The Threat of “Democracy”

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The Leftists who control the federal and some state governments – with the help of a number of “Republicans,” as they style themselves – intend to govern by criminalizing. The whole point of this “January 6” business being the first overt step toward this new elaboration of “democracy” – the working definition of which is: Agree with the Left (or at least, do not question the Left) else be characterized – criminalized – as a “threat to our (meaning their) democracy.”

“Democracy” being their one-party rule.

That is the message being conveyed – openly, now – by the Leftists (plus the abetting “Republicans”) who have already had people locked up and caged, some indefinitely, without formally charging them with any crime, much less convicting them. Previous Leftists such as Woodrow Wilson and Abraham Lincoln – interestingly, the founder of the “Republican” party – did the same, previously.

Thereby establishing the precedent.

More recently, The Chimp – another “Republican” – narrowed his beady eyes, pursed his thin lips and declaimed, “you’re either with us or against us.” By which the sociopathic simian meant, If you question us, you are a threat to our democracy. The Chimp openly asserted the right to criminalize questioning, the power to drag people out of bed at night (or in broad daylight) and imprison them without charge. Torture them (“advanced interrogation”) at his personal whim.

People forget, especially rank and file “Republicans,” who try not to remember because they are addled by a false distinction between Leftists and “Republicans.”

It is also worth a mention that it was The Chimp who set in place the architecture, ready to elaborate, for the enforcement measures of the “public health emergency” we’ve been living in for the past almost-three-years now, during which refusing to wear a “mask” or close the doors to one’s business became arrestable “crimes.”

The Chimp and his “Republicans” gave us “Homeland Security,” too.

Now the Left – with the aid and comfort of “Republicans” – is on the verge of criminalizing the retail sale, person-to-person transfer and inevitably, the possession of what they style “assault rifles.” By which they mean not the selectable/automatic-fire rifles carried by the enforcement class (i.e., the military and the quasi-military that styles itself “law enforcement”) but rather practically every semi-automatic rifle owned by millions of average people who’ve never committed any “gun crime.”

This “assault rifle” business is of a piece with the “climate change” business in that both terms are deliberately non-specific, in order to encompass everything and thereby justify anything. They are also both predicated on deliberate misrepresentation, hysteria and pre-guilting. If you question whether the “climate” is “changing” unnaturally and catastrophically – and insist on facts rather than assertions – you are a “denier” and (you can feel it) a de facto criminal, who will soon be locked up for “denying.” Just as the Leftist drug-pusher who runs the “vaccine” company, Pfizer, characterized anyone who questions being coerced or even compelled to take “vaccines” is . . . you guessed it, a “criminal.”

And yes, he actually said exactly that.

Just the same as the “criminalization” of people who did nothing more than travel to Washington on January 6 to peacefully express their questioning of the results of a very questionable election. One preceded by Election Months, leading up to an Election Night during which the counting of votes was suspended, then resumed, among other irregularities. These are reasonable questions that deserve answers. But the Left is now very open about its intent to criminalize any such questioning – and not just of that election.

Of every election, henceforth, if the questions annoy Leftists. Of everything the Left declares to be a closed question, the questioning of which is (here we go, again) a threat to our democracy that cannot be abided.

Now comes the threat of the Second Amendment to “our democracy.” If you question being characterized a “criminal” for possessing a semi-automatic rifle (soon – next – it will be any rifle, followed by any pistol) then you are also a “threat to our democracy” and a criminal, in actual (legal) fact since it will inevitably become illegal to own any type of firearm the Left decides to illegalize, aided and abetted by “Republicans” such as the Orange Man.

The one who thinks Klaus Schwab and the WEF are “doing a great job.”

Rank-and-file Republicans work hard to forget it was the Orange Man who criminalized the sale/possession/personal transfer of bump stocks, thereby implicitly affirming the criminalizing of the rest of the gun. Who also uttered words that are music to the ear of Leftists – about “Red Flag” laws that treat people who’ve violated no law as criminals, on account of someone in authority asserting their “concern” that they might violate a law.

Rank and file “Republicans” did not consider that a “threat to our democracy” – which is why they now face being legislated (by the Left, aided and abetted by Republicans) into “criminals” for owning an “assault rifle.”

Will they supinely accept it? If they do, they may come to regret it. Much as the rank-and-file Russian “burned,” as Solzhenitsyn later styled it, “in the camps.” By which time, of course, it was much too late to do anything about it.

We still have time to grasp the nature of the threat – to this republic. To ourselves.

To refuse to be supine.

If we don’t want to “burn” – as “criminals” in the camps that Leftists and “Republicans” have in store for us.

. . .

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  1. Now they have a whole country not co operating in the globalist one world government agenda, that they want to disarm/regime change. Stalin and Hitler were the same problem…so we have WW3 to get rid of the new problem…

    The elite nobility/globalists have been trying to put in place a worldwide one world centralized communist government for a long time.

    Stalin was a nationalist who wanted his own communist empire not a globalist communist one world government, so they put hitler in place to get rid of stalin,

    hitler, same problem, also became a nationalist so they started a war to get rid of him.

    The current leaders of all the G7 countries are all in for a one world communist central government controlled by the UN, the globalists are making progress.

    Russia doesn’t seem interested now in a one world communist central government controlled by the UN, it looks like they have another nationalist leader only interested in looking after/running their own affairs. Now the globalists need another war to get rid of that leader.

  2. Austin Fitts: “We’re At War With The Deep State Globalists”

    Central bankers want a financial system that is a lawless criminal control syndicate where it’s legal for them to do whatever they want. It is simply a choice between tyranny and sovereignty, freedom or slavery.

    We start with the foundational building block of tyranny, the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that global bankers want to install in the financial system. CAF says, “It’s not a currency…”

    ” That’s what you need to understand. What we are talking about is a control system that is going to be implemented in a global coup d’état, and we are in the middle of a global coup d’état.

    That’s what is happening right now.

    Essentially, if you look at the central bankers, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and all the central bankers are trying to create a system where they are completely free of the laws of nation states and governments. In other words, they are inserting sovereign immunity from all laws and literally trying to create a civilization under the law where they are free to do whatever they want, including, as we know—genocide.”

    CAF says to fight back against CBDC is to use cash.

    CAF says central bankers will ignore the U.S. Constitution, steal all of our assets like cash and gold but especially the land. CAF contends they won’t be able to do this unless they take our guns and extinguish the Second Amendment.

    CAF contends the good news is people are waking up and this evil criminal system can be stopped. CAF says,

    “Saint Paul said in Timothy, ‘Just stand and watch the divine go to work.’ They can’t do this.
    Did you see what just happened in Ireland? They tried to go all digital, and they had so many people cancel their accounts, they had to walk it back…

  3. Many words meanings are totally brutalized in today’s language. One of the most brutalized is “democracy”.

    I really don’t think I am exaggerating using the word “brutalized” to describe the misusing of the word democracy either.

    The WEF should be totally abolished as it is one of the biggest threats to freedom worldwide. It sees itself as the one world government that should never be allowed to take further root.

  4. Has anyone heard of CSRQ-SM? You might want to look into where they are taking humanity soon. Use a browser like Duck, Duck, Go instead of Goo gle for uncencorned results.
    I promise you it’s worth looking into before being caught unaware

    • Hi Chris,

      I did read up on it and honestly, I don’t buy it. What do they think people will do when they had $3500, $35000, or $350k in their account and it drops to zero? Every person on Earth is going to participate? The Blood and Crips? The Colombian Drug Cartel? The Italian Mafia? Those living in the Amazon and French Polynesia? The Aborigines?

      How is cash going to disappear overnight? The limited number of police and military are going to raid each and every home? One cannot mass control over 7 billion people. Many places in our country do not even have Wi-Fi, so what banking app? Fifteen percent of Americans don’t have a bank account.

      This may be some some sick psychopath’s dream, but is a long way to fruition. One hundred ninety five countries and leaders can’t agree to the sky’s color, but will be in lockstep for world domination? I am not losing sleep.

  5. Who do you trust? Your AR or your congresspersonwhore?

    Yeah I thought so.

    Pfizer is run by this pencil neck slimeball Albert Bourla. Pfizer shots have killed millions of people. He should be locked up or better – put up against the wall and executed for mass murder.


    If the conspiracy is not Jewish then how do you explain this?

    “Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was awarded the prestigious Genesis Prize, known as the “Jewish Nobel”, on Wednesday for his efforts in leading the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.”


    What does a professor (learned person) say about Covid vaccines? Why does Jack Yukon call them “death jabs”.

    Professor Dolores Cahill: The jab is a kill shot

    • Hi Yukon

      In CMMG we trust. All others pay cash. 🙂

      In terms of conspiracies there are more than one. But be careful of your target selection. Not all of the small hat tribe are tools of the Dynasty. Many despise it, as Rothbard did. Don’t fall into the trap our real enemies are using, to discredit any one critical of their actions. We also must make certain that those involved in this receive due process. Other wise we are no better than they are. The law is the law for everyone. Or its the law for no one. If you become the enemy, to fight the enemy. What are you fighting For?

  6. quote: “Agree with the Left (or at least, do not question the Left) else be characterized – criminalized – as a “threat to our (meaning their) democracy.” “Democracy” being their one-party rule.”

    That is very good Eric, but take it just one little step further to clarify the Left’s “Democracy” and call it Jewish totalitarian rule.

    A Democracy is a State ruled by Jews. Any nation not ruled by Jews is a threat to “Democracy” – which is a euphemize for Jewish monetary and political power. If you notice, any leader who is a nationalist is visciously attacked by the Jew media as a new Hitler.

    Trump said America first so leftist Jews hate him.

    Putin is running Russia for Russia and ousted the Jewish oligarchs so Jews everywhere are plotting his assassination.

    Hitler, the ultra nationalist, is the most hated leader of all time, just turn on the Jewtube (or the Talmudvision) and you will no doubt see some anti-Hitler show or movie. 24-7 Jews attack Hitler and the National Socialists because the Jew WILL NOT ALLOW any state to be run by people other than Jews. (Hitler outed these people, rounded them up, and sent them packing which is exactly what Amerika needs to do)

    Jews know this fate is coming, because freedom and the US Constitution, and gun ownership is the exact opposite of the Jew run demoncrazy Jewish run state! That is why the Jewmedia is in hysterics about Donald Trump – because he is speaking a pro-America language. There is no doubt he won the 2020 election. See 2000 Mules and the upcoming Selection Code movie.

    Hugo Chavez said the CIA tried to assassinate him 7 times, and now he is dead. Jews run the CIA, which is the right arm of Jew Rothschild’s MI6 and the Mossad.

    Ukraine is a “democracy” ruled by Jews. Zelensky has outlawed all opposition parties to his dictatorship.

    Russia is a threat to that unipolar Jewish control. Zelensky is a Jew. His handler George Soros and are also both Jews, who work with Jews in the US State Department – the Maiden Revolution – which was the work of a hard cored Neocon Zionist Jew Victoria Nuland (Democrat) – who herself is married to a hard core Zionist Jew Robert Kagan (Repub.) Kagan is one of the leads in the Project for the New American Century, which wrote that they needed a “new Pearl Harbor” to launch their War on Terror on the world.

    Of course the “war on terror” is really the “war of terror” run by Jews on any nation state that is not controlled by Jews. The 9-11-2001 attack was an inside job by the Jewish Neocons on the Republic – they transformed the Republic into a police state I call Amerika. Jews run Amerika, any elected official opposed to Israel and Zionism is soon dead or out of office.

    AIPAC is the most powerful lobby group in the world, if you are a bleeding heart, or a reasonable person, or a true Christian who opposes Israel’s treatment of Palestine then you are shut down, sued, defamed by the ADL and the SPLC. You can even be a Jew and they will scream antisemitism if you dare take the side of Palestine (the natives being genocided). Of course the Jews running Israel are not even Semites, they are mostly Polish and Ukrainian Jews (white Eastern Europeans) and they have no blood claim to Palestine – but they have enlisted the help of demon megachurch preachers like John Hagee who runs CUFI.

    Bottom line? USAmerika is a Jewish run Zionist colony in an epic death spiral. Amerika is in a very similar position to Weimar Germany – which collapsed and led to the rise of Hitler.

    • Jack, I highly recommend you watch Adam Green’s latest about Trump’s role in the Zionist messianic global domination project:

      Trump’s primary agenda always was to check off boxes on the “biblical prophesy fulfillment” list. Mainly, “recognizing” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but also very importantly to ratify Israel’s claim to the Golan. It’s true that he functions as a “Goldstein” on the domestic front here in the old J.S.A., but in Israel they quite literally tout him as an “Edomite Moshiach” along the lines of King Cyrus (the Persian suzerain over Babylon who according to legend blessed the construction of the “Second Temple” by the Babylonian captives). Now, the Levite priesthood are quite openly toying with naming him the “Davidic King” of the world….

      Trump may use “America first language,” but his actions are pure Zion uber alles.

      • I have been one of the utmost exposers of El Trumpo the self proclaimed “King of Israel”. Yeah TRUMP IS A FRAUD like all the rest of them. There is no way anyone gets anywhere near the Presidential throne if they are not a total suck up to Jewish power. That is a fact Jack!

        1. Amerikan presidential candidates ALL start their campaign at the Wailing Wall.

        2. All presidential candidate then must speak in favor of Israel at AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee).

        3. Any candidate running on a nationalist platform (i.e pro American people and Constitution) is visciously attack by Jewish groups as a new Hitler.

        4. Anyone of prominence refuses to talk about Jewish influence in the American political system. Any young conservative candidate who dares to take on the Israeli lobby by stating any of what I have outlined above will have a short political life and maybe even a short physical life.

        5. The Jewmedia is 100% pro-Israel including PBS and Democracy Now! Amy Goodman is a (ugly unkempt Jewess).

        Left or Right the Jews run it all.

        6. How Jewish is Trumpenstein? His former wife is Jewish, they named a village after him when he gave the Golan Heights to Israel. His best buddy was Jeffrey Epstein, he was also pals with Ghislaine Maxwell and his best buddy golfing partner is Bill Clinton (who is logged on the Lolita Express 34 times).

        Anyone with an internet connection and keyboard can find all of this out, including tons of photographs about Trump’s undying loyalty to Israel.

        • Ah yes, speaking of Amy Goodman and Ashkenocrazy Now, remember that famous footage of her at the foot of the collapsing tower on Nighny Leven, running for her life from the advancing demo-cloud along with the rest of the hoi polloi? Isn’t it interesting that she never made her first-hand account of that harrowing experience a part of her public, on-camera shtick?

          Here’s how I see things like that working in the middle rings of the Tribe: the Levites and Sanhedrin will sometimes announce to select operatives that Yahweh intends to reveal Himself/make a show of force at some location. A useful idiot hasbara like Goodman shows up at some appointed place…and then gets genuinely scared out of her wits by a cataclysm so grand she never could have expected is it. This display of power literally puts the Fear of God in her, thereby ensuring her complicity as she is called upon to cooperate at still-deeper levels of deception and treachery.

          In the World to Come, when the Book of the Amerikanites is added to the Canon of the Tanakh, it will tell of how Yahweh executed his wrath on the Amerikanites for their unsatisfactory service to the Holy State of Israel, leveling the mighty Twin Towers of Neo-Babel to dust, to show that He is Yahweh and to rejoice at the sounds of the lamentations of the goyim and the unfaithful among his people…

    • A good example of jewish dominance in the so-called mainstream media is that of the “American History Channel” which should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel”.
      Most programming on this cable channel is devoted to demonizing Hitler and by inference Germany.
      If one watches the anti-German propaganda that this channel espouses, one would have to wonder how Germany could have lost WW2.
      According to programs on the “American History Channel”, Hitler was a drug addict, impotent, riddled with syphilis and other STDs, yet possessed highly technical “superweapons”, possessed “alien technology”, advanced flight and anti-gravity technologies, and still could not “win” WW2.
      Anyone with an open mind who watches the Hitler lies and fabrications on that channel can easily see that it is all BS, especially when the so-called “holocaust™” is inserted into just about all of these programming “gems”. The same old photos of emaciated typhus victim bodies are constantly being paraded around to remind “us” how evil Hitler truly was. (Yeah, right).
      Germany was much more advanced than even the USA of the time, hence “Operation Paperclip” commenced in which the USA snatched up Germany’s greatest scientific minds after the summation of WW2.
      Looking at the big picture (which is usually ignored), the “German state” was attacked by the rest of the world, and held on to its principles for far longer than expected.
      Hitler’s greatest “sin” was the monetization of labor (giving labor true “value”) and going against the Rothschild banks. Going against the jew-run banks made him “enemy #1”.
      He also KNEW that there was a subset of Bolshevik jews who were fomenting communist revolution within Germany. Most people are unaware of the secret agreements that he had with the zionists to “encourage” jewish emigration to what was then known as Palestine. These agreements were celebrated by both the German government and the zionists at the time. A commemorative coin was even issued to celebrate the agreement. THAT aspect of history is never mentioned on the “American Hitler Channel”.
      When it comes to WW2, Germany, and even the Allies, the “American History Channel” is 99% propaganda and 1% truth.
      If those of “the greatest generation” could see the world of today and what it has become, being jew-controlled, they would have thrown off their American uniforms and fought on the side of the Germans…

      • You make some good points. However, Hitler’s worst mistake was invading other countries and marginalizing and demonizing the locals. He called them untermenschen (underman, sub-man, subhuman). That’s no way to make friends.
        Yes Hitler and his people had literal street battles with the International Socialists (Communists). So the battle in Germany was between National Socialists and International Socialists. We’re seeing some of those same street battles here in the USSofA.
        Hitler should should have stayed in Germany and continue building up Germany However, he got a little to big for his britches. The Slavic man could have been his friend and instead the Slavic man kicked his ass (Battle of Stalingrad etc etc). Or maybe they could have decided the war by having Hitler’s best fighter duke it out with Slavic man best fighter (Klitschko brothers as an example). Winner takes all just like in the movie “Troy” starring Brad Pitt as Achilles. WW2 was a disaster for Europe and Europe has not recovered since. 40 to 50 million dead. A great loss of White people.
        BTW the Slavic man hated the Communist (Jewish) controlled Soviet.

      • @ anarchyst

        Thanks, what you say is all true, especially this:

        “Hitler’s greatest “sin” was the monetization of labor (giving labor true “value”) and going against the Rothschild banks. Going against the jew-run banks made him “enemy #1”.”

        There is another reason Jews hate Hitler, and why they must vilify him 24-7. He outed them as the problem. He said Jews were the cause of Germany’s problems. This is the big truth the Jews do not want Amerikans to realize, that Amerika is in an epic death spiral because of Jewish influence, like the wars for Israel after 911, the fiscal bankruptcy of the nation fighting losing wars in Afghanistan Iraq and Syria and now Ukraine.

        So as the nation decline the Amerikan sheep are going to get desperate and they will look for and vote for someone who can “make America great again”.

      • Hey anarchyst, let me offer some food for thought on Uncle Adolf. What I am puzzled by is that none of his detractors or rehabilitators nowadays seems to assign any import to where he actually came from. The fact is, Hitler was a political spy in the Reichswehr after WWI ended in 1918.

        Hitler’s job was to spy on anti-semites, notably Gottfried Feder. Hitler was paid to join the DAP, and then he served as a conduit through which the Reichswehr funded the DAP and built it up into the NSDAP. In other words, the incumbent powers quite deliberately groomed and engineered the rise of the NSDAP. Hitler meanwhile rose in the ranks thanks in part to his oratory skills, but I suspect it was more because he was a bottomless money-bag, thanks to his role as a government mole. This is all addressed in Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope (pp. 431-435). Of course, the “Wikipedia Official Version” is that Hitler had a “genuine conversion” to the cause that he was infiltrating, but I don’t buy it. Like he “went native” type of thing. But that doesn’t explain the ongoing funding he received from the Reichswehr. Seems to me, the hidden powers wanted to duild a golem. I think the plan always was to convert Germany into an “anti-semitic state” that Untermeyer’s American Jewish Congress could declare economic war on (which it did in 1933). The rest is fake history.

        As for Uncle Adolf, my point is, to me it couldn’t be more obvious that he was a puppet and a dupe the whole time, dancing to the tune of unknown forces, and believing he had the full backing of the “Deep State” until the very moment he was double-crossed as the staged WWII began its final act. Yes, sure he is scapegoated and vilified to this day. But not for what he actually was or did, but rather because that was merely the role he was set up to play! That is, the scapegoat controlled opposition, which was ultimately ritually sacrificed to attain the “Jewish State” of Israel…

        • Your citation of that passage from Tragedy & Hope in support of your outlandish theory about Hitler caused me to re-read it. Quigley states on page 433: “From his (Hitler’s) birth in Austria in 1889 to the outbreak of war in 1914, his life had been a succession of failures, the seven years of 1907-1914 being passed as a social derelict in Vienna and Munich. There he had become a fanatical Pan-German anti-Semite, attributing his own failures to the “intrigues of international Jewry.” Later, on page 434, Quigley does mention Hitler’s spying activities for the Reichswehr. There is no mention of him being assigned to spy on anti-Semitic groups specifically. Rather, Quigley states: “In the course of spying on numerous political groups in Munich, Hitler became fascinated by the rankings of Gottfried Feder against “interest slavery of the Jews.” At some meetings, Hitler himself became a participant, attacking the Jewish plot to dominate the world or ranting about the need for Pan-German unity. As a result he was asked to join the German Workers Party, and did so, becoming one of about 60 regular members and the seventh member of its executive committee.”

          Nothing about your theory of Hitler being a puppet or dupe or golem of the Jews is supported or “addressed” by Quigley. Got any other citations to back it up? Otherwise you are definitely just making shit up and need to stop.

  7. Hi Eric & all well informed commentators here. First off I am an absolutist 2A fanatic. With passage in our House of Repulsives of the Soviet-style “assault weapons” ban, we have just been set up for an especially heinous mass shooting in the USA. Since clowngress is scheduled to recess for two weeks and public screwell is about to restart the GovBeast now has a convenient window in which to initiate a mass shooting. All of this can now happen before this horrible “legislation” is passed on to Senate for final passage, and then on to the Demented One for rubber stamp approval. Any Semper Fi brothers out there? This old Marine will NEVER give up his guns!

    • Hi Kakalakysam,

      I dread this, too. But I am also resolute – determined not to abide this, should the worst come to pass. Because abiding it will be fare worse than that. No mask for me, ever. And none of the rest, either.

    • I agree wholly Marine. It would be suicide for any Amerikan to give up their guns now, when the state is completely against we the people.

      Covid Plandemic showed us what these mother f-ckers are capable of, can you imagine if we did not have guns what they might do to us.

      I also notice that whenever these anti-gun political hacks go somewhere they are always surrounded by men with guns. They are not anti-gun at all for themselves.

      It is pretty obvious that the Amerikan political class has completely sold us down the river and fear us – and the retribution they so justly deserve.

    • Nope, at least not yet. As long as AR-15 80% lowers are sold without internal components they are considered to be just “chunks of metal” and are NOT firearms. One can always purchase the internals separately or from other sources.

      • Has anyone heard of CSRQ-SM? You might want to look into where they are taking humanity soon. Use a browser like Duck, Duck, Go instead of Goo gle for uncencorned results.
        I promise you it’s worth looking into before being caught unaware

    • Oh NO! We’d better not print any more from plastic, carve any more from blocks of wood, bolt any more together from scrap pieces of flat stock, or anything else! If our rightful masters make a rule, we HAVE to OBEY!

  8. Funny I was under the impression that “democracy” is a euphemism for “do what the US government says or we’ll bomb you.”

    The Middle East doesn’t want that, Russia and China don’t want that, s as no—funnily enough—neither do a lot of Americans.

    And yet, the democracy continues.

    • Exactly. There is very little public support for any of the heinous crimes Amerika commits against other nations.

      But the media – which is all corporations – support the wars – and the defense contractors.

      So does the New York Times – which always lies their asses off about the nation we plan to bomb by the false flag we did to ourselves.

      “Iraq has Yellowcake Uranium” says 5 star Colin Powell, verified by all the Jews at the Times.

      • @Yukon,

        Religion’s got nothing to do with it.

        I don’t care much who’s next to me in the (metaphorical) foxhole, as long as our (again, metaphorical) guns are pointing in roughly the same direction.

        • Publius

          Judaism isn’t a “religion”.

          It’s a tribal-supremacist genocidal nationalist movement, dating back far anough that its foundational myth just happens to be a Bronze-age supernatural fantasy.

          Believe me, no adherent of that value system will ever be on your side of the foxhole, metaphorical or otherwise. They don’t even consider you the same species.

          • F_P,

            I’m not buying into this crap, go sell it to someone else.

            Jesus was Jewish, so was Mary. So is Ben Shapiro. We may disagree on some stuff, but I’ve known plenty of Jewish people (on all sides of the political spectrum) in my life and they were all fine people.

            Let’s stay focused on the main issues here, I for one have had enough of this stuff. It’s one thing to call out an individual, and another thing to call out a group.

            Isn’t that one of the worst things the Left has been up to lately, anyway: Dividing people into groups and then reducing them down to stereotypes, then ranking the stereotypes according to victimhood status?

            Stop doing that. Keep to the high road, and the higher ground.

            • Amen, Publius.

              This theory that all Jews are evil has tried my patience. I find myself not even bother reading some posts.

              • You are correct. Most “little jews” just want to live out their lives, just like us gentiles.
                This was a problem for the zionist leaders in pre-WW2 Germany as most “little jews” who had businesses in Weimar Germany had no desire to emigrate. They lived fine lives in Germany, controlled most businesses, the banks and the economy in general..
                Most of the angst directed at the jews was a result of zionist leaders purposely colluding with the German government to “make life difficult” for the average jew, thereby “encouraging” them to emigrate to what was then known as Palestine.
                The 1933 newspaper headline declaration: “Jews Declare War On Germany” certainly curried no favor with the average German, who quite often had a worse time economically than his jewish neighbors.
                As to Kristallnacht, this was a one-day (night) affair that angered Hitler to the extreme as it spoiled plans and agreements that he had with the zionist leaders who were “running the show”, providing for an orderly emigration process.
                It might interest historical types to know that it was zionist leaders who insisted that jews wear the “yellow star of david” as a means of identification, NOT the German government. This was all part of the zionist plan to marginalize German jews, making life difficult for them by design.
                One aspect of judaism that requires exploration is that of jewish solidarity and cohesiveness, which deserves commendation and emulation. The present-day problem is that today’s jews abhor other groups who desire to utilize this same solidarity and cohesiveness for themselves. This one aspect of jewish behavior does them no good and is but one more reason there is so much hatred and angst against jewish behavior. The main factor affecting jewish/gentile relations is the insistence that gentiles accept “multiculturalism and diversity” while jews do just the opposite. THAT is a major reason why (some) jews are hated. It’s the old “do as I say, not as I do” attitude that causes friction between jews and gentiles.

              • RG:

                It’s not that “all Jews are evil.”

                It’s that Judaism is evil. It’s an ideology, just like any other, be it communism or technocracy. Any given person is evil to the extent he adheres to Judaism, just like he might be misguided and doing harm to the extent he espouses communism or technocracy. Any given Jew might be a good person, but the political agenda and supremacist doctrine of Judaism is evil. If he remains a good person, that’s despite his “practicing Judaism.”

                Having your “patience tried” by critiques of an ideology is like getting “fed up by people saying all communists are evil,” or that “all technocrats are evil.” It’s the same thing. There are, indeed, many perfectly “good” and decent communists in the world, as well as well-intentioned technocrats. But their characters notwithstanding, their ideologies are evil.

              • Hi RG.

                Good points. But have you EVER heard me say that all of the small hat tribe is evil? I always restrict my remarks to the tools of the Dynasty. People are people. But some people of *every* tribe tend to be evil and dangerous. As for the other. I’d suggest you look into who the Pharisees were and are. Try using duck duck go or some other non establishment search engine for the best results.

            • Jesus Christ was of the Essene sect, a minor jewish sect that espoused many Christian-like aspects. The Essenes were “too few” for the Pharisees to come down on them for their philosophical differences.

            • “Jesus” and “Mary” are fictional characters, invented by a Jewish splinter cult in order to dupe the gullible masses into worshipping the Jewish god Yahweh and the Jewish people as Yahweh’s “nation of priests.” Ben Shapiro is a psychopathic Jewish supremacist who considers goyim sub-human scum worthy of nothing but being servants to Jews, which is what was taught by his villainous “spiritual heroes” Rebbe Shneerson and Moses Maimonides.

              Here is a video where he describes his vicious and despicable “beliefs”:

              You say, “Let’s stay focused on the main issues here.” I have no idea what you think the “main issues” are at all. I personally believe that the engineered fulfillment of “prophesies” of world domination by a misanthropic cult of monster-worshippers to enslave all the people of the world is, well, pretty darn important.

              You say, “It’s one thing to call out an individual, and another thing to call out a group.”

              But then you immediately call out a group: “Isn’t that one of the worst things the Left has been up to…”

              Criticizing the madness of messianic Judaism is the same in principle as criticizing “the Left”…but criticizing Judaism is superior in that it is more clearly defined and definable. Indeed, “the Left” as you conceive of it is just an ill-defined and transient aspect of the very Zionist project that some of us are struggling to expose.

  9. “Will they supinely accept it? If they do, they may come to regret it.” Yes,,, Yes.

    Like generations past that accepted the war between the states or the Federal Reserve Cartel,,, the 16th amendment to make us tax donkeys for their upcoming debt based monetary system and 17th amendment that dissolved the Republic,,, the anti free speech laws, firearm laws, unlawful wars to the point that now protesters are held and tortured with no habeas corpus. (Jan.6)
    We took lockdowns,,, useless mask wearing,,, business closures,,, mandated injections of experimental concoctions. I say we because there were no angry protests by citizens that did all those illegal ‘rules’ under color of law are still in power.

    You know they’re sure we are wimps when you see Trump openly playing house with those evil bastards known as the World Economic Forum and telling us how wonderful those killer shots are.
    They get us one group at a time. First was the Canadian Truckers, now farmers in Europe. While one group is under fire the other groups just duck and cover waiting for everything to blow over.

    Will they take guns? Yes. Will there be any organized resistance? Doubtful. Their already buying back guns in Canada, all blaming that false flag in Texas. Trudeau another WEF golden child.

    Where are they getting the funds to do this? From money stolen from taxpayers over the past 30-40 years,,, 21 trillion in the US alone per and investigation by Catherine Fitts. We are funding and assisting with our own demise. It doesn’t get more idiotic than that.

  10. The “American gulag” is alive and operating with the Jan 6 political prisoners languishing in various jails around the country.
    Isn’t there ONE honest judge in the country that could demand habeas corpus for them all?

    • anarchyst,
      Apparently not. Not only are they being denied habeas corpus, but even those who are charged are being denied a quick and speedy trial. Looking more and more like the USSR.

    • Hi Anarchyst

      Don’t leave out Gitmo. Its a total disgrace that it even exists. We’ve seen the corrupt and cowardly nature of the entire judicial system on display in 2020.

  11. During the Weimar Republic, Jewish intellectuals campaigned for gun control laws. They got what they wanted, later, after the Weimar collapse, new powers made life miserable for the Jewish intellectuals, guns were confiscated. You were given a free train ride to your new work place.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    “Oh, potatoes, if only we had some potatoes, we’d be rich,” said a Jewish mother after arriving at Auschwitz and discovered every garden had been scoured long before she got there.

    I heard her daughter repeat the words her Jewish mother said, that’s been 20 years ago.

    That’s where they want you, the shitheads in charge don’t care about your bag of bones.

    A crime to own a firearm, a crime to own a car, it will be and maybe is a crime to criticize the stupidest people alive, the usual suspects, don’t have to name names.

    It’ll be a crime to wear clothes of your choice, you’ll be issued wearable clothing, can’t wear anything else.

    It will be a crime to eat beef, chicken, pork, duck, dairy products. Apples and oranges will be for the elite hogs will eat them all, you can’t have any, ever.

    The only legal foodstuffs will be worms and bugs.

    Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, those desires don’t count anymore, God-given unalienable human rights are obsolete.

    It is now a crime to seek such goals. Two Minute Hate will be a crime too.

    Listen to Klaus, you’ll be happy and have nothing. Just as planned.

    Klaus’ message is not what you want to hear, you’ll have to grin and bear it.

    Hey, Klaus, be careful what you wish for others, you just might get it.

    There is no gravity, the earth sucks.

  12. ‘the sociopathic simian meant, if you question us, you are a threat to our democracy.’ — eric

    Nothing better highlights the nature of the Uniparty than when Michelle Obama got all huggy-kissy with the simian-visaged non-entity (SVNE). Apparently the Obamas, despite their African heritage, share the Retarded Chimp’s depraved fetish for blowing brown people to pink mist on the other side of the planet.

    There is only one War Party. With Clowngress having added $58 billion of pork to the pending National Defense Appropriation Act, the War Pigs are feelin’ fat and sassy as they squeal and snort at the bountiful cornucopia laid out for their degustation.

    In the fields, the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to mankind
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds
    Oh lord, yeah!

    — Black Sabbath, War Pigs

  13. Meanwhile, Xi Jinping is up for reelection. The Chinese bubbles are popping as his “common prosperity” economic plan falls apart and zero-COVID policy causes disruptions in high-tech Guangdong providence. Central planning works until the wrong guy takes the reins. Only thing the Chinese people can do is sit back and watch the party politics play out.

    The central planners will defend their missteps as not having enough data, or worse, you dumb rubes didn’t do it right. So you’d better toe the line and be happy about it or else! For sure allowing anyone outside of their sphere to have a force multiplier is right out.

  14. ‘the Leftist drug-pusher who runs the “vaccine” company, Pfizer’ — eric

    … and also cadged billions for a snake-oil covid treatment, Paxlovid. As “Joe Biden” tests positive after completing his regimen, the headlines are oh-so-predictable:

    ‘Rare case of rebound’ …

    ‘Rare’, comrades … but it happened to “Doctor” Fauci too.

    These irony-proof Big Gov celebrity patients just don’t get it: their mismanaged ‘cases’ constitute neon-sign warnings and cautionary tales. Four (4) freaking shots don’t stop you from catching covid; a five-day regimen of Paxlovid don’t kill the coof, and it bounces right back to bite your ass again.

    Tens of billions sunk into ‘vaccines’ and ‘Paxlovid,’ and all we got out of it was a mountain of glass vials and blister packs that, in the neutral terminology of medical science, can be described as ‘worthless dogshit.’

    • There’s nothing rare about it Jim. Several coworkers have had Wuhan flu more than once. Some have accepted the vaccine, some not. The damn thing is a dud but that’s not going to stop them. The nature of the politican is to bet on the long shots – Put it all on black, as it were. When the ball continues to land on 00 they keep going, convinced that because they’re lucky so this is just a temporary setback. Never occurs to them that the wheel is rigged. I think it has to do with the election process, itself being a long shot. Anyone with any common sense wouldn’t go through the effort, there being much easier paths to whatever it is motivates them to run (power being just the most obvious).

      They’re optimistic by nature. When a trusted colleague tells them of a magic potion that will fix everything, of course their interested. When the executive summary of the test results show a postive outcome, that potion becomes the preferred solution. What they don’t know, or could possibly understand, is that the studies are so flawed that I’d bet chicken soup probably was more effective at treating COVID than the potion is at preventing it.

    • Hey, dogshit has some fertilizer value! The output of pharma is worse than worthless, it’s toxic and costs to dispose of!

  15. Just as they are trying to get us out of IC cars by driving up the price of gas, I suspect there are back-door schemes to effectively ban AR-15s. “Reasonable” Republicans would agree to laws limiting the quantity of ammo that could be bought at one time, or taxing it heavily. Hey Bubba, you don’t need a thousand rounds to go deer hunting! And the government could buy up much of the .223 and 5.56 (the brave Ukrainians need it!), which would quickly make it unavailable or at least unaffordable.
    Magazines don’t even make very good doorstops when they’re empty.

  16. The second amendment is a HUGE thorn, in all four paws of the Psychopaths In Charge. “The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” could not be more clear. We don’t need the SCOTUS to “interpret” that for us. It makes each and every gun law a crime, speaking of “criminals”, since any gun law is by definition an infringement.
    Tyrants always try to disarm the people. As Hitler correctly surmised, it’s much easier to load people on the trains to the camps if they aren’t shooting at you. The Warsaw Ghetto held off the SS with, if I recall correctly, about twelve handguns, for I forget how long. Seems that forgetting has turned into one of my favorite pass times, as I approach my maximum expiration date.
    The “Patriot Act” was a direct repudiation of the entire Bill of Rights. What happened to that “Rules Based International Order”, since the US Psychopaths In Charge have thrown the real rules out the window? They will instead imprison or execute anyone who stands by those rules.
    Never ever forget, that this same gang of clowns murdered a sitting POTUS in broad daylight in 1963. Not that JFK was a saint, but his murder delivered an accurate description of what rules us now. Criminals.

    • But John, who else but nine wise, over-educated lawyers can correctly interpret what the founders meant by placing a comma where they did, instead of where else they might have placed it? 🙄

      • Ready,
        The SCOTUS has no Constitutional authority to determine what is, and is not Constitutional. Power usurped. Until 1860, we had a very effective means of enforcing it. “If you aren’t going to play by the rules, we will take our marbles and go home”. The Confederacy tried to do exactly that, and 650,000 dead Americans later, more than all other wars combined, that method was destroyed. Leaving the only “enforcement” in the hands of a SCOTUS who had stolen the power to do so in the first place. Leaving the fox in charge of the hen house. Not to mention that the “constitutional” convention itself was a coup. Supposedly intended to modify the Articles of Confederation, it instead threw them out, and started anew.

    • Hi John,
      “The “Patriot Act” was a direct repudiation of the entire Bill of Rights.” Exactly, and how convenient that it magically appeared and was passed within days of 9/11. The PTB had the sitting on the shelf for years and the inside job of bringing down the towers was the opportunity they needed. JFK was going to slow down the gravy train of war spending and they couldn’t let that stand; it doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to figure out he was set up, I was a h.s. junior when that happened and most of us could see that the Warren Commission was a BS coverup. Same with the 9/11 Commission but I think more people knew right off the bat that it was pure horses*t. The Chimp was the useful idiot strutting around like a rooster while he was pretending to be some macho man when he was just a fool and a tool for the Deep State. I just turned 75 but I hope to live long enough to piss on his grave.

  17. There is only one valid purpose for a government – to codify the protection of rights.

    When it steps outside this narrow channel, it is invalid and has no authority and there is no duty to listen to it.

    A government that derives its powers from the people can’t have powers the people themselves don’t have.

    • Dan,
      There is a common misconception of government having “rights”. It doesn’t. It has powers.
      Each and every government is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. No government can function without that assumption. No government “rights” involved. And no respect for yours.

      • I prefer to say that the government is granted privileges- explicitly and only as specified by the constitution(s). It says much the same thing, but also emphasizes the correct master/servant relationship. Those grants of privilege convey revocable powers.

        My driving is not a legal privilege- nor what kind of weapons I choose to procure and possess. The servant does not have the power to grant privileges to the master- nor to put conditions on his rights.

      • anarchyst,
        Easy. With the money they stole from you, and your posterity. If there ever was a case of “taxation without representation” debt imposed on future generations is it.

      • Hi anarchyst

        How? By making an offer you can’t refuse. The same as any other gang/mafia would.

        Government is nothing more or less than a Gang of thieves and murderers writ large.
        Their “authority” rests on a series of illusions/delusions. Which have allowed their criminal enterprises to continue for centuries. Anyone who examines the origins of government, knows this for a fact. Once Divine Right of Kings had passed its useful phase. It was time for The Will Of The People (they just don’t tell you which people…) and “democracy” to take over. But it remains the same age old scam that it was from the start.

        • H BJ,

          In re ” will of the people” … and which people… brilliant dissection! This ie exactly how we dissipate the mind-fog authoritarians use to wheedle the passive agreement of the people to being ruled over by other people; i.e., them. Every word must be parsed – its definition articulated – before discussion begins. If there is to be any chance of having an honest one.


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