Reader Question: The Old School War on Mobility?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

David asks: Many years ago I read a comment made by an English nobleman who was complaining about the newly invented railroads that allowed the common villagers to move about too freely. Apparently it was made while he watched a train carry some of the lower classes to the beach. I haven’t been able to located the source again. Have you ever heard of this? Keep up your good work.

My reply: No – but it rings true!

It’s necessary to control free movement in order to control people. That much is obvious. Less obvious, but equally true (and relevant) is that some of the elites behind the war on free movement can’t stand the fact that luxury and performance are now accessible to average people – which greatly reduces the distinction their wealth once provided.


People like you and I can go out and buy a car like a new Mustang GT that delivers 90 percent of the performance of a six-figure exotic such as a Ferrari. It used to be the case that only very wealthy people could afford Ferrari-level performance.

The same goes for luxury. A loaded $40k Toyota Avalon or Chrysler 300 is a very luxurious car in every functionally meaningful way. How much more “luxurious” is a  $100k Mercedes S-Class?

Not very much.

The elites despise general affluence because it makes being a member of their club a bit less exclusive. But it goes deeper than mere resentment. Some are also sociopaths – and rich (and powerful) sociopaths are very dangerous. These people want to control us – and they understand the way to do that is to impoverish us.

Thanks for the kind words – they are a shot in the arm and help motivate me to keep on fighting!

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  1. Your understanding of the elites is improving each and every day, Eric. These bastards are really inhuman in the degree of their psychopathy. Your remarks about the luxury of basic models compared to days past is really true.

  2. This reminds me of something I was thinking about recently. I’d bet ol Buttberg has never touched a mundane. He sends a check to a bank account and makes a statement and the female authoritarian suckers just take what he gives and of course, keep some for themselves and do their best imitation of him when they’re amassing their cohorts in crime.

    There’s a video of him explaining how an AR works and he says “You just hold the trigger and it goes brrrrrr” so these idiots believe they are fully automatic. I have no doubt he knows exactly how they work and he knows there’s tens of millions of them out there people would like to get just one good shot on him.

    When he makes a public announcement, half the people in the room are carrying full auto guns and get big checks every month from him. He’s gonna live forever, he’s gonna cross that river…….and he’s crossing his fingers nobody gets in a lucky shot.


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