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The site has been spam-bombed by something styled Lakeland Pressure Wash. Greasy bastards. I thought I’d post a screenshot. If  you have time, maybe send them some spam in return!

Meanwhile, please bear with as I serially expurgate this crap:

pressure washing lakeland 


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  1. Hey Eric – They may not be “fully” to blame. They might have hired an “SEO” company that did them wrong. Try to call them before you attack, maybe? Perhaps they ordered it from “eBay” or other weird sources that are simply connected to India or China. I highly doubt a “pressure-washing” company (which is usually one or two deadbeats) would have the wherewithal to spam your site.

    • Sound advice, NJ –

      It was very aggravating yesterday; that one spammer dumped probably 100-120 “how to clean a rug” spam bombs over the course of five hours. We turned on a new filter that seems to be working!


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