Obama’s Gas

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Barack Obama is so “concerned” about “climate change” he just recently had three storage tanks capable of holding 2,500 gallons of propane installed at his sprawling Martha’s Vinyeyard property, which sits very close to (and not far above the level of) the ocean he says will shortly inundate us, if we don’t drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels. 

Like propane. 

An ocean of it, in this case. So that the Obamas have plenty of fuel – as opposed to solar – to assure the power never goes off at their place. Which is actually a $12 million-dollar, 6,892 square foot mansion more than twice the size of the average American single family home – with more than twice the “carbon footprint,” too.

It is the real-estate equivalent of the gas-hoggiest non-electric car you could possibly buy – but which we increasingly cannot afford to drive, courtesy of the artificially induced energy austerity imposed on us by things such as Obama and his anointed successor, the Biden Thing.

These things live the life, at our expense – because we’re forced to pay for it. An ex-president draws a handsome stipend of nearly a quarter-million dollars annually. And that’s just a slice of the pie we pay for but don’t get to eat. The National Taxpayers Union breaks it down further:

$221,400 annually – forever – in the form of a “retired president’s pension.”

$1,000,000 annually to cover “travel expenses” for the ex and two staff, plus security. Plus another $500,000 to reimburse the travel expenses incurred by the ex-president’s spouse. 

Free (and top-of-the-line) health care for at least five years after leaving office.

The NTU says the total comes to some $4 million annually, right out of our pockets. It is a sum amply sufficient to assure that things like Obama – and the other thing, in his turn – will always have plenty of money to buy plenty of fuel to keep their mansions lit and warm, their sub-zero ‘fridges humming and their private jets flying.

All the while, we are told to drive electric cars most of us can’t afford in order to “save” on gas we increasingly can’t afford to buy, precisely because of the deliberate actions of these things – who don’t have to worry about the cost of anything, since they have plenty of our money available to pay for it.

This probably explains the insolence of it, at least in part.

Once upon a time, one of the Bush things was asked whether it knew what the current price of a gallon of milk was. Of course it had no idea. Why should it? People for whom cost is no object do not occupy their minds with such petty details.

It was a revelatory moment. As is this one. For those who have eyes not closed to seeing it.

Because of the other part. Which is not about the rich being unworried about the cost of things. That is a perk of being rich and there is no sin there, if you’re rich because you’ve earned it – and you’re not making others poor. But these things are “rich” in the way a tick gets fat. Worse than that, because even a tick doesn’t intend to hurt the host it draws blood from. It is, after all, just a tick.

But these things?

They are something much worse.

It is not enough that they are rich – and haven’t earned it. Anyone who lives off of money others were forced to hand over has “earned” not a single cent of it. They are parasites. Thieves.

And they work to assure everyone else is poor. By convincing them that their privation and suffering are necessary – because of a “crisis.”

Such as the “climate crisis” being used to gaslight us out of gas-powered things that make life easier and more comfortable. Like gas-burning cars. And propane gas-burning appliances. 

If, in fact, the “climate” is in “crisis” – as these things endlessly insist it is – then how dare they “contribute” to it so egregiously? The answer, of course, is that they know perfectly well there is no “crisis.” They are not imbeciles.

But they are something else.

They are callous things, who manufacture fear, in order to create a “crisis” their victims believe to be real and which is used to manipulate their victims into supporting “action” that will impoverish them while also turning them into a misguided army of hystericized fanatics who will seek the blood of any of us who dare to question any of it.

As in, how dare you! The crazy-eyes teen who believes as ardently in the “climate crisis” as the millions who believe in the “crisis” presented by the “virus.”

None of the ones who create these “crisis” believe in any of them, of course. If that were not so they would not be buying 6,892 square-foot mansions at near sea level, with the sea just beyond the front yard. Nor 2,500 gallons of fossil fuels that convert into “carbon emissions” when burned to profligately power a mansion with twice-plus the “carbon footprint” of the average single family home.

The insufferability of these things is almost beyond articulation, although Orwell portrayed them with great insight in Animal Farm, the lesser-read of his two most famous works. In it, he described a revolt of the animals against the farmer, led by the pigs – who succeeded in convincing the chickens, ducks, horses and others that “all animals are equal,” excepting, of course, the pigs themselves. The work was directed at the “pigs” of Soviet communism, who made themselves much more “equal” than the proletariat.

Our “pigs” are things – a distinction necessary to avoid the unjustified abuse of swine, who are useful animals undeserving of the slander. No actual pig ever impoverished anyone – while kicking its trotters up on the desk it sat behind, lighting a cigar and enjoying all the warmth and comforts of home.

. . .

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  1. Several possibilities in play here, none are above the board. 1. Global Warming & it’s impending doom is political bullshit intended to further a number of other politically motivated agendas, 2. Natural fuel resources are not anywhere near scarce, except when made so by political means for their own purposes, 3. They wish to limit our consumption in order to increase their own reserve supply, 4. They just don’t give a shit what we see them do regardless of what they preach that WE do without, 5. All of the above. I am inclined to favor #5 as illustrated by their ongoing hypocritical behavior.

  2. ‘They are callous things, who manufacture fear, in order to create a “crisis.”’ — eric

    Remember the Berlin wall, erected by the Soviets in 1961? It forced the Allies to mount an airlift to Berlin, a western-occupied outpost encircled by communist East Germany.

    Now it’s deja vu all over again, but in reverse: NATO member Lithuania has stopped rail shipments from Russia to Russia’s exclave of Kaliningrad, surrounded by Lithuania and Poland.

    No Kaliningrad airlift will be needed, as ferries (for now) can ply the route from St Petersburg to Kaliningrad via the Baltic Sea, evading Lithuania’s explicitly illegal (by long-standing treaty) blockade and siege.

    We’re the Soviets now, comrades: belligerent and non-agreement capable.

    Lithuania’s outrageous provocation is, of course, fallout from the Ukrainian war.

    As Andrew Anglin proclaimed last week, “NATO lost. Russia won. Jesus won.” 🙂

  3. Hypocrisy of politicians aside – as this fucker doesnt care what propane costs, I suspect he is planning for shortages (which im sure his cronies are in the process of engineering as we speak). Which makes me wonder – what should WE all be doing…. the ultimate hypocrisy (at least in the UK), most new houses are made WITHOUT gas or propane. AND there is a limit on how much propane or petrol can be stored by a pleb at his house – ofcourse for our own safety, nothing else….

    • “… I suspect he is planning for shortages (which im sure his cronies are in the process of engineering as we speak)”

      Oh they are engineering it, absolutely! Here in WA they have been harping on removing our Snake River dams for years. Now our gov. Dimslee and senator Patty Moron caught the ear of the Biden cabal. All about saving the Orcas, seems the south Puget Sound pod only eat Chinook salmon. How these Columbia and Snake River salmon help Puget Sound Orcas is unknown to me, teleport? So I sure it won’t be long before the Army Corp of Engineers takes them out (they control them now).

      These dams provide hydro electric power, and ensure barge traffic makes it from the inland Palouse wheat growing areas out to the transfer hubs for wheat export. Barge is cheap, replacing with trucks expensive.

      So, remove electric generation while our state is mandated zero emissions housing, meaning no fossil fuel for cooking and heating in new construction. You couldn’t dream up such a nightmare that this state is becoming.

  4. And they will continue their ways until the proles tell the to stop in a not so nicely way which doesn’t look like it will be happening anytime soon.
    As for the $5 per gallon gas that’s making everyone so miserable… Never in my 30 years in Pensacola Fl did I see so much traffic. Freeway speed down to 35mph along with actual stopping. Restaurants packed with 20+ people waiting. Mall had no parking spaces. Gas stations mostly full. Yep,,, really suffering….

    • Hi Ken,

      I see the same in my area – no apparent effect of $5 gas. Yet, I suspected there is an effect – because there has to be. The “prosperity” one sees is probably illusory because financed. How many people are leveraged to the hilt? How many could not produce $1,000 in cash without taking out a loan or selling something? How about $5,000?

      How long will this go on? As long as they are able to live on credit – and the creditors don’t call in their loans.

      • ‘The Great Crash of 2022’

        “… businesses can’t expect future revenues that will cover their elevated costs. […]

        Eventually, interest rates will be bid too high, and businessmen will have to abandon their investments. Many will throw inventories on the market at almost any price to fund their liabilities, cut back their workforces, and likely go bankrupt. This appears to be happening already, […]

        The longer a new round of inflation is delayed, the more radical will the purge of malinvestment and clown-world finance be. High inflation is also possible, perhaps even more likely, given the political pressures. In that case, Weimar, here we come!”


  5. Wouldn’t it be fun to see a the result of a big propane tank getting hit with a 30 caliber projectile going supersonic?

    • Hi arrow,

      These things, turned insane by entitlement run amok, are utterly blind to the way they are perceived by the people they’ve oppressed. It does not occur to them to think about why they must live with a cordon of security goons around them at all times. They ought perhaps to give it some thought.

  6. Obama isn’t worried about the ocean inundating the beach in Hawaii either, where he owns, literally, the estate property from “Magnum PI”, complete with tidal pool.

  7. Less than a year after leaving office, former President Barack Obama came under fire from fellow Democrats when it was revealed he was being paid $1.2 million for three separate speeches to Wall Street groups. That’s $400,000 per speech.

    The $400,000 appeared to be Obama’s standard fee, as he had already been paid the same amount for a conversation with presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, the U.K.’s Independent reported. But it was the coziness with Wall Street that bothered those on the left.

    Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president, defended the speeches, saying all Obama’s appearances had given him a chance to say things “true to his values.” He continued:

    “His paid speeches in part have allowed President Obama to contribute $2m to Chicago programs offering job training and employment opportunities to low-income youth.” (What a humanitarian!)


    I wonder what the fee is in the age of COVID? Do you get a discount for a Skype meeting?


    • ‘That’s $400,000 per speech.’ — ReadyKilowatt

      When Calvin Coolidge left the White House in March 1929, he returned to his former residence at 21 Massasoit Street in Northampton, Mass. Then and now, it’s a modest duplex rental house in a modest neighborhood.

      Had he been invited to a party on Martha’s Vineyard by the Obamas (or someone like them), he would have declined. Had his wife Grace made him go anyway, he wouldn’t have spoken to them.

      No amount of money can ever confer class upon a pair of grasping, marxist phonies.

  8. They do things like this to rub in our faces and remind everyone there’s a different standard for the lofty “elites” and the rest of the proles. Otherwise, they’d keep it on the down-low.

  9. Eric, please don’t get me started.

    As much as I’d like to see obama get the full measure of justice he certainly deserves, he’s only one of about 23 million government employees. This unique & select club of humanoids are poisoned with and addicted to the something-for-nothing mentality worse than any other group, and precisely the reason why ALL govt employees, Fed/State/Local, should be completely & permanently banned from the voting booth, and term limited. Maximum 4 year term in the Sammy corps.

    Not only are these people way over-compensated compared to the private sector, but just as important they are the least productive workers on the planet. They contribute little to society and are the biggest drag on the economy, which means someone must “pay” for their existence, and you & I get to pay for that privilege (feeling depressed yet?).

    It’s sad to say that the average private sector worker still doesn’t get it. Public education & the media has done its job well to keep these unfortunate slaves unaware & blind. Thus, they still don’t understand the problem with “public servants.” IMO this is a top issue regarding government that the productive class needs to understand.

    If you really want more pain read the articles below, esp the one on LRC.


  10. Obama also has a “sea level” house in Hawaii. Obviously he does not believe in climate change sea level rise. Climate alarmism is a joke and they know it, but they are told what to tell the masses for the agenda.


    Here is a gif of Obama saying climate change is a fact:

    And in fact what Obama said is NOT a lie, because the climate IS changing all of the time all on it’s own. Yep, Obama was a slick liar, maybe even better than slick Willie.

    First of all, sea levels already went up during the big thaw that started 18,000 years ago. Canada was covered in 1-2 mile thick ice. Seattle area was under massive ice sheets. Then it melted, it all melted when CO2 was at the lowest level ever in earth history. CO2 was down to 140-180 ppm at the end of the last glacial maximum.

    From those extremely low CO2 levels the earth warmed and the ice sheets melted. Al Gore got his causality wrong. What you need to know is that plants stop growing at 240 ppm and plants die below 200 ppm. Current CO2 levels of 420 ppm are just at bare minimum recovery levels and that is fact Jack!

    Every marijuana grower knows that if you pump your plants with CO2 they grow much faster and what that means is the plant’s DNA is optimized at much higher CO2 levels, and indeed most of earth’s geological history it has been found that CO2 levels were above 3,000 ppm.

    And if you have a brain, the ice age cycles started from high CO2 levels. So the whole cause and effect of CO2 driving temperature is obviously false and only a modern political myth, not a science reality. In fact Co2 has never forced temperature on earth in the last 4.5 billion years – and that means rising CO2 levels will NOT stop ice age progression.


    Recommended site:



    Here is my essay on Obama’s sea level mansion, be sure to open to full screen.

    Obama’s New Mansion is at Sea Level
    On 7 Dec 2019 By jackyukon

    • The sad thing about his Hawaii house. It replaced the beautiful Anderson Pahonu Estate built in 1933. It’s the setting seen (Robin’s Nest) in the Magnum PI show in the 1980’s. All bulldozed because Barry doesn’t have any taste and wanted the “new”. What a waste of a house that should have lasted centuries.

  11. Ex-presidents like the chimp live high off the hog but so does others within government especially the NIH:
    1800 of these regulators got $190,000,000 in royalties. Watch Fauci squirm then try to convince the audience he took a vow of poverty by only taking $20.00. Who would only take $20? doesn’t even cover lunch in washington dc.

  12. Eric,
    You’re right, not a solar panel to be found anywhere near that place. I’m living off of solar this weekend and soon all days. I do have a propane tank for the fridge and heating later in the year, however, if necessary.

    Never will I live Obama’s life of excess. I wouldn’t WANT to. But these megalomaniacal parasites only seem to multiply, as long as there are sufficient hosts. Where is the flea powder?

  13. “…the Obamas have plenty of fuel – as opposed to solar – to assure the power never goes off at their place. Which is actually a $12 million-dollar, 6,892 square foot mansion more than twice the size of the average American single family home – with more than twice the “carbon footprint,” too.”

    Twice the size? Shit, my place is only 1,200 sqft… Massa Obama’s place is almost FIVE TIMES bigger than this po’ lil’ white boy’s slave shack. And his cost more than 150 times what I paid for mine…

  14. If ‘Gun Control’ Doesn’t Disarm the Government, It Is Authoritarian Propaganda

    This underscores the dark reality: police exist to protect the social and political order, not to serve the interests of average people. They are the Praetorian Guard of the ruling class.

    Armed protection for you is bad, but for them it is good, more leftist/satanist inversion, do as I say not as I do.


    • Yeah mine’s only about 1400 sq ft. Largest house I ever had before we downsized after the kids left was about 1800. The wife and I are currently living for a couple months off grid in a 150 sq ft camper on some land my kid has in West Virginia. Propane for heat, hot water, cooking. Solar panels to provide enough electricity for everything but the ac, which we don’t really need anyhow. Hand pump well for filling the fresh water tank, we have everything we need and no connection to the outside world except groceries once a week. Trying to get a taste of what life will be like in a couple years! It’s actually not bad, we’re comfortable and having a good time. Hiking, fishing, probably a bit too much alcohol, but it’s good.

      • Hi Floriduh,

        I’m glad you brought up campers – as I am giving serious thought to getting a small one. Not for camping, per se. Rather, as a fallback. An option. I know nothing about these things as I’ve never owned one, but I’m reading up. We even went to look at some at an RV yard on Friday. Some are just amazing in terms of space efficiency for possibly living in. One we looked at is made by a lesser-known company called Sunset Park that we found extremely appealing. About 2,500 pounds empty and only about 16 feet long, with a full kitchen, stand-up shower/separate toilet/two-piece ‘fridge and “RV” queen bed with a fold-down bunk above it. I avoid debt like I do “masks” – but, damn, this one is tempting…

        • You don’t need much bigger than that, Eric. Mine is only 18 feet, has full bathroom, not a wet one, queen bed, 2 burner stove, combo convection and microwave, dining table and decent size refrigerator. We’ve been here about 3 weeks now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t mind living in this thing permanently if I had to. We have a Forest River R pod. And yes, Helot, we do have a small garden, just some tomatoes and peppers and herbs

            • Very nice. Similar layout to mine, and about the same dry weight. Can you pull it with your Frontier? I have a newer Frontier with the V6, if you don’t look in the rearview mirror, you wouldn’t even know it’s there. I say go for it. The way things are going, I’d rather have hard assets than cash. A year or two from now, it’ll all be worthless paper. Better to get something for it while you can.

              • RE: “I’d rather have hard assets than cash.”

                True, dat.

                However; Eric said he’d have to toss the idea that: all spending & investments Must equal savings & go into debt.

                Dodging the repo man is fun for some.
                …I suppose, if that’s all there is?…

                I listened to some of the latest CAF interview, one bit stood out to me, “There’s no financial solution to a political problem”.


                Anyway, glad ya got some kind of gardening going.
                I was llisteningt o … woww, something is wrong with my cursor & typinggg ,is it my pc of this blog??o

                • I’m not generally in favor of debt either, and fortunately I don’t have any. In our current environment though, I think you could make an argument that a small debt might make sense. With out of control inflation and rising interest rates, you’ll be paying back money that’s worth a lot less than what you got. I’m no financial advisor, but maybe sometimes you should just say the hell with it and get what you want. It usually works out ok, as long as you’re not getting carried away with huge amounts. 15 or 20 grand for a camper doesn’t seem crazy for a responsible guy like Eric.

                • Hi Helot,

                  I am weighing all factors – and am going to do an article on my thoughts, pro an con, as I think lots of other people are having similar thoughts… hold tight for more, soon!

  15. ‘$221,400 annually – forever – in the form of a “retired president’s pension.” — eric

    To the middle class, that’s a hefty number. But for the Obamas, a $221,400 annual pension is beer money. It’ll pay the utility bills in winter.

    One deal explains how the Obamas suddenly became prominently wealthy:

    ‘Barack and Michelle Obama each just sold a book in a joint deal that appears to be bigger than any previous presidential book deal in history.

    ‘Penguin Random House, which bought the two books, won’t discuss the numbers, but the Financial Times reports that the bidding for world rights surpassed $65 million.

    ‘In practice, it’s not uncommon for books to fail to earn out. Sometimes, publishers decide that an author’s prestige value is so high that it’s worth keeping them around with a super high advance regardless of the potential earnings involved.’

    ‘The publisher is unlikely to have spent quite so much money if it didn’t expect to make at least a lot of it back.’ — Vanity Fair, Mar 2, 2017

    Read between the lines: the Obamas ($65 million) and the Clintons ($42 million) are loss leaders for giant publishers.

    Such deals signal to current politicians that they too can crassly cash in — as long as they don’t kill the publishers’ golden goose.

    Swallowing ten or twenty million in losses is protection money well spent, in an exuberantly corrupt political regime.

    Hunter Biden’s book Beautiful Things: A Memoir (Apr 6, 2021) is an even more rancid example of the publishing industry sucking up to the Big Guy. And it’s “all legal.” 🙂

    • Hi Jim,

      All so terrible true. And part of the part that really sticks in my craw is that these loser-grifters don’t even write the books they “co-author.” It is almost invariably “Hillary Clinton with (lower case/light print) whoever actually wrote the dreck…

      • The other scam of these retired politicians is getting six-figure “speaking fees”. Who in their right mind would pay to listen to Shrillary? Would have to pay the audience a hefty sum to hear that drivel.

      • ‘It is almost invariably “Hillary Clinton with (lower case/light print) whoever actually wrote the dreck …’ — eric

        With Hillary, it’s a bit more complicated than that …

        ‘Consider It Takes a Village, Mrs. Clinton’s 1996 best seller on raising children.

        ‘Ghostwriter Barbara Feinman-Todd worked with Mrs. Clinton on that book. A veteran in the “as told-to” trade, Ms. Feinman-Todd wasn’t looking for much from Mrs. Clinton besides a sentence in the acknowledgments section and, of course, her payment, both of which were written into her contract.

        ‘But if working with the Clintons can be costly, writing with them can also take its toll.

        ‘All went well until Ms. Feinman-Todd learned from reporters, who’d gotten a look at the galleys, that there was no acknowledgment. Then she heard a rumor in the media that she had been fired, which was untrue. Later, when she tried to collect the final installment of her $120,000 fee, she was told that the White House didn’t want her paid.

        ‘A few calls to New York from Washington friends got her a check for her work and another to cover the bills she’d piled up in Clinton-related legal matters. Yet hers is a ghost story every potential Hillary Clinton collaborator should know.’


        When you offer to scribble polite lies for political grifters, they will try to screw you out of even the modest fee they promised … because that’s what they do. It’s instinctive.

        • Exactly Jim, it is what they do. Thieving, cheating, Narcissistic, psychopaths all of them. Whats worse is they have been enabled to be this way most of their needlessly long lives. It came with the territory being born on third base, in a time of blinding American sunshine, then waltzing home on a wild pitch, all while thinking they hit a grand slam.

          Looking at every doddering old powerful fool in this country, of which there are too many to list, I find it inconceivable they cant be rounded up and sent to the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurables.

    • Jim H.

      Not loss leaders. A traditional way to get cash payoffs through book deals. some corporate and other wealthy entities will pre-buy tens of thousands of copies, so the money can be transferred to the Obamas…every president has done this. Easy money

    • Take a gander at who OWNS those publishing houses, i.e., of “Dat TRIBE, dere”, and you see they’re the bagmen for that unholy cabal. These sweetheart books deals that realistically are like Mein Kampf in scope aren’t directly meant to be profitable; but, if you’re part of the cult, you have to buy a copy, else you’re on the “shit list”.

      The very fact of the enormous wealth of the Clintoons and the O-Bummers, in light of their acknowledged salaries in “public service”, along with rather nominal earnings of the spouses, should be proof of their extensive corruption. Talk about wanted Orange Man’s tax returns audited and disclosed? What a joke! Legend has it that when the Feds figured out that the best way to get to one Alphonse Capone was through the IRS; they actually set agents who did nothing more than take a tour of his residence, and were even ALLOWED to take pictures! Ol’ Scarface probably believed that he’d just buy off the agents, or their bosses, or, even when he was under indictment, the judges and/or juries involved, but he had NO idea that he’d angered not only many in Government itself, the biggest “gang” of all, but also fellow mobsters and/or corrupt politicians that had Uncle Sam’s ear. His sentence of 11 years for Income Tax Evasion was by far the most severe sentence ever handed down; Capone had even attempted to settle the case civilly and pay back taxes and penalties; but what Hoover wanted was his hide.

  16. Everyone has figured out that they can attempt to live at the expense of everyone else. All you have to do is provide kickbacks to the politicians that make it so.

  17. Obama has plenty of gas, another energy hog, has lots of room to avoid old what’s her name, some consolation there. It’s takes 4,000,000 dollars to make that happen.

    Propane is under 125 lbs of pressure, it can explode.

    Used quite a bit of propane one year to dry grain burning the stuff in a commercial grain dryer.

    59 cents a gallon back then, the bill from the co-op was more than 15,000 dollars.

  18. Eric, stop complaining and join the renewable crusade. Drag a gigantic slab of solar panels behind your Tesla and be energy independent! When I saw the thumbnail I assumed this was a joke:


    But no. And look at the comments:

    “This is so cool!”
    “This is awesome!”
    “Great work!”
    “Really cool project!”
    “Incredible setup!”
    “This inspires me!”
    “That’s a truly non fossil fuel EV. Congratulations young man!”

    • Looks like it was filmed in sunny AZ or something. All I kept imagining was a foot of snow on it and a 1/4″ of ice.

      …That, and some teenaged urban primitives using it as a trampoline while the car owner was inside his office or wherever.

      … It was, the finest paper aero-plane, ever.

  19. “Scratch a liberal and find a closet aristocrat. It’s true! Liberal governments always develop into aristocracies.”
    Frank Herbert- God Emperor of Dune.
    Aside from the obvious, the most pitiful other part is, they actually believe that they deserve such treatment, and they we owe it to them to pay for it. That despite having no moral foundation, or any ethical standards, and producing nothing, they are our superiors. Hence Hillary’s shock when she lost to Trump.

    • P.S., Frank Herbert wrote much in opposition to most forms of government. Mostly in chapter introductions in his work after the original Dune.


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