Latest Radio: Tom Mullen Show 11/02/2022

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Here’s the audio (and video) of my talk yesterday with Tom Mullen, friend and fellow libertarian. We discussed the prospect of a looming fuel (diesel) and so food shortage and why diesel has been specifically targeted for termination:


. . .

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  1. Wow. . .just an excellent interview Eric! You & Tom are synergistically matched up which creates a real thought provoking experience — the ole brain got a real workout. Mullen’s a guy I’ve followed for some time and he’s definitely on the right track. Great job to both of you.

    You touched on the Tulsi Gabbard topic briefly which is something I’ve been banging my head against the wall recently. I’m astonished by the amount of attention & (false) adulation she’s gotten since her exit from the fascists donkey party. These flaky right-wingers have gone absolutely ape over this woman & are willing to adopt her wholeheartedly. Now, as far as I know she has been on that side of the fence with those people her whole political life. And these idiots want us to believe that she is pure & white as the driven snow? Even some libertarians want her endorsements. Incredible! As far as I’m concerned until I hear a few hundred mea culpas she can just go away.


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