“Concerned” About Their “Health”

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Just a few thoughts, live from the parking lot of a hot spot of Sickness Psychosis!

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  1. If you have metabolic dysfunction just fast. Do a three day electrolyte fast toget over the fear and discomfort of not eating. Then eat once a day, while foods, until skinny. The dysfunction will usually heal very quickly. Weeks or less I’m your average Amerikan.

  2. It might be a problem, seems to be quite a few people dying after they have been jabbed.

    You have to wonder what is really going on. Something has to give. Students at a high school in Denver walked out and protested mask mandates, had enough of it, too much of it.

    Nurses in Minnesota are refusing to be vaccinated for obvious reasons, they see vaccinated people being injured and harmed, not buying any of it. It is a crime to force people to be vaccinated, you can’t refuse, you are violated.


    The Covid Dark Age is here.

    • “quite a few people dying after they have been jabbed”

      True in my personal experience. I am now aware of four people who have died within a couple of weeks or months of their jabs – my friend’s mother (hospitalized within 1 week, died a week later), my brother’s wife’s dad (died about 3 weeks after jab), now her mother has been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, a friend’s sister (retired RN – WHY DID SHE GET THE JAB?), and another man whose brother is a pastor I know.

      There are also several people whom I know have had strange and sudden illness, including T-cell lymphoma (younger man in his 50s with no known preexisting health issues – diagnosed shortly after the jab), my own father – mysterious bleeding in his intestines – no known preexisting health issues, another woman I know had to have blood transfusions after her jab (as did my father). Another lady I know is on life support (intubated) after “contracting covid” – no one that was hysterically mentioning the “covid” thought that maybe her COPD or diabetes weakened her health, and that she was (likely) jabbed – seemed indelicate to confirm this but she was a diehard masker until a couple of months ago. But I’m sure the ninnies will point to her impending death as a “covid death.” She has suffered greatly over the past couple of weeks. Never before hospitalized for respiratory issues despite the COPD.

      Unfortunately, I could go on, but you get the idea.

    • I live in Pa, where our governor and health secretary have misapplied a public health law to mandate school masks starting 9/7 (I know it is misapplied because the news is busy telling us how it is all super “legal”)

      At my son’s high school, the students are talking of open defiance & a possible walk out

      Who says kids don’t learn anything in school? They learned the government sucks.

      • They are also learning how to respond to tyranny. Civil disobedience, boycotting, walkout, withdraw consent.

        I am aware of some other high schoolers who are also openly defying the “mask mandates.” They can’t expel them all – wouldn’t be good optics. These young people know it and are acting accordingly.

        Good on them all.

      • Didn’t a federal judge in PA overturn the governator [sic] ‘s diktats? I believe it was last summer. May have been a Trump appointee, but the name escapes me.

        • No – a constitutional referendum was passed to limit the Governor’s emergency powers to 21 days, after which it requires approval by the State Legislature. Contact your state legislators to do so as soon as the 21-day period passes. Pennsylvania is the first and so far only state in the U. S. to limit the Governor’s emergency powers.

  3. IMO the old guy is just playing along because he doesn’t want the hassle and doesn’t want to get into a confrontation. How do I make this assessment?
    1) He grabbed a dust mask from garage.
    2) He’s wearing in ineffectively.

    No branch covididian would be like that.

    • Hi Brent,

      Yeah – except there is no “mandate” anymore and not even a sign; Also, it’s obvious you don’t have to Diaper to enter this store because half or more of the people within don’t.

  4. I have noticed that most of the masked I see are overweight too. but then I guess significantly more than 50% of us are too fat.

    I have had the same thoughts that they have more to worry about than wearing their facial fashion statements

    On the sad side of fatness, I just read that young kids went from around 5% obesity to 30 something % during the covid times. what will that reap in the coming years?

    • Hi Dan,

      The irony – and dissonance – are striking. Do these people never look in the mirror? How long have we known for a fact that being seriously overweight is a health risk, generally – and specifically as regards the ‘Rona? How long does it take to drop 20 pounds? Maybe three months or so. Probably two-thirds of the fat people waddling around with their faces effaced to “keep them safe” could have lost the fat by now – and actually be safe.

      • The morbidly obese are quite aware it’s a health risk, since difficulty breathing is common among them, along with early age joint damage. Perhaps the Medical Industrial Complex is contributing to the obesity epidemic in yet another way. By medicating them so they can SURVIVE such obesity, that would have likely killed them early on 100 years ago, if they happened to find enough sugar to get fat on. People under a lot of stress tend to eat more, and tend to eat stuff that tastes really good, as in lots of sugar. Lord knows we’re getting stress in abundance the last 1.5 years plus.

  5. The guy that staggered through the frame in the dust mask reminded of the diapers I’ve seen more of lately that are white and triangular but are now the size of horse feed bags. It’s like these idiots are wearing dunce caps on their faces.

    • I’ve seen some really strange ones that look like duck bills. Others look like they have a ballsack or dick inside (maybe they do) – like speedos. My favorite is the cloth white one with head straps that makes them look like an orderly from a spooky old hospital in a horror flick. I guess it doesn’t matter to them how they look, as long as they can benefit from its magical powers.

      • More hugeness, more signally, I guess. No signs anymore where I’m at but definitely still the folks I mentioned previously and, amazingly, still the occasional bandana/neck gaiter type. Saw the latter today, in an empty post office, alone. Lowering/taking off when exiting. Can’t explain it.

  6. Eric,

    FYI, for whatever reason, I don’t see your video links on your site anymore. These days I just have to go find LibertarianCarGuy at Rumble.com, for those with similar issues.

    From your video, this chick didn’t look bad to me, but it was a brief view from a distance. Your message is taken well, however. Those who make themselves targets shouldn’t tell me to wear a ballistic vest.

  7. Eric, heres something funnier – the other day had a similar situation. An extremely overweight woman comes in to the supermarket, wearing a face diaper (no longer mandatory but recommended by the wise oracles in the media). She went straight to the counter – to buy cigarets !!!

    • Well, Nasir, I’m sure the plan is to create a protective layer of tar throughout the respiratory system, through which the virus can’t penetrate.

      • Maybe nicotine itself is protective:

        ‘Farsalinos et al systematic review observed that smoking is vastly protective for hospitalized COVID-19 based on the surprisingly low prevalence of smoking in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

        ‘A cross-sectional analysis of 4103 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patients treated at academic hospitals in New York City, demonstrated again a low smoking prevalence of 5.2%.’


        Strange that this narrative, from March to May 2020, has disappeared from sight.

        Doctors recommend Marlboro for covid protection. *wink*

        • I was aware of this as well, and of the immediate erasure of it. Being a hopeless addict, yes I’ve tried everything, I would NOT recommend smoking for COVID protection. I suspect even better results would have been obtained if sufficient vitamin D levels, and not the current “official” level that is for Ricketts prevention, had been included, along with reasonably healthy body weight.

    • Nasir and others in this thread:
      Some of us are old enough to remember that back in the <= 80s many people smoked. I've never been a smoker so I can't speak from experience. But I do remember that one of the main reasons people were hesitant to quit smoking was that they didn't want to gain weight. My understanding is that smoking suppresses one's sense of taste. So as pressure mounted and people chose to quit smoking, we exchanged an epidemic of lung cancer for an epidemic of food junkies and obesity.

      I don't really have an opinion here. Just regurgitating memories to help offer context for the discussion.

      • Hi Aanon,

        I am old enough to remember the “smoking world.” It was a far more civilized world than this one. The crusade against smoking was among and perhaps the first organized public shaming jihads. It was also – I think – the first time the law was used as a cudgel against private action in private context; e.g., a private bar allowing its patrons to smoke if they wished was forbidden from allowing it even though no customer was forced to enter the joint. It set the precedent for forcing people to wear a Diaper to go inside a store no one was forced to enter.

        • We were more tolerant. Those offended by smoke didn’t panic over it. I did smoke, my brother never did, but it also never discouraged him from going into
          a bar either. Those offended by other human frailties didn’t panic over those either. Bad breath, body odor, a too loud voice, etc. If someone refused a Polio or Small Pox vaccine they might feel sad for them, and question their intelligence, but never angry.

        • I can remember Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and Mike Douglas doing the nightly network news either smoking a cigarette, or having one burning in an ashtray. Mike Douglas actually did adds for cigarettes.

    • That is funny Nasir. My wife still smokes about a pack a week and she’ll probably never give it up. She has only been sick once in over twenty years and never has any problem breathing. Me I go cut an acre or two of grass/weeds and Im sneezing and wheezing like I’m about to take my last breath. Her boss at work gives her shit all the time about her smoking even though she goes out once a day in the afternoon to light up. She doesn’t take a lunch, just a ten minute break. This boss bitch of hers also harangues her about not wearing a mask (which she doesn’t), and getting the shit shot (which she wont). The same boss has had two plus a booster, and according to wifey her brain fog is getting worse.

      The even funnier thing is how these sanctimonious protectors of life and limb fail to see the law of unintended consequences. The amount of money smokers generate for the sickness state is huge. But I guess at this point it doesn’t matter since they can just pound their fat fingers on to the keyboard and make up whatever shortfall they need.

      • In reference to your allergies, I suffer them as well. In fact, they’ve been a major factor in preventing me from stopping smoking. Nothing disposes of a blinding can’t stop sneezing, snot running down my face, can’t breath through my nose allergy attack faster than a tall glass of heavily iced whatever and a smoke. I have found that cutting sugar out of my diet has disposed of such allergy. Even though that pint of chocolate ice cream occasionally still leaps into my shopping cart.

        • John,

          I cut my sugar down to next to nothing as far the refined stuff goes. Soda, ice cream, cookies, candy gone. But I eat a lot of blueberries and strawberries, apples and melon. As well, carbs are loaded with sugar. Seems even if you are trying to avoid it, its in everything. I just realized how much is in the milk I use on my raisin bran.

          You are on to something though as my wife has eliminated all carbs and sugar and now weighs what she did when we met. And like I said she never gets sick. A few more pounds and she will become a spinner.

          • One needs very little fruit, if any, and yes, it is high in sugar. The rule for carbs is: any simple carbs you eat, sugar, white bread etc, that are not burned in about one hour are turned to fat. Complex carbs, two hours. While they are waiting around to be burned, they cause or exacerbate other problems. Mainly inflammation, including swollen sinuses.

    • The double cheese burger isn’t much of a health issue. The “special sauce”, the fries, the soda pop, the fruit pie, and the whateveritis that constitutes a “milkshake” most definitely are.

    • AAAaaahhh!!!! That’s me screaming. Laughed at your comment. I hate yoga pants, even on skinny or normal size people. I cannot stand to see those butt cheeks flapping in the wind when you are walking away from me (you might as well be ‘nekked’)—don’t even talk about the view from the front. If you are going to wear yoga pants in public, please please wear an appropriate top over them, that covers you in the front and the back, below your butt. If you are obese or even a little overweight, do not wear them in public at all, never, ever! If you cannot comply with these rules of decency only wear them at home.
      I feel better now. Have got to go pull weeds and get away from the world.

      • For the life of me, I fail to understand the apparent desire among the waist line challenged to wear spandex of any kind. They can’t be that easy to put on over all that excess, and I’m sure it takes a while to arrange their excess so it doesn’t look even worse than it does. Do they think it makes them look thinner?

        • I don’t know John, well I do know actually. I’m screaming again! I’ve lost my ‘mojo’, lol. That’s from the 70’s for you younger people. I didn’t get to the weeds, they’ll live a while longer, oh well.
          To answer your question, people have no pride in themselves anymore. They just dress anyway they want. Like Eric said, apparently people don’t have mirrors or don’t look in them.
          The reason I’m screaming is I made the mistake of looking at the local paper, USA owned now I think. Front page headline: NO RELIEF IN SIGHT, below this a picture of a black woman sitting on steps, looks okay, a little overweight, then down below her in a rocking chair, white woman bent over with arms on legs looking down at ground. She is obese, tattoos everywhere. Below the picture, smaller headline, “Power outage highlights heat disparities in New Orleans”. AAAaahhhhh!!! This is New Orleans, they have hurricanes every year, they have heat, humidity, they live below sea level. They can take their check and go buy a generator. I don’t care.
          One more thing, had a college level coach —age 76–died from Covid 19 had been in hospice after “battling the effects of Covid-19, “had been vaccinated but had a breakthrough case of the virus”. Don’t know when vaccinated, but don’t care either. What do you want to bet he had plenty of other health issues? Maybe Covid 20 won’t be as bad, or 21, 22…..
          I need to quit getting this paper, it just makes me mad.
          Anyway, I don’t know, when the country has turned into a welfare state I guess this is what we get every time we go out in public.
          One more thing, change the subject. When I say ‘go out in public’, always makes me think of —was it Ron White said, I didn’t want to be drunk in public, I wanted to be drunk in the bar, you threw me out in public.

          • I haven’t read a newspaper in 30 years. My recently deceased father got a local daily which I would look at once in a while, at which time would say “yep, that’s what they look like”. Haven’t watched TV news for 10 years, and then only watched it for entertainment purposes, until it wasn’t even funny anymore.

            • Yeah, I need to stop getting it, but it is entertaining. As far as the picture goes, don’t care if the women were purple, just don’t act surprised that you have no power when you live in New Orleans and it’s hurricane season. And…if you can afford that many tattoos, you can afford a generator, I guess. Aren’t tattoos expensive?
              Talking about the smoking above, I can remember nurses smoking in the break rooms and we had one doctor, an anesthesiologist would come to the floor, sitting in the nurses station looking at the charts smoking. Funny, we didn’t think a thing about it. He was from Cuba, spoke with that heavy Latin/Cuban accent. Left when Castro coming to power, don’t know how old he was when he left. I always liked him.

              • Hi Elaine,

                Yup. In those days, people in general had a better sense of humor and were more tolerant – probably precisely because “tolerance” wasn’t forced down their throats all the time. People could breath – and speak. Maybe there was “secondhand smoke” in the room. If it bothered you, you could always exit the room. People managed. I can recall this world. It was a far less angry, petty world than this one.

                I miss it.


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