Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 19/26/21

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Here’s the audio of this week’s gabble with fellow Wrongthinker Bryan Hyde, who hosts the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the massive anti-Jab protest in NY as well as other things pertaining to the pathologies of the moment!


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  1. Larry David looks like you ran out of your medication. I guess you have nothing better to do than spew your conspiracy theories. Me, I don’t have anything better to do than to call out bullshit when I step in it.

    • Conspiracy theory vs. Conspiracy: the notion of a conspiracy theory was invented by the CIA after the assassination of JFK and given to the media. It’s a propaganda tool by which these people dismiss and hide the truth.

      A conspiracy has 2 dimensions: a) an agreement between 2 people to achieve a certain end. If the end is criminal, it’s a criminal offence. b) If the agreement is for a legal end but does damage to someone, you can sue for that. It’s tort law. So yes, we are alleging actual conspiracy. Of course the elites sit down and plan. This doesn’t happen by pure coincidence.

      conspiracy theory…..“Conspirators are the opposite camp, hiding the truth,”

      Amazing those who chant “conspiracy theorist (complotiste)”, seem to think that the word starts, constitutes, and ends the discussion on the substance of what the person is saying, including the evidence. Like me saying to you, anytime you speak : “shit-head”. End of story.,

      Alleging that it is a conspiracy theory IS the conspiracy theory…

      coincidence theorists are way more insane.

      anyone you hear using the term “conspiracy theory” you can assume is a fascist, 4th Reich collaborator with co//vi…d religion: an occult satanic religious death cult

    • a satanic witch from the covid death cult jumps out and reveals themselves = FoolAndMoney404….i stirred up the witches…….. another leftist communist helping the communist takeover, should probably get their job back at fakebook as a fact checker… i only follow real doctors and scientists, real science, you leftists spew lies 24/7 and believe in fake science….

      useless idiot leftists helping the communists are in danger…….

      leftists they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      written by Brandon Smith:
      if you are a leftist and don’t like what he says go argue with him

      They are the ONLY group of people that has consistently supported mass surveillance, mass censorship and deplatforming, mass violence, property destruction and looting as well as violations of individual rights through medical mandates and lockdowns.

      Leftists are afraid to question anything within their own circles. To dissent on the smallest detail is to be a heretic, a traitor to the cause. They use the word “diversity” all the time, like a battle cry, but when confronted with true diversity (diversity of thought), they panic and react violently.

      Leftists don’t actually care about diversity; they only care that you have blind allegiance to the collective. Stray but a little, and the mob will come for your head. They LOVE plantations, they love slavery; as long as they own the plantations and they control the slaves.

      A natural consequence of this Animal Farm mentality is that irony and hypocrisy is lost on the followers of such movements. They project all their shortcomings and crimes on others. The devils they see in conservatives are actually the devils they see in the mirror everyday. That said, the higher up you get in the leftist pyramid, the less it becomes hypocritical and the more it becomes malicious and deliberate.

      The gaslighting, the word association propaganda, the selective memory hole they use to erase historical facts that contradict their ideology, the people at the top and their lackeys KNOW exactly what they are doing. They don’t care that their claims are hypocritical or outright fraudulent. They know they are lying, they know they are gaslighting. They’re not interested in being right, they are only interested in WINNING.

      There is much more going on here than meets the eye. There is a great deal of power and money behind the rise of the hard left ideology and there are certain people that benefit from it’s expansion.

      Leftists like to view themselves as the “underdogs” or revolutionaries fighting against “the man”. However, every resource of global power brokers has been offered in support of the political left. The “Man” is the ally of the leftists; in some ways he is even the creator of the leftist movement.

      They aren’t revolutionaries at all; they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      It was globalist institutions like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation that funded different elements of the feminist movement and “gender studies” movements from the late 1960’s onward. This included the Rockefeller Foundation’s large donations to ‘The Feminist Press’ and the Ford Foundation’s programs to indoctrinate university professors into injecting social justice talking points into their curriculum.

      That’s right folks, social justice activism was paid for and encouraged by the so-called “patriarchy”. This is reality, and it never stopped.

      Even today SJW groups are funded by globalists. For example, as the mainstream media often tries to dismiss or ignore,

      Black Lives Matter was initially funded by the Ford Foundation and George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. BLM coffers were flooded with over $100 million from uber rich white elites.

      Again, this is a FACT that even the dishonest spin doctors at Snopes are not able to deny. Instead, they attempt to use strawman arguments and sophistry to distract from the implication of extreme-left mobs receiving seed money from elitist billionaires.

      But let’s follow this path even further: Who gets the support of the mainstream media behemoths? Conservatives or leftists? The answer is obvious.

      What about Big Tech platforms? Do they enforce leftist ideological standards? Do they censor conservative viewpoints predominantly or leftist viewpoints predominantly? The reality is that conservatives are deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook far more than leftists, this is verifiable fact.

      When alternative platforms like Parler are built, are they allowed to simply exist? Of course not! The leftists rampage in an effort to destroy them, but the leftists would have no power without the backing of corporate monopolies like Apple, Google and Amazon. Not only does Big Tech aid the leftists in their Jihad against conservatives, but the government does as well.

      They don’t just go after alternative platforms, they try to go after web service providers. And when alternative platforms move to more freedom oriented service providers like Epik, the leftists get government support in order to intimidate them also.

      Leftists revel in the argument that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences”; they seem to think it is rather clever. I would say, actually, yes, that’s EXACTLY what freedom of speech means. Freedom of speech means that no single group of people is allowed to use fear, intimidation and punishment to compel silence in other groups or individuals that disagree with them. With corporate monopoly and government on their side, it is clear that leftists have appointed themselves the sole arbiters of “consequence”, and this violates the constitution in every conceivable way.

      The collusion between government, corporations and extremist ideological movements is the classical definition of fascism.

      And, just as the Third Reich enjoyed immense funding, investment and industrial support from globalists and corporations in the decade leading up to WWII,

      the political left is enjoying immense support from the global corporate oligarchy today. You cannot be “anti-fascist” while you are colluding with fascists.

      quote from byrne……….(when you get your new nwo/ccp/un/.0001% government) “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,”

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.
      the track record of communist governments is a horror story:

      They have littered the 20th century with 160 million corpses, not foreign people killed in a time of war, but their own people, killed by their own governments in times of peace.
      Over 66 million slaughtered under communism in the Soviet Union,
      over 69 million murdered in Red China.
      Over two Million killed under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

      The millions more killed under Mengistu in Ethiopia, under Samora Machel in Mozambique, and Agestino Neto in Angola and under Fidel Castro in Cuba.”

      when communists take over: The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.

      This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned. note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

    • Hi Fool,

      You’ve accused Larry of “having nothing better to do than spew your conspiracy theories. Me, I don’t have anything better to do than to call out bullshit when I step in it.”

      What “conspiracy theories,” exactly? And – please – elaborate regarding the “bullshit.”

      I maintain this site to facilitate intelligent debate. I hope you’ll add to rather than detract from it.

      • Hi Eric,

        In defense of Fool I don’t think Larry wants to debate, but is using your site as a “post and paste.” I think many on here have done a great job of adding in articles, arguments, and discussions to COVID (Jim H, helot, and Hatt being a few of the best), but their articles and points tend to bring upon a rise in ideas from others contributing to the thread. I have no clue where Larry is retrieving his data points and although I don’t dispute a lot of what he is saying it is being posted and posted that actual discussion from other threads are being lost in translation.

        Just volunteering my $.02.

  2. the weapon of mass destruction is an invisible and never has been isolated v irus
    as soon as you are injected you are doomed, you either die or you become transhuman
    hoodwinked….how stu pid are you?

    the v. passport is very important….the v. passport separates the good v ax//xed from the bad unv ax//xed. divide and conquer, so people fight each other, then people don’t join together to fight the satanists behind the great reset the elite cabal at the top.

    the v. passport is directly financed by gates and rockefeller, they gave your government a lot of money to put it in place.

    graphene is the secret ingredient in the shot
    graphene is in the mrna vaccine, the vaccine has the patent number 666, ……666 is also the chemical name of graphene, ,

    the graphene forms a neural net in the brain, this net can connect you to a 5g network, you then are transhuman, this explains the huge rush to inject everybody,

    ATTENTION: as soon as you are injected you are doomed,
    you either die or you become transhuman, you then can be manipulated and controlled by robots or AI artificial intelligence, you become a slave, no free will…… this is agenda ID2020.

    these super rich elitists at the top have figured out how to get unpaid labour, the transhumans will be unpaid sterile slaves.

    turning people into appliances plugged in through 5g to the internet, transhuman robots , dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what they are told to do by robots or AI,

    the satanist elite nobility with the billionaires at the top are behind it. they are also transferring ownership of all assets and wealth to themselves.

    The .0001% elite/nobility satanists want the planet as a pristine playground just for them to enjoy,

    the exempt:

    ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

    1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson 8. U.S. postal service

    ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection. i would bet the doctors in other countries are exempt too

    a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….. the scientists are exempt…
    NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

    the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed, same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order.

    The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab
    attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES,

    NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt

    exempt group: U.S. postal service

    NBA players are exempt

    NYPD exempt

    NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get.

    NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite:

    gates, his wife and their children. gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

    elon musk and his family

    rockefeller he uses homeopathic medicine.


    Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry

    the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
    one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

    put in said he will not mandate injection of their military,

    (xiden and blackface are owned by china)……..canada and the US will mandate injection of their military, (helping china’s agenda) that will cause them to lose the next war

    put in also says people should make their own choice for injection

    china only has about 3% of their population injected and they do not use the mrna injection and they do not inject their military…..then they are healthy for the next war.

    whole parts of the globe are no longer complying: China, India, Russia, most of Africa, Japan, Indonesia, US Red states, Denmark, Sweden, Norway….

    North Korea never did and has zero cases and no injections…the people there say they are glad they are not in canada

    japan it is hard to exter/ minate the japanese with the experimental gene therapy exter/ mination injection, they are too high IQ. japan will survive, the whites won’t.

    at the top the controllers:
    the 17 elite nobility families, in the background, always hiding, nobody talks about them, the control group.

    one elite nobility family example……..Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

    2nd level the banksters provide financing for the elite nobility
    3rd level more banksters

    4th level down the administrators, gates, schwab, etc..

    5th level the political prostitutes in the foreground, corrupt , bribed, owned by the elite

    6th level the enforcers

    7th level at the very bottom the little people, the poor, the common people

  3. Take down the globalist owned main stream media. You take down the whole rotten ****show.

    All Commonwealth citizens pay attention Nigeria will soon be locking the un..vac//ci..nated out of their bank accounts other nations under Queen Lizardbeth will probably follow. canada watch out….

    only about 1/2 of the NYC police are vac//cin..ated. They will not take it.

    When they finally admit the vac//ci…nated have compromised immune systems, they’ll be the ones who have to isolate and only the un..vax//xed will be able to interact

    whole parts of the globe are no longer complying: China, India, Russia, most of Africa, Japan, Indonesia, US Red states, Denmark, Sweden….

    thoroughly amusing that Sweden, which has mandated neither masks nor vac//cines, and has kept its schools open since the beginning of the covid hysteria, now finds it necessary to ban entrants from regions like Israel which have instituted various mandates, or, like the U.S. and U.K., have virtually abolished live schooling for over a year — because our case numbers are rocketing, while theirs are not.

    Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel, One Of The Most Vac//cinated Countries In The World

    Turns out vac//cine mandates barring the unvac//ci..nated are all bullsit. Looks like the vac//ci..nated will be hotspots where mutations will gestate, sort of like the movie, Alien.

    Anyone who has taken one of these jabs is a DANGER TO SOCIETY. Someone that has taken two jabs is an even GREATER MENACE. The genetically modified creatures that have taken three are EVEN MORE DANGEROUS.

    Denmark Abolishes Corona Measures From 1st October: “Stating That All Further Measures Are Useless” scared of 1000’s of lawsuits coming.

    government warns employers against injection mandates because of huge legal liability, 1000’s of lawsuits coming at them.
    government says injections don’t work and are not backed up by science so there is huge liability with mandate lawsuits.

    texas bans mandates

    None of the vac//cines stop infection
    None of the vac//cines stop transmission

    The vac//cines were only effective at reducing the symptoms (they say 95% effective but in practice even this is proving false), of the “A” variant for which they were designed.
    attention very important: this A variant is gone now so the injection is useless now,

    the predominant variant now is the delta variant, it is very weak, mild, benign like a light cold all these vacc//ines are lethal when used on variant delta, they were designed for variant A, if used for delta, you get very sick, die.

    If you took the experimental gene modification injections here is what you have to look forward to over the next 2-3 years:

    1) Sometime between October 2021 and April 2022 we will see if ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) strikes you like it did the animals in 2012.
    2) Around 18 months we will see if “mad cow” strikes you like it did to the humanised mice that were injected with the spike proteins.
    3) Around 24 months we will see if Alzheimer’s strikes you like it did the Macaque monkeys that were injected with the spike proteins.
    4) 60% of the injected have detected ‘microclots’ with the d-dimer test in the first week after injection. Right side heart failure within 3 years is common.
    5) The spike proteins impair your telemerase synthesis which is known to lead to cancer, CVD, diabetes, vascular dementia.

    The old useless A variant vac//cines are now assisting those who were vacc//inated at developing more severe symptoms and developing higher viral loads for the variants, because of this useless vac//cine they become variant factories, super spreaders, the new zombies……

    these vac//cines were NOT designed for the Delta variant, so they become a virus helper. you are worse off getting more sick, and spreading to the un injected.

    in north korea they say they have zero, zilch, no covid cases, infections… no masks, no injections, no gen//oc..ide, no nwo/wef/who bs ho//ax.
    meanwhile their enemies U.S., canada and the west are exterminating themselves and north korea is laughing….didn’t have to send icbm

    meanwhile in canada blackface is chasing everyone with his nazi needle, country has gone full nazi genocide before the new UN run wef/nwo government takes over. election for what?? the end.


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