Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 11/22/2022

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Here’s the audio of my weekly conclave with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. We talked about the importance of vowing never to wear a Face Diaper again – ever –  as well as the Orange Barchetta!

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  1. Note to Eric: I don’t know if you caught this headline, but Pfizer CEO was at an ADL award ceremony and actually called Alex Jones “evil”.

    Watch out for the ADL, Eric, they are bad news. The ADL is evil if they give mass murderer Albert Bourla their top reward.

    What kind of hateful organization gaslights us to give a vaxx mass murderer awards for a job well done? Bourla should be in prison.

    This ADL award to Bourla follows the million dollar Israeli Noble Peace prize he got earlier in the year.


    “To save a human life is a fundamental Jewish value. Today we honor Dr. Bourla – a living embodiment of this ancient Jewish principle.” – Founder and Chairman of The Genesis Prize Foundation, Stan Polovets

    (now that’s some mega gas lighting)

    An attentive mind would draw the conclusion that these Jewish organizations and State of Israel are in cahoots with Pfizer and their death jab. It’s a big round robin back slapping.

    And it even gets better with these people, FTX Bankman character, who defrauded thousands out of billions is not arrested for his crypto money laundering crimes, he is scheduled to speak in NYC Nov. 30th:

  2. Eric,
    They are evil. They are malignant. Because they are psychopaths. The mostly, or even marginally sane among us can’t comprehend what psychopaths are capable of. Que Ted Bundy. Which leads too many to think “they can’t possibly be THAT evil. There has to be SOME legitimacy to what they say and do”. There are, and there isn’t.

  3. Eric, you mention how it is critical to understand that CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmospheric gases, and human contribution is only a small fraction of that. Here is a chart that shows it graphically:

    Human caused (anthropocentric) CO2 atmospheric gas is 0.117% chart:

    (notice that water vapor is 96% and not mentioned by the climate liars)

    And this chart is a wall hanger, really, everyone should print this out in color and hang it on your wall in your study area – because it shows how grim ice age conditions are, CO2 is below 200 ppm and plants die at those levels, and that creates huge dust storms.

    Ice Age chart CO2 levels below critical 200ppm, dust storms dominate, and that the previous interglacial temperatures were far higher than the current Holocene

    The fact is that CO2 at current levels of 415 ppm are at bare recovery levels – which is causing the greening of the planet – which means plants are optimized to grow at much higher CO2 levels.

    • Thanks Jack –

      The real problem, I think, is apathy – and innumeracy. So many people don’t care – and others are too ignorant (or stupid) to understand. They are like not-bright children who are told to fear a bogeyman.

      And do,


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