Incompetent – or Malicious?

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Are the people who rule us merely incompetent, but well-intended? Or are they deliberately malicious? It has to be one or the other.

So which is likelier?

The events of the past going-on-three years have been revelatory, in terms of sorting that out.

We have known for at least the past six months that the “vaccines” urged on us – all-but-forced on us – are not vaccines. It is now a reluctantly acknowledged fact. It also well-established that they are dangerous. Yet these people continue to push these drugs on people – in the name of staunching a “pandemic” the putative leader of these people tells us is “over.”

Can that be well-intended incompetence?

We are told by these people that we must “electrify” transportation, by which they mean we (but not they) must give up the cars we have in favor the electric cars they insist are necessary to staunch what they insist is the “catastrophic” “changing” of the “climate.”

Yet these same people promote electric cars that very few people can afford to buy because they are made to be high-performance cars that happen to be electrically powered. They require much-larger-than-necessary (for basic transportation) battery packs to deliver the high-performance they tout and these require at least twice the energy inputs (and raw materials) necessary for basic transportation – which you’d think would be the maximum allowable . . . if we face an imminent “crisis” of “catastrophic” proportions.

They also have to know that by pushing these energy-hog electric cars, they are increasing demand for the power that cannot be produced in quantity adequate to meet the demand without  increasing generating capacity and burning more hydrocarbon fuels to do that – thereby increasing the “emissions” of the inert gas they insist are threatening “catastrophe.”

Can it be attributed merely to well-meant incompetence?

Why are these same people curling their lips at partially electric cars – i.e., hybrid cars – given these have the potential to massively reduce the amount of C02 gas generated because they burn very little gas, draw very little energy from the grid and are half or less the cost of most electric cars, which means many more people could afford to buy them than electric cars?

Is it possible these people simply want most of us out of cars altogether? If that is not the case then why aren’t affordable, practical and very low-emissions hybrids (and even non-hybrid economy cars) being lauded and encouraged rather than pilloried on the basis of gross exaggerations about their “emissions” – in the same way the same people grossly exaggerated the “threat” of the “virus”?

Could it be other-than-malicious?

Some may say we didn’t know whether “masks” “worked” until we knew they didn’t. But everyone knew that pulling up a neck scarf or using a dirty old bandana to cover one’s mouth didn’t “work” – in other than a Kabuki-compliance sense. How else to describe the motives behind requiring people to cover their faces – with anything, literally – when everyone knows that’s silly (and something worse, too) as other than deliberately malicious?

If people were actually “asymptomatic” contagion spreaders – and the motive was to “stop the spread” – then neck scarves and bandanas would not have cut it. Same as regards not “locking down” the huge chain retailers while doing exactly that to every small business. We are expected to believe that well-meant incompetence accounted for this. But it beggars the definition of “incompetence” to believe this, for what degree of imbecile does one have to be to actually believe a “pandemic” can be stopped by leaving people free to wander around big stores but not the smaller ones?

On the other hand, a malicious person might wish to insist on just that, in order to consolidate the economic power of a few large retail chains at the expense of independent alternatives to them.

We can ponder motives all day long.

It might be wiser to stop wondering – and instead, refuse to accept what these people insist is “necessary” – regardless of the intent behind it – without them first establishing that it is, in fact, necessary.

They say a “pandemic” is on the loose. Prove – rather than assert – it. Before ordering anyone (or any business) to “lock down.” Which it would not be necessary to order if there actually were a real pandemic on the loose.

They say we must wear a “mask” – whatever that is – so long as it is a “mask.” Why? Establish the fact of the benefit – as well as the fact of the risk, for not wearing one. There being no more legitimate reason for mindlessly wearing a “mask” – anything will do – than mindlessly obeying an order to hop on one leg while war-whooping with one hand.

The “climate” is “changing” – and “catastrophically”? Prove it. Establish the fact rather than demand obedience based upon assertions. Establish the harm caused by fractional increases in the fraction of the Earth’s atmosphere that is carbon dioxide (0.04 percent). Stop implying that a fractional increase of that percent is “catastrophic.”

VW’s actually clean diesels were forced off the market (and VW’s even cleaner diesel-electric hybrid never got to market) over these people saying they “emitted” more than “allowed” . . . by these same people. Shouldn’t these people be obliged to show the harm caused rather than us forced to accept the consequences of their assertions?

On account of the latter, people are no longer able to purchase $22k diesel-powered small cars that average 50 MPG. They never got the chance to buy an 80 MPG diesel-electric hybrid.

Because of these people.

It’s clear what their motives are. It would become even more clear if we required them to back up their assertions that we must do X – and may no longer do Y – with hard facts rather than assertions, before anyone is ever again forced to do (or not permitted to do) a god-damned thing.

. . .

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  1. A malicious jerk gets his:

    ‘Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time in two months.

    ‘The 60-year-old contracted the disease in August, for which he took the company’s antiviral treatment, Paxlovid. He’s also received four doses of his company’s vaccine, which was developed with German partner BioNTech – but claims he hasn’t gotten the new Omicron-tweaked bivalent booster due to his August infection. — ZH

    Hoisted on his own petard. Let us hope the bivalent booster finishes him off for good.

    • Fiat currencies are crashing too. The euro now is worth US $0.97, down from $1.17 a year ago. Chart:

      German producer prices already are ripping higher at a 45% annual rate. Now dollar-priced imports, in euro terms, just got even MORE expensive.

      But it’s all worth it to defeat Putin! Vlad’s a hurtin’ d00d now, you better believe. /sarc

  2. The Malicious Intent Behind Climate Alarmism

    If the people of New York City (who elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) believe that we don’t need fossil fuels, why don’t they prove it to the world by eliminating fossil fuels usage in their own city? They can end skepticism of their plan by eliminating gasoline, jet fuel and natural gas sales in their city.

    They should ban all electricity usage from sources other than solar, wind and nuclear. They should ban sale of all products manufactured or transported using fossil fuels.

    Why didn’t Michael Bloomberg do this while he was mayor? The reason is simple – it is impossible. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal is impossible, and people in countries like China and India understand that. That is why they are building more than 1,000 new coal fired power plants.

    U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked
    The claim is nonsense, the proposed solutions are unworkable, net zero means starving and freezing to death….lol….the only viable conclusion is that the powerful people behind the scenes of the New Green Deal have extremely malicious intent. They refuse to allow any debate, censor all skepticism, and run academics out who resist climate alarmism.

    We need to have a robust discussion about our energy future centered around engineers – not decisions based on hysteria by politicians and academics who don’t know the first thing about climate or energy. The American people need to be educated, not fed propaganda and have their information sources censored.

    Our survival depends on an adequate supply of energy, not mindless hysteria and fear over an essential trace gas. Without carbon dioxide, life itself can not exist.

    • countries like China and India understand that. That is why they are building more than 1,000 new coal fired power plants…..the leftists/globalists/wef running the G7 are shutting down hydrocarbon burning and nuclear power plants, they will have us freezing to death and starving…but they attain their depopulation goal/2030 agenda….

  3. Related to the discussion of Hertz EV Rentals (below), I just went on the Hertz site and went through the motions as though I wanted to rent a Tesla Model Y from Dulles Airport. That’s not the closest airport to me BTW (Reagan is) but I figured Dulles would be woke enough to have EV rentals. Anyway, everything below the line is a direct copy & paste from the last page of the rental agreement before you’d have to give them a CC, etc.
    CHARGE LEVEL AT PICK-UP AND RETURN– Hertz will endeavor to provide the EV at time of vehicle pick-up with a battery charge of 80%. You are required to return the EV with a minimum charge of 10%. You are responsible to maintain a sufficient charge on the EV during your rental. You will be responsible for the cost of any tow if the EV is not drivable due to a low battery. You are not authorized to call a private tow on Hertz’ behalf. All tows of the EV must be by flatbed and must be arranged through Hertz Emergency Roadside Assistance.

    RANGE – Range is the estimated distance an EV can travel on a single charge. The EV information provided with your reservation that describes a range is not guaranteed. The battery life of the EV is impacted by a number of factors including weather, driving and road conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure the EV has sufficient remaining battery life to return the EV to Hertz or reach an EV charging station.

    CHARGING DURING RENTAL – Subject to Tesla’s terms and conditions, Tesla EV’s are able to access Tesla Superchargers to recharge the EV. If You use a Tesla Supercharger to recharge the EV during your rental, that cost will be billed back to Hertz and added to your rental charges. These charges may not appear on the final invoice and may be added later due to processing time. Battery charging limit on a Tesla should be set at 90% maximum. You may recharge the EV at other public or private charging locations at your own cost. You may also have to register and incur a fee at certain of these locations. You are responsible for any registration (including accepting terms and conditions and privacy policy) and any fees. If You do not move the EV promptly from the charging stall when it is finished charging You may incur an Idle fee for the time the EV remains in a charging stall after it is finished charging. You are responsible for and will indemnify Hertz for any Idle or similar fee incurred when the EV is on rent to You.

    DAMAGE TO CHARGING STATIONS – You are responsible for any damage to the EV, the charging station equipment or the charging location when charging the EV during your rental. You will indemnify Hertz for any charges, fines, or penalties You incur for any damage or loss to the EV, the charging station or location during your rental.

    EQUIPMENT – The EV will be provided to You with certain equipment for which You are responsible. You are responsible to notify Hertz if any of the following equipment is not with the EV at the time of pick up. Otherwise, You will be charged for any missing equipment at return. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) does not apply to damage or loss of the equipment provided with the EV.

    Key card or fob – You are responsible to return the Key card or Key fob upon your rental return. If the Key card or fob is damaged or lost, You will be charged to replace the Key Card or fob and a service fee. The Key card or Key fob must only be used to charge the EV You have rented. Sharing the Key card or Key fob, using additional Key cards or Key fobs to charge the EV, or charging other vehicles is prohibited. Any misuse of the Key card or Key fob in breach of these Rental Terms will result in additional usage charges.

    Tesla Charging Kit – The Tesla Charging Kit consists of 1 Mobile Connector; 1 Storage Bag; and 1 NEMA 5-15 Adapter. You are responsible to return all contents of the Charging Kit upon your rental return. If the Charging Kit, or any part of the contents are damaged or lost, You will be charged for a complete Charging Kit, as these items are not available to be replaced individually, and a service fee.

    J1772 Adapter – You are responsible to return the J1772 Adapter on your rental return. If this Adapter is damaged or lost, You will be charged to replace the Adapter and a service fee.

    • sounds dangerous…….You are responsible for any damage to the EV, the charging station equipment or the charging location when charging the EV during your rental…….some vandal damages the charging station, they might try to blame/charge you….lol

  4. Eric wrote: “Are the people who rule us merely incompetent, but well-intended? Or are they deliberately malicious?”

    Many of those who seek power have psychopathic tendencies. These are the people who populate the bureaucracies. They love power and control. They think that no matter the policy or rule they invent, we should follow them because we must comply. We aren’t allowed to do as we want, we must do as they want. That’s a sick mind and it is epidemic in the government.

    Many people refuse to recognize that some people are just plain evil and wicked and they are the ones who are predominantly in charge. They have no concern for others, just for their power. They are good at pretending to care – but they don’t. It only ends when they are purged.

    What normal person wants to have a job where his only purpose is to issue edicts and mandates? He does nothing useful. He is a leech on productive society. And so the government and the corporate HR departments attract the “mandators” and the “vaccinators” and the green energy crazies. These are the kind of people Hitler attracted to his SS – relatively low IQ people who mindlessly follow orders and love to force others to do the same.

    • Hi Howard,

      I agree with your summary. There is something unfathomable to the normal mind about the desire to order other people around. The tendency is bad enough when it afflicts an individual. But when that individual is endowed not only with power but a perverted moral sanction, he becomes exactly what you describe. A willing executioner of others.

      • CS Lewis wrote: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    • Howard,
      As I’ve said many times, all governments are founded on their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. Sane people do not seek this authority. Socio/psychopaths do. Which is why all governments are eventually, and usually quickly, saturated with the mentally ill. Who will inflict their mental illness on others as much as they think they can get away with. Which ability is constantly growing.

      • Hi John,

        I think the way to undermine this “faith in authority” is to get people to really understand that they are never being “asked” to do anything… they never”contribute” anything… there is never a “conversation”… and they are not “customers.” These people mean to kill you if you do not do as they say. Period. They are killers. Period.

    • Well, did you notice, during the height of the covid hoax hysteria, all of the petty tyrants that sprang up in every direction? If I were a clerk, cashier, food service, greater or whatever the hell else low-paid flunky job, the hell if I’d become super sturmgeshutz oberhurst fuhrer of covid enforcement. I’d be the EXACT opposite. I wouldn’t see anyone that wasn’t complying… whoops… sorry missed that one and that one and that one…

      I surely wouldn’t go APE SHIT BERZERK toward people, just like me, that didn’t want anything to do with the madness. If I absolutely had to refuse people, I would be sympathetic not a full-blow ass-fucking-hole as so many people easily became overnight.

      So it’s little wonder that once the average person gets into a position of power their inner tyrant blossoms. Seems to be that decent people are few and far between.

      • EM, that is exactly what I did on my shifts on the door at the diy store I work for in Scotland. Not once, in a year or so, did I say squat to anyone about a mask or whatever. Just hello, sorry we’re out of it or sure go right in.

  5. Shellenberger: Lithium Battery Deaths Put Nuclear Power plant Safety In Context…

    Lithium batteries kill many more people than nuclear plants.

    How lithium fire bomb batteries ever got safety approval is a mystery, there has been many fires, they are very dangerous.

    In June 2022, a Tesla electric car that had been in a crash three weeks earlier repeatedly ignited in a Sacramento junkyard, despite the lack of an external ignition source. (Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District).

    nuclear plants remain the safest way to make electricity and one of the most benign of all human activities. Nobody has ever died of nuclear power in the United States, nobody will die from the radiation from the Fukushima accident in 2011, and only roughly 200 people will have their lives shortened by the fire and radiation from the Chernobyl fire.

    And because nuclear plants prevent the burning of fossil fuels, the climate scientist James Hansen calculates that they have saved nearly 2 million lives to date.

    And now a series of deadly accidents reveal that even lithium batteries are more deadly than nuclear power. Last Saturday, a fire started by a lithium battery in an electric scooter killed an 8-year-old girl in New York City. In New York City alone, lithium battery fires in 2021 killed 3 and injured 57, while in the first half of 2022, they killed 5 people and injured 73.

    Meanwhile, a fire Tuesday morning at a Tesla battery facility in Moss Landing in Monterey County, California emitted so much toxic smoke that the Fire and Sheriff Departments issued a shelter-in-place order, asking people to close windows and vents, and closed several roads. Contrary to widespread perception, shelter-in-place orders are not unique to nuclear accidents but are also used to protect the public from chemical fires and other accidents. It was the third fire since the facility opened two years ago.

    many types of primary lithium cells (non-rechargeable) explode like dynamite when things go wrong. Not sure if this is a chemistry thing, a construction thing, or a dominant failure mode thing. But if an EV battery were to detonate like that it would take out half a city block. My suspicion is that the reason we have not seen that is because they fail in other ways first… but that is not to say it cannot happen.

    Lithium battery fires have, like nuclear accidents, been unpredictable, mysterious, and difficult to manage. The lithium battery fires that grounded the first Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2013 were difficult to control, and mysterious,

    A Tesla that had been in a Sacramento junkyard for three weeks spontaneously, repeatedly, and mysteriously caught fire. “The batteries would keep reigniting the fire,” said firefighters, who only were able to stop them by flipping the Tesla onto its side.

    As such, lithium batteries as dangerous and deadlier than nuclear power plants. This is obviously true in the U.S., where nuclear power has never killed anyone. But it is likely also true globally, or will soon be true, given the rising death toll from lithium fires.

    All of which begs a question: if lithium batteries are so much more dangerous than nuclear, why is nuclear so much more feared?

    More importantly, its time to have an honest discussion about the pollution caused by lithium mining, the end to end “carbon foot print” including the total cost of ownership of EV’s vis e vis ICE vehicles, the sourcing of cobalt and other metals used in battery production (attest to the lack of slave and/or child labor) and even the recycling of spent car batteries. If we can’t do that, you can f*ck off with your green vehicles.

    The inaccurate propaganda for EV’s is as destructive as the inaccurate propaganda against Nuclear energy.

    It’s not just Lithium Batteries, Tesla pretending their Cars are Self Driving vs Self-Crashing and Self-Immolating is most of the Problem.

      • Hi Mark,

        Well, what has been done with it so far? It appears to me to have been handled safely. The depleted rods in a reactor are not physically enormous (as for example the oceans of garbage in landfills). It could all probably be safely sequestered in deep mines, underground.

      • Here ya go:

        If we would only embrace rational science / engineering and actually solve or at least make progress on modern problems what a great country we would have. There is existing technology for much safer nuke power but since that would negate the greenie weenie windmill and solar panel cult it ain’t happening until the cultists are removed from control. Somehow the court system needs reform to stop the blocking lawsuits by the cultists too. Healthy debate yes, insane lawsuits no.

      • Marky,

        Nuclear waste can be safely contained if the effort is made, and better reactors could be built. I have no great problem with nuclear generation, save for its centralized nature. Why I like solar and wind power is because it can be easily implemented on the individual basis. Each household can control and is responsible for their own electrical generation. And of course, as I’ve said many times here, I’d prefer to have NiFe batteries or even NiH2 batteries, as were used on the Hubble Telescope, which could yield 40,000 cycles at 40% depth-of-discharge. The problem being is that no one seems to want to manufacture these solutions, which could feasibly last for a person’s entire lifetime, and even be fairly easily recycled.

        I’ll be living on my off-grid homestead full time within a month, by the way! It’s exciting, though the trouble of fully moving still looms.

    • ATTENTION: Estimate in dollar cost $/MWh energy production at power plant in 2015. exclusive of tax credits, subsidies, or other incentives
      coal 95.1 natural gas 72.6 nuclear 95.2 offshore wind 196.9 solar 239.7

      NOTE: (if a natural gas power plant is converted to solar source power plant source of power the price of electricity triples, who is going to pay for that?….stupidity…)

      natural gas is the cheapest and cleanest, less environmental damage….next best nuclear, push nuclear…..everything else except coal is far too expensive, forget it….

      solar, wind turbine and hydro are way too expensive environmentally damaging…

      Hydro power stations are expensive:
      Capital costs
      For power generation capacity capital costs are often expressed as overnight cost per watt. Estimated costs are in dollars:
      Conventional hydropower $2752
      Natural gas turbine $710
      ATTENTION: Estimate in dollar cost $/MWh energy production at power plant in 2015. exclusive of tax credits, subsidies, or other incentives
      coal 95.1 natural gas 72.6 nuclear 95.2 offshore wind 196.9 solar 239.7
      (if a natural gas power plant is converted to solar source power plant source of power the price of electricity triples)
      Capital costs
      For power generation capacity capital costs are often expressed as overnight cost per watt. Estimated costs are in dollars:
      Gas/oil combined cycle power plant $1000
      Natural gas turbine $710
      Onshore wind $1600
      Offshore wind $6500
      Solar PV (fixed) 1800
      Solar PV (tracking) 2000
      Battery storage power $1380
      Conventional hydropower $2752
      Geothermal $2800
      Coal (with SO2 and NOx controls) $3500–3800
      Advanced nuclear $6000
      Fuel cells $7200

      • wind turbines and solar are far too expensive and environmentally damaging, electricity prices will skyrocket and there will be blackouts everywhere (no wind or sun) in the very far north diesel produces 100% of electricity in some areas, if it is banned it will be back to the stoneage there.

        ATTENTION: Estimate in dollar cost $/MWh energy production at power plant in 2015. exclusive of tax credits, subsidies, or other incentives
        coal 95.1 natural gas 72.6 nuclear 95.2 offshore wind 196.9 solar 239.7

  6. At least 10 years ago gov started building bicycle trails all over this state. Tarred like highways. Mostly, but not all on old railroad grades. They even tore out old railway bridges and replaced those with new construction. I said to many at the time that these trails were for us peons to get to work. The highways would be only used for trucking, military, and govt vehicles. Most just chuckled, very few understood. It looks like that might be the master plan after all.

  7. Incompetence would be random. If it were incompetence then we would see a nice standard distribution of harm/help with most things being close to no effect. Yet the distribution is heavily weighted to their and their sponsors’ benefit and our harm. Almost entirely over to that side. Only the rare third or fourth order unforeseen consequence can ever be good for us.

    Because we don’t have the randomness of the outcomes of incompetence there’s only intent.

    • RE: “Incompetence would be random. If it were incompetence then we would see a nice standard distribution of harm/help with most things being close to no effect.”

      For some reason, I’m reminded of: statistics, the calculating of the future in ‘Dune’ or, some of the stuff from Isaac Asimov.

      “The leadership of the Foundation has become dictatorial and complacent, and many outer planets belonging to the Traders plan to revolt.” …

    • Just a “what if”. If the Big One hits Cali causing the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate to separate and the liberal side becomes an island and floats away into the Pacific Ocean where it is, then claimed by Australia do we still have to follow the CA auto regulations since the state will now be predominately red and all laws overturned?

      • “Of freaks here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
        The only way to fix it is to flush it all away!
        Any fucking time! Any fucking day!
        Learn to swim. See you down in Arizona Bay!”

        • Fuck that song, and fuck Maynard James Keenan.
          It’s telling that he’s a liberal puke that only makes his “protest albums” when a Repugnican is in office. When dems are in power, he just disappears into his cozy opium den and mercifully keeps his mouth shut, so that his aurally torturous squalling doesn’t punish us plebs.

          • You see, Freelance, you can’t go looking into the lives of most musicians or actors if you ever want to enjoy music or movies. I happen to like that song, as it has long echoed my sentiments. Whatever Maynard is doing, or what his political alignments may be, is outside of my scope.

    • Computer “science” is not science.

      Science is bounded by physical reality. It is an attempt to find out what the boundaries actually are (but by doing this one assumes that there are, in fact, boundaries). Also, it is an attempt to figure out what it is possible to do within those boundaries.

      “Computer science” / software is, for the most part, an attempt to bring the imagination to “life.” If you can dream it, you should be able to program it. It’s a logic engine, but if you try hard enough you can make it spit out illogical results. Your creation (the program) “exists,” but only in a virtual sense.

      Futurama nailed it years ago (although they didn’t quite frame it the way I did)

      • Publius,
        Computers are gullible idiots. They believe any and every thing they are told. Just in case you thought AI might be a good idea.

        • They can’t abstract properly.

          Neural networks allow it to make educated guesses quickly. Throwing more garbage into the neural network to “train” it, dies not fix that.

          All it’s doing, is attempting to recognize a pattern, guessing, testing, and re-weighting the parameters (set by the programmer) according to success or failure.

          It has no broader theoretical framework, and can’t make one. It has no intuition, no empathy, no concept of e.g. what a perfect circle is and whether such a thing could exist.

          Letting it make decisions for you is the height of irresponsibility.

  8. Banning ice powered vehicles to be replaced with EV’s that use twice as much fuel (20.8 mpg), = insanity.

    This is what test driver’s of EV’s get in the real world….
    travelling 100 miles in an average EV uses 1.20 gallons equivalent of fuel = 41.66 kwh of electricity that is the net amount, but….at the power plant 4.80 gallons of fuel were burnt to get a net 1.20 gallon of fuel equivalent 41.66 kwh used by the EV.

    travelling 100 miles in an average EV uses 1.20 gallons equivalent of fuel = 41.66 kwh of electricity @ $0.40 per kwh = $16.66, back at the power plant 4.80 gallons were burnt to get the net 41.66 kwh of electricity. NOTE: 4.80 gallons were burnt to go 100 miles. = 20.8 mpg

    There is an additional cost for the EV owner: the tesla $22,000 battery is used up, worn out in 100,000 miles. this works out to $22.00 per 100 miles it is costing you for the battery. Total cost: $16.66 plus $22.00 = $38.66

    EV owner uses 4.80 gallons to go 100 miles, that is 20.8 mpg, lots of ice cars get better fuel economy.

    travelling 100 miles in a 50 mpg diesel uses 2 gallons of fuel @ $4.00 per gallon = $8.00 and it has a huge range……

    Should be still selling these:
    the 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel, capable of a claimed 88.3 mpg imperial, or 73.5 mpg U.S…..1.36 gallons for 100 miles

    should be driving these cars:

    Model HP Avg. cons l/100km mpg U.S.

    Fiat 500 1.3 JTD Multijet 16V Pop DPF 75 4.2 56
    VW Golf 1.6 TDI BlueMotion DPF 105 4.1 57
    Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI GreenLine DPF 80 4.1 57
    Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI ecoFlex CO2 Pack DPF 75 4.1 57
    Audi A3 1.6 TDI Attraction DPF 105 4.1 57
    Toyota iQ 1.4 D-4D DPF 90 4.0 59
    Renault Twingo 1.5 dCi Rip Curl 84 4.0 59
    Volvo S40 / V50 1.6D DRIVe Start/Stop DPF 109 3.9 60
    Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe Start/Stop DPF 109 3.9 60
    Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid 136 3.9 60
    Mini One D DPF 90 3.9 60
    VW Polo 1.6 TDI BlueMotion 90 3.7 64
    Seat Ibiza 1.4 TDI Ecomotive DPF 80 3.7 64
    Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic DPF 90 3.7 64
    smart fortwo coupé 0.8 cdi pure softip DPF 54 3.4 69

    VW made a lightweight diesel hybrid that got almost 300 mpg, that was a better solution then EV’s, that get 20.8 mpg…lol….

    Volkswagen XL1 Diesel-Hybrid 300 mpg highway…

    • Jim,
      Which is nothing more nor less than sacrificing children on the alter of the Pharma profit Gods. I could be wrong, I was once before, but I don’t think cultures that sacrifice their children fare too well, or too long.

  9. Remember back in the day when struggling over an algebra, calculus or chemistry problem and beating your head on the desk because you just couldn’t make the thing work. Then an instructor or classmate points out something you’ve overlooked or missed and bingo, everything just falls into place. That missing variable, that missing element, that missing concept made everything make sense.

    The missing element in today’s political equations is “they really do what you dead”. Plug that into all the policy equations coming out of this government and everything falls into place. They really do want you (your family, your friends, your country, your history, your religion, your culture) dead.

  10. ‘Because of these people.‘ — eric

    Today — in the wake of the Federal Reserve’s central planners meeting yesterday — interest yields on Treasury securities (the most fundamental price in the entire global economy) have launched like a Saturn V rocket. See for yourself (10-year Treasury yield):

    Mortgages key off this Treasury rate, with an added margin for credit and prepayment risk. Already at 6.25% yesterday, 30-year mortgages now are headed for 6.50%. This will nuke what’s left of the crumbling housing market.

    Why vax people, when you can just starve and liquidate them?

    No man, no problem.’ — Joe Stalin

    • For those of us with long memories…
      In 1981, 16% + 0.25% PMI mortgage money was considered a bargain.
      And the smell of death hung over the construction industry, which runs primarily on borrowed money.

      The economy came roaring back in 1984, just in time to reelect Ronnie Raygun.
      Funny how that happens…

      • Adi,
        Which put this plumber out of the construction business for two years, while trying to support a family. We aren’t even close to as bad as it was then. Double digit inflation and interest rates, and unemployment near that. Ended up costing me my family, when my wife took our son and left.

  11. When dealing with .gov it is best to assume they are both incompetent and malicious. To do otherwise is foolish. We’ve all pointed out to people the science isn’t behind everything they push from masking to EVs. When people prattled on about the mask, I said the one the one that came out of a box that said it would not protect you from any disease including covid?
    That would we be serious about pushing EVs but not building new power plants and upgrading the poles and lines for heavier loads to come, but their not. It’s all about control.
    And from ZeroHedge:
    EVs are so reliable that 95% are still on the road.
    The other 5% had enough charge to make it home.

    • The compressor in my heat pump packed it in, so I opted to replace the entire unit since the R-22 refrigerant it runs has been phased out, and is therefore extremely expensive. The brand new unit uses R-410A. Guess what? R-410A is already in the process of being phased out due to its “global warming potential”.

      • Here in WA it is now illegal for auto part stores to sell the R134a cans, totally out of the question now. It’s bootleg for DIY car A/C repairs either internet or a road trip to next door Idaho.

        Neighbor just had a new heat pump installed I’ll have to see what refrigerant it is using. Our R410a heat pump is 14 years old I’m up for a replacement soon. Can’t buy a simple 80% gas furnace here anymore either.

      • I know! I just installed a brand new, Trane HVAC system last summer, and it runs on R410a. At least for now, it looks like R410a will be available; it won’t be banned like R22 was. That said, as new HVAC systems use the new refrigerant from next year on, R410a will decrease as demand for it decreases.

  12. Concerning to me, the permanent damage to infrastructure these morons are doing. Decommissioning still functional nuke plants, tearing out hydro dams, killing pipelines, no new oil refineries, no program to upgrade and then maintain a high reliability electrical grid. Even if we vote in rational leadership it would be decades to fix this mess. Related – the battle the Rationals would face overcoming the entrenched bureaucrats.

  13. Great synopsis Eric!
    The PTB think we’re children and they get to be the parents, and the only reason for their assertions is “because I say so!”

  14. “Are the people who rule us merely incompetent,…or are they deliberately malicious? “

    I’ve long pondered this question Eric & I’m convinced the answer is…maliciousness…and by a rather wide margin I might add. Besides, if some are incompetent – and no doubt some are – most of those are criminally incompetent. Consequently they belong in the same boat as the malicious and need to be dealt with in the same manner.

    But the main take-away from all this is that I believe we have three main problems with government: corruption, corruption, and corruption. Right now this is the main issue…and on the order of importance it is the sun, the moon, and the stars. Yes, there are many many other problems, but if we could somehow eliminate those three I point out it would take care of many of those other problems too. How convenient.

    And we must not just blame the politicians of course. The people that put them there also must be acknowledged and they too deserve full credit. Then when you throw in the some 23+ million others in the Sammy Corp, you can see we’ve got a real problem on our hands.

    Another problem to overcome though is how so many honest people are repulsed by my corruption assertion. It seems they think this is such an unlikely state of affairs, or that it’s such a horribly thought to contemplate that they just can’t accept the reality of it and their minds simply shut down to the possibility. It amazes me that the corruption is so blatant, so pervasive, and it’s been going on for so long that anyone with a belly button should easily be able to see it. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

    • ‘We have three main problems with government: corruption, corruption, and corruption.’ — Dave Hiccup

      And it’s structural:

      ‘The Dept of Justice is granted legal benefit of the doubt on all matters of national security, which puts the DOJ’s National Security Division in ultimate control over the Star Chamber they operate.

      ‘In the post 9-11 surveillance state, this approach by the DOJ-NSD is a pillar holding the [unaccountable] Fourth Branch of Government in place. Its other pillars are (2) the Dept of Homeland Security, (3) the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and (4) the secret FISA Court system.’ — Sundance (The Conservative Treehouse)

      As in communist China, the D-party and the state have merged. This has led in the US to the familiar communist phenomenon of bribe-taking insider families who enjoy total immunity from prosecution.

      Witness the Clintons, recently emboldened to relaunch their Clinton Global Initiative charity fraud/money laundering op. Or the Bidens, who princeling son Hunter is not prosecuted despite a ‘laptop from hell’ in the FBI’s possession that attests, in writing, to multiple crimes.

      ‘Show me the conservative white supremacist, I’ll show you the crime,’ affirms ‘attorney general’ Lavrentiy Beria-Garland, as his FBI thugs kick down doors and fedgov ‘courts’ grant no bail to ‘insurrectionists.’

  15. A TESLA battery burned up at the Moss Landing CA. Battery installation a couple of days ago. It caused major traffic problems on Highway 1 which was closed all day. Firemen couldn’t stop the fire, but did hose down adjacent battery pods to keep them cool. I drove by yesterday afternoon, on Hwy. 1 and could see white smoke still rising high into the air. The whole complex is offline. There is another battery “Farm”? next door which also had issues not long ago and was also offline for quite awhile. These batteries are supposed to store electricity from solar and wind generation during the day, so that the stored electricity can be used overnight. I keep wondering why they don’t use more stable Lithium IRON phosphate batteries which are much safer and have much longer life spans. Of course this in Kalifornia,,, Not to mention that these battery “Farms” are right on the coast, sunami area, and a known fault area.

    • Peter,

      Yes, why not use LiFePO4 batteries? Probably because they are morons and didn’t do their research. They could also use flywheel or gravitational energy storage. There are MANY ways to effectively store energy that won’t burn down the city. But, as you said, it’s Commiefornia, and they have a tendency to make the WORST decisions.

  16. Neither incompetent, nor malicious need apply to them. In order to be malicious one must have some understanding of moral ethical standards in order to apply malice. Socio/psychopaths do not. A moral foundation and ethical standards are completely foreign to them, except as a weapon to be used for their own gain. They are the ultimate egocentrics. Government’s assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey does not attract the sane.

    • Hi John,

      That is an interesting observation. “Ego” sometimes gets a bad rap – in my opinion – when what is meant by that word is an insistence upon the sovereignty of the individual, his absolute right to himself, to his decisions and all that follows from them. I myself reject any other man’s claim to the smallest part of me that I do not freely consent to give or exchange for something of value to me. This does not mean I care not for my fellow man. It means I care nothing for the idea that I (or any other man) owe others a portion of my work/effort or time or obedience. All such things ought to be transacted on a voluntary basis – and on the basis of goodwill and honesty.

      That ought to be the sum and total of the moral law.

      • Eric,
        I likewise have no problem with what Rand called the egoist. I do have a problem with those who are wholly obsessed with their own well being, and will do anything to any and everybody to promote it, even if such acts damage their own wellbeing. Moral foundation and ethical standards be damned. One must understand that the welfare of others often has impact on one’s own welfare. AKA enlightened self interest. Which does not mean free lunches.

  17. Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence

    There is no absence of malice!

    We destroyed Dresden to save Dresden. All for nothing.

    You will have nothing and be happy.

    We had to destroy humanity to save humanity. You will have nothing.

    A requiem for the masses. Hallelujah!

    “… and another thing that really pisses me off…”

    Camera pans away from the speaker, Wayne then re-composes himself.

    Wayne’s World made more sense.

    “It’s a cold and lonely hallelujah.” – Leonard Cohen, gifted lyricist and song writing kyke


  18. Malicious: They want us dead.
    Incompetent: They keep failing to kill us.

    However, I think the real problem is hubris, along with perfectionism. The perfect vehicle is one that runs entirely on perfect renewables that convert 100% of the available “energy” into electricity. 100% of that perfect electricity will be transported to the vehicle via a “perfect” superconducting grid where it gets 100% converted into locomotion after being stored in 100% perfect batteries. It’s all been done in lab experiements, so now it is just an engineering and scale problem to be “solved.”

    But then the damn engineers and accountants come along and ruin the perfectionist goal by asking just how one proposes this fever dream is going to be constructed and paid for. That’s when the hubris takes over and the problems become political. Now, instead of incremental improvements that will actually make a difference the politican carnival barkers talk of “moon shot” projects that produce little and consume the attention of the scientists and engineers who would could be utilized for more important work. Money is wasted and problems magically get worse.

    • Wanting us dead is more depraved indifference than an overt campaign to kill us. The rest is some bizarre melange of the peter principle and dunning-kruger. As you state, the best and brightest all think thermodynamics and mathematics are suggestions.

    • >100% of that perfect electricity will be transported to the vehicle via a “perfect” superconducting grid where it gets 100% converted into locomotion after being stored in 100% perfect batteries.

      (as you and I, and everyone on this forum, knows)
      there is this “Inconvenient Truth” which generally goes by the name “Second Law of Thermodynamics.” S = k logW, bitches.

      As I see it, the real problem is ignorance, with the ignorant ones in charge.
      IIC (Ignorant, or Idiot, In Charge).

  19. At the beginning of this “pandemic”, it never made sense that small businesses had to close down but large businesses could stay open under arbitrary GOVERNMENT definitions of what constituted “essential” or “non essential” businesses. I’ve also come to detest the term “essential workers” & “non essential workers”, as it affected me personally.

    I’ve never understood what was going on at the time and what the REAL story involving the ‘Rona was until I started watching an online program called The Highwire. Through that program and alternative media I saw what was driving all these draconian COVID measures that virtually ALL Western governments enacted, that being disciples of someone named Klaus Schwab. I also realized that this virus had a survival rate of 99% for most people, and that “cases” didn’t really mean anything, especially since the PCR tests used to diagnose “cases” tended to be highly inaccurate, but in pursuit of a more sinister agenda, those same Western governments, along with Big Media, weaponized “cases” and the virus to scare the masses into complying with ineffective draconian measures and clamouring for an experimental mRNA injection redefined as a VACCINE. 2+ years in, the reporting done on The Highwire involving the ‘Rona, the “vaccines”, health, and other issues has been spot on unlike the reporting in Big Media, which has proven to be little more than propaganda or Big Government/ Big Pharma approved narratives.

    It was also weird when virtually ALL Western Leaders were uttering the same slogan of “Build Back Better”, including Joe Biden during his 2020 run for President, but then I realized that was part of the sloganeering for this wet dream that Klaus Schwab has which he calls a “Great Reset”. The problem is, it’s a “reset” that benefits a few Technocratic elites such as Schwab at the expense of the masses.

    2 years later, these same people, along with the World Economic Forum, are now trying to FORCE the masses into urban s#!+ holes, eating bugs, giving up gas powered cars, etc., using “Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiimate change” as the excuse, and it has become increasingly obvious that the Biden Regime is pursuing the agenda of the WEF and even the World Health Organization, as the Biden Regime was set to hand over our national sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats at the WHO. They’re pursuing a “Pandemic treaty”, which would give the Director of the WHO sole authority to declare a pandemic and how to respond to it, and member countries who are affected would have to comply. Under such power, they could theoretically try to make it mandatory for ALL humans to take the next experimental “vaccine” Big Pharma makes and use “Public Health” as the excuse. It would be analogous to Tony Fauci setting health policy for the ENTIRE WORLD.
    The time for MASSIVE pushback against these sinister plans is NOW.

    • Hi John,

      I agree with all you’ve written. I also hit my “bullshit” button when they all kept shrieking about “the cases!” I knew this was worse than bullshit. That it was deliberate – malicious – manipulation as I happen to know that a case, medically speaking, had heretofore always meant someone very sick, in need of medical care. It was never the “case” that just because someone “tested positive” (on a dodgy test) that they were considered a case. In other words, they were deliberately attempting (successfully) to scare the crap out of people by leading them to believe that people were falling seriously, deathly ill all over the country when this was absolutely untrue. They knew that most – almost all – of the people who got seriously sick and ended up needing to be in a hospital were already either chronically sick or very elderly and frail. They knew god-damned well that otherwise healthy, not-elderly people stood almost no chance of dying or even needing medical care – if they even got sick.

      So I know they are malicious.

      • Eric,

        I don’t know if you knew already, but now the FDA has authorized a brand new bivalent COVID booster jab (said to contain strains of the original variant as well as the dreaded OMICRON sub variant) based on a trial done on a few mice. NO human trials were performed. From what I’ve read, it’s only available to those who’ve already been vaxxed, so it would be interesting to see how many of THEM line up to once again be guinea pigs for the Pharma version of the Military-industrial complex. Will the Biden Regime try to mandate those booster shots for the jabbed? That remains to be seen.

        One eerie thing about the FDA’s ad campaign for that new booster jab is its comparison of the human immune system to a battery that needs recharging or computer software that needs updating, suggesting that our own government has subscribed to the Technocratic push for turning the masses into human/ machine hybrids aka transhumanism.

      • Another thing about “cases”: I know of someone who had COVID, was in the hospital, and was tested for COVID every day. Well, guess what? Every positive test from this one person was counted as a case, even though it was one person, meaning ONE case.

        What really disgusted me was the “free COVID tests” offered by the local health department. Why would anyone get tested if they were not sick, meaning having symptoms? It was obvious to me the health officials were just trying to inflate the case count, to keep up the fear level and justification for the masking, social distancing, lockdowns, vaxxes, etc.

    • Mussolini’s dead body hanging upside down, mashed to pulp, was not enough for one Italian mother.

      She walked up to the corpse of Mussolini, pulled a pistol, fired five shots into the once great leader and exclaimed, “That’s for my five sons.”

      The elites will have a lot of explaining to do. However, it is too late for Klaus. Expect a similar demise for the poor lost fool.

      It is not going to end well for Nancy, Chuck, Joe, et al.

      Charles Manson is wringing his hands in delight down there at the lowest rung of hell.

  20. OT:

    Hertz to add 175,000 GM EVs to rental fleet:

    Money quote: “Once moribund and filing for bankruptcy, Hertz is now betting on EVs as the way forward.” Exact same thing can be said of GM.

    So… we’re living in a world where the government is using bankrupt companies to push its political agenda on us. In other words… do as the government wants or you won’t get bailed out with taxpayer money when you fuck up.

    The so-called “free market” is a joke, we are living in a left-wing corporatist state.

    • ‘ “Once moribund and filing for bankruptcy, Hertz is now betting on EVs as the way forward.” Exact same thing can be said of GM.’ – X

      Woke together, broke together.

      For now, management pays themselves generous bonuses to supplement their generous stock options.

      Later when the companies smack the wall, Big Gov nationalizes GM, triggering management’s pre-arranged golden parachutes as ‘Secretary’ Buttitwitch appoints new managers from DOT.

      Heads we win, tails we win. Nice work if you can get it.

      • I’ve been wondering how rental cars are gonna work when they inevitably switch to EV. I know they will because all the huge corporations are in the same club, the corona hoax, EV scam club (aka ESG).

        But, in particular, you know how they record the level of gasoline in the tank? And you have to bring it back with that much or more to avoid them refilling it at *THEIR* special rate. So, if you’re gonna rent a car, better plan on sitting at a charge station right before you return it.

        That’s my guess anyway. Maybe they’ll hold off on doing that at first to lure in suckers.

    • Hertz EV rentals, they are buying 175,000 GM EV’s:
      youtubers commenting on their EV rentals recently. Sounded like a nightmare, trying to get it charged, when you’re staying in hotels, on the move, etc. And almost impossible to bring it back properly charged, hertz charges a huge fee if returned not properly charged, that is how they make money, more fees .

      It will result in Hertz having to retrieve thousands of cars a day that have run out of charge and, most likely, in out-of-the-way places……when it dies, they can tow it….lol

      Does their rental contract insurance cover exploding/incendiary lithium batteries?

      Since there is little to no effort being directed at increasing generation and grid capacity (it is being reduced) to even keep up with current demand for air conditioning in many places, exactly where is Hertz going to get the electricity to charge those 175,000 new EVs?

      Hertz will be out of business by then… but if they are not, this should put the final nail in the coffin unless the whole industry converts.

      The airport drop off just got so much worse. Imagine rolling up to the Obama-mart near the airport (anyone been to Newark airport?) at 6am for an 8am flight. All the charging stations are full or broken. On top of… The rental care shuttle train/bus is slow. Airline desk lines wrap around the terminal. TSA lines are worse. And the Krispy Kreme in main terminal is still closed because of the “labor shortage.”

      That Hertz “convenience” recharge fee of $100 starts to look good.

      GM lithium fire bomb EV:
      Consumer Alert: GM Expands Recall, All Chevrolet Bolt Vehicles Now Recalled
      All owners urged to limit charging, park away from structures, and more

      GM warned not to park in garages and then not to park within 50 feet of anything on the planet because of the fire hazard

      at least this might curtail the amount of stolen/lost rental vehicles used in drug trafficking by obama’s sons and daughters. can’t go 500 miles up I-35 overnight in one of these POS’s

      Go watch some of All Electric Family videos on YouTube. Lol! I get a headache just watching them try to figure it all out. Then they still need tows and expensive last minute hotel rooms. Then there’s all the time spent standing around charging.

      EV’s….lol…..Powered by coal and constructed using Cobalt, mined in Congo by children in slave labor conditions. Virtue signaling at its finest.

  21. ‘They never got the chance to buy an 80 MPG diesel-electric hybrid.’ — eric

    An 80 mpg diesel-electric hybrid would be an amazing thing. To my understanding, it would be fully buildable with existing technology. Regulations are the sole impediment.

    Diesel-electric would work great in compact pickups too, if those existed anymore. It sure hauls a lot of cross-country freight on the railroads.

    The juxtaposition of ever-tightening controls over ever-diminishing quantities of ’emissions’ — side-by-side with 2-1/2 and 3-ton gigantesque pickups and large SUVs, and ever more obese smaller vehicles — is crazy-making.

    As anyone who trades the markets knows, Rule #1 is, “It doesn’t have to make sense.”

    Nihilists have taken charge, as a senile ‘president’ conducts a night-time rant in front of a blood-red monument to long-gone freedoms. Soon the only road remaining open will be the Highway to Hell. Recharging stations are being installed now.

    Will it be poison put in my glass?
    Will it be slow or will it be fast?
    The bite of a snake, the sting of a spider
    A drink of Belladonna on a Toussaint night
    Hiding in a corner in New York City
    Looking down a forty-four in West Virginia

    Dancing with Mr D …

    — Rolling Stones, Dancing with Mr D

  22. OBTW did anyone else notice that WAY the hell back in March or first of week of April 2020 (at the latest!) every supermarket and big box store had all manner of decals, stickers, plexiglass barriers, and professionally produced signage (i.e., not just markers on cardboard) that were immediately deployed as IF IT WERE PLANNED ALL ALONG?

    Stand here… walk this direction… mask required. All with the same graphic designs and artwork. In every fucken corporate store that was allowed to remain open.

    Despite the fact that it was all absolute horseshit nonsense! If you believe the respiratory virus theory AT ALL, then you know that — especially when it’s dry (e.g., winter) — that virus particles can hang in the air for HOURS.

    The fuck if it matters what direction you walk, or whether its six feet or ten feet. If another human being was alive and breathing in that same air space within the hour, the science (before corona hoax) said that there would be exhausted virus particles from anyone with a significant viral load.

    The absolute fallacious pretend game of people sitting on buses or planes, packed in as sardines as usual WITH FUCKEN face masks is just as retarded (and humiliatingly so) as one could possibly imagine. Going in a restaurant mask on, sit at the table mask off, RETARDED! On an on… every single bit of it.

    As you said, they may as well have made everyone hop on one foot, wear a talisman, and maybe sing a song to please the virus gods. It has been, and continues to be, so stupid as to be humiliating and punitive to any thinking person.

    The “contagion” that they were intending to stop by “blundering benevolence” is free will and liberty. “Nobody” (but sane people) could have known the absolute disaster it would have become.

  23. Face Diapers solidified what I had long suspected and what history indicates. The vast majority of humans will literally do anything to fit in. Social pressure is too much for most. I will never wear their symbol of subjugation.

    Us “antisocials” have always had a unique ability to swim against the flow and see the constant lies that we are swimming in. It feels like a superpower these days.

    • Ditto that, Local –

      “Asocial” is a smear word for non-herd animal. The individual who refuses to be trampled by the herd. It is telling that the Nazis had a specific armband for “Asocials” and treated them as badly as any other “enemy of the state.”

      • Hi, Eric,

        I believe the “asozials” in such places as Dachau were tagged with a black triangle, point down, on their prison duds.

        If you’re looking for a logo symbol, howzabout a white rose on a black triangle, point down.
        Motto: “We will not comply.”

      • The indoctrination begins early on, I recall elementary school report cards, before they even start giving letter grades, having the categories “follows directions” and “gets along with others”. The function of government schools, as many here have commented.

  24. This very much reminds me of what I’ve read about the days of McGeorge Bundy, JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson and, in particular, the absolute cataclysm known as the Vietnam War which was perpetrated by the USA.

    You see, it was just “blundering benevolence” that resulted in the carpet bombing (more bombs dropped on Vietnam than the entirety of all bombs dropped during WW2), agent orange spraying, hamlet relocating, village burning, raping and murderous onslaught to the tune of millions of lives.

    The USA had the best of intentions you see. It was merely to “stop the contagion” of communism, whether those people wanted it or not. Well, especially if they didn’t want our help because, if they did, we wouldn’t have had to annihilate millions of them. They would have eagerly accepted it instead.

    You see, it’s only conspiracy theorists that believe that it was more of calculated malevolence than blundering benevolence. We’re the shining city on the hill after all. Our intentions and actions were clearly for the good of man kind.


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