Necessary Obloquy

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Why does “masking” – as this evil imbecility is styled – persist, even in the absence of coercion? Unlike a year ago, almost no one is being told they must “mask.” Almost everywhere, people are free not to. And yet, a substantial percentage of the population continues to “mask.”

This is alarming – because it is strong evidence that the “maskers’ still believe they are behaving both reasonably and morally. That it is right to “mask” – and that everything associated with “masking” was also reasonable and moral, including the enforced “masking” of others, the “mandating” of business closures and the ultimatums regarding your job if you don’t get jabbed.

This is evil. And evil deserves – it requires – public obloquy, a nice old word that means extreme derision, expressed with utmost contempt.

There is a reason why you rarely, if ever, see anyone out and about wearing a Nazi armband or a pointy white hood. Obloquy has deterred it. It is not tolerable. Which is not to say that a person who wishes to wear either item hasn’t got the right to wear it. And they have a related right – which is to not be done physical violence on account of it. This does not mean, however, that they have a right to civil treatment.

There is no obligation to pretend we do not see the armband, the hood – or the “mask.” To act as though nothing’s wrong; that it’s perfectly normal to wear these vile devices. To not curl our lips in disgust and walk the other way.

Some will say: But these “maskers” are just scared. They are the victims of manipulation and abuse. Certainly. Inarguably. Just as certainly and inarguably as the average German – who probably wasn’t a bad person, fundamentally – was also the victim of manipulation and abuse. We can have compassion and understanding for that.

But not for the armband – or the “mask.”

One of the first things that happened after the Nazi government fell was the disappearance of the symbols of Nazism, most particularly those people had previously been wearing. It became shameful to wear them. There was obloquy associated with the wearing. It is for precisely that same reason that “masking” – as opposed to the maskers, per se – must be treated with obloquy just as vociferously.

Assuming what is wanted is an end, not merely to “masking” – outside of the confines of mental asylums – but everything that “masking” normalized, including the near-pogroms that were roused by “masking,” directed at the people brave enough to refuse to “mask.” These latter deserve a general thanks, just the same as we thanked those who refused to  march in step (the German word is gleichschaltung) with the sieg-heiling. Who did not parrot the evil idiocy that “we are all in this together.” Who would not treat others as pariahs for not “masking” – even though they themselves often were by those who did.

We must never forget what “masking” led to – and will, again – if it is not treated with the furious obloquy it has so richly earned. This will require some therapeutic unpleasantness, such as overcoming the desire most of us have to not say unpleasant things to others, in order to avoid the stress that comes with saying them. But keep in mind how unpleasant it was – for us, the “unmasked” – when “masking” was at its peak. How often were we publicly hectored? Denied service? Told we must leave the premises, immediately?

But this is not about tit-for-tat. It is about making for god-damned sure the “maskers” never dare to publicly hector us again. Deny us service. Order us to leave the premises, no different than ordering a black man to get out because he’s black.

It’s despicable, all such.

It is why the “maskers” – the ones who still do, not because they have to but because they still want to – have to be told, when the occasion arises, to take the god-damned thing off. As for example, when a friend or family member wants to come over – wearing a “mask.” Tell them they are most welcome – but the “mask” isn’t. Let them know why, if they are willing to listen. Remember – they were unwilling to listen to you. You are granting them a grace they never offered; if they accept it, accept them.

If not, let them know how implacably unacceptable it is for them to wear that god-damned thing in your presence. That they may not wear it in your home or car. That you will not do business with “maskers” – much as you’d like to do business with them.

It is not a pleasant task before us. But it is utterly, unavoidably necessary – if we wish to never have to deal with “masking” and everything that followed, ever again.

. . .

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  1. Yeah but…..who is liable?….lol

    insurance fraud, lawsuits coming

    the insurance angle of the whole bat germ hoax is very interesting.

    forced masks wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, shutting down businesses, forced injections are all illegal.

    the politicians, their enforcers, the media and all their other helpers are all personally liable.
    Dr. Vernon Coleman said the doctors, nurses or others injecting the can be charged with war crimes.

    the vaccine companies are not liable, they are exempt. that is a huge insurance fraud right there.

    gates owned gavi global vaccine alliance has total immunity from liability.

    the vaccine companies are not liable, they are exempt.
    some so called compensation funds have been set up. (in canada and russia there was no compensation fund for vaccine injured, every other developed country had one).

    canada just set one up? you can’t collect anyways, you will not get one cent because they classify these as emergency use only so doesn’t qualify.

    The “vaccine” has only been approved for emergency use. That is important for legal reasons and eliminates any liability for anyone, even Government compensation schemes.

    someone checked…no life insurance coverage because these vaccines are experimental use only. another trick not to pay. with all the deaths and vaccine injuries there will be lots of lawsuits.

    more insurance fraud:
    These new vaccines are not vaccines, installing gmo technology, chips, wires, etc. is not a vaccine, but they say it is to avoid liability, vaccine manufacturers can not be sued, because they say it is a vaccine but it isn’t, tricky bastards.

    ATTENTION VERY IMPORTANT: if they say it is a vaccine it can be mandated (forced), these new injections are not vaccines, they are lethal experimental gene therapy, but they say they are vaccines so they can be forced. they will be forced. they say it is a vaccine so they can force inject. evil lying bastards.

    related to this is 5g. 5g providers can not get insurance. what do the insurance companies know?

    some politicians have tried to put in place laws to make them exempt, covering their ass.

    ATTENTION: the doctors, nurses, enforcers, business owners that are enforcing and all other helpers inside government, the media etc. are personally liable.

    in the nazi camps the doctors made the decisions, the nurses did the culling. at the nuremberg trials 2 nurses were hung, a few went to jail, the rest got off.

    so they want to depopulate, a big part of the cull is using vaccines and note that they have been very careful to avoid any liability. they remember nuremberg.

    note: all this was over a bat germ hoax.

    in the 2009 financial crash and up until 2019, 20 trillion dollars was spent bailing out the financial sector including insurance companies.

    since march 2020 another 20 trillion dollars was spent bailing out the financial sector including insurance companies.

    as a result the billionaires with their huge corporations got 4 trillion dollars richer.
    the politicians and their helpers got rich over lockdown bribes.

    more insurance fraud:
    the who which is financed by gates and run by the ccp (china). the who issued 500 million dollars in pandemic bonds. if there was no pandemic (normally the odds of a pandemic are near zero) the investors would get their money back. the who had to return the investors their money at the beginning of 2020 if there was no pandemic.

    at the beginning of 2020 the nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% pulled off their bat germ hoax the investors lost all their money. another win for gates and china, ccp.

    remember all the politicians and their enforcers and helpers were paid a lot to go along with this fraud.

    who the f u kk would believe a bat germ hoax….lol

    • Hi Anon,

      Blaming doctors, business owners, etc. for the damage caused by the “vaccines” is insane. But then, so was the whole “pandemic.”

      • Hi Eric

        Yes it is all insane….

        The process to hold police accountable is:

        File a criminal complaint at the police station under section 4 of the crimes against humanity act. This is a serious offense.

        Nuremberg trials principal 4 specifically says it is not a valid defense that you were following orders. It also states people have the right to give informed consent. And they can refuse any medical treatment without consequences. Any violation of this carries the penalty of death.
        The command chain knows the individual officer is liable and breaking the law. And they knowingly send them out to perform these illegal orders.

        File a complaint with the human rights commission
        For fines and shutting down of business you can hold them personally responsible for financial losses file a civil suit against them for criminal damages and you can put a lien on their house and their car etc.
        We should not be having to hold the police accountable for breaking the law.

        But if faced with police, making them aware that we can hold them accountable, and their actions are illegal, may deter them from fining you, or closing down your business, or violating your human rights.

        Police should not do any job or follow any order that deeply immoral and is in violation of your country’s or international law. They have the right to refuse these orders and if they get fired for it they could sue.

        Another group of people we need to tell they are liable, and face a life sentence, is local government.
        They are responsible for your area personally also. If violations of section 4 happen under their watch they are responsible and liable financially and criminally, facing a life sentence as stated in section 1.

        If these local government officials know what the law is and if it comes to trial, they will come for the town counselors. And they are liable. The town can then tell the police, you’re on your own with these illegal orders, and they do not have the back up from the town.

        • Hate to break it to you “Anonymous”, but NO ONE will be held accountable. There will never be a “Nuremberg 2.0”. A RELATIVELY easy life is no longer good enough for the dildos. No, they demand absolutely ZERO risk and self-accountability. Who cares if our leaders wipe out 99% of humanity? All the dildos care about is having a “sugar daddy” that will live their lives for them, while they get to live the dream of vegetation, awaiting their slaughter.

          • I have to agree with blue grey. In government there is no accountability. In March 2021, the IRS shredded 30 million taxpayer documents including quarterly and annual payroll reports, W2s, 1099s, and what I suspect, but cannot confirm, tax returns. I also wouldn’t find it unbelievable if this occurred after March 2021. Over the last two months I have received letter after letter from clients who forward me the request from the Taxmanian Devils “we can’t find Form blah, blah, please resubmit.” No shit, Sherlock! Maybe if you didn’t shred them before processing the information you wouldn’t have to waste taxpayers and accounting firms time and money to require another copy.

            The media made quick mention of this back in mid May, but it has since been swept under the rug. Nothing will happen. No one will go to jail. No one will even be fired. To say I am pissed is an understatement.

            • Hi RG,

              Another thing about the EyeRess that is alarming is that this apparat of the federal government is not bound by the rules of due process; i.e., your assets can be seized at whim, without any prior finding in court that the victim has committed a “crime” – in air fingers quotes to make snarky about this business of styling any attempt to avoid being robbed of your money as “criminal.”

              It’s as Soviet as it gets.

          • Hi Bluegrey,

            Part of the problem – a big part – is that the institutions which, in former times, acted as somewhat of a check on abuse by generally doing something about – e.g., the courts, regulatory agencies and the press – have been wholly co-opted and are now part of the problem, too.

      • Hi Eric.

        Yes its insane. But entirely expected. With what is to come, you really don’t expect our Dear Leaders to take the blame for their own actions, do you? Even their control of the Ministry of Truth (mass/social media) will not prevent the information from leaking out. Given the rate at which all cause deaths are piling up, over the next year or two, there are going to be tens of millions of enraged people. Losing loved ones tends to do that. Especially when it was engineered by psychopaths and aided and abetted by sociopaths. Which is why they are desperate to provoke either WWIII and/or a real civil war inside the Empire. Anything to distract the general population from what they have done. At this point, I doubt even tanking the global economy would be enough. Things are bound to get rather “interesting” over the next few months. Be careful.

  2. At this juncture, my viewpoint is this:

    Any mask wearer is basically projecting an outward display of their IQ, to the surrounding public.

    • Hi Frankie,

      I agree – but if only it were just a matter of their stupidity. Wearing your underwear over your pants is stupid, too. But this “mask” business is more than just stupid. It is the visual affirmation of a sick ideology that poses a deadly threat to all of us. That is why I liken it to wearing a Nazi armband and urge public obloquy of this disgusting, evil “practice.”

      • Points taken, Eric…and good article, by the way.

        As someone who also went through this bizarre experience without mask, I should be right with you with the obloquy …(and I think that I probably was, at one point).

        At present, although I look askance at these people, my viewpoint is this:

        “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
        Mark Twain

        • Hi Frankie,

          For me, the thing is to not countenance “masking” in my home or car; to not do business with “masked” people – and tell them why. That I don’t hate them. But O do revile their “mask” and all it stands for.

      • Hi Eric

        germ phobia:

        a huge bat germ demon will jump out of the dark and get you…total insanity…

        germ phobia (that would get you put in a nut house in the recent past), was pushed 24/7 for two straight years, the relabeled mild flu to a deadly bat germ, fear mongering never stopped,

        (to sell it they always associate it with exotic animals, first bats…… now the improved version is monkeys….lol), (they said…haha….we have to lock down the whole planet,
        huge bat germ demons are running around killing people),

        we are all going to die was pounded into people’s heads, people freaked out, got multiple deadly bioweapon shots and now wear a mask 24 hours a day.

        (masks keep deadly bat germ demons out)….lol…..

  3. An opinion on why the bat germ hoax couldn’t happen in 1969…….all the new communication tech has been weaponized by the globalist/satanists against the masses

    Dr. Sam Bailey interviews investigative journalist (corporate fraud) Eric Coppolino on:
    Why Covid 19 Would Not Have Happened in 1969:

    He goes beyond the usual mass psychosis. There was a major virus outbreak in 1969 during Woodstock. The difference between then and now is global technology to create a common script. Argues the populace is in the machine. Thought provoking.

  4. Why are people still masking and getting extermination injections?……because the globalist/wef/satanists got inside their heads and screwed with their minds…..

    An eye and mind opening documentary film by Adam Curtis on the use of psychoanalytic theory developed by Sigmund Freud and applied on a mass scale by his nephew Edward Bernays, to shape the unconscious minds of the masses, whether to sell a manufactured product or to manufacture socio-political consent.

    or go along with a bat germ hysteria hoax…the insane narrative started with a bat having sex with an armadillo in a wet market….lol

    As fascinating as it is terrifying, when you realize just how pervasive the methods used are, to reach inside the human mind.

  5. Eric,

    You’re about the only modern writer who makes me got to regularly! I had to look up “obloquy”… 🙂

  6. A this point I think wearing the diaper has become a political statement. A large percentage of those I see still masking seem to be overweight (insert color) haired women. I ignore these people as if they don’t exists and will not acknowledge them in any way.

  7. Personally, the social destruction of wearing masks has had quite an effect on me. I never was a very sociable person, always uncomfortable in crowds, not trusting of others unless I knew them. After this masking began, I became a veritable hermit. Since it relaxed I’ve gotten better, and don’t cringe over going out to do business. If someone is wearing a mask, you can’t tell for sure that they’re even human. Perhaps those still wearing them really aren’t. They certainly aren’t displaying the thing that sets humans apart from other animals. The ability to reason. Recent polling indicates the percentage of Americans that trust corporate media is in the teens. Are these the ones that are masking?

    • Me too. I found myself avoiding public places when people were masking up regularly. It was off putting and alienating. I viewed the maskers (which was like 95 percent of the population) as obsequious scum. Of course, in the past, when I went to vote third party (before Orange Man), I felt the same way in line at the voting booth as I knew that scumbag a or b was going to either vote Republipuke or Democscum. I also felt the same way in the peak of the 55 days (1979-1987) when I would be passing 90 percent of drivers at 75 mph. Today, it’s a lot easier. I am only passing half of drivers on the road now at 80. Masks are/were the new 55.

  8. Eric, if it works for you, yes, give them hell. Thank you for your service.
    But every time I have the urge to do that, or to reason with them, I hesitate. These people don’t read the things that I read. They are oblivious to reality. They still believe their spit-soaked rags are saving mankind, they still believe that the fake vaccines have prevented millions of deaths, and they will at best react with puzzlement at my “crazy” objections. They literally have not noticed any evidence that contradicts their faith.
    Above all, they are astoundingly un-curious. When diapering became a thing in early 2020, it took me about five minutes to find multiple randomized controlled trials showing that no type of mask – not N95s, not surgical masks, and certainly not the ridiculous cloth contraptions that most people were wearing – did anything to stop respiratory viruses.
    Such curiosity is not in their nature, and I can’t change that. Neither can I change my nature, which is to feel bad about arguing even after I’ve won.
    I have no time for them.

  9. In my area, I still see a handful of devout Covidians still wearing the damned thing and will no doubt be buried with it when their time comes.

  10. I just came back from a two week vacation in Switzerland, and before that, a week in Orange County, California on business. In three weeks, I saw maybe a couple dozen people in diapers, mostly in the airports. Then, I drive into NYC to visit a friend, and see hundreds of them on people walking around outside. See – at this point this isn’t fear, it’s a rite of the leftist religion. Hence, the difference from political movements such as armbands and white hoods. The still-diapered cannot be unpersuaded or brought forth from the experience. The question is whether obloquy may be too blunt a tool for the job.

    • BAC,
      My problem with obloquy is, will I be able to stop once I’ve started? How far will it escalate? Will I be able to restrain myself from becoming the exact thing I oppose, if that opposition puts up a fight?

  11. Obloquy by definition applies appropriately to Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton. A few others who are not mentioned because their names no longer need be written, the oppressed are fed up and will no longer listen.

    For them, it was better to remain silent and thought fools than to make fools of themselves by speaking up, no doubt, it all has removed all doubt.

    Truly disgusting despicable behavior by the entire cadre, quislings deserve obloquy.

    When you talk down to people, you are going to be derided, shunned, become pariahs. That is why they are hunkered down in Bunker Town.

    The final outcome is not too rosy.

    One day they’ll all be gone and good riddance. Thank God!

    You’ll finally be free… once again. Time to drink, you only live once.

  12. Just returned from two weeks in Alaska. No one wearing masks. Same as it was last summer.
    I’m grateful for the extra time. We now have a freezer full of Katchamack Bay King Salmon, Halibut, Cod, and rockfish.

    The prices of everything from Homer to Valdez seemed no higher than the cost of things in the lower 48. The only problem is the rainbow brigade and tiny hats that seem to have a pretty solid foothold in Anchorage, led by rhino Murkowski.

    • Norm, rockfish are cod. Dined on a whole rockfish cod sweet and sour full meal at a Chinese restaurant in Seattle 36 years ago now.

      It don’t get no better.

      Halibut is great, Dungeness crab is just the best in the world.

      • Even though the same species, the meat in the rockfish has a golden tinge to it. The black cod are much larger fish and the meat is a glorious Snow White color.

        We went with my son to dip net near Soldatna. That was a spectacle like I’ve never seen. And yes the crab is beyond compare.

    • Norman, I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska. If traveling weren’t so expensive I’d do it just for the Halibut. 😉

      • You should just do it Roland. I’m finding I aint getting any younger. I had big travel plans before the bat flu came along. Visiting Russia and going back to Germany, now probably won’t ever happen.

        Still trying to figure out how we can get to Machu Pichu one of these winters. We have a neighbor from Peru who goes back every year. She didn’t go the last couple years because she didn’t want to Vcxx herself. Maybe this winter.

    • Hi Norman

      My friend just bought a boat up there and brought it back down the coast, he says everyone is open carry there, that means a lower crime rate probably…

      • Hi Anon

        Having a boat in Alaska would be tits. Then I remember when I had a 22 foot pontoon on Lake mohave. The best days of a boat owners life, the day he buys it, and the day he sells it.

        Seriously, the Cook Inlet, with the volcanos on the west side is pretty Vikingesqe. We were there for the longest days which is trippy in itself. Makes you realize you can sleep when you’re dead.

        The open carry thing is no big deal. Its just like AZ where I’m from.

  13. “Why are we so concerned and upset about idiots committing suicide?”

    Because unfortunately some of them are family, loved ones, friends, people we care about.

    • Yep. I’m a bit of a misanthrope and am no fan of or advocate for life in any way, but they’re walking right into the slaughter house for farcebook Likes, and it is downright disturbing.

      Beyond that, they’re causing immense suffering in other folks who have half a brain but are so new to the idea of standing up and challenging the narrative and the mob that they’re simply imploding under all the pressure and are permanently checking-out under all the anxiety that the emotionally unstable and intellectually stunted face-diaperers and clot-shotters have caused them. And the ones who aren’t offing themselves are just left here to suffer a great deal indefinitely until they find a proper support network or until something gives. And don’t get me started on the psychological and developmental damage they’ve caused to the babies, toddlers and little’uns in their communities..

      Humanity’s lost a lot of good soldiers over all of this. And while suicide is the ultimate demonstration of self-ownership, that’s not even really what’s happening here..this has just been toxic collectivism and bullying driving people to capitulation and mindless self-termination because they don’t know how much power they really have (all thanks to the system working just as intended).

      They don’t know how to make peace with the fact that they, along with everyone else, were born free, regardless of what the mob thinks, regardless of whatever some holy gooberment document would suggest, and regardless of whatever koolaid the current cult of authority has the masses guzzling in the name of their own self-preservation.. It’s concerning alright.

    • **”Why are we so concerned and upset about idiots committing suicide?”**

      I love it! The modern-day dunce cap. Since dunce caps don’t seem to be readily available these days, the mask essentially accomplishes the same thing. I like it when people advertise. Just like those stupid yellow ribbons ya’d always see on cars- better to know who you’re dealing with, so you don’t waste your time. They’ve become so obedient that no one has to put the dunce-mask on them…they voluntarily don it, thus labeling themselves.

      • Hi Nunzio.

        Exactly. Its very useful to have the Cultists self identify. That’s why, while I understand Eric’s passion for the Crusade, I have never joined it. I’ve seen the last two years as a very useful social experiment. It has separated those susceptible to these types of psych ops, from those who are not. That’s going to be vitally important in times to come. As I’ve said, its not just the oligarchs that have been taking notes over the last couple of years.

        • Well-said BJ!

          It’s like “Always give a person enough rope to hang themself with”. I don’t care what they do. I’d rather see them “hang themselves” than to alter their behavior based because of social constructs and hide their true identity, just as I’d rather see someone who is so inclined wear a swastika or white hood rather than hide their true identity. It removes all doubt.

          Sans any outward signs, I am always inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt- even though few actually deserve it. When people label themselves, you know exactly who and what they are.

          And it’s not like these people were ever fostering liberty and have now just suddenly dropped out and have become useful tools of complicity for the tyrants, but rather, everything they do and think has likely always been conformist, pro-state, pro-tyranny, and anti-liberty- from letting the state raise their kids to advocating for socialist healthcare. The wearing of the dunce-mask is probably the most innocuous thing they do- it’s just the most visible.

          It’s like seeing someone wearing a Biden or AOC or Trump campaign button. Sans the label, you might be tempted to assume that the stranger is a normal intelligent well-meaning person…..but once they’ve donned the label, one quick glance tells you all you need to know. They’re still the same, with or without the outward label- but with the self-affixed label, we now know exactly what they are.

          And besides, seeing them wearing the damned things also helps identify US by being among the brave minority who didn’t. It made me feel really good in 2020 and 2021 to be among the .5% who were not “wearing”, and to see the few others who were so minded. It was a reminder of how scarce the truly liberty-minded are, but that we are out there and standing tall.

        • Thanks, Roland! Hey, maybe we can get the COVIDiots to wear the stupid things on top of their heads! They’d do as much good there as they would on their kisser….but would really complete the look.

  14. I had a college friend BOAST on social media, complete with a pic of his elementary-aged child getting injected, with the faux-vaccine. I had to resist the urge to blow him up in the comments since he’s a COVIDIOT and it would do no good. It’s a religion and a moral imperative, which means reason would fall on fallow fields with him and others of his ilk.

    As for masks, I told my wife that if they “come back,” I will refuse to wear one and the person who presses the issue is going to get punched in the face. I’m not wearing one of those useless face diapers under any circumstances. While I’m not sure I agree with confronting perfect strangers in public about wearing masks, I’m for damned sure won’t wear one.

    • Doctor: You cannot fix stupid. He and his will be culled. Sad but true. Look to your own. Love them. Protect them. Educate them. Bleib ubrig.

  15. “Doctor” Fauchi has had COVID twice now. That’s all you need to know about mask effectiveness. This asshole needs to have his license to practice revoked.

    • He and a few hundred of his enablers need a scaffold and a noose.
      There needs to be punishment for what is being done to the world’s masses.

    • Hi RK.

      Saint Fauxchi should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Have you read Robert Kennedy’s book the real anthony fauci? It is very well documented. This evil gnome has been responsible for a great deal of misery and death over decades.

      • I second that BJ, there needs to be an accounting for these evil bastards, not just the Emily Littela response of “nevermind”.

      • Hi BJ

        Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

        Fauci, Birx and Redfield, all incestuously complicit in the HIV/AIDS frauds and malpractice, today hold the future of not only American public health, but also of the entire world economy in their hands. Not a good situation.

        As their work on the proved HIV=IDS fraud shows,

        the corona virus tests do not at all prove presence of a deadly virus in any patient.

        If this is so, it is perhaps the greatest criminal fraud in medical history.

        False Tests?
        The issue of H IV/AIDS tests is central.
        Gallo and Fauci promoted their deeply flawed tests of antibodies.

        In a sharp rebuttal of the Gallo claims, claims endorsed by Fauci and the NIAID as well as CDC, Roberto A. Giraldo, MD and Etienne de Harven, MD, the scientist who produced the first electron micrograph of a retrovirus, pointed out that both

        the ELISA and Western blot, and a genetic test, the PCR or ‘Viral Load’ test,”
        the two major tests used to determine if one has AIDS, are invalid.

        “None of these tests detect the HIV virus itself, nor do they detect HIV particles.”

        based on the invalid test they labeled many people hiv positive and ruined their lives, today the same thing is happening with the fake covid virus pcr test.

        They add that there are “more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positive without an HIV infection.” Among the false positive cases are influenza, the common cold, leprosy or the existence of pregnancy.

        The same pcr tests are used today to determine SARS-CoV -2-positive.
        the same problem, more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positive

        but based on that test they can lock you up and force inject you….soon

        They concluded,

        “The fact that after 25 years of intense research HIV has been neither isolated nor purified in terms of classical virology indicates to us that the infectious view of AIDS as a contagious viral disease is based on an apparently non-existent microbe!”

        the aids virus was never isolated, identified, photographed.

        the cv19 virus has never been isolated, identified, photographed.

        all they have is a fake cgi image of virus. a computer generated image.
        cv19 biggest fraud, lie, deception in history

        Yet this fraud has shaped the career of Tony Fauci for more than 35 years. Fauci as head of NIAID has taken millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Clinton Foundation along with tens of billions from US taxpayers for this bogus research.

        [the AIDS scam] was intentional from the very beginning. They [the higher-ups, politically, in Germany and, by implication, elsewhere] wanted to have a blood and sex plague…He [Kremer] was dealing at the top political level. They told him off the record, that they knew [about the fraud], they didn’t care, it was about how to deal with the drug problem and with the homosexuals.”
        They wanted to get rid of the homosexuals……now they want to get rid of you, depopulation agenda…..

        The meaning of this is clear. Drug users and certain areas in the gay community were experiencing high levels of Hepatitis B – and added to this, the Hepatitis B vaccine was also used widely in these groups. The result was a falsely positive HIV test – leading to the domino effect of death I’ve described above.

        Lanka continues, “They even tried to kill him [Kremer], and this didn’t succeed. He had a good intuition and got out of his car before the tire blew out…the German government was carrying out a secret psychological investigation, trying to prove that he was mentally ill…and in danger of committing suicide…”

        Okay. Having read to this point, now read the pages I wrote on the Hepatitis B vaccine in 1987-88. Those pages will fill in some blanks. They’re not as compressed as what you have just read – at that time I was swimming in various discoveries simultaneously:

        HIV was not the cause of AIDS…..AIDS was not one condition at all, it was a smokescreen label for many different factors which were suppressing immune systems and killing people; AZT was poison; and so on. And I had not yet made the connection between the Hep B vaccine and a positive HIV test.

        A decade ago [mid-1970s], 1083 gay men in good health were inoculated with an experimental vaccine against hepatitis B, an infectious viral disease. The trial was run at a prestigious research facility, the New York Blood Center.

        From NY Blood Center accounts, results were very good: There was virtually full protection against hepatitis B, which reportedly was starting to run rampant through pockets of the U.S. gay community.

        The reason? The vaccine had originally been made from blood of human donors, some of whom later turned out to be diagnosed with AIDS. During the early 1980s, health workers, who were at risk for hepatitis B, were urged to take the new vaccine, but they stayed away from the product in droves.

        Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, Chicago medical heretic, points out that initially the U.S. Veteran’s Administration expected to give 90,000 doses of the hepatitis B vaccine to its employees around the country. The response rate, though, by 1983, was only 30,000 doses. In the same year, 1,200 University of Illinois health workers were pressured to take hepatitis B shots. Only 237 did.

        In January, 1983, a year before the “AIDS virus was discovered,” Dr. John Finkbeiner, writing in Medical World News, warned that the hepatitis B vaccine “might be contaminated with a pathogen responsible for the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic.”

        Dr. James Chin, head of Infectious Diseases for California’s Dept. of Health Services, contacted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and asked for long-term tracking of hepatitis B vaccinees. His implication was quite clear: Maybe the vaccine was causing AIDS.

        There were other factors that added to public worry. Alan Cantwell, a Los Angeles physician who authored the book, AID S, the Mystery and the Solution, recalls that “the CDC, reporting on the first 26 cases of AIDS in the U.S., declared that 20 were from New York, and 6 were from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

        These were the three cities that carried out the most extensive early hepatitis B vaccine trials.

        Then, all of the first 26 AIDS cases matched the profile of the volunteers in these same vaccine-trials: male, gay, under 40, well educated, and (mostly) white.”

        Dr. Cantwell adds: “AIDS was the first time doctors could recall working with a disease that seemed to be specific for a certain cultural group, i.e. male homosexuals.” Good reason to look for a common environmental factor – for example, a contaminated vaccine.

        Dr. John Finkbeiner, writing in Medical World News, warned that the hepatitis B va ..cci …ne “might be contaminated with a pathogen responsible for the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic.”

        the hepatitis B vaccine caused aids…….it destroys your immune system…..then they finish you off with poisonous AZT….

        now the mrna vaccine gives you aids (a destroyed immune system) then they finish you off with remdesivir…..

  16. I’m in South Texas on vacation this week. About 1/4 of the tourists are masked, mostly Hispanic or Asian, many keeping the damned things on their faces as they drive up and down the main street in this beach community. Locals are, for the most part, unmasked unless they are forced by management at their service jobs.

    The other night in CVS, we spotted one Asian tourist wearing a full-on “Outbreak” respirator, the kind my wife was fitted for two years ago when her job in the healthcare industry ordered everyone to return to the office full time.

    My wife speculated that Respirator Man probably didn’t change the filters per OSHA spec for the device to offer any measure of protection so he may as well have gone without.

  17. A flyer distributed within a religious organization this week, reflecting its national policy:

    ‘Now that children ages 5-11 can receive COVID-19 booster shots and children as young as six months old can receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, starting August 1, 2022, the requirements for 0 to 11-year-olds to attend in-person meetings will be updated.

    ‘We are excited for this update since vaccination among this age group has lagged behind other age groups, leaving them vulnerable to serious illness. These updated vaccine requirements will go into effect on August 1, 2022.

    5-11 years old —> 0-4 years old

    ‘Children 5-11 must either be fully vaccinated within 5 months of meeting date or, receive a COVID-19 booster shot to attend in-person meetings.

    ‘Children as young as 6 months old may attend in-person meetings as long as they show proof of vaccination.’


    Tampering with the developing immune systems of infants, using dangerous substances that carry far more risks than benefits (if any) is the pharmaceutical equivalent of snake handling.

    These well-meaning people fell victim — hook, line and sinker — to evil-doers.


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