The Range That Isn’t, Actually

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A few years ago, Hyundai got into hot water because its advertising supposedly gulled buyers into believing its cars averaged 40 MPG when they actually averaged less than that – as is the case with most cars. This was considered a Big Deal by angry owners who demanded (and got) compensation, arguing (successfully) that they’d been misled and would not have bought the cars if they’d known how far they actually went on a gallon of gas – as opposed to how far Hyundai advertised they’d go.

Why isn’t anyone angry about the false advertising regarding how far EeeeeeeVeeees go on a charge?

In the first place, city-highway mileage isn’t separated out, as it is with non-EeeeeeeeeVeeeeees. People are instead told “this is the range” – except it isn’t. As is true of every kind of car, mileage varies according to use – such as city or highway use.

EeeeeeeVeeeees deliver their highest range at lower speeds; i.e., city driving. Keeping up with traffic doing 70-plus on the highway decreases range. But people are led to believe that EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeees get one-size-fits-both mileage.

This is false advertising. Hyundai got sued for implying that its cars got 40 MPG all the time, city and highway. But EeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeeees get a pass for advertising the same.

And worse.

Because it’s much more than a few MPGs’ worth of difference, as was the case in the Hyundai case. It is regularly a double digit difference, with EeeeeeeeVeeeeees – which you’d think would be Big Deal – especially in view of the fact that EeeeeeeeVeeeees don’t have much range to begin with.

A few – all of them priced well over $40,000 – are advertised as being capable of going 300 miles or more on a full charge. The more “affordable” models – such as the $27k Chevy Bolt – advertise around 250 miles of range, or about half the range of most current cars. Even very high-performance cars, such as the Dodge Charger Hellcat – which is powered by a supercharged V8 – is capable of traveling almost 400 highway miles on a full tank of gas.

That means if the actual range turns out to be double digits less-than-advertised, it’s more than just a gyp. It could be the difference between getting there without having to stop – and wait. Possibly overnight.

It’s true that if you drive a Charger Hellcat like a bat out of Hell, you will have to stop sooner, too. But you won’t have to wait much – because you don’t have to charge the Charger. So its range doesn’t matter.

It takes just a few minutes to completely refuel a non-EeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee to full, as opposed to 30-45 minutes to install a partial charge (about 80 percent full) in an EV – assuming you are first in line at a “fast” charger. It cannot be fully charged “fast” because that can damage the battery – and if you own an EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeee, you will want he battery to last as long as possible, due to the replacement cost of an EeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeee’s battery being almost as much as the cost of the EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeee itself.

That means your actual range, after a “fast” charge, is 20 percent less than advertised – and that’s before you resume your drive. That means, if your EeeeeVeeee advertises a 250 mile range, it’s down to just 200 miles.

But now comes the real rub.

Or rather, the gyp.

The EeeeeeeVeeeee’s range is also going to be much-less-than-advertised if it is very hot out and you use the AC, to stay cool inside the EeeeeeVeeeee. If it is very cold out, running the heat will also result in a more than a few MPG’s equivalent range reduction, too. So – to elaborate our example above a little bit more  – if you had to stop to “fast” charge your EeeeeeeVeeee that advertises a 250 mile range, you are now down to 200 miles – on account of only being able to partially “fast” charge to 80 percent, costing you 50 miles of range vs. what was advertised. If it’s a very hot day and you run the AC, your range is likely to drop by much more than the handful of MPGs Hyundai got sued over.

Same goes for the cold.

The EeeeeeVeeeee that gulled you into believing you could drive it 250 miles turns out to be an EeeeeeeeeeVeee that only goes maybe 150 miles.

If It’s an EeeeeeeeeVeeeee truck – and you use its advertised towing capacity – it might be only 80 miles.

It’s a pretty Big Deal, you’d think.

Add to the mix the fact that EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeees also lose range if just left sitting untethered, because EeeeeeeeeVeeeees are constantly using battery power, if not always plugged in, to power their battery heating and cooling systems. Even when the EeeeeeeeeeVeeeee is not in use, because too hot or too cold is not good for EeeeeeeeeeVeeeee battery packs.

There is one other facet to this gyp that ought to be mentioned, too. It is that if you regularly use all or most of the EeeeeeeeVeeeee’s range on a full charge, it is likely the battery pack will need to be replaced sooner, because heavy discharge-recharge (especially “fast” charging) cycling is what accelerates ‘wear and tear” on batteries, generally – eventually leading to a reduction in their capacity to be fully recharged to what was originally advertised. Eventually, they can no longer hold charge enough to power the EeeeeeVeeee – and then you’ll need a new battery pack for your EeeeeeeeeVeeeee.

Juxtapose the above with what happened to Hyundai. It was sued because cars it sold that were advertised as delivering 40 MPG didn’t quite deliver on that promise. But none of the offending Hyundai’s lost range just sitting in the garage. None lost double-digits more range due it being hot – or cold – out. Use of the AC affected the range only trivially; use of the heat not at all (heat being a free byproduct of the combustion that powers a non EeeeeeeeeVeeeee).

And even if the range on a full tank turns out to be less than advertised, the non-EeeeeeeeVeeee’s tank can be refueled to 100 percent full – as opposed to the EeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeee’s 20 percent empty , unless you want to risk damaging the battery.

Finally, the gas tank doesn’t get smaller over time – unlike an EeeeeeeeeVeeeee battery pack’s charge-holding capacity.

None of this is advertised.

And – so far – no one has sued. Probably because most current EeeeeeeeeeVeeee owners are also EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeee apologists – who bought their EeeeeeeeeVeeeee to show the world how committed to being “green” they are – and who are now probably too embarrassed to admit how stupid they were.

It’s of a piece with “anything but the vaccines” to explain why young people are “suddenly” dropping dead and developing the health problems of the very old.

Those who boosted the shots and took them, themselves, are loathe to admit they were gypped.

But I thought you might like to know – before you are.

. . .

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  1. Eric,

    How and why was Hyundai sued and penalized? In case I missed something, every car ad I saw touting its EPA mileage rating said that your mileage may vary, and that the rating was for comparison purposes only. I’ve seen this with my Focus. The EPA mileage for city is a few mpg lower than what the test says it should be; OTOH, my highway mileage is a few mpg better than what the EPA test says it should be.

    • Hi Mark,

      The substance of the suit was that Hyundai’s ads were said to imply that the cars’ highway mileage was what they delivered all the time. Also that the claimed “40 MPG” was overstated. I linked to the news story in the article.

  2. EeeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeees lololol

    Great article Eric and salient points made. Fuck the people push/forcing everyone into EeeeeeeVeeeeees.

    Another thing, if you have a smart phone and the Telegram app, I heartily recommend joining the groups “Voluntarist Memes” and “Antivaxx Cum Preservers aka CovidPassportsAreGayAsFuck” (that’s it’s real name) you just search at the top and type those names in.

    It’s mostly millennial and zoomer humor, but I’m sure you’d get a kick out of the memes shared, you’d probably find some good ones for your article, and the comments are vintage early internet, anything goes.

  3. Millions Of Electric Car Batteries Retiring By 2030, Are We Ready To Deal With What Could Be Ticking Time Bombs?
    Only 3% of EV batteries are recycled…will they throw them down old mine shafts like nuclear waste?….lol

    The biggest problem with EV’s is the batteries in EV’s are very dangerous, a fire hazard, how they ever got passed for safety standards is a huge mystery.

    80% of these batteries are made in china, so are low quality, so they are dangerous, buying EV’s only supports china.

    Lithium-ion batteries have a tendency to overheat and can be damaged at high voltages leading to thermal runaway and combustion. like driving around sitting on top of a huge bomb, make sure you don’t hit anything or get hit while driving one of these abortions.
    EV fires are very hard to put out the only way is with the application of huge amounts of water.

    The self-immolation failure mode of Lithium Ion batteries has been known since their very beginning. The intense heat causes the battery to generate its own oxygen so trying to smother the fire doesn’t work.

    Tactically, this may mean using a master stream, 2½-inch or multiple 1¾-inch fire lines, to suppress and cool the fire. Vehicle fires don’t typically call for surround-and-drown tactics, but these are not typical vehicle fires.

    One example: the flames on the Tesla were extinguished, it reignited again. Firefighters began hosing it down with copious amounts of water, up to 200 gallons per minute, but “that did not extinguish the flames,” according to the NTSB. At approximately 9:13 p.m., nearly three hours after the first alarm was received, firefighters had to pour out more than 600 gallons of water per minute. In the end the agency used 20,000 gallons of water.

    Then the fire still isn’t put out……..Batteries can be expected to reignite after being put out because they still have stored energy. 15 hours later it catches fire again…
    “Battery fires can take up to 24 hours to extinguish”….. the vehicle must be parked under “quarantine” for 48 hours, so that no new fire can break out.
    Batteries are difficult to extinguish, and they can burst into flames again several hours later –ATTENTION: in some cases, right up to a week later

    Over heard a fireman say as he put one of these fires out,that he would never own one ,that’s good enough for me sir!never!

    another huge problem….
    – If there is a fire in an electric or hybrid car, we are acutely aware that the smoke may contain hydrogen fluoride, which is extremely harmful. Even small doses can result in water in the lungs.
    The greater the amount of energy the electric vehicle may contain, the greater the fire risk of electric vehicle fires.
    So they want to increase the range but that means bigger batteries which are far more dangerous, tesla is the worst they have up to 1800 lb of batteries, a huge fire on wheels going somewhere to happen.

    Here is the biggest problem nobody talks about……
    31% of fire departments don’t train for electric vehicle fires. 50% of fire departments say they don’t have special protocols in place to handle electric vehicles after an accident. These EV’s shouldn’t be sold the fire departments can’t even put out the fires, these things endanger everyone.
    Remember this while driving your EV:
    Drive down the road in your EV, hit some debris, a high bump, a huge pothole (the cities don’t fix the roads anymore, so don’t buy an EV), a raised manhole cover or drive into the ditch, puncture the battery and the battery catches fire.
    In addition to crashes, some of the earlier fires involving Teslas were reportedly caused by debris in the roadway puncturing and gouging the undercarriage of the lithium-ion battery pack.

    The damaged battery pack exposed the lithium, causing an exothermal reaction and subsequent fire. This hazard was thought to have been solved with the installation of a titanium cover encasing the battery pack, giving the undercarriage more resistance to severe damage. looks like they don’t work too well, remember this while driving your EV.
    Most electric vehicle fires are caused by the thermal runaway of a damaged battery. Thermal runaway is the rapid and extreme rise in temperature and when it initiates the same reaction in adjacent cells it is known as ‘thermal runaway propagation. When thermal runaway happens, it can produce smoke, fire and even explosions.

    Fires while the electric vehicle is stationary (an EV can catch fire even while parked, don’t sleep in it), this can happen from:
    Extreme temperatures, both extreme heat and cold
    High humidity
    Internal cell failure
    ATTENTION: Overcharging or problems with the charging station (the EV can catch fire), don’t charge it in your garage, what if something goes wrong while charging?
    Is that why so many charging stations are out of order? the software shuts them down over any little issue because they can cause fires.

    Fast charging?…start a fire….lol
    Extreme fast chargers, for example,can push battery pack temperatures to 270ºC/514ºF after just a few minutes of charging.
    If you fast charge a lot, you wreck the battery, if you don’t…. you wait hours to charge….lol

  4. Hybrids also have battery issues, such as the huge replacement costs when they go bad. I know someone who has an older Prius. The battery went bad, and it costs too much to replace it. So now it’s a junk car, undriveable. If it was an ice car, it would still be in use.

    Which brings up the environmental issues. I have read that manufacturing a car has the greatest environmental impact, not its use. So by making cars that are junk after a few years (EVs and hybrids), and need to be replaced, the environmental impacts are worse.

    • ATTENTION: This is really bad….Before the EV (with a 40 kWh battery) goes one foot the emissions/pollution just from manufacturing it is equal to driving an ice diesel 89,400 km (50,550 miles), about 7 years driving. This shows how stupid the government is pushing EV’s with their lithium fire bomb batteries (95% of lithium batteries are NOT recycled), this is an environmental catastrophe.

  5. Besides the range/mileage issue it’s amazing how the EV’s have gotten a pass from the saaaaaafeeeeeety cult. Driving off the road, randomly bursting into flames- no problem! Ford got pilloried for the Pinto’s exploding gas tank, guess they should have made it an EV instead.

    • I could see it now… The ePintoV… same shape basically, but reduce the windows until you can’t see out of ’em (except the windshield of course), add a built-in laptop, four cameras, umpteen airbags, and replace the ICE with a motor and $10K worth of battery. Should sell like hot cakes! …for a mere $40K.

  6. Here’s a good reason EV trucks will fail.
    Just towed a 4K lb trailer 350 miles. My truck has a 33gal tank and get 9mpg towing at 70mph. I know I should go slower, but I don’t want to.
    So I had to stop once and re-fill. about a 20minute stop getting some coffee too.
    IF I was forced to do it with a current EV Truck (which are reporting under 100mile range towing approx. 5K lbs +/-), I would have had to stop 3 times. My one day trip would mostly likely have added 8hrs +/- to my trip assuming I could have found ‘fast’ chargers along the route. More than likely, this trip in an EV would have been stretched from 6hrs to 2 days.
    Unacceptable, period.

    • Hi Chris,

      I watched a guy who does what I do – review vehicles – review a Lightning on YouTube. He tried pulling a 6,000 lb. trailer with it. Cut the range by something like 40 percent. Can you imagine the effect if one tried pulling 10,000 lbs? Of what practical use is a “10,000” pound tow rating if the EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee cannot pull that much for more than 80 miles (or less)?

      • Eric, the fun part is going to be watching the average joe who has no clue get an EV truck only because he thinks it’s cool (like my neighbor), and then can’t tow his boat/rv for the weekend, and if they do, can’t charge it at the remote location, etc……
        Some average joes will speak out and say WTF, but I’m guessing the large majority won’t want to admit their mistake.

  7. An intelligent look at the inside of the wacko green movement killing off ice cars, with Patrick Moore…

    People in the environmental movement are now just political activists, social activists, entrepenuers trying to make money, just a way to get a huge amount of cash, they have no formal science education, they just use fake science, their beliefs, so it is just a religion. they are intellectualy and scientifically bankrupt.

    They take more and more extreme positions to keep the good guy bad guy narrative going, like banning all hydrocarbons, which is impossible and insane.

    They hire the best PR firms to push their bs narrative and their main focus becomes just fund raising, just a racket.

    They lie and use photo shop to back up their lies, like the island of floating plastic in the ocean twice the size of Texas, ……it doesn’t exist it is another lie…….it is remote so it is hard to fact check

    They pick something that is invisible or remote or both, like CO2 so it is harder to fact check. Big pharma did this with the bat germ narrative (bat germs are invisible) they just used a cgi image…lol.

    All the environmental problems they talk about are all lies, it is all fraud. Some of them are being charged with fraud now.

    CO2…plants are actually starving for CO2 today, it is too low.

    Under obama the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant…but is the most important food for life on the planet.

    Because the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant, which is a lie, all ice cars are being banned….

    CO2 went from 2500 ppm a long time ago, when there was huge forests everywhere down to 180 ppm in the ice age (150 is when all plants die) back to 400 ppm today….plants are actually starving for CO2 today, it is too low.

    These liars are banning all ice cars because of CO2, they are insane…..

    • blame obama……

      CO2…plants are actually starving for CO2 today, it is too low.

      Under obama the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant…but it is the most important food for life on the planet.

      Because the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant, which is a lie, all ice cars are being banned….

      • Envirowackos should be recognized as mentally unstable and approached that way, starting with that mentally unstable Bolshevik brat Greta.

        Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based On False Narratives
        Moore said:
        “Many [so-called] ‘environmental’ leaders were now saying that ‘humans are the enemies of the Earth, the enemies of Nature.’ I could not accept that humans are the only evil species. This is too much like ‘original sin,’ that humans are born with evil, but all the other species are good, even cockroaches, mosquitos, and diseases,” Moore argued.

        He said the new dominant philosophy is that the world would be better if fewer people existed.

        “But the people who said this were not volunteering to be the first to go away. They behave as if they are superior to others. This kind of ‘pride’ and ‘conceit’ is the worst of the Cardinal Sins,” Moore said.

        the demonization of CO2 as “completely ridiculous.” He added that CO2 is the basis of all life on Earth and its concentration in the atmosphere today, even with the increase, is lower than it has been for a large majority of life’s existence.

        Rising CO2 Correlates With Increased Plantation: Study
        A study in 2013 found that increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have helped boost green foliage across the world’s arid regions over the past 30 years.

        the climate is that the Earth is colder today than it was for 250 million years before the Pleistocene Ice Age set in. And CO2 is lower now than in more than 95 percent of Earth’s history.

        from zh comments…
        climate change is caused by sun cycles, you can’t control it, that is insanity…
        Sun is the main driver of climate on planet Earth.
        Changes in the solar cycles (Schwabe (11 yrs.), Hale (22 yrs.), Gleissberg (90 yrs.), Suess/DeVries (200 yrs.), Eddy (1000 yrs.), Hallstatt (2300 yrs.))

        The environmental movement has always been the home of the communists and anti capitalists. They are a demon possessed death cult.

        It is not just Greenpeace scaring people to extract money; There is a lot of money in having gov regulators force you to buy an EV, solar panels, subsidizing wind farms, etc. Crony capitalists have hijacked the farce to make a buck. Tesla would not exist and you would not know Elon Musk’s name if it was not for the carbon credits and $7,500 a vehicle subsidy.

        Envirowackos should be recognized as mentally unstable and approached that way, starting with that mentally unstable Bolshevik brat Greta.

        Cap and trade , CO2 emissions trading is very big business .Ask Goldman Sachs.

        • CO2 is lower now than in more than 95 percent of Earth’s history……but the CO2 narrative, using lies, misinformation, disinformation, fake science, bs are being used to ban all ice cars….

  8. Well, it should be noted the climate in San Francisco, Santa Monica, and other lefty west coast enclaves IS quite moderate – due to the Pacific Ocean being right there.

    So if you’re too poor to live on the ocean, it’s your own fault your EEE-VEE doesn’t work as advertised. Peon.


  9. What will it take to end this Green nightmare and bring back sanity?

    I miss V8’s in big cars, V6’s in normal cars and Diesel cars being the acceptable alternative being normal, we need to start fighting for our future so this Watermelon apocalypse ends before it can fully take off

    • Hi Zane,

      There is always the Ford Mustang who is contemplating keeping the V8 until the early 2030s before going all electric. If they do, they are more brilliant than I realize.

      Let GM and Dodge get rid of the muscle cars starting next year and Ford continue to manufacture the Mustang until 2030 or 2032. I bet the sales would be so great that they may never go fully electric. Most of their competition would be bankrupt and Ford would have the field to themselves. I hope they do it.

      • Me too

        I’d rock another Mustang, this time a manual V8 (Long Story on my previous ’16 Auto Ecoboost). Next gen debuts the 14th, gonna be interesting to see what it offers and how.

        Still wanna find pols in the future who will fight tooth and nail to undo this Watermelon Nightmare (Green outside, communist inside). I doubt that dodo will take flight though, things are gonna change one way or another and there’s enough angry patriots like us who’ll let the Gay Ole Party candidates know we don’t want this EV crap mandated by Warshington

  10. My 2014 A8 with a 4.0T V8 will go 400 highway miles on a tank of gas. Sure it is a larger tank (versus other Audi models) but the 8-6-4 technology kicks in and is great!

    Now, every time I read “7.5 hours at 240v” to charge, I still can’t get over it. I mean, I can’t be the only guy in the country that has near-zero prospects of having 240v in the garage. How in hell long will it take to charge on 120v?! 15 hours?

    I’d have to keep an EV on the damn charger every minute before and after work. What a dumb fucking idea!

  11. Saw one of the old dinosaur buff books did a towing comparison test with the eeeeveee pickups. It was a screamer how the best case scenario was 140 miles towing a light trailer.

    On a 600-mile trip, that’s 4.2 charging stops, at 30 minutes apiece IF there isn’t a long line at the charging station. Or heaven forbid the charging station be broken! That would add nearly THREE hours to your travel time. Imagine doing that with small children.

    Towing my boat or my small travel trailer in my old-school, big V-8 Tundra I get about 10 mpg. With a 38 gallon tank, that gives me a range of 380 miles, so I only have to stop once to refuel, which takes five minutes.

    If you’re evacuating from a hurricane or a wildfire or any other natural disaster, good luck. Evacuating for Katrina took 8 hours in hot traffic to get 150 miles away from the Gulf Coast. That wouldn’t be possible in an EV, even if you turned the thing off. And if charging takes 30 minutes for an 80% charge, having a line a mile long waiting to charge means the storm will hit while you’re stuck. Ever seen what a Category 3 or higher storm does to cars and trucks?

    The problem with EVs is previously you could live your life and not have to plan around your vehicle. With an EV, your itinerary is based around your ability to recharge the thing. That’s not convenient or useful. There’s no justification to switch the country to EVs except for the nebulous arguments about “climate change,” which is more a function of the Sun’s energy than anything we’re doing here on Earth. The Industrial Age is a mere fraction of geologic time.

  12. It’ll be interesting to see how hollyweird handles the limitations of the eeee-veeee. I’m being sarcastic & snarky.

    No more gas explosions. Instead, we get toxic fires. No more country boys wrenching on an engine. Instead, we get metrosexuals arguing which cup holder gets the latte vs the frappuccino.

    Can you imagine the pace of any of the classics grinding to a halt to even ‘fast charge’? Off the top of my head eeee-vee’s would just ruin:

    -Roscoe vs the Duke Boys & the glorious General Lee
    -Bandit & Snowman vs Buford T. Justice
    -Lucas Doolin’s bootleggin’ Ford Fairlane vs Kogan’s gang and the revenuers
    -Any episode of ChiPs from the 70s/80s
    -Thelma & Louise
    -Bullitt’s Mustang vs Charger

    • Mike, great minds. I was thinking the same thing. I watched Smokey and The Bandit yesterday. Had recorded it earlier and I think Eric posted a clip from it in one of his articles the other day. They really did make cars better back then! I was amazed to see how well the Trans AM looked after all that off roading, jumping across bridges that were gone and plowing down mailboxes Burt did. Not a dent or scratch on it, lol. Had not watched it in years, was a good little escape for a few hours.
      Had to make a little road trip to Kentucky Tuesday/Wednesday, six hour trip on I 75. Traffic not bad at all going up Tuesday, a little heavier coming back Wednesday. I did make a very scientific, unbiased survey while driving. I realized I was the best driver on the road, except maybe for the truckers. I know this is true because I asked myself and I agreed with myself, so there you go. I still say women are the worse drivers (except for me of course), because I saw a lot of bad women drivers. There was one in particular, driving a little orange jeep, one of those with the funny rear taillights. She stayed in the left lane I guess her whole trip, anyway, the whole time I was trying to get around her. Of course, the right lane had all the big trucks slowing that side down. I finally managed to get around her after a long while. That’s when I realized a lot of women buy vehicles with steering wheels that don’t turn, only go straight, they have no rearview or side mirrors, because they never use them. One thing most women have on their vehicles is extra brakes. Nothing worse than bogging traffic down than braking for no reason at all. You know, in the middle of the interstate, going up mountains/hills, even some curves. No other vehicles around, that kind of braking.
      Couldn’t even imagine making that trip in an EV. I did see more Priuses than seemed like I normally do. So, that’s it for Friday. Now, somebody come clean my house.

      • I meant to add that once I got around the woman in the orange jeep and was going up the mountain, there were cars lined up as far as the eye could see in both lanes because of her in the left lane and the trucks in the right. The trucks were just doing their thing, but she should have moved over. It was ridiculous, she was completely clueless in her driving.

  13. ‘most current EeeeeeeeeeVeeee owners are also EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeee apologists – who bought their EeeeeeeeeVeeeee to show the world how committed to being “green” they are.’ — eric

    From a speech given by Treasury ‘Secretary’ Janet Yellen at Ford’s Rouge EeeVee Center:

    “Our plan – powered by the Inflation Reduction Act – represents the largest investment in fighting climate change in our country’s history. It will put us well on our way toward a future where we depend on the wind, sun, and other clean sources of energy. We will rid ourselves from our current dependence on fossil fuels.”

    ‘Tone deaf’ does not even begin to describe clueless, gibbering old Granny Yellen, who is spewing this green boilerplate as industries begin shutting down in Germany, thanks to too much intermittent wind and solar capacity and not enough nuclear and hydrocarbon base load capacity.

    She continues the tradition of a Fed guv predecessor, purblind old Alan ‘Magoo’ Greenspan, who thought himself quite the expert on energy.

    Crusaders against ‘fossil fuels’ are enemies of humanity, seeking to cull several billions from a world population they judge excessive. Yellen is a tool, and not a very sharp one at that.

    • Jim,
      An economy will not function without energy. The more abundant, constant, and cheaper it is, the better the economy functions. For all of us. Which is why our economy is not functioning well at all. Because the Psychopaths In Charge don’t want it too, unless its an election year, if then.
      Not all crusaders are enemies of humanity, they are just to stupid to understand how things work, and how evil their rulers are.
      It’s a constant “look over there” game. When in fact all our current economic woes are inflicted upon us by the Psychopaths In Charge of both FedGov, and the Fed. Lo and behold, now they will claim they can fix it. By doing the same crap over again.

    • Jim,
      In response to your point of climate change, Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace was recently written about on this topic:

      Moore left Greenpeace in 1986, 15 years after he co-founded the organization.

      “The ‘environmental’ movement has become more of a political movement than an environmental movement,” he said. “They are primarily focused on creating narratives, stories, that are designed to instill fear and guilt into the public so the public will send them money.”

      He said they mainly operate behind closed doors with other political operatives at the U.N., World Economic Forum, and so on, all of which are primarily political in nature.

      The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] is “not a science organization,” he said. “It is a political organization composed of the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Program.

      “The IPCC hires scientists to provide them with ‘information’ that supports the ‘climate emergency’ narrative.

      Their campaigns against fossil fuels, nuclear energy, CO2, plastic, etc., are misguided and designed to make people think the world will come to an end unless we cripple our civilization and destroy our economy. They are now a negative influence on the future of both the environment and human civilization.”

    • Yellen is a known jew, not even a crypto-jew. Yellen is another in the long line of jews as heads of the jew-owned private corporation The Federal Reserve, and in the long line of jews as SecTreas.

      Those jews know what they’re doing.

      Read why Spain’s king and queen expelled them in 1492, and how most of them stayed. Read LB Woolfolk’s book from 1890, Great Red Dragon: London Money Power. Read Henry Ford’s “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.” If that’s not plenty, see my CREDENTIALS Page for a list of other treasures. (Click on my name to go to the website. See “CREDENTIALS” link at top of homepage.)

  14. The consistent hot/humid environment of Florida and the coastal sections of the other Gulf states will be a far more effective test environment for the all EV future than California with its micro climates.

    I find it interesting that the $30,000 battery replacement horror story has a dateline of Cape Coral/Fort Myers, new corporate home of Hertz, which made headlines last year with their deal to buy from Tesla. I wonder how many of the C-suite there drive EVs.

  15. There is a You Tuber lady from CA who makes travel videos. Sweet personality. But her video review of how her Tesla 3 performed on a 2,500 mile CA road trip was typical of EV supporters. Yes she was worried about range the entire trip. it got an average of 270 mikes of range, yes it took 45 min to recharge. But! We are in too much of a hurry anyway and the charging stations are always near stores or restaurants where you might want to buy something. And some day there will be many more charging stations. The car shows you where the charging stations are and directs you to one of them when it determines the need to recharge. The driver just needs to enter their destination into the cars computer. You just need to trust the car. Yes she actually said this. And best of all, you’re being green and saving the planet. Ugh!

  16. Back in the day I had an old Dodge pick up that got about 18.5 mpg, winter, summer, hwy or city that all it ever got; but it was reliable and except for old batteries failing in the cold was great.

    People who buy EV’s want to believe there great but if we all are going to be driving them in less than 20 years how come I never hear about new power plants being built or even seeing signs of other electrical infrastructure being replaced?

    A few weeks back I watched a YouTube video where an engineer explained there wasn’t enough rare earth materials or metals to even build the estimated 1 billion EV’s to replace the ICE fleet.

    As for the existing infrastructure an engineer in Wisconsin pointed out on an automotive radio show that at 20% EV usage the grid would collapse and that in new subdivisions the infrastructure was now required to factor in one EV per household.

    Living in clown world…

    • Landru,
      You never hear about new power plants being built or even seeing signs of other electrical infrastructure being replaced because they have no intention of letting you drive at all. Otherwise you would hear about and see such. They want you biking, walking, or riding public transport, if its available. Much easier to control a stationary target.

  17. People bought EV’s and thought they could drive almost for free, they wouldn’t have to buy gas anymore, they would save a lot of money.

    The reality is a lot different….

    Comparing cost per mile, 10 years, 100,000 miles:

    Tesla EV and VW diesel

    I saw rates somewhere at $0.14 per kwh at home, that is due to probably triple very soon.
    in Europe it costs $0.72 per kwh, coming here soon.

    I saw rates nation wide at fast chargers outside home at $0.40 per kwh

    What test drivers are actually getting driving in the real world driving EV’s is they are getting 2.4 miles of range for every kwh

    An EV just sitting loses:
    tesla says a daily 3%-5% stationary range consumption.” (just parked) leakage, batteries leak power, ice cars don’t
    90 kwh x .05 = 4.5 kwh lost per day leakage x $0.14 = $0.63 per day just parked = $0.02 per mile

    Ice diesel:
    The 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel, capable of 73.5 mpg U.S. it has a 971 mile range, the perfect car.

    VW diesel 100 mile fuel consumption = 1.36 gallons @ $4.00 gallon = $5.44 = $0.0544 per

    Tesla EV @ home 100 mile fuel consumption = 41.66 kwh @ $0.14 kwh = $5.83 = $0.0583 per mile

    Tesla EV @ fast charger 100 mile fuel consumption = 41.66 kwh @ $0.40 kwh = $16.64 = $0.16 per mile

    the tesla $22,000 battery is used up, worn out in 100,000 miles. = $0.22 per mile for the battery use,

    the battery use cost is higher then the electricity used. A hidden cost, nobody told you about. maybe a lawsuit?

    Tire costs
    The tires on EVs tend to wear out faster due to the additional weight and extra torque that hits the road. Plus, EV tires typically have less tread to improve range and decrease noise, they need special more expensive HL rated tires.

    Tesla tire size 235 35 20 $391.00
    VW Golf tire size 225 45 R17 $119.00

    In 100,000 miles if the tesla needs 4 replacement sets = $391.00 x 16 tires = $6256.00 = $0.06 per mile

    In 100,000 miles if the VW Golf needs 2 replacement sets = $119.00 x 8 tires = $952.00 = $0.01 per mile

    Tesla EV costs $50,000 depreciation over 10 years is $39,500 = $0.39 per mile

    the VW diesel costs $24,355 depreciation over 10 years is $19,240 = $0.19 per mile

    Tesla EV costs for maintenance and repair: $1000.00 per year = $0.10 per mile
    VW diesel costs for maintenance and repair: : $1000.00 per year = $0.10 per mile

    Tesla EV using a home charger total cost per mile = $0.84
    Tesla EV using a fast charger total cost per mile = $0.94

    VW diesel total cost per mile = $0.35

    The VW diesel cost per mile includes the gas road tax, the Tesla EV doesn’t include that, but it will pretty soon….watch…

    This doesn’t include insurance costs, if insurance costs $3.00 per day = $0.11 per mile

    2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion for sale… $6403.00….buy one…

  18. Why are they pushing EV’s that get 20.8 mpg when there is a fuel shortage?

    Should be still selling these:

    the 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel, is capable of a claimed 88.3 mpg imperial, or 73.5 mpg U.S….. 100 mile fuel consumption = 1.36 gallons

    An Ev is 25% efficient in turning original source of energy, petroleum in this example into mechanical energy to push the car down the road. (under not ideal conditions, like in very cold weather, it might be 12% efficient).

    Most electricity is generated burning hydrocarbons, how green is that?

    90% of electricity is generated by burning coal, gas and oil, 5% is nuclear, solar and wind turbines are a joke, there is a small amount of geothermal and hydro, depending on the location. In U.S. 40% is coal.
    Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%. Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.
    33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s.
    (under not ideal conditions, like in very cold weather, it might be 12% efficient).

    NOTE: a diesel is 50% efficient….lol…

    34.7 kwh of electricity is equivalent to 1.02 gallons of gas

    what they are getting in the real world:
    What test drivers are actually getting driving EV’s in the real world is they are getting 2.4 miles of range for every kwh used or using 41.66 kwh to go 100 miles.

    So to end up with 41.66 kwh of electricity which is equivalent to 1.20 gallons of gas to push the EV 100 miles down the road 4.80 gallons of fuel were burnt to generate the electricity in the power station, remember net 25% efficiency. 100 miles using 4.80 gallons = 20.8 mpg,
    what they are actually getting is 20.8 mpg, but they will lie and say it is 120 mpg.

    VW diesel 100 mile fuel consumption = 1.36 gallons
    EV 100 mile fuel consumption = 4.80 gallons (back at the power station)

    so this VW diesel gets 3.5 X better fuel economy then the 20.8 mpg EV….so what do they do?….they ban the diesel and force you to buy the EV…..why?

    the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists… is white….. up is down….bad is good….
    ice cars are bad….EV’s are good
    Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.

  19. Average EV range

    What test drivers are actually getting driving in the real world driving EV’s is they are getting 2.4 miles of range for every kwh

    For a 90 kwh battery the range is 2.4 miles x 90 kwh = 216 miles, but you can only use 60% of that range so the real range is 129 miles in ideal conditions, 30 mph, flat road, no wind, 70 degrees out, no accessories on, AC, etc…
    Lots of these batteries are far less then 90 kwh so their range will be far worse. If it is 45 kwh battery divide these numbers by two.

    In not ideal conditions, like when it is very cold out, the range drops 50% so the range is 65 miles now. 65 mile range forget about buying an EV….lol

    AT WOT…wide open throttle the range drops 90%, on a race track a tesla at WOT used 80 miles range in 8 miles….lol…..if you tow something, the same problem.

    NOTE: If you use fast chargers a lot it will ruin the battery in your EV, it will lose 50% of it’s range, if you don’t use fast chargers it takes forever to recharge

    NOTE: you can only use 60% of the battery capacity…… between 30% and 90%. using the battery below 30% you can damage the battery, charging above 90% can damage the battery and cause a fire. So you can only use 60% of the range advertised…..

    Fast charging?…start a fire….lol
    Extreme fast chargers, for example,can push battery pack temperatures to 270ºC…514ºF after just a few minutes of charging. Charging times are so long they are putting in extreme fast chargers that ruin the battery and could start a fire….lol……these EV’s are so bad they are trying all sorts of dangerous crap to make them work.

    After 100,000 miles the battery needs to be replaced for $22,000


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