On Vooooooooting . . .

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One of the ways the sheep baaaaa! is via the ballot box – as the results of the latest balloting have established.

Or rather, re-confirmed.

 Voooooooooote if you want things to chaaaaaaaangebaaaaaaa’d the sheep. And the sheep (me among them) got just what they vooooooooted for. That being more of the same.

As of this morning, almost a week after the vooooooting – the results are cooooooooming in. In favor of the result many of us knew was coming but went ahead and voooooooooooted anyhow, holding onto the thought that – just maybe – this time it would  make a diiiiiiiiiiiference.

Of course, it did not.

In our faces – again.

Laxalt appears to have lost to Cortez, after new voooooooooooooooootes were counted, almost a week after the balloting ended. This tips the balance of the Senate, which is apt to be tilted further when the Right Reverend Raphael Warnock receives more voooooooootes than Herschel Walker. It is entirely possible the same will happen to Kari Lake, given who counts the ballots in Arizona.

So what is the point of all this voooooooting, if it isn’t baaaaaaaa’ing? 

By voooooooooting for what never wins are we not demonstrating that we are, in fact, sheep?

Perhaps the time has come to jump the fence and leave the pen. By no longer bothering with this embarrassing servility ritual called “voting.” For one of two things must be true. Either a voting majority of the country did, in fact, vote for creatures such as Fetterman in PA, Hochul in New York, Whitmer in Michigan – and so on – in which case, the majority of the voters in this country want creatures such as that to wield power – and not only over them but over you and I, as well. In which case, there is no longer any hope, electorally, for redress and we who did not for vote for these creatures must either accept it or be prepared to fight it (and not via the ballot box).

Or, the ballot box is so stuffed as to amount to the same thing.

For this latter thing, we can thank the Orange Man – who was the man who enabled it by doing nothing to prevent the establishment of it. Unlike a Leftist president – who would have used the power at his disposal – the Orange Man didn’t. Instead, he did nothing as states enacted ballot-stuffing procedures during the “pandemic.” Most of all this obviously suspect business of counting unvetted absentee ballots – for as long as it takes to find enough of them to achieve the desired result.

As in the case of Laxalt. And – not improbably – in the case of Lake.

As will be the case going forward in every election governed by such procedures, which is now a sufficiency of them to assure the right results, every time – no matter what the voooooooooote actually was.

There is nothing – other than one thing – that can be brought to bear against this. It is – simply – to refrain from being a sheep by refraining from  baaaaaaaaa’ing at the ballot box. All one does by doing that – in addition to the baaaaaaaaaa’ing – is to legitimize the results.

After all, you voooooooooooted.

But by not voting, your voice is actually heard. As opposed to the sound of sheep, baaaaaaaa’ing. How legitimate would these (s)elections look if half or more of the people who could vote didn’t? Most don’t know that, in a way, this is already the case in that most (s)elections are determined (leaving aside the ballot-box-stuffing) by about 50 percent of the vote-eligible electorate and most of the time, in most of these (s)elections, the split of that balloting runs 49-51 or something approximating that. Meaning, the winner – even assuming an honest counting – typically got a minority of the potential votes.

So much for “our democracy.”

The reality of “our democracy” would be even more apparent if half of the 50 percent or so who did vote opted not to. It would be much more difficult to drape the mantle of “democratic” legitimacy over the results. It would be clear that the government is controlled by a minority – largely consisting of a majority of government workers and people who don’t work but receive a government check.

And that the dwindling ranks of those who do work – and are forced to pay for those who do not – have no say in the matter.

If we cannot vote ourselves out of this mess, we can opt out of this mess. We can be rams rather than sheep.

And jump the fence.

. . .

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    • Vote early, vote often, for whomever….it makes no difference either way…

      It only matters who “counts” the votes…(((Stalin)))

      We are being “Bolsheviked”, rise up and resist by all means possible, or accept the yoke of servitude and death, Goyim…

  1. The AZ mail-in ballot I was sent didn’t even have a place to put your name, forget about ID! . Just a bunch of check boxes, Complete joke. Kari Lake and Blake Masters – two amazing candidates for all the duds we usually get to pick from – would have won by a solid 10-15 points in a real election with only in-person voting voting allowed. 2020 wwas obviously stolen but even I was foolish enough to think the communists might hesitate to make even a more obvious steal here. Nope! As much as we think we are the “land of the free” -chortle chortle – it turns out it takes a country like Brazil to call bullshit and get folks out in the streets against another steal. We’ll never see that here.

    • TRENDING: MORE ARIZONA DATA: Only 17% of Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!

  2. Voting is a very feminized way of conducting societal relationships. Wouldn’t you agree? There’s nothing masculine about it.

    • Hi Bog,

      That’s not an unsound point. Especially as regards not having to publicly “aye” or “nay” what and whom you are voting for. I also think that, if we must have voting at all, it ought to be limited to those who have a right to vote – and in my view, the only people who do are those with skin in the game – at least as regards any matter having to do with the spending (and so getting) of money by the government.

    • Good point, Bog! Especially when one is voting for ‘rulers’. Formally delegating one’s authority to another man (or WOMAN, even!); agreeing to abide by the decision of “the majority”, and granting legitimacy to certain people to do things which would be (and are in fact) crimes if you or I did them, is indeed the very height of abdicating one’s masculinity.

      That puts into words what I’d feel even as a child when I’d see adults narc-ing on themselves and handing over their wages to the IRS, or having to pay to have a sticker on their car lest it be ‘illegal’ to drive it, or otherwise being told that they must do something stupid which they would of their own volition never do, or that they may not do something which they desire to do and which is just and sensical “Because that’s the law” or “That’s what the man behind the counter said” or “We live in a society and there is a social contract[sic]”, etc.

      If one can not make decisions over things great or small in their own lives, how is it that they get to choose who will rule others/the country/the world? If people cared to rule themselves and to not abdicate that responsibility, tyrants would not be enabled.

  3. I am a well-behaved exceptionally good American voting slave who dutifully reported to vote for more slavery, the good slave that I am can’t be denied my right to vote for more slavery, that is just not how you do it.

    The brainwashing is complete, the propaganda works, Madison Avenue at its best, New York Representative A.O. Chompers is your slave master.

    All slaves are equal, but some slaves are more equal.

    Votes, vaccines, both palliatives, everybody becomes docile sheep led to slaughter at the voting booth. Election Day is nothing more than National Sheep Shearing Day.

    Believe it or not, a lot of your money pays to make you less free. Why is that?

    None of it is doing any good, Judas Goat Biden is on his way to Slaughter House Five.

    In nine seconds, Hiroshima was more or less vaporized. Prevented an invasion of Tokyo Bay by one million American forces planned to invade Japan, saved a lot of American lives.

    J. Robert Oppenheimer destroyed a city in Japan in mere seconds.

    You do get results, like surrender.

    Nuke the vaccines, it can be done.

    • Nuking Japan was a big dick display for rest of the world, that’s all. Had zero to do with “saving” anyone’s life. How do you “save” lives by incinerating women and children? Even the genocidal Eisenhower said it wasn’t necessary. Just another lie the American booboise have bought for 80 years and counting.

      • Hi Mark,

        An interesting aside about that – one that has always puzzled me. The first bomb dropped was an untested uranium bomb of an entirely different design than the “Fat Man” bomb dropped later, which was a plutonium-implosion design. The same type tested at Trinity.

        Now, why would the U.S. drop an untested bomb first?

        Unless, of course, they knew it would work. Because it had been tested. Just not by the U.S.

        • Eric,

          Hmmm… And Little Boy was a much simpler design, as well. That’s a good question. I didn’t know that design hadn’t (supposedly) been tested.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            Yup – I found it interesting as well! Very interesting… that two different types of bombs would be developed at the same time. This is counterintuitive. The first time for a new thing, you usually have the first (one) thing. Not two different things.

            And why drop a bomb that might not work when you have a tested one you know will?

            There is an interesting theory that the first bomb, the uranium gun-type – was German. That the Germans had tested it. That it was transferred to the U.S. via the OSS, via collusion with Hans Kammler, who was an SS general and in charge of all the German “V” weapons programs. Kammler “disappeared” at the end of the war…

        • **”Now, why would the U.S. drop an untested bomb first?”**

          Eric! That bomb was safe and effective! …it reduced symptoms….. (of life) 😀

            • Interesting, Eric. Never knew that (Re Kammler, disappearing, etc.).

              While I’m here, I had had another thought re libertarians voting:

              How is it that we firmly disavow the legitimacy of ‘the majority’ having the right to empower certain men to have power and authority over us or anyone else; and to immunize them from criminal acts had they not been so authorized [Immunity conveyed by voting has been shown to be safe and effective!]…..but yet if we and others form that majority, it is O-K?

              Either we believe in such BS as the legitimacy of ‘democracy’, or we don’t; and if we don’t, we have no business voting, for to do so is to transgress the very thing we decry, and to legitimize the very thing we fight.

              One could say that “It’s O-K if we do so to preserve and advance liberty”, but since no candidates truly embrace liberty nor seek to tear down the long-standing tyranny, but rather only add to it, while at best giving us lip service and a few tiny crumbs which ultimately accomplish nothing in the long run, even that is nothing more than a rationalization, and ultimately causes us to continue to participate in and consent to the very thing we oppose.

              And ultimately, even if the elections were honest, it’s all meaningless, as no one’s feet asre ever held to the fire for what they say while campaigning, and, as you also mentioned elsewhere, since so many people are just as corrupt as the electoral system and the politicians, the whole thing is pointless.

              The very fact that someone like Trump can run again and be cheered by his supporters for doing so, after all the wretched crooks he pardoned; after all the liberty he stole or allowed to be stolen; after all of his shenanigans- and STILL be cheered by people who call themselves ‘conservatives’, when his actions were just as bad as what we criticize the Evil Party for….is truly telling, mind-boggling, and an indication of the overall corruptness of even what is supposed to be the more moral side.

              We can’t have morality and liberty until we have people who love and practice morality and liberty; and certainly not by voting for these pathetic creeps, cronies and lackeys of the true rulers, and opportunists who have used the system to their own advantage at the expense of many others.

        • Eric the thing that’s really puzzled me about WW2 is Hitler’s refusal to use nerve gas. They had the best chemists in the world and spent a ton of money developing it and it is deadly as hell. Even with the Soviets marching on Berlin they didn’t use it. Why? Simply detonate stores of the stuff behind enemy lines and cause untold chaos. Footnote – the Soviets were spent at Berlin, they had nothing left and lost 500,000 old men, beat to hell soldiers, and kids taking it. Zhukov was told that’s it, there were no reserves. If Hitler was a plant he couldn’t have done a better job. Such an odd time in history who we live with directly to this day.

          • Hi Mark,

            I’ve read that Hitler did not resort to gas because he himself had experienced being gassed during WWI and understood that if the Germans used it, so would the Russians (and British; Churchill was apparently quite ready to use gas against Germans if Sea Lion has gone forward).

            • The Limeys were also going to run pipes carrying oil to the invasion beaches and set it alight if the “Jerries” showed up. War is Hell.

        • You’re postulating that either another gun-type fission weapon like the “Little Boy” had been tested or otherwise detonated prior…and if so, by WHOM?

          ‘Friad I’m gonna have to pour some “heavy water” on that idea, Eric. I’ve never seen any credible evidence of any nuclear detonations prior to the Trinity Test in New Mexico on July 16, 1945, and I don’t want to get into any discussions about them being used bt “Ancient Astronauts”. The Little Boy weapon had to dropped without a test simply because there was precious little U-235 to be had. I have it on good authority that when deployed, that weapon held slightly over half of all the U-235 we’d yet produced or otherwise gotten our hands on. The same gun-type design had been proposed for a plutonium-based weapon known as “Thin Man”, but it was realized that the particular configuration wouldn’t work, due to the presence of Plutonium-240 (instead of Pu-239) in the fuel. The Trinity test was of the “Fat Man” implosion device, and this was the one dropped on Nagasaki, being about 50% higher yield. By modern standards, the Little Boy was a “fizzle”. It was very risky that the bomb would work, but given that when :assembled” it would have a supercritical (about 250%) mass, it was assured to detonate as long as the sub-critical masses were “assembled” properly.

      • The Japanese war machine marched into Manchuria in 1931. They weren’t that nice to the Chinese after the invasion. Stayed at it for years, expanded the empire.

        Just bullied their way into northern China.

        What goes around comes around.

        The Bataan Death March had something to do with the decision making process by the stakeholders.

        How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

  4. Just did some maff on the 169,087 votes remaining to be counted in Arizona.

    Of those, 74,802 are from counties outside Maricopa (Phoenix metro). Based on a weighted average of votes already tallied from those counties, Katie Hobbs should pick up another net 7,760 votes … mostly from liberal Pima County (Tucson). Added to Hobbs’ existing 24,772-vote lead, that makes 32,532 votes which Kari Lake would need to overcome in Maricopa County.

    But only 94,285 uncounted ballots remain in Maricopa County, meaning that Kari Lake would need to win 67.3% of them to prevail statewide.

    Unfortunately, though the uncounted precincts around Phoenix lean Republican, a 67.3% share for Kari Lake is unrealistic. If she wins 60% of those votes — a mildly aggressive assumption — Katie Hobbs’ statewide final margin projects to be 13,675 votes.

    Or in percentage terms, Katie Hobbs (D) 50.26% vs Kari Lake (R) 49.73%.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I no longer see a path to victory for Kari Lake unless the uncounted votes are very extremely skewed in her favor — which is mathematically highly unlikely. 🙁

      • Yep, it’s definitely over. Kari was never going to regain the lead…too many obstacles in her way. If I her I would be thankful not to take the reins as governor of Arizona. Dark days are coming in 2023.

        • Hey RG,

          Yep, she lost to a complete coward who wouldn’t debate and hardly said anything the entire time. In fact, it was almost like Hobbs knew it wouldn’t matter if she said anything or not, because she’d win anyway, so why bother?..

          • Congratulations BaDnOn, your new governor sounds like Minnie Mouse! My five year old niece sounds more authoritative than Hobbs. I think the Democrats have come up with a winning strategy…stay in the basement. Don’t debate, don’t discuss ideas, don’t talk to your constituents, just hide. Soros and Company will handle the rest.

            • RG,

              I think Minnie Mouse is, at least, sweet and personable, unlike Hobbs.

              But you have a point. I think the next generations of “leaders” are just crops of servile sycophants who do what they’re told and have little or no personality or relational skills. They rise up through the government-run primary schools and move through communist-run universities. They are then simply placed in opportune “offices”, where they need not have any acknowledgment or rapport with the peasantry.

      • Yep, Jim. Apparently so many people LIKE the abuse! They WANT it! They LIKE all their money gone and not being able to drive anywhere. They are ready to stay bent over and receiving their penance!

  5. I actually voted this time. Its been a very long time, but I live in Florida, where the worst of the cheating was stopped by the governor. I likened it to cheering him on, plus the idea of Charlie Crist for 4 years was pretty appalling.
    But DeSantis showed the way not that McConnell will allow the rest of them to take these same measures. DeSantis was tough enough to give China Mitch the finger and do it anyway. So its a lesson if any other state wants to follow but probably not.
    I’ll look forward to the Free Republic of Florida and gladly take up arms in its defense.
    Odds are low? Maybe, maybe not.

  6. Politics has always been a dirty business. It’s not that voting is inherently pointless, but that it has become pointless in the current system. No voter ID, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, voter fraud, massive corporate and PAC contributions make fair elections impossible. There are solutions, but no mechanism to force all the states to implement election reforms. Unfortunately, disputed elections will result in more political instability. chaos and ultimately violence that will affect democrats, republicans and even holier-than-thou libertarians.

    • Hi Griff,

      “even holier-than-thou libertarians…” I hope that wasn’t meant for me! If it was, my reply: I’m not “holier than thou.” Just tired – and sick of playing along with these absurd games we’re foreordained to lose.

      • Hello Eric,

        I’ve contributed to and volunteered for candidates from George McGovern to Ross Perot to Ron Paul to Donald Trump over the years, many of whom lost elections, but they were in the arena (this year my contributions went to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), who narrowly defeated a Marxist from Milwaukee). For better or worse the United States has a two party system of government and it’s frustrating to see libertarians hover above the fray and hurl criticisms down on the candidates who most closely reflect libertarian views.

        I don’t know if my vote mattered in the past, but we are now entering a time when free, honest elections are no longer possible, leaving few alternatives for people who “just want to be left alone”. Communists never just leave anyone alone.

        • Hi Griff,

          Until these “elections,” I voted – for all the reasons you’ve listed. I am not one of those libertarians who thinks it impossible to want the ideal but who is unwilling to abide anything less. But these “elections” have established that voting is absurd and servile. Kari Lake’s “loss” will put the cherry on this shit sundae. The system is now either totally corrupted or the voting majority of people are. What is the point of voting in that case? Is it not better to prepare ourselves for what’s next?

  7. Does anyone really talk like this?

    “I’d like to vote for a Republican, but I’m not going to vote for these extremists and election deniers,” said Mr. Heller, who has begun voting for more Democrats in recent years because he is concerned about the preservation of democracy, climate change, free trade and support for Ukraine, he said.

    From a War Street Journal piece about CO, Lauren Boebert, and “Trump-style” politics.


    Preservation of democracy? WTF does that even mean?

    • Hi Funk,

      What would be the point in voting for a Republican who is “concerned about the preservation of democracy, climate change. . . and support for Ukraine”?

      Aren’t there Leftists for that?

      • Right? Seems like this guy found his home with the Demonrats but he’d “like” to vote for a Repug? This WSJ piece just seems like some weird, deep state agitprop aimed at the country club Repugs out there that they know just want to go along and get along and not be so “extremist”, “divisive”, or “denialist”, in other words deviate in any small way from the establishment/deep state/globalist regime and/or its current things. To, you know, “preserve democracy.” Come to the dark side of the force, Luuuuuke, I’m your faaaaather…

  8. Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio made me realize that Republican JD Vance was not someone I should vote for. His ads were effective. Vance is a China loving douche.

    But Tim Ryan is a Biden loving retard. So I didn’t vote for either. This guy named Andrew E received one vote for Ohio Senate. And it was from me.

  9. I still vote in NW Florida because we know now how to run an election, but I think my participation in federal ones is at its end when everyone knows the shenanigans always happen in the deep blue areas of basically red states like Pennsylvania and Georgia.

    The red wave was predictable in my part of the state, but the shock was down in southern Florida. I think we’ve gotten a huge flood of COVID refugees from the blue states who brought their right-of-center politics with them, as evidenced by the voting totals. DeSantis, despite being constantly impugned, won by a landslide this time.

    I think sitting out federal elections is the best course, because it takes away legitimacy from the ruling junta that is driving this country off the cliff, likely on purpose, so they can pick the carcass clean.

    • Dr. Mantis,

      What really made the difference is good voting practices, such as voter ID. FL has put a lot of measures in place to prevent cheating. Even Miami-Dade voted GOP!

    • I withheld my “Consent” by not voting in Michigan. Overwhelming vote fraud. The Repulsive Machine is all in on the fraud, too. Full disclosure, it was harder to not vote than to vote, but I must follow my convictions.

      I spend my time, energy, thoughts, and money on what I can actually influence. Mainly my family, then friends and neighbors, etc.

      God doesn’t want me to worry about what I have no control over.

      • Hi Tim,

        It took me awhile to get there, but I’m all the way there, now. The system is broken beyond fixing and even if it were fixed, the fix would be in – because there are so many Leftists now as to make voting against them as pointless an exercise as voting for the tide to not come back in.

        • Eric, don’t give up. Sit back and regain your perspective- don’t expect your vote to count, but be pleasantly surprised when it does. We are at war, neglecting a simple tactic like showing up and casting a vote for someone you support or even the lesser weevil (weasel?) costs you little.

          I personally am just tired of the bitching and whining- These are communists. They have D’s and R’s behind their description, but they mostly believe they are chosen rulers and get to run the little people’s lives. The end, for them, justifies any means. So cheating is a given.
          They are communists- they kill people who disagree with them, or even just to gain more power. They haven’t crossed that threshold yet except in a few cases like Waco and Ruby Ridge. But they will get to it.

          Meanwhile, they just approved hiring 80,000 IRS goons as political enforcers. We are at war- internalize that. Look for all opportunities to gum up and fuck with the communist’s centrally planned utopia.

          Is voting useless? Often, but not always. In my local election, I ran unopposed as mayor for a 5th term. Out of 90 some votes, there were 18 write ins against me (surprise, I wrote in my dog! Why, because the job sucks and I have a warped sense of humor…) But, we had a young guy on the council who made an ass and a nuisance of himself, who tried for the last 18 months to raise taxes so we could have everything we want for the “community”, for the fire department, for whatever he wants. We voted him out and he came in a distant 4th for one of the 2 open council seats.

          Meanwhile, we are still at war. Resolve to be a guerilla, nonviolently for as long as possible. Ride without your helmet, drive without a seat belt, carry your gun, write your rants, and be a mensch.

          • Anon, once the people are so beaten down that they gladly accept a universal ID card, and fully ‘socialized’ medicine, etc. I guess it doesn’t matter, as no matter which of the proffered candidates they pick, it’s guaranteed to be someone who’ll just ‘keep things in order’….so being able to say they have fair elections makes them feel good.

            We’re almost to that point here now…if not fully there- depending on whether you believe the last several elections were rigged, or just “the will of the [heavily socialist-indoctrinated and brainwashed] people”.

  10. Journalism is the most regretted college major, according to a new survey. Not hard to see why: the ranks of potential employers are an unbroken phalanx of militant wokesters.

    Say you get a job at formerly prestigious AP News. Here’s the kind of turgid, tub-thumping agitprop you’ll have to churn out (quotes from an article today):

    ‘baseless allegations of electoral fraud … extremism … Republican refusal to respect election outcomes … the false prospect of electoral fraud … lies about the election … unfounded concerns about the extended vote-counting process … a leading 2020 election denier … far-right threats to democracy … baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen … Trump’s conspiracy theories … lies about the last election … far-right groups’


    This stultifying vocabulary of leftist slander has to be repeated daily, like Soviet-era flacks churning out their quotidian boilerplate denunciations of ‘colonialist puppet regimes’ and ‘capitalist running dogs.’

    Who wants to waste an entire career playing stupid word games with twisted facts? Smash the Lügenpresse.

    • Jim,

      For a while, AP was even engaging in HEAVY propaganda surrounding the COVID “vaccines”, running lies like “The majority of COVID deaths were the Unvaccinated”, “Pandemic of the unvaccinated”, or even “Died Suddenly”. Makes me wonder if AP was one of the many media outlets that got money from the “American Rescue Act” last year to run pieces PRAISING the COVID jabs.

      • John,

        From an Ape News ‘vaccine’ advertorial this summer:

        ‘Nearly 20 million lives were saved by COVID-19 vaccines during their first year, but even more deaths could have been prevented if international targets for the shots had been reached, researchers reported Thursday.

        ‘Funding came from several groups including the WHO; the UK Medical Research Council; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.’


        Catapulting captive ‘research’ funded by a who’s who of global jab pushers? That’s what qualifies as ‘journalistic standards’ among AP’s crack-ho presstitutes.

        • Jim,

          Good grief! From what I’ve read elsewhere, it’s FAR MORE likely that millions of lives “Could have been saved” if it weren’t for the MASSIVE suppression of the use of drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which have proven to be effective treatments for COVID despite MASSIVE efforts to hide that. However, both drugs have been around for decades and were CHEAP compared to the “Fauci recommended” drug, Remdesivir, which was not only expensive, but proved to be deadly.

            • Andrew,

              I heard about nurses calling that drug RUN-DEATH-IS-NEAR. IIRC, I read somewhere that Remdesivir was originally an EBOLA drug but wasn’t effective against that either. And yet, Fauci, Big Media, and the public health agencies had everyone believing it WAS an effective COVID treatment until that turned out to be false.

              • Oh, but John, if they kill you with RunDeathIsNear, then you cannot possibly die of any other cause. Therefore, it is 100% effective. Logic, man, logic!

              • from a nurse of 40 years…
                I’m gonna tell you what’s happening in hospitals down south.

                Those that are vaccinated and present with Covid are now being given, wait for it, ivermectin. Ivermectin they’re giving them and they’re surviving the Covid and walking out of the hospital. And they’re going and saying “Look the vaccine saved me!” It wasn’t the vaccine that saved them it was the ivermectin.
                save the vaxxed to prove vax works

                And those that are unvaccinated and are presenting with Covid, because of a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, guess what they’re doing to them? They’re putting them on ventilators and ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid.

                It causes pulmonary edema and they drown, a death sentence, but the hospital gets $35,000 for putting them on a ventilator…..
                all together the hospital can make $100,000 per covid patient, this is 50% about money, 50% about a cull,

                Someone said doctors can get $4,000 per extermination injection.

                This is what happened in America last year that’s why all the thousands of people died in America last year. And this is what they’re doing in Australia to our fellow Australians in Victoria and New South Wales.

                ATTENTION: it looks like if you go into a hospital and you are unvaxxed a pureblood, they will give you a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, it will for sure test positive, that is a death sentence.

                The WHO and the CDC have recommended treatments virtually guaranteed to kill. they give you Remdesivir.

                the nurses called remdesivir…run death is near….lol

                Remdesivir was approved as part of a deadly protocol even though Fauci et al knew it causes Kidney failure – he knew because he had tested it in his Ebola studies.

                Knocking out the kidneys means the lungs fill up with fluid and then you have to put the patient on a ventilator. ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid. It causes pulmonary edema and they drown,

                there is good profit in it though……..
                the hospital gets $35,000 for putting them on a ventilator…..
                all together the hospital can make $100,000 per covid patient

                you die and they say the unvaxxed died because they had covid.

                at least they don’t waste the organs….. Hospitals in America Have Become Organ Harvesting Killing Fields!


  11. Eric: “It is – simply – to refrain from being a sheep by refraining from baaaaaaaaa’ing at the ballot box.”
    All states are not created equal. Florida – my state, seems well run, ballot-wise. Along with no income tax and reasonable police – not too bad (excluding hurricanes and alligators!)

    Getting involved politically can have an impact, rather than suffering the consequences of not being involved. It’s not a fluke that DeSantis opposed lockdowns, it was demanded he change course and he did.

    “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.”
    − Bertrand de Jouvenel

  12. This decision of whether to vote or not to vote is always a challenging one. The more local the race, the more your vote actually matters. Here in the loony-lefty parts of CA where I live, enough people voted against local tax measures that they didn’t pass, which is good, and I contributed to that “nay” vote. I do not care one bit which politicians wins the right to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic of Washington DC, but the local stuff does seem to matter; the sheriffs, the school boards, city councils, stuff like that.

    Is it better to hold your nose and vote for the lesser evil, or do nothing at all? Whether or not you vote, somebody is getting elected, even if the turnout is incredibly low. We’ve had elections where the turnout is just over 10%, meaning something like 5% of people manage to install politicians who rule over the remaining 95%. Nuts.

    • Opposite,
      I grudgingly agree, that local elections may have some impact, depending on where you live. But since voting, and the associated fraud, are completely controlled by Democrats in Democrat controlled localities, If you live in one, there’s no point in voting. I live in an oxymoronic rural county. The Democrats control the politics, residue from the Pendergast political machine in Missouri in the 1950s to the 1970s. But, we are a very conservative community. The Sheriffs office does NOT patrol the roads looking for victims. The county taxes are high, because roughly two thirds of property taxes go to public indoctrination centers called schools. I’m still not voting. I don’t want my fingerprints on any of it.

    • Publius,
      Do you honestly think it can be avoided? Elections are nothing more nor less than a public auction of private property collected at gunpoint. This is obviously “unsustainable”, to use a favorite leftist slogan against living a productive life. The die is cast, and it looks like snake eyes to me.

      • Yes I do.

        But it’s pretty clear the necessary actions (which involve the renunciation of power) will not be taken. At least, not voluntarily.

        So, here we go ‘round the mulberry bush. Again.

  13. I’ve always liked the distinction that the late Butler Shaffer made between liberty and freedom:

    “Liberty is what the state decides to grant you in terms of personal freedom. Freedom is your individual ability to do what you want with your time, believe what you want, think what you want. Freedom is in your core being and cannot be taken away, even by the most totalitarian governments, although they may try.”

    • Roland,
      I would argue that liberty and freedom are more or less congruent. That the reference to liberty by Butler Shaffer is closer to alignment with “privilege”. As in the “privilege” of using the roads you paid for.

  14. I’ll sum it up in one phrase; we are screwed! The totalitarians have removed their masks having no fear of being defeated. The “news” media have thrown in their lots with these “public servants “, Fox included. They openly flaunt voting fraud with government approval. They will now kill off what’s left of Constitutional restraints and deep six the Bill of Rights. The Dollar is on the verge of collapse with the Saudis and OPEC dumping it favor of other currencies and/or gold. You can’t keep printing money out thin air to sustain reckless spending and expect foreign nations to hold on to a depreciating asset while funding our habits. The only we as individuals can do is prepare for the hardships that will come; political and financial!

  15. Game of Thrones, gettin’ played,… all there is, is Power & Control:

    ‘Republicans will lose the HOUSE, congress, as incredible as what I just wrote is, sit back, watch the steal IN YOUR FACE; democrats & RINOs & deepstate ‘conditioned you’, you will accept, ALREADY did’

    “Things is, republicans know they already lost the house and arranged things ‘behind the scenes’ as to the timing of the counts, when CNN and FOX will reveal what they already set up.”…


  16. Now comes the attack on so-called third parties. It woulda coulda shoulda been a blowout if you darn independent voters would have voted Republican. Who cares that the Republicans did everything possible to kill off any Trump endorced candidate no matter if they were any good or not. Who cares that Lady Lindsay Graham introduced a bill to make abortion illegal on a national basis, knowing full well that the only thing it would do would anger the Democrats’ base.

    To me it seems like the strategy was to try to kill of the Trump wing of the party. Apparently they didn’t fund any of the “Trump backed” candidates, even the incumbents. This could lead to a Teddy Rosevelt style split in 2024, and we all know how well that worked the last time.

    • Hi RK,

      The Republicans contributed to their lack of a wave by not offering any solutions. They ran on the dismal record of their opponent, but did not say how they would fix it. How were the Republicans going to decrease inflation? Were they going to continue to sign off on the Ukraine contribution fund? How were they going to stop the open border when the President was willing to veto any such legislation?

      Let’s be honest it doesn’t matter who controls the House or the Senate. Neither party represents the American citizen. Personally, I hope the Republicans lose the House because when this economy crashes early next year the Republicans can sit back, hold up their hands, and say, “it wasn’t me.”

      If the majority of the USSA’s people wish for her demise I see no reason to stand in their way. Why clean the house and make it pretty when the occupants are going to trash it the next day. Leave it dirty. Let them burn it down. Once it is destroyed and they are gone because nothing else is left then we rebuild and make sure it is made from concrete and steel with padlocks on every door so the bastards can’t get in when they return.

      • ‘When this economy crashes early next year the Republicans can sit back, hold up their hands, and say, “it wasn’t me.” — Raider Girl

        First and foremost, it’s the president who gets blamed for recessions and depressions. Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) is remembered to this day as the guy in charge when Wall Street crashed and the Depression clamped down.

        Whereas few recall that Democrats controlled the House during the darkest days (1931-1933) of the Depression. The official history of the House records that Democrats won 216 House seats in the November 1930 election, versus 218 won by Republicans. But it includes this extraordinary footnote:

        ² Before the first day of Congress, 14 Representatives-elect died. The results of the special elections caused party control of the House to change, and Democrats organized with the majority of the House seats.


        WTF? Fourteen dead Congress Clowns between the election and the kickoff of the 72nd Clowngress? Could we be so lucky?

      • Hey RG!
        If the R’s offered any solutions, no one would vote for them, ‘cepting the few like us, ’cause America is a sick country full of drug addicts, perverts and subsidy-takers, who want tyrants who will give them things at the expense of ‘others’, and who will ‘protect’ and advance their own kind. I guess they have enough sense to realize that anyone who embraces liberty, natural rights/law, and a free market would shut down all the sick and unjust things that they love, and they would have to then live with the consequences of their own choices and actions, like our grand parents did- which would mean that those who live responsibly would prosper, while the vast hordes of the aforementioned would come to ruin sooner if they had to live in the real world of natural consequences.

        This is what the founders predicted when they warned of the dangers of ‘democracy’….and what the Cabal uses to maintain and expand their power, with the very consent of their victims- and why we’ll never be able to vote our way ouit of it, even if we had 500 Ron Paul clones running for office.

      • RG,
        There are no political solutions. Politics in general created this disaster. Politics won’t fix it. The Political class only keeps its power by handing out free money. Both Rs and Ds. To warfare or welfare. And “free money” is what got us here.

      • David Knight posited, and I agree, that the GOP didn’t run on freedom or liberty issues, either. He pointed out that, while Ron DeSantis isn’t a huge advocate for liberty, he had more freedom in FL than any other state; he reopened quickly, banned masks, and so on. Even though his actions were limited, they were pro-freedom. That was, in part, reflected in his resounding victory last week. Plus, FL has voter ID and other precautions in place that limit cheating. Shoot, even Miami-Dade went GOP! Anyway, I agree; the GOP didn’t put forth any vision of how & why they’d make things better; how they’d stand for freedom; and how they’d improve people’s lives.

    • There wasn’t even a third party option on my ballot, for the one race that might possibly have mattered (it turns out that it didn’t matter, that one was just for show too–just like the rest of ’em).

    • I don’t think abortion had that much to do with it RK. The rabid, foaming at the mouth supporters of infanticide are nowhere near a majority. Most people in this country are not that stupid. They’re just scared. All of us here know Lady Lindsay and many of the re-pubes are fags.

      The thing I’ll be forever grateful to Trump for is pulling back the curtain on the deep state. His whole life he was one of them, and told all of us, ‘Hey all the things you conspiracy theorists think they do, they actually do.’ Cant be unseen, at least not by me.

      Independents didn’t vote for dems based on abortion. The whole woke agenda has turned against the dems. Terrorizing innocent children with trans-gender monsterism, Cutting parts off little boys and adding them to little girls, that garbage is endorsed by 10-20% of the population, tops.

      Dr Kutchurcockoff, paging Dr Kutchurcockoff, please report to the NEA head quarters.

      We can all come up with excuses for these electoral loses. In the end it comes down to just one thing. Pure tyrannical Lawlessness.

      • Norman, I think Abortion had a HUGE influence on the votes. Most young people do not give a shit about midterms. Most young people are liberal. When celebrities that the GenZers know like Olivia Rodrigo and also Lizzo and Megan Thee Stallion for the black voters and Millennials know like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Hayley Williams tell people about abortion and how to Get Out and Vote, that’s all they know. They vote on abortion only.

        This got millions of new voters out to vote on issues they knew nothing about (other than abortion) because celebs and TikTok ‘influencers’ told them it was important.

        • Hey Andrew, I’ve heard over and over from my kids that abortion, gay rights, and other social issues are things 20-40 year olds don’t care much about. So you have a good point. It seems, if people your age were being honest, the supremes kicking it back to the states is something most younger people would agree with.

          The FOMO and social media influence is strong on your generation, so the lefts influence is out sized. We Gen Xers probably failed you all by not burning the NEA to the ground in the 90s.

          So maybe, from here on, the majority of the country is nothing more than a school of bait fish. Having no direction or conviction other than what the tide, or the bigger fish dictate.

          I still cant except that our elections are legitimate. If its honest and open, it doesn’t take days and weeks to count. I’ve withdrawn my consent and will confer no legitimacy, or allegiance to a foreign owned entity, run solely for the interest of big money.

  17. Welcome to the lit side Eric (not the dark side).
    It was fairly obvious in 2020. It’s blatantly obvious in 2022. The Democratic psychopaths are in complete control of the voting process.
    Not that the Republican psychopaths are much better. Between them they are sending 60+billion this year, and another 60+ billion next year to Ukraine. Which is about the same as Russia’s entire annual defense budget. While the US economy burns. US defense barely has a hypersonic delivery system on the drawing board, while Russia, and I think China, has them in service. Something tells me that little of the “defense budget” is spent on defense.
    Back to the subject at hand. Voting is your approval of a totally corrupt voting process, and the results thereof. NOT voting is a vote against that process, and the results thereof. As I’ve asked before, “what if they had an election, and nobody voted?”. Or, as you suggest, “what if they had an election and 75% of the voters didn’t vote?”.

    • Let me argue against myself. (I do that a lot)
      Since the Democrats have complete control of the vote process, what keeps them from manufacturing opposition votes out of the same thin air they manufacture their preferred candidate’s votes? Just not enough to matter. Lo and behold, we have a record 75% turnout.
      Nevertheless, I ain’t playin’ their game.

  18. A country that would even consider putting up a retarded vegetable like Fetterman as a candidate for the US senate, or a fugly cunt like Whitmer or Hochul for a governorship, or a demented pervert for president is too far gone to be saved through voting. Think about the fact that tens of millions of people knowingly and approvingly voted for all of these. Tens of Millions. This coterie of assholes actually reflects and represents those who would vote for them; a microcosm of an unbelievable amount of people with deep-rooted stupidity and self-loathing.

    Besides, a red wave, even if it were to occur (was never going to be allowed), could not overcome Mittens, Lindsey, and the Turtle anyway. Let them all own what’s coming. And let the people who made it all possible by their precious vote be made to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

    • I agree, BAC –

      Awaiting his end in the ruins of Berlin, Hitler supposedly said something about the future belonging to the stronger people, those from the East – meaning, of course, the Russians.

      And he may well have been right. Just 80 years off.

      Were I 20 again, I’d seriously consider moving there. Aber, it is zu spät fur mich. And so I await the red tide.

      • The only reason I haven’t left years ago are our gun rights in the US. I don’t think Russia has a 2A, nor anywhere else for that matter.
        You only have the rights you can defend.
        A line from Dune, more or less anyway, “Let us not quibble about justice as long as we have arms and the will to use them”. Or something to the same effect.

        • John, Russia actually has embraced private gun ownership, since 2014. Not sure of all the details, but people there have more gun freedom now than people in NY or CA. 2A was always the biggie in my book which predisposed me to staying here in the Jew-S-A….but as our rights here continue to erode…and are likely to erode much faster in the next year or two, it’s becoming a moot point.

          The problem I’d have with Russia…is the weather! It’s a shame- I’ve known/know several Russians- they’ve all been great people with whom I became almost instant friends…and I don’t tend to seek out people to befriend…..

          • Nunzio,
            Russia is the largest nation on the planet. While most of it is above the Arctic Circle, that leaves a whole lot of real estate that isn’t. The difference between the US and Russia regarding guns is that there are an enormous quantity of fire arms already in circulation here. Licensed hunters alone constitute the largest armed group in the world. Including all militaries. We don’t get much info about how many in Russia.

            • **”The difference between the US and Russia regarding guns is that there are an enormous quantity of fire arms already in circulation here. Licensed hunters alone constitute the largest armed group in the world.”**

              Yeah, John- but where has that gotten us? All the gun owners just sit by and watch; most of ’em are cop-suckers/troop-lovers/active LEOs/military members/vets, who all worship the flag and dutifully obey, even when they disagree…just as they did when being commanded to do the dirty-work of the tyrants when they were “ion the service”. Hell, most of those people would probably count US their enemy when TSHTF…especially if told so by official propaganda.

              Thing about the Russians, after 70 years of the horrors of communism- and even the ones who didn’t experience it are well aware of the tragedies, as related personally by their parents and grandparents- they are now zealous of freedom, and of not returning to that which had formerly oppressed them. And even better, a very moral, Christian-type ethic seems to be being embraced by large numbers of ’em. I think I’d trust one of them before I’d trust Bubba across the road when TSHTF.

              But ain’t no place in Russia warm! Take your pic: Cold and snowy; very cold and snowy; or brutal cold and very snowy! 🙂

          • Nunz, Southern Russia is quite temperate with palm trees etc. The language would be the biggest issue for me, the women sure wouldn’t!

      • Eric,

        You wouldn’t regret it. The women there are jawdroppingly beautiful and plentiful. Food, energy, and transport are cheap. The culture is rich and by-and-large, not woke. People are open and friendly, especially to foreigners.

        My Russian wife and I plan to move there in the nearest future after 15 years of life in America, which, unfortunately, is not a great place to raise children anymore.

  19. If voting made a difference it would not be allowed. There are reasons to vote and not to vote. I choose not to vote for some damn good reasons. I do not want the government to know my political leanings, nor do I want to be enrolled on jury duty, nor do I want to delude myself that voting would ever change a hopelessly corrupt system. Voting is a dangerous mental delusion that government can better your life.

  20. I must admit I heard “our democracy is at risk” as just a BS slogan to twist the minds of the moron populace. Turns out they were telling the truth. The game is truly rigged and voting for anybody other than them has no effect.

    They always project their underhanded deeds on to their opposition.

    • Mister,
      “Our democracy” is at no risk at all, because the Democrats have taken over the voting process. Your democracy, on the other hand…………
      There are a number of reasons why this nation was founded as a confederation of sovereign States voluntarily participating in a republic. This is one of them.

  21. Its surprising how much faith people have in certain “systems” in the west. I mean in Pakistan if you tell someone a party cheated in a seat – they believe you without question. But if you say the same in the US or UK with evidence of say cameras shutting down at night, or boxes of one sided votes delivered at 3 am…. they dont believe it and try to rationalise those things (like its normal to have so many votes turn up at 3 am, or how it make perfect sense that there are a million votes on one side without a single vote for the other side…. or how in all cases where this happens the votes just seem to go one way !! It makes perfect sense to them !

  22. I usually don’t bother to vote. There is one person on my county commission and a couple of US senators (not from my state) I don’t hate. Everyone else can take a flying leap. They’re all the same.
    I bet you’d see a lot more voter turnout if “none of the above” was added as a choice in each race. NOTA would rule the day, likely winning every office.
    I’ve always thought that if voting really mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it. I have no idea if there was cheating this time or in 2020, but if so, that supports my claim. They aren’t letting us do it.

    • Shame on Schiff! I used to think he was fairly good…but after hearing that tripe….

      He’s basically saying “Don’t vote for anyone good/anyone who’s not in one of the two major parties, because the same people who have done nothing when elected over the last 100 years will somehow make things better if they only got elected but for Libertarians diluting the Republican vote”!

      He’s also failing to realize that many of those libertarians would likely not have voted at all if not for a libertarian.

      This is why I have largely given up looking at even the alt. media….. Seems like they’re all just trying to keep everyone ‘on the farm’.

      • Nunz,

        If they want the libertarian votes so badly, maybe they should do something libertarian once in a while, just to throw us a bone & maybe try to earn our votes. I know we’re in the minority. But so is the far left, and yet somehow they seem to get a lot of what they want (even if it isn’t as fast or as complete as they would like). Maybe if a Republican would pick one or two Libertarian issues every term–maybe even really small ones–, and meaningfully write them into into some legislation, advance it, get some cosponsors, etc. then I’d be more interested in voting for that Republican. Instead, the most we get is obviously insincere empty rhetoric, and most of the time we don’t even get that. Well, I say phooey! I’ll keep writing myself in, if i have to.

        • Yes, Publius!

          But the Republican actors, just like the Demonrat actors, play the odds; They court the vote of the majority of their respective party, and so don’t want to chance upsetting them by supporting any actual liberties, which the “conservatives” wouldn’t approve of- so they support “law and order and baseball and apple pie”.

          Reminds me of a Republican pol back on Long Island years ago who was very vocal about not legalizing marry-jew-wanna….and then was subsequently arrested for pot possession. They’re just playing to an audience. They assess what the “typical Republican” is for or against, and play-up their speeches to cater to those voters.

          Supporting liberty, -even little ones- would turn-off a large number of their typical supporters, and the few liberty-minded people they’d gain would not make up for the loss.

          “Support the troops! Give more money to those fine swine to fight the war on drugs and terror!” The typical Republicans in the majority cheer and cast their votes. That’s what they want. Then their candidate gets on the Epstein Express and sips drinks with the Clintons, a la DJT.

  23. Yes comrades, Keep on voting. It makes all the difference. Justify it however you need to. I’m sure you’ll sleep well at night thinking your one vote made a difference. Katie Hobbs is not my Governor, she has no legitimacy, and should be pelted with eggs and dirty diapers anytime she shows her nasty dike face in public.

    In Nevada before 2012, elections never took days or weeks. Maybe late into the evening on election night. In AZ before 2018, same thing. What changed? Soros bought the Secretary of States in both Nevada and Arizona. Now we have elections taking weeks. We’ve got SOS’s buying software from companies that send them on all expense paid junkets, to attend conferences on ‘election integrity.’ What a sick satanic joke this is.

    Anyone still voting needs to stop huffing on hopium. TINVOWOOT. The three methods for redress against a corrupt government, the soap box, ballot box, and cartridge box. Two out of three have failed. The third probably wont be used until its too late.

    The money we gave the Ukroids apparently ended up ‘invested’ in a dodgy crypto exchange run by dodgy jews. (In best Gomer Pyle voice I’d say) Surprise surprise surprise, much of the money ended up being funneled back to Dim candidates for the 2022 selection (10% for the big guys?). Some of the filthy lucre probably went to rhinos as well. Less than 100 people are responsible for this mess. If you made a list of their names, you’d probably be accused of being a jew hater. Since most of them happen to be jews, or crypto jews. IDK, maybe that is counter-semitic.

    We had a nice run as a country. Glad I got to see what I did growing up in the 70s-80s. She was a wondrous place, full of promise, with all her roads and days ahead of her. Now slatted to be replaced by a dystopian, Digital Gulag. Goodbye America, we hardly knew ye.

    • FTX was instrumental in laundering bitcoin into Ukraine
      Sam’s FTX laundered taxpayer Ukraine money back into DNC campaign funds and 10% for the Big guy

      SBF, the 2nd largest donor to the Democratic Party. (Behind George Soros)

      that tens-of-billions in American “Military Aid” to Ukraine, which was allegedly to be used to fight Russia, was cash that Ukraine DID NOT use to fight Russia, but instead invested into FTX!

      These F******kers stole the midterm election using use our hard earned tax money laundered through Ukraine as aid and given back to the deomocrtas and RINOs from FTX.

      The Alamedas logo is a direct copy of a pedo ring called “little child lovers.”

      Nikolai Mushegian connected FTX to the pedo parasites and tried to expose the insolvency, and that is why he was murdered 2 weeks ago.

      The FTX story will be buried just like the Paul Pelosi story has been buried. It’s the way that communists operate.


        • SBF’s aunt is WEF.

          His head of Regulatory Compliance was an Obama appointee.
          FTX was the Clinton Foundation on steroids. It was basically the First National Bank of the DNC.

          Politics should be defined as organised crime.

          “Organised Crime is defined as planned and co-ordinated criminal behaviour and conduct by people working together on a continuing basis. Their motivation is often, but not always, financial gain.

          The Democrats are the mafia, they’ve taken over the government.


            • FTX Facing Criminal Probe By Bahamas Authorities, But Musk Counters There Will Be “No Investigation” Of “Major Democrat Donor” SBF

              Clinton+ Epstein.
              Clinton+ Bankman-Fried.
              Nothing to see here.

              Binance owner CZ just killed the Democratic party money machine, and now they are not going to be happy with this. The Democrats will do everything they can to revive their money machine, and I see a few scenarios here. Just like the student loan forgiveness, a bailout for FTX is much more likely at this point. But it will come at a cost with crypto regulation.

              What happens to FTX remains a good question, but the corporate structure is too big for Democrats to loose it. SBF has donated billions to Democrats, so the only outcome here would be for SBF to get bailed out, and avoid jail at the same time.

              This has nothing to do with “crypto” other than the fact that they’re trying to kill it so the CBDC won’t have any competition.

              This is a story of corruption and money laundering. Soon you’re going to find out that your bank is no more solvent than FTX.

              FTX was a mechanism to launder money into the Democrapic party, rather obviously.

              This 26 year-old kid shows up out of nowhere and is suddenly a mega billionaire after launching a “crypto exchange” that becomes an overnight success. Becomes the second-biggest donor to Democraps. Only Bloomberg donated more.

              Firm collapses on Election Day, three years after its founding.

              Nothing to see here. No media will touch this story. They are too busy falling all over themselves to report on all the glorious Democrap gains as pallets of ballots show up across the nation putting Democrap (never even once a Republicant) candidates over the top five days after the “election.”

              What I want to know is where did the original billions come from. Supposedly “Gary Wang,” but the guy is a ghost. You can’t even find a picture of him online.


              • This was all scripted to happen. FTX is or was part of the WEF and has already been taken down on their site but there is the Wayback Machine to prove. He is a dem mega donor to boot. This was set in motion to bring massive regulations to the next financial system known as blockchain based.

                When regulations happen that means the owners get to pick the winners and losers just like the tycoons of the industrial revolution did. There are way to many signs pointing to this being allowed to happen and here is a good video showing some of the connections.


                • An accurate summary of this whole fiasco.


                  Defrauding millions of people through onerous usury schemes runs in the family. Isaiah Jackson, recently fired from CoinDesk for noticing too many coincidences, summarized it in a series of tweets:

                  FTX and SBF BREAKDOWN (Thread)


                  – Glenn Ellison, Dept. Head of Economics – Gary Gensler, SEC Head and former Prof. of Economics


                  – Caroline Ellison, CEO of Alameda, daughter of Glenn – Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, son of Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried – Joseph Bankman, Federal Tax law creator – Barbara Fried, Head of “Mind The Gap” – biggest Democrat PAC – Linda Fried, Sam’s aunt and member of World Economic Forum

                  Follow the Money: – Sam raises a total of $1.7B for FTX – 2nd Biggest donor to Biden 2020 campaign – Investors include Blackrock, Sequioa, SoftBank and Tiger Global – FTX covers Alameda losses with $10B of users funds

                  Regulations: – Gary Gensler wants regulations – SBF testifies in front of Congress discussing regulations, trashing #Bitcoin in the process – Two days after collapse, Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act 2022 (DCCPA) bill is up for a vote

                  TL;DR: 1. Sam Bankman-Fried was a patsy used by VC funds to launder money through FTX for political influence and a stadium in Miami 2. FTX collapse gives excuse for GG to push regulations on entire market 3. Sets stage for “trustworthy” CBDCs

                  • the FTX story

                    it gets more interesting…..

                    Sam Bankman-Fried: Drugs, Orgies, Intimidation, & Possible Pedo?

                    Did Epstein’s Island truly shut down, or did it just move?
                    There’s a lot of weird shit that is slowly coming out in the fallout of #FTX going bankrupt…

                    SBF was one of the largest donors to Democrat candidates, second only to…George Soros
                    SBF gave the second largest donation to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020

                    One month after the war in Ukraine started, DC puppet Zelensky partnered with SBF for crypto donations…

                    We’ve come to find out that Sam’s “minimalist, poor” lifestyle was completely a front…”I drive a Corolla!”

                    He lived in the Bahamas in a multi-million dollar mansion with his closest circle of friends where they’d have drug-fueled orgies apparently

                    Two weeks ago a big-named crypto developer who lived in PR was sounding the alarm on the CIA and m0ssad running a pedo elite cult in the Caribbean

                    Apparently nobody can pin down where Sam Bankman-Fried’s first billions came from
                    There’s another guy that was famously true of.. a guy who “killed himself” in prison

                    Seems working in finance, funding political candidates, and being engaged in sick sexual degeneracy has a lot of overlap.

                    I can only imagine the money laundering capabilities someone who runs a prominent crypto exchange has.


      • Crypto is all Greek to me but, if true, this is a big deal. So that’s why the current thing shifted so hard to Keeeeev? Wow. These lizards astonish me with the extent of their deceptions and evil.

      • I suspect this FTX story will play out like MF Glowbull. No justice for the perps and freedoms lost for the victims, (in the name of reform, of course.)

        Come on, Bank Man Fried, could their narrative be any stupider. What kind of asshat, NSA cutout, reality winner uses both his mommy and daddies last name? Thats not a thing in any of the tribes I’m affiliated with.

    • Votes were usually not close enough to require a complete count before someone conceded. With today’s highly fragmented society winning margins are getting to be razor thin in some races. Assuming no shenanigans of course.

  24. On this subject…

    I like the idea of “ranked-choice” voting. Seems like a decent way to kill the “lesser-of-two-evils” beast. It’s already being attacked as “too complicated”. Its’ pretty easy to understand if you ask me. I think this attack indicates that ranked-choice voting is a threat to the established parties, and its “complications” can be sold to the simpletons.

    • Huh?!
      We have a current example of ranked choice’s results in the living, breathing piece of fugly that is about to be reelected through it in Alaska.

      • Mark,

        Yeah, and it looks to me like it’s at least partially because Republicans in the area didn’t know what was going on, so they didn’t make a second selection.

        For example, though it doesn’t look like it would have made enough of a difference, there was a Libertarian candidate named Mark Victor running for Senate here in Az. Even though he dropped out and endorsed Republican Blake Masters, some people had still voted early, and he still received over 50,000 votes.

        If there were ranked-choice voting here, he wouldn’t have had to drop out. People could’ve voted him as either their first or second choice, and ultimately, if things would’ve gone in a similar direction, Masters would’ve received his votes.

        Something similar could’ve happened in the Herschel Walker race. Libertarian Oliver Chase took over 80,000 votes, and had their been ranked-choice voting, Walker might be the winner right now.

        Libertarian candidates might receive many more votes, as well, as people who would otherwise be inclined to vote for them fall for the “lesser of two evils” trap.

  25. Same old…same old… Nothing new. 100 years ago the people chose commie Wilson, then countered with Harding…then elected card-carrying commie FDR FOUR freaking times…. We’re still suffering the damage done by Wilson and FDR to this day. When the alternatives were elected, such as Harding, Eisenhower, Nixon, etc. their reigns were just temporary appeasement….but ultimately they did nothing to staunch the tyranny, and in-fact gave us plenty of evils of their own.

    Regardless of any voting; regardless of whether the elections were honest or not, one thing is certain: This country has gone down one path, and it is foolhardy to think that somehow voting can change this, or that it will be different this time. It’s just a show for the people- it always was- but since the tyrants control ‘education’ and have a pervasive 24/7 brainwashing machine known as the media, those tyrants essentially control the minds of the masses, so even if the elections are honest, one would expect nothing but that the people vote for the concepts and principles with which they’ve been indoctrinated, which they live by and believe in. It is thus a self-perpetuating system, and we are not going to change it. It is antithetical to our beliefs that we who do not believe in democracy should participate in it’s perpetuation.

    • Hi Nunz!
      Great example of that just happened here in Taxachusetts, there was a referendum question to add a surtax, on top of the regular income tax, for anyone with an income over $1million dollars. I only voted to specifically vote no on that (and also to vote yes for more liquor licenses) but of course it passed, although by a slim margin. It was billed as the “millionaires tax”, even though it will surely trickle down to bite the rest of us eventually, just like the original income tax. I’m sure the welfare class voted for it enthusiastically but it will most likely drive more of the workforce to other states and leave the parasites behind to eventually bleed the host dry. I’m too old to give a sh*t but will be fun to watch.

      • Mike+in+Boston,

        That’s horrid — Massachusetts’ moderate 5% marginal income tax rate gets boosted to 9% for anyone making serious money. Behind every new tax for education, it’s always the same actors:

        ‘The new “millionaire’s tax” constitutional amendment has some deep-pocketed supporters in the state, with teachers unions having ponied up $22 million to back the initiative, according to the Boston Globe.’

        ‘Go to the MTA’s website and you’ll be greeted not by information about how to educate students better or protect teachers’ rights as workers, but by an argument for higher taxes.

        “The MTA has coughed up $13.3 million for the so-called Fair Share Amendment, while its national counterpart, NEA, has doled out $7.2 million,” the Globe reports.


        More money for public education, but zero accountability: it reeks of undeserved entitlement for the ‘Democratic royalty’ of teacher and public employee unions.

  26. I will protest in every way possible, and that includes the vote. Refusing to vote will simply be titled “apathy” or even “voter hesitance”. We already know that things (including the “majority”) are controlled by a minority.

    So many I have known have had this attitude of “it only encourages the bastards”, but if they, combined with the “lesser of two-evils” people, just voted for liberty-minded candidates instead, there would be an impact, if not a victory, at least here and there.

    No, I think separation is a more valid path, if there is fence-jumping to be done. In Arizona, for example, I think it would be sensible to separate Maricopa, Pima and possibly Coconino counties from the rest. (And possibly some cities separate from Maricopa).

    They can have their governor and we can have ours. They can have their Senator, and we can have ours. That would be a start, and if it continues to a separation at the federal level, than so be it.

    • BaDnOv,
      I have always looked at it like: Voting is giving your formal consent to the ‘democratic process’. By voting, we would be agreeing to the legitimacy of the electoral process, and granting legitimacy to those who are elected, and thus agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of that system.

      I have NEVER ever consented to such a thing, and never will…therefore I have never voted and never will. Why would I ever give my consent to abide by the decision of ‘the majority’? That is not the way I live my life, nor the way anyone should live- it is just the delegating of rights, power, and responsibilities- or as the Scriptures say “following a multitude to do evil”, which we are forbidden to do. (And evil they do, such as legitimizing robbery, kidnapping, murder, perversion, extortion, violence, etc….when done by their sanctified ‘priests’ and those to whom they grant ‘dispensations’ to do the same in their name…which ultimately, if participate by voting, is also being done in our name.

    • Bad,
      “but if they, combined with the “lesser of two-evils” people, just voted for liberty-minded candidates”.
      All five of them?

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          Respectfully, I disagree. The majority of people don’t want freedom, but to be taken care of. We have seen this increase with each generation. They will allow their rights to continue to be eroded as long as they are provided for. The only liberty minded folks that remain are those reared by liberty minded parents and they are in short supply.

        • Bad,
          Exactly how are they going to be successful when the Democrats own the voting process, and the Republicans write checks to their opponents?

    • >possibly Coconino county
      Hoo boy, BaDnOn!
      Coconino County, as we both know, is a damned big chunk of AZ.
      And based on my experience growing up in NM, the Navajo Nation tends to vote Rethuglican (at least, it used to).
      Maybe just give NAU its own county?
      Leave the rest of the County (including the rest of Flagstaff) alone.
      What do ya think?

      • Adi,

        That may be a reasonable approach. Having that communist-haven university might skew the apparent tendencies of the surrounding area a bit.

  27. Oregon is going to have a detestable politician as Governor who I’m concerned would be even WORSE than soon to be ex-governor Kate Brown. Brown took it upon herself to act as a DICTATOR during the height of the COVID “pandemic” and DESTROYED the lives of COUNTLESS Oregonians with her draconian measures and mandates. That, along with the “Summer of love” in Portland in 2020, likely led to her being THE LEAST POPULAR governor in the ENTIRE country. And yet, we’re to believe that Oregonians WANTED Tina Kotek, who’d essentially be Kate Brown 2.0? To paraphrase that old saying, “Something smells fishy in Denmark”, especially when only a handful of Oregon counties voted for Tina Kotek.

  28. It looks like they got my guy Joe Kent by 4600 votes by invalidating almost 6000 ballots cast for him. WA is supposed to contact these people and provide an opportunity to cure…sure they did. If in person voting was the process would that have happened…of course not. These bastards are still counting votes as of Sunday.

    I am not angry. I just know we live in a third world country and our constitution has as much meaning as the Soviet Union Constitution of Rights.

    • Jaime Herrera Beutler should have been primaried and booted from that district years ago.

      I was sentenced -er- lived in Vancouver for four years and made the mistake of voting for her … once.

  29. Once again, the Senate balance comes down to the result of ~60,000 Libertarians in Georgia “voting their conscience”.

    I guess I could understand if their candidate truly represented their beliefs, but this time around, the party nominated a Socialist.

    Of course, the six figure number of GA Republicans who will stay home for the runoff thinking it won’t make a difference, just like last time, will be the folks who make the final decision about the Senate.

    • Roscoe,
      Other than by the words they utter and the feelings they elicit, does it really matter? Did it make any difference when GWB or DJT were the figure-heads, when they had a Repugnantcant or Demonrat majority? The evil and tyranny continued unabated. DJT installed a judge to the Supreme Court who enabled the Clintons to get away with murder when he was in a lower position…..

      It’s just a show- until people realize that, there will be no hope.

    • Roscoe,

      I visited this Chase Oliver’s website, and he doesn’t seem so bad to me. Admittedly, I don’t know the other candidates, but I wouldn’t categorize Oliver as a “socialist” from what I see.

      • Dig around on the Interwebz. I stand by the word “socialist” to describe Oliver.

        The Libertarians in GA need to take a serious look at just who is running their party and where the money is coming from these days.

        ~60,000 in close races two elections in a row is an organized effort. Only 30,000 voted for their Presidential candidate in 2020 in the state.

  30. ‘This tips the balance of the Senate.’ — eric

    And a D-majority Senate can continue packing the fedgov courts with D-party Biden-nominated judges — the familiar communist ‘march through the institutions.’

    With their life tenure, this new raft of 2023-2024 Biden judges can continue subverting the constitution and destroying liberty, long after the senile old fool “Biden” is securely interred six feet under.

    If the feckless “Biden” didn’t exist, novelists and movie makers would have to invent a character like him as the morally-unmoored, mentally-unhinged, blank-faced poster child of dystopian collapse.

    Biden, Biden likes his money
    He makes a lot, they say
    Spends his days counting
    In a garage by the motorway

    He was born a pauper to a pawn on an autumn day
    When the New York Times said God is dead
    And the war’s begun

    — Elton John, Levon

  31. I will keep voting. Why? Because it gives the cheaters one less vote to overturn. In my voting district we vote via paper ballot. No Dominion voting machines are used. Do I think my vote counts? Nah, but if there are 8000 registered voters in a precinct and 90% of them come out to vote it is that much harder to stuff a ballot box. We saw this with Youngkin. Fairfax County (a Democratic stronghold) at 9 pm threw a Hail Mary, they found some additional ballots that were missing! The problem was Chesterfield County and counties surrounding Virginia Beach (usually blue) came in at the same time and they voted red which was enough to offset any potential ballot fraud that Fairfax conjured up.

    My only request is this for all citizens. If you don’t want to vote, don’t, but please remove your name from the register list. Do the same with anyone that you know has passed, since they should not be voting as well. If you move, call the registrar’s office and require them to remove you. Don’t allow your name to be used a vote that isn’t yours. This is how cheating occurs. Too many don’t care enough to take proactive steps to lessen the amount of potential fraud to take place. Make it harder for those who have evil intentions.

    • “No Dominion voting machines are used.”
      The precinct I live in uses a paper ballot too, but it’s optically scanned, by a machine. That somebody owns. Perhaps not Dominion, but nevertheless a computer counts the results.


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