Acting vs. Talking

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There is one clear difference between Leftists (they style themselves “Democrats”) and Republicans  – who often style themselves “conservatives,” though of what, exactly, it is hard to divine.

And this difference is related to that.

The difference being that Leftists act – while “conservatives” (i.e., Republicans) talk about acting. It is hardly necessary to trot out examples but that of the past going-on-three-years will more than suffice. Leftists fostered a “pandemic” – and never hesitated to act on it. They “locked down” the country – well, “locked down” the average American, including the American small businessman, so as to consolidate economic power in the hands of the big corporations, now Woke, that finance the Left in a mutually beneficial reach-around. They “mandated” the wearing of “masks,” so as to create the necessary visual of abject submission, to Leftism. They even went so far as to all-but-gunpoint the entire population into submitting to medical experimentation.

And the whole time this was going on, what did “conservatives” conserve?

What have they ever “conserved”?

Now comes another – possibly, the final – opportunity for “conservatives” to do more than talk.

By now, everyone is aware of the Hut! Hut! Hutting! of the Orange Fail’s residence-in-exile at Mara Lago, in Florida. Everyone should be aware that this Hut! Hut! Hutting! is a kind of Sicilian Message – sent to us rather than the Orange Fail. We are to understand that disobedience will not be tolerated.

This ought not to be tolerated.

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is a Republican. He has it in his power to act in such a way as to challenge the Leftists who seek all power, including that serially ceded to them by Republicans. He could use the power he has as the governor of the state in which the Orange Fail resides to protect the Orange Fail from the Leftist who engineered his fail. Who will also engineer the failure of DeSantis, if he fails to act rather than talk.

He has already done this as regards the “masks” and the “vaccines” – two things the Orange Man failed to act on (or acted complicity). Florida became a literal sanctuary city for people who saw through the Kabuki and understood the evil behind “masking.” Who objected to being all-but-gunpointed into submitting to medical experimentation like so many disposable lab rats.

DeSantis acted heroically, which accounts for his popularity among people desperate for sound action rather than sound – and not much fury. If he acts now, he could become even more popular. Perhaps popular enough to be a force the Left would have to reckon with. A force powerful enough to put the failures of the Orange Man behind us and coalesce around success.

There is a venerable – and honorable – tradition of such action that Republicans might try to remember. Thomas Jefferson explicated such action in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions he co-authored with James Madison. That action was nullification of actions taken that were contrary to the plain language and obvious intent of the Constitution. In the original context, the call to action was directed at the loathsome Alien and Sedition acts enacted by the regime of John Adams, which criminalized opposition to the Adams regime, styled “seditious” by the acts.

Has it got a familiar, January sixth-ish ring?

The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions held that state governments not only had no obligation to enforce unconstitutional federal edicts but a duty to oppose them. These Resolutions were, arguably, the first rhetorical shot in what eventually became the War for Southern Independence, which has since been styled the “Civil War” by the victors – notwithstanding the fact that the Southern states never sought to seize control of the federal government – the critical element that defines a civil war.

Rather, the Southern states attempted to act upon the principles articulated by Jefferson and Madison in 1798 – viz, that when federal authority swells beyond constitutional bounds and by dint of that becomes abusive, per se, it is no longer legitimate authority. Had the federal government refrained from asserting unconstitutional authority – specifically, the authority to tax, via onerous tariffs, which was the issue at hand, not slavery – the Southern states would likely have not attempted to leave the “union” each of them had voluntarily and freely joined in 1787.

It is tragic that this check on abusive action perished from the earth – to borrow a neat phrase from the man who was directly responsible for its perishing – for we now face the prospect of a scorched earth, resulting from 157 years of pent-up pressure and serial failure by “conservatives” to conserve anything.

Perhaps DeSantis will listen to the admonitions of men who did act, such as Jefferson and Madison. Declare that Florida will not enforce or abide unconstitutional acts by the federal government. Such action might just spread.

And that would beat Hell out of all this talking.

. . .

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    • Hi Mark,

      This may all be so, regarding DeSantis. But the article – the way I read it – seems to take the position that DeSantis is being “managed” to replace Our Savior, the Orange Man. That they – the establishment – are terrified of the Orange Man. I call bullshit on that. The Orange Man is the establishment, as his actions (vs. his talk) have established.

      DeSantis hasn’t yet burned up my cautious trust that he might not be another complicit tool. We’ll see…

      • ‘the article – the way I read it – seems to take the position that DeSantis is being “managed” to replace Our Savior, the Orange Man.’ — eric

        I’m much more concerned about the “managers” than the merits or demerits of any individual candidate.

        As a commentator wrote elsewhere: ‘Americans today are like the Romanov family huddled in the basement of their home. Those poor bastards. They could not conceive the vile putrid evil lurking in the hearts of the Bolsheviks.’

        Most Americans assume today’s Demsheviks will exhibit some level of humanity. They will be shocked by how brutally this plays out. Darkness is descending.

      • Eric,

        I agree; Trump is in on the WEF inspired Great Reset. Shoot, there’s video footage of him saying that Klaus Schwab is doing a great job! No one goes to Davos unless they’re globalist through and through.

        That said, DeSantis is GOPe. His long silence about the FBI raid on the former POTUS is rather telling, especially since said raid happened to one of the citizens in HIS state! Also, see my earlier post below, where I talk about the significance of him going after the George Soros backed, activist DA in FL.

        The only difference, as I see it, is this: either Biden (or whoever the Dems run to replace him) will screw us raw and hard, while the GOPe POTUS will use some KY and give it to us gently. Either way, we still get screwed though…

        • Hi Mark,

          I have to respectfully disagree with Eric and you. I don’t believe Trump is with the WEF at all. I also believe he is on the outer cusp of the establishment.

          I say this because my father is very similar to Trump. Don’t get me wrong I love my father, but I cannot deny there are traits and personality characteristics that make him difficult to deal with for many. These guys run hot and cold. If you are the type to make their lives easier they love you, but the day that you don’t agree with the “plan” you are the enemy. There may be a tad of biopolarism running amok. 😜

          A compliment means diddly squat, because it can be taken back the next day. Trump providing praise once to Klaus, just means Schwab did something that Trump wanted done, not that he actually has respect for him. Can these types of guys respect others? It is rare when they do, because honestly, they believe the entire system is out to get them. If they do like you it is because you have made yourself valuable.

          Trump is not a lockstep type of guy, taking direction from someone else is not how he is designed. They love being the center of attention. They are rarely wrong, which I think causes a large amount of dislike. The delivery and boastfulness wins few friends, but they actually are pretty generous and funny people.

          I like DeSantis, but he is establishment. His personality is that of a problem solver and I think he doesn’t have a problem rocking the boat when needed, but I hesitate…can he be turned and swayed? Trump is the bull through the China shop and DeSantis is the raven…capable and constantly thinking ahead. Can he be trusted?

          • Interesting perspective, RG. Could be so, could be not. Who knows? actions suggest otherwise, it seems.

            Anyway, I’m curious how your camping trip went, did you see anything with your telescope or bi-nock-u-lars? Or, was it cloudy & cool perfect camping weather for sitting around a fire like it has been here?

            Also, I still hope you had happy canning. If you have any left over, if you didn’t already know, this seems enticing:

            ‘Canning Tomato Sauce With a New Twist, by St. Funogas’


            • Hi helot,

              My couple days at the river went well. It was a beautiful weekend and the water was calm. I ended driving over to Virginia’s Eastern Shore around Irvington and Kilmarnock. The skies were clear. Yesterday went peach picking outside Charlottesville. The peach orchard was on top of a mountain. One could see for miles into downtown. Not a cloud in the sky.

              Stayed home today and canned the bushel of peaches that we picked and some stewed tomatoes. Thank you for the article on canning spaghetti sauce. I am always looking for simpler methods.

          • Hi RG,

            If it weren’t for the “vaccine” pushing (and enabling) and lack of understanding (or worse, that he does understand) I would still support the Orange Man. But the fact that he still pushes “vaccines” establishes him as a dangerous idiot or something much more dangerous than that.

          • RG,

            I’m originally from Jersey, so I understand how New Yorkers act; I get it. I like Trump’s manner; it’s what I grew up with and what I’m accustomed to. I never had a problem with Trump’s manner.

            That said, there’s the vaccine. Trump’s still pushing it; he’s still bragging about it. Plus, by abdicating to Pres. Fauci for most of 2020, he enabled the narrative.

  1. I know a lot of commenters on here are word connoisseurs. Spot the politically charged word in this headline:

    FBI Director Wray pushes back on threats following unprecedented raid on Trump: ‘Deplorable and dangerous’

    In some respects, laughable, but these guys really think they are playing some mind games with some folks.

  2. leftists acting all right………..

    The leftist/communist /globalists lie 24/7 about everything so they can control, rob and eliminate you.

    As This Chart Clearly Shows; Humans have nothing to do with climate change
    The climate change premise debunked.

    CO2 has risen since 1895 but there has been no warming, there is no global warming ….lol

    Climate change?….yes……..the sun has cycles….what are you going to do about it moron?……

    We acknowledge full heartedly that the climate changes. However, the science shows that humans, animals, and C02 have nothing to do with it. The sun has cycles, and the narrative flows to the reality of these cycles.

    CO2 does not cause global warming, people and CO2 don’t cause climate change.

    So they are taking away your food (meat), cars, money, assetts, real estate and freedom based on a lie that you cause CO2 which causes global warming that causes climate change….lol

    Based on this they are eliminating/banning ice cars because they have .00001% emissions of CO2 that has no connection to anything….lol….but they lie and say it does…..

    the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists… is white….. up is down….bad is good….no warming is warming

    do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
    leftists lie 24/7
    (the elite communist/globalist in control at the top will still drive Bugatti’s, own sixty cars, eat steak, fly in private jets, sail in 400 foot yachts, have billions of dollars and ten $50 million homes). you will own nothing….lol

    Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
    leftist/communists = satanist.

  3. ‘The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is a Republican. He has it in his power to act in such a way as to challenge the Leftists …’ — eric

    Here’s an interview of Martin Armstrong, who (somewhat like Ray Dalio) forecasts the socioeconomic future quantitatively, using his Socrates program.

    Midway though, Armstrong — who mentions that he lives in Florida — describes meeting with DeSantis and advising him NOT to run in 2024.

    In the rest of the interview, Armstrong explains why: namely, this whole politically-weaponized shitshow is headed downhill fast, starting in September.

    What used to distinguish the US from Third World countries, says Armstrong, was peaceful transition of power. New presidents don’t raid the homes of their political opponents and arrest them. Or at least, they didn’t until August 8th.

    • Hi Jim,

      I am just thinking off the cuff here…maybe the FBI was lured by false prophets.

      CNN was interviewing Mulvaney this morning. Mulvaney mentioned that only 6 to 8 people close to Trump would know about the Mar A Lago safe and believe he was set up by somebody close to him. My money is on Melania. 😉 My thought is if someone knows about basement boxes and safe assets would have to have a tremendous amount of credence and faith by the owner of such holdings.

      Most of the nation is aghast that a former President was raided, but maybe he intentionally setup the raid to showcase how politicized the three letter agencies are. The IRS has gone after Trump numerous times and have yet to find anything that sticks. Trump is paying his accountants tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands a year. These people know what is a legal deduction and what isn’t. They are not going to sign their name to a return and risk their business and personal reputation to appease a client.

      I don’t believe Trump is a stupid man. One does not become a successful real estate developer by being an idiot. This would take cunning and complete trust of your circle to pull off, but if nothing is found (I will be surprised if something is) it would put the Biden and Democrats in a horrible position. It could also turn a large portion of the public to view the former President in a sympathetic light and further discredit the US government.

      The rest of the world already showcases the current Administration as baffling fools, why wouldn’t a political opponent with a score to settle not do the same?

      Just throwing it out there as a what if.

      • Hi RG,

        That’s solid, I think. Also, I think it’s just possible this whole thing could have been a set-up to assure Orange Man runs again in 2024, rather than DeSantis or some other person who might actually act rather than talk…

        • Hi Eric,

          Good point. By Armstrong visiting DeSantis and telling him not to run due to “scary stuff” on the horizon this makes Trump a push in for 2024 if he wants it with no other real competitors.

          Who else can beat a Democrat except another Democrat? They all think alike and my guess Trump has more than a little dirt on his hands over the years.

          • ‘By Armstrong visiting DeSantis and telling him not to run due to “scary stuff” on the horizon this makes Trump a push in for 2024.’ — Raider Girl

            Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model with an 8.6-year fixed cycle sometimes seemingly identifies major turning points, though of what (Stocks? Bonds? Gold? Business cycle?) is never clear in advance. Chart:


            For instance, his low point of 2020.05 (decimal value = 1/26/20) almost coincided with stocks’ pre-covid high in Feb 2020. Whoops! But maybe the low point referred to bonds, which rallied like crazy after Jan 2020. No one knows for sure, including Armstrong himself.

            In the interview, Armstrong mentions that the REALLY bad stuff — including the risk of world war and nuclear annihilation — comes in 2025-2026, coinciding with the down wave in the above chart from 2024.35 to 2028.65, covering most of the next presidential term.

            Politicians don’t think this way, though. They have to play the cards they’re dealt. And political careers can’t wait. FDR and Churchill capitalized on crises. Most egotistical politicians are supremely confident they could do the same, and even look forward to a trial by fire.

        • Yep, Eric. The Bubbas are probably like: “They don’t want us to have Trump, so…WE WANT TRUMP The Vax Pusher!!”. Meet the new Republican, same as the old Republican; same as the current Democrat…… The level of support for The Orange Dufus among average Americans was practically like the level of support the Germans had for Hitler early on- so imagine how much more it’ll be so now, that they are making it look like he is being ‘persecuted’?!

  4. 5G is a key part of the leftist/communist/globalist surveillance state.

    5G is required for real time monitoring of everything you do, where you go, who you communicate with, what you buy and soon what you think. Data on what you think is already on file in your search history and social media activities.

    This data will be used in your social credit score which determines if you can work, buy or rent somewhere to sleep, have access to the new CBDC money and your ability to buy food and gas, a low score cuts off all access.

    5G also causes some health issues….


  5. leftist injection mandates…

    unused expired habs etc.

    ponders.. when will the contracts signed by western governments with big pharma be investigated for illegally granting immunity form prosecution and over buying useless “vaccines”, targeting a mild flu relabeled bat germ that disappeared 18 months ago, be investigated?

    check this out:

    Covid Vaccine Mandates Scrapped in Costa Rica | Principia Scientific Intl. (

    “As well as the immediate end to compulsory vaccination Chaves said that there will be an investigation into the contracts signed by the previous government as he believes excessive amounts of doses were purchased.

    According to the World Health Organisation, as of 29 July 2022, a total of 11,504,591 vaccine doses had been administered in a country with an estimated population of 5,2 million. The previous government of Carlos Alvarado signed contracts with Pfizer and AstraZeneca.”

    the EU has 347 million unused doses for its 444 million population all probably past their use by date

    COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker | European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (

    the US has 190 million unused doses for its 338 million

    CDC COVID Data Tracker: Vaccinations in the US

    australia? purchases of 130.5 million pfizer doses, 25 million moderna, 54 million astra zeneca – a total of 210 million useless doses for Australia’s 26 million population of which 58 million have been administered (according to ourworldindata).

    Australia’s vaccine agreements | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

    canada has donated 137 million toxic, expired and useless doses via CoVAX to third world countries in order to spread death and injuries as far and wide as possible.

    canada has procured 179 million doses for its 38 million population – well into 2024 – targeting the defunct virus – it has administered 87 million so far (ourworldindata) leaving 92 million rotten doses rotting even further on shelves.

    in addition canada has pledged 200 million to covax (137m already given), total 379 million doses procured.

    Procuring vaccines for COVID-19 –

    Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine supply and donation strategy –

    so, Australia + US + Canada + EU totals

    unused and useless doses (supplied with fraudulent claims for efficacy and safety) = 839 million


    was it worth it?

    from here: COVID Live – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer (

    case study – Haiti – population 11.7 million

    cases per million 2,786

    (v 279,138 for the US, 106,268 for canada, 372,763 for australia and italy 355,043 for italy (EU proxy)

    deaths per million 72

    (v 3,138 for the US, 1,116 for canada, 484 for australia and 2,880 for italy

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations – Our World in Data

    haiti’s “vaccination rate” = 1.4% double doses and another 0.8% single doses.

    prima facie evidence of the uselessness of the response using “vaccinations”.

    now factor it that using an under-reporting factor of 40 for adverse events from “vaccinations” and 8 to globalize the EU+US share of EU+US injections of 12.5 billion global injections..

    20 million killed by lethal injections of “vaccines” that target a virus the died out 18 months ago and 1.8 billion injuries (multiple per person) that will worsen into life threatening injuries.

    there may be no escape. humans all over the world have been excreting spike proteins from their bodies for 18 months. these toxins will be in water tables, reservoirs, rivers, lakes and oceans by now. maybe the are being ingested by sea creatures and returning to the human food chain. maybe animals and fish physiologies will metabolize the creation of spike proteins they ingest. who knows – not the WHO that’s for sure.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with Eric that if we stand by and do nothing but observe that which is being done to us, we will have horrible outcomes. Tyranny will be our future. I don’t see voting as a useful mode of participation. I see voting as unloading our responsibility for shaping the world we live in off onto the shoulders of some politician, and if you leave it to politicians to shape the world you’re truly screwed.

    Tyranny doesn’t have to be inevitable. There are things we can do to impede its progress and reverse it. The catch is that it requires work. Eric is a great example of someone putting in the work to beat back tyranny through his writings on this blog, acting as an example of someone with the backbone to stand up to the mandates and as someone who is helping show the way towards creating an alternate parallel world.

    Having the spine to not comply with BS edicts is extremely powerful. Being self reliant makes you ungovernable. Being a member of a community of self reliant people insulates you from a lot of the tyranny. Each and every one of us has an obligation to make a contribution. Each one of us has to find what it is that we have to offer, because we are all different and unique.

    We all have our unique gifts to use to create the world we’d prefer to live in, but it doesn’t happen without taking action. If we aren’t all actively involved we get what “they” give us. Tyranny is inevitable if we just sit around hoping for someone else to deal with it.

  7. In the wake of the Trump raid, Hillary hawks ‘BUT HER EMAILS’ caps and T-shirts: [barf alert]

    Yeah, we all get it: Hillary is sponsored by the Deep State; Trump is targeted by it.

    But the first rule of Deep State is, you don’t talk about Deep State.

    By brazenly flaunting her illegitimate impunity — as outrageously as shaking her bare bazooms at the camera — Hillary makes life unnecessarily difficult for the spooks, seditionists and conspirators who daily bend America’s laws to keep her sagging bubble butt out of prison.

    This isn’t cool. There will be consequences.

    • Hi Jim,

      What I like about Hillary is that it shows. She is so deranged she cannot help herself. Her “tells” are as obvious as Ted Bundy’s … with Bundy’s appeal.

      • ‘She is so deranged she cannot help herself.’ — eric

        Hillary’s taunting hubris — tweaking not only the cowering deplorables but also a relentless federal conviction machine that could lock her up tomorrow morning if she fell out of its favor — is of a piece with her sincere delusion in 2016 that she really was a lock for president.

        One shudders to imagine the horror-house scene at home in Chappaqua. At the breakfast table, syphilis-ridden old Bill’s mouth hangs open as he mindlessly drools on his corn flakes, occasionally croaking the name of some long-ago deep-throat Jezebel.

        Hillary, having torn the petals off the bouquet of black roses on the table, scrolls through her iPhone, cackling uproariously over her exploding page views, thanks to her cheeky caps ‘n T-shirts venture.

        ‘The White House will be ours again!’ she cries triumphantly to a blank-faced Bill. ‘Even if we have to crawl in through the basement window!’

    • Hi Jim,

      She was the very reason I voted for Trump…to make sure she never sat in the Oval Office.

      Why she chose to bring up her emails shows how truly unbalanced she is. She either knows (or assumes) she is above the law. Only a true psychopath believes they are immortal.

      • ‘[Hillary] either knows (or assumes) she is above the law.’ — Raider Girl

        So did Ghislaine Maxwell, who attended Chelsea’s wedding. Then the Clinton Cabal shockingly turned against her, when Ghislaine became expendable and inconvenient to have around.

        Sundance’s take on the Clinton Cabal’s latest bold move:

        ‘Judge Bruce Reinhart signed off on the sketchy FBI search warrant for Trump’s residence in Florida. Reinhart spent 12 years as a federal prosecutor in West Palm Beach, before leaving to defend employees of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

        ‘Considering the proposed raid would have landed upon an ordinarily reluctant judicial desk, what if the FBI had leverage over Judge Reinhart as an outcome of the case against Epstein’s enabler, Ghislaine Maxwell?

        ‘Maxwell’s co-prosecutor in New York was former FBI Director James Comey’s daughter, Maurene Comey.

        ‘The client files of Epstein and Maxwell would be currently in the hands of the FBI. If Bruce Reinhart was a client of Epstein it would explain: (a) his original motive to take up a defensive position on behalf of Epstein; and (b) current leverage for the FBI to use in order to get Judge Reinhart to sign a sketchy and dubious search warrant.

        Was Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart a client of Epstein and Maxwell’s sex services?

        Who knows. But it certainly fits the Clintons’ co-opting, corrupting modus operandi. Everything they touch becomes irredeemably soiled.

    • At work, although its getting old by now, after too many security refreshers to count, somebody (like the boss) would say, “this is, unless you’re name is ‘Hillary Clinton’ and I don’t think it is!” (…that you’d wind up in prison for a very long time if you dare to not pay heed to da rules)

      Her activities with those classified documents is OUTER SPACE illegal and felonious. It’s just a bitter sarcastic joke that its even debatable. Jokes on us… as usual.

  8. Before Lincoln, the ONLY means of enforcing the Constitution lay in the hands of the States. “Play by the rules or we take our marbles and go home.” After Lincoln killed 600k+ Americans, more than all other wars combined, to disabuse of us of such notion, the fox was left in charge of the hen house.

  9. I’ve said on this forum and elsewhere, several times, that I think that Trump was “in” on the entire scam. All the way from the 2016 election. The Dems couldn’t have run a worse candidate — one not even supported by the majority of their own party and just a hideous person in general — and they are the ones that made sure Trump was the GOP candidate on the flimsy excuse that “he would be the easy one to beat”.

    So when I heard about the Trump raid, on face value it did appear kind of outrageous, but I had in the back of my mind, “maybe this is staged and Trump is in on this as well?” I have that perpetual suspicion because I’ve always loved reading about the mob, all the way back to its roots in Italy. I’m all too familiar with the “double-double cross” tactics.

    Well, what do you know? I’m (unsurprisingly) not alone in that suspicion. On today’s Lew Rockwell, Gary Barnett’s article seems to agree:

    Vote for Trump?! I mean, I would vote for a dead dog over Biden but Trump is scarcely any better. He absolutely is part of “the plan”. Sorry Trump fanboys, time to learn about the Italian “double double” cross because you’re falling for it. And we’re paying for it.

    • No doubt about it, EM. A rich long-time Democrat from NYC who greased all the right palms…err..I mean “made deals”….there is NO WAY that he suyddenly morphs into some red-blooded friend of the Bubbas and farmers, whom even the typical working-class NYer mocks…… Guarantee ya, he HATES the people who are his supporters. His comtempt for them, and his estimation of their lack of intelligence is apparent by the fact that he can continue to proclaim the very same things he said in ’15-’16, though when he was in office, he took action on NONE of those things. “Clean the Swamp”, again- though he has proven that he IS the Swamp.

      They are all actors- and anyone who believes otherwise at this point is beyond help.

  10. The Horrors of Reading:
    “How the Inflation Reduction Act might impact you — and change the U.S.”
    by the Washington Post

    $260 billion in clean-energy tax credits

    $80 billion in new rebates for electric vehicles, green energy at home and more
    (Fuck you. Just stay away from my land and vehicles)

    $1.5 billion in rewards for cutting methane emissions
    [Insert fart joke here] (Also, in the case of oil companies, etc, sell methane as a fuel. Burning it at the end of a pipe is just wasteful.)

    $27 billion ‘green bank’
    (What in the Christ? Just such atrocious ideas from people who have nothing to give humanity.)

    Support for fossil fuel projects
    (Also some bullshit. If you don’t choke an oil company by squeezing its neck while it’s thrashing at the bottom of a full bathtub, it will do fine.)

    Support for coal miners with black lung
    (Human interest story so anyone who voted “no” would hate victims of the Black Lung, and probably step on puppies, too.)

    Agriculture, steel, ports and more
    (Handouts! Wheee! Think the Joker in 1989’s “Batman”)

    Hundreds of billions from a 15 percent corporate minimum tax
    (‘The plan would attempt to close off that option by subjecting large corporations to a tax on their financial statements.’ “Weeelll, no more statements from us, then! From now on, we won’t state shit about finances!”)

    $124 billion from major enforcement increases at the IRS
    (*Shoots entire airplane single of 99 Blackberries* Cheers! And FUCK US, I guess!)

    A new tax on companies repurchasing their own shares
    (A little like a tax on people eating their own feces.)

    Lowering prescription drug prices
    (Gov’t IS the problem! All of it! For example: “The legislation would also impose a $35 monthly cap on the cost of insulin.” Properly set up, I could produce a gallon of insulin at the proper concentration for $10. It’s bullshit. They can sell it for THEIR price because if I started selling insulin at MY price, the big boys would send an army of goons to arrest me! For SOMETHING! ANYTHING!)

    Extending health insurance subsidies

    Reducing the federal deficit
    (Bahahahahahahahah!!!!!! *inhales* Bwaahhahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!!)

    What’s missing?
    (I don’t know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to stake all of these goddamned bloodsucking monsters?!)

    Gute Nacht.

  11. No elected office holder is going to change anything for the better. Even if he/she/zhe wanted to and had the political will enact change, and even if they had a clear mandate from the voters to make radical changes, they still could not. Could not.

    Look what happened when Trump tried. And as Eric has pointed out, Trump really did not achieve any fundamental restoration of our republic, did very little. The entire apparatus of US national government, and all their allies, rose up to eviscerate Trump and any possibility of him remaining in office. What happened was unprecedented.

    No one in office is going to succeed in turning back the tide, not possible. Respect for the Bill of Rights as it was written and understood back in the 18th century? Forget it. Turning back our burgeoning police state? Forget it. Turning back corruption writ large? Forget it.

    Only an outside force can bring this all down, bring down the empire and crush these people into rubble. Like every other tyranny in history. Military destruction. Economic catastrophe. Something. Please, no more debating this pol or that pol, it is sickening. Desantis? Really? He is somehow a moral man? Right. Sure. Its like this. Ron Paul actually practiced what he preached, always voted the Constitution on every bill, always voted against illegal spending, always pushed for a non-interventionist foreign policy. He ran for the Republican nomination for president. He lost. His own party threw him under the bus, rigged the game against him, did not appreciate his calls for honesty, integrity, and abiding by the Law of the land. Nobody cares.

    Politics is evil. Those who participate in it are also doing evil by perpetuating an evil institution. Those who struggle to live and maintain their own integrity while being forced to live under a political regime are only doing what we must do; live with evil without contributing to it. Like cancer. Or bad breath.

    Back to popcorn, poker, and motorcycle dreams.

  12. Gov. DeSantis fights leftist corporations’ attempts to use ESG to control how people live

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republican state lawmakers recently took a major step toward fighting back against woke corporations parroting Biden’s leftist agenda.

    According to a press release by DeSantis’ office, his proposed legislation, will target environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. It’s a move that will, if successful, go a long way toward protecting individual liberty and promoting free-market economics. His bill, which will be introduced formally during the 2023 legislative session, would “Prohibit big banks, credit card companies and money transmitters from discriminating against customers for their religious, political, or social beliefs.”

    It would also “Prohibit State Board of Administration (SBA) fund managers from considering ESG factors when investing the state’s money” and mandate that SBA fund managers “only consider maximizing the return on investment on behalf of Florida’s retirees.”

    In Florida, the SBA is responsible for managing and investing the assets of the state’s retirement system and other funds.

    ESG scores are a kind of social credit scoring system that is now widely being used by woke corporations and Wall Street investors to promote the Biden administration’s far-left agenda, all without having to pass a law through Congress or a state legislature.

  13. Today Senate Recucklican leader McClownell was asked about the Trump raid. His response:

    I’m here today to talk about the flood, and the recovery from the flood.

    Recucklicans remind one of the Dervish army at Omdurman in 1898, believing that magic spells would protect them as thousands charged en masse into withering fire from the clattering Maxim machine guns of the British.

    McClownell will be lucky if rampaging Demsheviks don’t slit his throat and dump his slimy old ass into the Tidal Basin, as the mandatory Enabling Law to Relieve the Distress of the People and the Homeland takes effect on 1/1/2023, and “Biden” governs by executive decree.

  14. Sheeet, y’all be in the re-education camps right down the hall from Orange. Libertarians need more re-educatin’ than damn near anybody. You’re tagged. You’ve posted on this site, voted for Ron Paul, visited and Lew, listened to Tom Woods podcasts and participated in God knows what other types of subversive activities, probably some of you even preppers, raise chickens and have AR-15s and ammo and stuff. Y’all are screwed. Hope you like MREs and prison uniforms.

    • Whoa Griff….muchas gracias for prefacing my spiel for..

      The World Famous Ted Kaczynski Krashpads …

      Strategically located spread throughout “Undisclosed Locations” in the bountiful Greater Antilles!

      Leave your weed whacker at home and have your dental work checked out….You will be consuming your front yard NOT mulching it.

      Stay tuned.

    • Griff,
      Don’t need the MREs and prison uniforms. if it comes to that, I will have assumed room temperature, on my doorstep.

      • John,

        Unlike the “too smart too vote” crowd, I think it possible to work within the system to change the system. Some state, county and local governments are still salvageable. Libertarians, conservatives and people of faith who don’t want their children and grandchildren to live in a totalitarian slave state and moral sewer need to get involved and contribute time and money. As screwed up as the current system is, if it collapses, it will take generations of poverty and pain to rebuild what was lost.

        • Griff,

          David Knight says, and I agree, that any and all pushback has to be at the local level. It’s at the local level where we most often interact with gov’t, so they can make our lives much better or much worse. For example, there was a county comptroller in Upstate NY. A guy was fined for violating a mask mandate or some such tyrannical COVID mandate. What the comptroller did was push the due date for the fine out to 150 years from now; IOW, he basically eliminated the fine! There also local sheriffs who refuse to enforce tyrannical mandates. That’s how we push back-at the local level.

  15. More aggressive leftist/globalist actions for agenda 2030.

    Economic Reduction & Inflation Expansion – Everything’s Out-Of-Stock & Nothing Is Cheaper

    So, Davos finally got the mini-me version of Build Back Better through a deeply divided Senate over the weekend.

    Politicians work for globalists and foreign actors whose raison d’etre is the destruction of your life and your family’s future.

    Build Back Better, is blackmail to the Fed:
    “This bill is another lame attempt by Democrats to force the Fed to stop raising interest rates by saddling them with new spending which it would have to monetize, similar to last year’s Build Back Better,” argued financial and political commentator Tom Luongo.

    real estate inflation…part of ESG

    leftists love it supports it…lol….For those with authoritarian ambitions, housing inflation is a boon, the real estate industry helps it, probably gets ESG cash….lol……..push real estate prices up, which pushes rents up, (and keep increasing property tax) = create homelessness = attain 2030 reset agenda = you will own nothing and be happy…lol…

    Homelessness feeds the kind of desperation that drives the public to support totalitarian actions. They might provide you with housing eventually, a 100 sq ft soviet style dump apartment….lol….if you survive the cull…. but it will be at a terrible cost.

    The last thing anyone with common sense would want is for the government to become their landlord by default. It’s very hard to defy the trespasses of government overreach when that government controls the roof over your head……..

    government works with big business, like blackrock, = corporatism = facism, = the combination of government and big business,….

    Massive conglomerates like Blackstone and Blackrock have been increasingly involved in the housing market since the crash of 2008.

    While Blackrock claims it has no involvement with the single-family housing market, it works closely with companies that are involved, buying up multiple houses and bundles of distressed mortgages.

    Blackstone has continued to buy houses in bulk for the past decade, removing properties from the market for a time. These mass purchases give the public the impression that local sales are “hot” and that the market is thriving. As you might expect, these actions force prices up even further to meet this artificial demand.

    the gov’t gives tax dollars to big business to promote ESG goals, the agenda 2030 climate change/ great reset/globalist/communist takeover, then some of that money ends up in politician’s offshore accounts….lol

    80,000 more IRS agents to increase tax compliance

    And then they want 100% compliance through Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) where there is no escape from their 24/7/365 surveillance.
    The US needs to be brought in line to pay its ‘fair-share’ of the Climate Change crisis. more ESG money.

    • Anon,

      David Knight thinks that the new IRS agents will be there to: 1) go after what’s left of the middle class; and 2) go after Bitcoin and those associated with it. For the CBDCs to really take root, the competition (i.e. cryptocurrencies) has to be eliminated.

      • Hi Mark,

        I have clients freaking out about this over the last few days and emailing me.

        One, the hiring of agents is over a 10-year period. Remember the next members of the Legislative Branch can make this disappear before it sees the light of day.

        Two, the IRS is an absolutely miserable place to work. The turnover is high and 53% of agents will not return to the offices or field. Which makes me think that some of the agents are to replace the agents that won’t return to work (which is about 41K).

        Three, the IRS doesn’t have the training to go after the middle class. I don’t see field audits ever coming back to the degree that they once were. If anything, it will be Zoom calls and correspondence audits, at least for the next few years.

        Four, if I was betting girl, I guarantee they are there for the tracking of digital currency which will be implemented in the near future. These people will be paper pushers. The days of filing a tax return (and jobs like mine) will be gone. There will come a time where the IRS is going to know what is going in your account and what is coming out of your account. They will send you a bill. Good luck disputing it.

        Five, Bitcoin is already government sponsored. I am sure the CIA, DOD, or NSA have their hand in that somewhere. They won’t destroy it. They will convert to the CBDC.

        Six, I know several disagree with me regarding the protection of trusts and entity structures, but I see these being the saving grace of individuals assets. How do you tax a structure when you don’t know who owns it? There is not enough hands-on deck to be able to track the revenue and expenses of businesses. I am all for going Grayman.

        Seven, as of right now the IRS has nowhere near the structure or organization to take any of this on. Some still work off Windows 95 in some instances. It wouldn’t surprise me if we have all been hacked at least a million times. The time it would take to build up an AI system to be able to scan billions and billions of documents on a daily basis may come in the future but isn’t here yet.

        Eight, the Black Market will never dissipate. There is always a loophole and a smarter mind that will come up with an idea to get around the system. The government spends decades to catch up on what the private sector can produce in a year. Long ago, we may have been on the forefront of technology, but as critical thinking dries up, as well as the ability to read over an eighth-grade level, so does innovation.

        Nine, the information is only as good as the organization of it. I have seen many a person’s books. Most aren’t pretty. Some are downright ugly. The IRS agents are not bookkeepers and if the data isn’t clean, it is very hard to produce an accurate report. Also, the IRS is going to rely off information from private enterprise. If private enterprise doesn’t cooperate…

        Just my thoughts. 🙂

        • Thanks RG. Always good to read your informed opinions on this stuff. I feel a little better now – I think.
          As for Nine: I keep meticulous financial records. Maybe the shoebox people have the right idea after all.

          • Hi Roland,

            Something else to consider. A third of IRS agents are at retirement age, which is roughly 26k. They anticipate a boatload of them to retire in the next 24 months. There is a lot of fear mongering going on regarding this and there shouldn’t be. The IRS’s systems are so outdated (some machinery dates back to the 60s and 70s).

            The IRS of today is not the IRS of two decades ago. As one manager, who worked there said, “we are being held together by string and scotch tape.” The Austin branch has so much paperwork that it overflows into the cafeteria.

            Other than the enforcement officers, which are far and few in between, I have found most of the agents pretty easy to work with. Believe me, they want the file closed and off their desk as much as you do. They have no great love for the institution that they are working for either. Working for the IRS does not instill a great amount of pride or something one brags about at parties.

        • RG,
          All good points, except the one about the IRS being incompetent or ill equipped. Such has never been a hindrance to tyranny. For decades, the IRS has been able to freeze your bank account with a phone call. Because your tax status is “suspicious”. Even if you followed the IRS guidelines to the letter. I call them guidelines, because they are not supported by law, or even the Internal Revenue Code, which per my last reading, does not authorize a personal income tax, especially if you work for wages.

  16. Eric,

    PLEASE don’t be so quick to heap praise on DeSantis! Please don’t be. While he has done some good things; while he’s been better than other governors; he’s done some things that enable tyranny and cut down our freedoms. I’ll explain…

    The first instance is the business with the rogue DA in FL. The Soros back DA basically said that he wasn’t going to enforce a state law. DeSantis didn’t like that, so he turned the cops loose on the guy! This undermines the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate, where a lower level official bucks tyranny from a higher level. Think of sheriffs refusing to enforce mask mandates. Do you see how DANGEROUS this is? Now that the precedent has been established, what’s to stop a future FL governor from doing something similar? Say a Democrat like Andrew Gillum gets elected, and he enacts a tyrannical mandate. A lower level official, like a sheriff or DA, attempts to block it. The tyrant in Tallahassee deals with the Lesser Magistrate trying to preserve freedom for his local constituents.

    The second thing DeSantis has done is to sign the BDS law, making it illegal to criticize or take meaningful action against Israel. Even if Israel tramples all over the rights of those in Gaza, you cannot criticize, let alone take action against Israel. Why? Because it’s illegal in FL, that’s why. DeSantis and the GOP legislature down there gave this to us! Do you think that there might be a problem or two with infringing on the First Amendment there?

    The third example is from the Mar a Lago raid last night. Since Mar a Lago is in FL, the FBI has to consult with local and state law enforcement down there. That means that DeSantis’ state LE apparatus cooperated with the FBI, and it means that DeSantis was in the loop. IOW, he knew it was going down! Also, as a former Congress Critter, he learned The Swamp’s machinations well. He also learned to not challenge the Feds. You can read more here:

    In closing, please don’t think that Ron DeSantis is the Second Coming; he’s NOT! He’s a tyrant; the only difference is that he’s not so obvious about it as are his Democrat counterparts. Not only that, he makes it appear that he’s doing good things, things that the conservative GOP base will like. But make no mistake: Ron DeSantis has enabled tyranny in FL, and he’ll enable it in the White House if he gets there.

    • Marky,

      That was a rather dismal assessment, though you make good points. Maybe it’s just true that us freedom-loving bastards simply don’t pursue or last in such positions.

  17. The Good Wife; Season 1, Episode 22; May 18, 2010
    Eli Gold to Federal agent Lana Delany:

    “I know how the FBI works. You don’t like to hunt for new game. You’d rather take down an already bleeding deer because you want to look good for your superiors. Well, this is just to say we are not bleeding. We have a lot of fight left in us yet.”

  18. More satanic puppetry in the failed states. Unfortunately, the show will go on. As with all things Orange Doofus, it still seems to excite some on here quite a bit. He’s gonna drain the swamp for reals this time! Trust the plan! Lock her up! errr… wait….

  19. I expect that Garland will have indictments drawn up by Labor Day…that is “Opening Day” for the mid-term races. At that point all the candidates that have been trouncing their opposition in the primaries will be tagged with, “You are accepting support from the only President ever indicted for high crimes and misdemeanors”. That albatross will be relentlessly hung around their necks 24/7. They will become de facto unindicted co-conspirators in any and all alleged “crimes” of Trump. This will allow massive disruptive actions against them on the campaign trail. Expect the Antifa/BLM shock troops to be taking every opportunity to make this election a living hell for those that dare challenge the Statist Quo.

    I hope I’m wrong but, I told the guys at the shop today that if Trump ISN’T indicted by election day I will by them all lunch on Nov. 8.

    • With inflation running at 12 percent, I doubt people will care about that esoteric shit. This isn’t 1974. In 1974, over 80 percent of the public bought into that show trial. Not today.

      • I agree with you, swamprat. As that left wing nut Carville properly stated in 1992, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

        The average American doesn’t dig into the theories and assumptions that we do. They see their rent is up, interest rates are up, gas is up, food is up and couldn’t care less what is going on in the background. The pocketbook always wins.

        One can say many atrocious things about Trump, but 2017 through early 2020 we were booming. It was a breath of fresh air to get out of the Obama years and to be able to pay a decent price for gasoline, the stock market was booming, people were working, and he kept us out of war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

        Right now, people are in hell. The only thing Biden unified is that 88% of Americans believe he sucks. Who do the Dems run? Kamala? Swalwell? Schiff? Newsome? The pickings are slim.

    • That is a brilliant theory, Mark…and it could well prove to be true. It’s hard to figure these bastards out, and to know if what’s happening at any given time is a result of in-fighting, or from the actions of lower-level flunkies who aren’t in on the plan…or from the actual ones pulling the strings behind the puppets. One thing’s for sure though; when they do crap like this, it garners a lot of interest- even from those of us who are trying to avoid paying any attention to these actors and their stage shows.

    • David Knight said that, thanks to being turned down from SCOTUS, that Garland is bitter. The Dems appointed him to AG knowing this and hoping to harvest that bitterness against their political enemies.

  20. Get your vaccine, get it now, get it right here trumpeted circus barker Trump.

    Orange is the color, Orange is the new Black. A costume party on Halloween. The witch Hillary will be there, Joe with his Glasgow smile will be there. The Joker will be there. All clowns will be to the left. Nancy the Clown will be sure to be there.

    When you compare vaccine mandates to rounding up certain ethnic groups and concentrating them in camps, it becomes crystal clear the intent, might be malicious, even.

    Isn’t that what has happened?

    You are being subjugated.

    The MAGA masks are a dead giveaway.

    Looks like pure evil. Red is the color, matches evil.

    If everybody on the left wears masks and everybody on the right wears masks, you’re nothing but a slave.

    An ignorant slave.

  21. There’s more…
    With the “raid” on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate, the democRATs and “deep staters” are attempting to render Trump “ineligible” to run for public office.
    When it comes to “ineligibility of office”, the stunt that democRATS are attempting to do to President Trump will fail.
    You see, ineligibility to achieve public office” applies only to APPOINTED positions—NOT ELECTED positions.
    Constitutionally, anyone, regardless of public or criminal record can run for any elected position. There are no bars to President Trump running for any ELECTED position regardless of status or pending legal troubles.
    The Constitution still applies…for now…

    • Yes: Trump would be barred from holding any public office, appointed or elected, if he were convicted of impeachment. But since not, he is not.

  22. Unfortunately, DeSantis won’t do diddlysquat. He already made The Pledge (To Is-ra-hell) in his quest for higher office as a servant of the Deep State, so he is not going to dare impede the powers of the very offices he hopes to soon inhabit. And the sheriffs? They’re too busy chasing drugs, speeders and those who dare to live off-grid (Not allowed in FL).

    The FBI thing was probably a psy-op though, anyway- Making it look like the “leftists are afraid of Trump’ is the best thing they can do to ensure of another four years of Fail- which is fine with them, as it keeps the status quo in power. R or D doesn’t matter to them- it’s rather about who will play ball- and Trump has well-proven tat he is a ball player after his four years of doing NOTHING, other than setting things up for Biden (COVID, CARES, bumpstock ban, leaving 3/4’s of Obozo’s staff intact in the WH; biggest military budget EVER…etc.)- plus he is easily controllable (Being on Epstein’s plane with the Clintons; Jan. 6th; pardoning the worst criminals while failing to prosecute even worse ones).

    Same ol’, same ol’. Prepare for four more years of blustering bullshit. Seriously, I think I loathe this even more than the thought of more Pedo Joe et al -as at least we know where they stand and what to expect, and the good people can all be united on hating them- and even many libtards are sick of them- but with more Trump, those same people will be waving flags and foaming at the mouth with joy as Trump says what they want to hear, while doing the exact same thing (Pedo)Joey and The Pussycrats would do.

    • “…Those who dare to live off-grid (Not allowed in FL).” -Nunzio

      This is the most egregious of it, and if DeSantis is the man we’d like him to be, he’d come out fully opposing this. The fact is, whether you call yourself an “environmentalist” or a “conservative”, you should be all FOR off-grid living, and be making it as easy as possible to move in that direction.

      Instead, we can see that most politicians, whether “left” or “right”, oppose such free living, as it directly opposes their agenda.

      • Amen, Bad-O!
        Be they left, right, middle or outer-space (I think that’s where they’re all from!)…it’s all about power and control- and rendering us incapable of being self-sufficient, so that we must be reliant on the state, it’s economy, and corpoRATIONS is the ultimate destruction of our power and establishment of theirs. Can’t have those kiddos living without electricity and TV like humankind has done since time immemorial, ya know!

        FL will become the new CA. It’s halfway there already. DeSantis is the present-day Ronald Reagan (Reagan- the one who spoke so nicely- saying some downright Libertarian things, but after his presidency, we were left with the biggest change in this country since FDR, and the biggest expansion of government also since FDR). FL is on the verge of liberal radicalization, and all the northerners now living there will cheer it.

        • Shoot Nunzio, as it was, DeSantis BARELY WON! He beat the closeted, gay drug addict Dem socialist Andrew Gillum by a mere 0.4%…

  23. It will take heroic action on the part of one or more in a position to take it to stop this criminal government behavior. I pray there is someone who will. DeSantis could be one. We shall see. Breath not being held. And even if he did take such action, the CIA may dispose of him, as they did the last POTUS who thought to take some heroic action. And got away with it.
    The doo doo is so deep here that I fear there is no chance of recovery. That we will continue on to the edge of the cliff regardless what anyone does. The state is bankrupt, and pretends it isn’t. People persecuted for expressing any view that opposes or exposes the pretention. Whatever happens in Ukraine or Taiwan, the US can’t afford to do anything about it. I’m thinking the only solution may be failure, and rebuilding. Whatever path we end up going down, it won’t be fun. Doubling the size of the IRS is not a good sign.

    • As usual, a lot of balls in the air, so to speak. On one hand it does indeed set a dangerous precedent to remove an AG for using discretion – of course it will only hurt those good people who try to avoid the next “mask mandate” under a despotic AG. On the other hand, the timing sure is interesting that DeSantis just removed this guy and appointed an AG who has a “deep apprecation of the Constitution and [of course] the rule of law.”

      With these latest shenanigans of fedgov at Mar-a-Lago, we shall soon see.

  24. The FBI considers symbols of American history as indicators of “violent extremism”.

    The Gadsden flag. The Betsy Ross flag. The Appeal to Heaven flag. The Culpepper Minutemen flag. The Battle of Gonzlez flag. And of course, the demonization of all things Confederate.

    Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue, a wise man once said.

    • Mike,
      Well, he was wise when he said it. Then became just another statist politician when his brain turned to mush. At least he wasn’t born that way like a certain other former POTUS candidate.

  25. What happened yesterday was the greatest wish that Trump could ask for. It seals him as the Republican contender and it destroys any chance of the Dems winning in 2022 or 2024 (legally, that is). Those that were on the fence about Trump are now solidly in his corner.

    Whomever gave the order to raid Mar A Lago has to go down as one of the dumbest individuals in history. It appears that the Left is fearful of Trump which only gives Trump more power. That support may be so overwhelming that even cheating may not work this go around.

    The question is why? Why are they terrified him? Why do they continue to seek retribution? Yesterday’s scenario makes the Left look like the scheming, manipulative ex wife who won’t move on from their divorce. The Left could have quietly shut up and allowed Trump ample opportunity to put his foot in his mouth. DeSantis was gaining ground on Trump and could have taken Trump on in the campaign. DeSantis has now been put out to pasture until 2028.

    Today, The Bleached Bit Queen’s lawyer said the quiet part out loud. He declared that since Trump’s home was raided he should be disqualified to run in 2024. Even if the FBI finds evidence of anything who isn’t going to believe it wasn’t planted?

    You have just been checkmated, Lefties, and the Right didn’t even have to move a Pawn.

    • Hi RG,

      That’s an interesting analysis; I only wish the Orange Fail could be trusted. But I will never trust him again. At least, not until he admits he was wrong about the “vaccines” and stops pushing them.

      • Hi Eric,

        He can’t be trusted, but the Left hates him. They will stop at nothing, even assassination, to make sure he doesn’t make it to office. Why? Yesterday was an attempted coup. Third world country politics at its finest.

        Did Trump learn anything from this time in office? Who knows. But what dropped in his lap makes the Left appear foolish and petty.

        I am not convinced it wasn’t a red herring and Trump knew it was going to happen (hence, why he was in NY and not FL). Let’s be honest, a President being raided in his own house while he’s there looks pretty damn weak and feeble. My guess is that someone at the FBI gave a heads up what was going to happen.

        Just looking at the amount of TDS out there (which is quite real and has been since Day One) makes me believe that Trump isn’t part of the Deep State. Some may consider my thoughts foolish, but the reaction that he receives from the Left and RINOS makes me think that he is outside their circle. That he is hated by AOC, Clinton, the FBI, the IRS, the State of NY, McCarthy, Cheney, Bush, and McConnell tells me he doesn’t run in their crowd.

        • It depends on what your trust is placed in. I trust(ed) that the orange man doesn’t want to kill or enslave me. He forfeited any trust in his resolve, discernment, and balls.

          • Hi Bobo,

            We shouldn’t trust any of them. As Eric stated a few days ago, we vote against the Greatest Evil not the Lesser of Two Evils. He was absolutely right. The American people should hold no trust in any politician. The vote comes down to who will fuck up our world the least.

            Last night, I actually watched a 1975 interview between Johnny Carson and Ronald Reagan. It was about 15 minutes long and Reagan gave some pretty direct, no-nonsense answers to Carson’s questions. You could tell they were on opposite sides of the political issues, but both men showed complete class and were respectful of each other. The same problems that Reagan was discussing are the exact same things going on today. Nothing has changed. Forty-seven years later and we are still talking the same ideas with the same solutions that no one wants to implement, but everyone promises to “when they get into office”. The can is kicked further down the road and the only loser is the American middle class.

            • Good gracious you sure love television, RG!
              Still watching 50-year-old reruns…AND STILL BELIEVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

              Wow! Cue Steve Perry! Do-on’t Stop! Be-leee-ee-VIN!

              • Excellent song choice, FP! I was pretty sure you only liked really depressing music. I am glad to see your musical genre is something other than the Phantom of the Opera.

        • RG,

          David Knight has likened the TDS shown by The Swamp to fights among the Mafia families fighting for control. In NYC, there are five Mafia families. At times, they fight for control of a particular piece of turf or a particular racket. That said, the warring families are both on the same side; they’re both Mafia. The same analogy applies here.

          Trump did plenty of bad things in 2020; AFAIAC, he undid all the good he did prior to early 2020. I think Trump is a globalist traitor. Yeah, I said it! Why? There’s video footage of him saying that he thought WEF founder and CEO, Herr Klaus Schwab, was doing a great job. There’s the vax. I could go on, but I can’t write a book here.

          Anyway, suffice it to say that Trump is part of the globalist cabal. The only difference is that he’s not part of the Dem/RINO portion of the cabal; he is, if you please, in a different Mafia family. The only difference is that Trump didn’t win this part of the war between the families.

          • Hi Mark,

            It would save us all a lot of money if they took each other out like Mafia families. I would suggest stainless steel barrels to be thrown into Lake Mead, but even that didn’t work out too favorably. Oh well, there is still the Delaware River. They won’t be able to fine anything in that massive pile of contamination. Even the fish can’t survive.

            He may very well be part of the cabal. I don’t have enough information to make an assumption either way, but he isn’t part of the USSA Leftist Brigade. Unlike the Mafia, who quietly do their jobs without outside interference, the Left decided to run off and join the Circus. They can keep pretending they are the Ringmaster but should be prepared when the lion eats the trainer. One can only put their head into Simba’s mouth a few times before the fangs behead the handler.

        • Hi RG

          Fighting aggressive leftists

          Western civilization is best regarded as a never-ending and ineluctable struggle for cultural and political superiority, most often expressed militarily (since that is how humans generally decide matters) but extending to all things both spiritual and physical.

          political superiority, getting power, the only leftist goal……. the leftists are hyper aggressive so are good at this, conservatives have to get more aggressive to compete, adopt leftist strategies, push back.

          • Hi Anon,

            The saying “nice guys finish last” is true. Integrity is important except when one is getting their ass kicked. That is why the Republicans will never shake off their Good Boy cape. When someone has a knife at your throat it really isn’t a good time to say, “let’s talk about this and see if we can compromise.” Oh but, they do and then they are surprised when they are standing in a pool of their own blood.

      • Hi Eric

        America is up against radical Left wing Stalinists.

        Historian Victor Davis Hanson points out in the video below that you can’t really compare Biden to Carter. “Carter’s Left was not like Biden’s Left.” Carter’s 1960s-70s Left of let it all hang out flower children and kind of crazy anarchists is not what we have now.

        It is not Biden’s “we’re going to put you in jail for saying that” Left.

        Biden’s Left are “dry, angry disciplined Stalinists” who want to take a long march through your institutions, take away your guns, take away your free speech and warp your Constitution. They are serious people, says Hanson, they are not just anarchists, they are Jacobins.

        Biden has packed his government with the most radical of Left wing people and his role is simply to give them their agenda, says Hanson, who gave this interview to The Telegraph three days ago.

        Video: Victor Davis Hanson: The Left are now desperate to drop Joe Biden

      • Hi Eric

        The left think they are morally and intellectually superior so so they can do anything to fulfill their agenda, lie, steal, kill, anything is justified for their greater, superior agenda.

        the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists… is white….. up is down….bad is good….

        do whatever you want, go to hell, it is actually fun there….(then when you get there you find out you get thrown in the fire….tricked)

        do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
        leftists lie 24/7

        Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
        leftist/communists = satanist.

    • ‘You have just been checkmated, Lefties, and the Right didn’t even have to move a Pawn.’ — Raider Girl

      When ‘Merrick Garland’ told NBC’s Lester Holt on July 26 that ‘we will hold accountable anyone who was criminally responsible’ for Jan 6, commentator Sundance interpreted this as a forlorn attempt to raise the spirits of dejected Democrats.

      Respectfully I dissented, pointing out that ‘Garland’ was responding affirmatively to Holt’s hypothetical question about tearing apart the country, making his intentions unmistakable.

      No doubt Trump will receive a wave of public sympathy for the gross abuse of power underway. But please don’t underestimate Leftist viciousness. Their stance toward Trump is as non-negotiable as their stance toward the holocaust: NEVER AGAIN.

      ‘Garland’ is prepared to use any means necessary — means unimaginable to us before yesterday — to disable Trump for good.

      Martial law? Canceled elections? Ballistics and explosions? Everything is on the table with these murderous, unhinged fanatics. They are playing for keeps, and for permanent power.

      • Hi Jim,

        I think they want a Civil War. Why else would they do what they did? We have the Right with their billion number of arms and weaponry vs the Left who can’t decide what bathroom to use.

        Don’t get me wrong I realize that the Left has more tools at their disposal and what happened yesterday may put fear into someone living in a city condo or in a suburban neighborhood. But there are many Graymen (and women) sitting back and waiting patiently for the keg to explode. They are underestimating what is awaiting in the woods and that makes them short sighted. The city slickers won’t fight. The cowboys will.

        Very much like the first shot at Fort Sumter, when she blows God have mercy on her soul. It won’t end until one side is brought to heel, or they are all dead. There will be no neutral ground.

        • Hi RG,

          I agree with your summary; my sense of it is they want to provoke a “first shot” so that they can (like Lincoln) posture as the aggrieved party. I hope no one on our side is dumb enough to fall for this. But I worry they have someone on their side ready to serve as the needed Useful Idiot.

    • Hi RG,
      “ DeSantis has now been put out to pasture until 2028.” I think that might be the actual reason for doing this; the Lefties realize that DeSantis has a clear shot at winning, while Orange Fail will inevitably say/do something so stupid that a lot of his supporters will bail. Evil genius but it might work.

      • Hey, Mike!
        We think alike. I would just add that rather than putting DeSantis out to pasture, he is probably slated as Trump’s VP. His taking of the Pledge (To Is-ra-hell) tells me is definitely destined to “move on up” and he knows it.

        The Powers That Be want there to be a nice balance between the D actors and the R actors so that at least half of the population are always content while the other half are hopeful of getting “their guy” back in. It guarantees that these powers stay in power, and that the people never actually do anything, other than vote and bitch, as they comply.

        Trump has already proven to be easily controllable- He plays ball, and he serves the Cabal (Might as well just say President Kushner or presidents Goldman-Sachs) and if he were to ever get out of hand, they have a lot they can hang over him…so that’ll never happen.

        Don’t ya just wish that all of these abhorrent people on every side would just go away?

        • Hi Nunz,

          The Presidential contender and VP cannot hail from the same state. If Trump is smart (which is questionable) he will make DeSantis his Veep. The question is will DeSantis accept.

      • Hi Mike,

        It may well be a plot to keep DeSantis from competing. We will see if Trump changes his residency from FL to Sterling, VA. 😉

    • I think there are only two possible scenarios at play. They either have him dead to rights on a chickenshit records act charge or (as my tinfoil sensibilities suggest) be used as the pretext for another psyop against his supporters ala January 6. In either case no action but bellyaching will be taken by anyone in a position to do anything.

      • ‘the pretext for another psyop against his supporters ala January 6’ — Mr.Bobo

        DOJ’s ominous silence as to what went down and who authorized it smells more like a de facto coup d’etat.

        This is how the sinister SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration Council) used to operate in Burma (Myanmar), pre-emptively imprisoning opposition candidates.

        Did ‘Biden’ even know about this? Why is there no comment from him? Is ‘Biden’ free to speak?

        Looks like the Fourth (intelligence) branch of government has definitively taken charge here. Who’s actually running this show? Ask no questions; you’ll get no answers.

        • I was probably as usual unclear, but felt we’re on the verge of getting some poor Qtard to attack the FBI ala Arlington Road.

    • It’s all a dumb show. Kayfabe. Fake wrestling. Tawdry drama for Joe and Judy Sixpack. Stop falling for it.

      Trump is going to be installed for a Sequel Term by the same scriptwriters who orchestrated this “raid” storyline. This stage-managed little episode is just a desperate effort to keep “The Chosen Bronzed One” in the news and relevant, until the endless “campaign” (more choreographed Fake Wrestling) can begin in earnest. It’s all to keep the MAGA-morons and Q-tards glued to their boobtubes, captivated by the goofy plot twists that beleaguer their bloated “hero” (or their hated “Heel,” for the other half of the population of TeeVeeLand).

      It’s stupid, RG. A cartoon for children. You’re better than this. Let it go.

        • Hey Anon. It’s just crazy. When people talk about “THEM” “wanting to get rid of HIM” or “really, really being threatened by HIM,” it’s as senseless as thinking JK Rowling is TERRIFIED of VOLDEMORT, or George Lucas MUST REALLY WANT TO GET RID OF DARTH VADER!

          The Puppeteer isn’t in conflict with his puppets. He controls them, and situates them in dramatic narratives in order to manipulate the audience. People need to grow up and out of their silly suspension of disbelief when they veg out to the television set.

          People don’t see the fakeness because they love the fake story so much they insist it is true, because they want so much for it to be true, and they can’t live with just bland base material reality without the constant infusion of escapist fantasy. It’s the same as Santa Claus, and Jesus, and Yahweh, and Satan, and Q, and Bigfoot, and Democracy, and America, and…….

          • I will have you know Santa is quite real. I see him in the mall every day after Thanksgiving. He also left me a pair of diamond earrings and a new Browning under the tree last year. You are just on the naughty list. I heard a rumor he never stops in California since Newsome has declared reindeer power a global greenhouse gas. I think that is why you are always so sour…no Christmas cheer.

      • Hi FP,

        I have no doubt that Trump received notice what was going to happen, which is why he wasn’t in town. I still have doubts that Trump is Deep State. Thick headed? Yes. Thin skinned? Double yes. Has a resounding ability to hire eggheads? Absolutely.

        Will this keep Trump in the news and be another story to take the focus off what is really happening? Of course, but the great thing with smart people is that they have the ability to multitask and question. It is okay if there is more than one news story ongoing. We just need to pay attention on what is not being talked about.

        • Trump’s NOT “Deep State”.
          He’s an actor following a shooting script as needed.

          He’s a cut-out. A stooge. A shabbos front-man. All the adjectives you employ are just describing a fictional character on your television set, who just mouths words written for him to read by people you’ll never see, and have never heard of. All of the “motives” you speculate are just fan-fiction inside your head, about a television series that has been beamed into your television set.

          You’re looking for some secret “meaning” to the images being paraded in front of you by electronic screens. There’s no “meaning” to the dancing images except: You Are Watching Television.

          That’s it. You’re watching TeeVee. You can stop pretending it’s real at any time.

          • Sigh. I don’t watch TV news, FP. I don’t even have a subscription to any service, not even Netflix. I did watch Carson and Reagan ala 1975 last night though on YT. Maybe Johnny Carson’s “Carnac the Magnificent” telepathically persuaded me.

            There is good news today though – McDonalds did remove the McPlant Burger from their menu. I don’t eat at McDonalds, but I am happy that the plants are safe from culling. I would state that this is bad news for cows, but we all know that isn’t what McDonalds uses in their burgers. I am believing this is the reason that the FBI raided Trump’s home so the vegetarians could focus on something else and not realize this is happening. I don’t know what will happen to them when Beyond Burger declares bankruptcy. Maybe Trump will be indicted.

            I am going to go home and can some pasta sauce now from my garden romas. I will drink a beer for both of us. I believe you should have one, too. In case, you don’t drink let me know and I will save you the calories and make the sacrifice for both of us. I am quite fun at two.

            Cheers my dear. May you get the satisfaction of “I told you so” when we are all six feet under.

    • “DeSantis has now been put out to pasture until 2028.”

      RG, I believe they are smart enough to know that if anybody’s campaign must be nipped in the bud, it is DeSantis’. They are a lot more afraid of him than they are of the Orange Showboat. As Eric has pointed out, DeSantis is much more a man of action, and he lacks the abrasiveness and playboy past that turn off a lot of conservatives, especially Christians.

      • Hi Roland,

        Except Christians are all in for Trump. My most religious clients believe Trump is just below sainthood…it makes no sense. Bankrupt businessman with three marriages and five kids from three different women. One would think that the Christian right would avoid him like the plague, but pretty words will persuade most people.

        They will be hard to beat if he chooses DeSantis. The question is will DeSantis accept second place? Trump destroyed Pence. DeSantis needs to be smart. I would govern Florida for another term and throw my hat in 2028.

        Any takers for Rand Paul?

        • Hi RG,

          One of my best friends is a “serious” Christian and a Trump devotee. I don’t get it, ether. His record is that of a ’60s Democrat machine politician. His personal life not exactly “wholesome” (need mention Stormy Daniels?) and yet, because Trump humps the flag, licks badges and talks up “America,” my friend is willing to impute Christian motives to his actions…

          • Hi Eric,

            I am probably going to tick off many in the Christian faith. This is strictly a generalization and not an individual attack on God fearing people, but I believe many Christians love believing one can be “redeemed” or “saved”. I believe some can also be easily led astray. Look at the number of evangelicals that donated to the Bakkers, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, etc. All false prophets, but they sure raked in the dough from those wearing rose colored glasses. What makes any of these men relatable to the average Christian? They even look slimy. But the pews were always filled on Sunday.

            Is Trump a good person? No. Is he an evil person? No. Does he love his country? In a flawed sort of way, I believe he does. He loves what it once was, and I believe he wants that to return. More for himself and his pockets, but he would not forbid others from seeking that same freedom and dream of opportunity. This is what makes him different from the Left’s view. Oligarchy = everything. Everyone else = nothing.

          • Hi Eric

            christians support Trump….but…..

            Trump pushes injections and the pope is all in the new globalist government/medical system/church satanic death cult.

            Ironically, the Christian church, awaiting the End Times and the apocalypse, has come eye-to-eye with foreseen evil, yet it fails to fully recognize it, for it is cloaked in the fear of death.

            In the pandemic, churches have been singled out, not because of the stated (and conjured up) threat of disease and death (choir practice spreads germs), but because the new globalist political agenda coming out of the World Economic Forum wef in Europe seeks to eliminate mystical non-scientific religions altogether. The new GAIA religion will be number one.

            Few church leaders foresee there is no return to normal. The church is a target for extermination.
            Most church leaders are unaware of the agenda proposed by the World Economic Forum wef, that has religious institutions in its crosshairs. According to the wef, religion is outdated. For example, the wef says the church is slow to adapt to homosexuality.

        • RG, your point about Christians is well taken. They are baffling, and not only as regards Trump. At our church (Lutheran), I have never heard an intelligent conversation about the nature of the state. Only “Render unto Caesar! Render unto Caesar! Jesus said render unto Caesar!” Not only do they have zero curiosity about what he really meant by that; they don’t even bother finishing the sentence.
          The last couple of weeks our pastor has been on a tear about people who are too concerned about accumulating “stuff.” I find this boring and downright simple-minded. If we’re not supposed to care at all about “stuff,” then why do we help the poor? A poor person after all is just someone who doesn’t have much “stuff.” So if “stuff” is bad, isn’t he actually better off not having it? And why do we pray for “stuff” (aka “our daily bread”) in the Lord’s Prayer? The answer is that “stuff” is important. Without it we all die – right away. And what bugs me most about these simplistic sermons is that they give people the idea that commerce and capitalism are dirty things that shouldn’t be talked about, let alone defended, when in reality they are miraculous gifts from our creator that enable us to survive – even thrive – in a world of scarcity.

          • Roland, I share your bafflement. I try to remember that “Christians” (myself included) are just sinners saved by grace.

            However, this “render unto Caesar” stuff does get me. What if Caesar was demanding them to sacrifice their firstborn? Where does “we ought to serve God rather than men” come into play?

            I try to live my life like Daniel and his young friends.

            • Well said, Anon. I believe Martin Luther got the big things right, but his teaching about the “two kingdoms” or “two realms” has done a lot of damage. As interpreted by most present-day Lutherans, in the earthly realm we are to obey anybody who claims to be in charge – always and everywhere. No, no, no.
              And when tyrants ordered us not to gather to worship in 2020, how could that not have constituted an intrusion by the state into the other realm – that of the eternal and the spiritual?
              Luther hated capitalism, but I do cut him some slack since knowledge of economic law didn’t exist in his day.

              • Yep! In re the “orders” not to gather in worship, that also contradicted Scripture: “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” (Heb. 10:25)

                Some Christians think Romans 13 trumps everything else. I say that all parts of Scripture work together, and must be taken together. When man’s law contradicts God’s law, a wise person will obey God.

              • I respectfully disagree with your assertion that Martin Luther was “getting things right”…Yes, “indulgences” promoted by the Catholic Church were an abomination, Luther being correct in protesting against them, but Protestantism has done more to push societies into jewish hands than just about any other entity. The Catholic Church “came late to the party” with the “coup” instituted with the “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” which was spearheaded by jewish and protestant interests–judifying and protestantizing the Catholic Church.
                Christianity went off the rails when it did not divorce the Old Testament from the “new covenant” in the New Testament.
                To his credit, Martin Luther spoke out on the jews as being Christianity’s mortal enemy who would do anything to suborn Christianity. However, Protestantism went “off the rails” when it declared jews to be “our elder brothers” while adopting many jewish principles–not good.
                “Sola Scriptura” is a flawed concept claiming that the Bible is the “inspired word of God” despite being written by MEN with their own political and social agendas. A good example is the “rights of kings and nobles” in which Christians are commanded to follow the dictates of their leaders. Ever hear of “prima noctus”? Under the King James Version of the Bible, Christians would be commanded to follow such a vile disgusting practice.
                It is Roman Catholicism that established the world’s modern-day universities, hospitals, and human care organizations, NOT Protestants.
                You see, Protestants differ from Catholics as they do not believe that temporal “good works” have any bearing on salvation–a major fault. Even if “good works” do not have spiritual necessity, they can’t hurt and can make the world a better place.
                Since “good works”are not necessary for salvation, a Protestant can be a ne-er-do-well person who has grievously sinned and abused others all of his life, and then on his deathbed profess his belief in Jesus Christ and will automatically be “saved”. I have a problem with that…
                Let’s move on to usury. Banned by the Catholic Church, Protestants cheerfully accepted usury as it was a vehicle for commerce which enabled the success of the jews as well.
                In the days of the “robber barons”, the united States of America was largely successful due to the Protestant (lack of) ethics, most builders of industry raking in millions in profits while ignoring the basic needs of those who made their success possible by their hard work. It was common to see these Protestant “captains of industry” do their damnedest to pay their employees as little as possible while raking in massive profits and living in luxury benefiting only themselves.
                Protestants still consider anyone who cannot be successful in business as suffering from a moral failing of their own doing, not due to outside circumstances.
                Catholic doctrine requires business owners to pay their workers fairly–not below subsistence wages. It is a sin not to do so. There is no comparable demand in Protestantism.
                These Protestant “captains of industry” attempted to redeem themselves by establishing “foundations” (which actually guarded their wealth, making it tax exempt) and indirectly countering their own Protestant belief that “good works” were not necessary for salvation.
                They always pleaded poverty to their employees while living grand lives themselves.
                This contributed to the rise of labor unions, which at first, were brutally suppressed.
                There were exceptions, such as Henry Ford, who almost single-handedly created the middle class by paying his employees well above “market wages” of the day. His $5.00 per day wage was not entirely altruistic as it was also instituted to stem “turnover” as assembly line work was monotonous, but his writings have stated that one of his objectives was to make it possible for workers to “enjoy the fruits of their labor”.
                The Protestant Reformation resulted in the legalization of usury, the establishment of the debt based financial system and central banks which has enabled the usurers to accumulate so much wealth and power that they can impose their NWO.
                The Reformation resulted in cartel capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, two world wars which resulted in the decimation of the European white peoples by the jews and WASPS acting as muscle for the bankers, and various genocides and the dystopian difficulties that are a part of modern civilization.
                That being said, Catholics are not “off the hook” either. The sale of indulgences (a supposed “fast track” to salvation) was an egregious disgusting abuse of power. A sad fact is that “indulgences” in the Catholic Church still exist today. As divorce is prohibited by the Catholic Church, indulgences are used by Catholic clergy to declare annulment, that “a valid marriage never existed” between a Catholic couple, even if those who seek annulment have been married for decades. The larger the “contribution”, the faster the decision on annulment.
                The “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” was a power grab by jews and Protestants which was largely successful in crippling the Catholic Church. Fortunately, there are Catholic sects that subscribe to pre-Vatican II principles, despite attempts by the “Novus Ordo” Church to wipe them out.
                That being said, I do realize that Protestants are good people who have brought much good to civilization. However, Protestant acceptance of and deference to jewish control has done much to damage our civilization.
                I welcome intelligent discourse on this subject.

                • Thanks for that, anarchyst. A few points (whether they constitute intelligent discourse is open to debate):
                  Lutherans believe that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone. We do not disagree that good works “can’t hurt and can make the world a better place.” Far from it. We see these works as evidence of a heart that has been changed. If you believe that you have been saved, you will do good works. They are “fruits of the Spirit.” If they are not showing, then that person’s claim of being a believer is suspect.
                  Your deathbed comment reminded me of a Simpsons episode where Homer thinks he is about to die, and, trying to cover all the bases, blurts out “Allah, Buddha, Jesus: I love you all!” 😄
                  My understanding is that Luther was against usury – sort of. Do you define it as the charging of any interest or the charging of excessive interest?

                  • Thank you for your concise comments. We can agree to disagree whether “good works” have any bearing on salvation. You make a good point on those who believe that they are “saved” are more likely to do good works.
                    As to interest, in pre-Christian jewish days, there was a concept known as “jubilee” where all debts were discharged after seven years. As long as you paid your debts on time, after seven years, you would be “free and clear”. This was done to eliminate universal debt servitude.
                    In Catholic terms, interest is the concept of making money without working for it which is considered sinful. Usury, being opposed by Catholics, jews stepped in to fill the bill, even Catholic monarchies used jews to manipulate money.
                    That all was swept away with the rise of central banks. Jubilee was now defunct.

          • Hey Roland, it sounds to me like your pastor isn’t the problem. “Render unto Caesar” is scripturally sound. It merely encapsulates the Grifter Saul’s prior exhortations in Romans 13 that “all authorities that exist have been appointed by [Yahweh]” and that “anyone who disobeys an authority is rebelling against [Yahweh’s] ordinance,” and “this is why you should pay taxes, too, because the authorities are all serving [Yahweh] as his agents.” Later, the Gospel of Matthew instructed the goyim to maim and mutilate oneself if one’s body offends another (Matt. 5:29-30); not to save money (Matt. 6:19); not to plan for the future (Matt. 6:34); to sell one’s belongings and give the money to “the poor” (Mark 10:21); not to work to pay for your own food (John 6:27); not to retrieve your property if it’s stolen (Luke 6:30)….etc., etc., etc. I could really go on for 50 pages, easy.

            Your pastor sounds like he’s getting doctrine precisely correct. He’s not the problem.

            You bring up, “Give us this day our daily bread.” This perfectly sums up the position the engineers of Christianity wanted the goyim to be reduced to. Begging, hand-to-mouth, for just enough scraps to barely subsist for a single day. Dispossessed and impoverished. Dependent on handouts from the authorities, until it is time to be bound to slavery or destroyed, at the whim of the Noahide masters. That’s where Saul the Grifter wanted us, and that’s what we’re all on the verge of…precisely because of Christianity’s corrosive and demoralizing influence.

            Imagine if you raised a bunch of rabbits in a rabbit hutch, and you killed one rabbit, partially flayed it, and impaled it on a stake, and stuck that skewered carcass into the hutch. Imagine the psychologically traumatizing effect that would have on the rabbits. The spirit-breaking, horrific demoralization.

            That’s what the image of the mutilated rabbi on the crucifix is designed to do to the gentiles. It’s degrading and profane beyond words.

            You are one of a tiny, tiny remnant of gentiles who has retained some level of self-preservation and common sense, despite the multi-generational brainwashing that the Hebrews have subjected the world to with its derivative cults for the goyim. On some level, you continue to resist the commandments of the religion that you nominally espouse…to your credit! You should take the next step and tell your shabbos goy “pastor” to shove his suicidal “religion” into the sheol under his shorts!

            But again, your pastor’s not the problem. The Noahide slave-religion that he preaches is the problem.

            Christianity is weaponized ideology. As far as the authors of the Old and New Testaments are concerned, all non-Jews are AMALEK, and the mitsvohs command that they be destroyed for Yahweh. Demoralizing and degrading the goyim with mind-virus self-destruct-sequence “religions” is merely the method of devastation.

            The war has been waged against the Amalekites for 2,000 years, by means of deception. Theological conquest. The grandest deception of all is “Christianity,” which is basically just “Covidism” circa 50 A.D. Best to just kick it, cold turkey. You won’t have to listen to that pastor of yours preach self-destruction anymore.

    • Maybe that is the actual plan of the Left – to reinstall “their guy” (OF) and make sure DeSantis gets pushed to the side.

  26. ‘Everyone should be aware that this Hut! Hut! Hutting! is a kind of Sicilian Message – sent to us rather than the Orange Fail.’ — eric

    Yes: sent to us.

    This is larger than Trump now. We are confronted by a sinister Uniparty regime, seamlessly merged with the state, that now raids the homes of opposition candidates.

    According to the hour-ago update at AP (Ape News), “Justice Department spokesperson Dena Iverson declined to comment on the search, including about whether Attorney General Merrick Garland had personally authorized it.”

    Yep — just like Stalin’s NKVD secret police, operating in the shadows, and NEVER with any public announcement. How dare little citizens demand to know what their ‘attorney general’ is doing?

    On our 233-year arc of national degeneration since the insider coup d’etat of the Clownstitution, raiding an ex-president represents a dangerous new low.

    So far, we don’t even know which fedgov ‘court’ authorized the warrant, which is likely under seal and may well remain so.

    Welcome to Leftist ‘justice,’ Lavrentiy Beria-style: enforced by a 3 a.m. knock at the door, followed by a small-caliber bullet to the head. No man, no problem!

    • That’s an interesting point Jim. One has to wonder why, if Trump is so repugnant and “they” absolutely can’t let him back in, then why not a hit? That’d be SO easy and people would literally celebrate and cheer. The FBI would “investigate” and come up with nothing or perhaps a patsy could be produced… those damn guns and the crazy people that are forced to kill with ’em… after all.

      JFK was milquetoast compared to Trump. And they’re not going full Sicilian on Trump?


  27. Great comment Eric,
    I hope DeSantis does exactly what you said. Perhaps have his AG put out state warrants for all who were involved in this Charade.

    Here is the dark side: if the democrats were worried about November, they would have never pulled such a stunt. Eric, you hit the nail on the head in that they are sending a message that beware there is now a (2) tiered justice system and if your politics are wrong and you get within their target range you will be persecuted. The Washington group are letting the nation know they hate us. These people would be right at home in Stalin’s Soviet Union. They are behaving like there is no election coming in November which is exactly their plan…Fauci will call if off with another plandemic and all voting to be by mail or computer. Who counts the votes is who counts.


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