap on the syringe that is allegedly being put into her arm?

        Having said that, it is interesting to me here in the land of real people, that I know of now 7 people who have died within weeks or a few months of getting the “vex”. One of which was actually “diagnosed” with convid (whatever that means). They even tortured her with a ventilator. She had had both con-jabs.

  23. RE: “metastasis of brain rot afflicting millions [and] programmed the eyes-glazed-over”

    These were some relevant & I thought hugely interesting bits to consider browsing through:

    ‘The ‘Plandemic’ and the Great Awakening’

    “…it leaves us very hopeful about what’s happening, and points towards some pathways of how we can get out of this mess” …

    And this was a good follow-up to Bionic Mosquito’s recent insightful-a-plenty article, ‘Why Smart People Are Stupid’:

    ‘The Banners of the King of Hell Advance’

    “… This is a fundamental reason why the ruling elites, under the cover of Covid-19, have been pushing for an online digitized world through which they can amass even greater control over people’s sense of reality. Are we watching a video of the real world or a video of a model of the real world? How to tell the difference?” …

    • “Are we watching a video of the real world or a video of a model of the real world?” Simple, don’t watch videos, at least news and commentary videos. I do occasionally watch movies (older ones), and commentary from a very few selected sources, Eric being one of them. Which is why I have no use whatsoever for any “anti social media”.

      • It was more than just about the TeeVee & anti-social media. The bamboozle being played upon the people of the world is a long time in coming.

        A long con.

  24. What a conundrum for CNN! How to worship one of their patron saints, while pretending the vaccine works. They were forced to punt. The punt was blocked, and it looks like it might be run back for a touchdown.

    • JK,
      One can only hope. I had to shell out 65 bucks for 2 bogus PCR tests for me and my squeeze to fly back to Stupidlandia…,oops the USA. You are “mandated” to take the test 72 hours before departure.
      I will “barely” tolerate the Maskholes at the airport with a copious supply of Macorix rum siphoned into 100ml bottles.
      Will be applying for a Dominican Republic retiree visa postehaste!
      FYI if you speak Spanish..this place rocks!
      Just signed a POS (actual real estate term..not the slang derogatory🙀)
      For a 2/3 acre hillside location overlooking the Atlantic nearby the town of Cabrera on the north east coast. My neighbors munch lots of grass, often block the winding road up and there’s a lot of “cock a doodle do “ noise early morning.
      But hey it beats the hell out of putting up with woke Scamdemic BS!

  25. I’m not a religious person, though I do believe there is a divine presence. That being said, after watching the last 20 years of my late father’s life, who died at the age of 91, I’m fairly convinced that the biblical three score and ten is usually the appropriate time of death. Some will exceed that without difficulty, most will exceed it with constant pain and mental decline. As my late great uncle once said, at the age of 75, “if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work”. We all fear death, it’s in our genes. Let us delay that fear until death approaches. Not let it consume us long before the fact. Living in fear is not life.

  26. During my time in the Army as a young infantryman Powell was well regarded as a leader by black and white troops. That he rose from the ranks as a 2nd Lt infantry platoon leader held him in high regard. At a time when the Army was still recovering from the self inflicted wound of Vietnam, he seemed to care about those under his command, something not very common in the officer corp at that time.

    It didn’t begin to become apparent what a political hack he was until the first gulf war. ‘Just following orders’ he cemented the never ending ME/NA war narrative by not allowing Gen Stormin Norman to finish the job. He then went on to destroy any remaining currency he had by fronting the whole ‘WMD’ lie for baby bush.

    The fact that he made it to 84 years old just reinforces the narrative that we have reached peak civilization. When I was a child, most men of average health were lucky to live into their late 60s- early 70s. Now most 65-85 year olds, expect to live forever. The boomer generation was extremely lucky. The forces of nature that conspired to create that womb goof of demographic destiny probably won’t appear again for hundred of years, if ever.

    It warms the cockles of my cold dark heart to see the FLU narrative falling away like the sands of an hourglass. May we never forget those responsible from Herr Doctor, down to the lowest bottom feeding local .Gov officials, and media mouths. May they be dragged from their homes and held to account for the death and destruction they have wrought.

    • Powell made his bones covering up the My Lai massacre in the Nam. That his death would be used so ridiculously in promoting and covering up for the current evil narrative is a fitting tribute. The very essence of a good soldier.

  27. Too bad…that the war-mongering prick who was complicit in the deaths of tens of thousands of people for no legitimate reason, managed to live to the ripe old age of 84. He loved warmongering so much that he donated the maximum allowable amount to John McCains presidential campaign….. He got off too easy; I had always hoped that this colon would go ‘pow!’.

  28. I don’t wish ill will on any person that has passed and the grief that one’s family must endure, but I can’t help to see the irony that the man that promoted false WMDs actually died from the true WMD.

    • The person that passed is immune to ill will, at least from mortal sources. His family will get condolences from those they know. They don’t need mine, nor will they get them.

  29. In a way, this is GREAT NEWS! Not only did we have a high profile person die; not only did he die of the ‘rona; not only was this reported; it was reported that he was “FULLY VACCINATED”! If a few more high profile people like this die, it’ll undermine the narrative that they’re safe and that we need to get one.

    • Hi MarkyMark,

      “it’ll undermine the narrative that they’re safe AND effective, and that we need to get one.”

      There, fixed it for you. That’s the gospel these days. I’m already sick of seeing that phrase on the streets

      • Yeah? How ’bout the one about “We still think the benefits outweigh the risks”?!

        You know, Pharma connected executives getting rich is clearly the benefit that outweighs little people dying of something insignificant like a poisonous “cure” for something they don’t need or want.

        • Imagine sentencing Big Pharma execs to death for their crimes against humanity and offering them a choice of execution: the gas chamber, the electric chair, or injections of their own Coof vaccines.


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