Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 9/20/22

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Here’s the audio of my talk earlier today with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. We talked about the great news that the “pandemic” is “over” – and how grateful we ought to be that gas prices are “lower,” courtesy of Joe:

. . .

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  1. From the ZH comments:

    Michigander1 1 hour ago

    I love this new spelling. it should be mandatory…



    If everyone can just use as many ‘eee’s as they want, chaos and anarchy will prevail.

    To conserve pixels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the EPA should mandate no more than three (3) consecutive ‘eee’s.

    Violators shall pay a $100 bloviation penalty for each superfluous vowel.

  2. Eric,

    The Sep. 24th “doom day” is sourced from a German politician who said cryptically that you will remember that day.

    ““Everyone will not forget September 24, 2022 and everyone will know exactly where he or she was””

    Watch the video in the link:


    P.S. BTW rarely do predicted dates ever come true. Big events like 911 and JFK assassination ALWAYS blindside us. So I expect nothing to happen on that day, but I do expect the Fed to jack rates tomorrow (Wed 21st) another 75 basis points. And I do expect the stock market to continue it’s decline, and I do think “wave 3 of 3 down” is close, so I expect an Oct 19th 1987 day soon.

    The geo-political situation is dire. Germany has committed suicide, they are literally going into the dark ages.

    Putin is making a big speech tonight and nuclear war with NATO is on the table. And I posted before what looks like nuclear explosions in Ukraine have already occured:

    MASSIVE Blast From an alleged Kh-47M2 Kinzhal Rocket

    Biden says US main battle tanks should go to Ukraine.

    Chinese military convoy has entered the Ukraine:

    Russian News media said today they should of nuked London because of all the dignitaries there for queen lizard funeral:
    Primetime last night on Russia’s most watched Channel 1:

    It is way, way, way worse than anyone thinks or believes, the news media is giving us santitized version of reality, so we simply do not know what the hell is going on,

    • I just read it on ZH. Putin announced a “partial mobilization” of their reserves into Ukraine. Russia is clearly stepping up it’s force in the theater. Anyone that thought they were gonna chicken out because the US is sending wunderwaffe is gonna have to smoke a whole lot more copium to get through this news… and the winter.

      Germany, France and UK… are about to see the real cost of encouraging or tacitly approving the lunacy of their liberal governments. I’ve said for some time now that people need to feel some pain to get their heads on straight. Unfortunately.


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