“Mobility Leadership”

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Michigan was once the home of the automobile industry.

It is now the home of “mobility leadership,” as it is styled by its current governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

What is meant by that, of course, is something not exactly the same as implied by the face-value meaning of the words. “Leadership” implying something you might want to follow because it is worth following; i.e., a sound example.

People such as Whitmer mean you will follow – even if you don’t want to.

They don’t say that, of course.

For the same reason these authoritarians always “ask” when they mean tell (and you’d better, or else). They engage in these etymological obfuscations for the obvious reasons. They prefer to pretend (and that you agree) they are merely sagacious “leaders” and they are being willingly followed on account of their  . . .”leadership.”

Just as Stalin liked to pretend he was merely a “general secretary” rather than the Red Tsar, a communist autocrat whose personal rule was more absolute (and murderous) than any of the Romanovs who preceded him.

But these etymological manipulations are necessary fealties paid by the authoritarians to a principle they despise but must pretend to venerate, in order to cloak their narcissistic diabolism with a mantle of “just doing the people’s work” legitimacy. And it works alarmingly well. All too many people put up with authoritarianism – welcome it, even – if it is presented in the right way.

If the right words are used.

“Mobility” being another such.

It sounds like what it seems to mean. That being – essentially – freedom of movement, being able to get wherever you need to go on your own terms. The thing which personally owned (and untethered) cars gave people – average people – for the past 100-plus years. But when someone like Whitmer – and for that matter, the car industry, today – uses the term it means something else.

Something contrary.

It is a term often used interchangeably with a phrase – transportation as a service – which is perhaps a bit too explicit and so obvious and hence the preference for the more benign-sounding, almost anodyne term.

“Mobility.” Who could object?

Well, perhaps more would if they understood what authoritarians such as Whitmer mean when they say it. They use it the same way that they use “ask” – in order to tell you how they’ll allow you to get around, once they have established control over your former freedom to do that on your own terms, in your own (untethered) car.

Via the electric car, which will provide . . . mobility.

And they will get us there using what amounts to the rope Lenin spoke of that is being used to hang the capitalist who sold it to them.

One such “rope” being the money VW handed over to such as Whitmer and other authoritarians, to finance their “leadership” on the “mobility” front. It was delivered up as part of a historic mea culpa on par with the groveling of Kamenev and Zinoviev before their NKVD executioners in the cellars of the Lubyanka.

You may recall.

VW stood accused of “cheating” on the “emissions certification” tests and eventually admitted to so doing. This admission became the crime, which obviated any examination of the charge. VW elected not to contest the merits of the latter, which enabled authoritarians of the Whitmer variety to portray what VW was “guilty” of as being something genuinely (as in morally) reprehensible rather than what it was – which was nothing more than an affront of paperwork pettifoggery, like a teacher handing out an “F” to a student over a failure to put his essay headline in the arbitrary form decreed by the teacher, as opposed to the merit of the essay, itself.

VW elected not to explain to people that while it had “cheated,” it had not caused any harm – as established by the fact that government persecutors never adduced any. VW did not parse the charge, by explaining to people that when the government accused its diesel-powered vehicles of “emitting up to 40 times” the “allowable amount” of a certain combustion byproduct, it did not mean what it sounds like it means.

In fact, the whole brouhaha was over fractions of fractions differences; i.e., “up to 40 times” was actually a great deal less than 1 – as in percent. It was actually “up to 40 times” more than the 0.0-something percent that was “allowed.” Which amounted to one more-or-less angel dancing on the head of a pin.

Had VW spent money explaining this to people, it might not be funding “mobility” – and “leadership” – as in Michigan, where Whitmer is using VW’s money to finance a “transition” to tethered Ferrys as well as cars. The Mackinac Island Ferry Company will throw away its diesel-powered boats in favor of eletrically-propelled boats. The $3 million “grant” provided by VW, which of course also is also “transitioning” away from building untethered cars in favor of the ones “leaders” such as Whitmer will use to establish the “mobility” regime they’ll use to assure you only go where they allow, when they allow – if they allow it.

Our mobility leadership must extend from electric cars and buses on the road to industrial power and watercraft, too,” says the general secretary (whoops, governor). “Converting a ferry in the Mackinac fleet to electric will build on our clean-energy leadership and help us achieve the goals of the MI Healthy Climate Plan to make our state carbon-neutral by 2050.”

Always “us” – when of course she means she.

. . .

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  1. “Leaders” are followers closer to the front of the self-entitled-to-other line than the back – even if only symbolically, legally, or just bad habitually.

    “Who died & made you boss?” ~ Eleven seasons & counting, spin-off series, movies in which the stars, in casts of thousands, are The Walking Dead

    How many seasons does it take? Just one. The first one. The die is cast on the come out roll. Conception. Those dead letters wrote the living dead & made them bosstars.

    Alive-Dead is a continuum.

    And con•tinuums con•tinue status quid pro quo cui bono cuz the tree is Sonny Bono & Sonny Bono is the tree.

    Never saw a poem as lovely as a tree.

    “I coulda been an actor but I wound up here … I just hafta look good I don’t hafta be clear ♪♫♪

    The haptics of hafta (NAFTA, BAFTA, every other before & afta …) are punched into the dough, or clay, with that first touch.


    Didja know Michael(corleone)angelo got his start, in tender youth, as a hapticalifragilisticexpialidocious art forger? Yeah – he was born that way @conception.

    And, birds of a feather & all, he was hired-gunned by the pope – after being caught out for selling that purple majesty a forgery.

    Do bears pope in the woods & pop Sonny Corleone Bonos?


    And in other words, trying to convert, or teach, or save, or rehabilitate scorpions & frogs from their @conception natures means … you’re a frog, fulfilling your function in the scam-scheme of things.

    But frogs licking their own hallucinogen-suffused bellies, same like as those rats OCD-pushing that heroin pellet lever, visualize themselves more heroic, more SEAL Team Six frogman-like.

    You say incentives I say compulsions-addictions & I sure would like to call the whole thing off, & would, were it my call to make – but it ain’t. Nor anyone else’s, either.

    So no. Not “mobility.”

    Whisk-tailed warheads wanna-gotta-no-choice-in-the-matta froth those eggs.

    And some eggheads call that “motility.”

    The cars drive, parallel park, “themselves,” in/it’s The Valley of the matryoshka egg Dolls, all the way down.

    Like Stephen King’s Christine. An ugly, rube Goldberg mechanical that “identifies” as a better story.

  2. There doesn’t seem to be much controversy over the fact that the mining operations in the Congo where most of the basic ingredients for these batteries comes from use slave labor.

  3. “(T)he electric car, (will) will provide mobility” for as long as the FDIC’s penny on a dollar reserve account will insure bank deposits.

  4. OK, if she left Lansing MI (Capital) and went to Iron Mountain, MI, her EV would travel 540 miles in northern MI and across the UP. 540 miles. And in the winter, good luck as UP is so back woods.

  5. Comrade gretchen has led the way as we eliminated the right-to-work here.

    Great, now I will bet the cost of going from Mackinaw City to the island will greatly increase. No carbon by 2050…why does this matter? Gates, fauci and the leftists want 90% of the country and world murdered by 2030.

    And the real kicker for the rest of the country is that she is appearing on more and more survey poll lists as a potential candidate for the democrat dictatorship in 2024…you out-state guys are going to love her. She will make hillary look like Reagan.

    And truth be known, there is NO politician or leader I will ever trust…even from the repubs. You only need a leader when you are lost. If you are lost, then you are one of them…brain dead and indoctrinated.

    • Gretchen Whitmer just looks evil. Everything about her screams “authoritarian in a skirt”. Democrats openly embrace Communism, and like Swalswell, openly state they have no problem nuking gun owners who do not give up said weapons. And yet, anyone who trusts a Republican (gag) to save them is in serious trouble. One only needs to look at Trump, to see that no Republican is going to save us from anything. How anyone could not see these two (R’s and D’s) as being any different from one another must be drinking the Kool-Aid wide and deep. It is a scary thought to think we could have a Newsom/Whitmer run in 2024. What an ugly thought that would be…

  6. Last night I was doing a web-inquiry into the definition of electricity. Rather than being defined as a form converted, and/or generated power, I found about 50 different versions of this lying bullshit:


    No one will own up to the fact that electricity is not actually an energy “source”, and many speak of it as just an abundance of “unused energy” lying around, purposely ignored.
    Truth be known, there is so much propaganda and narrative bullshit being disguised as “fact”, I would be surprised if 25% of the population even knew the difference, much less, cared.

  7. Under Whitmer’s “leadership” thousands of small businesses went bankrupt as she kept the covid nonsense going longer and the state closed long after surrounding states had come to their senses and reopened. She is hated by the small business community, well what is left of it.

    Michigan is beautiful in the summer on the lake where my family has had cottages for the last 100 years, but it is a dreadful place to operate a small business.

    • Some guys are serving deep prison time because of a riduculosusly fake FBI entrapment plot to “kidnap” her and that smiling ghoul is delighted. A very deep rot is upon us,

  8. Banksters have a new program: “Deposit Mobility Leadership.” Unfortunately, it’s a zero-sum game — for every winner there’s a loser.

    ‘To Our Valued Clients,

    ‘We keep hearing from you, and the overwhelming theme is this: “We love our bank.”

    ‘Michael J. ROFL-ler — CEO, President and Board Member’


    ROFL yourself, dude.

    We love our bank like we love our Dear Leader: that is, not much.

    *reaches for his revolver*

  9. Globally EV sales are flat or dropping. Lithum, which had a big run at the beginning of the year, has dropped 50% as EV sales numbers are starting to be published.

    High interest rates are doing their job. How long before Powell gives in and drops rates back to 0 remains to be seen. For sure they’ll come down into the 2024 election, but by how much?

  10. ‘a phrase – transportation as a service – which is perhaps a bit too explicit’ — eric

    Hell, let’s put an even sharper point on it: Transportation as a Disservice. TaaD, bitches: it’s what’s for dinner.

    One need only experience what Big Gov and its TSA prison guards have done to air travel to understand TaaD: inconvenience, delay, humiliation, ‘Papiere, bitte.’

    Lawyer Gretchen Whitmer is the daughter of two lawyers. What does ‘mobility leadership’ mean to wretched Gretchen — free transport at state expense, with a flunky chauffeur and police guards? Heil, Whitmer!


  11. And they are now using your pension plans (if you have one) to fund their ESG excrement. 10%Joe just vetoed a bill that would have stopped that.

    When I grew up there were two things I was warned about…. never mess with a mans wife,,, never mess with a mans money. Government has now taken over as mummy, steals your money and now your pensions.
    I also remember when American males were presented as real men,,, the Marlboro man. Today… Bruce Jenner? And remember the tough American military man?


    Yep,,, government castration.

  12. Another way to drive people away from ownership: Build EVs so stupidly that the insurance costs almost as much as the loan payments. A smudge on the battery pack? Total it!

  13. Hope they have a diesel powered tugboat to rescue those electric ferries when the battery dies in the middle of the lake. At least there’s lots of water available in case it catches on fire.
    Never understood why VW didn’t hire a Big Law firm and fight govco on the “cheating” thing, could’ve at least tied them up in court for awhile.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that VW was infiltrated and that the whole thing was a collusive event. This was done with the supposed plot to kidnap Whitmer, J6 and countless other events.

  14. All kidding aside the fact that a ghoul like Whitmer could be considered a legititimately elected “leader” says very dark things about our society. Never imagined such decline could occur in my lifetime and here we are,

    • Wanting a leader says very dark things about a society.

      Where are you going, what are you doing that you need a leader? That type of leader? And where in past have those leaders ever led that you wanted to go?

  15. Michigan voters had the chance to dispatch Gestapo Gretchen but got stuck on stupid and voted the tyrant back in. It kind of reminds me of the Rush Limbaugh spoof commercial called “Friends don’t let friends vote democrat” where the the stoned out of his mind voter has slurred speech asking which way to the voting booth. The naive voters will find out too late that they will be next on the enemies list since authoritarianism tends to eat their own!

  16. Oregon had its own authoritarian governor at the height of COVID hysteria. She implemented all sorts of draconian COVID measures, amassed “Emergency powers” for herself, and even urged people to snitch on neighbors who “Had too many people over for Thanksgiving” in November 2020. During her final State of the State speech last year, she had the nerve to claim that her harsh COVID response “Saved thousands of lives”. What she DIDN’T mention (unsurprisingly) was that she DESTROYED the lives of millions of Oregonians with her COVID response and subsequent COVID jab mandates. I thought that 2 years of COVID tyranny under Queen Kate would make Oregonians think twice about voting for yet ANOTHER Democrat for Governor, but instead, they allegedly wanted someone who could be even more of an authoritarian bully than Kate Brown was. Oregon’s new Queen, Tina Kotek, wants to pass all sorts of draconian anti-gun bills, and the state legislature has its own anti-gun bills up for consideration.

    • It’s been downhill for internal state politics 1964 and on via the Warren Court decisions that destroyed republic principles. “One person one vote” was the mantra so your state legislature now reps and senators no difference no separation of powers any longer. What a difference for the left coast states if our state senates were one senator per county instead of per district. Here in WA King County would no longer lord over Eastern Washington. Our last stand is our conservative sheriffs in Eastern WA refusing to support unconstitutional State edicts.

      Reynolds v. Sims was the final nail, what a horrible decision.

  17. Better have a fleet of tugboats to tow and tug the electric ferries back to shore. Probably need some rope there too.

    Mobility leadership sounds like WEF speak, decision makers, stakeholders and other such stupid stuff.

    Wretchen Twitmer ain’t paying for none of it.

    More anschluss by the WEF, just so you know.

    Still your fault.

  18. Oregon is proposing a beta site to tax road use electronically via license plate ID. Not just bridges but any movement on I-5 North/South of Portland.

    Time for a national *sick out*. All of working people, airline pilots, anyone working construction to call in with the C-19. We’re out for 10 days….now… release the political prisoners (including the Orangeman I don’t really like but he has rights too). If we live in a banana republic, time to act like it.

    • Hi Hans,
      I’ve always admired the French for the way they can call a general strike, as in the recent battle with Macron. Too bad the s.o.b. found some loophole in France’s constitution that let him pass rules all by himself. Guess it’s true in any country – if the proles won’t go along just declare an “emergency” and rule by diktat.

      • Dutch Farmers: Canaries in the Globalist Coal Mine | Michael Yon & Eva Vlaardingerbroek

        @ 22:20 in video you will have to house migrants in your house…soon…

        @ 24:00 in video weaponization of migration…

        @ 54:20 a laser burns out sensor in camera in 15 min city

        @ 1:15:40 farmer bought huge generator is selling electricity makes $100,000 per month

        @ 1:24:10 government as thief

        @ 1:26:10 you have to copy French farmers ……the best protesters….. the government is scared of them

        @ 1:37:30 the CCP and the WEF are one united force right now…later they will fight…the ccp wants to take over completely later…run the planet….


  19. I cringe every time I see -as-a-service. It’s Orwellian goodthink for “you don’t own a gd thing & eff’n gawd you’ll own nothing & be happy.” Very double plus ungood times we’re living in thanks to the demo-bolsheviks.

  20. New Speak, easily employed when the great unwashed were taught to read in public schools. I read on ZH this morning that Democrats are moving on taxing “unrealized gains”. Which is an obvious oxymoron. If the “gains” are “unrealized”, they obviously are not “gains”. “Leadership” is one of tyrants’ favorite words. It implies they are qualified to lead, while what they are really qualified for is to kill you if you choose not to “follow”.

    • The wef/ccp team is going to run the one world government….meanwhile they are looting and demolishing everything that still exists…..later on…..after the the wef fight with the ccp the ccp will win and the whole planet will be ccp owned and managed…..

      “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,” Byrne went on to say.

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.

      Numerous official sources around the world say the regime is holding more than a million Uyghurs in “re-education” camps. Former detainees who spoke with The Epoch Times revealed that they were being raped, tortured, brainwashed, and savagely abused.

      Anybody not chinese will have the same future as the Uyghurs.

      the track record of communist governments is a horror story:
      They have littered the 20th century with 160 million corpses, not foreign people killed in a time of war, but their own people, killed by their own governments in times of peace.
      Over 66 million slaughtered under communism in the Soviet Union,
      over 69 million murdered in Red China.
      Over two Million killed under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
      The millions more killed under Mengistu in Ethiopia, under Samora Machel in Mozambique, and Agestino Neto in Angola and under Fidel Castro in Cuba.”

      • What is ironic, is that Lenin warned about putting Stalin in a position of leadership before he died, but to no avail. Stalin went on to control Russia, and murder and starve millions. Beria was a serial rapist and murder. And the picture of Marx? Ironic, in that he was not a Russian, but was from Germany, and was a lazy fool, born to hard-working, middle-class parents, who knew something was wrong with their son Karl. Marx was so damned lazy, refused to bathe, and expected to inherit from his parents, and did not want to work. And this is the same, communist system that Russia implemented in 1917. Which didn’t work. As they say, “you can’t fix stupid”. Even more sad, is that the U.S. (and the younger folks) think that because THEY are trying it, that it will somehow work out differently this time, and that they can still get “something-for-nothing”. Even when they are starving to death, they will still never learn, because they will be too busy blaming the rest of us for it not working…..again.


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