When the EV “Revolution” Stalls . . .

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Sales of Ford’s F-150 Lightning are down by almost half; VW’s CEO warns of doom – for VW – if the public can’t be cajoled into buying the EV-only lineup it has already committed itself to. Even Tesla has had to resort to internally subsidizing its EVs in order to sell more of them.

These amount to what cops call clues – that the Great Transition is stalling.

Naturally, it must not be allowed to stall. So says a writer for the car site, Jalopnik – which (oddly) seems to regard cars and those who like them with contempt. The writer – Rory Carroll – says that “allowing the ‘free market’ (bracketed within air fingers contempt marks) to decide if (sic) EVs take off seems a little risky.”

In other words, the people buying cars cannot be allowed to choose for themselves which cars best suit their needs – and finances.

It is not enough – for car journalists (sic) such as Carroll and the people who agree with him – that they are free to choose whatever kind of car suits their needs – and finances. Everyone else must be cornholed into “choosing” – air-fingers-quote marks properly applied – the kind of car that suits them, no matter what it costs us.

This cost is a necessary one, says Carroll – because to not be forced to buy an electric vehicle is like the horror of allowing people to choose whether to wear an idiot rag, aka the Face Diaper that people like Carroll similarly insisted everyone should be be forced to wear.

Rory Carroll

He writes:

Living through Covid, where Americans more or less chose/are choosing to ignore a pandemic and do little to nothing in response didn’t make me more confident that they’d be inclined to respond when faced with extinction.

“Faced with extinction”?

What he means is that if the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is carbon dioxide increases by a fraction of that fraction of a percent, we are “faced with extinction.” His solution is to force everyone to drive a vehicle that requires an additional 1,000 pounds of toxic material – which requires many times that in raw materials be extracted from the Earth and processed into finished material (i.e., the battery) – so that the resultant battery-powered device can accelerate from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds.

There, in a nutshell, you have the mindset of the people who are ruining cars and the fun of driving them. And some of them write for car publications – which tells you a lot about the state of car journalism these days

Of course, Carroll knows the truth – which is that few will ever be able to afford a vehicle that can accelerate to 60 in less than 4 seconds because few can afford to spend the $50k-plus such luxury-performance vehicles sell for.

Mark the italics.

We are “faced with extinction” – but Carroll is not concerned about the fact that almost all of the battery-powered devices being force-fed into a “market” created by mandates are specifically designed to be wasteful of raw materials and energy, in order to be luxurious and high-performance (albeit short-lived performers that suck energy as lustily as a ’69 Chrysler Newport).

That’s because Carroll knows perfectly well that electric vehicles are meant to be elitist vehicles – for the few people who can afford them. Emphasis upon few. Carroll and those who think as he does think driving is bad  – and that you should do it less often.

Emphasis on you.

Americans are literally experiencing climate crisis right now,” he writes.


A writer ought to be more careful with the words he uses. He ought to understand what they mean before he chooses to use them.

How are Americans literally “experiencing a climate crisis right now”?

There is a desperate – yet hysteric -lack of specificity that’s interestingly of-a-piece with the equally desperate/hysteric assertions made during the (cough) “pandemic” about “asymptomatic spreaders” and the horrendously irresponsible choice to not wear an Idiot Rag. It is very revelatory of the mindset of these people.

Or – rather – what it is they have in mind, for you.

He writes – he adulates – the governments of other countries that have forced battery-powered devices onto the “market” they’ve destroyed thereby and derides the federal government of this country, which he says is “(in)capable of intervening when the market fails to deliver desired outcomes.” 

Incapable of intervening? Can someone please pour me a few fingers of Scotch?

Desired outcomes?

Says who?

Says people like Carroll, of course!

Such people say – think – that only the “outcomes” they “desire” are desirable. By which they mean, only they are moral. They believe they have the right to force you to choose what they consider to be desirable because they believe it is necessary – because they believe any other choice is dangerous.

They thus combine arrogance with a deranged quasi-religious righteousness that regards any questioning of the doctrine as heresy that must be extirpated.

At least Carroll comes clean about what he’s really thinking. He writes: “I personally think we need to be thinking in terms of radically reimagining and drastically shrinking the global vehicle fleet as opposed to just replacing todays fleet with an electric one.”

And there you have it – straight from the pages of a car page.

And they ask me why I drink . . .

. . .

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  1. EV fire nightmares…should be outlawed….

    The Luton Airport Fire – Joke Insurance Payouts and WHO NEEDS A LAWYER?!


    Story coming out is some Rich Dudes EV was on fire…he left it parked in parkade…(I’ve seen the video)had to catch a plane and told the airport staff to take care of it….

    Regardless…hundreds of cars were totalled, Luton parkade will need to be demolished… and many people’s insurers are trying to either avoid settling or lowball settlements them.

    We increasingly see EV manufacturers either avoiding responsibility or in “GOUGE $$$ mode” for repairs, with insurers in lock step.

    This EV issue is an ever -evolving and ever- expanding nightmare.

    • one grandmother whose £20,000 car was damaged in the Luton Airport car park fire… is at fault says the insurance company… which offers her a £7,000 payout ….

      so you park your car in a parkade full of EV’s….when they catch fire and burn your car…you are at fault…lol

      so….it sounds like insurance companies don’t want to pay out claims for EV fires…makes sense…they will go bankrupt…

      w. buffett has a huge reinsurance company that insures insurance companies…he doesn’t want to go bankrupt….it was bailed out by taxpayers in the 2008 crash….then we got 15 years of QE causing out of control inflation….

      so….don’t park your car in a parkade full of EV’s…..

      • Hi Anon,

        There is an upside to this business of insurance companies charging exorbitant premiums. It is that – at a certain point – people will stop paying. When enough do that, forcing people to buy insurance becomes unenforceable. And then no one will be forced to buy insurance!

    • We increasingly see EV manufacturers either avoiding responsibility or in “GOUGE $$$ mode” for repairs, with insurers in lock step…..

      off course….who would want to be liable for these defective rolling fire bombs?….lol

      another addition to the long list of why not to buy an EV….

  2. This bozo “Rory” is a covid shill. Nothing he says should be taken seriously by a serious person. I am all for piling on the derision, but his schtick is silly and about as non-serious as it could be.

  3. Why EVs Are Piling Up At Dealerships In The U.S.

    The slaves are losing interest quickly…they are catching on to how defective and useless they are…lol….in EV’s….but….the marxist control group will jam it down the slaves throats anyways…remember the slaves have no rights….soon the slaves will be walking only in their 15 min city/prison anyways….


  4. range legal issues….doj-subpoenas-tesla

    Some customers who reported feeling satisfied driving off the Tesla lot, expecting a driving range of more than 300 miles, told Reuters and other outlets that sometimes they only got 150 miles out of a full battery charge. One Tesla Model 3 driver, Nick Caraciolo, told Business Insider that “300 miles of range can quickly become 100 miles of range if you’re speeding or it’s hot outside or too cold. It can be very deceptive and a gas-powered car can seem more accurate in that way.”


    • Can confirm, but I also knew it going into the purchase. Hell, even the guy that SOLD me the car was like “The Range indicator is total BS”, I drive by battery percentage remaining, I never display the “range” indicator for exactly this reason. My car is lucky to get 200 miles if I keep it at a nice even speed no higher than 65 and the temperature is cooperative. More realistically I get 150-175 miles if I drive the car the way it was meant to be driven.

  5. I challenge any snob trinket owner, aka tesslut, to a cannonball run from Ashland Oregon to Las Vegas Nevada for title. I have a bone stock gas guzzling 24 year old coupe albeit in mint condition.

    Reply here if you dare.

  6. Emissions of a burning Lithium battery are
    carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), ethylene (C2H4), ethane (C2H6), and hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen flouride (HF)

    I guess this is better than some CO2. Well if you don’t count the CO2 that results from the cars going up in flames.

  7. Another stenographer for the State. The only thoughts allowed are those that support the statist quo. This weasel, if it is in fact human and not AI, is a tool for the GovCo.

    As in all scenarios, the quisling/AI, will collapse under any challenge based on logic. It is supporting its own destruction should cars be eliminated from society. Jalopnik is nothing more than a self-destructive BS port.

  8. About Rory Carroll. How much you wanna bet he is a CIA plant, a mockingbird? Every corner of the media has been infiltrated by state agents who have high IQs yet write bullshit to support the state agenda. He is a sellout and a liar.

    If he endorsed masks then he is a fucking retard which should never be read again. Once you ID one of these statist pricks, never read him again no matter if hell freezes over.

    And in fact patriots ought to put up a website identifying all the liars.

    Here is a start to the statist commie list:

    All Jews, all Langley employees before or after, all Biden employees, all trans activists, all MSM, all Infowar whores, all NYTimes liars, etc. If they are on the Jewtube (TV) then for sure they are a paid lying whore.

    What Amerika is and why it won’t last as a republic much longer is a cesspool of money grubbing sell outs. When you live in a nation defined by money and power, not by principle and reason, it will collapse 100% for sure.

    What we used to be, some kind of beacon of light to repressed authoritarian regimes is no more, we are slavish Ziowhores who prop up the mass murdering state of Israel. People have told me the horror of going to Israel and looking through the fence at Gaza.

    It is pure evil that we support the evil Zionist regime in Tel Aviv, but in Amerika, every politician sells out to the highest bidder. You all ought to listen to Harry Vox tell it like it is:


  9. This minimal interest in EVs (at least that which translates to actually buying them) isn’t at all surprising. The answer is very simple, and has nothing to do with the environment or any alleged human caused climate change.

    Looking back at this history of invention (especially once mass production became possible), every device that has been replaced by another device (that has the same purpose), has happened because the replacement was better than the original.

    Cassette tapes and VHS tapes are no longer being produced simply because better storage media became available, not because of government mandates and bans. Film cameras are only used by hobbyists now because of the hassle, cost and time required to purchase, shoot and develop film (though as a student of photography IMO good film will always have a nicer quality than any digital media). In other words, the replacement goods and products had similar performance along with less cost, hassle, time, etc.

    Basically, the replacement product has to work as well as the original, has to cost the same (or less) and has to have features that are more appealing than the previous iteration. Battery powered cars are no where near up to this level, and are unlikely to be for some time. This is why people aren’t rushing out to replace their ICE cars and trucks with them.
    And if acceleration speed is the only claim to fame, that makes those vehicles essentially one trick ponies. Very few buyers have acceleration speed as their first (or even main) criteria for buying a vehicle.

    So yes, the governments of western countries can legislate away products they don’t like. But no one should be at all surprised that people will resist and continue to prefer products that actually do the job they are made for (other than just providing launched rollercoaster acceleration- which people can go to an amusement park and pay a lot less to experience!).

    • ‘every device that has been replaced by another device (that has the same purpose), has happened because the replacement was better than the original.’ — Lee R

      Pure troof. No exceptions. And a LOT better, not just a little.

      ‘good film will always have a nicer quality than any digital media’

      No digital kludge has ever equaled deep-toned black and white glamour photography.

      We can only look back in envy.

  10. Yesterday I got a glimpse of the future envisioned by Mr. Posemobile and his minions, and it’s a sick joke. General Motors, LLC (that’s New GM for those of us who remember) is now hauling large Generac trailers behind large GM pickups. I assume the trucks are ICE (though wouldn’t it be funny if they needed the Generac just to guarantee an EV truck’s work range?) As charging becomes more difficult given the lack of infrastructure and planning, expect more of these “rescue units” to clog more roads as the On-Star folks panic when they run out of juice trying to reach for their fix. Perhaps AAA has already followed suit. Anyone know how AAA is managing this?

    • Hi A Nonny –

      The Biden Thing’s secretary of energy recently did just that. She gad an entourage of support vehicles to support her EV drive across the country. It’s a clown show. I could right now jump in my 21-year-old truck and drive to Florida from Virginia in about 12 hours, stopping twice for five minutes to refuel. Doing the same in an EV would take several hours longer and so probably require an overnight stop due to the fatigue and hassle.

      • Remember that she had vehicles driving ahead (ICE I presume) and parking at super-chargers to reserve them, so she wouldn’t have to wait for one. There was a big stink about this at one of her pre-programmed stops.

      • Since when has a Secretary of Energy done jack squat to make energy more plentiful, less expensive, or even more generally available?

        If the secretary of energy can’t make so much as a single watt or horsepower after like 50-60 years of “trying,” why do we still have one? How about a Secretary of GTFO?

        • Amen, Publius!

          All of these “secretaries”… are we running an office pool? Of course, it’s more like the general secretary . . . of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Which is just about what we’ve got, only subdivided into fiefs.

  11. The more time I spend actually talking to people, face to face, the more I understand that we’re not the only ones that have opened their eyes. Go analog for a couple weeks, and you’ll have at least a small sense of hope.

  12. Just another journalist, just doing a job. They have their college degree in journalism. They are jounalists. When they’re not hard at work journaling, their hobbys and interests don’t overlap with work.

    The tech press is full of these people. They don’t have any background in anything close to a technology, they only know what they’re told by the company press liaison. Oh, sure they use the tech (after all that’s how they file their stories), but they wouldn’t have any clue as to how pushing a letter on a keyboard actually becomes a letter on a document (or even what a document actually is). For sure they have no idea what programmers really do, only a vague notion of “coding.”

    Back in the day if you wrote for a special interest magazine, you probably had some background in the overarching topic. It didn’t matter if you could write worth a damn, if you could get your point across well enough the editors would fix it. And who you knew in the business mattered. Everyone knew the press agents were marketeers, but if you knew an engineer or someone who would speak off the record, well, that’s a good resource to have. That all ended in the late 1970s and 1980s when stock traders got to the insiders (and AT&T got phone phreaked). Now no one in big corporatations is allowed to talk to anyone and everything is tightly controlled.

    The final nail is the corporate takeover of the publishing industry bringing in “adult supervision” answerable to the board and shareholders. Now you have to defend your hires, especially in the face of EEOC. So if you have an opening for a journalist and you hire an enthusiast you have to defend your decision when someone with a j-school degree sues for discrimation. So HR feeds pre-screened candidates who are safe. And boring. And don’t have any passion for what they’re reporting on.

    • Hi RK,

      Yup to all of that. I’d also add that in my field, there was in-house policing. By which I mean the editors of a car mag or other such were car people and would not countenance people who weren’t. One had to earn one’s bones, in other words. But that began to change very soon after I was admitted to the tribe (this was in the early-mid ’90s). For example, USA Today hired a woman whose only qualification to write about cars was that she was . . . favored by the man who gave her the job (reportedly, in exchange for favors). She knew as much about cars as I know about computers. But she had an impressive rack, which she made a point of showing off. Then there was the dude who (as I found out later) worked for the Wall Street Journal, who approached me to ask my advice about getting into motorcycle journalism. I did not know this dude so I asked him about his bikes; what did he have in his garage right now? What? Turned out the dude not only did not own a motorcycle, he did not know how to ride one.

      And they ask me why I drink.

      • And people enjoyed reading the stories. There was no need for SEO or other marketing BS, just have them available in the rack. The dealer or garage would have them in the waiting room. You looked forward to picking up the mail… maybe not quite as much as when the new issue of Playboy showed up but even there you could find a well written thoughtful article about cars with a general audience in mind that got you excited about driving.

        If only EPAutos had a centerfold… 🙂

  13. Subprime Auto-Loan Delinquencies Hit Record, Prime Loans Are Pristine, after Easy Money Ends: The High-Risk High-Profit Business of Subprime Auto Lending


    brandon`s cure….

    Just recently brandon told the banks to approve all loans…mortgages for the migrants…

    at least migrants can drive around in EV`s….lol

  14. propping up EV`s….

    Just recently brandon told the banks to approve all loans…mortgages for the migrants…

    they get a $50,000 loan for an EV….if they default nothing will happen….the other tax slaves will bailout the banks again….lol….

    meanwhile white boy will walk….

  15. It gets worse with Rory Carroll’s article:

    “I don’t really have an interest in whether the EV revolution succeeds or fails. I don’t own any automaker stock, I personally think we need to be thinking in terms of radically reimagining and drastically shrinking the global vehicle fleet as opposed to just replacing todays fleet with an electric one. I don’t see a way for us to consume our way out of climate catastrophe. But, I do think that as long as the world requires cars, it’s better for the new ones to be electric/electrified.”

    Then, displaying his cognitive dissonance, he ends with “The free market will provide a solution if you just let it cook!” He also claims to own the following: “’48 Willys CJ-2A, ’84 Porsche 911, ’15 VW GTI, ’07 Lexus GX 470, 1995 Ford F-150.”

    Worse than the author, some of the commenters are scary: “Carbon tax, carbon tax, carbon tax. Hell, redistribute the collected revenues from it.”

          • Yes own now…..same year, color and spec as the one Magnus Walker owns…..a very good car….also own a 1988 924S Le Mans…another good car…..

            some trivia….

            In 1981 the 924 Carrera GTR was the quickest car sold by Porsche….

            Texas Porsche Dealership Asking $925,000 for 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR


            Another 2000 lb perfectly balanced analog sports car the 924 GTR, the new over weight supercars today don’t compare.

            To go racing in the Group 4 class at Le Mans, Porsche needed to homologate the company’s 924 race car. As such, Porsche built 406 road-going versions of the 924 Carrera GT to satisfy the FIA’s rules. Porsche being Porsche and looking to over-engineer everything, two subsequent evolutions of the 924 Carrera GT followed; a 924 Carrera GTS and the 924 Carrera GTR.

            Though you wouldn’t call the 924 Carrera GT’s production run of 406 plentiful, it’s practically omnipresent compared to the 17 924 Carrera GTRs Porsche produced. Of those 17, nine cars total qualified and/or raced at Le Mans. To get each car ready, Porsche took the standard 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine and threw every ounce of motorsports engineering at the minuscule block. The end result was an engine that produced 375 horsepower and 299 pound-feet of torque.
            1980 924 Carrera GTR 375 hp 0 to 60 2.9 sec. 9.95 sec 1/4 mile curb weight 2000 lb.

            In 1981 the 924 Carrera GTR was the quickest car sold by Porsche.

            With the 924 Carrera GTR’s power now set, it found itself a new intercooler, dry sump oil system, a stripped-out interior with full roll-cage, fully adjustable race-bred suspension, the brake system off of a Porsche 935, and side-exit exhausts. In race trim, the 924 Carrera GTR weighed in at a featherweight 2,050 pounds, which meant the cars were capable of hitting 180 miles per hour down the Mulsanne straight (before the chicanes were added) at Le Mans.

            Porsche brought a handful of 924 Carrera GTRs to compete in the GTP class in the 1980 Le Mans 24 hour race, with the best car finishing sixth overall ahead of everything except prototypes.

            The 924 had a great history in racing, in race trim the maximum power they got from the Audi block engine (it originally was a Mercedes engine), was 550 hp, later on using the new 2.5 turbo 944 engine they got 750 hp from that engine.
            At Le Mans the Porsche 924 GTR Carrera Turbo was quicker then the 944 turbo race car when restricted to Le Mans engine power restrictions.

            Trans-Am Sears Point 1985 Sears Point International Raceway
            #36 Paul Miller (USA) Porsche 924 GTR Carrera Turbo, in practice set a new lap record 1:34,234 this record wasn’t broken till 1995.
            550 hp, (trans am tune), 2050 pounds, faster then the American 650 hp V8’s it was racing against.

            • Current lap time for GT3 at Sonoma Raceway….was called….Sears Point International Raceway

              GT3 1:37.099 Daniel Morad Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo…2800 lb…550 hp…at. 2023 Sonoma GT World Challenge America round

              The Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo…at 2800 lb is 750 lb heavier then the 1981 Porsche 924 GTR Carrera Turbo trans am car….but same the hp as the trans am tuned 924 GTR…550 hp….

              that 1981 Porsche 924 GTR Carrera Turbo trans am car. would be quicker then the 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS GT car racing in the GT series….mainly because it is about 750 lb lighter…..

              • Kewl car, that, Ex-Holbert Racing 1982 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR.


                ….Too bad it gets (I imagine) around in the snow worse than the 80’s Firebird I had,… Or, even the 70’s cars I owned… spinning wheels in an inch of snow, can’t even back up out of the garage. …Stupid/useless, unless ya live in So. Cal. NV., or Mex., or someplace dry & warm like that.

                ~…WWII, …in the background. …

                • I also have a 1988 924S…with michelin snow tires… it is not bad in the snow…the transaxle in the back helps….the 1980 924 turbo though is worse in the snow…probably because of all season radials on it…
                  but….Front wheel drive Golfs are better in the snow….

    • Motor Trend has a bunch of good stuff still being produced by actual car guys. But I see more and more EV things weasling in.

  16. “…Faced with extinction.”

    Humans, in their current form, survived the Eemian period, which was likely hotter than it is now, the coming of an ice age, over 100,000 years of ice and the global warming that followed. I don’t think even the more alarmist of climate scientists are talking about the extinction of the human race. We’re actually pretty adaptable.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      This guy and his “faced with extinction” schtick is just another hysteric. As with the ‘Rona, there is a little truth to the assertion that the “climate” is “changing.” Of course it is. The climate is not static. Change is normal. There is no evidence it is changing catastrophically. That is Fear Porn of a piece with “you’re going to kill others” by not wearing a maaaaaaaaaaaask.

    • Reporting on the worst case scenario gets more clicks than “Well, the neighborhood might not be as comfortable in the future than it is now.”

      The real fear is that all those $20 million ski chalets in Aspen and Vail might not be as valuable as they are now when Idaho resorts get better snow.

  17. Eric,

    It’s not just this writer, Rory Carroll, saying this; WEF puppet master Klaus Schwab and UK Transport Ministry officials are also saying this.

  18. Off topic, but how come effeminate soyboy, libcuckand hipster grows a beard?

    With the eminent depression, their plans for EV dominance will be dead like Diane Feinstien, since who can afford to install chargers and a vehicle that gets 300 miles without a quick refill?

    • Hi Zane,

      It’s a thing for these guys. The scruff, I mean. I think they do it in part because it’s just about the only “manly” thing they are wanting to associate themselves with. It’s also become trendy, like the stupid (and ugly) tattoos one sees marring almost everyone under 30.

      • No tats, and other than a goatee, no desire for a beard.

        Maybe if these mangina’s hit the gym instead of the keyboards, they’d become the men they either envy or watch their women with.

        Also dont get the appeal of tats, nothing says bad decision making, and poorly thought out choices like a Tat, especially when back in the days of our parents, only criminals basically had them

        • Used to be, you only saw tattoos on the elderly if they were retired from the armed forces. Now I am seeing tattoos on the elderly everywhere. Even the elderly women! New tattoos! Goes great with their butch-cut pink and purple hair.

          I told my wife recently when we saw one of these tatted up grannies with purple hair, “Imagine growing up as a child with a grandmother that looked like that.”

          How much different/worse would life have turned out for me if my grandma looked like that. I’d be a completely different person. My grandparents were a bedrock of my upbringing, providing me with an example of what a person should strive to be in life.

          I’m just glad they had already passed before the “pandemic” was foisted on them. I’m still recovering after seeing my dad in public with a mask. LOL

  19. Most cars are being sold on credit, and interest rates are going up – fast. If you go to bigcharts and enter the 20 year bond:


    on a 5 year timespan chart, it started off at 1% and now is zooming past 5%.

    Biden’s continuous war slush funding is causing the bond market to panic.

    So as far as the car market and EVs are concerned, they will be facing strong headwinds of a rising rates with dwindling sales and it could turn into a route – where Ford is facing bankruptcy from malinvestment into EVs – so they will appeal to the government for a bailout – causing the bond market to panic more – in a continuous death spiral.

    A great reckoning is arriving for EVs and for all borrowers. Obviuously, if rates on 30 year mortgages keep going up, like in the 1970s, prices are going to get hammered and banks will be underwater on their loans – unable to meet Fed standards.

    For used car loans, rates are already well above 20% for those with bad credit.


    • How banks lend, fractional reserve, Fed reserve requirements, making money out of thin air, loan to deposit ratios, rising rates and the last 12 month crash in the bond market.

      Example: Small bank has a million in customer deposits, it can lend out 10 million in loans. It’s loan to deposit ratio is 10M/1M or 10. This small bank bought T-bonds 24 months ago when rates were half of what they are now. It has no cash in it’s vault, except one week of over the counter transactions.

      Note: the money you deposit at your bank is not in the bank. If you want it all back right now, the bank needs a week to order it from the Fed.

      Note: to stop bank runs, the Fed says it guarantees deposits up to 250K.

      They want you to be the sucker, the bag holder, you deposit your paper money, keep it there, while they destroy the value of that fiat with inflation.

      It is a huge Jew scam – a criminal operation.

      What the bank has in deposits are T-Bonds getting hammered by rapidly rising rates. If the bank had to sell those bonds today, to meet cash demands from it’s depositors, it would not have enough because those T-Bonds are currently marked 50% of what the bank bought them for.

      So long as there is no bank run, and the bank holds the T-bonds to expiration, it will get face value, but you see the bank analysts are looking at the bank’s balance sheet and knows the bank is technically bankrupt because it’s T-bond holdings have a market value of 50%. Thus the bank gets downgraded, and the Fed may require the bank to increase its deposits to shore it all up.

      And you can watch this dynamic in real time by going to a chart service, like bigcharts, and enter the banking index, BKX, which shows it plummeting.

      And now we are in the end game for this insane Ponzi scheme, the world is hundreds of trillions in debt while interest rates shoot up.

      It is all going to crash making the Great Depression look like Brownie bake sale.

      • Americans and innumerate and illiterate. Nobody cares. They are sheep that are utterly content to get a dozen mRNA shots, turn in their cars, turn in their guns, give up all rights, and let their banks be empty of actual money so long as they have- Tik-Tok, TV, smartphones, porn, grilling, chilling, social media, etc. Whatever bread & circuses they like, and they will remain compliant and happy. Nothing new under the sun in this regard, its an old story.

        • The slaves are bred by the control group for stupidity….then made stupider in the education system….

          so long as they have- Tik-Tok, TV, smartphones, porn, social media, etc. ……….conditioning them for their future…….as a cyborg….trans humanism….VR….

          the marxist/wef control group have taken over the government…the next step is herding everybody into 15 min. city/prisons…where they can be watched and dealt with….

          the future there is…

          turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

          they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

          the dissenting and disenfranchised will find themselves branded as “terrorists”, gathered up into the box cars, and shipped away to be disappeared by the millions.

        • I agree with all you have said, and here in Oregon, the Gov Tiny Kotex has once again suspended math requirements for high school graduation.
          Oregon Live says:

          “Oregon again says students don’t need to prove mastery of reading, writing or math to graduate, citing harm to students of color”



          The Oregon State Board of Education unanimously voted on Thursday to remove proof of mastery in reading, writing, and math in order to graduate from high school until 2029.


          The state has taken upon itself to educate children, and they spend a fortune of tax money to do it, and yet they still fail. So if they can not teach children to be competent then shouldn’t they get out of the business and let someone else do it?

          Of course, but the Lefty Commies insist they must do it, because ya know you just can’t have a society with no public school, that would be racist.

  20. The only thing I see going extinct in a big way is intellect.

    The ability to learn and reason; the capacity for knowledge and understanding.
    A person’s individual ability to think and reason.

  21. Much rending of garments by people like Rory Carroll is ahead when the Cybertruck launch ends up being a serious disappointment on November 30.

    I still believe it will be the EV Waterloo, but then how does the agenda advance?

  22. A little about Jalopnik.

    Bias in reporting:

    Website Traffic: I have trouble interpreting


    Compared with Car and driver:

    I was unable to check out erics website due to the fact they only give me two hits then I have to register and probably pay. Information please…

    I find jalopnik repulsive, so I will not post a link to that site. They are probably soros funded. Or WEF. Or all of the above.

  23. I hope Rory Caroll has a side hustle that actually does or makes something other than spout the Marxist party line. He’ll be first in the useful idiot purge forthcoming.

  24. You mean to tell me car buyers aren’t buying the electric vehicle sales pitch?

    The car buyers who have a clue are kind of Refuseniks, looks like it.

    Too much trouble to fiddle with what you have to do, a no-brainer there, just don’t buy the things.

    You can lead a bull to the whatchamacallit, but you can’t make him stampede.

  25. The clown who wrote that bull crap article probably also supported vaccine passports & mandatory COVID jabs for all under guise of “Protecting public health”, even though the jabs have increasingly shown NOT to be “Safe and Effective”, and people who survived a ‘Rona infection already have immunity that studies have shown to be superior to “vaccine immunity”.

    And with a separate push for people to eat bugs being marketed by the psychopaths who REALLY run various governments around the world as “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet”, will this Jalopnik author support that too and write a future article extolling the “virtues” of insect consumption?

  26. At the end of Carrols’s article he says:

    The free market will provide a solution if you just let it cook!

    I’m not sure what he means by that. The free market had a solution to Ev’s a century ago; gasoline powered vehicles and if it was good enough for grandpa it’s probably good enough for me.

    As for myself I would demand it be a non connected ICE vehicle I can afford and pay for with cash.

    • Hi Laundru,

      Given Carroll’s article, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone at the WEF or some other globalist organization PAID him to write it. We already have Klaus Schwab himself calling for restricting private ownership of automobiles to the point where only the elite/ people in government are “allowed” to own an automobile.

      • Hi John,

        My hope – I know, it’s a slim one – is that widespread exposure of this Carroll tool will cause him to excised from car journalism. It ought to be an automatic one-way ticket to another profession to publicly call for taking away people’s free choice in this profession. I hope his EV immolates, along with his career.

    • I tried to read some of the comments to that article. Holy hell they’re crazy.

      Check out this gem, “Carbon tax, carbon tax, carbon tax. Hell, redistribute the collected revenues from it.”

  27. ‘the car [sic] site, Jalopnik’ — eric

    You could call Jalopnik a progressive blog that incidentally covers personal transport.

    A dismal Wikipedia article on Jalopnik’s owner, G/O Media, evidently was written entirely by disgruntled writers union activists. Like the articles churned out by these talentless hacks, it offers not the slightest pretense of objectivity. But it does include this gem:

    ‘In mid-October 2021, G/O Media removed all images from stories published before 2019 from the 11 websites it owns, including Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Deadspin, The A.V. Club, The Onion, and Jezebel.’

    Yanking the images from pre-2019 stories shows the complete contempt Jalopnik has for cars, and for its readers.

    Jalopnik being a major emitter of toxic Kultursmog, masks are recommended for all readers at all times. 🙂

  28. In other words, “what you want does not matter. Only what I want does, because I’m smarter than you”. And then immediately demonstrates how NOT smart he is.

    • Hi John,

      It is people like that who are not only not smart, but are also quite arrogant. However, some of them are also in government, and such people can also be dangerous. Just look at the Biden regime. That regime is full of clowns like Pete Buttigieg, but with the actions they’ve taken since 2021, they’ll likely do just about anything to stay in power next year, including going to war or going after “political enemies”.


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