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Everyone knows about Tucker Carlson having been summarily fired – let’s use honest language – from his gig over at Fox News, where he had the most successful show of its kind on network TV.

That a hugely successful show was cancelled – which will cost Fox ratings, viewership and money – speaks volumes about what drives corporate policy in these latter days. It is of a piece with Stellantis – the corporation that owns the Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram truck brands – cancelling the hugely successful Hemi V8 that was the chief reason people bought Dodges, Chryslers, Jeeps and Ram trucks. To be replaced by battery-powered devices few people want.

Being political – and politically correct – mattering more in these latter days than being profitable.

But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud – at least as far as Tucker is concerned. It is of a piece with Ben Kenobi’s warning to Darth Vader in the original (1977) Star Wars. “If you strike me down,” he told the sith lord “I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Of a piece with what Joe Rogan – the podcaster who has a bigger audience than anything on CNN (or even CNN, itself) – became.

By “striking down” Tucker, Fix has become CNN Lite – and will become less powerful than sith lord Ruprecht Murdoch can possibly imagine.

People know. More of them, each day. Many of them, thanks to Tucker.

Tucker was fired for telling the truth – which isn’t what people on TeeeVeee are paid to do. They are paid to tell you what they are paid to tell you – as by the pharmaceutical cartels that pay for the ads that keep these shows on TeeeeVeeee. Which is their “truth.”

Tucker dared to mention this – along with a litany of other unmentionables, all of them true.

We all know it.

The truth – or even just honest questioning – is no longer allowed. Those who questioned the Face Diapering of the nation, the “lockdowns” (loathsome term, formerly applicable only to convicted prisoners inside a prison) and the “safety” as well as efficacy of the drugs that weren’t vaccines were also cast out, notwithstanding that they were right.

But when those who are wrong refuse to admit it – don’t want to be obliged to concede it – they use the only tool left to them, in lieu of the counterarguments they can no longer piece together:

They use force.

They threaten people with “de-platforming” and “de-monetizing.” With loss of their licenses to practice – in the case of doctors who told the truth about Face Diapers and the drugs that aren’t vaccines. They attempted to do to truth tellers – to those who refused to bow to lies – what was done to people in Germany all those years ago, which so many have forgotten about. Including some who – apparently – forget that what was done to one people is just as wrong to do to any people.

As violent as all of this is, however, it is still fundamentally weak. It is the tool of the bully – who cannot persuade. Who is hated, even if he is obeyed.

But his victim does hate him.

The bully is only secure so long as he does not turn his back. His ability to get his way depends solely on the fear he can maintain.

That fear is waning – as realization waxes that we are dealing with bullies. With malignant rather than misguided people. People who aren’t merely wrong but determined to suppress everything that is right.

And that is why Tucker was fired.

But his firing only serves to further make clear what so many already understand. The “institutions” are fundamentally corrupt. Evil. The latter given free rein by the one institution that used to stand athwart it, that of journalism. A dead art now, insofar as the TeeeeeVeeeee and what is often hilariously styled “mainstream” news is concerned. Hilarious because it is in fact a waning niche amen chorus that increasingly sings to itself. Its TelePrompter performers make the mistake of believing that because those they cocktail party with caught their show others are watching their show.

Tucker will be back – more powerful than they could possibly understand.

The danger, of course, lies in their finally understanding it. When they do, expect them to make it a crime to tell the truth – to question anything they say – anywhere. It is the inevitable last-ditch attempt of a dying ruling class to cling onto the power it finds slipping through its fingers.

When this happens – and it will, because it must – it will be time to do more than what Tucker did, by telling the truth.

We will be obliged to defend it.

. . .

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  1. We have long since passed the point of no return to our lamented, erstwhile “free” country. Even those scare-quotes are obsolete. Our freedom is dead and moldering in its grave. The malignancy of our total-lockdown police state is far beyond any kind of political or journalistic radiation, chemotherapy or surgery.

    Yes, Tucker will be back. Good for that. Meanwhile our societal matastasis continues to consume our very souls, unabated.

    There will be blood: likely sooner than later, much more than already. Those of us who are in tune with these realities are well-advised to plan for the blood-letting…and for what follows it. Start now, if you haven’t already.

    • Good morning, Marcus –

      You are probably (sadly) right. It is a dreadful thing to contemplate.But – as you say – here we are – or almost are. And yet, there are still many good people around. The problem – their plight (and ours) – is that they feel *and are) isolated, diffuse, leaderless. The forces arrayed against them are not. Civilization can be preserved. But it will require a readiness – and the capability – to preserve it. I’m just a writer/car guy. I wish I had more insight than I’ve got.

    • I ignore predictions and rarely make them.
      The last prediction I made, earlier this year, was the third one in my adult life. My parents taught me as a child that predictions are almost always wrong, except for the weather in the next few days.

      In 1997 I predicted the climate would get warmer,
      unless it got colder.

      In January 2022 I predicted the Covid epidemic would be over by Summer 2022

      In January 2023, I predicted a violent civil war in the US if the post-2019 march toward totalitarianism continued. I believe that a civil war is already in progress, but the violence is generally ignored by the mass media, or called a “peaceful protest”.

      That’s a sad prediction but I can’t see Americans tolerating totalitarianism (which includes forcing EVs on people) without a fight. The only benefit of being old, I suppose, is that I may not be around to witness whether my prediction comes true.

  2. People are tuning out the “mainstream” media. This site is a great example of that. Eric now has more readers than most well known (but no longer read) car magazines!

    • The “traditional” car magazines seem like EV cheerleaders. They were always pro-industry — I worked in auto product development for 27 years and read all the mainstream magazines for 27 years.
      But EVs have a lot of faults, so if you are an EV cheerleader magazine, then you are lying.

      I have disagreed with EP on details about many different subjects, but he does a good job on auto reviews.

  3. I hope that Tucker has a way to circumvent any attempts to muzzle him by using law fare.

    I am really disappointed that he has not not hit the ground running and did a show on Rumble the very next night after his “firing”.

    His silence is not what we need and the time is short.

    • I imagine that Tucker has a ton of options, so he’ll need time to sort through them. I think we’ll see him again, but it may be a few months before we do.

  4. People forget that Tucker was a Pat Buchanan supporter, even worked for one of Pat’s presidential campaigns. So Tucker was an early adopter of the uniparty matrix. But what really unleashed Tucker was when he was “radicalized” by Alex Jones a few years ago. People are starting to wake up, but this makes for dangerous times because all of the power centers in govt are controlled by the evil corrupt players who cannot stop. They only get worse. Sit back and enjoy the show, self improve, lead ourselves and our families. And quit worrying about being called a conspiracy nut. Nice article Eric.

    • Hi Richard,

      Glad you like the article! I agree, also, with your counsel about self-improvement and leading ourselves. Good to have you with us here!

    • “self improve”

      You hit the nail on the head.
      The level of consciousness in this country is abysmal.

      When you live in a country where people that call themselves “patriots” can not even define what right is.

      That IMHO is a low level of “consciousness”.

  5. A fascinating book is “The Sovereign Individual – Mastering the Transition to the Information Age.” It was written a few decades ago not, but many, if not most of their predictions are coming to pass.

    Basically, the thesis of the book is about what the rewards of using violence are. For example, a heavily armed knight in the middle ages or complex military hardware in the modern age are prohibitively expensive and unavailable. We have tyranny or at the very least egregious government overreach.

    When weapons were cheap and readily available, there was freedom. The the Mel Gibson movie “The Patriot”. A farmer and his sons were at least as powerful as a British soldier. It was at that time that people were talking about all mean being created equal and all men having inalienable rights bestowed upon them by their creator.

    Another interesting topic discussed in this book, more relevant to this article, is the similarity between the rise of the Roman Catholic church and it’s sudden decline just after the Protestant Reformation and modern government today. Churches used to regulate anything and everything, property sales and transfer of title, imposition of “taxes” (tithes), when people could work and when they could not, what kind of food to eat (no fish on Friday), etc. Now the government does this.

    The Protestant Reformation changed the world with the printing press. We have information technology. People couldn’t really resist the Catholic church before they could read and think for themselves. It is the same with “mainstream” media.

    People couldn’t really pick up and leave before the Protestant Reformation. In the industrial age of the nation state, a doctor in India was poor but a garbage man in the US or Canada lived reasonably comfortable. Picking up and leaving was not a feasible option. Now it is. As “poor” countries attract westerners (looking to retire somewhere cheap or younger people wanting to get off the hamster wheel), countries become more western. As they become more western and modern, they attract more immigrants. Globalisation is self-reinforcing.

    Two things will break the nation state: 1) unfunded liabilities, pensions, medicare, etc. and 2) If the government tries to raise taxes excessively, it will always be the best and the brightest who leave most easily.

    The nation state will fail. We are seeing it’s last days.

    The 500 year cycle of history goes (roughly) as follows:

    500 BC – Rome founded;
    0 AD – Christianity starts;
    496 – Rome falls (The mother of the Earth is Dead!) European barbasism follows. More people could read and write in the Roman Empire than after it.
    1000 – things settle down with the establishment of feudalism. Think, castles, Lords and Ladies, Robin Hood, the Catholic church is more powerful than kings in many instances
    1500 – Protestant Reformation and the END of the powerful corrupt Catholic church. The nation state fills the power void;
    2000 – Information technology. The states loses control over peoples minds just as the Catholic Church did after the Protestant Reformation. The nation state will falter, just like the Catholic church did.

  6. Eric, being ‘politically correct is more important than profitable’ has deeper roots than surface culture or politics and needs to be outed by what I call DaGap in understanding – https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/2022/09/the-gap-in-understanding-world-affairs.html?m=0 – very simply, we are dealing with servants of Satan.
    This of course will be immediately dismissed by seculars and churchians alike. The former see life from a materialistic perspective while the latter ASSume demonic activity as Halloween tricks.
    Both are blind!
    Connecting more dots…….the problem is NOT sourced in our corporate culture, where it just plays out what started and continues in our churches – https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/2023/04/bionic-mosquito-road-ahead.html?m=0 – and bionic’s summary, which I archived last week, nails it – it can only be solved when those who man the pulpits and pews start DOING WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR!
    It is NOT “until we all get to heaven”!
    Fire away…..but you better have your facts straight……your ‘opinion’ matters as much as mine…..worthless in DaRealWorld!

    • Indeed. So many alleged religious don’t believe in Satan/evil personified. Perhaps because of the cartoonish version of hellfire and brimstone and the churches which used to push it have now turned away and ignore it. Neither approach is right or pays due respect to evil.

      To liberal churches like the ELCA Lutherans, it seems the ultimate evil is “racism” or “social injustice”. Whereas racism is a deeply ingrained survival mechanism in humans, and justice is never social, justice by nature is individual.

    • I’m reminded of a scripture referencing latter days that the church that professes to believe it doesn’t really believe it, or virtually any other parts of the book.

      “And behold, others he flattereth away, and telleth them there is no hell; and he saith unto them: I am no devil, for there is none–and thus he whispereth in their ears, until he grasps them with his awful chains, from whence there is no deliverance.

  7. Everything you have said here is true, and it all matters—you are right to be passionate about it—because Jesus is God’s chosen king, God’s son, truth personified, and the source of life. Morality and right and wrong and guilt and innocence are meaningless apart from a transcendent lawgiver. Otherwise, morality is simply human rattlesnake venom, a survival strategy for weak organisms to which the strong can say, “Who says?”—until they grow weak and are overpowered and the cycle begins again.
    You are on the side of right — may you see the need to be on the side of justice personified.

    • Hi Henry,

      You write: “Otherwise, morality is simply human rattlesnake venom, a survival strategy for weak organisms to which the strong can say, “Who says?”—until they grow weak and are overpowered and the cycle begins again.”

      This is very well-said and elegantly said, as well.

      Glad you’re here with us!

    • Hello Henry
      I want to tell you that this: “Morality and right and wrong and guilt and innocence are meaningless apart from a transcendent lawgiver. Otherwise, morality is simply human rattlesnake venom,…” is about as accurate a statement as could be said in so few short words.
      I’ve spoken to people about this very subject of morality. I can look back into the late 40’s and remember a lot of basics about how it use to be. Especially my school days when you Never saw a female in pants inside a school building. It had nothing to do with control it had to do with modesty. A word that has now become obsolete. I am sure that there were what we called “queers” back then but you never saw one out in public because “they” did not dare to let it be known. That wasn’t “suppression”, it was “protection” for us. I can’t even begin to imagine what my parents and their peers would have done if they were confronted with what we are bombarded with 24/7s today. More-so when our toleration of it is demanded, in some cases by law. The contrast between then and now is so extreme that it almost makes my head hurt to try and comprehend the difference.
      Time was when it was an unspoken law that those who partook in this kind of activity would be dealt with in the extreme. And I don’t use that word lightly. And they knew it too. That’s why they were so clandestine and careful about what they did or didn’t do.
      But as morality eroded away and tolerance slithered in to take its place, we are now faced with this. My life as a youngster was one of joy and fun. I made my own bow and arrows. I road my bike with no fenders several miles to the nearest creek to fish for chubs. Catch a bass? I’d have been in heaven. My life had it’s bumps and bruises but it was a gay life. God forbid that I say that in public now. I have to look for a different word now. It’s disgusting to say the least.

      People like to rail against the Catholic Church of 1000-1500 years ago because they think that that Church was tyranical and suppressive. Controlling and dominating. Does anyone here know the origin of “Wall Street”?
      That Church protected its members against all of this crap we are now forced to accept and condone and otherwise agree to in the name of “human rights”. As someone here said, it even had control over kings. What a blessing. Today it has not even control over itself. And hasn’t for several hundred years. And “they”, whoever the hell “they” are, like to rave about “The Enlightenment”. My common sense tells me that when you don’t have the Truth you are in the dark. These days of Enlightenment are in fact dark ages when Truth has been cast down to the ground. I wonder what the reaction wold be if Tucker came out with that little gem of truth.

      Sorry for the rant Eric. But it’s really your own fault because you provided the opportunity for us to vent our spleens, so to speak. So I spoke mine. Just joking as I’m sure you know. And that rubicon you mentioned is very accurate. But it fits perfectly with that “mark” mentioned in God’s Word. Something else that I think you “see”. Or “feel”. Or “sense”. Like the rose maybe?


        • Henry
          Thank you to you too.
          It’s so seldom we find someone who truly knows what’s happening and is willing to speak out about it. I’m reminded of the time in the Old Testament when there were only 7,000 who had not bowed the knee to Baal.
          I can only try to imagine what must have been going through Lot’s mind before he left the city. And I doubt that I can get real close to that either, but here we are.

  8. Two things we don’t know:

    Why was Tucker Carlson taken off the air in such a hurry, and is he really “fired” in the conventional way, or is he still getting paid and can not work for another network while getting his salary?

    I start each day reading 40 one page articles on various subjects, so I have no desire to watch any news on TV But the wife watched Tucker every night, so I compromised and watched too. Considering all my morning reading (all conservative and/or libertarian articles) I usually learned something new with each Tucker show.

    Tucker rocked so many government boats that I have no idea which one got his management so upset.

    I was personally upset that his January 6 video coverage seemed to end abruptly.

    I’m sure his questioning about Ukraine made enemies.

    And the nerve of refuting false claims about Covid vaccines saving lives.

    He made many leftist enemies, which I admire.

    Consider the possibility that Tucker was taken off the air for something he was about to say.

    He was never given a chance to respond to the Ray Epps baloney interview on 60 minutes.

    Maybe there was another bombshell subject about to be aired on Monday, or that week?

    Concerning Covid:
    No masks required in Michigan doctors’ offices as of April 3. Although some doctors still wear them (fools?). My primary care doctor still tries to convince me to get a Covid vaccine. This time he told me they saved “One million lives”. I told him he had no idea what he was talking about, and challenged him to price that with data, I explained the all-cause mortality, excess death estimates and deaths with COVID statistics ALL revealed no visible reduction of deaths.
    after Covid vaccines began. I think he enjoys debating.

    • The WEF global-reset gang is trying to throw a WWIII party and no one wants to come. They are losing control and will instigate a full-on global if they can. Control of the propaganda is crucial so Tucker can’t be allowed to talk. He was a legitimate voice confusing the obedient normie bots.
      He offered Robert F Kennedy a platform “anytime”. He has the goods on Fauci and pharma.
      He lets Jimmy Door expose the craziness sending billions of $$ to Ukraine with no oversight.
      He played video that exposed the lie of Jan 6 inquisition.
      What next prime time “2000 Mules”?
      I hope Tucker has better security than Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Gary Web.

  9. Megyn Kelly whose kept up some of her contacts at FOX said that part of the reason for Tucker’s firing (which she deplores) is because the big brands refused to advertise on the profitable 8:00 p.m. weekday nite slot. FOX ran the numbers and estimated that they’d make more $$$ by sacrificing ratings and bringing back the big advertisers. Not the only reason. Recall that after the first showing of the J6 tapes, there were no further tapes just repeats of the first tapes shown. The regime may have warned the Murdochs to tone Tucker down or face unfortunate consequences personal or professional. And when Tucker wouldn’t, he got the axe.

    • The wife records Tucker on DVR. She starts watching at 8:30, halfway through the show and fast forwards though the ads. There seem to be no ads for the first 10 or 15 minutes, but plenty of ads after that. Someone was buying ads, with perhaps three million viewers. How could the network make more money on ads if the viewers are cut by 1/3 or 1/2 post-Tucker?

      While we may bot be typical Fox viewers, the wife could not stand Jesse Waters, and I could not stand Sean Hannity. Tucker was the only news we watched on TV. Without Tucker, we automatically boycott Fox News because nothing else interests us there.

      We do get NewsMax TV but they tend to speak in conclusions there, with not enough details or data to back up their conclusions. No one there can compete with Tucker. Not even close.

      • Could those ads be for your local cable system? I know that there are national ads for the network, but there are also local ads that run on your local cable system. What’s in the ads your wife would see?

        • Tucker ads seem to be national ads. There are frequent ads by “the pillow guy”, who the wife dislikes (I’m not sure why). I don’t recall any local ads, but after the first 10 or 15 minutes there are lots of ads. We can see that even when fast forwarding through them. We frequently comment on how many ads there are in a row, but we are glad there seem to be plenty of advertisers. Tucker is extremely controversial — that’s why we love him.

          My information is that Tucker’s contract lasts until December 2024, after the next election. If he wants to keep getting $20 million a year from Fox, he might be silenced until after the 2024 election. That could be the “real reason” … along with every other subject Tucker has ever discussed on the air.

          Maybe that crazy Fox female producer’s lawsuit is involved? Or the election lawsuit settlement?

          Tucker could probably double his Fox salary by writing a book now, but I wonder if he can keep taking money from Fox and also publish a book (that would mention Fox).

  10. I never watch regular TV or the news. There are now a lot of bullies in the world…the DOD, HHS, FDA, CDC, WHO, big pharma, media, big tech, the Fed, banks, and on and on. But all bullies are terrified that they will be discovered. They fear that someone might see through their lies and see the fear that controls the bully himself. These people are so worried about losing their control and secrecy they will do anything to keep their arrogant persona. That is why they must censor all anti-bully sentiment and crush the truth. They really are the little people of the world. And they will be defeated.

    Next we will have A/I bullies and chat-gpt bullies. Then it just might be time to pull the Internet plug and go back to real living. The retards can keep their virtual reality and gender BS. I immensely dislike all bullies and can only be pushed so far.

  11. Anheuser-Busch: “Watch while we destory our business by offending most of our paying customers.”
    Faux News: “Hold my Bud Light.”

  12. Tucker has a large audience. They will follow him wherever he goes. Nobody cares what channel he’s on, only what he has to say. Someone who wants to make money will give him a mike, and Fox will go bankrupt.

  13. It really does not matter (Obviously FOX was threatened by the deep state terrorists-spooks into getting rid of Tucker) because the average American is too stupid to be free anyway.

    American schools are shit…American food is shit…American TeeeeVeee is shit. Americans are mentally retarded shitheads – The political terrorists have won.

    • Hi AM,

      ” The political terrorists have won.”

      Not yet.

      I understand the sense of despair. I feel it often, too. But we have our integrity. We have not bent knee – and will not. That gives me great comfort, even if they “win.” Because in a deeply important sense, they never will. Not over me. Not over you. Not over millions of us. And if millions of us come to understand this – and that it’s not just us – things might turn out very differently for us.

  14. Look! A Tucker!

    Tucker is a red herring. Never could watch and listen, still can’t.

    The pressure is on Tucker, another thought criminal who needs to be Assanged.

    Fauci, Walensky, Pelosi, Biden the Terrible, those culprits need to be exposed for who they all are. Another one is Albert Bourla and another is Bill Gates.

    All guilty of crimes against humanity. Have to stay on target.

    Bill Gates owns 250,000 acres of farmland, Bill is the world’s greatest farmer and the world’s greatest pharmacist besides being the world’s greatest software developer.

    You just have to recognize great talent when you see it.

    Bill has more money than brains and no brains to know what to do with money. Talent is not in the equation.

    A feckless rack of bones inside a sorry worthless hide, not much more than that.

    Confiscate the global oligarch’s fortune and dress Bill in sackcloth and ashes.

    Bill can stop while he has a chance.

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act – George Orwell

    Supposedly he wrote it all down, but it is hard to find the quote in all of George’s writings.

  15. Hi Eric. The mistake we make is we think companies like Fox NEED to make money to pay bills in the same way you do as a journalist ! They dont – these are just publicity wings of the establishment. In Britain, the Guardian is one of the few papers that isn’t behind the paywall yet, and still has a huge influence (pushing Brits even more to accept authoritarianism and well you know more government). On our side we used to think about how we cant wait till the Guardian runs out of money and has to go behind the paywall too and its influence reduces. Well we’ve been waiting well over a decade and it hasn’t happened – why, because every year, while the paper makes a huge operating loss, its parent “trust” ends up with a huge grant from some shady “charity” linked to some crooked creature from hell… and they declare a “profit” and carry on to the next year.
    On top of that – they also gloat about how they dont accept money for advertisements because you know it can influence their integrity 😂😂😂

    I expect fox, CNN, and all the rest of them to carry on the same…. getting huge cash injections one way or another to keep the sheep engaged…

    • Indeed, working for money, for survival and (sniff) prosperity, is for the little people. For the GOOD people, they are entitled to it and will give it to themselves. So GM will never be mismanaged into bankruptcy, not the post orifice, nor CNN nor FOX. They will always be rewarded for doing the bidding of the evil masters of this world.

    • Nasir,

      If I’m not mistaken, Bill Gates helps fund The Guardian; that would explain its ability to remain open in spite of losing money.

    • Indeed Nasir. Well said. Those at the top don’t need to worry about making money. We’ll pay for them regardless. So they can concentrate on our further enslavement.

  16. OT Eric, but I’d like to request that you write about this at some point. Florida House Bill 269 was signed into law by Ron DeSantis today and it’s a massive attack on free speech. It specifically prohibits passing leaflets or pamphlets (which it calls “trash”) that might offend a certain religious group and carries a 5-year prison sentence. What worries me is that Florida is becoming the new California or NY as far as setting trends for the rest of the nation, i.e. providing ideas for the moral retards and mental midgets in Congress.

    • DeSantis is not your friend. Likes to take down Confederate statues as well. The Indian Sawmy guy IS an interesting candidate,

    • Jason, this law helps protect the least powerful group in the world from evil neo-Nazis. They may live in rusty trailers, but they wield enough power that could potenially kill millions!

      • ‘Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis used his speech in Jerusalem on Thursday to emphasize his pro-Israel credentials. This is DeSantis’ fourth visit to Israel.’ — Axios

        DeSantis memorably conducted his first cabinet meeting in Jerusalem in 2019. He is going WAY above and beyond the sorry US political norm to pander his pimply ass to Israel.

        “Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak acknowledged the existence of the country’s nuclear weapon arsenal via Twitter — then deleted the tweet, presumably after realizing he’d violated the long-standing US-Israeli practice of pretending that arsenal doesn’t exist.” — ZeroHedge, April 7, 2023

        The Symington Amendment of 1976, still on the federal statute books, makes it ILLEGAL for the US to aid an undeclared nuclear power. Yet every presidential administration since then has conspired with Israel to maintain ambiguity about its estimated 100-200 nuclear warheads.

        DeSantis makes clear that he would continue to violate US statutory law to aid a belligerent Israeli state which regularly bombs and rockets its neighbors.

        America-Last DeSantis is unfit to serve. Throw him to the gators, Cletus!

        • It’s worse. If you win a Florida state contract, as part of the language in the contract you are required to agree not to support any BDS movement against israel. When did israel become the 51st state?
          Add to that, schoolchildren are required to visit the “jewish freak shows” known as “holocaust museums” as a part of the school curriculum which has been enshrined into Florida law. Let the brainwashing begin.
          DeSantis cannot be trusted…

    • Jason,

      It seems to me that though DeSantis has taken outstanding positions on many issues, he also, clearly, has a nasty authoritarian streak. He appears to just balancing the equation across from the authoritarian left. In the end, it may just mean banning different things and putting different people in jail, but ultimately, it’s not really very different.

      • BaDnOn,

        There’s someone I know who regurgitated a post from someone else claiming that the “R” Party wants to impose authoritarianism on America, conveniently forgetting that we’ve already lived under that just over the past 3 years. They say “Don’t vote for Republicans!”, as if the Democrat Party would be any different.

      • Morning, BaDnOn!

        What’s missing, I think, is a principled defense of the principles articulated by Jefferson in the Declaration. That we have inalienable rights. Not government granted privileges. Rights that cannot be voted away or diminished that are based on self-ownership and so for that reason morally inviolable. Going further – to articulate what Jefferson didn’t – that we are not anyone else’s property and thus no one else has a “right” to any of ours. This means that “taxation” is wrong, as such – because it is the taking (by force) of what isn’t rightfully the property of anyone else. That we have an absolute right to manage our own affairs, even if others believe that they could manage them better, “for our own good.” Even if it might, in fact be “better” if they were managed by others, in some cases. We have the right to fail – and to succeed. To be be held accountable for any harms we cause but left alone if we cause no harm. Our only obligation is to respect the equal rights of others to themselves and their property. To be left free to pursue happiness – according to our own lights – as we leave others free to do the same.

        No more utilitarian quibbling.

    • DeSantis is very, very pro-Israel. He idolizes them, he worships them, he looked so pious when he visited the Wailing Wall, he wore the beanie, momentarily he was one of them. When the Tribe owns TV stations and TV shows, if you want the job and the ability to make a living, you go along with whatever your betters tell you to do. Backing Israel is just another way to saddle the US with fealty and adoration of Israel and I’m not sure what DeSantis could do to rid himself of this adoration problem. As Carlin used to say, “it’s a big club and YOU ain’t in it”.

      • desantis just signed a law while in pissrael banning flyers that tell the truth about jews. a group trying to protect gentiles gave out fliers a while ago stating pure facts no threats or violence. I guess the courts might knock it down.
        what is never mentioned about the vaccines is ALL the makers of the vaccine are owned by jews.

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes – I saw this and am annoyed by it. No one – including Jewish people – has a right to not be offended. The obvious danger being that if such a “right” exists, then all that’s necessary is to style the truth “offensive” to suppress it. Free speech cannot exist without the freedom to speak offensively. So long as people are free to speak the truth, lies – and offensive lives – cannot stand.

        • Yes,,, being offended would be an individual action. Today almost everyone is offended by something or someone. The whole place is coming unraveled. As I live in floriduh I am extremely annoyed at DeSantis for violating our constitution to please a foreign power.

          He was Covid light. He did lock down but changed his mind early. He was stopping travelers coming to the state to check their temperatures especially from New York.

          He knows who our Daddy is and who can make a president and that is why he puts a lot of time in Israel. There is no one thus far where I could justify voting for dog catcher much less El Jefe including RFK who apparently said Vaxx deniers should spend time in prison.

          Where do these idiots come from!

    • Jason,

      Not only was there that bill and another odious one that DeSantis signed; he signed them IN ISRAEL! That’s right; he signed these bills into law in a foreign country, not his state. Just something to think about…

  17. Tucker Carlson is another chameleon with connections to intelligence. Look up who is father is. This man has all the telltale signs of controlled opposition. They don’t allow actual dissidents to speak to millions on a major news network.

    He let his true colors show when he started shilling the UFO pysop and pushing anti-China antagonism.

    • It is amazing, with all that has happened the last few years, that people cannot see the game being played. Americans have lost all semblance of rational thought…

    • Tucker’s not perfect. But he was fun to watch for the most part. Great sense of humor and he believed in God and family. The sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. He was the only reason to watch TV for me and his firing is kind of mind blowing.

    • I looked up a couple things about his father. Get this:

      After arriving in San Diego as reporter-anchorman for KFMB, Carlson made a splash by unmasking the winner of a women’s tennis tourney in La Jolla, the then-unknown Renee Richards, as a transsexual. Carlson prided himself on being a muckraker.

      But now Carlson (a failed mayoral candidate in 1984) is in Washington as director of the Voice of America, and the journalistic tables have been turned.




      • Quite an illustrious career for a college dropout – investigative reporter to VP at a bank to director of a government news network and information agency.

        • A little nugget from the La Jolla Insiders about Tucker:

          Carlson and his brother grew up in La Jolla, California. They had moved there when he was in first grade where he attended the La Jolla Country Day School, voted the best private school in San Diego in 2007 by the San Diego Union-Tribune. Tucker then attended the St. George’s School, a boarding school in Midtown, Rhode Island. He completed his BA in history from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1991. After his application to join the Central Intelligence Agency was rejected, Carlson’s father motivated him to become a journalist. This acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.


          Rejected by the Company. Hehehe…

          • Rejected by the company is a meaningless datum. You may be rejected for being too ideological or religious (having scruples). Or you may be recruited as a tool for the same reasons. You may be rejected for plausible deniability and then manipulated to be their tool. Or you may be brought in to be a beard or a pawn. A wilderness of mirrors. Satan’s playground.

            • Agreed, that’s why I was laughing. Meaningless datum but interesting for all the reasons you mentioned.

              BTW, his 2 year younger brother’s first name is Buckley.

    • “This man has all the telltale signs of controlled opposition….”

      Do you come out of your cave very often?
      If he is controlled opposition then we need more of it.
      If you opened your eyes you might see FOX news as CO overall….

      “They don’t allow actual dissidents to speak to millions on a major news network.”

      Right. That’s why “they” would not allow him to interview Alex Jones in violation of his contract. That is why he refers to Alex on many of his shows.

      IF there is controlled opposition here, it may well be you.

      Are you an AI chat bot or a real person? 😛

      • Lenin said the best way to control the opposition is to lead it. I would be less suspicious of Tucker, if, as you also mentioned in another comment, he dropped the rest of the Jan 6 footage on a Rumble or Substack the day he was fired. That he didn’t screams limited hangout. Personally, I think they’re setting him up to be a political candidate, Trump v.2, just younger and slicker.

  18. One other thing that these charlatans who’ve been caught lying do is try to gaslight the public into thinking they NEVER said something even 1 or 2 years ago despite massive video evidence of them saying what they now claim they never said. For example, the claim 2 years ago that the COVID jabs would “Prevent infection/ stop the spread” of the dreaded ‘Rona. There’s lots of video out there of authoritarians saying such things such as Justin Trudeau, now fmr Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, etc. Even fmr public health bureaucrat Tony Fauci said stuff that turned out to be LIES. And now they try to say they never forced anyone to take that “vaccine” despite implementing vaxx mandates in 2021, and placing immense pressure to get vaxxed even to the point of firing those who stood their ground and refused to become guinea pigs for Pharma.

    Why, even Fauci has gotten into that act, going so far as to claim that he never called for universal lockdowns of schools, businesses, etc., despite tons of video evidence to the contrary, and lamenting the fact that the U.S. had over 1 million COVID deaths despite being a WEALTHY nation. Well, part of the reason we had as many deaths (allegedly) as we did is because Fauci effectively imposed FAULTY protocols on the country, which ended up being HARMFUL or even DEADLY to people.

  19. “ When they do, expect them to make it a crime to tell the truth – to question anything they say – anywhere” – Eric
    They already are, four old timey 60’s radicals were indicted for criticizing the official narrative, because they are supposedly “agents of a foreign government (Russia of course)” and didn’t “register as such. Funny how that doesn’t apply to AIPAC.
    Also Matt Taibi being threatened with jail time for reporting the truth by some Clowngress critter; it’s open season on free speech, and they’re not even trying to hide it.

    • Indeed, Matt Hoover of YouTube (CRS firearms) was just convicted of selling and conspiring to sell machine guns. The putative machine guns were in fact sheet metal business cards, novelties with a not-to-scale improvised auto sear on them. This was a blatant attack on the entire bill of rights. The jury was apparently 8 female and 4 male Karen’s.

  20. “In any case, the proper English language term for a castrated male is “eunuch,” not “trans” anything.”

    Absolutely, right on point, Adi. I didn’t think of associating this, but you are 100% correct.

    My problem is I don’t know the WHO either. They all seem like faceless psychopaths to me. No faces, just a bunch of hands pulling puppet strings.

  21. This episode reminds me of the court jester. Most of us were taught that only the jester was permitted to speak the truth. I, and most kids, imagined ourselves in the court, maybe after a meal, laughing at the commentary of a man prancing around in a goofy hat, roasting the king like the dias at the Friars Club. The traditional White House Press corps dinner has that tone. But I think that actually the jester was there to pass information from the court bureaucracy to rat out dissidents or get rid of dissenting views. “The truth” as seen by those too chicken to speak it, probably about those those who’s power has waned. If the jester ever spoke the actual real truth he’s likely to lose his head, just as much as any other. And for sure if the jester were to leave the great hall and go out into the castle yard speaking the truth, well… that’s ovbiously never going to happen. The truth isn’t for we the peasants, it is only the king and those close enough to him to hear.

  22. I was hoping that all fox’s on-air talent would have all quit the next day. It would have been warranted, and fun to see. That they didn’t tells me all I need to know. Not watching anymore.

      • I’m surprised that Hannity has any listeners left. Aren’t people bored with his stale program? I liked him for about 5 miniutes when he endorsed the Orange man. Other than that, he has reverted to his moronic drivel.

        • Hannity is a hasbara shill whose U. S. citizenship should be revoked and should be deported to israel.
          While I was listening to his radio show on the way home from work, a caller asked him about the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) by israel on June 8, 1967.
          Hannity stammered a bit and declared: “israel is our friend and would never have done such a thing” (his exact words). I damn near ran off the road when I heard THAT.
          For Hannity to declare that a well-documented historical event “did not happen” is merely more PROOF that he is owned “lock stock and barrel” by israel.
          When it comes to expending American troops for israel’s interests, Hannity never found a “war” that he did not like.
          In fact, israel’s favorite military song is “Onward Christian Soldiers”.
          I have absolutely no respect for Hannity or other of his ilk.
          On another front, June 8, 2017 was the fiftieth anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty (GTR-5). Normally, the fiftieth anniversary of any event rates at least a mention in the mainstream media. Not so for the USS Liberty (GTR-5). There was not a peep from the so-called “mainstream media” about this “act of war” by our “friend and ally”, israel.
          This is merely more proof of who owns the “mainstream media”. Hint: It isn’t gentiles…

        • Hi Mark,

          True enough, I suppose. And yet, I marvel at these people.., how many millions does Hannity have? He could lose two-thirds of everything he has to his ex and still have more than most of us – and then some. One can still buy – outright – a nice home for around $300,000. Buy a nice car for $30,000. After that. it’s just the usual expenses (food and utilities, etc.). Chump change for a guy like him.

          How much is his soul worth to him?

  23. $20 million a year & he was foolish enough to criticize those signing the paycheck with easily subpoena’d text messages & emails.

    No conspiracy theory necessary…p!ss off your boss & that’s what happens.

    No chance he ever makes that kind of money ever again in his life.

      • I think Tucker will land on his feet and actually become more successful. His $20 million may soon be a drop in the bucket, but I am not quite sure he has more money than anyone else here. Maybe. Maybe not. You would be surprised how the very wealthy don’t stand out and usually keep their mouth shut. Only the newly rich make a show about it. Intellect is usually followed by money and we have a good amount of brilliant people. I don’t think too many are living paycheck to paycheck on this site.

        • The US doesn’t have many good journalists but a few have had the machine come down on them.

          If they ever got together and reported in the style that got them targeted, they would realize an unimagined success. Or they could get Clintoned.

    • Tucker was in the middle of a 5 year $100 million deal. That plus the millions he made previously.

      So you are saying even if YOU had all that money and could afford to maintain some positive principals you would still lick your bosses boots.

      • What “positive principles?”

        Not only did he attack his bosses he also personally insulted co-workers, again, though easily discoverable methods like texts and emails.

        Those also revealed he himself didn’t believe what he was saying on air.

        So it sure looks like his priority was whoring for dollars, not ‘speaking truth to power’ no different from every other talking head.

        Keep in mind he has also gotten fired all the staff that worked at his remote studio, and I doubt they’ll be getting any compensation beyond state unemployment.

        Of course, he still gets his multi-million dollar contract paid out.

  24. “journalism. A dead art now”
    Why should it not be? Is Julian Assange, arguably the best journalist in at least 50 years, not in prison? How does that go? In an empire of lies, truth is radical, or something to that effect? Always thought Tucker spent a bit too much time and effort in favor of the Military Industrial complex, but no one is perfect. Perhaps he’s still learning.
    I agree with Eric, they don’t realize what a monster they have now turned loose upon themselves. When they do, they may resort to ridiculously exorbitant reaction which could only result in his martyrdom. After all, they once murdered a sitting POTUS, what WON’T they do?

  25. The most dangerous thing about firing Tucker as opposed to a usual hack like Bill O’Reilly is that Tucker has a razor sharp sense of humor and uncanny ability to mock the idiots in charge. His takedowns of Kamala alone are pure gold. Fox didn’t deplatform Tucker, they deplatformed themselves.

  26. I’m wary of Tucker Carlson. Like Alex Jones, he implemented a defense in a court of law whereby he testified that he was essentially an actor and that no reasonable person should believe what he says. That was 4 or 5 years ago, but still. Tucker, AJ, and Rogan create an interesting Venn diagram. I wonder if they’re positioning Tucker for something bigger, to herald the big swing to the right that’s probably in the works to consolidate the gains of the left the past few years and put any potential real opposition back to sleep.

    On the bright side, though, Fox firing Tucker might finally convince the last few non-Left holdouts that Fox News is no different than the rest of them.

    • As I once pointed out to one of a libertarian bent, all the corporate news services are wholly dependent upon an omnipotent ubiquitous central government, else what could they possibly have to talk about 24/7, including Fox?
      While we are not dependent upon it, is that not a great deal of what we talk about here?

    • Hi Funk,

      Just the fact that Fox News took money from the Biden Thing’s 2021 “American Recovery Act” (or whatever that was called) to promote the government approved COVID jab narratives proved in my mind they’re not all that different from the rest of the establishment media.

    • What the hell can you do in a court of “law”, the illegitmate system of justice that exists in this country? I’d lie like a motherfucker to keep my ass out of a sling. And so would most. Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson are two different cases. They were after Alex Jones for his exercising his free speech rights on his megaphone. He may have been wrong, but the jury verdicts were outsized and ridiculous. If these verdicts were fair, then every single auto fatality that has been adjudicated would bankrupt Ford, GM, Chrysler and every single motorist who was held at fault.

    • The only theory that really matters is they Effed up royally. They had some control over him while he worked for them. They have none now.

    • Hi John,

      Personally, I think it was his Heritage speech last week, although I am not completely swayed that Dominion also did not have something to do with it. Fox News plays the same game as the rest of the networks. When a boy (who still has a penis) wants to be a girl, they call him a girl. No he is not a girl. He has a penis and an XY chromosome. Tucker brought up this point and several others during his speech and I am sure Fox heard it and wanted to get out from under it before it began circulating. There was no doubt that the liberals were going to call for his head on a platter. Fox can now go around and thump their chest stating they took care of it.

      It is a sick, sick world we are living in. What is being done to Generation Z is horrific and I don’t know if we are ever going to be able to correct it. It is online, in the schools, in their games, in their cartoons. And I yet to put together the why. That is the question that I cannot answer. Why are they pushing the transgender agenda? Why are they mutilating little kids and teenagers? Everyone shakes their heads and states it is a shame in some quiet corner where cameras aren’t hidden and eavesdropping is non existent, but no one will say it out loud.

      I though the homeschooling community would be spared from it, but it is even popping up there, because the parents are not supervising what the kids are learning online, reading, or watching on TV. There are very lost boys and girls out there that need adults to protect them from the peer pressure (because I truly believe that is what most of this is) and the grown ups can’t be found or are too scared to go against the crowd for fear of isolation or worse.

      • Yes, RG. Most people are cowards and won’t stand up for the truth or what they believe in. Often they’ll even act against their beliefs based on what they perceive to be the opinion of the herd. Sometimes, they’ll even go one step further and turn on those trying to assist them in defending their own beliefs. I experienced this on a daily basis during the approximate 3 years of “Covid” psychosis. It’s pathetic.

        • I agree, ML. The herd mentality is strong. Human beings are no different than animal packs. A domesticated dog, by itself, can be a tame, obedient, lap rug, but put him with a pack of dogs all of a sudden the lap rug becomes a growling, biting, ferocious threat. Maybe the survival instinct kicks in, but human beings have a tendency to ignore their baser instincts so I am still always surprised when this one kicks in.

          • Having lived with dogs all my life, it long ago became apparent that 2 dogs will get in four times as much trouble as one dog, and 4 dogs will get in 8 times as much. For dogs it’s all about the backup. The pack behind them gives them courage. Same with people and the mob I suppose. Which is why people are drawn to the mob. The thing is, we are supposed to be intelligent enough to overcome our instincts, a partial definition of civilization. Instead, we are taught NOT to. Thank you mandatory public education.

        • Yeah, I remember how it was at the grocery stores. Over 98 percent compliance with mask mandates, enforced or not. It was disgusting. Over 70 percent of the public is vaccinated. Disgusting as well. That senile bastard in the white house almost cost millions their job if his vaccine mandates, enforced by the useless OSHA wouold have been enforced. The period between 3/20 to 9/21 was particularly terrifying. Today is, too, just differently.

      • @ RG,
        >Why are they
        I am mystified as well, but suggest that it *might* be useful to ask, “WHO are they?” if you wish to understand the motivation. Or, perhaps not (I dunno).

        In any case, the proper English language term for a castrated male is “eunuch,” not “trans” anything.

        Just sayin’.

      • Hi RG, Hope you are well. Let me post something positive in response to this – the next generation, whatever they are called (my kids are now 9 and 11) may have hope. I see these kids are pushing back against propaganda than the adults! The other day, somehow I ended up discussing the LBGT thing with my kid, and I asked her what she thought about it. She told me that she things its very silly, but she cant talk about it! I asked her why do you think you cant talk about it? She said “well all the boys make fun of it but keep getting in trouble!”… she keeps telling me whenever some rainbow things come up kids keep laughingand making fun of it, and get told off!!! I asked her why is it silly – she said “do you really think a boy can be a girl or a girl can be a boy ?!?” Not only that – the kids realise that Ukraine is a con!! One girl was telling my daughter about how it was Ukraines fault, and they were discussing Zilensky being crooked. Another kid heard and went and asked the teacher – who was livid, and according to my daughter teacher was almost in tears because you know evil Russia and poor Zilensky. Its funny because all this seems like South Park where the kids are more sensible than the adults who are trying to get onboard with whatever they are told!!

        The best however is Andrew Tate. The kids were fans before I even realised who this guy is… so – in true communist form the school admin “banned” kids from talking about him!! You probably know how that went – the funniest was a couple weeks ago, kids were told to write an essay about who they admire and want to be like, and why. Most of the boys chose Tate!! 😂😂😂😂

        • Morning, Nasir!

          It was a happy thing to read your post about your kids this morning. what you wrote about them dovetails with what I’ve heard several of my friends’ kids say. They aren’t “woke,” either. Maybe it’ll be their generation that puts things right…

          • Eric, want to hear one better ? The some months ago my daughter asked me “Whats wrong with lets go Brandon”. I asked her why and where did she hear it ! So it turns out the school got some new software where kids do their work online. One of the kids signed up with “Lets go Brandon” as his username, everyone cracked up when his name came on the main screen – he got sent to the office!! 😂😂😂😂

            • I see similar in my grand kids, but they are homeschooled. A couple of rabid anarchist libertarians. They can’t unhear or unsee the truth.

      • RG
        You may not believe it and that’s ok. Your choice.
        You say: “And I yet to put together the why. That is the question that I cannot answer. Why are they pushing the transgender agenda? Why are they mutilating little kids and teenagers? Everyone shakes their heads and states it is a shame in some quiet corner where cameras aren’t hidden and eavesdropping is non existent, but no one will say it out loud. ”
        It’s all part of an agenda. We hear of the 2030 agenda. The WEF agenda. Agenda this and agenda that.
        The fact is that “The Agenda” is that of Satan. And The one thing that he would rather not have known is that he actually has an agenda. Here it is in a nutshell:
        The Conflict is between him and Christ. It always has been from when he told the first lie: “Ye shall not surly die.”
        On the mountain he offered Christ his kingdom of this world if Christ would bow to him. Christ told him to take that job and shove it. Satan then sent his children out to murder Christ, (Jn 8:44) and they did. Rome washed their hands of the whole matter. Pilate told them: “See ye to it.”
        Here’s the key to understanding the whole deal. Scripture tells us that Satan knows that he has but a short time. He knows that in the end it will be Christ who will conquer, and he will be destroied. It doesn’t matter if you or I or anyone else knows this or not. Satan knows it and Christ will do it when He’s ready to. In the meantime Satan continues to do as much as he can to destroy as much as he can. That’s all he can do is destroy. He is not hoping to finally rule the planet and have us as his slaves etc. etc. That will never happen. Oh, he will do a lot more destroying until it’s all over but the end will still be his total elimination. Along with all those who partake, knowingly or unknowingly in his evil deeds.
        I don’t know if he said it or was quoting someone else but Paul Harvey once said; “The most fantastic thing Satan ever did was to convince the whole world that he doesn’t exist.” Have you ever watched Harvey’s “If I was the devil”?
        There is virtually nothing that Satan will not do if it will destroy something good.
        And he has more ways than you or I could ever imagine to get er done.
        Like I think you are feeling, I too remember a time when I would never have thought of what’s being done right in front of my face now, let alone believe that it would happen. Yet here it is. Right in your face and mine too. If nothing else, common sense tells me the idea is totally insane. What is so hard to get my head around is how many there are who have bought into this insanity. They look like people. They walk, talk and act like most sane people. So I have to ask myself, “What’s wrong with these people?” Maybe?, no for sure I’m better off not being able to understand what’s wrong with them. I don’t want to go there.
        There is a whole lot of God’s Word to back this up but I won’t go into that here. If someone wants to know, please don’t be afraid to ask.

        • Hi Roger,

          I am not particularly religious and yet I incline toward agreement. There is something unusually sinister afoot. It could be simply a coordinated effort of the “elite” – of money and the power it buys. But I grant i may also be something more profound – and worse.

          • Hi Eric,

            I had a sense back in 2020 when we had all these draconian COVID measures being imposed on the masses, that we were in the beginning of a spiritual war. Ever since then, it’s only accelerated, from “Authorities” beating up innocent people who didn’t comply with lockdowns, “social distancing” decrees, or face diaper mandates to the attempts to severely punish or even imprison those who wouldn’t get “vaccinated”. And after the FDA authorized the COVID jabs for children, corrupt public health agencies even started heavily targeting children to get vaxxed despite children having statistically ZERO chance of DYING from the dreaded ‘Rona. It also became apparent we were dealing with evil when globalist technocrats floated all sorts of things like digital identity, digital vaccine passports, merging humans with machines, CBDC, carbon footprint trackers, people eating ze bugs, etc. And the Biden regime even launched a war against people who practice Christianity upon getting into office. Over the past year or 2, Pharma & corrupt politicians also started targeting children for TRANSGENDERISM under guise of “Trans rights” or “Gender affirming care”. However, there are children who’ve undergone “gender transitioning” only to regret it years later when they become young adults, have irreversible side effects from taking certain drugs, or even have the trans and medical community turn their backs on them if they “detransition”. One such young adult is someone named Luka, who Del Bigtree interviewed on his online weekly program The Highwire this week….


          • Eric
            It seems that many people actually deceive themselves by not thinking seriously enough about things they think and believe. We all use many words so indifferently when maybe we should stop and consider not only where these words came from but the true and especially the original meanings of them.
            Words like evil. Devil without the d. Like which one came first? Devil or evil. That’s just one example.
            I accept your position of “not particularly religious” and do not judge you. But I am told by my Lord to “try the spirits”. How else can I know who I am dealing with if I don’t know what spirit is guiding them?
            I do know this. Eric Peters is profoundly aware of and concerned with “Truth” whether it be regarding cars, trucks, or anything else that he cares to consider on his site. It is as clear as can be in what you write and how you approach the subjects you address here. I’d be surprised if anyone who reads you did not think so.
            Truth is really the only thing that matters to those of us who are able to use the ability we all have to “reason”. Or at least it should be if one is not mentally deranged or disadvantaged.
            I’m well past 83 and have just recently learned in detail how and why those we refer to as a sycopath do what they do. In a nutshell they are completely incapable of feeling remorse or compassion for another person or even any other form of life. No conscience. None.
            You and I are unable to fully comprehend what that would be like and I’m certainly glad for that.
            Those people are identified in God’s Word as “having their conscience seared as with a hot iron.” James Corbett has done a very good article regarding them way back in 2009. I just came across it a few days ago. It was so enlightening that I had to listen to it twice and will probably do so again. There is a lot to try and comprehend.
            Satan is not stupid in the true sense of that word. And one thing that I think is taken too lightly is that scripture tells us that he is “more subtle”. Another word that needs thought of seriously.
            But I think that we should consider that he knows he’s already lost and has absolutely no possibility of avoiding his fate. So his reality is that he has nothing left to lose because he’s already lost it all.
            No hope. Have you ever thought deeply about what it would be like to be without hope. It can be pretty depressing if you dwell on it. It will also make you realize that you don’t ever want to go there.
            Don’t stop doing what you’re doing and one day you may get a surprise that you were never expecting. St. Paul sure did and he was not seeking the truth when it happened.
            None of us knows when God will decide to begin to”draw us to Him”.
            But it seems to me that when one values the truth above all else, know it or not he is valuing Christ and why would not God draw that one to Him?

            • Hi Roger,

              I appreciate your taking the time to leave that very thoughtful comment, which I’ve just been reading as I drink my first cup of coffee this morning. I was raised in what was and may still be a pretty typical pro forma Christian (Lutheran) home, meaning we went to church but it was mostly a social ritual and – from my point of view as a kid – far less interesting than getting on my bicycle and heading off on some adventure. Yet, I continue to read about theological things, which interest me far more than what I experienced as a kid. I also see – for want of a better term – something in everything. More than purpose though that appears to be an element of it. I think about this often, especially when I consider a rose bush or a vine or the eye. I am also (and here comes some Gnosticism) over-awed by whatever it is – and feel inadequate to understand it. And yet, there seems to me to be something to it. I hope this does not come across as gibberish. It’s still early and I haven’t had a second cup yet…

              • Good morning
                I’m on my second cup and had to smile when I read about your “social ritual”. I sure can relate to that. I was raised as a catholic but only because of family tradition. The LAST thing I wanted to do was go to church and pretend that I understood what was going on. The mass was in Latin and I had no idea what any of it meant. Latin was Greek to me. So in hindsight I often think that it was a real blessing in disguise because when I did become interested in things spiritual I didn’t have a bunch of preconceived ideas and beliefs to try and work around.
                I’m not saying that the catholic church was wrong. I’m convinced that at one time it was The Christian Church and that it held the Truth. But that was many many years ago and it has since fallen away from the Truth just as St. Paul said it would. To consider today’s catholic church Christian would be like comparing the Hemi engine to a one cylinder briggs.
                They are both ICE’s but that’s as far as it could go.
                A rose bush. A vine. The eye. I remember a documentary that I watched some years ago titled “God of Wonders”. I don’t recall who put it together. It was affiliated with some religious org, but talk about something to be over-awed by. Whoever those people were, they certainly impressed me. I think that that is exactly what Christ meant when He said: “Prove me by that which is made.” The longer I live the more it seems to me that man is much better at destroying what is good than he is a creating something that is better. But who could ever convince him of that? There are so many examples. Man thinks he can improve on perfection. Gmo’s are a prime example. Take something that is perfect and screw it all up and then call it better. The crap can’t even recreate itself. The seed will not germinate. And that’s supposed to be better? Put some open pollinated corn in the same trough with GMO crap and watch which one the cows eat first. Do the same with any natural grain or plant. Take a fresh heirloom tomato from your garden and put it up against one of the hothouse fakes from wally world. Each one of these hybrid/Gmo plants are lies. The true original perfect item is gone. It’s true form has been changed and it is no longer what it was originally. It’s a lie.
                In order for there to be a lie there first has to be a truth that can be altered.
                The scriptures are just full of all the things that are going on today. Clear back in the book of Daniel we are told how Satan will cast down truth to the ground and will prosper. Truth has no place in today’s “woke world”.
                The Mystery Babylon Harlot of Revelations spoke way back in the book of Isaiah and said “none seeth me.”
                But a few do “see”. Just like you “see”, for want of a better term.
                There is so much more to this but like you I don’t want to come across as gibberish. And I do have a tendency to ramble because this subject is so relative
                to all that’s happening today.
                More and more I see and hear people asking and talking about what’s “really” going on. They are seeing , hearing, and feeling the effects but sense something that they can’t identify or put their finger on.
                Keep writing Eric and we will keep reading. Whatever your inspiration is, it is certainly for better and not for worse.


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