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Something strange happened yesterday. At least, it was strange to me. Worrisome, to me. Perhaps worrisome to you as well.

The UPS guy showed up at my house to drop off a package. Nothing strange about that. In fact, very familiar as I’ve had probably hundreds of packages dropped off by the UPS guy at my place over the years. Usually, the UPS guy just leaves whatever it is by the door – which by the way is perfectly safe since my place is well off the road and there are no neighbors or anyone else nearby to see the left package and possibly steal it.

Sometimes, the UPS guy knocks on the door for a signature, to establish chain of custody; that I did, in fact receive the package. Nothing strange there, either.

But yesterday, the UPS guy wanted to scan my driver’s license before leaving the package he’d come to deliver. Not just see it.

I found that very strange. I found it more than that.

Here I was, standing at the door of my house, where I live and where it is recorded I live. Who else would open the door to my house to receive a package? Well, yes, it could be another person who lives there or who happens to be there. In which case, it isn’t strange that the UPS guys asks to see my driver’s license, assuming he doesn’t know me by sight (which in this case, he does, as it is often the same UPS guy who drops off packages at my place).

I don’t take umbrage at showing him my driver’s license. Even though I do take umbrage at what is styled a “driver’s license” being demanded for reasons having nothing to do with driving or being “licensed” to do so. Such demands are proof positive that what almost everyone is cajoled under duress into getting – you cannot legally drive without being “licensed” and most people need to drive in order to be able to work and not be housebound – is not primarily about driving or even being “licensed” to do so. Further proof of which is the fact that getting the “license” requires very little in the way of demonstrated competence as a driver, as opposed to an obedient rule-follower.

No, a “license” to drive is in fact an ID card.

And much more than just that. Because much more than an identifying picture of you – along with pertinent particulars such as your name and date of birth and legal address – the things that would establish your identity sufficiently for such purposes as dropping off a package addressed to you – is embedded in the thing.

Look on the back and behold the bar code. It makes you scannable, just like a package of hamburger at the supermarket.

And that is what the UPS guy wanted to do.

This scanning business puts whatever details about me – and about you – that are encoded on the back of your ID card masquerading as a “driver’s license” at the disposal of whomever scans it. And since I have no idea what information about me is encoded in that bar code – it’s certain to be more than just who I am – I was skeeved out about having it scanned by the UPS guy.

After all, who is this guy? I don’t know him – other than as the UPS guy. I don’t especially like the idea of my “data” being scanned by some guy I don’t know, who works for some company over which I have no control. What happens to my “data”? And it’s not really mine, is it, if I am obliged to hand it over to some guy in order to receive the package I want (and paid for, mind). There is a word for that. It is called duress.

As in being under it.

You want the package? Hand over your ID to be scanned.

Isn’t it grand?

Private companies are now scanning us, just like packages of hamburger at the grocery store. All “our” data being mined and collated, for god-only-knows what end-goal purpose. The obvious purpose, of course, being to condition us to being scanned. First in order to receive packages. How long before we’re allowed to enter a store, to shop – as for hamburger?

To shop – to pay for – anything?

If we’re allowed to.

This scanning business will elaborate in just that way. The managerial technocrats behind all this – they are the apparatchiks of the WEF and similar interlocking who-elected-these-people “bodies” determined to exercise control over everybody – intend to use scanning as their ultimate means of controlling everybody. They don’t just want to know it’s you before the UPS guy drops off that package; they want to know everything about you. Whether, for instance, you’ve submitted to all the “vaccinations” they insist you submit to being injected with, as the condition of being allowed to buy a package of hamburger at the supermarket.

To buy anything, ultimately.

For the end goal of all of this is to eliminate “non-scannable” transactions and interactions. That is what Central Bank Digital Currency is all about. And the cattle are being conditioned to it. As by getting them used to being scanned in order to receive a package addressed to them, at their address of record – even when they themselves answer the door and the tool insisting on the scanning (for that is what he is; just like the tools who stood at supermarket entrances handing out Face Diapers were also tools, all of them doing what they were told in order to keep their jobs) knows it is the person who lives there.

Never mind. It’s “policy.” It’s the “rules.”

Well, not for me it isn’t. You can keep your package and I will keep my “data” – as well as my dignity – by not playing along with my own conversion into a scannable commodity, like a pack of hamburger at the supermarket.

The power of No is surprising.

But you have to exercise it to realize it.

. . .

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  1. Another DL scan: I went to the local AT&T store for repair of a device, and the tech apparently scanned my DL. It was kind of hard to tell with the tablet he was using, but he did turn the DL over so the barcode on the back was visible.

  2. Fortunately, my nearby rural community grocery has not come around to this insanity. Selection is not as good as the nearby college town, which bothers me not at all.

  3. So, in addition to your Social Insecurity number, now DLs are the new and improved national ID, that nearly all opposed when it was marketed as such.

    • They’ve been a de facto national ID card for at least the last 30-40 years, it’s just that the net has been getting tighter the whole time.

  4. more deviant tracking……

    G20 Panel Calls for a Global Digital Health Certificate Acknowledged by WHO to Track Vaccination Status

    an agreement to have this digital certificate using WHO standards had been reached between the G20 countries and Indonesia.

    If this will pass, those who choose not to get vaccinated will be forced to give up their basic human rights.

    It’ll be the Digi-Dollar (CBDC). A one-world order.
    The vax will just be part of the control. You won’t be able to travel or enter a store without your vax passport…. and you’ll only be able to buy and sell using their digital currency, which they can shut off with a simple click of a button. Just like that, you are owned and controlled.

    “Pureblood’s” are already running the world! You think any of the WEF or this illegitimate Biden regime or our corrupt politicians has taken this shot? If so, I have some ocean front property in North Dakota I want to sell you.

    Interesting how they are not requiring illegal aliens to be vaxxed. Almost like their importing a new work force.

  5. My first driver’s license was on card stock, a greenish squiggly background with lines to fill in the info, height, weight, etc.

    All typed in when issued. No photo, no barcode, still got you into Canada a couple of times.

    Visited Longmont in Colorado back in 2015, walked into Left Hand Brewing to buy a beer to drink and then buy a 12 pack. Had to show a DL to be served. No DL, you don’t get served and you will be escorted from the premises. If you have no driver’s license, you are considered to be suspect. I suppose they have to be cautious, homeless people can be on the lam and a fugitives from justice.

    Statism in Colorado these days. In Boulder, Longmont is known as Longtucky. Colorado is no place to be, unless you need an altitude adjustment.

    There are codes on driver’s licenses that indicate if you have been convicted of a crime, if you have been convicted for driving intoxicated while drunk, you can’t buy any alcohol. You have to find a friend to buy for you.

    I buy beer at the beer depot that doesn’t ask if I am a drunk or not.

    Any place that demands a driver’s license to buy beer and distilled spirits loses all of my business.

    I grow some hops, you can buy malts for brewing, you can malt your own barley, you can make beer, it’s easy. Follow the recipe.

    Make a mash from wheat or corn, let it ferment, distill it, you can get it to go to 190 proof Everclear. Good times.

    “People say I’m no good, crazy as a loon, ‘cuz I get stoned in the morning, drunk in the afternoon.

    Kind of like my own peace of mind, like to lay around in the shade. I ain’t got no money, but I damn sure got it made and I ain’t askin’ nobody for nothin’ if I can’t get it on my own.

    You don’t like the way I’m livin’, you just leave this long-haired country boy alone.” – Charlies Daniels, the uneasy rider

    • Your post reminds me of the one old comment that read, “If you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying attention”. George Orwell (Erich Fromm) would be proud of where we are today.

    • drump,
      My late father, two years gone, never took a driving test. When he got his license, you just paid a fee and they handed you one. Just like a fishing license. He never let it lapse.

      • Yeah, John- like a guy I knew who came of driving age in MO. in the early 40’s- He got his driver’s license at the drug store….. Give the counter guy your the fee…and you were good to go. Back in NY in the late 70’s/early 80’s everything was still done on paper. I was quite good at forging papers- long before computers- when y’d use Zerox machines and white-out and typewriters. In general, there wasn’t nearly as much tyranny & surveillance back then as there is now….but at least it was easy to defeat what did exist in many cases…and NY was already ramping things up back then, so being handy with the graphic arts definitely could come in handy there at the time. (It was mostly just temporary inspection stickers I’d make…amke a new sticker every 30 days sure beat having to go and get a real one that only lasted a year!)

        • Even the 70s and 80s, the tyranny was Strong, but the technology to carry it out was Not!!! And like Nunzio says, it was much easier to beat, analog phone systems, non-internet computers, no cell or smartphones, etc. Was all big brother had to suppress masses, and cameras were poor resolution, compared to todays tech bonanza! The “Will” to subjugate the masses existed, just not an economically reasonable means to do so to the Goyim

  6. Just thinking out loud. Has anyone considered just putting everything through the name of a business? No one should be using their real name on anything. Does the grocery store savings club really require your real name? Use an old phone number, a PO Box, etc. The only time I show ID is if I have to cash a check. I won’t even use it to buy alcohol. I have learned old guys are the best to buy beer from. They usually don’t ask for ID (my crow’s feet is usually good enough for age verification). I just give them a DOB and they type it in. If the kid is younger than me…forget it…I put it back on the shelf. It isn’t worth the hassle.

    The familia and I went to dinner at a local restaurant the other night and we took my nephew (who is a college kid, but of legal drinking age). My husband and I both ordered a drink, no ID verification necessary. My nephew ordered one as well. The server never asked to see it. I am sure they thought we were his parents and we wouldn’t have allowed him to drink if he was underage. I thought that was pretty cool. A little bit of common sense still remains.

    • Never, put it back on the shelf.
      Always, leave it on the counter.

      ‘The Road To Totalitarianism (Revisited)’

      “… Everything is not back to normal. Everything is absolutely New Normal. What is over is the “shock-and-awe” phase, which was never meant to go on forever. It was always only meant to get us here.

      Where, you’re probably asking, is “here”? “Here” is a place where the new official ideology has been firmly established as our new “reality,” woven into the fabric of normal everyday life. No, not everywhere, just everywhere that matters.”…

    • Hey RG!

      Hehe…I had one of those grocery store cards years ago under the name “Guy Incognito”. Now I refuse to even be bothered with such things (cards)- I shop sometimes at just one store that offers discounts to ‘card holders’ (And their prices are very high- but it’s one of the very few options locally, other than Walton’s World Of Weirdos & Third World Bazaar) and when the cashier asks if I have a card, I just say “No, can you please scan one for me?”- and they always do. And come the day they don’t…I will walk!

      A few years ago, buying a water heater at Lowe’s, they tell me I need to fill out a form from the state…. After a little back and forth to try and get around it, and seeing that a line was building behind me, I simply asked “Do I have to show ID?” to which they said “No”, so I said “Give me the form…and I became Fred Klemperer [The German word for plumber, I believe!] of 123 main St….. and that was that!


  7. If you all remember that in the last census, the government checked and entered your GPS coordinates. Such data can be used to send a cruise missile right through your front door. If you don’t believe me, just ask any Afghani.

    Don’t doubt for a second that the neo-Bolsheviks wouldn’t wax top dissidents when the crackdown comes. Demoncrap mass murderers don’t give a rat’s ass for any alt opinion. Just observe how they treated Alex Jones for his opinion on the Sandy Hook hoax. Deviation from the official narrative may get you fined, jailed, or suicided by a Hellfire missile.

    Be advised, having a bugout cabin could save your life someday. It is way, way, worse than what most people can even imagine. Look up David Golberg and Project Pogo and Project Zyphr.


    “Use of Global Positioning Systems

    Why is the U.S. Census Bureau using Global Positioning Systems (GPS)?

    The U.S. Census Bureau uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to help locate addresses. The handheld computer is equipped with GPS and is used during our address canvassing operation. Address canvassing is a field operation where census workers systematically travel all known and new streets and roads to identify every structure where people live or could potentially live and update our address list and maps. For the 2010 Census, we attempted to collect GPS coordinates for each structure to make sure it is recorded in the correct location. The census workers also confirmed, added and deleted addresses using a GPS-equipped hand held computer.”

    • Hi Yukon Jack – wow that’s scary really…also “gps locations for every structure”….. ie the cruise missile can be sent anywhere one may be hiding…

    • I recall that, in 2008, I think, a census worker (doing pre-census reconnaissance) came up my long driveway and insisted she had to take the GPS coordinates of my front door.

      I also recall reading that the 1940 census was used to round up the Japanese on the west coast to intern them during WWII. And they claim the census is confidential, like crap it is.

      • This is the exact reason why I don’t open the door when they show up. My parents are even smarter…they put up gates. Can’t access any of their properties without a code. I am seriously considering doing the same.

        • Gates. Good idea.

          Do you (or anyone else?) think it would work well for the county tax assessor as well?

          I’ve long been a renter and found the city rental inspections to be deeply offensive and anti-American not too mention highly anti-property rights. …Other than some very slight satisfaction from resisting it, I got nowhere fighting it.

          I’ve since become a home-ower. Last year was my first visit by the tax assessor. Truthfully, I was just glad he limited his ‘search for value’ to the outside, although; he did ask questions about the inside and acted as if… if it weren’t for the covid-bullsheet he’d want to come inside and take a look around.
          It was enough for him with me telling him nothing had been changed/upgraded and the like.

          But, ever since then I’ve wondered: how is this not a search without a warrant? !!
          Should I try and deny him access to my property next time?
          How would I do so?
          Wouldn’t I just end up like that guy on the border of California who denied the fruit & wood inspectors to search his car,… and the judge threw the book at him & put him in the hoosegow?

          …Land of the flea.

          I really didn’t like how he thought he could just drive up, get out, and look around like he owned the place.
          His over lords do. But, I digress.

          • Helot,
            I was in that same position when I first bought my place here in KY. Tax assessor came [The tax man cometh!]- an obese fuck wit a huge belly, no less! Soon as he gets out of his truck and declares his business, I tell him that this is private property and that he’ll have to leave.

            He said he’d need to come to assess the property. I asked him if he had a warrant- of course he didn’t. He argued for a bit, and I reiterated that he needs to leave or I would forcibly remove him.

            “I have to get a picture of your place”.
            No, you have to leave!
            “Well I can just take a picture from down in the street”.
            Yes, you can do whatever you want out in the street, but you’re not doing it on my property, now LEAVE!!!!

            I got the minimum assessment…have the cheapest taxes around. That was 21 years ago. Still good!

            For the next year after that, I’d hear commercials on the radio [I actually used to still listen to the radio then] saying how “You are required to let the county tax assessor look around, and let him in” etc. [Just like “You must complete your census form…or you could go to jail” -Gotta keep the plebes in fear!]

            That would’ve been my hill to die on. I’d be damned if I’d let the son-of-a-bitch snoop IN MY HOME! Had no idea at the time if there’d be repurcussions, or what would happen- but I moved here from NY to get away from tyranny, and if that was my welcome, well then might as well get whatever is going to happen over with right away, ’cause I this was as far as I could go at the time.

            Heh, the tax nazi was so flustered and upset that he was shaking as he argued with me! Good thing he left when he did, as I do not own a bulldozer or a crane.

            The fact that the majority of Americans allow this and don’t fightit tooth and nail; that they submit, not only without a fight…but without so much as a squeak or complaint; and that our fathers allowed this to come about, is proof that there is no hope among these people -our fellow countrymen- of ever regaining liberty or fighting back the tyranny. We live among slaves who love their slavery.

            • Many years ago, the tax assessor (a lady) came waltzing on the property, and knocked on the door. At the time, I was still parking outside, as the heat had not been hooked up, and a make-shift heater was in the garage, with boards bolted up over where the garage door was going to be. It looked pretty ghetto, and all the better, as it was all nice & finished inside. I opened the back door just enough to see her, and sent her on her merry way. Even my neighbour, who would give you the shirt off his back in time of need, flat-out told her, “you’re nice and all, but you’re our enemy”. All we get for our tax dollars is a dumpster site, and band aide, BS road maintenance, and not much more. Even my neighbours, whose home burned down last Winter (arsonist), had to pay for what the house used to be worth the previous year, so the tax man really sticks it to you, even when you’re down.

  8. the reason for scanning….tracking deviants….

    The Road To Totalitarianism (Revisited)

    This division of society into two opposing and irreconcilable classes of people cuts across and supersedes old political lines. There are Normals and Deviants on both the Left and the Right. The global-capitalist ruling establishment couldn’t care less whether you are a “progressive,” or a “conservative,” or a “libertarian,” or an “anarchist,” or whatever you call yourself. What they care about is whether you’re a Normal or a Deviant.

    What they care about is whether you will follow orders. What they care about is whether you are conforming your perceptions and behavior and thinking to their new “reality” … the hegemonic global-capitalist “reality” that has been gradually evolving for the last 30 years and is now entering its totalitarian stage.

    consider the epithets GloboCap has conditioned the Normals to use to demonize us … “conspiracy theorist,” “science denier,” “insurrectionist,” “extremist,” “violent domestic terrorist.” None of which signify a political ideology or any political or critical position whatsoever. They signify deviation from the norm.

    Any type of deviation from the norm. They are tactical terms, devoid of meaning, designed to erase the political character of the diverse opposition to global-capitalism (or “globalism,” if you are touchy about the word “capitalism”), to lump us all into one big bucket of “deviance.”

    It is usually not a very good omen when nations — or totally unaccountable, supranational global-power systems — suddenly break out the “deviance bucket.” It is usually a sign that things are going to get ugly, ugly in a totalitarian fashion, which is precisely what has been happening for the past six years.

  9. Never seen them do that before, Eric. Did you happen to call UPS and ask them “what the hell?”? Also, you refused and the guy just kept your package?

    Seems like everyone requires an ID for everything except for voting.

  10. This is all very alarming. Here is a little idea I had read about a while back, take a magic marker and put a few extra dots on the qr code. might be worth a try…

  11. I bought some ammo, with cash, a couple of weeks ago. The clerk wanted to see my ID. I showed him my DL; I thought to verify age, even though, with my graying hair, it should be obvious I’m over 18. I figured, store policy, card everyone. But he scanned the barcode on it. The receipt had my name printed on it. So now I wonder what databases my ammo purchase went into . . .

  12. My DL recently expired. In Indiana you can still get one without Real ID yet, which is what I did. I don’t want the hassle of collecting all the things you need to get a Real ID to boot too.

    They have you sign a paper telling you that you probably won’t be able to use it to board a plane or enter a federal building after a certain date in 2023 (that date been pushed back repeatedly). Real ID is so far behind schedule I wonder when they will ditch it completely and start over with something else.

    For voting here in Lake county Indiana your DL is scanned when you sign in. So even non Real ID cards have info on them. Every traffic stop they are scanned by the cop, so even if you don’t get a ticket or warning, I bet its logged that it was scanned.

    I am still waiting for the new DL, as they MAIL them out. Yes, the US mail, so its highly secured……. So I will be lucky if its not stolen before I get it….. So you know for sure it ain’t to protect your security……

    • No, you can’t. At least, not if you come in from out-of-state with a real ID compliant license. Which I didn’t want, but was forced to get because in IA they force you to get a real ID compliant license if you come in from out of state.

      If I had the means and the time, I’d sue all the way to the Supreme Court. But I don’t.

      • Also worth noting:

        Your info is totally linked, even your library card, through the Indiana state database. Mine had expired a couple years back & I had moved in the meantime…but the library knew my new address as soon as they scanned my old card. I had not updated it with them–it auto-updated with the state records database. The one that also has my hunting & fishing licenses, car registration, and everything else.

        It’s creepy AF.

    • they scan your plates when you are driving around…or parked…so a car is another way to get tracked…there are cameras all over the place scanning your face… china they have millions of cameras…if you break a law like jay walking, they can track you down in 30 minutes…

      • **”.in china they have millions of cameras…”**

        Funny thing is, I hear that in China they pretty much leave you alone on the road, until and if you have an accident- same in many other countries. It seems that other than the English-speaking countries and a few others, they have better things to do than to make ‘criminals’ of people for every little violation of the minutest of thousands of piddling laws- like here they’re just waiting for you to have a light bulb out or do some benign nothing so they can have a reason to frick with you.

  13. Excellent, Eric! This is the type of stuff most people just mindlessly comply with, because they simply don’t care and or have no dignity left, but those of us who value our privacy and realize that self-ownership includes guarding your personal details and access to it, this is the very type of thing we must nip in the bud and not tolerate for one moment, for once you yield to it once, it is too easy to do it agai…and then again…and again, till it just becomes another routinely accepted practice which one does without even thinking about it- “OPh, just let me see your ID [Has hand out], I need to scan that for you”.

    And we live among such sheep, that when we rebuff such invasions of privacy, and tyranny, that all of the ‘tards around us say “What have you got to hide?”.

    The noose is tightening….if we don’t get out of here we’re either going to have to live in hiding….or succomb to their BS- and I refuse to do either!

  14. This isn’t so much about watching you as it is watching employees. Signatures can be faked, especially on those brown tablet pads UPS drivers use. Faking DL barcodes is a little more sophisticated, so for a little while it will be the way to prevent employee theft. During COVID the shenanigans UPS drivers weren’t getting signatures at all because of cooties and touching, so this might be the solution to that “problem” too. Either way someone wants proof that the driver actually did their job.

    The massive porch crime wave sweeping the suburbs might have had some inside assistance. After all, who’s going to risk getting a shotgun in your face over a box of laundry detergent? But if someone tips off the thief that there’s a package from Samsung or Apple on the porch, well, that’s almost a no brainer, Ring doorbell or not.

    • RK, this can’t have anything to do with porch piracy, since one has to be home and summoned to the door in order to have their DL scanned. You KNOW all of these corps are salivating to get everyone’s personal data to ‘harvest’ and use and sell…and Uncle loves it, as it’s another spy tool, as info is often handed over without warrant (even when they’re supposed to have one)- Just another way of establishing your whereabouts…now by several witnesses with memories that don’t forget (“We have cell phone data AND a UPS scan to establish that the subject was at home on the afternoon of….”) And regardless of the intent, the reality is, it just get people used to such rituals and establishes them as the norm- not to be questioned- “If you have nothing to hide”.

  15. In this neck of the woods, your driver’s license has to be scanned when purchasing Nyquil. I was so damned mad the first time the checker at the register asked me for my ID, I damned near walked out. It is because the meth heads use an ingredient in the Nyquil to make meth. So, of course, I am the criminal. Never mind that I could have walked in there with a bag, loaded it up with all the brand-name Nyquil, the store brand name, walked out the front door, and they would not have stopped me, because it would have been a low-level crime not worth prosecuting. But, because I am actually being honest, and paying for the fk-ing thing, I am punished. What a world, huh?

    • Shadow,
      Even sicker thing: In many places where you are treated like a ‘criminal’ for daring to purchase Ny-kill….a heroin addict can walk into the same store and be given free needles for hios addiction so he can be ‘safe’……. (Such is the practice in many of the leftist cities, like NY and the Gay Area in CA.)

      • Right before I had back surgery years ago, before those agonizing three months before that, I could not get pain medication from any of these damned MD’s in town, so that I could go to work and function. It pissed me off to no end. What made it even more infuriating, is that these same MD’s bend over backwards, and give the meth and heroin addict patients everything they want and then some. And yes, free needles at taxpayer’s expense! But no, I just wanted to go to work and function somewhat normally. What a screwed up world we live in. And who is the fool? Apparently me…..

  16. When I lived in the States and someone wanted an Official ID, I would show my Passport. If someone wanted my Social Security Number who had no means of checking, I would make-up one. If that someone could check, then I could not remember it. Also, my Official Residence(s) was not where I really lived.
    People used to ask me, what I was wanted for or why I was so paranoid.
    Because I could see this shit coming.

    • ‘If that someone could check [my SSN], then I could not remember it.’ — Doug

      Funny — though not normally dyslexic, in this ‘your SSN, please’ situation, I’m mysteriously prone to inverting the middle two digits. Simple oversight; could happen to anybody.

      Tragically, it happened with the closing attorney on some property I sold, who never noticed. Proceeds were reported (I presume) to the IRS using the scrambled number. From my standpoint, they just disappeared into the ether.

      As a bureaucrat would say, ‘mistakes were made.’ 🙂

  17. Synchronicity is getting weird. Yesterday at Walgreens, went to the counter with some stuff, decided I needed a pack of rolling papers. Came out of pocket with my cash and the girl demanded to see my DL. I showed it to her, and she told me to take it out, she needed to scan it.

    The answer was and always will be NO. It wasn’t booze, tobacco, guns, or ammo, but papers.. The little blue haired woke worker wouldn’t budge, I asked for the manager and was told they had to scan it, couldn’t just enter a birthdate.

    This is brand new. Last month, in the same store I picked up a pack with just the jangling change in my pocket. I Left all the shit there on the counter, so they’d have to put it back. Went to a different store and bought about 5 years worth of matches, lighters, and papers. No loyalty card no ID, Just good old fashioned cash, soon to become trash.

    Pure tyrannical lawlessness doesn’t hide its iron fist in the velvet glove no more. These TBTF corporations follow the wishes of their beast master without question. Doesn’t matter if it is destructive to their business. When you own the printing press, backed by reserve currency status, you become immune from issues of profit and loss.

    May the day come soon when the world rises in unison and says NO to King Dollah Bill. Relegating our empire to where it belongs, the trash heap of history.

    • Walgreens was one of the few places I could go where I was never challenged over showing my naked face in the store.

      So, while I don’t disagree with what you did, I’m not prepared to put them on my personal s#!t list just yet.

      • Around here, at the height of the madness, Walgreens told me I must mask up. Ignored them and went about my business and they didn’t say another word.

        The only store I will never frequent agin, ever, is Best Buy. I walked in one, in Kansas, ignored the little punk handing out masks, and three employees chased me down and escorted me out the store.

        • Oh yes. I remember going to Best Buy for something, I think my phone needed fixing or whatever. I managed to shut up the first droid by asking if they wanted my money, or not. However, at a later point several others were especially obnoxious about it & I had to leave, but I threw up a couple of middle fingers in the process. I was pretty ticked off. Haven’t spent a dime at Best Buy since then.

  18. Scan? No. A glance to verify it’s me, fine. Years ago the Peppermill Casino in Reno wanted to copy my DL during check in, I refused – you may look at it while it’s in my sight you won’t take it out of my sight. They got pissy but I did check in. What part of identity theft don’t they understand?

    Next week we have an overnight at out favorite resort, they never try to copy or scan ID now I’m wondering if this has changed.

    And why all of a sudden, everywhere?

  19. I find it ironic how they require a driver’s license to buy beer — while they’re constantly telling you not to drink and drive.

    It’s especially fucking ridiculous when you’re almost sixty. A few months ago I showed my DL to the checkout woman who lives about a block away from me. I don’t know her personally but we have both lived in a very small town for thirty years and both know each other by sight.

    I showed her my expired DL, because my new one has one of those RFID chips in it and I prefer to keep it in a Faraday pouch.

    The bitch said “I can’t accept that, it’s expired.”

    WTF, Karen.

    When I was a kid, the drinking age was 18 and if you were 16, it was “close enough.” I remember buying beer in a small country store with my buddy when we were 16 using fake ID. The chick at the counter looked at it, laughed, said “That’s fake” — and sold it to us anyway…

    • X,
      Is one assumed to have a fraudulent ID because it is expired? So last month it was a good ID and now it’s not? Did I suddenly get 50 years younger because my license expired?

    • Back in the day, my home state of PA had something called an “LCB card.” LCB stands for Liquor Control Board. It was a pretty basic photo ID (photo booth photo, laminated card stock with a squiggly background and the state seal, typed in information). You got the LCB card when you turned 21 and presented it at bars, liquor stores, etc.
      A drivers license in those days didn’t have your picture.

  20. This happened to me as well just recently…went to Fred Meyer Store (Kroger) in my neck of the woods and bought a 6-pack of beer which they now require to scan your driver’s license in order to purchase.

    This is full steam ahead for gathering data on us to be used for no good. I will find another store or perhaps I’ll pay a premium to shop with cash where scanning is not required.

  21. I have to show my DL, which is really “my papers”, when I buy beer even though I’m 75 years old. Guy at the counter says it’s to weed out the 17 year olds that look older so it’s just easier to make everyone show it, they just verify the birth date, no other info. I will absolutely refuse anyone who wants to scan it and take my business elsewhere; it’s a slippery slope indeed.

    • ‘I have to show my DL, which is really “my papers”, when I buy beer even though I’m 75 years old.’ — Mike+in+Boston

      These ‘we card everybody’ policies are Big Corporations treating their employees like mindless drones. It’s offensive to me to be carded, and offensive that the employee is treated like a dolt who can’t see that I’m over 21.

      First time I was confronted with ‘universal carding,’ at an airport restaurant, I got up and walked out.

      Walmart’s policy is ‘we card if you appear to be under 40.’ If that changes to ‘we card everybody,’ three independently-owned local stores are my fallback. Resist.

      • Hi Jim,

        Some years back – when I could still tolerate commercial air travel – I attended a Toyota long lead in California. I was waiting at LAX to catch my flight home and decided to sit at one of those bars they have inside some terminals. I just wanted coffee and place to sit. An older guy – long gray hair, appeared to be at least 60 – sat down and asked for a drink. The bartender demanded ID from this guy, who got really angry – understandably – and sarcastically asked this guy (who appeared to be maybe 25) whether he thought there was even a slight chance he was under 40. “It’s policy,” the young bartender said. The older guy said – thusly: Fuck you, twerp. I was in Vietnam before you first crapped your pants.” And he got up and left.

        I clapped.

    • MiB, same here. I had a teenage girl demand my “ID” for beer. I asked her if she thought I was under 21 [gray haired and paunchy]. She said she didn’t know and had to see it to make sure I was over 21. I then asked, since she couldn’t tell if I was over 21, if she was busy Friday night. I told her I’d like to take her out for a good time…you could actually see her skin crawl.

  22. I can kinda sorta understand if the product is a high value item. Say $10k in Gold or Silver. In which case somebody is going to be liable for the loss if the wrong person takes it. In which case viewing the ID should be quite sufficient. Unless UPS is now hiring thieves for drivers. In years past such scanning would be simply data mining, and selling, which made Google what it is. Now it bodes more sinister. Social credit scores here we come. I’m continually amused by the enmity directed at China, while the Psychopaths In Charge seek to be ever more like them.

  23. 4-5 years ago Dominos demanded to see my DL. To pick up a pizza. That I had already paid for.

    I told them that was ridiculous, walked out, and complained to corporate but I don’t think I ever got refunded and nothing came of it. Except, now I go to Pizza Hut when I want pizza for carryout.

    • Hi Publius, in my experience, given your time frame, they have saved you money.

      I see Dominoes as being just one grade above a toy or gag gift plastic slice of pizza. You can eat and poop it, but it tastes the same as that plastic toy.

  24. Same thing to enter a burger & beer joint in Utah – I refused but was “allowed” to spend some FedNotes there anyway – and every time I went to pay the Comcast cable bill in person. The peons behind the counter were miffed to no end but took my cash & then scribbled out whatever account information was on the receipt before handing it to me.

  25. Not only were these Technocrats trying to set up digital vaccine passports WORLDWIDE, they also want to implement CARBON FOOTPRINT TRACKERS for us “Useless eaters”. Considering that there wasn’t some “Big Red Wave” in last week’s (s)elections, the Biden Thing and authoritarian governors who’ve somehow miraculously retained power will likely try implementing both for the masses. If they succeed, not only will they be able to see if we’re “Up to date on our vaccinations”, they’ll also be able to see how big our CARBON FOOTPRINTS are and say we can’t buy or eat meat, use gas, etc., because we’ve “Exceeded our carbon footprint allowance” or something. Of course, they say it’s necessary because CLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMATE CHANGE, but they continue flying around in private jets to their COP ## meetings to lecture US about “Climate Change”. I’m surprised none of these clowns called for mass face diaper wearing to “Stop the exhaling of CO2 into the environment”.

    Even Joe Biden was at COP27, pledging millions of dollars to “Fight climate change”, but the money likely won’t be coming from these billionaire elitists who think they’re God and need to “Great Reset the world”; it’s likely to come from AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. These people are either insane or evil.

    • Some of these people need a good hard punch in the nose. It may take time, but their hubris will come back to bite them. Not necessarily in this world, though. Having said that, it is entertaining when the markets crash and some of them get taken down a peg or two.

  26. Is this event a UPS thing? I don’t think FedEx does this. I had to order a replacement drivers interior door handle for my ’07 Ford Fusion (flimsy plastic piece of crap btw!) and the company shipped it via FedEx with a delivery date of this past Sunday. I got a cold over the weekend so I forgot about it until late evening. I checked and FedEx had left it by my front door – no doorbell, no license checking, nothing.

  27. In September I went to a Walgreens for the first time in years. So long, in fact, the little Walgreens card they want for purchases didn’t work. The clerk wouldn’t use a courtesy card and wanted to see my DL to get me a new card. I said no way and left w/o buying anything. A DL for a store card in NJ? Who does that? A few weeks later I tried getting store cards at local grocery stores in PA while I was there. Same thing. When store cards first rolled out I signed up with J. Doe accounts or used phone numbers that I had memorized (not mine). Does everyone want a DL now? Are folks actually giving up that info? For store cards, seriously? Is it an east coast thing? No way would I give UPS , Walgreens et al. my DL. If a person can be served papers w/o showing id, UPS and stores don’t need it either.
    caadman, good on you all for stiffing Rosie’s together.

  28. I refuse to allow anyone to scan my license, although I’m usually ok with showing it to them if necessary. Even then though, what the hell happened to common sense? I’m 73 and I look it. I really need to show my ID to buy a beer? Worst one so far, went to Loves travel center a couple weeks ago to fill a propane tank,and they wanted to scan my license! Nope, I’ll find someone local who doesn’t care who I am. WTF?

  29. I already wont go to the restaurants that force customers to order using an app. The rare times i am home when a package gets delivered and they ring the doorbell that door never gets opened until after the truck leaves.

  30. All of the states were required to transition to the Real ID standard in order to have their drivers licenses accepted as credentials to board an airplane. The bar code is probably part of that, and the companies which make the readers are most likely looking for other revenue streams at places like Fedex and UPS.

    A deal cut at a big tech/C-suite conference involving steaks and Pappy Van Winkle Reserve served up by an AOC-type “shot girl” (her gig before Congress) more likely had more to do with the barcode reader purchasing decision than some Fed regulation.

  31. Saw this today at survivalblog, wow, I Did Not Know That, did you?:

    …”While stationed in West Germany back in the early 1980s, I witness a German Bundesposte (post office) VW micro-buss putting around town with a small yagi antenna sticking out of the roof. My friends in the local German Amateur Radio club explained that the van was seeking out the weak local oscillator signal from television sets. Whenever they detected a signal, the equipment operators would reference a listing of addresses that held a “TV license”. If the residence did not appear in the listing, that indicated an “illegal” TV set being used by someone without a “TV license”. Keep in mind that back then there were no independent television stations. All the television stations were state-owned and produced programming at taxpayer’s expense. Thus the requirement to have a “TV license” in order to watch the “official” television stations.
    The UK was doing the same thing. Fans of Monty Python may remember a skit involving a man who was convinced by a scam artist that he had to have a “license” for his pet fish. American viewers may not have grasped what he was talking about when the man mentions the “Cat Detector Van” that had stopped in front of his door and asked to see his “cat license”.” …

    • In the UK the tax is not charged if you don’t have a TV.

      In Germany everybody pays the tax whether or not they own a TV.
      (the tax there is actually to support both government radio & TV)

  32. After having lived in the shit hole known as San Diego, I’ve become accustomed to not answering the door unless I’m expecting someone. Ever. If it’s anyone I know, they have my number and can call me — then I’ll open the door.

    UPS/FedEx guy rings the door bell all the time. I wait until I hear a truck rumble away and then go get my package. And that’s only on the weekend or maybe Fridays if I’m home early.

    Because fuck ’em and fuck every door-to-door pest control, solar panel, boy scout, and everybody else that I don’t know. If I don’t know you and I’m not expecting you, then WTF are you doing ringing my door bell?

    I give my good friends a key to my house and an alarm code. Only a small handful of such people but I really don’t mind people that I know and like coming by… even if I might not be prepared. That’s fine.

    If it gets to the point where Amazon needs an ID scanned for random shit, I don’t know how that’s ever gonna work. They mostly deliver when I’m at work and see above re the weekend.

    Heck, if I ever have to sign for an important package and they demand an ID. I’m gonna bring my passport to the door. Suck on that MFer! It’s valid ID!

    “I seem to have misplaced my driver’s license. Sorry.”

  33. Hey Eric, a few months ago we went to Rosie’s in Vinton.. We all had to have our drivers license which were scanned. One person in our group was denied entry because her DRIVERS LICENSE had expired by a few days. It did not matter that she had other forms of ID ( concealed carry permit ) a 55 year old US citizen was not allowed entry. We all left, never to return again.

    • Hi caadman,

      Thanks for relaying that – as Vinton is in my neck and now I know about another place to not go to, ever. This stuff spreads like cancer, which is what it is. Cancer leads to death – and so will this.

  34. So, did the ups guy really deny you your package? Or, did he cave & give it to you anyway?

    This conditioning of the masses to accept having to show your “papers please” has been incrementally ramping up on the margins for a long time.

    40 to 80 yr. olds get “asked” for an ID at the grocery stores & big box stores in order to purchase: alcohol, tobacco, and even spray cans of paint or BIC lighters, among a few others which escapes me at the moment.

    Sometimes, there’s a contest of sorts when the customer says in response to being “asked” for ID, “no, you don’t need to see my ID” or, “What? Are you retarded, or something? Do I Really Look Like I Am anywhere even remotely close to 18-freakin’-years-old?”

    7 times out of ten, the response is ~, “It’s the rules.” Or, some such.

    The slippery slope.

    Anyway, it’s often at the margins where “the rules” get expanded.


    • “Here’s my ID”
      ::Racks shotgun::
      “Now drop the package and move on to the next house.”

      As tempting as this might be, there might be serious consequences for this.

      30-40 years ago, at least in some of the more rural areas, people could and did get by with this kind of stuff.


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