The Time Tax

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They tax everything else, so why not time?

And that’s just what they’re in the process of doing, via what they style “electrification.” This (forced) “transition” to what isn’t “clean” energy and won’t salve the “climate crisis,” because there isn’t one. How could there be one, given that plus or minus a fraction of 0.04 percent – that being the percent of the Earth’s air that is C02 – isn’t going to “change” much of anything. Believing that it will being akin to believing that adding another grain or two of salt to a supper being cooked for 20 people is going to make it taste saltier.

But the Time Tax that will be imposed in the name of preventing this “change” by “transitioning” to what isn’t “clean” energy is very real, unlike the jiggered-with computer models and other misinformation-hysterics used to foment fear over the “climate crisis.” Which is fundamentally – psychologically – the same thing as the “pandemic” and before that “crisis,” the one fomented over “Islamo-fascism,” ad infinitum.

And the EeeeeeeeeVeeeee is their vehicle for it.

Everyone will pay this tax, too – not merely (and deservedly) the fools who did not practice due diligence as regards what owning an EeeeeeeeeVeeeeee will cost them – in terms of money. Many of these latter are also the same fools who did not practice due diligence when told they must wear a “mask” and then take a “vaccine” in order to “stop the spread.” Just as it is easier to hornswagggle a mark who has already bought a timeshare into buying another one.

The Time Tax will, of course, affect them the most – at first – for they are the only ones who will be paying it, at first. They are the ones who will be spending time thinking about recharging . . . all the time. They are the ones whose trips will always be longer, because of all the time they’ll be spending recharging. They will be “taxed” every time they want to go somewhere beyond the range of their EeeeeeeVeeeee – and on the way back from there, too.

They will pay the “tax” at home, where they will wait a minimum of several hours to instill a slow-charge in their EeeeeeeeeVeeee – and “taxed,” again, if they haven’t got time to wait for that.

In the form of having to wait for that.

They will pay the tax at the “fast” charger, which they must spend time driving to – and from. Plus the Time Tax of having to wait at the “fast” charger while their EeeeeeVeeeee charges. And perhaps have to wait for the driver of the EeeeeeeeVeeeeee who got their ahead of you to finish “fast” charging his.

Oners of Eeeeeeeveeees wil also pay the Time Tax more often in the winter – and the summer – as they’be forced to wait more often because their EeeeeeeVeeeee will need to be recharged sooner.

To reverse-engineer what the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live used to say: How inconvenient!

But all of us are going to pay the Time Tax, too. Or so that is the “plan” – according to those who are systematically banning alternatives to EeeeeeeVeeeeeees. Once it becomes impossible to buy a new car that isn’t an EeeeeeeeVeeeee it will be as hard to avoid paying the Time Tax as it is all-but-impossble to avoid property and income taxes.

The Time Tax – like all taxes – will wax rather than wane, as it is the nature of theft to wax rather than wane when it is encouraged and legitimized rather than scorned and punished. As the alternatives to EeeeeeeeVeeeeeees dwindle, as more and more EeeeeeeeeVeeeeeees are plugged in, there will be less and less “clean” energy available to power them – and everything else. This will lead to a winnowing of supply, which will take the form of an additional and this time general Time Tax, applied in the form of power outages and the wait for the power to come back on.

One cannot trickle-charge an EeeeeeeeVeeeeee at home when there is no power available at home.

And it it is probable – to the extent of near-certain – that as more EeeeeeeVeeeeeees suckle at “fast” chargers, the less high-voltage power there will be to “fast” charge there. The good news is that most EeeeeeeeVeeees have elaborate in-car entertanment systems, such as the ability to live-stream Netflix movies and such through the huge LCD touchscreen that serves as the EeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee’s control interface.

The bad news is that you can’t stream anything – much less keep the heat (or AC) running if there’s no power in your EeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeee’s battery pack to run them. And there probably isn’t, if you’re paying your Time Tax waiting for a charge-up at a “fast” charger. If the line is too long – and so is the wait – too bad. You can’t just cut out of line and try again another time. An EeeeeeeeVeeeee with a drained battery in  need of a charge doesn’t give you the option of going home. And even if you could make it there on whatever you have left, you’ll be paying – again – as you plug-in to wait there for the next several hours, which is how long it takes to instill even a partial trickle-charge on household power.

Assuming, of course, that the power is still on.

. . .

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  1. If the grid collapses you will have more time for farming…..

    Power Grid Could Fail 7 reasons

    Pushing EV’s that use huge amounts of electricity dooms the power grid. Connecting more EV’s to the grid will crash the grid, there will be nowhere to charge your EV.

    If all vehicles are EV’s the grid capacity has to be expanded 500%, that is unlikely to happen, just doing neglected, deferred maintenance on the existing grid is estimated at $5 trillion, to expand it 500% would cost $25 trillion?….

    More capacity isn’t being added to the grid, the opposite is happening, reliable hydrocarbon and nuclear power plants are being shut down, they want to convert to 100% wind turbine and solar panel energy production, which is unreliable, far more expensive, dangerous, fire prone, intermittent, a sometimes power supply. Are they anticipating a much smaller populatiion?

    How Critical is the Grid?
    According to a report from the congressionally funded EMP Commission,
    power grid failure for one year would result in the death of nine out of every 10 Americans.
    The first to die would be people dependent on medical assistance with the majority dying from starvation.

    Systems and services surrounding us are dependent on electricity and without power there are no grocery stores or pharmacies, no gas stations or hardware stores, no local doctors or dentists, no traffic lights, banks, basic communication, water, and everything else we assume will always be available.

    The North American power grid is old.

    The original design was engineered to only last 50 years with the assumption that future generations would upgrade and improve the system. That has rarely happened unless a system or station has a significant failure, and even then the fix falls in the category of repairs, not replacement.

    As a result, there are parts of the North American grid that are about 100 years old. In a study done by the American Society of Engineers the power grid was graded D+ for reliability. It’s troubling to think that a system so critical to our survival is in the range of a failing grade.
    NOTE: a system so critical to our survival ….and they are crashing it with EV’s recharging….is that the point?….or are they low IQ?
    ATTENTION: Worse, some estimates put a critical repair to the North American grid at $5 trillion dollars!

    The power grid that exists today was first built after World War II from designs dating back to Thomas Edison, using technology that primarily dates back to the ’60s and ’70s. Its 7,000 power plants are connected by power lines with a combined total of more than 5 million miles, all managed by 3,300 utilities serving 150 million customers.

    Every day our power grid is tested by foreign hackers attempting to infiltrate and find ways of taking control and cutting off power. The cutting edge of cyber-warfare continues to be China. Unfortunately, our defenses against cyberattacks continue to be weak.
    NOTE: It is believed in fact at the highest levels of our intelligence community that China could shut down our power grid at any time.
    80% of all important components in EV’s come from china, they benefit the most from the EV push, …..load us up with EV’s then turn off the power?

    Infrastructure Failure
    It doesn’t take the drama of an attack or catastrophe to take down the grid. The age of the North American grid combined with the intermittent and often random repairs further compromise and complicate an antiquated system that could simply collapse in on itself.

    All it takes is a massive failure at one utility to cause power sharing from other utilities to attempt to supply additional power. As the demands become greater a cascade or domino effect first predicted during the Y2K scare could cause the entire grid to crash, largely due to its continuously failing infrastructure.

    Preparing for Total Grid Failure
    Welcome to the 19th century. That will essentially be the lifestyle for everyone following a long-duration, national grid failure. Homesteading will be the new normal, and self-reliance the only solution in a society with few manufactured resources, no easily accessible drinking water, few food sources, rare medical care, and few options for communication.

    You can’t live 3 days without water. Without the grid, water will become scarce, especially if you depend on a well pump. Even municipal water towers will soon run dry as the pumps that refill them sit idle without power.

    We mentioned it once. 90% of the U.S. population is projected to die during the first year of a national grid failure mostly due to starvation

  2. you will have lots of time sitting in the middle of the road in your broken down hummer…lol…

    Bought a $115,000 GMC Hummer EV and It IMMEDIATELY Left Me Stranded!

    piece of junk, brand new and doesn’t even run…lol…

    These new EV’s aren’t developed properly, they are unreliable, dangerous, defective, expensive, over weight, over complicated, impossible to repair properly, glitch filled, fire hazards….lol

    Manufacturers know there is no market for them, so they won’t spend money developing them, so they are defective junk

    • more EV problems…..

      This Is Why GEICO Won’t Pay To Fix Your Tesla
      GEICO reportedly refuses to cover the cost to fix Tesla models

      Is this what geico is worried about?
      minor accidents that in the past would have been fixed with a pair of doors, new B pillar, floor and roof repair etc, may now involve potential damage to the traction battery that often CANNOT BE SEEN, and the replacement of the battery also may mean that a repairable car becomes a financial catastrophe. Battery replacement costs are from about $22,000 to $30,000.

      These EV’s are very expensive to fix, this will be pushed on to ice car drivers with increased insurance costs, so ice car drivers have to pay for the road for the EV drivers (EV owners pay no road tax), plus pay part of their insurance, ice car drivers are getting screwed, point this out to EV owners, (send them a bill)…lol

      Insurers are becoming increasing aware of the financial disaster from EV accidents, so will be raising insurance premiums on battery cars as necessary.

  3. Here’s How Soaring Energy Costs Can Threaten The Future Of Electric Cars

    Ev’s cost 45% more to manufacture so the retail price is far too high, they are more expensive to insure and repair, with energy prices rising they will cost too much to recharge, they catch fire so are too dangerous to drive, they take too long to recharge, their range is too short so they are only good around town, no good for long trips, they are far too heavy which contributes to their poor overall dull, boring, driving experience, they have a short life span, have to be replaced after 100,000 miles because their very expensive battery is dead.

    Manufacturers know there is no market for them, so they won’t spend money developing them, this effects supply too.

    Fewer Incentives For Charging Operators To Build New Charging Stations…
    with electricity rates rising and EV demand dying there won’t be any expansion of charger networks, it won’t be a profitable business, chargers cost $90,000 per charger, they are high maintenace, are vandalized frequently, it is a bad business. 30% of the chargers in san francisco are broken….lol

    The government is banning ice cars and EV’s don’t work so, there won’t be anymore privately owned cars, this is klaus schwab’s and the wef’s goal.

    EV’s are far more environmentally damaging then ice cars, this could be used later as an excuse to ban them too.

  4. This Audi RS3 is cheaper then a tesla plaid

    This Audi RS3 has more power 1100 hp, then a tesla plaid, which has 1020 hp.

    This Audi RS3 is far lighter at 3000 lb, then a tesla plaid which weighs 4828 lb, that is why it is quicker.

    This Audi RS3 is a lot quicker then a tesla plaid

    This Audi RS3 has longer range 420 miles…… the tesla plaid has only 285 mile range on the highway where you need range or the car is useless.

    This Audi RS3 refuels far quicker in 5 minutes………. compared to a tesla plaid recharging 0% to 100% in 15 hr at home, 1 hr and 20 minutes on the road, if there is a 1 hour lineup at the charger it takes 2 hr, 20 min to recharge…

    This Audi RS3 lasts longer 300,000 miles, the tesla plaid only lasts 100,000 miles or less, when the battery is dead and the car is then worthless because the battery is very, very expensive to replace, not worth it, just scrap it. Buying one Audi RS3 is cheaper then buying 3 tesla plaids….lol….when there is only EV’s only the rich will drive, that is racist, not inclusive…

    This Audi RS3 has only one engine, it puts out more power then the 3 combined weak motors in the tesla plaid

    The RS 3 you can actually hear and feel, it is alive, the sound of this thing is wild, EV’s are dead no emotion or fun……the tesla plaid is dead, no fun.

    A brand new Audi RS 3 starts off at a base price of $56,200 in the USA, MSRP.

    You can buy and tune an RS 3 for less then a tesla plaid and it is quicker, this RS 3 ran an 8.4 second quarter mile. 0 to 60 1.3 seconds. 3000 lb 1100 hp.

    This RS 3 is a better solution then buying a 4828 lb. tesla plaid. ice cars are better then EV’s.

    the sound of this thing is insane, listen at 2:52 in video…

  5. IF there was a cLiMaTe CaTaStrOpHe heading our way caused by the dreaded CO2 Toyota already has the answer: Plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the Mirai. IF the syndicate believed this doomsday scenario to be true they would be building MORE nuclear power plants rather than shutting them down. Nuclear power can be clean if they allowed next generation liquid fueled reactors to be built. They could even feed these reactors with spent fuel further benefiting the environment. Between nuclear generation of H2 and cheap clean electricity to top up hybrid batteries there would be no need for these horrible EV’s.

    I bet the folks in SW FLA would love to ban gas powered equipment and vehicles right about now.
    Drone shot Florida gas line.

  6. Interest is the time tax on money. Banksters “print” money out of thin air, when a loan is generated – from the mortgage note with your signature – then this invented out of nothing money has interest attached to it, and as interest rates go up the amount of interest on a loan can be much greater than the principle, the original loan amount.

    Modern banking is a huge scam, as are elections. You are given a false choice between two corrupt sleazebags, like Trump, Hillary, or Biden, all pedophiles and from what I have read Hillary rapes then eats kids.

    Then these utterly criminal psychopaths are using tax money to force change to electric vehicles, which will cause a huge grid crisis, which will then be forced to ration electricity to those with a good social score, which will be primarily based on how much you donate to the “correct” political party and how you vote. If you vote wrong, then you get nothing.

    So as the sheep wake up to how bad they are getting screwed, they will start to panic (like any herd being threatened) and they will vote for some populist (like Trump) who is perceived to be some outsider (not true, he is a billionaire married into the Jewish mob).

    So without a doubt the crisis will get worse by the day – like for instance right now on the west coast gasoline prices are sky high even though gasoline futures have plummeted back down to $2.30 a gallon. Retail is usually about a buck higher, plus or minus.

    So obviously there is some manufactured supply problem – probably refineries being shut down by Commie Newsom. This is just the start of the squeeze. Just wait till we have a big war, and the war machine gets prioritized over you. Tanks going to Ukraine will need the fuel you want for your truck.

    So then what happens is the herd of unthinking sheep will really start to panic when they realize the Amerikan dream is over, and they will search for their nationalist leader, like A.H., which is why Hillary is already calling Trump the new Hitler. And the sheeple will also realize that A.H. was fighting the same foe as we fight now, which is WHY the Holohoax narrative is no longer generating sympathy.

    So as far a political cycles go, the people around the world are choosing a hard right turn. I don’t know a soul who is for the W.E.F. forum or thinks highly of Klaus Schwab. No rational minded person wants his fantasy made their reality. So the sheep WILL vote for anyone who promises to make things as they used to be, which is why MAGA sells so well.

    And the big fantasy of EVs in every garage will meet the hard cold reality that electric grid expansion met the wall a long time ago, no new hydro dams, no new nuclear power plants, and everyone hates coal. So EV’s are going to be very expensive to charge in the near future.

    The leftist dream of an electric car in every garage, and a mix raced couple in every bed, is going to meet the average Amerikan who is very conservative and thinks a tranny is the part behind the engine.

    Headline: (STUPID) Man Plugs $80k+ Electric Truck Into His House, Finds Out It Will Take Over 4 Days to Charge

    One thing I’ve noticed about the Amerikan sheeple, they couldn’t care less who we bomb, and in fact they could not find Iraq on a map if their life depended on it. But they do care about their money, which is why inflation is the #1 issue. And they do care about living the dream, so if Biden wrecks the dream they will never vote Democrat again.

    So understand why Biden needs a big war. He can not win on his merits. Time is ticking away to the midterm election slaughter:

    • ” Just wait till we have a big war, and the war machine gets prioritized over you. Tanks going to Ukraine will need the fuel you want for your truck.”

      And what a cowinkidink, The Regime just emptied out the Strategic Oil Reserve just before they start said war.

      • ‘What a cowinkidink, The Regime just emptied out the Strategic Oil Reserve just before they start said war.’ — Horst Muhlmann

        Then lightning struck twice, and the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines blew up.

        “This is also a tremendous opportunity … to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy.” — ‘Secretary Blinkey

        He dindu nuffin … *wink*

        • Just after 911 happened, with the smoke still rising, the PM of Israel, Benjimin Netanyahu said:

          “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,”

          Christopher Bollyn, a 911 investigator, named Netanyahu as one of the prime architects of 911. With Ukraine, the Jewess Victoria Nuland was the center point of the government overthrow, and she is married to Robert Kagan, the center figure of the PNAC and the Neocons.

          And of course Blinken is also a Zionist. Which is why his statement is all the more damning. The tribe calls this behavior chutzpah:

          “Utter nerve; effrontery. Nearly arrogant courage; utter audacity, effrontery or impudence; supreme self-confidence; exaggerated self-opinion; (Yiddish) unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity”

          Of course these maniacs put the whole world at risk, because blowing up Nordstream 1 and 2 is the kind of act that can start a world war. When the world wants to strangle you, why wait to launch? Because the Satan2 (Sarmat missile) is not fully fielded yet.

          The RS-28 Sarmat will be capable of carrying about 10 tonnes of payload,[31] for either up to 10 heavy or 15 light MIRV warheads,[32] an unspecified number of Avangard hypersonic glide vehicles (HGVs)[33] or a combination of warheads and several countermeasures against anti-ballistic missile systems

        • Hi Jim

          from Kunstler…….

          pipeline issues…..

          Meanwhile, Western Europe descends into the cold and dark, with the USA not far behind. What’s up next here in Homeyland? Try a trucking fuel crisis. Kerosene is becoming scarce — there’s none, for instance, at the Hudson Valley’s Albany storage facility.

          The winter trucking fuel mix is 70-percent diesel and 30-percent kerosene, which is added to lighten the fuel and keep it flowing under freezing weather conditions. This shortage suggests a supply-line collapse for just about everything, but especially food. Doesn’t sound too peachy for Christmastime. thank brandon….

  7. With this push from some for CARBON TAXES, how long before someone proposes taxing people for EVERY time they EXHALE the dreaded carbon dioxide?

  8. Well we all put up with the tax on money (inflation), tax on income, tax on food, water, electricity, clothes, property, sales, labor….why would “they” think we will ever stop puttin’ up with anything?

    Tax it all, I say.
    Memento Mori

  9. In CA, the grid used to have most surplus power at night, before the greening, and early electric cars could be charged at home, ready for the morning. Today, the grid has most surplus power during the day, when massive solar plants are producing, so that’s the best time to charge cars from the perspective of the grid.

    One of my neighbors, who has two top of the line Tesla’s in his driveway, was saying how it’s no problem, you just need to plan ahead for charging. For instance, he lives only a 45 minute bike ride from work, and if the state recommends charging during the day, he’ll just bike to work.

    • Thats great and when the grid is too stressed to power up the millions more EVs to come we can just plan ahead to walk bike and cook on our propane stoves. No problemos.

    • Biking 45 minutes to work? Another iteration of the time tax. Plus the time needed to shower at work (assuming an office job) and change out of cycling gear. If anyone has ever had the pleasure of encountering a city bicycle courier in an elevator, you know that smell – BO plus sweat/piss plus swamp ass. Then, 45 minutes home, etc. The length they go to rationalize their buffoonery is astounding.

  10. “One cannot trickle-charge an EeeeeeeeVeeeeee at home when there is no power available at home” – Eric
    My sister in Sarasota still has no power, fortunately she has a friend nearby with power who let her bring over the food in her fridge/freezer that would be ruined by now. Good thing she has a normal ICE Jeep in case she needed to get to a hospital or get out of Dodge in a hurry.

  11. ‘the fools who did not practice due diligence as regards what owning an EeeeeeeeeVeeeeee will cost them’ — eric

    … or owning TSLA stock, as the case may be. It’s getting nuked more than 7% in early trading, due to disappointment over a slight shortfall in third quarter deliveries. Saint Elon offered this weaselly explanation:

    “Historically, our delivery volumes have skewed towards the end of each quarter due to regional batch building of cars. As our production volumes continue to grow, it is becoming increasingly challenging to secure vehicle transportation capacity and at a reasonable cost during these peak logistics weeks.”

    If Tesla hasn’t figured out by now how to produce at a steady rate — rather than to frantically channel-stuff at each quarter’s end to wow Wall Street — then maybe it just can’t be fixed. At a minimum, quality problems will multiply on those end-of-quarter ‘peak logistics’ vehicles.

    Having worked on ‘batch production’ projects, I would NEVER build mass market cars that way. Elon’s business model is messed up. AVOID.

  12. ‘The Time Tax – like all taxes – will wax rather than wane’ — eric

    All market-demanded products trend toward demanding LESS time from the owner. Instead of cranking a pre-1913 car with a handle inserted through a hole under the radiator, the electric starter saved that time and aggro.

    Windows computers with mechanical hard drives could take “forever” (well, a minute or so) to boot up. Snap in a solid state drive, and that sucker will boot in a few seconds.

    Hell, even vapes have evolved from devices that you needed to charge, and then push a button, and then wait for a red LED to turn green … to a Dime disposable vape that one just takes out of the box and puffs — instantly.

    Convincing marks to transit from 5 minutes a week to fill the tank (just long enough to squeegee the windshield, so not lost time) to a plug-in chore upon arriving home, plus a half hour or more wait on the road, is a futile uphill battle.

    It’s mandated product regression, from more to less convenient, sponsored by (you guessed it) soi disant progressives. There’s gotta be a way to jimmy those water-cooled charging cables to electrocute them. Fry their hide, steal their ride.

  13. Over the years I have placed phone charging equipment throughout my life. The work truck, the office, the nightstand, the home office, the personal vehicle. And a few external batteries for camping. The trailer I rented this summer had USB and 12V ports. The gate seating at the airport has USB ports, as do aircraft seats, and there are even manufacturers of luggage that include batteries. Hotels have USB ports built into the furniture. You can get a one-time use charge pack at the 7-11 if you’re in a tight spot. The charging ports are cheap and ubiquitous, and it means my phone is nearly always charged.

    If I could get the same level of convenience in vehicle charging, basically every parking space a charging station, I’d be much more open to electric cars. It would be topped up all the time, except for the occational extended road trip (and why not have a little trailer full of batteries for extended range?). But that’s a ridiculous idea. First off, who’s paying for all that build out? It took decades of a growing cell phone market to get to ubiquitous USB charging ports. Maybe 100 years of electric cars would lead to that day, but I don’t have 100 years to wait (according to Gretta). And you can’t just have, say, 70% of parking spaces available as charging points. Because what happens on the Saturday before Christmas and every space at the mall is taken? So now a random 20% of the parking space is less useful and people will just drive around looking for an open charging spot.

    And charging electric cars isn’t using a few mA of current that a cell phone top-off does. A fast charger requires a 400V supply and massive current. The power flowing through the cable to the vehicles is so great that they have to be liquid cooled. That ain’t gonna be an easy to hide incremental increase in the light bill. Who determines the price on a charging point when there are hundreds per square mile? Will people shop at one store over another because the power is a loss leader? Will there be pricing from the local (monopoly) utility, complete with incentive and “surge” pricing? What about a fatwa from the DOT declaring a standard price (with subsidized electricity for poor and other worthy people)? After all, there’s no difference between electricity, it’s all the same stuff from the same source. Who’s going to fix all the broken charging points?

  14. “hard to avoid paying the Time Tax as it is all-but-impossible to avoid property and income taxes.”
    All taxes are theft, and as I stated previously, are all theft of your time, which equals a portion of your life. Fractional murder.

    • Well-said, John –

      I used to think that the practice of cutting off a thief’s hand was excessive and barbaric. I think less so these days. Theft has been imgrained and regularized to such a degree that most people no longer realize how much they are impoverished by it. I was just talking about this the other day with my girlfriend… about the $1,200 check I must write shortly to the county for “property taxes” on “my” house. In italics because though I legally “own” it – and paid for it – I am still obliged to pay the county in order to avoid being kicked out of it. Which makes me a renter – of the house I pad for.

      I have to write this check every six months. If I didn’t have to write this one check I could afford the new set of tires my truck needs and have groceries covered for several weeks. Instead, I am compelled to send what is for me a large chunk of money I worked hard for to a bunch of thieves I am powerless to defend myself against (legally).

      • Eric,
        Once upon a time, a “felony” was a crime punishable by death. As western fans are all aware, horse thieves and cattle rustlers were summarily executed. As they should be, since they stole a person’s means of sustaining themselves and their family. Curious how morality goes out the window once a culture gets fat.

        • PS,
          “most people no longer realize how much they are impoverished by it”
          Whether one is impoverished or not should have no bearing on the morality of it. Just because one can afford to be robbed does not make the robbery a lesser crime.

      • @ Eric in reply to Well said John

        Seems to me all the rights and privileges of royalty are still with us, just dispersed amongst the various political subdivisions.

        • AndyL,
          Once upon a time I recall watching a Senate committee questioning a military officer, The officer committed the sin of addressing her as “mam”. She lost her cookies, explaining to him that she was a Senator, and had worked hard to become one, and he should address her as such. I suppose she was not aware that it is illegal for titles of nobility to be granted in this country.

      • And don’t forget in most areas of the USA there are no limits to the increase.

        Before the pandemic-induced price increases the house where I grew up sold for triple what mom sold it for 30 years earlier.

        That’s roughly keeping up with the rate of inflation.

        But over those same 30 years annual property tax increased…SIX-fold.

  15. The thing about time is you can’t create any more of it, once a moment is gone that’s it. There is no “making up for lost time.”
    If there are more than a few cars lined up at a gas station I keep going because my time is too valuable to piss away ten extra minutes waiting in line. Eveee owners must have some odd comradery being the special boys in the special club of 5,000 lb battery skateboard owners.

    Those enamored with the “tech” of eveees will overlook the charge times just like cell users overlook the lack of reliability of a wireless signal for phones or wifi data connections. Those in the cult are married to the idea and will have all the yeah-buts required to keep the marriage going.

    Those who value their time or whose transportation relies on efficiency and timeliness will have none of it.

    • Blade, it has always been baffling to me that people happily put up with the crappy performance of cell phones. I used to say that if their cars were as unreliable as their phones, they would raise holy hell. But now, here we are.

  16. “One cannot trickle-charge an EeeeeeeeVeeeeee at home when there is no power available at home.”

    This is precisely what the elites want. The virtue signaling owner of an $80K Tesla will be just as vulnerable as the owner of a 2000 GMC Sierra…

  17. The lack of any effort at all to even bring generation and grid capacity up to CURRENT demand in too many places clearly demonstrates they want you sitting still, or walking, biking, or riding public transport, if it happens to be available on the day you need it. Much easier to control people the less they are moving around. Stationary targets are easy.
    Your time is your life. Taking some of it away from you is nothing less than fractional murder. Just as the theft of anything you spent part of your time to acquire is, whether a tax or otherwise. Which is why there should be no leniency for “minor” theft.


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