Digital Lexington?

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In history, there are events that are better described as turning points. Examples include the Tsar’s Imperial Guard firing on ordinary (and unarmed) Russians assembling to petition him about their grievances outside the winter palace in St. Petersburg in 1905. The revolution that deposed the Tsar and installed Lenin and his communists did not occur for another 12 years but it arguably began for real on that cold day in 1905. The Tsar was seen from that day on as someone with malicious intentions who could not be bargained with but only submitted to.

Americans are more familiar with a similar event that occurred in 1775 at a place called Lexington, in what was then still the colony – or province – of Massachusetts. The British authorities sent troops to disarm the militias that had formed in response to Massachusetts having been declared to be in a state of rebellion against the British authorities. The colonial militia resisted with force and so began what became the war.

Lexington was more like the Rubicon in that once the British crossed it – so to speak – there was no turning back.

As in Russia in 1905, it was either submit – or fight.

A similar even may be developing that will present the same awful choice, which we will have to make, for one or the other. It is the push to convert physical and so “free range” cash into digital currency and thus us into feed lot cattle.

The Biden Thing proposes to have the “Federal” Reserve (i.e., the private banking cartel that has controlled the nation’s money since 1913 and has been charging the government – that is, us – interest on money it creates out of thin air since that time, creating what people style “inflation,” as if it were a a natural and uncontrollable phenomenon) “explore” the possibility of introducing digital currency in the U.S.

When the government says “explore” it always means intends.

The “explore” part is only intended to give the cattle the impression that a kind of benevolent discussion is to be had, with no decisions yet made. Just a friendly bantering about. It is of a piece with being “asked” to pay what is often called your “fair share.”

Make no mistake about their intentions.

This is our latter-day Lexington (and Concord). Our being fired upon by the Tsar’s troops. The Fed – which has controlled the government via controlling the money since at least 1913 – intends to control us utterly.

It is not enough that we are obliged to pay taxes to pay the Fed interest on the debt it has  draped around our necks for “loans” we never took out – on money that was literally created out of thin air. Not enough that whatever we have left is continually devalued by the Fed, which (along with those lamprey-insiders who swim alongside) cashes in on its ability to print money and use it first, before it devalues, so as to buy things for less so that we pay more for everything.

Everything we do is to be controlled to the nth degree by establishing absolute control over our ability to buy and sell. It is a power the Fed has lacked up to now, even though it utterly controls the supply of money. But once you have money, you have been free to use it as you like.

Including – critically – anonymously.

We still have the freedom to pay cash for things, which means the government – which serves as the Fed’s rabid German shepherd – cannot easily be sicced on us because it has no way of knowing we have the cash or have used the cash. It is possible to buy a gun with cash, for instance – and no one knows about it except you and the person you bought it from. It is possible to financially support a cause you believe important without worrying about the government knowing about it.

It is possible, in brief, to live without submitting to the government – and those who control it.

To understand what digitized money would mean, imagine the past three years, especially the first two of them, had there been digital money and the absolute power to not only know what you were buying and selling as you bought and sold – down to the tip you just left in the jar at the coffee shop (scratch that, because there would be no tip jar; instead you’d debit a tip and the government would know exactly how much and exactly when and where) but also to control all of your buying and selling.

Your ability to buy tied to an app on your phone – this is how digitized money would work – that would only work if the government allowed it, which it would only allow if you obeyed.

You would be obliged to carry that phone, so that the government would know where you are and when – including when it says you’re not allowed to be there.

Defy the next “lockdown”? Walk out of your house without a “mask”? Refuse to click your heels and immediately line up to be “vaccinated”? No more cash for you.

Because no more cash for you.

Your digital money is only good when the government says it is – and only for what the government says, when it says. You may already have read about the “exploration” of not allowing people to “exceed their carbon allotment” by purchasing things the government says contribute to “climate change.” Like gasoline, for instance. Or a vehicle that uses gas.

Or meat, for that matter.

There is no understating the nature of this looming crisis. As bad as things are, they could become infinitely worse. So long as our ability to buy and sell is not under their control, they cannot control us utterly. Once we lose that ability, we will have lost everything. Including our ability to resist without actually fighting. Our choice when ordered to obey will be to submit – to everything, to the nth degree – or be starved and worse.

It means a fight, then.

One few of us want but which all of us who will not live as feed lot cattle have no choice but to fight, if this fight is forced upon us.

. . .

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  1. Central Bank Digital Currency Is The Endgame, Part 1

    Central bank digital currency (CBDC) will end human freedom. Don’t fall for the assurances of safeguards, the promises of anonymity and of data protection. They are all deceptions and diversions to obscure the malevolent intent behind the global rollout of CBDC.

    Central Bank Digital Currency is the most comprehensive, far-reaching, authoritarian social control mechanism ever devised. Its “interoperability” will enable the CBDCs issued by various national central banks to be networked to form one, centralised global CBDC surveillance and control system.

    Should we allow it to prevail, CBDC will deliver the global governance of humanity into the hands of the bankers.

    The purpose of CBDC is to establish the tyranny of a dictatorship. If we allow CBDC to become our only means of monetary exchange, it will be used enslave us……..Be under no illusions: CBDC is the endgame.

    The more personal identification data you share with the central bank and its state partners, the sweeter your permitted use of CBDC will be. It all depends upon your willingness to comply. Failure to comply will result in you being unable to function as a citizen and ensure that you are effectively barred from mainstream society.

    If we simply concede to the rollout of the CBDC, the concept of the free human being will be distant memory. Only the first couple of post CBDC generations will have any appreciation of what happened. If they don’t deal with it, the future CBDC slavery of humanity will be inescapable.

  2. Nigerians Not Eager To Embrace Central Bank Digital Currency

    Nigerians recently took to the streets to protest a cash shortage caused by government policies adopted in order to push the country into the adoption of its central bank digital currency (CBDC).

    Protesters attacked bank ATMs and blocked streets, and demonstrations turned violent in some cities, people killed….

    Nigeria has been struggling with a shortage in physical cash since the central bank began to swap old bills of the local naira currency for new ones,

    In December, the central bank limited cash withdrawals to 100,000 naira (US$225) per week for individuals and 500,000 naira ($1,123) for businesses… being phased out

    The Central Bank of Nigeria launched its CBDC, called the eNaira, in the fall of 2021. Last October, Bloomberg reported that only about 0.5% of Nigerians had adopted the digital currency.

    Ironically, about 50% of Nigerians use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin….non government

    The elimination of cash creates the potential for the government to track and even control consumer spending. Digital economies would also make it even easier for central banks to engage in manipulative monetary policies such as negative interest rates.

    China, India, and the US have all launched pilot programs to test CBDCs.
    “the path to becoming a surveillance state regime will accelerate considerably” if and when a digital currency is issued.

  3. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    I like the “abolish” part

  4. one main object of Technocracy, aka Sustainable Development, is to transfer resources from the hands and ownership of people and their representative institutions into the hands of a global common trust operated by the global elite.

    When David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973 to create a “New International Economic Order”, grabbing resources became the master plan and Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, became the means to that end.

    Cities don’t have physical resources like farming, minerals, timber, etc. Rather, it is the rural areas of the world where such resources are found and developed.

    So, to prepare for taking over large swaths of rural areas, Technocrats developed two coordinated strategies: First, move people from rural to urban settings and second, keep them there.

    The United States contains 2.27 billion acres of land. The federal government owns some 650 million acres, representing over 28% of our total land mass. Most federal land is in the western states, which are rich with natural resources. The U.S. Constitution does not provide for broad federal land ownership, but that has not stopped the government from ever-expanding its portfolio. Apologists for federal ownership use the justification that the American people actually own those acres, but in fact much of the federal property is completely inaccessible to the public.

    In China, where Technocracy reigns, land grab policies are more direct. For instance, China unveiled a plan in 2014 to summarily move 250 million farmers off their land by 2026 and into megacities that had already been constructed but sat vacant. The vacated farm land is being combined into giant factory farms to be operated by advanced technology such as agricultural robots and automated tractors. Ostensibly, the farmers who refuse to leave will be helped along with the barrel of a gun.

    Once relocated into cities of the government’s choosing, these farmers will fall into a social engineering machine that will continuously surveil them, track them, assign social credit scores to limit their access to privileges, etc. They will never regain enough resources or mobility to leave their assigned cities. In other words, they will be trapped.

    Original Technocrats viewed people as nothing more than resources on the same level as animals and natural resources on the planet. Their goal was – and still is – to apply “science” to the efficient balancing of resources by controlling production of goods and services as well as their consumption. The objects of this social engineering would have no more control over their own lives than the cattle in a feedlot.

  5. The elite nobility running the WEF say everybody must be impoverished (except them), to fight their fake science climate change.

    The WEF uses their WEF owned/bribed politicians everywhere to implement their agendas…

    They will save the environment/planet over the dead bodies of the poor, who will be pushed off the economic cliff into the abyss by their agendas…but….. they say the ends justify the means…

    ‘The Government Is Trying To Kill Us Now’: Low-Income Americans Fume In Mile-Long Food Lines After Pandemic Benefits End

    • Biden’s Climate Change Czar, John Kerry, already said last year that “Fighting climate change” would take MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Translation: THEY want MORE MONEY from the masses for it. These psychopaths are proving to be a modern day dark force out to “Kill, steal, and destroy.” As if that wasn’t enough, the Biden Thing also sent BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev!” over the past year and pledged even MORE MONEY to “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev!” on Presidents’ Day last month. However, ALL that money WON’T be coming out of HIS pocket.

  6. Sorta off-topic, but yet somewhat related:

    I stumbled across some videos made by expats living in the Philippines (No…I ruled out that locale long ago…but just enjoy watching for edumacational purposes). I thought it was funny how not a one of them so much as mentioned a word about masking or vax mandates, etc. It’s like no one gives the least little damn- until I came across this one:

    This guy mentioned that in the cities about EIGHTY percent of the people are still masking! In the more remote areas, on the outer islands it’s about forty percent- and he mentions how the people are all prepared to do it again, and that with the under-40 crowd, it’s just accepted as part of the culture now! Truly disgusting! Glad to at least see one vlogger addressing it though- and a Canadian at that…… At least he warns: “If that bothers you, don’t come to the Philippines”. (And the vid was posted one day ago!).

    What alarms me most, is that I watch a lot of expat vids, and except for this one, virtually no one even addresses such things…they utterly don’t care!! How easily mankind has been subverted…… [puke]

  7. CBDC just another directive from the WEF for the WEF owned politicians to implement…

    schwab will use AI bots to run the prison cities…..

    Jordan Peterson: Prediction For 2023, WTF!

    About AI bots getting far smarter and taking over…..the control group on top will be using more AI bots to do things humans were doing

    schwab says there is only 3 classes of people …. them…the elites…serfs and slaves…
    so…the serfs and slaves can be replaced by AI bots?…….

    The control group has already labeled humans as an invasive species destroying the planet, that has to be dealt with…..1st corral them in 15 min cities where they can be processed and then dealt with.

  8. War against Russia in Ukraine being waged as an Executive order. It’s an impeachable offense in that it violates the War Powers act and the clowns in Congress do nothing.

    this cbdc is a similar breach. article 1 Sec 8 & 10 Congress does nothing.

    • Speaking of this war against Russia, Martin Armstrong has a post titled “We need to question who authorized this act of war”……We sure do, as the Biden Thing has us dangerously close to nuclear war, all for “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!” What next, will Biden heed Zelensky’s near call to have AMERICAN troops sent to “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!” or perhaps bring back the draft and/ or send their political enemies there?

      • Someone correct me if I am wrong, but the last legally declared war (by Congress) was World War 2. All others since then have technically been illegal. But hey, who cares about the Constitution and Bill of Rights these days? Anymore, our politicians merely use it as toilet paper.

        • Indeed, Shadow –

          We’re essentially at war right now in Keeeeeeeeeeev. Where did the Biden Thing get the constitutional authority to sen money and military supplies to a foreign belligerent? Never mind…

          • The Biden Thing can hardly walk up a flight of stairs. He sure as hell does not govern much of anything. I figure it is Obama and Valerie Jarrett (and the Commie-Democratic party) who are really controlling everything. Biden would be just damned dumb enough to take the fall if sh** ever hit the fan.

        • Such happens when you depend upon a piece of paper, that does not even provide for its own enforcement, to restrain psychopaths from inflicting tyranny upon you. Practically everything FedGov does is technically illegal. And a great many StateGovs as well. Of course we have always been governed by criminals, so we shouldn’t be surprised. All governments depend upon their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. There is nothing benevolent about them. They are malevolent by design.

  9. We use cash for everything outside of reoccurring monthly bills. I lost that argument with my lovely bride years ago. She likes us to have cash around, she just doesn’t like to spend it, I’m more of a spend it if you got it type. You never know when the music will end, the supply chain implode, leaving us in a cargo cult world.

    Cash for gas, groceries, hardware store, car parts, eating out, hookers and blow, and any other purchases not on autopay is the ticket. our credit cards have 0 balances and mostly stay locked in a safe. I stocked up on ammo again at a recent gun show, really don’t need more its just trying to find places to park money other than banks, stocks, and Realestate.

    Sadly as with most things freedom related, only 10-20% understand the value of acquiring, holding, and spending physical cash. If it goes down to the marrow with the deranged a hole elites, I expect a new deadly variant. Dollah Dollah Bill Yo will be the contagion. Those who use him will be the new evil enemy along with the “Virus.” Just like last time when we refused their useless masks. As their power and control slips away they will become desperate. If they are insane enough to try this, it’ll be ‘Fellas its been good to know ya.’

    • “I stocked up on ammo again at a recent gun show, really don’t need more”
      There is no such thing as too much ammo. Who runs out first is often the deciding factor in a gun fight, or in an armed resistance. One reason why years ago I adopted most of my gun and ammo purchases to 9mm and 223/5.56. That’s what the enemy uses, and its nice to use their own ammo against them. All successful guerilla operation depends upon the enemy for supply.

      • Since we wont be going toe to toe with the enemy a little goes a long way. You are correct though, about never having too much. I recognize the enemies preferred pronouns of 223/5.56 and 9mm and have weapons that run on this. Still deeply partial to 7.62/39, guess that makes me a Russia lover. Also 3030 and 30.06 will do. Its as those old boys at Front Sight always used to say “Any gun will do, if you’ll do.”

      • Four years ago I went to a gun show in a small town, the room was about 50 yards x 30 yards, jammed packed with people & tables. Elbow to elbow.

        Went to the same show a week ago, there was maybe six 2’x4′ tables and probably only 15 people in the room. A bit weird, that.
        …Walked out empty handed.

        • That sucks. This one was in Wichita. Haven’t been to to one so well stocked and attended since Vegas shot show days. Only a few hundred tables, but none of the usual crap. Most all guns and ammo. Lots of old antique type revolvers and rifles. Lots of veterans, veteran owned booths, made a couple new friends in the process. Walked out with two spam cans of 7.62×39. Wife was impressed that i came home with most of my cash still in my pocket.

        • Went to one in Grand Forks, North Dakota last weekend. After buying a ticket out front (odd…) I walked around the corner and found a metal detector/checkpoint. The zip tied my EDC 380 and took my mag until I left. Insane beyond words. And intolerable- I won’t be back.

          • Oh. So that’s what they mean when they say they have a check-in at the door.

            I think they do that here, too.

            Creepy & intolerable.

  10. Re: sending arms makes nation less secure..RG

    There is suspicion out there that N. America is getting set up for invasion @ .26:11 in video….

    18.06 war

    7.12 wef smart phone in your body

    7.35 wef says carbon credit monitor

    9.28 upload your brain to the cloud….your body gets recycled….

    12.40 supply chain food supply/inflation weaponize food

    17.50 china infiltrate

    19.38 injection setup for invasion

    21.06 spies china

    23.20 preparing invasion

    25.55 china financing russia ukr

    26.11 invade n amer

    26.39 chinese weapons coming south border

    27.42 moving icbm covid

    29.38 defector divide n amer

    31.50 bomb radiation

    36.10 ukraine china and russia

    37.07 russian nicaragua

    38.26 ccp infiltrate gov

    38.55 attack….. injection first get rid of alpha males….. feminize males

    40.12 wipe out leaders sold out

    43.25 us in ukraine war china russia

    43.42 invasion beta males no resistance reason for gun control

    44.22 can’t defend country gun control

    45.10 weapon production

    46.12 chinese in n america have to back china

    47.25 china double cross wef

    49.47 destabilize politician want invasion then un/china

    54.50 russia with china don’t want to be target

    55.19 russia target later

    55.50 russia doesn’t want trans woke bs

    • maybe that is the plan……..@ 9.28 in video… upload your brain to the cloud….then your body gets recycled….you would be less of a nuisance uploaded into the cloud…the next step after the 15 minute city/ghetto…

      for the few remaining useless eaters, after their 7 billion cu ll.

      so what is there to do in the 15 min city/ghetto…this…

      turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

      they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

      the dissenting and disenfranchised will find themselves branded as “terrorists”, gathered up into the box cars, and shipped away to be disappeared by the millions.

      Clean, efficient, cheap elimination, sustainable and always environmentally friendly. And it will be at that point, in these cramped box cars, within these hot and stinking quarters during that collective silence where time is suspended between repeating clanks of iron on iron and the hypnotic rhythm of the carriage roll, it is here where “of the people” will ponder upon why they did not wake up, why they did not wise up, and why they did not rise up.

      And so these thoughts go, box car after box car, train after train, day after day. And as the trains slow into the camps, “of the People” will finally experience the epiphany of just how few individuals there were who ruled over the world, but will also discover too late just how few bu…ll,,,,,ets would have fixed things early, how little blood need be shed to derail this Road to Zero.

  11. The Attack Of The Subversive Elites

    The idea that there are madmen in our midst who intend on world domination is no surprise, there has always been. Alexander The Great, Attila The Hun, Napoleon, Hitler, George Bush, Genghis Khan, etc.. What all of these megalomaniacs have in common is that waged war upon and conquered other nations and peoples on behalf of their own, not one waged war against and intentionally destroyed their own nation and it’s citizens. That is light years beyond madness.

    This arrogant creep is worse than them all. He represents no particular country and is intent upon destroying the peoples and nations of the world and remaking them in his twisted image. He represents no God or religion, does not believe in individual freedoms/rights/liberties, nor national identities, and advocates human genocide… Yet, amazingly, he and his group have major political, corporate, and even individual support and he advocates these agendas out in the open. During normal times he would not be free to roam the streets.

    How is this so? Have the western citizens been so spoiled by the comfort of their $10 lattes, SUVs, cruises, homes, and 95″ TVs that they dare not do anything that they perceive will upset their imagined perfect existence? If so, they will be the most surprised and will lose the most when their tidy little world gets turned upside down by this madman and his comrades while they’re watching America’s Got Talent… Fools…

    These demonrats (and Rinos) should be charged with treason along with the FBI. We are under attack and considered domestic terrorists. Whites are targeted for genocide. We are a:

    kakistocracy (/kækɪˈstɒkrəsi/, /kækɪsˈtɒ-/) is a government run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens

    • Yes there were ambitious leaders in the past but nothing surprasses a small (population wise) culture that has methodically plotted world conquest for centuries and continues to do so., It’s all in the Talmud and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and we are in the final stages. And there’s likely nothing that can be done about it. I once read in a comment thread that a guy asked his normally jovial jewish friend if jews really controlled the world.. His friend paused for a moment and became very serious. He said yes we do and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. I believe that story.

  12. Disrupting 15 Minute Cities

    UN SDG…… 17 sustainable development goals that have to be met by 2030 by member states..
    Pushed by the government through regulations and through corporations through ESG…

    clintons involved…look out……Efforts to pilot the 15-minute city in practice are largely driven by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, in 2006, it merged with the Clinton Climate Initiative.

  13. In the 15 minute cities CBDC…..

    Social Credit Brazilian Style: All UBI Recipients Must conform

    CBDCs …central bank digital currency….will be the rails for UBI programs….CBDCs will have expiry dates after which their value will evaporate or erode….

    CBDC Anti-hoarding” features
    Saving for the future is being rebranded as “hoarding” and it is becoming officially unfashionable because personal savings reduces dependancy on the state.

    Total Information Awareness
    Once it’s digitized in a centralized database (central banks) …… everything becomes known to central authorities instantly. Taxation can be applied per-transaction,

    Social Credit Systems
    Instead of emailing a list of bank accounts to be frozen that were cribbed from a (hacked) spreadsheet, they could simply direct the Bank to turn off everybody’s digital wallets who were in the vicinity of the protest, or who contributed to their crowdfund,

    Carbon footprint tracking
    Back in Carbon Rationing, CBDCs and Sound Money ……. how this trajectory is more or less baked-in now, and that the state-run financial system is undergoing a shift from a debt-backed monetary system to one based on carbon quotas.
    (there’s already a Mastercard that cuts off your spending when you exceed your carbon quota),

    the solution is not to need financial aid.
    Anybody depending on state entitlements or financial support will be CBDCerfs, their affairs fully regulated by the state, their carbon footprints metered, and rationed, while their lives are gamified through their smartphones.

    Among the affluent G20 nations where woke-ism reigns supreme and neo-Marxism is fashionable, a lot of them may even like it.

    the rest of us, who would prefer not to “own nothing and be happy”, it’s imperative that you have zero reliance on government subsidies, entitlements or support payments…..start a business…

    Switzerland is about to vote into law that cash cannot be banned, so the next best thing to gold will be Swiss Francs

  14. We already have the Banker Tax.

    That’s the 3-5%+ that gets folded into any credit card purchase. More and more “cash” price for gas is as much as 10cents less. I rarely pay by credit card at restaurants and almost never include a tip on a CC. (if the service is crap I’ll tip on CC and my revenge).

    Instead of converting us all to digital, this has the potential to create the largest “black” market in the history of mankind. Paper and coinage will be THE medium for personal transactions.

    History has shown that these control freaks wreak havoc for a while but, always get flushed down the toilet of history.

    • There is a lot of non-government organized crime going on, and the perpetrators of that will not abide a digital currency. And they have lots of resources to make them a major player in opposing its implementation. Including “officials” and “experts” in their pockets, or subjects of blackmail.
      The black market is the only free market there is, at the moment.

  15. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the americans today are not the americans of the past that loved liberty. Go shopping,,, look around,,, it’s self explanatory. Hell, the military cannot find enough ‘men’ or ‘women’ fit for recruiting and those that are want nothing to do with the wok military. Who wants to be chased around the showers for a little playtime.

    Most americans will gladly accept ANY form of currency so long as they get their ADC, WIC, and free housing etc and they don’t care one teeny bit about freedoms. Went in to Lowes the other day,,, lines at the ‘self checkout’ while two lanes with checkers were open and empty. American’s love this shit!

    I wish it were true but today’s americans are far from the tough, liberty minded people that fought the revolution. If they don’t mind pedophiles groping their children at airports, locked down and forced to take experimental untested injections over a fake virus then IMHO a digital currency won’t bother them at all.

    • I wonder if this is a regional thing: “lines at the ‘self checkout’ while two lanes with checkers were open and empty.”

      …Cause, every time I go to the store, any store (unless all the lines are equally packed) it’s just the opposite.

      That said, I certainly get your drift.

      • You’re just another Spartan serf living in government housing, that is what helots do

        I’m being laconic here.

        There is some humor in everything all of the time.

  16. A couple of comments:
    During WW2 after the fall of Germany, there was no government except for the Allies occupation and relief efforts. People who wished things traded with the soldiers in tobacco. The soldiers had tobacco and Germans traded for it then used it as money to trade things amongst themselves. When new shipments of tabaco arrived from the US in theory this should have caused inflation as the value of tabaco should have dropped due to increase of supply, but that did not happen. The soldiers and populace smoked the excess back to where it had approximately the same value in trade. So tabaco has intrinsic value and is transportable as a commodity of exchange. We all need to start growing tabaco and mota as our new currency of exchange when they implement this tyranny.

    Second comment: If the government can decree that there will be no more currency and use the Fed as its implementation then, the Fed is (and always been) the governments bank. In that case, if there are any Ron Paul’s left when this happens, then the citizens through their government representatives can tell the Fed that since we borrowed money from ourselves being the Fed as the government’s bank, then we have decided not to pay ourselves back the loans we borrowed, and they can go pound sand. Will this happen? Not likely since we have cowards in congress except for a corporal’s guard of decent Americans.

    • Not only tobacco, but distilled spirits and food grown and raised by individuals. I expect the barter system will be the “new” black market and part of the reason the Regime wants 86,000 new IRS jack-booted thugs to be used in crackdowns. It’s interesting from history that Germany was defeated but not as well know was that the NAZI’s themselves were not. They were “absorbed” by the allies by a government action called “Operation Paperclip”; supposedly for their advanced rocket technology. They also infused their ideology into our government like a virus and it looks like they’re come to power again. The combination of an all powerful central government working hand-in-glove with large corporations is just like the conditions experienced in Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. We have that here….now!

      • Sounds to me like 86K ‘agents’ is by design. Here’s the numbers:
        “2017, the Census of Governments indicates that below the federal government and the 50 states (and the District of Columbia), there are 90,075 local governments in the United States, of which 3,031 county governments, 19,495 cities or municipalities (incorporated local governments); 16,253 townships governments and 51,296 special purpose governments.”
        I don’t know what special purpose govs are. The large majority of these local gov’s and township govs (meaning the people in them) will not put up with a fed ‘agent’ in their mix.

        • Hi Chris,

          The IRS is looking to hire 86K agents over the next 10 years. The reason for this (and I am not saying I agree with it..I just understand it) is that 50% of the current IRS agents (which now total around 78K) are going to retire in the next 2-5 years. So roughly 39K already have one leg out the door.

          Do I believe government is bloated? Absolutely. But as a tax accountant it has been absolute hell in trying to get an agent to correspond via mail or on the phone to solve a client’s tax issues over the last three years. There are taxpayers who still have not gotten their 2019 and 2020 refunds…money that is theirs and should be returned to them. This also means there have been correspondence letters from the agency that have resulted in erroneous fees and taxes that have been assigned to small businesses and individual taxpayers that are going unanswered, but the nastygrams are still showing up threatening their bank accounts and livelihoods. FYI: Most of this is from the 30 million + docs that they agency decided to shred back in March 2021 before they processed them.

          There is not enough hands-on deck to solve the current issues. I am not the least bit worried about an IRS law enforcement officer showing up at the door. I am worried about a taxpayer being unfairly liened due to a problem that wasn’t theirs because no one on the other side has the time, expertise, or common sense to make it happen.

          Just an FYI: The IRS has tried to hire close to 12K agents during COVID…so far, they have hired about 4200. It is a miserable place to work, morale is low, many don’t have the training to solve problems, management has tied most agents’ hands from making decisions, and turnover is overwhelming. The IRS is an agency that provides a glimpse of what will happen when we have AI/computers handling the show and not real-life human beings.

          It will be down right frightening.

          • I have no idea how big the Internal Revenue Code is now, but its a LOT bigger than it was when I did have an idea, and there is no way in hell it can be equitably applied, regardless how many people are thrown at it, if it was a moral thing in the first place. Isn’t it remarkable, God only required ten laws to govern Israel, but the FedGov has thousands upon thousands upon multiples of thousands?

  17. This coming digitization would not be possible had everyone resisted getting a ‘smart phone’* which tracks you and mines all of your data. Talk about the consent of the governed! It seems the motto of most Americans “I know, I just don’t care”. Sadly, too many Libertarians have also failed to resist, trading liberty for a little convenience. The only fighting at the new Lexington will be at the local Walmart, over who can be first to get the latest iPhone.

    [*= In a Bernie Koppell (as Sigfried The KAOS agent from the old Get Smart sit-com) “Not so schmart, Schmart!”]

    • But muh work and/or muh booty calls! Had to fire my old school mechanic who no longer takes calls only texts. This guy who was cash/check only, who fought the sales tax on labor thing tooth and nail (lost, now charges) but can’t/won’t take a call from my landline. New mechanic is a younger guy whose wife answers the phone.

    • The addiction to “convenience” is overwhelming to me. It appears most people will do anything to satisfy it. It’s too much trouble to go through a check out line, when you can just scan your items with our cell phone and be done? Seriously? Too much trouble to insert your credit/debit card in a reader when you can just wave it at the box and be done?

      • Amen, John –

        There must be something in the water… I do not “get” – on a core/emotional level – why anyone would want a pushbutton ignition rather than a key, a powered liftgate (unless you have physical problems, but that’s different) or any form of “assistance” driving a car…

        • “pushbutton ignition” <- my 20-something nephew calls that, "the ignighter".

          If it doesn't make the car start, he panics.
          He's a born & bred gammer. Loves the shoot 'em up type games yet is often afraid to drive & didn't get a drivers license until he was 19.

          …Yah, I don't get it either.

        • Eric: “– why anyone would want a pushbutton ignition
          rather than a key…”

          Convenience: Don’t have to hunt for keys to open the
          vehicle door or for ignition. Key fob stays in my pocket.

          Keys scratch the steering column

          Too many issues about keys

          Unlike most “new” vehicle items such as turbos,
          auto stop/start, direct injection, I’ve experienced
          no downsides with my vehicles which all have
          pushbutton ignition (circa 2012).

          • Hi liberty,

            Yes, a slight convenience. At considerable cost – in complexity as well as money. Some key fobs cost hundreds to replace. None cost as little as having a metal key cut. A metal key can and often does last decades. The lock it turns is a simple mechanical device.

            I still have the original keys to my ’76 TA…

  18. Does anyone believe digital currency will come to fruition? Seriously, the government has taken 20+ years just to get a Real ID implemented. This country is still at the mercy of taking off our shoes and going through an Xray machine to get on a plane. Does it make us any safer? Nope, but you can tell who practices good foot hygiene, who wears ugly socks, and get a nice dose of radiation while you are at it.

    Will they introduce digital currency? Of course. What happens after the first hack and millions (if not billions) of American taxpayer funds have disappeared? Who does one call? Will the Federal Reserve be on standby?

    Cash will not disappear. There are bigger and badder dudes who will see that it does not…the drug cartels, the gangs, the banks, Hunter Biden, the Mafia, etc. Many, many people make a living in dealing with cash only. Does one think the NJ or NY Mafias are going to sit on their hands and let the federal government demolish their businesses? Jay Powell would have to sleep with one eye open and his 45 under his pillow and that still won’t save him.

    Can any of us name one government regulation or institution that has been successful? Everything they touch they destroy. Prohibition? How did that work out for them? Firearms? That one has been successful (sarc). They can’t even keep eggs from coming over the Southern Border, not to mention fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, etc. Let’s not fail to mention the amount of human border crossings from Canada, Mexico, and via waterway from Cuba and Haiti?

    How are they going to stop cash? They aren’t. Because a large amount of men and women who make their living from cash will make sure they don’t…and I am rooting for them.

    • Can any of us name one government permawar that has been successful?

      Multiple sources, both Western and Russian, say that Bakhmut in the Donbas is about to be evacuated by the Ukies.

      Incredible: it took less than 19 months for “Biden’s” utter humiliation in evacuating Kabul to be repeated at Bakhmut, despite tens of billions pumped into ‘our’ shambolic Ukie puppet gov.

      Be the first one on your block …

      • RE: ““Biden’s” utter humiliation”

        What if The Plan isn’t what it looks like on the surface?
        What if both sides are in cahoots?
        What if The Plan is to drain the NATO alliance of arms & materials?
        What if it’s actually a success?

        …Who knows?

        • It is a success…for the other side. This is what happens when Americans elect idiots (or those who control the ballots do). Stupid people are played and then bankrupted or in this case, the Amercian and European taxpayers who keep writing checks, but have no say in what they are allocated to.

          We spent (and sent) over $62 billion dollars to Ukraine in 2022. I am sure 2023 will be double that. Every dollar, missile, tank, drone, and body armor that we send overseas makes our nation (and people) less secure.

          The mathematical equation is quite simple: If Uncle Joey sends 17,000 anti-tank weapons to his blackmailer, actor and comedian, Volodi and then the Chairman and his Posse attacks American turf how many anti-tank misses do we not have?

          Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if Xi, Zelenksy, Putin, and Raisi are laughing all the way to the bank. How many days left until Iran has a nuclear bomb? Eight?

          Biden then has the audacity to threaten his citizens with F-15s if they wish to take on their government. The Big Guy doesn’t realize those F-15s (to be successful) need missiles and guns to shoot at said citizens. Maybe he can buy some of ours back from the Joker that sits on the throne in Little Russia.

          • I wonder how long it will be before americans figure out elections are a scam, like the ‘virus’ like the ‘shoe bomber’, ‘underwear bomber’.

            Their grandfather fought and died to stop Nazism,,, today their offspring weaponize and fund them.

            And this is the group that will fight for liberty?

          • “It is a success…for the other side.”
            There is no difference between “our side” and the “other side”. Except the “other side” isn’t the one inflicting tyranny upon us. We have no need of much defense at all considering we are nearly an island with two huge oceans between us and any potential invader. Neither Russia nor China have embarked on any foreign military adventures, except in Ukraine, which isn’t really a foreign venture at all. Meanwhile, the US/NATO has killed far more people on foreign soil than Russia and China has over the last thirty years. I’ve said many times, the gravest threat to our liberty, prosperity, and our very lives is not China or Russia, it’s Washington DC, and number of blue state capitols.

            • Hi John,

              I have to respectfully disagree with your point that we are not being invaded. We are. The flood gates are wide open on both our Southern and Northern borders. Maybe there are not tanks rolling through and we don’t have guns to our heads, but our civil rights, our land, our companies, and our fiscal wellbeing are all being conquered.

              The meaning and methods of war have changed. One does not need feet on the ground or planes overhead to be annihilated. China controls every aspect of our media, government, sports, cinema, and corporations. They didn’t need to throw a nuke or behead anyone to do it. We willingly handed them over the keys.

              While the USSA still believes it is World War II and lands and people can be defeated by physical invasion we have been plundered from within. Not only does our country and military not realize we have lost the war and our sovereignty, but we were so foolish we didn’t know we were in battle.

              • You can blame that on the border States. They have Constitutional authority to repel invasion without FedGov permission, if “if it will not admit of delay”. They have authority to put their militia on the border and shoot anyone who tries to cross it.
                Can you imagine the caterwauling tooth gnashing and hand wringing that would generate?

                • I blame all states. Have any of the states pushed back when bus and plane loads of border crossers merge into our cities and towns? They take them in, put them on WIC, hand them a hotel key, and a driver’s license.

                  The wringing of our hands will occur when a border crosser bypasses immigration and takes out about 10K American citizens. Nothing like government being retroactive, rather than proactive.

                  I am still trying to figure out if our tax dollars are used for any good. I can’t think of a damn thing that gives me some optimism that US taxpayers monies are justifiably spent.

    • In a sense, they already have a digital system in place. Almost everyone uses debit & credit cards to pay for things.

      The last few times I paid in cash (4 – 50 Dollar bills) the cashiers had to take my cash to the customer service desk & have a huddle to determine if the cash was legit.
      It sure did make me look & feel like a criminal.

      … Prohibition seemed to work out well for them, too. Prior to Prohibition the taxes they raked in, the regulations they had were much smaller, now, they make out like bandits.

      Look at it like contract negotiations, you ask for too much, knowing it’s too much, the other side makes a lower counter-offer which happens to be what you wanted all along.
      The other side thinks they got a deal, when they didn’t.

      When was the last time ya watched, ‘The Godfather’ series?

      …Look at Firearms, you say? Used to be a Person could order a shotgun & have it mailed to their house, no questions asked.
      I even got asked for ID to buy lead pellet gun ammo the other day.
      Do you know what happens to firearm’s purchase forms when a gun store goes out of business? … They got a pretty good racket going, it’s just that, it seems like you’re looking at it from the wrong angle. Everything you mentioned as a failure on their part is really exactly what they want.
      Problem, reaction, solution.

      • helot,

        The only failure I see if from government, herself. A failure of a sovereign nation to lead, to secure, to keep her citizens safe, and to be fiscally responsible.

        The acceptance of credit cards and debit cards are not required by government to run a business. It is implemented by the officers/managers of the business as a convenience to their clients. There are still plenty of businesses that run off of “cash only.”

        Why are you showing ID to buy pellet gun ammo? Tell them no and walk away. Don’t comply. Businesses that make you feel like you are a criminal do not deserve your business. Don’t give it to them.

        • There is the seen, and the unseen.

          From your angle, I showed ID.
          The unseen part, is where I told ’em, “keep it then” and walked away.

          Sure, the acceptance of credit cards and debit cards are not required by government to run a business, however; the circuits ‘so-to-say’ are set in place for a required digital Dollar.
          The social conditioning aspect of it being the most crucial & important.

          Similarly: no one was forced to get The Shot, many many people trusted the Medical Industrial Complex.
          The social conditioning aspect of it was all pre-set.

          Where I live, with the exception of yard sales & an auction house, I can’t think of a single place which is cash only.
          Not one.
          And, you know what they say about the Midwest, all the towns are just the same. Store-wise.

        • The only legitimate purpose of any government is not “keeping you safe”, it’s protecting your rights. Keeping you safe is your responsibility. Which you can do, if your rights are protected. Internationally, we would have no enemies if NOT for the FedGov’s constant hostility toward the rest of the world.

          • Oh, John, do you believe if we were not hostile and minded our own business that everyone would like us and leave us alone? Does that happen in real life? The weakest always get picked on. Why? They are the easiest to defeat because they don’t fight back.

            I am all for government protecting our rights, but until I can own a few rocket propelled grenade launchers and some ICBMs I have little to no chance to protect myself if an invasion of aircraft and missiles surround my home.

            • And your beloved government encourages exactly that animosity. Your ICBMs are not necessary, since your world will become a cinder if they are ever used. If your rights were protected, there would not be a thing stopping you from buying all the RPGs you wanted and could afford. Nothing stopping you from hiring a contractor to use them. Not to mention that the whole world is suffering economically and would prefer not to spend a lot coming after you, half a world away, except for the US/NATO that is, who seem perfectly fine with doing so. The US could establish a well organized very effective defense on a small fraction of the budget it has. Has it occurred to you that since the fall of the USSR, the only threat we face is blowback from a totally reckless foreign policy?

      • The collar on Ben Franklin’s suit coat or shirt has tiny ridges and a counterfeit 100 dollar bill will not. Very easy to detect a counterfeit 100 dollar bill. A 50 dollar bill will be the same.

      • “Almost everyone uses debit & credit cards to pay for things.”
        Guilty as charged. I stopped carrying substantial cash back when Obama gas got to $4.00 a gallon. Had a confrontation with a clerk when I offered him a $50 dollar bill for $29 worth of gas. “Don’t you have anything smaller?” to which I replied, “what do you want, a $30?”. Never the less, if cash is not an option things are going to get very very dark.

    • I agree, cash will stay king. Especially if they start raiding bank accounts to pay their bills. The more they try to screw us, people will react going backwards down the money pyramid, until the day comes and they go back to origin, gold.

      I know that is what I plan to do, at some point I am planning taking all of my savings out of all of my accounts, sending them back to my local bank, then closing that account and only have cash, until I trade it for gold.

      • Here is the inverted debt pyramid chart (and different versions of it):


        World finance is a gigantic Ponzi scheme that can implode. And it may happen soon. Ukraine is losing the war badly, Bahkmut has fallen, and now they are talking giving Ukraine nuclear weapons to stop Russia’s advance. Already, Zelensky tried to start WW3 with a false flag missile attack that killed 2 Polish potato farmers. The press never even told us their names.

        If a nuclear bomb goes off, what are stocks, bonds, houses actually worth? For one thing, most houses are 100% useless in a nuclear war. Most people are not prepped even in the least. Can you get water out of your well if you don’t have power, do you know how? Do you know what to do to make radiation free water? How many weeks of food do you have? Did you know that $2000 of dry food from Costco could keep you alive for 20 years?

        The Biden regime is sinister, dangerous, and reckless, and they did blow Nordstream which is an act of war. Russia has the right to declare war on us for that. I am not worried about a digital currency right now, I intend to have all cash then gold, and screw them.

        And that can be stopped, they need electricity for that to work.

    • “How are they going to stop cash? ”

      Well, theoretically fedgov could simply stop printing it.

      Your argument is that fedgov itself will need to use cash for its own nefarious purposes, .such as secret ops, bribery, spying, etc.

        • No, because FedGov is already operating on digital currency. There would still be an overabundance of dollars, just not the paper kind.

      • ” fedgov itself will need to use cash for its own nefarious purposes, .such as secret ops, bribery, spying, etc.”
        I think FedGov is well beyond caring about using cash for its “nefarious purposes”. They don’t seem overly concerned about them being exposed, since they have corporate news running cover for them.
        Can you get much more nefarious than insisting on a vaccine with no long term testing and no product liability?

    • House Republicans Accuse Biden White House Of Creating ‘Authoritarian-Style’ Digital Dollar

      brandon and his administration are attempting to develop an “authoritarian-style” and “surveillance-style” digital U.S. dollar through executive orders,

      House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) on Tuesday……..
      The four-term congressman recently introduced the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act to prohibit “unelected bureaucrats” in Washington from issuing a central bank digital currency that critics argue could diminish Americans’ financial privacy rights.

      “We need these common-sense guardrails to prevent unelected bureaucrats here in Washington from sacrificing Americans’ right to financial privacy,” he said. “We do not want to emulate the CCP. We should not be taking our direction from the Communist Party of China.”

      We should not be taking our direction from the Communist Party of China.”..

      Fight this, or next time you won’t be able to buy or sell when you fail to obey.

      New government theme is “defund the citizens”. The digital dollar is a way to take your money immediately. This scheme is just another control tactic. I wonder why the citizen of this country are not protesting vocally. Maybe it is because we are being surveilled 24/7 by the corrupt system we call the government. ….We really are living 1984 – Big Brother.

      They’re already doing this in China with facial recognition surveillance cameras to automatically fine you for some violation

      your future is having a % hit to the value of your cbdc account and being forced to make it up by doing some left-wing marxist consumerist penance and humiliation ritual.

      It is about moving a copy of all your credit/debit card transactions from your bank to the government where it will then be used to further control you…… (Think IRS and a future carbon credit enforcement agency among others)….George Gammon did a good description of this on youtube.

      If CBDCs are rolled out across the West then that is checkmate for the liberty of its citizens. The technocratic gulag inspired by all things WEF/BIS/NeoCon began in 2020, using Covid to get away with trashing our freedoms of movement, mRNA posing as a vaccine for Covid and one Western government after another mandating it.

      The proxy war with Russia has made already obscenely rich big energy company CEOs even richer, ……..just as the sterilising and culling mRNA has made both CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna into billionaires….and the ccp…..

      china supplies all/most of the materials used to make drugs and vaccines for all the world so china makes huge profits…… the ccp and military own a lot of shares in pfizer…ccp = pfizer…

      What a coincidence that all these foul entities are WEF member maggots.

      cbdc will seal our fate completely as the entire purpose of it is to steal our own innate, personal Liberty. If most Americans, Europeans and Brits roll over to CBCDs as they did to the emergency then they deserve the hell-scape of the medical and monetary tyranny which will rain down on them like a tropical storm.

    • Who are the biggest losers in the bs climate change, emergency narrative driven, great reset?

      The poor on the bottom wiped out, everybody becomes poorer…. except the elite controllers on top……they are eugenicists so that is a goal…they will wipe out first….. the poor, the old, the disabled, the mentally ill, the homeless…and anti marxists….but….everybody has been designated an invasive species now (except them), ….so they all are in danger….

      Have the western citizens been so spoiled by the comfort of their $10 lattes, SUVs, cruises, homes, and 95″ TVs that they dare not do anything that they perceive will upset their imagined perfect existence? If so, they will be the most surprised and will lose the most when their tidy little world gets turned upside down by this madman and his comrades while they’re watching America’s Got Talent… Fools…

      the middle class will have a long fall off the cliff….end up coralled in a 15 min city/ghetto/prison, owning nothing, eating insects supplied by the government…. if they comply…..

  19. >You would be obliged to carry that phone,
    I will not carry a cell phone.
    Full stop. No negotiation.
    If that means my life is about to end, so be it.
    As an old fart, I haven’t got that much time left anyway, so bring it on.

    Nearly happened three years ago, at the height of the scamdemic, at which time it required the persuasive efforts of three trusted acquaintances (two online, one in person) to keep me from cutting the head off a grocery store manager who refused to sell me food because I refused to wear the “holy” face diaper.

    At the time, there were alternatives, retail stores which did not enforce the “mask mandate.”
    If none such exist, the war will be on. Keep in mind that the illegals tend to get paid under the table, in greenbacks. Since that is unlikely to change, a way may be found.

    Other than that, let the games begin. I still have the knife.

  20. One needs not imagine this scenario at all. You can live this “digital dream” today in Communist China! Download the app, scan the QR code and you’re in the system! Even if you’re “unbanked” you won’t have any problem using digital RMB because your wireless provider* will stash your cash for you. Businesses don’t want your cash because it’s too easy for employees to steal. Besides, you don’t want to pay with cash because you’ll look like a backwoods hick!

    *There are three state (CCP) owned telecom companies, so you have a real choice!

    • A Person doesn’t even need to go as deep as China to experience ‘The Digital’, India will do quite nicely.

      This morning I read a comment, somewhere at EPA, describing how the QR Codes were setup in farmer’s markets at each booth so ordinary Moe’s have to use ‘The Digital’ in order to purchase something as simple a 40 Cent piece of fruit.

      …That’s a mental image I’ll not soon forget.
      Real modern Colonialism/Slavery in motion?
      Or, more simply: Tyranny.

    • CBDC coming soon…..

      Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals To $45 Per Day To Force Govt-Controlled Digital Payments

      A staggering number of Nigerians love Bitcoin, but hate government cryptocurrency (CBDCs).

      In April, leading cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin noted that 35% of the adult population in Nigeria – roughly 34 million adults aged 18-60, own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But when it came to the country’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the eNaira, it was a massive failure.

      According to Bloomberg, only 1 in 200 Nigerians use the eNaira – despite government implemented discounts and other incentives, implemented as desperate measures to increase adoption.

      Now, the government is looking to boost digital payments by limiting ATM withdrawals to just 20,000 naira, or roughly US$45 per day, Bloomberg reports, citing a circular sent to lenders on Tuesday. The previous withdrawal limit was 150,000 naira (US$350).

      Weekly cash withdrawals from banks are now limited (without fee) to 100,000 naira (US$225) for individuals, and 500,000 naira (US$1,125) for corporations. Any amount above this will incur a fee of 5% and 10% respectively.

      The action is the latest in a string of central bank orders aimed at limiting the use of cash and expand digital currencies to help improve access to banking. In Nigeria’s largely informal economy, cash outside banks represents 85% of currency in circulation and almost 40 million adults are without a bank account.

      getting rid of cash…..The central bank last month announced plans to issue redesigned high value notes from mid-December to mop up excess cash and it’s given residents until the end of January to turn in their old notes….old notes useless…

      The bank also plans to mint more of the eNaira digital currency, which was launched last year but has faced slow adoption. -Bloomberg

      What’s more, new rules which will take effect Jan. 9 will ban the cashing of checks above 50,000 naira (US$112) over-the-counter, and 10 million naira (US$22,480) through the banking systems. Point-of-sale cash withdrawals have been capped at 20,000 naira ($45).

      for more advanced high tech countries with digital ID etc., it will be harder to avoid….

      • this is why banks are closing branches…atm’s only…they don’t want someone in the bank screaming at them…

        Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals To $45 Per Day To Force use of Govt-Controlled Digital Payments cbdc ….for more control…turn the atm power off,,,,lol

        It is too late already….no more bank runs….

        someone reported that some banks won’t take or hand out cash inside the bank now…….cashless…cash at atm only….easier to turn off….sorry…out of service….

        • bank runs today….inside of banks are cashless now/soon, have to go to the ATM….then they turn off ATM…lol…..end off bank run….better start early…like soon….

  21. Disruption.
    Throw a wrench in the works.
    Don’t make it easy for, ‘them’.

    “The way I look at it, this Presidential election is currently coming down to be a race between Biden and either DeSantis or Trump.

    I would prefer RFK Jr. over any of these options. By far.

    To make this happen, I need your help.

    If you think RFK Jr. should run for President, please sign the RFK Jr. for President petition to urge him to run. All I want is your email and state.

    • Hi Helot,

      I like RFK, Jr. – even though he’s a liberal – because I don’t think he’s a Leftist. Most of all, he seems to be a human being. And I will vote for that.

      • Eric,

        Many people here may not know this, but RFK, Jr. was supposed to have a meeting with Donald Trump on vaccines shortly after Trump got into the White House in January 2017, but, IIRC, that never happened. And just days before Trump even got into office, Anthony Fauci made the prediction (paraphrasing) that the “Incoming administration would face a once in a century pandemic.” Was Fauci and/ or the swamp planning something even then that would cripple Trump’s Presidency?

        • To my knowledge they did have that meeting and RFK’s team were given access to vaccine records. After Trump’s quisling advisors went aploepctic, access was shut down in a month or so and he was ignored.

        • Trump is on record of veing a vaccine skeptic in regards to autism when he was a relatively normal person and hadn’t murdered anyone. And then he got elected…..

      • RFK was vaccine injured way before the 2020 nightmare…..

        he is very careful….he doesn’t want to be labeled antivax…..because..being called an anti-vaxxer is a political/religious thing, best to be avoided.

        he is hoping for this…..ATTENTION: if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it….hasn’t happened yet….

        Vaccines are not backed by science, there is zero science behind them, they are based only by belief, so it is a religion only….fake science…

        ATTENTION: if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it…. NOTE: this has never ever happened yet in history for any vaccine ever.

        the reality is this…but….big pharma is a trillion dollar business….DO NOT screw with their marketing campaigns to boost/pedal their stocks…

        The field of vi is about the same scientific level as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying…100% fake science
        ….but….. it is useful in marketing campaigns helping big pharma businesses to pedal stock……..

        note…..china supplies all/most of the materials used to make drugs and vac cines for all the world so china makes huge profits…… the ccp and military own a lot of shares in pfizer…ccp = pfizer…

        NOTE: anyone backing big pharma is a ccp shill….

    • Hi Helot and Eric,

      I read that Substack piece by Steve Kirsch about a petition he has to have RFK, Jr. run for President. RFK Jr did a service to humanity in 2021 with his book about Tony Fauci, as there were people who worshipped Fauci as some “Public Health Saint”. Remember the yard signs that said stuff like “Thank you Dr. Fauci!”, “We ❤ Dr. Fauci”, and “We trust Dr. Fauci!”? There were even Tony Fauci candles! That book outlined Fauci’s history as a public health charlatan not only during the COVID outbreak, but also during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

      While I personally think RFK Jr running for President is an interesting idea, I don’t know if he even wants to run given what the government (through the CIA) quite probably did to his uncle, JFK, nearly 60 years ago, and possibly also did to his father (who was running for President himself) 5 years later. However, given the possibility that we’ll have “Trump v. Biden 2.0” next year, I’d probably sign that petition from Kirsch. We have a swamp in DC that definitely needs to be drained once and for all.

      • people who worshipped Fauci….of course….they are all satanists…

        fauci is a satanist….lol

        This system of Paracelsus is the foundation on which modern allopathic medicine is built.

        Did you know that the “father” of pharmacology was an occultist?
        He was a worshiper of Satan!

        Paracelsus is famous in the church of satan….maybe fauci is too?

        Born as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim in 1493, he called himself Paracelsus. He was well known as a Swiss German physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist. He founded the field of toxicology better known as pharmacy. For hundreds of years physicians used natural herbs and food for healing.

        Paracelsus defied this notion. From his studies on chemistry and metallurgy with the mix of occultic worship and astrology, he theorized that metals such as mercury, lead, tin, copper, and gold could “purify” the body. He believed that the stars and planets were the main cause of human illness and disease. He believed that ALL diseases should be treated with metals which are poisonous to the body.

        This was a very radical practice during his time. He treated many diseases with mercury better known as quicksilver. Many physicians who bought into Paracelsus method and used quicksilver (mercury), also known as Quack Salber, were known as “quacks”. This was a very rebellious way of treating the body at the time (Jethro Kloss, Back to Eden, 2nd ed., pp. 52, 53). Many died as a result of Paracelsus way of treatment.

        At 50 or 51 years old the story is told that Paracelsus was thrown out the window by other physicians at the time who believed him to be very dangerous in 1541. It is amazing today that Paracelsus is known as the father of modern pharmacy! Where did he get his inspiration? Baphomet, Satan!

        This system of Paracelsus is the foundation in which modern allopathic medicine is built. It has killed and poisoned millions of people. Pharmaceutical drugs never cure disease – they only try to manage it by inhibiting or manipulating a function in the body that is supposed to happen naturally.

        pharmacon = poison, pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches
        pharmaceutical = drugs made from petrochemicals (oil).

        • send fauci this t shirt…….or any karen wearing a mask….

          Speak of the Devil presents A Legacy of Heresy – Paracelsus T-Shirt for sale

          paracelsus is a hero, a leading figure in the church of satan, they even have a special t-shirt featuring him for sale. paracelsus was a practising satanist.

          paracelsus founded our modern allopathic medicine practiced everywhere today. It is based on poisonous drugs and injections.

          the most recent allopathic medicine stock promotion campaign was the bat germ emergency….gates made 9X on his stocks with it….

        • Anon,

          Another possibility for why there were those who worshipped Fauci during COVID was the fact that he “Dared speak against Baaaaaaaaaaaaad Orange Man!”, as those people REALLY hated Trump. As for the cult like worship of Fauci and the massive failure of his COVID policies, a group called Five Times August made a creative music video in 2021 about Tony Fauci called “Sad Little Man”…..

          • cool….that snake oil salesman is right on target

            The satanists run the planet today so it makes perfect sense……

            This medical system of Paracelsus is the foundation on which modern allopathic medicine is built….it has a monopoly in G7 countries and a lot of the planet….

            Did you know that the “father” of pharmacology was an occultist?
            He was a worshiper of Satan! He is a hero in the church of satan today…..

            It is amazing today that Paracelsus is known as the father of modern pharmacy! ….Where did he get his inspiration?…… Baphomet, Satan!….So he was possessed and was an instrument of satan?…….

            This was a very radical practice during his time. He treated many diseases with mercury better known as quicksilver. Many physicians who bought into Paracelsus method and used quicksilver (mercury), also known as Quack Salber, were known as “quacks”. This was a very rebellious way of treating the body at the time……Many died as a result of Paracelsus way of treatment.

            So the doctors that used allopathic medicine in the 1500’s were called quacks (allopathic medicine is using poisonous drugs and injections to cure diseases)….
            today we worship them as gods…..but which god?…..

            The most successful marketing campaign in history…today’s allopathic medical system… is a trillion $ industry….

            The government gave a monopoly to one type of doctor…through regulations, licencing and funding…..allopathic doctors….. all the other doctors practicing alternate competing types of medical care were banned……if it was a free and open market there wouldn’t be a shortage of doctors……and health care would be very inexpensive….

            Willian Rockefeller copied Paracelsus…a snake oil salesman….

            John Rockefeller created the monopoly……
            his father William was a snake oil salesman posing as a fake doctor, pedaling fake cures, he was also a horse thief and was indicted for rape in 1849………pedaling fake cures….looks like the son is too…..and his helper fauci…

            Rockefeller tried to get an allopathic monopoly in China……. it failed and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine was preserved for centuries to come…..china now gets rich from supplying the allopathic system …….. Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jec tions come from china

            Snake oil fake cures…..
            Our rockefeller monopoly allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to john rockefeller, is no better than medieval witch craft. it is more like astrology, there is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

    • Indeed, it threatens you, to compel you to participate in politics to defend yourself from it. You need the “right” government because otherwise the “wrong” government would destroy you. Never mind that both are parasites. That create nothing but profit for its members, and threatens to kill you if you disobey.

  22. Your 15 minute city is a prison, but don’t tell anybody.

    I have plenty of digital coin. Some of it is 1/100th of a dollar, some of it is 1/20th of a dollar, some of it is 1/2 digital dollar and some are whole digital dollars. Happen to have metals in them, some good luck there.

    Here’s what’s coming:

    Jump down turn around
    Pick a bale of cotton
    Jump down turn around
    Pick a bale of hay

    At least it’s a catchy tune.

  23. The Sheeple and their excessive desire for instant gratification via “smart” phones has brought this to fruition. It’s bad enough that human nature is so self centered, but they have become so self-absorbed in the damn things they have no situational awareness of anything anymore!
    I am almost tempted to just slap the damn thing out of their hands every time I see one.

  24. “You would be obliged to carry that phone”
    Which I suppose would generate another round of “free” Obama phones. One can only imagine what invasive tracking “apps” such phones would come with. For one thing, you would be already immediately suspect because you didn’t have a cell phone. And unlike the phone I now have, such “apps” and “features” would not leave you the ability to delete or deactivate many of those “features” and “apps”. My phone is NEVER “connected” to the internet, either through my WIFI or the cell phone network. Other than the “legal” requirement of an active GPS. Which was sold to us as “for our safety” by locating the source of 911 calls. Got just a bit bigger than that didn’t it.

    • Hi John,
      I’ll tell you exactly what kind of “invasive tracking apps” are on phones!
      I was with a lady friend of mine today that I met exactly a year ago to the day and she showed me how her phone sent her a collection of pics of us that were copied from her phone! it said something like “we thought you would enjoy these memories from the past year”!

  25. There is much evil and little to no good to be derived from abolishing cash. Just think, if the FedGov decides you aren’t supporting Ukraine enough, it could just confiscate funds from your account and send it to Kiev. Such could apply to any “just cause” FedGov came up with. Not just punishing you by closing your account, but appropriating funds from your account at its will. No need for taxes, they just confiscate what they “need” whenever they “need” it from whomever they please. In other words, turning your bank account into the FedGov treasury, to spend as they will. And you thought inflation was bad.

    • Hi John,
      That already got a tryout when that little twerp Trudeau froze the accounts of anyone supporting the Canadian truckers. Next step would be to send that money to Keeeeeev; though that event preceded the war I saw an article recently where a (Canadian) judge ruled that the “emergency” declaration and stealing their money was “legal”. Guess that judge knows who signs his paychecks.
      Despite all the CONstituitios, laws, courts, etc. all our overlords need to do is declare an “emergency” and rule by diktat. I have to agree with Eric, the time is fast approaching for us to either be prisoners for life or burn it all down; I’m going to make sure I have enough matches.

      • Hopefully we can still get gasoline.
        Many years ago I was stopped by an LEO. He asked if I had any weapons in my truck. I said “sure, I’ve got a tire tool and a jack, numerous tools in the back that can be used as weapons, and oh yeah, enough gasoline to burn down the sheriffs office”.
        He chuckled and let me go.

  26. ‘You would be obliged to carry that phone, so that the government would know where you are and when.’ — eric

    Tote that load, boy. An article last week extolled India’s Aadhaar digital ID system, now so ubiquitous that even at rural farmers markets, every stall has a QR code — so that you can pay for 20 cents worth of vegetables from your damned phone.

    Meanwhile, an R-party Congress Clown has introduced a bill to prohibit the Federal Reserve from directly issuing digital currency to Americans. Sounded good … until another article explained that US digital currency would be issued through corporate intermediaries, just like the corporatized banking and health care systems.

    For corporate leeches, digital currency would facilitate 100% tracking of the identity of every customer, how much they spend, and on what. Shiny, seamless. That’s the bribe that will ease their compulsory participation, just as auto makers — bribed with tax credits and subsidized battery plants — all have leaped for the poisoned EeeVee bait.

    Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
    Sold in a market down in New Orleans
    Scarred old slaver, know he’s doing alright
    Hear him whip the sheeple just around midnight

    — Rolling Stones, Brown Sugar

    • Wow. Maybe that’s why in the manual for my angle grinder it says you cannot use metal wheel cutting discs?
      You most certainly can, and on a cordless grinder, whoa, it makes all locks obsolete.

      The video it rolled over to, of the cops arresting the firefighter for using his firetruck as a blocking shield for the scene of a roll-over, …seems like The Empire is crumbling on the margins.

      • The empire is crumbling, not just on the margins, and they know it. Which is why we are seeing and will continue to see, ever increasing tyranny, and war, to maintain their wealth and privilege.

    • Love that! I’d try spray paint tied to a tree trimming pole but cutting the whole thing down sends a much stronger message.

    • During the lockdowns they spent billions of dollars installing this high tech surveillance crap
      including 5G…. the new police state …


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