First, Do No Harm . . .

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Remember that one?

It was – once – the prime directive of medicine, enshrined in the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors were enjoined to treat their patients conservatively, in a manner that presented the least risk to them. People who weren’t sick weren’t enjoined to take medicines they didn’t need, especially when there were safer alternatives in the event they did become sick.

This fostered trust in doctoring, which was once upon a better time an honorable profession.

It has become a mercenary and political profession – driven by the lash of HMOs and fear of the American Medical Association, beholden to corporate McHospital chains and conglomerates  that are, in turn, financially beholden to the same corporate cartels that push the products of the pharmaceutical cartels upon the populace, initially via the TeeVee – ask your doctor about Zipthoria – and now via government and the corporate employer matrix that is effectively the same thing as government except worse because you can’t vote for a different one.

All of the above explains why so many doctors – not all, but a lot of them – now practice the reverse of the Hippocratic Oath and urge risky “vaccinations” upon their patients, including children – who are at little, if any risk from the sickness it is claimed to prevent (and which it is now painfully clear it does not). They do not warn them of the risks – and they often deny the results – of the “vaccinations.” (Here is one of the latest such.)

They amen “mask” wearing by healthy people who cannot get anyone sick and which “masks” they know perfectly well have never been shown to serve any medically useful purpose outside of the context of a hospital – especially when worn in the manner most people wear them – and given that most people aren’t wearing the type of “mask” that could at least theoretically serve a medically legitimate purpose.

The only possible explanation for all of this – given the facts about the suppression of facts about the risk of the sickness and of facts about the risks of the “vaccines” – and the uselessness of “masks” – is that the doctors who prescribe it all are under the same economic pressure (their continued employment) that is being used as a cudgel to coerce the populace to roll up its sleeves and efface their faces.

Only in the case of doctors, the pressure is greater because of the prospect of being defrocked. An ordinary workman can always find new work, often of the same type, working for another company. To hell with your “masks” – and your jabs!

But a doctor who is defrocked cannot legally practice his trade anymore – anywhere – and that not only means not working as a doctor it means probably not being able to pay off what was incurred to become one.

The choice is employment – or poverty.

This is a strong incentive for doctors to toe the AMA (and McCorporate hospital conglomerate) line. Largely gone are the independent family doctors – like this writer’s grandfather – who owned their practices, often run in the same home the family lived in. They could practice medicine rather than politics.

Or religion, for that matter – which is what this is all about and which by now any person not a member of the cult can clearly see.

Back in the days before McHospitals and HMOs, when independent doctors didn’t have the crushing pressure of financial obligation and the threat of excommunication from their profession constantly hovering over their heads, they were much more free to give free advice – such as lose some weight rather than take these pills (forever). They also weren’t taken out for expensive dinners by drug reps, who in turn expected the doctor to pick up the tab for those expensive dinners by passing it along to their patients – in the form of prescriptions.

But most of all, they tried to do no harm.

Now consider where things stand.

It is indisputable that the “vaccines” are not merely harmful – they are the most harmful “vaccines” ever prescribed during the past 40 years, at least. Even if you cut away 90 percent of the deaths and serious side effects reported to VAERS – the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – the 10 percent that remains constitutes more damage to people’s health by orders of magnitude than the infamous Swine Flu vaccine of the mid-1970s, which was taken out of circulation after something like 50 people apparently died because of it.

Thousands of people’s deaths are now associated with these “vaccines” which – insult piled on top of injury – it is now clear offer at best temporary and sketchy protection and may serve no other purpose than symptom suppression and may even magnify susceptibility to sickness.

Yet the push to jab waxes rather than wanes.

Parents are being hectored to bring their kids in for a shot they don’t need by any rational-medical standard that is known to carry with it numerous and serious risks. “Vaccines” that are now known to not be effective, on top of that. Reluctant to Jab parents are being separated from their kids. Doctor’s (and now, court’s) orders!

If this is not malpractice then what would constitute it?

At the same time, the handful of doctors brave enough to counsel more conservative countermeasures that err on the side of caution are pilloried – which presents an interesting juxtaposition. Palliatives such as Vitamin D and C, Zinc and Ivermectin may – Devil’s Advocate – not be effective treatments for this illness.

But they certainly do not cause any harm, as such.

You will not get Bell’s Palsy or myocarditis from taking Vitamin D or C or Zinc tablets. Ivermectin is itself without any worrisome side effects. The so-called “Disinformation Dozen” who have been pilloried – and excommunicated – have not caused the death or maiming of a single person by prescribing any of the above.

But they are the focus of organized (by the McHospital system) of outrage.

It ought to tell people something. But in order for that to happen, they’d first have to be capable of thinking. And that, alas, is the true sickness we’re dealing with.

. . .

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  1. A great read, and a great site:

    “Scientists studying fear do not really know why humans have this innate belief that sacrifice will help avert a threat, but one possibility is that it is a leftover element of the ‘lizard part’ of our brain. Lizards drop their tails when pursued by a predator in order to distract that predator and escape. Perhaps this tendency is still a part of humanity, following the same basic logic: ‘Let’s give up something very important and hope it appeases whatever threatens us’. ”


    “Whatever the deeper reason, the tell-tale sign of the sacrificial reflex associated with human fear is disinterest among the fearful in the mechanism by which the sacrifice actually helps avert the danger. It is simply seen as axiomatic that the sacrifice helps. So, while many believe that face masks are to viruses what garden gates are to mosquitoes, people possessed by fear of infection are quite prone to believing that a face mask will prevent infection, because wearing one is doing something.”

  2. I would trust the “disinformation dozen” and hundreds more like them before listening to one word from fauci, bourla, the CDC, FDA, AMA, the TV news or social networks like fraudbook, google, or yahoo. The greater the censorship, the greater the truth.

    Look at Israel…80% injected with mRNA poisons and still there are rising covid cases. But they never tell us how they are testing for covid. This is proving that the injections are worthless for preventing covid, but not in causing humanity great harm.

    Much of the medical mafia is controlled by big pharma. This means a patient will be pushed to be on an endless drug regimen. Similar to the endless vaccination parade big pharma is now pushing for 7.7 billion people. Why? Your horrible death in exchange for big profits. You are not a human being in the eyes of pharma or many doctors. You are the means of gargantuan profits and massive incomes.

    Lastly, the PCR test. The entire fake pandemic is based on these tests. Consider that there has never been any vetting, or studies done on the PCR testing method to determine if it can find covid or any variant in any person. NONE. No worldwide standardization of test cycles and procedures. The labs doing these tests provide conflicting information and are free to give us fake results.

    Without massive fake positive test results, there is no pandemic, no undridled fear, and no rush to get an experimental injection that is more likely to murder you than any covid germ. This is the double objective of the WEF and the insane super rich…scare people with a fake pandemic, causing them to seek poison injections and thus pharma makes ungodly profits all the while secretly murdering them to save the planet from fake man made global warming.

    • There has bwen a lot of focus on isreal, but there are places like iceland with 90%+ vaccination and Gibraltar which has 100% vaccination. If I recall correctly Gibraltar had 0 Coronavirus deaths before the launch of the vaccine and that number climbed to 23 (out of approximately 10,000) within a couple of months.

      There was a fully vaxxed uk aircraft carrier that had a covid19 outbreak inspite of its mission keeping it away from any other people for more than 2 weeks.

      Also the US “cases” are being driven by fake pcr testingto skew things.

      Suppose a distribution center has 1000 workers and 70% are vaxxed. The vaxxed workers work untill they are symptomatic. The unvaxxed workers have to do weekly or even 2x weekly 40 cycle pcr tests with 97% false positives. So there is an “outbreak” wherein 100 people are sick, 95% are unvaxxed simply because they’re the ones being tested, and the vaxxies are not being tested unless their perminant covid goes symptomatic. In which case vaxxies are tested with 27 cycle pcrs which have as many false negatives as positives.

      • ‘There was a fully vaxxed uk aircraft carrier that had a covid19 outbreak in spite of its mission keeping it away from any other people for more than 2 weeks.’ — Anonymous

        Just a statistical illusion, man … your lying eyes generating glowing but nonexistent patterns in the dark. /sarc

        The all-knowing media knows better. From that fount of irrefutable truth, the New York Slimes:

        ‘Cases are starting to fall in some hard-hit Southern states, but nearly half of Americans are not fully vaccinated, allowing the Delta variant to persist.’

        Unvaxxed = ‘allowing the Delta variant to persist’

        Dumbass deplorables are probably putting out bowls of milk on the back porch to feed the Delta virus and make it grow. /sarc

        • The munchausen by government variant is getting very bad globally 7 billion are infected with the munchausen by government strain which has also spawned the following aggressive strains to co infect populations. There is an increase in munchausen by corperation, by proxy and self inflicted munchausens epidemic

          Fully covid vaccinated people can catch covid from other fully vaccinated covid and they will blame unvaxxed people. A fully vaxxed man dies of covid and doctors say his illness would have been worse if he wasnt vaxxed.

          People dying of vaccine side effects blame unvaccinated people for their condition. People wearing masks blame their mask wearing on those of us who dont wear masks. They blame the economic problems on those who kept working, eating out and supporting their communities.

          People think they are heroes for ordering takeout food and collecting overly generous unemployment for a year, while demanding more miserable conditions for those who produce & distribute needed things.

          People think they are heroes for excluding nurses and other workers from the society for refusing poisen.

          People think they are heroes for putting healthy people in quarentene.

  3. A baseless Rolling Stone story about victims of ‘horse dewormer’ suckers the entire media food chain:

    ‘On Friday, Rolling Stone’s Peter Wade published a hit piece claiming that Oklahoma ERs were overflowing with people ‘overdosing on horse dewormer.’

    ‘The report, sourced to local Oklahoma outlet KFOR’s Katelyn Ogle, cites Oklahoma ER doctor Dr. Jason McElyea – claimed that people overdosing on ivermectin horse dewormer are causing emergency rooms to be “so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting” access to health facilities.’

    The story has also been picked up by Business Insider, The Independent, The Guardian, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, and Dr Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter.

    But it’s lies … all lies … poison lies:

    ‘Dr McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over two months.

    ‘Northeastern Health System Sequoia has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose.’ — NHS Sequoia

    No media ‘fact checker’ even bothered to call the hospital where Dr McElyea used to work.

    Consider: if the Lügenpresse tells easily-demolished whoppers about ‘ivermectin victims’ in rural Oklahoma, do you reckon they’re telling the truth about ‘baseless claims of election fraud’?

    Is it possible that every single word they print and broadcast is a feculent, flaming lie?

    • Hi Jim,

      It is safe – it is sound – to question the veracity and intent of everything you read and hear put forward by “the media.” Which has become a concatenation of derelict in its duty to assess and report the facts, corrupted by corporate control and thoroughly suffused with overt authoritarian propagandists. There is hardly even the pretense of reporting any longer. Rather, many of these people regard themselves as commentators – and more, as teachers. Of a benighted, idiot public for which they effuse contempt.

      • Indeed, corporate news is as if issued from the halls of the ministry of propaganda. It used to be somewhat entertaining to watch, but its not funny anymore. Since about half of the population is actually swallowing it. Which is the thing that is driving my ongoing battle with depression. A recurring thought is “do we even deserve to survive this?” But we do. Because we are capable of being of worth, whether the current trend leans that way or not. As is daily demonstrated in this comment section.

    • My dad read me that story from msnbc or cnn and I had to stop him several times cause it seemed so outlandish. I couldnt believe anyone would believe it. Hospital Overflowing with ivermectin overdoses? Multiple gunshot wounds in rural oaklahoma? Where is the mass shooting story? Who shot all of those people and where at? My dad made excuses like maybe hunting accidents?

      So I looked it up. 11 people called oaklahoma poisen control after taking ivermectin over the course of 2 months and they felt mildly to moderately ill with nausia, bowel movements headaches and stuff like that- No one went blind and no one went to the hospital for that reason.

      People call poisen control all of the time. Its a good precaution if you feel ill after exposure to something that could cause illness

      Horse paste has the same active ingredients as human ivermectin, it just has oil, sweetener and flavor to make it taste better and for easy dosing. Those hysterical claims about horse paste being a different formula are that they use glycol, artificial flavor & corn oil instead of corn starch cause its a goo instead of a pill.

      But you know what is filling hospitals? Vaccinated people of all ages.

      • ’11 people called oklahoma poisen control’ — Anonymous

        A suspiciously similar (probably FDA-coordinated) story was generated by diligent stenographers in Arizona:

        PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — The Banner Poison & Drug Information Center in Phoenix is warning patients from using Ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19. Ivermectin is “a prescribed antiparasitic medication typically given to animals.”

        “Higher doses can cause significant illness in humans,” states Dr. Daniel Brooks, medical director of the Banner Poison & Drug Information Center. “Ivermectin is not approved for the treatment of COVID-19 illness and should not be taken. Animal formulations are not intended for human use.”

        So far, the Banner Poison & Drug Information Center in Phoenix has had two cases in August where a patient used Ivermectin had adverse effects. One of them needed to be hospitalized. The center also has had 12 calls that involved someone being exposed to Ivermectin since the beginning of 2021.

        Bottom line: nothing to see here. Twelve calls and two (2) actual events, pumped up 1000X by the Lügenpresse into an ivermectin-crazed monster smashing buildings and hurling screaming victims to the pavement.

        Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

  4. Off topic: I’m on an email list for police reports — whenever they nab someone (such as an illegal marijuana grower), they always say how they found a pistol and/or a rifle AS IF that’s a crime (it’s not, unless the perp is a felon I guess). For example, one of their reports say they found an AR-15 rifle and that it is “concerning” (even though it’s perfectly legal). Can you believe them? They’re literally trying to brainwash/mind-control us people in their police reports. So by their own logic, they should all turn in their guns, but they don’t. Hmm. I am so sick of them being criminals… they’re supposed to protect us, not war against us. They should be arresting all of the pirates that frauded our elections — almost no-one in any govt position even got elected, they frauded us all. They’re all criminal pirates!

    We all need to shut this entire phony govt & their thug gangs down yesterday. But they’re trying to shut us down instead. We people suck, we let this go on our entire lives, although most/all of us didn’t even know what was going on.

    • Hi Harry,

      All of what you’ve written is true, but there is one thing almost all of us could have done that most of us didn’t: Not wear the god-damned “mask” last year. Just refuse. No, I won’t wear it. If that means I can’t shop here, fine – I won’t shop here. If all or even a third of us had just said no to the god-damned “mask,” then much of what has happened would not have. Probably the Orange Man would still be president, too.

      I never once put the god-damned thing on. It wasn’t that hard, just inconvenient. But most people could not be inconvenienced. Now they face being Jabbed and the total loss of whatever freedom they had before.

      It’s so sad because it could have been so easily stopped.

      I used to go back and forth here with a reader who was annoyed with me over my virulent stance on “masks.” He saw “masking” as no big deal and took offense – I think – over my characterizations/criticisms of those who wore them, especially willingly. Well, how now brown cow?

      You give an inch – you lose the whole god-damned road.

  5. The trend of doctors going from being small business owners (not just their practices, but the other businesses they would invest in) to being government employees is very troubling and worrisome.

    Your mindset changes radically from when you are in business for yourself to being a creature of the government. I know many people didn’t like them as small businesspeople, but being government agents is far worse for society.

  6. With respect to vaccines alone, the more widespread usage of the vaccines becomes, the more disease they are spreading and the more deaths from the disease itself it is causing. Don’t believe any of that shit about the unvaccinated being the spreaders. It’s the exact opposite.

    The “you’ll at least survive or avoid hospitalization” statement is empty rhetoric, just like how they made a blanket statement at release time that the vaccines were “safe and effective.” There is no evidence or data to support either proclamation, and many deaths from the disease have happened to the genetically modified. The fact that people blindly believed that showed that the elites were going to succeed with their genocidal plans. The long-term effects are still to be determined or realized and if the short term ones are bad, expect the long term ones to be worse.

    Have you heard what has gone on in Israel? Gibraltar? Iceland? The most heavily vaccinated countries have the most widespread disease counts and many are dying from the disease even with a near-100% vaccination rate.

    Then you have the issue of antibody dependent enhancement. If you have autoimmune disorders, that’s even MORE reason to avoid this untested, unproven cocktail. If you have the shots and contract the disease, you are almost assuredly fucked.

    When the fall comes around and respiratory disease is in season, the possibility of a mass catastrophe is real, one where the medical system really DOES become overwhelmed, which is what they want. Their aim is to create hell on earth, where people are so worried about survival that they ignore the tyranny enveloping us, and ultimately crush our will and turn the survivors into zombies.

    The censored doctors ALL warned against mass vaccinating during a live outbreak, that it would result in the disease mutating and defeating the vaccine, and becoming more dangerous. It has happened already, even during the low disease season. Their predictions are coming to fruition even before the most dangerous time of the year.

    This has also set a dangerous precedent. Canada now reportedly has 7 vaccines for every person in the country. That is because once you take one, you will have to continually go for more. Immunity will become a subscription service, while your natural immunity will disappear literally from the first shot. The added benefit is that Pharma will be able to print money at will by continually rolling out more “diseases.” Their power and influence are already beyond belief, and it will magnify monumentally. Humans will be reduced to livestock who will be ordered to line up at Pharma’s will. Is that the life you want?

    People mysteriously continue to trust the Medical Industrial Complex and CDC. The moron lemmings are back to wearing masks even though 40 years of randomized controlled trials prove their complete worthlessness. If the masks worked, why were the vaccines necessary? If the vaccines worked, why do we now need masks? So taking two things that are completely ineffective and combining them is the answer? Yeah, these people are fuckin geniuses and we are so right to put our trust in them!! The more they do to solve this puzzle, the worse they make things and the more the lemmings hang on their every word!!

    The 1918 “flu” that killed 50 million people in a less populated world burned itself out in 2 years. They tried many of the same stupid things of today and they did not work. When people stopped following them, the disease soon ran its course and burned itself out. We are not far from 2 years and trending in the WRONG direction. The 1918 “flu” is actually the result of a military bacterial meningitis vaccine experiment by Rockefeller gone horribly wrong.

  7. Superb article, Eric, and well-articulated on many fronts, because you touched on so many aspects of the practice of “medicine” and how corrupted it is. It has been for a long time, but that corruption is increasing exponentially.

    Medicine has morphed into an extension arm of the government and police state. It is a killing machine, an enforcement mechanism, and is now used as a rationale for diabolical medical dictums and mandates. I can hardly imagine anything more cruel than obstructing peoples breathing, and they are now normalizing the “livestocking” of humans which will come as new diseases are rolled out. They will dictate what we must take, when, how frequently and the police state will ensure there is little we can do to sidestep it.

    Pharma/Med will increase their wealth, power, and influence to unimaginable levels. They already had achieved that, to more of a degree than most people realize, but they will now be utterly dominant.

    I’m at the point that when I read a news account of someone’s death, I envy the person who died, as they escaped this nightmarish 2020-forward world.

    I’m 58 and supremely healthy, well enough the easily eclipse the 100-year mark through natural, holistic health, nutrition, and bodybuilding. I am no longer assuming a long life. I will either be bioweaponed out of existence (exterminated), or rounded up and shot for remaining organic. Either way, I see my time on earth seriously shortened.

    I don’t even think about my future any longer, because I know I don’t have one.

  8. Diaper Report and Supply Shortage:

    The daughter and I stopped into Target last night to pick up some birthday gifts for a party tomorrow afteroon. The store was about 70% masked and 30% unmasked. Nobody bothered us, although we did have a few carts U-turn so they did not have to walk by us in the aisle.

    My concern was the lack of supplies that Target had. It was pretty bad. Honestly, I believe it is worst than March 2020, because supply on everything is down. In March it was paper products and food. Now it is everything. The Halloween aisle is usually filled with costumes, decor, and candy. The garden section is usually 70% off by now and the Christmas trees are starting to appear. Target had about 20 costumes (maybe about 3 each), no decor, and 2/3 less candy than usual. There are no Christmas trees, the garden section is non existent, and I can’t even stock up on $.25 notebooks, because the school supply section is missing. Some kids haven’t even started school yet! Procrastinators are in deep doo-doo.

    Everything in the store had been picked through – canned goods, flour/sugar, clothing, shoes, tp, soda, toys, peanut butter, etc. Only two things seemed to be in adequate supply – bread and chocolate chips. There has to be a connection to that somewhere.

    The toy section was pretty bad. I actually started purchasing Xmas gifts yesterday for my younger nieces and nephews. It was slim pickings, but I did walk away with a few presents so at least I won’t show up empty handed 4 months from now.

    How is everyone else’s stores looking? I plan to hit Big Lots and Aldi tomorrow and hope they are better. Wishful thinking on my part.

  9. I find it amusing that there seems to be an all-out war against…ivermectin. Media (at least in the US, from what I’ve seen) has gone nuts calling it a horse anti parasitic (of course, ignoring there is a human version). That thing has been around for decades, and it’s used quite a lot in third world countries (specially Africa). It has shown to be pretty safe, unless one abuses it…like everything. Even excess water can kill.
    On the other hand, the jabs doesn’t even have a year and it’s already a mess. The 3rd jab seems more faith than anything (the CDC director admitted there’s no data!). And no long term studies, yet it is fine to mass vax with that.

    More amusing stuff: Joe Rogan (unvaxed) got hit by the rona, took the “horse thing” and recovered in 3 days. Oscar de la Hoya (vaxed) also got hit by the rona, but he ended up in the hospital. And this guy is supposed to be in better shape than average Joe.

    And the data manipulation is despicable. Here in my country (Panama), government keeps parroting that around 95% of rona deaths are in the unvaxed people. Technically it’s true, but there’s a small detail: they are counting deaths since March, and at that time, there weren’t too many fully vaxed. Reminds me of how to lie with stats. And officially, there are no deaths nor adverse effects due to the jabs (people aren’t even being informed of what to do if there is an adverse reaction – figure that out).

    • There’s a published book “How to Lie with Statistics.” I have not read the book and do not know of its contents. To me, the most important thing to take from the book is the existence of the book.

  10. For a time I hung out with the skeptic crowd. I even attended The Amazing Meeting, which is an annual pseudo-revival meeting to make fun of religious types while ignoring the fact that they’ve turned science into religion. I shook hands with Neil Degrasse Tyson and have a picture of me and Penn Jillette. It is not a coincidence that after that meeting I no longer felt they have an objective view of the world.

    I mention that because they love to point out the “science” of vitamin supplements is settled, and that they do nothing but (as they put it) give you expensive piss. What they seem to miss is that they only recall a few studies done decades ago and pretend they are the gospel truth, ignoring any new research, especially on the microbiology field. I personally haven’t studied too much of the supplement word, but I have been taking D3 and C since this mess has begin. Doubt it is protecting me as much as my natural tendency to be a hermit, but it isn’t hurting anything either. When your assumption is that vitamin supplements are worthless you’re far less likely to consider them for any preventive regimen.

    But there’s also the indoor air quality factor. Seems like this stuff sticks around if you have the windows closed and air conditioning on, at least the spikes seem to fall into those categories. No one seems to be talking about that at all, yet all through August we’ve been hearing of “spikes in numbers” in Florida and Texas, two states where August is hot, muggy and you’re not going to have the windows open. Stale air. Back in the days of tuberculosis the cities closed down in the summer and people who could afford it came out to the high country. They did this so they could sleep in the cool, dry air because it seemed to promote healthy lungs. Maybe the real reason was because being cooped up in a closed off house was allowing the stuff to fester?

    • Airborne ILI Viruses don’t fester. They behave less like particles and more like a gas due to their size which btw is smaller than the wavelength of visible light.

      If someone is actively sick they WILL be symptomatic and expelling trillions upon trillions of particles with every breath, cough, and sneeze.

      Opening windows will help but essentially if you’re in the same building as a sick person the only thing keeping you well is your immune system. It will do this several hundred times a day, 24×7, until you die.

      More than likely it’s probably vitamin D related. People in the South’s horrendous summers don’t tend to spend much time in sunlight.

    • Israel’s daily ‘case’ rate (7-day average) has set a fresh record — as it’s been doing nearly every day — of 1,143 per million. That’s the highest rate in the world.

      This runaway ‘case’ rate coincides with a booster-shot campaign that began on July 30th and has jabbed about one third of the eligible 12-and-over population.

      In five weeks of frantic, fanatical vaxxing, Israel has driven its ‘case’ rate from 217 to 1,143 per million — more than quintupling it.

      After rhetorically conceding that correlation doesn’t prove causation … nevertheless, at what point does some prudent adult in authority call a pause on Israel’s ghastly triple-vaxxing train wreck?

    • I always pay attention to the wisdom of my favorite ancient Greek philosopher…

      (Not directed at you personally, just a general observation.)

  11. Something that was hid by the media. There are businesses that work closely with electric providers to overlook those electric provides business management so electric providers can concentrate on what they do best, make electricity. These business management groups have told their customers, electric providers; during the next 3 years have a plan in place to replace current employees that have been vaccinated for COVID-19. I wonder if people will wake up when many many tens of millions of Americans are dying because they took the shots. Which Israel is starting to prove such is very probable being Israel’s population is massively “vaccinated”. This media push to hide the truth and push propaganda brings back to light Mark Twain. Twain is credited for saying, “if people don’t read newspapers they are uninformed, if they do read newspapers they are misinformed”. People that have allowed themselves to become lazy minded may have and/or likely have allowed themselves to be lead to the slaughter without lifting a finger to save themselves.

  12. Hey, you guys noticed how it was “all about the science”? Now however, even the scientist (yes the crooked AF government ones) cant tow the line anymore. The FDA people are resigning over boosters. In the UK some agency of some fuckery or the other has recommended against kids getting the jab. But guess what – the politicians are angling and looking for ways to “approve” it anyways !! here in the UK they are talking about “other potential benefits” for children (god knows what they are). So i guess its not about the “science” anymore !!

  13. I just heard Oscar De La Hoya got hit hard with the ‘Rona, and being a boxer, coming out of retirement and training for his next fight, he should’ve been in damn good shape. 48 years old. He was double-vaxxed.

    My coworker who has been down with the ‘Rona for nearly 2 weeks is feeling better now. Not quite 100%, but getting there. He is 40, most certainly overweight and out of shape, and had an enlarged liver at the beginning of the year. He was unvaxxed, and now will enjoy the fruits of natural immunity for his suffering.

  14. Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in this country, at about 250,000 per year. Prescription drug deaths are also a leading cause of death, around 150,000 per year. Together, in the past 18 months of covid, supposed virus deaths from the official bullshit ghoulish JHU counter, equals about the same number of death at the hands of clinicians and the poisons they peddle in the same period. These white-coated clowns and their corporate hospital overlords they parrot have no standing to lecture any one of us about the safety or efficacy of face diapers or vaccines.

    And another thing: why is everything in this rotting, fetid corpse of a once decent country corporate? Nearly everything we do is now part of this cold, unfeeling, rigid, unaccountable, and impersonal experience. Et tu, patient care?

    • Corporations get all the perks of personhood without the inconvenience of prison or the gallows when they harm or kill real living beings. A psychotic wet dream come true for the parasite class.

    • You want a disease? Go to a hospital. They have lots of diseases there. Maybe you can find one to your liking.
      Once you get your disease (of choice!), you’ll probably need some of this stuff:
      Then again, maybe you’ll just croak, which would make things a lot simpler for the House of Doom.
      Maximum billing with minimum hassle, and dead men tell no tales.

  15. Oh, surprise! Fat boy raised and catered to on fast food by Fat Momma loved video games. Close the schools, keep your regular sized kids at home hiding in closets wearing face diaper so as to prevent my obese unhealthy kid from finding adverse effects to not moving and eating wrong.

  16. OK, two things. First, I live in Kentucky, and aside from bourbon, Kentucky is well known for its horses. So, after listening to a horse owner talk last night, it was mentioned that using Ivermectin as a prophylactic is probably not a good idea. Why? Same reason you don’t want to use it with horses – you’ll end up developing resistant strains of the virus (assuming the virus exists, of course). That happens with animal parasites, and would probably also happen with covid. The best move would be to have it on hand for treatment, not using it as prophylaxis. Now, you can still supplement with zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, etc.

    Second, I finished up my song.

    If you’re ugly and you know it wear a mask
    If you’re ugly and you know it wear a mask
    If you’re ugly and you know it then your face will surely show it
    If you’re ugly and you know it wear a mask

    If you’re sheepish and you know it take the test
    If you’re sheepish and you know it take the test
    If you’re sheepish and you know it then your nose will surely show it
    If you’re sheepish and you know it take the test

    If you’re stupid and you know it take the jab
    If you’re stupid and you know it take the jab
    If you’re stupid and you know it then your arm will surely show it
    If you’re stupid and you know it take the jab

    Sing along, everybody!

  17. There’s a thing going on in my home State of Missouri. Cases and deaths are in freefall, less than half what they were at the peak last winter, and yet there are more in ICU now than were in that spike. Those numbers don’t add up. Or, people are being put in ICU who don’t need to be. Or, ICU has gotten orders of magnitude better at treatment, and people are living through it. The last I consider highly unlikely. Far more likely, those posting the numbers are dues paying members of the Medical Industrial Complex, and working those numbers to their advantage.

    • The most obvious thing is what so many predicted- the shots are killing. They (the shots) are doing exactly like they did when tried before, breeding meaner pathogens by their ineffectiveness, and infecting both the vaccinated hosts and everybody around them because the vaxxed don’t feel sick enough to stay in.

      I’m not taking the prick, and I’m not wearing a mask, because neither works and both are very bad ideas. But I am avoiding crowds until this mess settles out. But then, I avoided crowds before it was cool…

    • Hi John,

      From what I have gathered is if you are positive for COVID (even if that is not the reason you are there) you must be separated from the rest of the flock. I don’t know if they are putting positive patients in ICU, but it would not surprise me if they did. Also, the maximum amount of beds are not being used in the hospitals…..only the beds that they have staff for. Many nurses have retired/quit recently and there was already a nursing shortage prior to the plandemic. If a hospital has 16 ICU beds, but their staff has decreased by 20% that takes three beds out of usage. The beds are there, but the staff isn’t, this way the hospital can say they are at maximum capacity. Of course, they aren’t saying it is because of lack of staff not lack of supplies/rooms. There is a whole lot of fuzzy math taking place.

      When the news media starts throwing out percentages instead of actual figures we should be suspect.

      • Staffing has been an issue ever since hospitals converted to for profit institutions. A lot of rural community hospitals have been closed down completely in the last 20 to 30 years. Staffing costs money. So staffing is kept to the the bare minimum needed for average demand. which means any increase in demand creates a staffing shortage. I know a couple of nurses who have been in the business for twenty years or more, and I’ve known them that long. They have ALWAYS complained about short staffing. But these ICU numbers the State is putting out aren’t a percentage of capacity but the real whole numbers. More COVID patients in ICU than there were last winter.

      • As a contractor for a large urban hospital, I know for a fact what is going on inside. This hospital is actively dedicating more beds, in fact entire hospital wings to “covid patients” due to the federal dollars they get for each new patient that “tests positive”.

        To qualify as a “covid” treatment area, the hospital must do major renovations to the ventilation systems of these wings (must be negative air). Guess where the funding comes from to do these renovations? Yep, FedGov.

        There are major incentives in place to keep this farce going.

    • The numbers of “cases” and deaths are in a freefall bc those who are jabbed are not being “tested” for convid. They may be very ill, and even die – whether there is a pathogen responsible or it is the contents of the jab is irrelevant – but they will absolutely, positively, never ever ever be counted as “covid cases” or “covid deaths.”

        • It’s a trick to pad the numbers.

          For example: Someone goes to get their second or 3rd shot today. In my province, that person will be put into the “unvaxed” column for the next two weeks (14 days), whatever the outcome.

          This person has two or three shots of whatever running around in their body and they are considered “unvaxed” by the local health standards.

          If you look into jab side-effects, or even infections recorded after the jab, local gov’t stats again, they primarily occur within that two week window after the jab. So, the “unvaxed” are getting sick, after two or three jabs. Read that again, it’s the true state of affairs.

          They also go back to Jan 1st to count cases, before any shots were delivered, to pad the statistics. The data is all there, with the descriptions of how they are manipulating the statistics. Guess people just don’t know how to read.

          • Thanks for this, LJ –

            It’s what I’ve read as well. That they are (again) manipulating the data to create the impression that people who’ve never been injected are the ones getting sick by characterizing as “unvaccinated” those who only recently got the Jab. It’s predictably of a piece with the shuck-and-jive over “cases” and actual sickness/death.

          • The entire scenario, soup to nuts, from day one (technically, even before day one), is just that – a con. Hence my penchant for calling it “convid.”

          • Hi LJ,

            This wouldn’t surprise me if the hospitals are doing this, but I do have another concern. The unvaxxed are starting to fall ill. I just found out a client of mine who was in my office was just diagnosed for COVID, my sister, my nephews, also quite a few clients that I had not spoken with in awhile….all fighting COVID right now….all not jabbed.

            My client, above, came in earlier this week and asked if I was feeling okay and how my family was. I got this deer in the headlights look and stated “We are fine.” She said let out a deep breath and said “Good.” I asked if she was okay. She stated that the day after she had met with me a few weeks ago that she tested positive for COVID, her husband, and all three kids, as well. She believes they got it on vacation, which they just returned from a few days before she met with me.

            Personally, I don’t get fazed about stuff like this and I didn’t get fazed from this either. Since my family and I showed no symptoms I am still toting that my elderberry, 5000 IUs of Vitamin D, and an occasional licorice root tea works…..that and eating organic/non GMO.

            There is no doubt though that whatever is going around is pretty darn contagious and it isn’t just hitting the vaxxed.

            • Hi Raider Girl,

              Now, how many of those cases were actually covid and not a PCR artifact or another coronavirus. The CDC has admitted that the tests are basically useless in determining what exactly they’re looking at, never mind the cycle threshold debacle. Unless they were confirmed with COVID via chest X-rays and a full and proper diagnosis, the jury is out. Might be a bad cold or flu going around. Were any of these people hospitalized or put on medications to treat the disease? Was it a life-threatening event for them, or a couple of days feeling crappy and eating chicken noodle soup?

              Assuming that it is covid, it will be one of the newer variants which are indeed more contagious, but much less lethal – as viruses tend to genetically drift into the “less lethal” category as they mature and adapt to their host environment (which we are actually mutating with the jabs).

              I’d just like another row on the statistical chart to indicate those who have taken the shot, but have not cleared their two week window. They are clearly jabbed and shouldn’t be put into the “virgin” category. If they are the ones showing up in hospital, that should be known, as it would impact how people should act after getting the jab – for their protection they might need to isolate for 14 days, until the jab is assumed to be “effective”.

              Plus, it is well known that you do not jab people when there is an outbreak happening. It actually encourages the disease to seek a direct escape route to the treatment, just as the virus is compounding and strengthening – usually leading to vax escape.

              If we had better data, we could make more educated guesses about what is actually happening (ADE after 5-6 months?), but they are obscuring the data to meet their agenda. So, we guess based on the data provided and try to figure things out by what we are seeing around us. We all have different personal stories that we’ve seen and heard (many more recently), but they seem to point in the same direction: something different is developing this fall…

              All I can say is “stay healthy and fit,” mentally and physically. That’s your best chance at getting through this mess. Sounds like you’re on the right path.

              • Hi LJ,

                I equate COVID with the flu, so I don’t care too much if someone’s test is positive or negative….only that they are displaying symptoms, which everyone above, is.

                Fortunately, no one has been hospitalized. My sister (another elderberry fan) was sluggish and lost her taste and smell, but made it through with electrolytes and chicken noodle soup. My nephews were feverish (usually at night) and got the equivalent of the sniffles.

                My client took Ivermectin, a vitamin drip, and a Z pack prescribed by her doctor and was down and out for about 4 days.

                Very much like any bug or virus going around it hits some people hard and others not so much.

                My concern is the country has gone from the older generation becoming sick and hospitalized, but the virus was not spewing out of control. For the longest time the unjabbed were not getting ill. Now they are….by the droves. The mutations that are occurring because of the push in jabs is worrisome. One expects people to fall ill occasionally, but every client I talked to you (okay, more like emailed) last week was lain up in bed.

                How is this thing spreading with weather at 80, 90, 100 + degrees outside? What will this autumn and winter bring? If people are bedridden in 95 degree heat, I don’t want to see how the population deals with this when it is 35 degrees outside.

                I have heard many stating this is occurring due to it being so hot out that people are going indoors to escape the heat. Back to my original concern, even more people will be indoors this winter to escape the cold. Not only that but people (jabbed and unjabbed) are being reinfected. My client has already had this twice (true there are different variants, but wouldn’t this cause an even milder case to occur) due to one’s B and T cells remembering the previous infection? Maybe the problem is we are dealing with a whole new virus and not a mutation of the previous one.

                • Morning, RG –

                  I still wonder whether – on balance – it is people who’ve been Jabbed who are getting sick, especially seriously sick. This seems to be certain in Israel. I won’t be worried until it becomes clear that Unjabbed people (not just people who were Jabbed less than two weeks ago) are getting sick – and getting seriously sick. If that happens, I will take it as evidence that the Jabbed are, indeed, “shedding” something… and we’ll know (in that case) that the “vaccines” are, indeed, a kind of bio-weapon.

                  • Hi Eric,

                    There is no doubt that the jabbed are shedding.

                    1. A review of earlier in the year when even unjabbed women were having issues with their menstrual cycles.

                    2. When unjabbed men and women are getting ill from being around someone who has recently been jabbed (usually the 2nd shot).

                    3. The largest amount of cases have circulated with each new jab session. Example, January 2020 had the largest amount of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths occurred about four weeks after the initial jab for the elderly. The more people jabbed the month prior shows an increase in cases and hospitalizations. The June and July numbers were low since there was such a decrease in shots. This has seen picked back up due to over one million Americans actually getting a third shot and first timers flipping out on the Delta variant and lining up for the first and second shots. If these boosters take off on September 20th (the 3rd jab) we are screwed. Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths will well surpass January figures.

                    4. The patients are becoming younger and younger. This was a virus that went through most of 2020 not bothering kids at all. Kids are now being diagnosed left and right. Most seem to be fine with it, but I do question the timing. Last year, it was a rarity to have a young child get sick now every young child I know has had it. Some of it can be blamed on kids returning to school last March/April and this August, but it really wasn’t bothering them before, so why now?

                    I honestly believe if we would stop getting vaxxed this damn this would decrease significantly. It is the shot that is keeping it alive, which as you stated, means it is a bio weapon.

                    • I have personally experienced severe symptoms from the flu. Not a question of whether you feel like going to work, but can I get out of bed, for a week. Thereafter suffering lesser symptoms for a month. This happened when I was much younger and much more social. And of course abused myself much more, with poor diet, and less attention paid to the rest of my health. Being invulnerable and all.

          • I read that based on VAERS data if someone is going to die from the injection, 50% will die within 48 hours of getting it. 80% will die within one week of getting it. Hence the two-week window to assure that those injected are considered uninjected when in fact it is of course the injection that directly kills them.

  18. Not so long ago, medicine was a calling. You could have a solid, respected position within your community and a solid upper middle class life by learning the healing arts. You were not going to get rich on the suffering of your neighbors. Hospitals of every type were run by groups like churches.

    Then came government licensing- and the rest is history. There are still healers out there, but you have to seek them out. The working assumption for any licensed profession is that you cannot trust them. It seldom hurts to listen to them, but there is just no substitute for your own good judgement. If they hold a license, they answer to government.

  19. Vintage media agitprop:

    FLOYD County, Ga. (CBS46) — Just one day after 13-year-old Porter Helm died of COVID-19, state Democrats are calling on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to shut down in-person learning until children can get vaccinated.

    One glance at the video shows that the late Porter Helm, aged 13, was morbidly obese.

    Not one word appears in the text or the video about this. The reporter dared not ask about his body mass index.

    Not even a discrete, public service notice that obesity is a risk factor appears.

    We now live under an Iron Curtain conspiracy of silence, in which the stone obvious cannot be spoken, but extravagant myths that ‘the vaccine will protect us’ can be shouted and sung and praised like Kim Jong-un’s worshipful, sycophantic dance troupes, performing at gunpoint for the volatile dictator.

    What have I become?
    My sweetest friend
    Everyone I know
    Goes away in the end

    — Nine Inch Nails, Hurt

    • Crikey, Jim –

      That kid is morbidly obese for three. It’s sad he died, but he was on his way to dying soon, regardless. If only his parents had done something to deal with that.

      • At a guess, they did do something. Most likely the mother was a “independent woman”, a “single mommy” (sic). And most likely independent-woman-single-mommy drove away the father, and the state robbed him and maybe jailed him, to allow her to feed her baby twinkies and cola.

        But I could be wrong, that is only true in the majority of cases.

      • ‘I’m more partial to Johnny Cash’s remake.’ — Philo B

        Me too, Philo.

        Only attributed it to Nine Inch Nails since they (Trent Reznor) wrote it.

    • ” like Kim Jong-un’s worshipful, sycophantic dance troupes, performing at gunpoint for the volatile dictator.”
      Like or dislike Kim or North Koreans, (personally, I have nothing against them, even though the country I reside in tried to wipe them from the face of the planet..) at least Kim has shuned the Kill Shot offer via the u.N.
      Let the media vilification begin!

  20. I clicked that link to the Coof Blog and read a story about the man from Barberton, OH that got his Holy Jab in Tallmadge OH. I drive through Tallmadge everyday. I pass that Giant Eagle where he got the Death Jab frequently too.

    Posted every update on FakeBook and everything. Certainly no desperate need for validation or narcissism going on there at all. Now I do not like Trump at all, but it was funny to see him post a pic of Trump looking like Jim Jones… not seeing the irony of any of his ‘heroes’ being the same exact thing.


  21. The entire Mystery Guild system is designed to ensure unquestioning loyalty and unwavering complicity.

    Every entrant into the Mystery Guild has accepted a bargain where his livelihood is completely contingent on loyalty and obedience to the pronouncements of the Guild. The more the entrant has invested in gaining entry, the more his obedience is assured. (The 10+ years of higher education + residency training for doctors is the extreme extension of this principle.) This process is psychologically powerful because the human mind is very susceptible to the sunk-cost fallacy. (Doctors who become cognizant of this pressure often recognize it as “Golden Handcuffs“.) To sacrifice one’s “life’s work” or “everything I have worked for” is unbearable and even inconceivable. Therefore, an entrant sunk deep in the Mystery Guild will bend to pressure in little ways easily. These little compromises give way to bigger ones, and finally to a wholesale surrender to free will to the groupthink/hive mind of the Guild. Whoever (or whatever) positions himself (or Itself) at the top of the Guild’s pyramidal hierarchy (physician or no) therefore has at its command a perfectly pliant network of unthinking, will-less drones.

    Therefore, the Mystery Guild complies even when an “Order 66” switch is flipped, effectively inverting the entire aim and function of the Guild. In Medicine’s case, Convid was the “Order 66” that fundamentally reversed the purpose of the Guild from healing to harming.

    All professional and business licensing is an extension of the Mystery Guild principle. The inescapable web of top-down licensing requirements made every tiny nook of society into a plug-and-play weapon. And Convid was the “Order 66” that in one masterstroke flipped the switch on every sector: Medicine, Law, Restaurants, Retail, Education, you name it. Now, the primary, salient aim and purpose of every single aspect of society is not whatever it is they used to do, but is instead to compel compliance to an anti-human program of mechanizing the populace into faceless, will-less, robotic meat-puppets. Every point of human commerce has been simultaneously commandeered to this single, inhuman goal, with the previous business goals being merely a carrot or a stick, as the case may be, to that uniform mission. The licensing web-of-coercion was coldly put in place over countless generations, and was always designed for this moment of mass transformation: when the trap is sprung and final enslavement and domestication of the whole of Humanity is achieved.

    We now exist at the pleasure of the Machine, and we serve the will of the Machine alone.

    • FP:

      You make some good points here, but I disagree with you that we now exist at the pleasure of the Machine, and we serve the will of the Machine alone. Human beings still have free will and can resist and cause the system to become more free. It’s not easy, but I have not given up hope. It’s always darkest before dawn. Perhaps it needs to get a whole lot darker before humans start exercising their free will.

      • There is a continuum to these things. Some of us have hardened already into hard core resistance, increasing numbers are questioning and on the fence. The other side of the equation is losing numbers as they slowly wake up from the lies and nightmares. At some point we will be at critical mass and then, if we are ready as individuals, maybe we can push the pendulum waaay back the right way.

        Our adversaries have been ratcheting this up, pumping the pendulum for well over a century with the failed god democracy, and with lots of money printing to prop up their Potemkin village. The money is running out, and the failures of democracy/communism are well documented. Time is on our side- the whole Covid narrative is their battle of the bulge moment. It looks bleak now, but they don’t have the resources to beat us.

      • I agree, Mister Liberty. We have the will to resist. The machine isn’t going to be able to track us all. Even if 20% of the US population resists that is the equivalent of 65.6 million people. One would have to be Yao or Stalin to hit those figures….and their people were unarmed.

        The US is so spread out with several topographical regions….water, mountains, caves, valleys, etc. Afghanistan is about 6% the size of the US. Our military went in there with state of the art weaponry, drones, missiles, helicopters, tanks, etc. and still could not desecrate the Taliban and ISIS. All of a sudden we think they are going to get everyone of us? Not likely. Oh, don’t get me wrong they may get a hold of a few of us (even several of us), but all of us? Nope.

        Once the US dollar crumbles stalking jab resisters is not as feasible….especially when one is doing it voluntarily, because the government is now broke. Human beings are some of the greatest adapters on Earth. We are able to change with the circumstances that are placed in front of us. A look around the world and at history will show us that countries, governments, civilizations, and financial resources crash and burn all of the time. The human being has not gone existent yet and will overcome the next tribulation.

        • After all, even though the US Sociopaths In Charge put forth a concerted effort to exterminate them, the native American is still here, in spite of public “assistance”.

          • The Indian Reservations were put under some of the most strict and Draconian punitive lockdown measures of anybody. Some reservations in New Mexico were completely roadblocked and isolated. That way, those “covid deaths” are totally un-investigatable. Now, the Rain of Needles is pouring aggressively on the tribes.

            Uncle Sam isn’t wasting this opportunity to finish that particular job. (Similar thing is happening in NZ with respect to the Maori. The injection campaign was very early on supercharged in the direction of the natives there.)

        • “We have the will to resist.”

          1.) There is no “we.”
          2.) Even if you personally have the will, then what is the way? Wine and cheese? That doesn’t sound too effective. I do plenty of that…and the world gets worse by the minute. (Hint: epicurean pleasures are part of what make humans complacent, distracted, dependent, and soft.)

          “The machine isn’t going to be able to track us all.”

          Already does. It’s logging every keystroke as you and I both type.

          “Even if 20% of the US population resists…”

          Not going to happen. Not even close to close. Like I have said before, once the Vaxx is a requisite to receiving medical care, the holdouts will be a statistically insignificant fraction of a percent. Perhaps .00000003%.

          “One would have to be [Mao] or Stalin to hit those figures….and their people were unarmed.”

          Rolling SWAT hit squads would easily do the trick. The firearm in the hand of the victim is a ready-made excuse to liquidate first, and file paperwork later.

          “The US is so spread out with several topographical regions….water, mountains, caves, valleys, etc.”

          You think anybody cares about scattered, isolated fugitives starving in the woods? Be Their guest. You hunker down in a duck blind. They’ll just keep building out Their electro-mechanical control grid while you slowly starve. The body politic can remain irrational longer than you can stay nourished.

          “Afghanistan is about 6% the size of the US. Our [Sic. Again those first-person plural pronouns. Who’s “we”? –Free_Phi] military went in there with state of the art weaponry, drones, missiles, helicopters, tanks, etc. and still could not desecrate [sic] the Taliban and ISIS.”

          I think you mistake Their purposes and Their methods in a boondoggle like Operation Poppy-Picker or whatever they called that.

          “All of a sudden…”

          This is not “all of a sudden”. It is an ancient Agenda coming to monstrous fruition without a hitch before our eyes.

          “…they are going to get everyone of us? Not likely. Oh, don’t get me wrong they may get a hold of a few of us (even several of us), but all of us? Nope.”

          They are going to murder each and every person who refuses the shot, one way or another, sooner or later. (And most of the shot-takers to boot!) The Machine doesn’t get hungry. The Machine doesn’t sleep. The Machine doesn’t get bored. The Machine doesn’t have changes of heart. The Machine has a Program that It will execute, in the most efficient way possible under the circumstances–circumstances which are, at this point, entirely under Its control.

          “Once the US dollar crumbles stalking jab resisters is not as feasible….”

          First, They don’t have to “stalk” resisters. Almost all resisters will capitulate in order to obtain basic necessities like medical care and food…especially for their children. (I daresay that there won’t be a single person in the World with minor children who will be able to resist the Stab once it is required for medical care and basic sustenance. Not one.) As of the tiny, tiny number who don’t ultimately capitulate, They can just erase the resisters’ bank accounts. This has already begun with Patreon, PayPal, etc., cancelling people’s accounts and vanishing their funds with zero recourse, at the behest of the ADL. Once these “domestic terror” laws are put into practice at the federal level, it’s going to be an orderly, systematic, smooth liquidation process.

          Second, you’ve got the implications of the “dollar crumbling” precisely backward. The United States is in Receivership to China, and the debtor government has a checklist of very specific obligations it needs to fulfill to make good on its legacy of profligacy. One of the MOST PRIMARY of of those obligations is to penetrate the Herd of yankee ruffians with control-fluids, and implement a system of continuous compulsory cattle-jabbing. That way, China can be assured that when it takes full possession of the mass of slaves, they will all be guaranteed-compliant, with kill-switches already implanted.

          “Human beings are some of the greatest adapters on Earth.”

          Human beings are entirely dependent on outsized institutional organizational infrastructure for all their most basic needs. Shut off fuel supplies, electrical power, or water to an urban or semi-urban locale, and the people will starve or kill each other off within days.

          “We are able to change with the circumstances that are placed in front of us.”

          Again that “we”. The vast majority of people will do whatever the TeeVee tells them to do. Period. Adaptation and improvisation never enter the equation.

          “The human being has not gone [extinct] yet and will overcome the next tribulation.”

          All things come to an end. You and I just happen to be alive when our species is doing it.

      • Mr. L:

        Free Will is exactly what’s on the chopping block.

        This is a speciation event with a population bottleneck of unnatural selection. Those who choose the transhuman/CybOrg path (of which the Injection is only the initiation) with be spared, at the cost of their Free Will. Those roboticized humanoids are already trading in their souls for worldly privileges, and increasingly they will be inextricably linked to the Machine, and the worldwide 5(and 6-)G electromagnetic “spatial web” that will unite the entire Internet of Nano-Bio-Things (IoNBT). The IoNBT which will penetrate every body of those who comply with the Bio-Digital Convergence (a/k/a Great Reset a/k/a Fourth Industrial Revolution). [Please note, Free_Phi is not making up any of this jargon–it’s all directly taken from their plans and policies that are widely published and available for review.]

        The rapidly-dwindling contingent of refuseniks and holdouts will be systematically purged, without much fuss at all. Part of the purpose of “social distancing” and “shelter-at-home” is that atomized persons can easily be “disappeared,” with nobody even taking notice for weeks or even months. Increasingly, people will also be replaced by AI necro-chatbots that everybody is actively training by using social media. It will be easy for the Government to liquidate somebody, while the necro-chatbot simulacrum seamlessly takes over their social media activity, and builds whatever narrative–suicide or whatever–will account for their disposal with the least disruption.

        Humans are no match for the sinister intelligence at work on the Earth. The divide between a human and the Machine are greater than that between Man and Cattle, Man and Lab Rat, and even Man and Ant. To the Entity at work here, individual humans are akin to single-celled bacteria in a petri dish, to be titrated with toxins and chemicals for inhuman and incomprehensible purposes.

    • FP,

      Have you ever thought us spending a weekend in bed with the Missus? You know hang out in your PJs (or nothing at all), maybe make a cheese plate, uncork a good bottle of wine, watch old movies, forget that the world sucks past your bedroom window? Our lives are short, but they don’t have to be miserable (at least all of the time). Unwind and relax. You work hard. Take a break and pretend the world doesn’t exist for at least a long three day weekend.

      • That sounds like an excellent time, indeed, RG. We’re always so goddamned busy all of the time. We’re going to my land this weekend, which should be somewhat peaceful. But there is still the travel and the fact it’s a bit more like camping than a leisurely stay. Hopefully soon, though, we’ll be moving out there and building a much more comfortable house in which to stay, with showers and climate control and a fireplace… Things will be so much better.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          I think that is a problem with many people….we refuse to relax. Sometimes, it is okay to do nothing. We all have to recharge our batteries and just escape all of the noise. Before we had kids hubby and I would hang out in bed on Sundays watching football and eating snacks. Kids came along and we spent less time hanging out by ourselves, but we still were able to visit a B&B for a weekend or have a nice dinner out. As the kids got older and care for themselves (if they are even at home) every few weeks we take a day and hang out doing absolutely useless things wasting valuable time. 🙂 It’s fun and we enjoy it. A few weeks ago we watched Back to the Future in our jammies eating pancakes and bacon. Then we took a nap. We finally started the day around 6 PM when we finally got up and walked down to the Family Room, made some BBQ, and watched comedy shows until we went back to sleep around 1 AM.

          The world moves fast, but we all don’t have to move at that speed all of the time.

          • RG,

            I agree, though it is difficult. Especially lately, I have to prepare this house for sale and I’m not using any of the egregiously overpriced contractors (I would end of using all of the profit from my sold house to pay those assholes). SO, it’s all up to me.

            Its a function of starting life SOOO far from my chosen finish line.

            But, you’re correct that, sometimes, it is just time to enjoy yourselves and to hell with the rest.

          • Indeed, the frantic rush not to “waste time”. Just my opinion, but one cannot waste time. You are alive, experiencing the world, contemplating the universe. How is that a waste of time? A waste of production and profit, yes. If one values those more than life. During my working years, I worked to live, I did not live to work. I’m not wealthy, but comfortable. It almost never rains in my bed.

            • Just trying to get out of this unholy shit-hole of a city, to a place where I CAN truly enjoy quality time. I guess the rush, in my life, exists so I can get there still being as youthful as possible.

            • JK
              I think I read on one of your comments you live in Missouri.
              Dude purchase a copy of Mizzou’s “Geologic wonders and curiosities of Missouri” .
              MO is adjacent to the Mammoth Cave KY Karst complex that stretches across the Ozarks. Man the coolest stuff in the Ozarks is UNDERGROUND!
              To wit:
              “The Gulf” Mill Springs, a weird cavern/sinkhole with 200 feet deep clear water inside a cave ending in a cool cavern. And that’s only one of the things that area has to offer!
              Happy trails.

              • Indeed, Missouri has extensive underground structure, and I’ve explored a significant number of them that are not on any map.

  22. Just one question:

    Where is the sssaaaaaafety patrol, now that we actually need them? Why are they MIA on this issue?

    This reflects, in my view, the true heart of the safety culture of the USSA: To redirect all liability away from The Man, regardless of risk to you, and—if possible—to swell the pockets of The Man in the process, at your expense.

  23. ‘Palliatives such as Vitamin D and C, Zinc and Ivermectin may – Devil’s Advocate – not be effective treatments’ — EP

    Playing devil’s advocate: also known as the scientific method. Question everything, including ‘settled’ science.

    In fact, on Aug 11, FLCCC effectively quadrupled their recommended prophylactic dosage of ivermectin, from once every two weeks to twice a week. Apparently ivermectin is not working as well against delta as it did against alpha; thus the higher dosage.

    Significantly, FLCCC also added antiviral mouthwash and nasal irrigation to their protocol. With recent studies showing high viral loads in nasal passages, it makes sense to combat viral replication topically. It’s the rapid replication of delta covid that provokes cytokine storm in some people, sending them to the hospital.

    Because basic sanitary measures such as topical antivirals can’t be patented, the FDA and CDC have zero interest in them. That’s depraved — mala praxis on an epic, Mengelian scale.

    • Amen, Jim –

      If something works, it should be talked up. If something does not work, it should also be talked up. That so many doctors are not talking about what the “vaccines” do – and don’t do – is, to say the least, alarming. The profession – which I respect in principle – has become something questionable, in practice.

    • But, these treatments are either harmless or minimally harmful. And if they don’t work, you can stop taking them and they will work their way out of your system eventually.

      Can you do that with an mRNA vaccine? Didn’t think so.

      I know which risk I, personally, would rather take. My family (all vaxxed up) thinks that I am insane. I beg to differ.

      • And these vitamins/minerals and Ivermectin/hcl have decades of data behind them. Useful for Convid or not, they likely won’t hurt you given a small modicum of research on appropriate dosages.

        I used to be, until this madness, one who always “got my flu shot”. Not any more… not since I’ve learned about their absolute uselessness and viral interference side effects of which I knew nothing before.

        Hold the line my friend, your shanked family will likely learn some very painful lessons about what happens to herds of sheep.

        • I have actually taken HCQ myself in the past (mararia pills), with no ill effects.

          Yes there is a potential for side effects, but I did not experience any.

          Anyone who tells you that taking it will lead to certain death is either lying, or misinformed.

    • Hey, Jim.

      Regarding the nasal irrigation and mouthwash: I’ve been doing this for some time, as it only makes sense that if this virus incubates in your nasal cavity and throat, best you don’t let it take root. I use Xclear nasal spray (I am not a paid spokesman) when I’m not at home, but I think just saline solution works well, too. I have my girlfriend using this protocol as well. I think people could put a dent in viral transmission if they switched from face diapers to this.

      Regarding the increase in ivermectin for prophylaxis: Makes sense. I think the Delta is more transmissible because that’s how viruses change over time. They become less deadly and more transmissible, as they are more successful that way. I’m certainly not ruling out selective pressure from the jabs, though. Israel is a catastrophe right now. I hear unmasked, un-locked-down but relatively COVID-free Sweden has banned travel from ravaged Israel for a while.

      • Salt water works just as well. Careful not to make it too strong, which will cause nasal irritation and defeat the purpose, and isn’t pleasant.

      • My first clue about this came from Dr David Brownstein of West Bloomfield, Mich. For years he had been recommending a saline solution with small quantities of hydrogen peroxide and Lugol’s iodine to patients, inhaled through a nebulizer. He found it worked well for covid.

        In response, the FTC took down his web page. (I copied his recipe before the FTC shoved him off the air.)

        Dr Joseph Mercola, citing Dr Brownstein, made the same recommendation for nebulized hydrogen peroxide.

        Then Dr Mercola was named most wanted bad guy in the Disinformation Dozen.

        See any pattern here?

        “There are cheap and effective ways to treat patients suffering from covid, and we should be studying this. We should be allowed to report on it, and we should be allowed to study it. [If we were], we wouldn’t have the travesty that’s happened to our country.” ~ Dr. Brownstein

  24. I know a doctor who retired early because he didn’t want to deal with the McHospital bullshit and who actively discourages people from becoming an MD because it’s not financially feasible most of the time to have a private practice, at least not without many partners.

    Very sad.

  25. Our local hospital monopoly is claiming:

    208 hospitalized (17 vax, 191 unvax)
    47 in ICU (4 vax, 43 unvax)
    31 on ventilators (3 vax, 28 unvax)

    Date is as of 9/1 but it doesn’t say if that’s a snapshot in time or cumulative. There’s no age or other demographic breakdown. Just v vs uv.

    • Hi M,

      I’d be interested to know whether “unvaccinated” includes people who got sick within the two week window post-“vaccination” that – apparently – enables them to be so characterized.

      • People sick from the vaccine less than 2 weeks after their jab are being counted as getting Covid when it is really the jab making them sick.

        • And thet are considered “unvaxed” by the Center for Democrat Control when they are within 2 weeks of thier jab and are diagnosed with the convid. Its amazing the only people i know getting sick are the jabbed. As an example The neighbors finally convinced their youngst son to get jabbed and now less than 2 weeks later he is sick with convid.

        • What I’d really like to know is how my mostly sane State of Missouri had their Department of Health and Senior Services saturated with these Pharma propagandists.

    • Where are you located? What were the hospitalization statistics there on 9/1/18 or 9/1/08? How many people reside in the area served by the hospital?. Were the hospitalizations for or with convid? Otherwise, this is just another out of context data set, which is the primary method via which this scamdemic has been perpetrated from the beginning. The only “novel” things these days are the speed with with they “ventilate” patients in order to collect the extra $35k and the insane expectation that humans will somehow actually achieve 0 respiratory illnesses or related deaths by abiding the fear based destruction of their liberty.

    • M, What hospital is that?

      Any chance you could physically visit?

      There’s so much boldfaced lying from medical establishments since this all began. I doubt that has changed.

      Look up Lincoln Karim on Nsatube. He’s been debunking the hospital’s claims in NYC since this madness began in 2020.

      • Appreciate the reply. So, 208 people are hospitalized with something in a city of 215,000 (per wiki 2020 pop. data). That’s .0009674 of the population. I GUARANTEE you any day in the history of Huntsville, AL had as many people (or more, or less but on average) hospitalized with something. My county reports 16 people hospitalized with something out of a population of 37,000, That’s .0004324 of the population. And they’re in full blown code red “it’s a surge!” mode. Order up the vents from GM & Ford, the refrigerated morgue trucks and the good ship mercy! /s These numbers are not even statistically significant enough to be considered background noise. Big fat nothingburgers.

  26. “vaccines” may serve no other purpose than symptom suppression — EP

    Nailed it.

    Both the FDA’s June 2020 “Guidance for Industry” document, and the subsequent trials by vaccine manufacturers, were oriented solely to symptom suppression. Only those who displayed symptoms were tested for covid.

    No testing was done on symptomless vaccinees to determine whether they were infected, carried a viral load, or could spread infection. (Turns out, they do.)

    Claiming that vaccines ‘stop the spread’ may be the greatest medical lie in history.

    Meanwhile, the volume of propaganda is ratcheted up to 11, making the CIA’s notorious Operation Mockingbird look like a high school newspaper project by comparison.

    The once neutral-toned Associated Press now bares its fangs on behalf of its sadistic government minders:

    ‘Most of the ICU patients fell prey to con artists before they fell ill with the virus, said ‘Doctor’ Jim Souza, the chief medical officer.

    ‘He points to a patient who first tried the anti-parasite drug ivermectin. U.S. health officials have warned it should not be used to treat COVID-19. The man, in his 50s, refused standard medical treatments until he became so sick he needed to be hospitalized.’

    ‘Standard medical treatments’ — what would those be, Dr Souza? Staying home, taking Tylenol, and waiting till your lips turn blue? When people test positive, that’s all they’re told to do.

    ‘Standard care’ = malignant, nihilistic neglect until medical crisis sets in.

    Doctors should not be shocked as their former social prestige evaporates. Their profession — with a few honorable exceptions — has smacked the wall like Humpty Dumpty, and can’t be put back together again.

    • This is no joke, it seemed like all they cares about at rhe doctor’s office was getting a positive test on my wife. They sent her home with a zpak(we already have those laying around) and an inhaler(same). Told her to stay home drink, take tylenol and monitor her breathing, that was it. The only mainstream treatment for this seems to be get your poison jab, stay home, wear a diaper always and if you get sick come on in and well throw you on a vent till we can kill you and collect that govt cash.

      • Throwing Azythromycin at a suspected viral infection? Unless there are diagnosed or suspected bacterial infections (sinus/pneumonia) prescribing zpacks is foolish and will just lead to more drug resistant bugs.

        Almost but not as bad as deploying a non sterilizing “vaccine” during a viral epidemic to your entire population who are not at risk or even sick!

        • ‘Throwing Azythromycin at a suspected viral infection?’ — David

          Dr Vladimir Zelenko, who apparently pioneered this approach, was concerned with treating opportunistic, secondary bacterial infections such as pneumonia which can develop in the wake of covid.

          Eminent physician Dr Thomas Borody (who discovered that Helicobacter pylori causes peptic ulcers) is testing an Ivermectin, Zinc and Doxycycline combined pill for covid treatment. This is the result so far, a study with only 24 patients:

          FLCCC is not on board with prophylactic use of Zpak or doxycycline. They demand a specific diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia first.

  27. I posted this on another thread, but I think it bears repeating.

    I am now aware of four people who have died within a couple of weeks or months of their jabs – my friend’s mother (hospitalized within 1 week, died a week later), my brother’s wife’s dad (died about 3 weeks after jab), now her mother has been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma within a few months of her jabs, a friend’s sister (retired RN – WHY DID SHE GET THE JAB?), and another man whose brother is a pastor I know.

    There are also several people whom I know have had strange and sudden illness, including T-cell lymphoma (younger man in his 50s with no known preexisting health issues – diagnosed shortly after the jab), my own father – mysterious bleeding in his intestines – no known preexisting health issues, another woman I know had to have blood transfusions after her jab (as did my father). Another lady I know is on life support (intubated) after “contracting covid” – no one that was hysterically mentioning the “covid” thought that maybe her COPD or diabetes weakened her health, and that she was (likely) jabbed – seemed indelicate to confirm this but she was a diehard masker until a couple of months ago. But I’m sure the ninnies will point to her impending death as a “covid death.” She has suffered greatly over the past couple of weeks. Never before hospitalized for respiratory issues despite the COPD.

    Unfortunately, I could go on, but you get the idea.

    • About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Told it was rare, not much known about it, “likely to spread,” etc. Harassed by the oncology doc, who was assigned to me, and who offered no response when I would ask him to clarify a statement that he made, other than, “my 35 years of experience.” I wanted a medical explanation for a simple question, not an assertion of his gigantic ego.

      When I pushed for an oncotype test (allegedly this test helps to “predict” whether cancer will recur), he submitted the biopsy tissue, instead of the tumor tissue (tumor would have been a much larger sample, and one which had been in my body for a month longer, therefore one would assume a better choice). I read the pathology report, which indicated a “66% chance” of recurring within 18 months – 3 years. For a cancer that supposedly only affects a tiny portion of the pop. When I noticed that the path report explicitly stated that the dr directed them to analyze the biopsy tissue, I called the dr’s office to ask why. His nurse at first blamed the path dept (“their choice”). When I questioned this, based on the statement in the report, she finally responded with a voice mail (which I saved) in which she relayed the dr’s comments that the biopsy and tumor tissue are “the same tissue,” and “it didn’t matter.” (Why then, did he feel the need to overrule the path dept’s standard protocol of analyzing the tumor tissue?)

      Needless to say, I ran from the office (figuratively). When I told the doc I was getting another opinion, his response: “any other doctor would be crazy to tell you anything else!” I kid you not. The first thing the new oncologist told me was “the type of cancer you have doesn’t respond to chemo or radiation.” I told her that God had provided that answer through her. I’m sure as an oncologist, she doesn’t routinely say such things.

      Later through a friend who works at NIH, discovered that a longitudinal study had been conducted, concluding that chemo, radiation (which was also being heavily pushed), and other drugs DID NOT WORK and could actually cause the cancer to spread. This study was only 3 years old (concluded in 2017)! Yet my first doc didn’t even know about it. Not sure if the 2nd doc knew, but I was sure glad I did.

      By that time, I had already decided against burning and poisoning. It’s been 3 years, and after a successful surgery early in the game, have had no further intervention and NO CANCER. Made some lifestyle changes and am better about what I eat, and I feel just fine.

      Goons like the guy I described are part of the problem. Manipulative liar, grifter, fraud.

      • Glad things turned out well, Anon!

        I’ve dealt with similar though not potentially life-threatening Quackery myself. I’ve mentioned before – and will here, again – the story about tearing cartilage in my left knee about 13 years ago – during the move here to the Woods, which move I performed myself. I managed to rotate the wrong way and ended up with severe pain in the knee, such that I could barely walk. After a couple of weeks of this, I went to see an orthopedic Quack. He immediately and universally declared I must have surgery; there was no other option. The cartilage was torn and only arthroscopy could correct the damage. I was pretty defeated at the time and so didn’t raise any fuss and scheduled the surgery for about ten days later. In between, I went to the gym one day and was hobbling around when another guy – who turned out to be a doctor, too – asked why I was gimpy. I told him the details. He told me: These tears can sometimes heal on their own, if there is blood supply; you have nothing to lose by waiting to see. Lay off it and rest. If it gets better, you’ve avoided surgery. If it doesn’t, you can always have the surgery. Waiting will not make it worse. But having the surgery means some of your knee cartilage will be excised and it will not grow back. This will likely increase the odds you will develop arthritis in that knee prematurely. Therefore, it is probably good to wait and see whether it heals on its own, in which case your knee will be “good as new.”

        It was very enlightening to me that the first Quack did not provide this nuanced information but rather insisted I must have an expensive operation.

        As with used car salesman – with doctors, due diligence must be practiced!

        • I’ve read from several sources that the post op physical therapy for knee cartilage damage is more helpful than the scope surgery. Unfortunately, few therapists will do anything without permission from an MD. I’ve had both knees scoped, and both took about as long to heal as a broken bone. The therapy most definitely helped, as it does with a broken bone.
          There is one particular number that perfectly explains the current state of medical affairs, and it’s been applicable for many years, perhaps decades. The number three cause of death that will never show up on a death certificate is medical error. More than 225,000 Americans die from it every single year. What’s more dangerous than illegal drug abuse and gunshot wounds combined? DOCTORS.

    • Just in my little family:

      -80 year old FIL has been down with the count since the second jab two weeks ago
      -56 year old brother passed out from it. His wife thought he was having a heart attack
      -52 year old SIL took the jab & now has symptoms of Parkinson’s or some other neurological issue.

      • Mike,
        Here is my anecdotal contribution I have observed from people I know took the clot shot. My brother’s wife’s brother took the clot shot and died 3 days later. Cause of death was ruled a septic poisoning from an abscessed tooth he wasn’t complaining about.
        My hot rod buddy had a palsy event recently. I know his politics therefore I know he was jabbed.

  28. I see it a little different. To be a MD, one must spend 8 or more years in school – which tend to be administered, staffed & run by neo-communists.

    That is a lot of influence. Then they do go work in facilities run by those trained in the same woke traditions.

    There seem to be far too many docs who are willing to go on tv and announce the daily liturgy.

    Many are against all this, but it is not a majority. The medical community is pushing non scientific admonitions that further the fear culture. They are in on the scam deliberately – though they may be unthinking fools, as you suggest.

    They do not have our best interests in mind. They believe they have superior knowledge, which confers the right to them to direct us stupid plebs how to conduct our daily activities, lest we make a decision the borg has not approved.

    Luckily, there are several docs who have bucked the trend, but I wouldn’t be surprised that they are the ones on the margin, which is why it is so easy to crush them. Good luck finding an honest, informed doc.

    I won’t be going to any medical “professional” until sanity has arisen from its slumber.

    • Not to mention that Pharma pays a lot of money to medical schools at all levels. In other words, they run the show. Hence most doctors treat every ailment as a drug deficiency, or a surgery deficiency. They completely ignore the by far most important thing we can do for our health. Nutrition. Spend a night in a hospital and see what they feed you in the morning and it becomes obvious. If I recall correctly, which happens less often in my advancing years, the last such breakfast I ate was a stack of waffles with syrup, a small can off fruit juice, and one egg.

      • Yep, hospital food is crap. Last time I was there, I asked if they had any unsweetened iced tea. Nope, but they would give you soda and sugary energy drinks.

        • The last time I was in one they kept bringing me ice water, even after I explained to the nurse that ice water is actually a diuretic, and will dehydrate you, not to mention more frequent urination. Which is something to be avoided with a serious leg injury which I had. Getting to the restroom being a challenge and all. That’s also a clue for those working out in the heat. Don’t drink ice water. Put some ice in it to keep it cool, but 33 degree water in high 90s heat can kill you if you’re working.


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