Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 10/11/2022

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Here’s the audio of this week’s talk with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the cloying insipidity of “intelligent assistance,” among other topics that may be of interest:

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  1. Great show Eric! It is a pleasure listening to two very bright minds. I have to say I agree with everything you covered, my only criticism is you and your host do not delve deep enough into who, exactly, is screwing us.

    There is another aspect of the “conspiracy” no one talks about, and probably because they don’t understand the root cause, that at the bottom of this government cesspool is religion and banking, the two are actually intertwined all the way back to Genesis.

    IMO the root reason of our current cultural insanity is being driven by one main thing not one person in a million understands, central banking the crime of printing money. Each time a recession comes along, the central bankers, usually with Jewish names like Janet Yellen, Ben Shalom Bernanke, or Alan Greenspan inflate.

    Inflation is the great destroyer of moral values and hard work, and especially of thrift. This tendency to save money is the basis of capitalism, is capital, that some frugal people have saved capital and pooled it for productive enterprise, which enriches society with well made products.

    So in a healthy society, those who are productive and efficient, have some of their work effort left over, in terms of currency, and put it into the bank, or stocks. Note that drug users and drunks, end up not being efficient, have no spare cash, and often resort to theft to keep going with their chemical dependency. They do not contribute to the betterment of society, they actually act as a destructive force, eating up capital, stealing money or wealth destroys the productive.

    We all know this. But what you may not know is that when our current central banker, Jerome Powell says his target is 2% inflation, he is stating a very immoral goal of only robbing the slaves at a rate of 20% loss of purchasing power in 10 years. 20% increase in prices is highway robbery for that thrifty saver.

    So because of this immoral tendency to inflate, those in debt benefit over the long haul over savers. Quite literally, wealth is transferred from the saver to the debtor. This is highly immoral and highly destructive to culture, as spendthrift is rewarded at the expense of thrift. It is like eating all the seed corn without a care in the world what will happen next season.

    As a result of permanent inflation, your society is turned upside down, and people LITERALLY go crazy, which is what we are seeing now. Woke insanity is caused by banking insanity. And the state, which is the entity most in debt, wants permanent inflation (because they have no way to actually pay off the debts in real terms). So the state grows huge, and if you want the freshly printed money, you must play ball, go along with the narrative, like 911 was done by Muslims or climate change.

    Elon Musk became the richest man in the world because of electric car subsidies. And now his most unsafe product is being shoved down your throat, because only an antisemite or a terrorist is against the official agenda. So horrible is the current control over us, the ADL is embedded in Youtube and Google, deciding what you are allowed to say.

    And I do observe that on your radio show that fact is never covered. In fact I bet if you mentioned the Jewish connection to Communism, you would be hounded right off the radio. Karl Marx (not his real Jewish name) was a son of a Rabbi, his manifesto is 100% Jewish philosophy, and it is exactly the thing you fight against Eric, That philosophy is not your philosophy, it does not resonate with you at any level, all the way down to your DNA, or with mine either.

    This inflation mentality is most definitely coming from the minds of Jewish bankers, who are usury kings, who invented paper money so that they could rob you by manipulating the value of the currency. The first central bank is Solomon’s Temple, and if you want some lucid reading, read Josephus’s tale of what happened when Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70.A.D.
    The bankers swallowed gold coins and tried to flee, but the soldiers figured out why their bellies were hanging low (from the gold coins) so they slayed them spilling the coins.

    This evil of the state was founded by the evil of priest who invented a theocracy based on his words of godly claims. The priest says god ordained him to rule over you, later the state took over that claim, read Romans 13. And these first priests of the temple, who did not do productive work, came up with a scam, that god needed you to tithe, and give your best livestock for sacrifice – so that the priests could eat the best meat. The priest even claimed in his holy book that Yahweh loves the smell of burning flesh.

    The first central bankers also hoarded all the gold, because whoever has the gold makes the rules, and can direct society through bribes and contracts. And it is still going on today, Jews are quite successful organizing their members and directing their cash “donations” to politicians who love Israel and do what the Jewish bankers want, like money for wars. Hell, we are so bought, that Israel can do 911, and not one Jew involved in the planning and execution of that megacrime was even investigated, charged, or jailed.


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