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It may not be their propensity to catch fire, their time-wastage or their exorbtant costs that will eventually cancel EeeeeeVeeees.

It may end up being the unintended (perhaps) consequence of “action” by the very government regulatory apparat that has been pushing EeeeeVeeees on the public almost as relentlessly as the “vaccines” that have proved as “effective” at “stopping the spread” as a cinder block is at keeping you afloat.

The apparat proposes to “incentivize” (meaning coerce) the car companies – already “incentivized” to stop making affordable, practical vehicles that don’t have a built-in propensity to catch fire – to install what is styled “intelligent speed limit assistance technology” in cars, so as to make it “technologically” impossible for drivers to “speed.”

In fact, many cars recently made already have this form of “intellligent assistance.” What’s being proposed is to make it impossible to turn it off.

By the way, isn’t it fascinating that every “technology” deployed to further control our actions is always styled “intelligent”? This serves the dual-purpose of stifling objections to it – are you stupid or something? –  while at the same time insulting the victims of it, who are clearly not “intelligent” enough to be on the loose without the “assistance” of “technology.”

It’s not “assistance,” either.

The latter being something needed – and asked for. Or at least, gratefully accepted when offered. In italics to emphasize the voluntary and human nature of the thing. You know, like one of those golf cart things they make available at airports, to assist handicapped people who can’t walk to their departure gate.

What is being pushed – by the National Transportation Safety Board – is – effectively – one of those golf carts for everyone. The use of “technology” to prevent anyone from driving faster than the posted speed limit, ever – anywhere.

Your future car will “assist” you by ignoring the inputs made by your right foot. Floor it all you like. If the speed limit is 25 MPH the car will go no faster than 25 MPH. Since the highest speed limit in most states is 70-75 MPH, that will be the new National Maximum Speed Limit, referencing the ’70s-through-the’-90s-era attempt by the federal apparat to restrict everyone’s speed to 55 MPH.

But at least back then, the apparat didn’t have the effrontery to style their attempt to dumb-down travel speeds as “assistance,” much less “intelligent.”

Another example of the etymological jujitsu practiced by the ranchers to our cattle, so to speak. They stroke our flanks and whisper in our ears as they lead us down the chute. Call it the Temple Granding of America.

New York City (of course) is one of the state-level apparats that is already “piloting” this form of “intelligence.” The rancher-mayor thereof, Eric Adams, recently decreed that city-owned vehicles wil be thre first to use the “assistance tehcnology.” One of his minions – Deputy Mayor Meera Joshi, appeared on CNN recently and warbled thusly:

“There’s no reason (that) today, with so much technology that anyone should die at the hands of an automobile.”

In other words, “speed” (as opposed to driver error) “kills.” It is all that kills, in the minds of these minions – or at least, that is the idiot guilt-trip they lay on people. Of course, the only way to assure that “speed” never “kills” anyone would be to limit it to zero – or at least to no faster than walking speed. And that is in fact their vision. As in Vision Zero – a world in which no one dies “at the hands of an automobile” because no one (except the ranchers to our cattle) will have an automobile.

Or want one.   

That’s apt to happen if this “assistance” business goes national, since owning a car that cannot be driven faster than the generally ludicrous speed limits almost every driver ignores as a matter of course would be a kind of torture not worth making the monthly payment on.

Speaking of that . . .

Isn’t the Tesla’s singular attraction its speed? Isn’t that what sells EeeeeVeeeees, generally? What would be the point in spending the $50,000-plus it takes to buy a Tesla Model 3 (which is Tesla’s least expensive EeeeeVeeee) if its vaunted ability to speed is “intelligently assisted” such that it isn’t much “speedier” than an ’86 Yugo GV? The latter had a top speed, if you worked for it, around 70-75 MPH. And that would be the effective New National Maximum Speed Limit, if “intelligent speed limit assist” were to be “incentivized” into every new car.

Off-highway, most driving would be restricted to no faster than 55 – a de facto return of Drive 55 without actually posting it.

What might save us from this newest nightmare of “technology” – and so save (sigh) the EeeeeeeVeeeee is the power of the insurance mafia, which stands to lose a lot of money if it becomes technologically impossible for drivers to “speed.” The mafia has wanted – for years – to require that drivers’ “speeding” be dunned in real-time, via those transmitter-dongle things they want you to be required to plug into your car’s OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) port. Each time you “speed” the car squeals.

But the cash register slams shut when you can’t “speed.”

And buying a ludicrously expensive EeeeeVeeee that cannot ludicrously speed makes as much sense as buying a 5,000 square foot house but only being allowed to live in one of the closets.

. . .

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  1. don’t buy an EV……$79,200 to replace the battery…

    it was just a dent in the battery pack….these EV’s are very fragile and expensive…

    an accident while driving that resulted in damage to the headlights and chassis and denting of the battery pack inward

    Chinese Polestar 2 owner faces higher cost than new car in replacing damaged battery pack
    A Polestar 2 owner was told it would cost RMB 540,000 ($79,200) to replace a damaged battery pack, 1.6 times the price of his vehicle.

    • Hi Anon,

      But EeeeeeeeeVeeeeees are so good for the “environment”!

      Except when you throw away a nearly new one and replace it with another one, with the net result of that being an “environmental impact” far worse than the manufacture and lifetime use of one non-EeeeeeVeeeeee.

      But I’ll go farther- because it’s critically necessary to do so. There is no “environmental” problem – as regards C02, which is the foundation of the whole EeeeeeeVeeee fraud. The “climate” isn’t “changing” – at least, not “catastrophically” or unnaturally. It’s another hyped “crisis” with as much fact behind it as the “science” behind “masking.”

  2. The unintended consequences of speed limiters in vehicles, is that states will lose revenue with speeding tickets from those who have a lead foot, and then got caught. God only knows what tax states will implement to make up for the revenue loss there. It looks like I will be keeping my two cars forever. On the one hand, I think it would be funny as hell if the vehicle market collapsed because no one bought these vehicles with said speed limiters. And then again, I have to wonder if that is the whole point: Force a speed limiter onto Americans, whom they know do not want it, and refuse to buy, because in the end, they would rather just eliminate car ownership altogether.

  3. I’m not sure – I honestly think there is a large and growing segment of the population that wants – indeed, needs – all this “assistance” technology. Plus the vaccinated are not to be trusted at any speed behind the wheel and probably should be governed.

    • Hi BAC,

      I agree. It’s a feedback loop. Decades of psychological conditioning first – that cars are “dangerous” – in tandem with corollary conditioning that “safety” is synomous with slow/passive driving and rule-obedience. Around the same time, cars began to get progressively easier to drive and more and more people “learned how to drive” in such cars, usually automatics. In other words, they never learned how to drive. A chimp could qualify for a “driver’s license,” which is chiefly a government ID rather than an indicator of basic competence, such as a pilot’s license. Result? A general drift toward fearful – inept – “drivers” who welcome “assistance.”

      And they need it.

      • Eric,
        Indeed. I got my license in 1971, and the test was a joke. Drive around a few city blocks, parallel park, drive back to the office. “You are now deemed qualified to drive on twisty hilly two lane blacktop and multilane highways.” That was back in the day when the “speed limit” on two lane blacktop was 65 day, 60 night. They even had signs that read the difference between reflected headlights and daylight.
        The only purpose of a drivers license is to force you to pay for their permission (the “privilege thing”), force you to carry it, and display it on demand. Giving the AGW your identification whether it please you or not.

  4. So H.A.L. 9000 is taking over and telling everybody what to do and where to go, when to eat, when to listen, what to say, when to sleep, what to think, even. HAL will inform when you can drive, strike that.

    Driving isn’t an option, you’ll have to take the ride.

    “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” – HAL

    You’ll be lucky to escape the gulag.

  5. “There’s no reason (that) today, with so much technology that anyone should die at the hands of an automobile.”

    Methinks she has watched too many Transformers movies.

    Now, being Devil’s advocate… You can still go from 0-60 (or 55) like lightning! You just can’t go any faster. I guess acceleration will be the boast from now on… Until they get to that.

  6. Isn’t it curious that an organization called government, that is only good at killing people, expects you to believe it actually cares about your “safety”? It calls murdering innocent people “collateral damage”, and that makes it A OK.

    • They don’t seem all that concerned about safety from their vaccine concoction. But since the vaccines don’t kill or harm anyone, and are only casually correlated with Doctors Are Baffled Syndrome, I guess the government is consistent in their concern for safety.

  7. NOTE: Re: speeding and safety

    Speeding has nothing to do with safety, the problem is the unsafe road designs built by the government, they blame accidents on speeding, so nobody will figure out it is the government’s crappy road designs that causes accidents, that they should be sued over.
    Adding bike lanes, with narrower roads and more concrete curbs and medians have made the roads more dangerous, have made them almost undriveable.

    The other problem is the horrible drivers on the road, they make it very very unsafe, they should be banned from driving, they should be removed to improve safety.

    F1 race cars have higher average speeds then any other cars, they are the quickest cars in the world on a race track. Driving on an F1 track is the safest place to drive but has the highest speeds.

    The reason high speed F1 tracks are so safe is because they are designed for safety, huge flat run off areas, gravel traps, no poles or walls to run into, public roads are the opposite, very dangerously designed, with added bike lanes they have become worse now.

    The other reason F1 race tracks are so safe is because of the very very highly skilled drivers, this makes them very safe compared to driving down the street filled with morons texting….lol.

    Fangio the greatest, best F1 race car driver in history, would not drive on public roads because they are very dangerous, he didn’t want to die, the horrible drivers on the road were the main reason. Fangio lived a long time, it worked.

    Lewis Hamilton one of today’s best F1 drivers does not like to drive on the street.

    The safest place to drive is a race track at very high speed, speed = dangerous is bs.

    Re: safety

    All they do is give expensive tickets to people going 10 mph over their stupid no science speed limit, to make it look like they are doing something (actually it is for revenus $$$$$$), ……when the real problem is road design and bad drivers.

    • roads are not repaired and are unsafe…why?….lol

      it was reported years ago that general revenues were being used to help pay government pensions (municipal,provincial etc…)………Politicians give/promise government workers’ (and themselves), huge, gold plated, defined benefit, pensions, (this insures loyalty to their mandate/narrative), they are unfunded, …so money goes to their pensions and bike lanes, no money to fix the roads or housing for the homeless…nice people….lol

      (this insures loyalty to their mandate/narrative), this is why it is hard to make changes, it is hard to get rid of a politician that has power with a central bank that can print money.

      government pension plans get the first lien on any tax revenues. Pensions get paid 100% before a single dollar goes to schools, police, repairing roads or any other gov service.

      this sounds like the old soviet system…..

      there is two classes of citizens, the non government retired people that receive a small government pension, which barely covers rent, food and retired government workers who get paid huge definded benefit pensions.
      In Norway when you turn 60 everyone gets $60,000 U.S. ($82,800 can.) pension,

      How Public Pensions Turn Cities Into Unlivable Hellholes

      public pension funds are grossly underfunded. Consequently, more and more pension funds are borrowing money to play the markets. The goal is to boost returns to cover their massive funding gaps.

      With the markets crashing now, Sept. 2022, this is a huge problem, that is getting way worse now, no politician will talk about, or has an answer for it.

      pension funds can attempt to fill their funding gaps by requesting increases in yearly contributions from governments and workers. But the public-employee unions go full ape when such measures are proposed. So the remaining option is to take on greater risk. What could go wrong?

      According to a Municipal Market Analytics analysis of Bloomberg data, more than 100 city, county, state, and other governments borrowed for their pension funds last year. This is twice the highest number that did so in any prior year.

      Standing behind these pension funds are state (provincial, federal) and local taxpayers – that’s you, acting as the ATM. Moreover, when the investment returns of public pension funds fall short, governments are primarily responsible for filling the void. This means cutting other spending and services or increasing taxes.

      Covering pension fund obligations is a massive drag on state and local government finances. The fact is, there’s a legion of public workers out there who’ve been promised a retirement that’s no longer affordable.

      These grand promises must be broken.

      You can witness the effects when traversing through just about every city in America (or canada) that has been in existence for more than 60 years. By repeatedly reallocating spending from much needed services, the present and future conditions of cities and municipalities are being transformed to unlivable hellholes.

      Your neighbor, who retired from the city over 25 years ago, may frequently lament the shoddy conditions of the streets and sidewalks. He may bemoan the lack of resources to address burgeoning homeless encampments and the mobs of mentally ill zombies flailing about on the tired asphalt. All the taxes went to pay his pension…lol..

      An audit showing where all the taxpayer’s money went would be nice….lol

      in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

      • They went after the old people in the old folks homes first, the new Jews…..gets rid of pension liability….this also frees up funding for the government gold plated defined benefit pensions the politicians and their helpers get…

        Catherine Austin Fitts says it is partly to cover up a financial crime. around 1995 during globalization money was looted, went offshore, all the pension funds were looted, there is no money left.

        Note: Dr. Marc Faber says all governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

        in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

        ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd.

        Then along came the bat germ, they can now say there is no money because of the bat germ problem…
        (this is easier than trying to explain where all the money went….that is the key right there.)

        She thinks the elite nobility and the billionaires are tired of managing 7.5 billion people and want to cull the herd, they say 500 million is a better number.

        the depopulation agenda (they say is necessary because of global warming):

        history repeats…..the elderly were euthanized in Nazi Germany by POTASSIUM CHLORIDE INJECTIONS. The sad fact is, this was done for FINANCIAL reasons –

        Hitler did not want funds diverted to take care of the sick and elderly.

  8. In regular mode the tesla is slow and it takes too long to put in launch mode, so you can’t race at lights, so what good is it?….why did you pay all that money?….lol

    so it is part way to having the performance restricted already…….

    • so it is part way to having the performance restricted already…….

      just add a line of code remotely and the vehicle will not go over any speed limit….it can be done today ….in real time….done…..

      that is why you must own an old analog vehicle…..but they will be banned/scrapped….lol

  9. If the full autonomous driving mode becomes reality, what will be the pretext for AWG to stop you and mulct you out of wallet?

    • Awe, c’mon, Hans,
      Common knowledge that bureaucracies NEVER shrink, only grow.
      No doubt some other, and probably more invasive busy(body) “work” can and will be found for the radar gun jockeys. Wait and see, watch and learn. 🙁

    • what will be the pretext for AWG to stop you and mulct you out of wallet?

      they will have 100 other reasons….said the wrong thing about the government, said something anti woke, purchased the wrong thing, low social credit score, don’t like ESG, hate wind turbines, no mask, ect., etc..

  10. It’s all bullshit sold by hucksters who at least ditched the straw hat. All problems will be solved with a magic wand (or bullet), actual progress be damned. 1956 GM Autorama they showed off a model for automated driving, still probably the only way such a thing could actually be plausible. I never see any talk of that stuff beyond some mentioning dedicated lanes as a prerequisite to autonomous driving. I miss the forward thinking soft fascism peddled by Walt Disney and the like of that era. The claims of innovation to come were actually feasible. For the last 30 years every hurdle to innovation is solved using a buzzword du jour hand wave over the details; e.g. (artificial/machine) intelligence.
    The only fully automated intervention I would say I am positive on (in terms of it actually being a “simple” problem to solve) is the automated braking.

    • The only fully automated intervention I would say I am positive on (in terms of it actually being a “simple” problem to solve) is the automated braking.

      full of glitches, defective, dangerous…..the car thinks it sees something, locks up the brakes, you get rear ended, die of broken neck, if you are in an EV, you get cremated too….lol

      if the driver can’t drive the car, get them off the road……

  11. ‘in Vision Zero – a world in which no one dies “at the hands of an automobile”’ — eric

    Zero traffic fatalities is an absurd, utopian vision — as grandiose as ‘zero unplanned pregnancies.’

    Of course, both these goals are fully achievable, if cars are outlawed and every youth is sterilized.

    Any sweeping, perfectionist ideology like Vision Zero (probably inspired by ‘zero tolerance’ in the War on Drugs) inevitably must lead to totalitarianism and the tumbrils.

    I say hook these freaks to a Tesla and jolt ’em to kingdom come:

    Gonna go bye man, gonna set myself loose
    Need me a triple shot of that juice

    — George Thorogood & the Destroyers, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

    • >every youth is sterilized.
      Only the males, Jim.
      Castration at puberty, with a few straws of semen frozen for possible future breeding, by the “donor” or others. Impregnation of a human female (cow) will be exclusively a “medical procedure,” therefore very expen$ive, and possibly requiring “government” approval, also taxation.

      Intact males will be extremely rare, and limited to the offspring of high government officials and plutocrats (a.k.a. “oligarchs”). Only the favored few will be capable of making babies “the old-fashioned way.” Very glad I will not live long enough to see that day, but I expect it will come to pass.

  12. I wonder if mayor Eric Adams’ fatwa for all city vehicles to be equipped with this “technology” applies to AGWmobiles. That would be fun to watch- lots of OJ on the freeway style car chases. 😆

  13. Yeah, that’s another “way to save money” that I’ve continually declined, i.e., the insurance company telling me that they can save me $5 if I only allow them to record just how “safe” it is that I drive!

    No thanks. I’ve been told that my driving is “like an E-ticket ride” — going back to the old days of Disneyland and its former A-E ticket scheme. The E-Ticket rides being the best and unsurprisingly the most expensive.

    I have my eyes on a Genesis GV-70 with a 3.5T. Gonna test drive one this weekend. If I like it better than my A4 Allroad, I’m gonna buy it. I’m told they can’t deliver until December but I’ve been harnessed by the retarded 2.0T in my A4 for a couple years now and I’ve had it. So December will be fine with me.

    The GV-70 does have some sort of “intelligent speed limiting technology”. I’m pretty confident that it can be turned off. That will certainly be a question that I’ll be asking.

  14. Technology is no longer designed for the user. It is designed for the shareholder, the acquisition candidate, the advertiser, the government. Anything interesting in tech today is happening in open source and crowd funded projects.

    The speed governor will be hacked. Like the YouTube video that overlays the PSL on the speedometer, these things will log the correct speed all the time while allowing the driver to do whever they want. Then it becomes a game. Software updates lock down the ECM, hackers jailbreak it. Someone will sue under right to repair laws, then uncle will close the loophole. Some states won’t comply or will do half-assed inspections. People will swap in crate engines that don’t have ECMs.

    But unfortunately the masses won’t bother to do any of that. In fact they will likely not care as long as the newest cool feature is on the new model. “Oh look, I can set the interior lights to pink and purple to match my thong!” while complaining on TikTok about road trips always take so long.

    • “Technology is no longer designed for the user. It is designed for the shareholder, the acquisition candidate, the advertiser, the government. Anything interesting in tech today is happening in open source and crowd funded projects.”

      There’s an article on American Thinker today discussing zuckerturd’s meta. One of the better comments is in line with what KW said: “Wealthy businessman transforms his company based on what he would like rather than what his customers like. It won’t be the first company to fail for that reason.”

      • Mike, too often the Silly-Con Valley confuses innovation and opportunistic behavior. Zuckerberg saw an opportunity with the passage of the DMCA. Before passage of the DMCA most ISPs offered personal web space. It was hard to use, but there were applications like Frontpage that made it easier. When the DMCA was made law the ISPs shut down personal web pages because they didn’t want to police them. Facebook was able to swoop in and offer a solution for users, and was willing to hire enough people to keep copyrighted material off the site. Eventually they were able to show traditional media companies they were playing along, and then the MSM joined too.

        But Zuk didn’t do anything new, Facebook just rebranded personal web pages and RSS on a central service model, then presented those users to advertisers. If anything, he understood the network effect, but so did most everyone else. This is why the Web2.0 companies haven’t done squat since. A true innovator will be able to attract users to their idea even if it isn’t something they understand.

  15. The local governments will be on the same side as the insurance mafia, not wanting to give up all that revenue from speeding tickets. Not to mention the cops, who don’t really care about speeding as such, but need an excuse to pull people over in their never ending pursuit of drugs, warrants, and DUI’s. I’d be very surprised if this ever gets of the ground

    • Floridah,
      There is absolutely nothing they might do that would surprise me. Since it becomes ever more clear that there is nothing they WON”T do to maintain their power and control. They are obviously bonkers. They seldom restrain themselves from imposing “rules” that do enormous economic damage. And then Biden goes begging to foreign oil sources to “fix” his war against US oil production, which discourages US oil companies from investing in increased production. Because an election is coming, soon. Too bad for Biden those foreign suppliers told him to eff off.

      • Hi John. I agree, these people are nuts, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t put past them. I just can’t figure out what else they have up their sleeve. They obviously don’t really give a shit about our safety or whether anyone dies. There’s a tremendous amount of money involved between insurance, cops, courts and so on. Also a tremendous amount of power and control, as “speeding” gives the cops the ability to detain just about anyone they want, at any time they want. Why would they give that up, unless they have something even more nefarious (and expensive) in store for us?

        • Floriduh,
          You can’t figure out what they have up their sleeve because they are mentally ill, sociopaths or psychopaths, one or the other.

  16. “There’s no reason (that) today, with so much technology that anyone should die at the hands of an automobile.”
    Gee, I didn’t know automobiles had hands.
    NO SPEEDING!! God help you if you are trying to merge between two semis that are two or three car lengths apart and blocking any attempt to merge in front of or behind them.
    What should we expect from a gang of psychopaths who claim power to murder you if you don’t obey? Which sort of frees them up to do any damned thing they want to you. Regardless how expensive, dangerous, and frustrating it might be. Just as with the push of EVs, they don’t want you driving, and this just another means of “encouraging” you not to.

    • Yeah that was my first reaction. These authoritarian morons can’t even form coherent sentences to say what they mean. “Cars don’t have hands” is what every thinking person should say in response.

      They’re wanting to say that cars… like guns… go out and murder people. It’s not the people pulling the trigger or pushing the gas pedal. Nope. It’s the inanimate object taking matters into its own… hands! 🙄

      And stupid people keep taking them seriously. 🤦‍♂️

  17. ‘Call it the Temple Granding of America.’ — eric

    This made me laugh!

    Unlike Temple Grandin, who actually gets inside the simple minds of cattle, our psychotic rulers inhabit an entirely separate mental realm from us. That’s why — to their utter surprise and consternation — so many sheeple balk and bah-h-h-h at the entrance to their freshly-built ‘intelligent’ chutes to the abattoir.

    Humans always want to go faster, as demonstrated by the periodic re-emergence of proposals for supersonic passenger aircraft. But in our carbon-warped magical thinking, the latest such candidate, called the Boom Supersonic, will have zero carbon emissions by running on “pure sustainable aviation fuel,” initial buyer United said.

    ‘E-fuel,’ that is — yet another jaw-dropping swindle to produce the same hydrocarbon fuels we have now, but via molecular assembly which triples the cost.

    Even motorcycle mags think ‘e-fuels’ can somehow ingratiate hedonistic riders with the obdurate Green New Dealers, and spare their self-indulgent two-wheeled, CO2-emitting steeds from the waiting crusher.

    ‘And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every EPA operative, when he went out at night to seize a vehicle, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?’ — A Solzhenitsyn

    • Jim,
      “our psychotic rulers inhabit an entirely separate mental realm from us.”
      Psychotic being the key. Socio/psychopaths posses none of the ordinary human virtues, charity, sympathy, guilt, remorse, etc. and are only aware of them as a weapon to be used against the sane.
      And by the way, they obviously don’t give a damn about “climate change”, since they still ride in their V8 limousines and private jets, and live in their 10k+ square foot mansions, burning more energy than any 5 or more 2k square foot houses.
      After all, they are insane.

    • E-Fuel is why they have to get the masses eating bugs. All that grazing land can be used to grow more corn (except that corn probably won’t grow there), to make biofuel for Klaus’ Gulfstream. And with people eating the bugs the bugs won’t get a chance to eat the valuable fuel crops.

      • RK,
        Indeed, corn is a voracious eater of top soil, and nutrients. And topsoil is largely made of bug shit, and dead bugs. If people are eating the bugs, it will have to be replenished with people shit, and dead people.


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