Latest Radio: David Knight Show 10/19/22

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Here’s the audio clip of my appearance yesterday on David Knight’s show, hosted by Gardner Goldsmith. We talked about corporations and whether they are defensible on libertarian grounds, among other things. My segment starts around the 1:29 mark.

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    Then we have this high school bar chart presentation of greenhouse gases, and how much man adds:

    And a pie chart of greenhouse gases, showing that water vapor is 96% and CO2 is 3.618% (of greenhouse gases, not to be confused with 0.04% of the atmosphere is CO2)

    Then this chart really damns the Carbon hoaxers, as it shows the inverse exponential warming effect of CO2 with concentration, almost all the warming is in the first 20 ppm, then that rapidly diminishes, and when you get out on the curve to where we are today, 415 ppm, warming effect is nil:

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