Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 11/16/2022

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Here’s the audio of my weekly talk with Bill Meyer over at KMED Radio in Oregon! We got into the Orange Man’s surprise surprise announcement that he’s running again, some about the Honda Ridgeline (review on deck) and other sundries of the day:

11-16-22_EP on KMED_WEDNESDAY_6AM     

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  1. What’s the chances that anyone but a Demoncrap could win in 2024? They are stealing elections, they could hang for treason, so they must perfect and maintain their vote stealing machine and never allow any opponent to win every again.

    Mitchell Henderson describes our dire situation:

    Download Hour 3 – Mitchell Henderson – Ukraine And GeoPolitics

    Even if 90% of Amerikans vote Trump, he can not win, (((they))) count the votes.


    And there is a very good chance Trump took a bribe to promote the vaxx. That would explain why he started promoting this warp speed nonsense, and why he is doubling down on the vaxx. Donald Trump is a huge Zionist, and the Zionists control Amerika, so how can Trump be some sort of savior when he is neck deep in the Zionist swamp?

    I would expect Trump, if re-elected, to be just as big of fail a second time. On the other hand, Ron DeSantis shows himself to be a decisive leader, not a grand bullshitter like Trump.

    Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.
    George W. Bush

  2. The Straight Line Logic website posted a piece making the case why “The Orange Man” shouldn’t get another term as President……

    I’m sure some deranged Trump haters are apoplectic over his announced run for another term and will use Trump as an excuse to paint ALL Republicans as “INSURRECTIONISTS”, “WHITE SUPREMACISTS”, “RACISTS”, etc.

    Personally I prefer someone else myself because….

    1) Trump has too much baggage after his 4 years as President, and with the way his ego has been lately, that could be his downfall.
    2) He’ll be close to 80 in 2024.
    3) He effectively let Tony Fauci run the country at the height of the “pandemic”, and, last I checked, Trump continues to advocate the COVID “vaccines” despite growing evidence they’re NOT “Safe and Effective”.

    • Hi John,

      Your last point is the one I am adamant about:

      “He effectively let Tony Fauci run the country at the height of the “pandemic”, and, last I checked, Trump continues to advocate the COVID “vaccines” despite growing evidence they’re NOT “Safe and Effective”.”

      • Eric,

        I read yesterday on Martin Armstrong’s website that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives. There were people floating the idea of having Trump as Speaker of the House, but who knows what would have happened with that idea, and besides, Kevin McCarthy was nominated to be the new Speaker of the House. While I’m glad that Nancy Pelosi’s reign as House Speaker will come to an end, I’m not sure what good, if any, will come from having McCarthy as Speaker, given Repubicans’ history of being wimps or expanding government whenever they held power in Congress and/or the White House.

        With our government as corrupt as it is, and its increasing tyranny, we need warriors in DC to fight back against the administrative state and the WEF types who’ve infiltrated the government.


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