Our Bourbons

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There isn’t a single EV available in this country that costs less than $40,000 that can go more than about 250 miles on a charge. This makes them impractical for people who do not live in or near cities, where there are “fast” chargers.

As well as unaffordable.

All of the EVs for sale in this country that cost less than $40,000 are compact-sized vehicles that aren’t suitable as family cars – even if they could go 500 miles on a charge. And never mind that most families cannot afford to buy one anyhow. Let alone two – in order to make up for the fact that a family would need more than one of these things.

In plain language, electric vehicles are elitist vehicles.

All of the models that can go 300 miles or more cost $50,000 or more. All of the mid-sized and larger models cost that much or more as well.

What will happen when the only vehicles available are vehicles like that – as the Biden Thing’s EPA intends to assure, having just issued regulatory fatwas that effectively outlaw alternatives to them, without actually outlawing them? The regs don’t say a manufacturer cannot build a given kind of car; only that it must comply. The cost of the latter being too high to make it worth building.

That’s how the government outlaws something without the bother of having to pass a law.

I was discussing this on the radio the other day with my old friend Henry Payne, who writes car reviews for the Detroit News. Henry owns a Tesla. But he also owns several other cars, which he can afford because he’s a successful writer (and cartoonist). He can afford to indulge, in other words.

But he recognizes that most Americans cannot.

And it’s not just the cost of the EV, itself. If you cannot afford a single family home, owning an EV is difficult because you haven’t got a place to garage it. More to the point, you probably don’t have a place to charge it.

At least, not at home.

People who live in apartments and condos can’t run an extension cord out to their EV, parked on the street below. And even if they could, they can’t – because normal extension cords cannot be used for that. The cabling isn’t the right size and the transmission losses over the distance involved are such that it just won’t work – even if you could run a normal extension cord 100 yards from your apartment window to the street below.

Also, if you haven’t got a garage your EV will get cold sitting outside in the winter – and the battery will lose charge trying to keep itself warm overnight. The only way to avoid this is to keep the EV in a warm garage – and plugged in – neither of which you can do if you have to park it outside.

Never mind.

Or rather, never think. At least, one hopes.

Henry and I talked about the probability of out-of-touchness as regards what you might call our Bourbon Class, in reference to the ossified court and courtiers of pre-revolutionary France circa 1789. One of them – the king’s wife, Marie Antoinette – supposedly (and infamously) said, Let them eat cake when told the peasants were starving due to lack of bread. Apparently, this was not meant maliciously. The woman assumed that cake was available if bread wasn’t.

Didn’t everyone have plenty of cake?

She was out-of-touch. And for that, she eventually lost her head (along with the king and lots of other Bourbons, too).

Our “Bourbons” are similarly out-of-touch and for similar reasons. Like the French Bourbons, they do not have to worry about bread (as in money) because they have so much of ours. The Biden Thing is a multi-millionaire and so are most of the rest of these things. Such things do not sweat the cost of a $40,000 EV.

Doesn’t everyone have one?

Well, in their circle – probably. But – like the French Bourbons, they do not see that the people who are not in their circle don’t. Such “deplorables” are as invisible to our Bourbons as the starving peasants were to Marie Antoinette.

And it may be something worse than that. Our Bourbons do see – and don’t care. They know perfectly well that most people cannot afford a $40,000 vehicle – especially one that only goes maybe 200-ish miles before it forces them to park it at a “fast” charger nowhere near where they live and which is much harder to live with if they haven’t got a cozy single family home and a warm garage with a 240V outlet to plug it into.

They know it – and they continue to push for more of it.

That makes them much worse than poor Marie Antoinette, who was probably a nice (if vapid) woman who meant no harm.

They might stop to think how she – and the other Bourbons – ended up once the people had enough of them.

. . .

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  1. Today Marie Antoinette is dismissed as the royal who allegedly said “Let them eat cake.” But, the town of Marietta, Ohio is named for her, by Americans who were grateful for the French assistance in the American revolution.

  2. The slaves should start their own narrative…..which would be…..
    don’t listen to or co operate with the slave owners, the new aristocracy…the globalists
    penalize any slave that co operates with the slave owners or spreads their narrative….

    the slave owner’s narrative is divide and conquer …..
    all the ideologies were created by the control group to get the slaves fighting each other….. democracy, communism, facism, liberal, conservative, capitalism, left vs right, black vs white vs bipoc…fake racism, woke, LGBQT, all pushed 24/7/365 by the globalist owned msm…if the slaves co operated with each other they could boot out the globalists…

    The control group at the top…
    The pharaohs had their feudal king with slaves system from 4000 BC to 30 BC when they were defeated by the Romans…the pharoah kings then moved to the Roman empire…all the inhabitants of egypt ended up in italy…egypt became a desert…later inhabited by arabs…when Rome was defeated they moved to France around 1000 AD……..they built the castles and became kings in europe, the european royalty….they founded switzerland as their home in 1291..they were pushed out of france in 1307…..during the crusades from 1095 to 1291 they went back and removed their treasures from their pyramids…they hide their wealth in their new homeland in switzerland…

    The old pharaoh kings are now…..The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, the IBS, the U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….china is part of it

    switzerland is the base of the old pharoah kings, the nazis, the templars…this is where they hide their wealth…it is always neutral in wars….their safe haven……the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money……switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291.

    …the slaves were given the right to vote…..the slaves get to vote for one of multiple pharaohs….aristocracy…genetic bloodline to the pharaohs


  3. So you have to keep the EV in the garage (for those of us who have cold winters)? Better have a warm garage that is far from your house so that when it burns down it does not take the house down along with it….

  4. WEF gopher Klaus Slob wants a “great reset” to push his insane objectives based on false notions. All around the world, we have traitorous leaders beholden to his agenda. Every western nation is ruled by a hack who is hated by the people of that nation, like Trudeau of Canada, or Macron of France. Biden may be one of these lackeys. I don’t know for sure, but it seems to me Joe Biden is a wrecking ball, unelected yet installed, to carry out someone’s agenda to take down the United States as a world power.

    So in my (not so) humble opinion, I say default is a real possibility, if not the plan, to carry out the Great Reset. If the hegemon defaults, then the whole western financial world implodes. And I ask, is not that exactly what Klaus and his masters want?

    We are being told that Biden and Congress have 2-3 weeks to get an agreement, and raise the debt ceiling, or all hell will break loose. But Biden delayed any negotiations with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, they had from the first of the year to get this under control, but nota damn thing was even proposed until the eleventh hour, and even last week no deal and it was put off until this week. They are kicking the can down the road until one minute to midnight – and terrorizing concerned investors worldwide.

    Our government is broken or maybe it is Vaudeville theater or Kabuki or intentional malfeasance – something sadistic politicians exceed at. Whatever it is, people are worried and neither side will budge. I know they have done this posing right up to the last minute many times before, but maybe this time it is different, maybe this time they want to crash the system and start over – but of course they will never tell you that, they will act it with great drama and blame the other guy.

    Yahoo News today: 7 doomsday scenarios if the U.S. crashes through the debt ceiling

    “5. U.S. borrowing costs soar

    The federal government is able to borrow money relatively cheaply because it’s seen as a very safe credit risk – no one, in normal circumstances, expects that it might miss any payments.

    The safety of U.S. government bonds has made them an essential building block in the world financial system. Serving as reserves for everything from foreign nations’ central banks to money market funds, U.S. Treasurys are widely recognized as one of the most secure and liquid investments available, backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. Any financial instrument whose value is based on Treasury bonds could be thrown out of whack after a debt ceiling breach, with a sharp drop in prices leading to volatility and uncertainty worldwide.”

    IMO interest rates are set to surge higher. I have predicted here and other forums that the magic threshold to implode the housing market is 8%, and Zillow is predicting a surge in rates to 8.5%. I think this is coming, and I watch lumber prices daily, and they have tanked. For the last 2 years lumber surged in huge waves to all time highs – way the hell up in the stratosphere $1800 – but this last week lumber has crashed back to $350 per thousand board feet. What that means is that the crash in housing has already started – and will continue as rates surge higher – mortgages rates are set a 2% over 10 year treasuries.


    • Maybe that is what they think they want.

      In such a scenario, it is very difficult for me to imagine that the current leadership will emerge still holding the reins of power.

      The deck is being reshuffled anyway; I think such an event will merely accelerate the process.

    • “maybe this time they want to crash the system and start over”
      With 30+ trillion dollars in debt, is there really any other choice? That debt will never be paid. The system that created that debt is not a system at all. It’s a “live on credit until you die” system. It’s dying. The Russian sanctions guarantee that.

    • Argentina just raised their central bank rate to 97%. Inflation is over 100%. Obviously the interest rate needs to be above the inflation rate to stop inflation. Likewise in the USA the inflation rate remains above the interest rate set by the big bank Fed.

      Inflation is a psychological phenomenon, in the USA people are losing faith in the US Doolar, once faith is lost, and people are discounting the value of the fiat in their minds, it is doubtful the statist bankers can fix that. Obviously shitting $200 BILLION to Ukraine does not inspire confidence in the currency.

      • I think the notion that raising interest rates above the rate of inflation will cure inflation is bogus. It seems to be based solely on the Volker actions in the early ‘80s, which were said to have broken the inflation from the late 70s. IMO, many other factors came into play but, primarily, it was the Boomers entering their peak earning years in a politically unified era. Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t think of any other instance anywhere where raising interest rates, the price of money, was a successful cure for high inflation.

        Your theory about the debt ceiling drama is interesting but I’ve seen this movie too many times. Ironically, the debt ceiling drama in July ‘11 was what sparked my interest in Ron Paul and got me on the road to learning a whole lot of new things about liberty and economics. The debt was around $11 Tril then and I was like, OMG, we’re all gonna die in an economic collapse! Started prepping, the whole 9. I’ve moved twice since then and it all went into a dumpster upon expiry. Years ago. We’re at $31 Tril in debt now and they’re stronger and spendier than ever. No consequences to them whatsoever, except the persistent higher levels of inflation. But I digress.

        My default position (haha) is that there is no way the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised. They’re all on the same team and would probably murder an honest to God holdout before allowing a default. That being said, the economic calamity that would likely ensue following default, would probably be deflationary enough in the short term and do what the Fed raising rates can’t, which is slow or stop the inflation. It’s interesting how Orange Fail is out there saying the gov’t should default now because it’s going to later. If this happens, the Dems and Brandon would then be able to blame and completely eviscerate Orange Fail and the Repubs for good once and for all and end even the pretense of two parties. Maybe even arrest and jail them. Imagine 60 million SS recipients not getting their checks? These creatures know they’re not going to miss a meal. My dark imagination gives this possibility only a ghost of a chance, though.

        • McCarthy will cave, the Republicans always do. Right now, the Asses and Elephants are speeding directly at each other going 70 MPH down a one lane road. The Elephants will veer off at the last minute and allow the Asses (once again) to claim victory. We have seen this scenario time and time again.

          If the USSA does default (and there is a slim possibility that this could occur) since President Brandon plans to hightail it to the G-7 conference tomorrow in Japan and Yellen keeps yelling about Doomsday being early June. I am putting my conspiracy theorist aluminum hat on now. This will be the introduction of CBDC and the whole damn thing was planned.

          A default would make the US paper dollar worthless. What better time then to introduce the new and improved digital dollar (sarc)! This coincides much too close to the rollout of the Federal Reserve’s FedNow. I don’t feel good in either scenario.

          The only solution to any of this is to truly cut spending. Say 10% across the board and there is no reason for a “default.”

          • I think this is just a dog-and-pony show, RG. Anyone who thinks that McCarthy (or any of the other, useless Republicans) suddenly grew a spine (or a set of balls) is only fooling themselves. McCarthy will cave to this debt ceiling nonsense, just like the RINO he is. They will dutifully raise the debt ceiling, because in the end, they love to spend money we do not have about as much (or more) as the Demon-Rats do. And Yukon Jack, I have to wonder when hyper-inflation will hit? Back in 1929 when it hit Weimer Germany, food prices were doubling every 23 hours. People literally spent their entire pay checks as soon as they got them, because they could not be sure how bad it would be just in one day. I read of stories from not-too-distant Venezuela, where the interest rates hit 1000%. The U.S. has a long way to fall on so many levels, and we are just getting started…

  5. Thinking about money. What is it really. Definition a Medium of exchange. I give you a shell you give me a skin from a fox. You take that shell and give it to a farmer for 2 bags of corn. The farmer takes to the shell to the local assassin and gives it to the the assassin to deal with the brute that defiled his daughter. The Assassin deals with the brute and says, I will give you half this shell if you give me another and a 1/2 shell to the daughter so I don’t have to kill you as long as you marry, may you live happily ever after. Dad is happy, Daughter and Brute are happy. Assassin makes 1/2 a shell.

    Point being. Forget about the digital currency program. It will not work. Not when there is real stuff available. Only really limped dicks or ex dicks will go for it. Real stuff will trump the fake digital. The off the books market will go insane. Only way to get anything.

    Just hang on to your arms and ammo. That will be worth more than gold. Please use them when they come for you, we gotta make them pay, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was spot on.

    • Hi Ugg, I already see it in my rural place, and have for many years. It will just accelerate.
      I have not seen it in my metro area place, not at all. But I’m guessing it will grow from nothing to something there too.
      I’m wondering if some form of ‘gathering place’ would form to make it much easier and efficient. I guess all it would take to make it work very well would be for a deep blue state to say, ‘trade in this’? And our division grows to unheard of proportions.

  6. The problem, of course (in keeping with the theme of the French Revolution) is that the Bourbons may have been out of touch, but when they lost their grip the REAL crazies took over, and you had revolutionaries executing other revolutionaries, the Reign of Terror, the guillotine, and all of this was “stopped,” sort of, by a military dictator who decided to invade literally all of Northern Europe with the fanatical revolutionary peasant army and got 400,000 soldiers killed trying to take Moscow.

    And when the Vendeans decided they were not going to go along with this bullshit and mounted a counterrevolution, they were ruthlessly crushed.

    So, yeah, if our contemporary Bourbons are a problem (and they are) it only means we’re headed for much deeper shit than we’re already in.

    • Great comment X I love it when someone is so cheerful. We are heading for really deep shit. The deeper and steeper the better. At least that’s what our overlords want. So what if we all don’t just die? They will be in their shelters and come up to find, whoa people. Or maybe it’s the alien overlords controlling the governments. (Actually seeing what happened in the last few years that’s really not too crazy). I think we as in the real human race is to tough, resilient and smart to just go along peacefully to death. Hang onto your weapons and be prepared to fight.

      • Indeed, we are all descended from survivors. It’s in our genes. We are very good at it. Look at the poverty in Africa, for instance, and still they survive.
        The whole Snowflake SJW Wokester contingent is only possible because of the massive debt incurred, both public and private. When the obviously inevitable, and sooner rather than later, collapse of the US dollar happens, they will disappear like a late spring snow.
        “Oh gosh! I guess eating and sleeping indoors is more important than pronouns, racism, Facebook, and “safe spaces” after all”. Except for some diehards, who will die hard.

  7. One a slightly separate and unrelated note – why the hell has renting a car become so expensive in America all of the sudden !! Europe seems cheaper !!

    • Agree Nasir, seems to have tripled overnight. I’m guessing it has something to do with Corona when they had to dump lots of cars overnight.
      My daughter needs to rent a car about 8-12 weeks a year at the same location, so it became comparable to just buying a used car.

  8. The big difference is the inhabitants of the west today aren’t like those of France (or America) in the 18th century – we just keep our heads down and comply with what we’re told !!

    • Until it becomes a matter of survival. As in late 18th century France, and early 20th century Russia. And then again in post Napoleonic France, and 1990 Russia.
      No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand……

      • John – I will remember this- no revolution was ever started by fat people….. And it seems there are many ways to keep people fat dumb and happy these days !!

    • Richard Vobes and Chris Coverdale on It’s time for a Tax Rebellion

      @ 41:45 in video start a tax rebellion

      @ 47:00 all the about 200 plus taxes you pay goes into one pot…..

      Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

      @ 51:00 solutions

      @ 52:30 withdrawl of consent to illegal taxation

      @ 1:00:15 start prosecution


  9. I have given some thought as to what happens when the overlords’ policies cause the serfs real, personal harm – like no ability to travel. What does that look like? What happens at that point.

    While I think things will be forced to change before that happens, what if?

    I envision a scenario like prohibition, where the black market runs strong, complete with all it’s associated violence. This will rush us even quicker to our empire’s end.

  10. ‘In plain language, electric vehicles are elitist vehicles.’ — eric

    An EeeVee fanboi from San Fransicko confesses his dark fantasies:

    ‘In 2022, electricity generated and sold to end-users in the US finally broke out of a 15-year stagnation and set a new record, in part because of EVs.

    ‘Electric utilities, for years stuck in a no-growth business in many parts of the country, are licking their chops at the prospects of being able to sell more electricity.’


    No doubt. But here’s what the EeeVee-hugging scribbler left out: “Consumers paid 14.3% more for electricity last year than in 2021, according to CPI data released Jan. 12 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Month to month, electricity prices rose 1% while the overall CPI decreased by 0.1%.” — utilitydive.com (Jan 19, 2023)

    Thanks to the EPA’s proposed new carbon ‘pollution’ standards for coal and gas-fired power plants, utilities face massive, mandatory capital expenditures which will be added to their rate base. I expect the cost of power to triple in a decade.

    And that’s just fine with our neo-Bourbon utility fluffer, as he gasps and swoons at the arousing prospect of utilities getting their boots on the necks of all-electric home victims, then gouging them till they puke blood.

  11. “That’s how the government outlaws something without the bother of having to pass a law.”

    One more word in the sentence works better.

    That’s how the government outlaws outlaws something without the bother of having to pass a law.

  12. I drive a very light car – when compared to other cars in it’s class. A Geo Metro weighs in around 1680 lbs empty. It seems heavy to me, because I also ride a bicycle, which is about 30 lbs loaded. The bike gets me from A to B just as well as my car, without burning any expensive fuel, without any expensive maintenance, without any expensive insurance, without parking fees, catalytic converters, etc.

    A bicycle is extremely efficient, like a laptop vs. a mainframe computer. I can easily change the tires on my bicycle, but not my car. In fact, with a $35 bike repair kit on Amazon, I can completely disassemble the bike down to the little 1/4 inch bearings, with no degree, no certificate, without even knowing that much.

    A bicycle is an ideal vehicle to make electric – because you have very low mass to start from. A bike has high pressure, large diameter, skinny tires compared to any auto, except maybe a Model A. All these cars with short fat tires make absolutely no sense to me. I want a light car with tall skinny tires that rolls along with no effort.

    When I drive my wife’s Corolla, the weight of the car seems excessive, that car seems really heavy to me. I can easily push my Metro with my knee or one hand, but not that car – the mass is substantially greater. Edmunds says the curb weight is 2590 lbs. That’s 910 lbs more than by Metro. That is huge IMO, a thousand pounds extra for what? Both cars do exactly the same thing, and seat the same number. The Corolla’s tires are far huger, far fatter, far more expensive. That car is not for me.

    Now those all electric Teslas, what do they cost and weigh? According to Edmunds:

    2023 Tesla Model S
    MSRP range: $84,990 – $104,990
    Curb Weight 4,561 lbs

    2,881 lbs heavier than my Metro. That is like a tank. The Tesla IMO is an electric tank. And you pay extra for the extra weight, a whole lot of extra. I sure as hell do not want to own a Tesla. In fact I would not even want a free one, for I have no idea how to fix it, and I sure as hell am not going to pay 20 grand to replace the battery.

    I see a lot of Teslas in my neck of the woods, I also see a lot of very stupid people still wearing face masks. Everywhere I look I see stupid, and I do not like any car being produced today. Yesterday, as I was driving through Phoenix, Oregon I saw an old man putting along in a restored Model A with custom paint job. I said, god dammit, that is one cool car, why don’t we have cool cars anymore? Modern cars suck IMO, they really lack style and efficiency and they represent the moral bankruptcy of our insane culture.

  13. Pigheaded buffoons like the latter-day Bourbons never will learn how to be civilized. Their ignorance always precedes their arrogance.

    In 1748 the French parliament banned potatoes, potatoes were considered hog food.

    Couldn’t even grow potatoes to have something to eat, cake is good enough.

    Details about the French Revolution from the London Times, September 10, 1792.

    You’re in the middle of the Little Ice Age, there are crop failures, eventually, the peasants revolt and you have heads rolling.

    When you invent a guillotine, there has to be some experimentation on a few humans who don’t seem to get it, ever. French sociologists did study the severed heads to determine how long after the head was separated that it remained aware of what happened before losing consciousness. Have to study everything in this world. NASA has those studies.

    Couldn’t have been much fun, the glee and maniacal laughter was one manifestation of the rage in the peasant mindset. Vengeance time!

    230 years later, the problem persists. The same boneheads try to pull another fast one. Only worse, you won’t get any cake, it’ll be bugs.

    When you have idiots like Charles, it is easy to see there are problems.

    Born in Windsor Castle, trained to be a vassal, always been an ***hole, King Chuck

  14. The people pushing these things just aren’t very creative. They’re all overeducated and properly credentialed, but have such a narrow focus they cannot see beyond their own small world. Like a grand master chess player who can’t get a date for the awards dinner, their world experience is shallow and small. In their world there’s a finite set of problems, and therefore a finite set of solutions.

    Problem is, that’s not really how it works. Most everyone here is familiar with the concept of the black swan event, usually applied to economics and markets. That’s when something happens that’s out of the blue, and no one anticipated it. Everyone is always looking for them, yet they never see them except in hindsight. That’s because we live in a complex “large world problem” universe. Everything is as predictable as the sunrise, until it isn’t.

    Engineers work in the small world universe. Presented with a request, they produce a result. “That’s not my department” is a safe answer for questions that may come up outside the scope of the project. Unfortunately, Think Tank advisors and other political animals believe they can apply small world solutions to big world problems, usually with disastrous results. From “two weeks to flatten the curve” to “We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators,” and countless other ridiculous notions, the goal has been to reduce the universe to a chessboard. And if you can’t solve the equation with X as a variable, just factor it out, often with shaming, a padlock or a bullet.

    Didn’t work for Robespierre (no friend of Marie Antoinette BTW), didn’t work for Lenin or Stalin, and probably won’t work for Xi the Pooh either.

    Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is a large world universe problem. The electric car is a small world solution. Internal combustion engines emmit CO₂? Oh, just convert it to electric motors. Problem solved. “But what about the generating station?” you ask. “That’s another engineer’s problem, not mine.” So now it becomes an international game of Whack-a-mole to try to stop it. If you assume there is an actual problem that needs solving, the only solution is to facor out the parts of the equation that don’t fit in your small world.

    • >Engineers work in the small world universe. Presented with a request, they produce a result. “That’s not my department” is a safe answer

      Well said, RK.
      Nothing illustrates this better than the weapons industry, whether conventional or nuclear, at least in my opinion.
      First, hire a bunch of smart scientists and engineers who have bought into the premise (“keeping us free”) and throw tons of money in their direction to design scary lethal devices.
      Second, hand over choice of targets, and the launch codes, to knucklehead politicians.
      “You mean I just push this button and the world ends?”
      “Yes, that’s right, Mr. President.”
      “Choice of targets is your responsibility. We just provide the tools.”
      >Think Tank advisors and other political animals believe they can apply small world solutions to big world problems, usually with disastrous results.

      Amen, brother.

    • The fatal flaw of “experts”. If your only tool is a hammer……….
      Since it’s impossible to be an expert on everything, they are required to focus on their area of “expertise”, and can’t even see any problem outside that area. Which makes them an unreliable source of solutions to general cultural, social, economic, or social, etc. problems.

  15. It really boggles the mind how 8 billion people are ruled over by less than 1 thousand of these garbage elites. Accounting for SSRI, chem-trails, fluoridated H2O, public education, blinding poverty, and general retardation, that still leaves a billion or so of us on this planet, hip to whats going on.

    Figuring out that of that billion, there are two camps. The first is ‘sit back, get some popcorn, and let it burn to the ground.’ The second is ‘lets take some flame and set this Mo Fo alight.’ Either way, there is no reason those 1 thousand garbage elites, should be able to continue pitting us against each other. The cake eaters constituting the Bourbon class should never again be allowed to roam the earth at will. They should at the very least face brutal consequences for their bad behavior.

  16. ANYONE buying one of these useless things, no matter their stated reason, is contributing to the end of quality affordable transportation. Just like kids in ‘school’ that had to have those $200 flashing LED tennis shoes. I watched one of these useless EVs circle the parking lot three times in order to impress the commoners.

    Oh,,, we’ll buy them alright,,, if we have to have ten year loans or probably lease which is becoming the goto thing. Like the $1500 Iphones,,, some just have to show off their avarice.

  17. So let’s think outside the box. Go a step farther and let’s think outside the world.
    Suppose an alien species could travel the local galaxy because they had raw materials not easily available on our earth without certain technology. Suppose they needed more of such material and after visiting Earth repeatedly they knew it was available on Earth.
    How would such a species get what they wanted on an alien planet populated by billions of a likely hostile species?
    Would they just choose a direct attack and invasion when they had a very long supply chain from their home?
    No, not if they had any sense.
    They would use any method to control the leaders of the dominant Earth species and get them to control the billions of enemy residents. They’d want to reduce the population of the enemy and they might also want to modify the planet for their own species’ living requirements. They’d want to limit the transportation of the enemy species to make them easier to control and eliminate.
    Sounds crazy.
    Is this much crazier a hypothesis than the one that has a small group of humans wanting to kill off the population of their own species and modify the environment for unknown reasons by spraying chemicals in the atmosphere?

    • I think your hypothesis is reasonable. For one thing humans are not a “natural” specie, some scientists claim humans are not from earth. We must wear sunglasses, we sunburn, we have to have domesticated livestock and plants to eat, etc. We have a different chromosome count than all other primates.

      Another piece of evidence is that humans are horribly abused by the elite. There exists a pyramid of power on earth, and it may mimic the political power structure in the heavens above – and humans are taught to pray for this!

      The game here is to fool you into accepting your slave condition, you must voluntarily submit to economic slavery of the authority in heaven above, thus religion is meant to fool you about God. God in heaven is really aliens in space above. They are looking down on us just as you imagine God is watching us all the time.

      Here is the Lord’s Prayer decoded – what we are doing in church – whoreshipping the evil in heaven above, bending a knee for space criminals who made us in a test tube. The purpose of the Lord’s Prayer is a daily mantra for the slave specie, it’s time to come out of the Bible spell and become conscious of our situation.

      LORD’S PRAYER DECODED by Yukon Jack:

      “Our Father in heaven, (alien mother fuckers in heaven above)

      hallowed be your name. (whoreshipping the space devils as God)

      Your kingdom come, (space empire on earth)

      your will be done, (alien will on earth is one world authority, i.e. One World Government, New World Order, World Communism, the Jewish World Order, Agenda 21, Global Warming carbon taxes, etc.)

      on earth as it is in heaven. (empire on earth just like in heaven – we build it for them when we accept our slave status to God)

      Give us this day our daily bread, (like domesticated dogs we are begging for our daily bowl of food)

      and forgive us our debts, (we are indebted slaves who must work for their daily bread, no other specie does this)

      as we also have forgiven our debtors, (in order for us to have a workable society we must forgive debt – which is really communism, or that the individual is enslaved by the collective, hive mentality)

      And lead us not into temptation, (be a good working taxpaying slave, don’t be distracted by the desires of the flesh)

      but deliver us from evil.” (the system is evil by design so it is impossible to be delivered from evil when you are in hell)

      The game being played is very simple once you wrap your mind around who we really are and what we are doing here in hell. It is time to wake the hell up – it’s time to wake up from the Bible trance spell in hell. Your life is a lie, your religions are the maintenance of the lie, your governments are criminals operations.

  18. ‘The flour in our case will be electricity.’ — Landru

    So the peasants have no power?

    Let them install solar panels!

  19. The only way to stop the insanity being rained upon us by our Bourbons is to give them the same treatment that they got from the French peasants back in the 1700’s. They’re itching to do it to us, so let’s beat them to the punch.

  20. Speaking of ‘royalty’, I didn’t watch the coronation, but did see a picture of them with their crowns. They have got to be the ugliest royal pair I have ever seen. All that inbreeding shows it’s ugly face, especially in Charles. I linked to an article the other day on the Canadian Patriot how much the land the crown owns and why the elites keep them in power. Need to read it.
    That’s one ‘institution’ that needs to be dismantled along with the whole area around DC.
    I am sick and tired of all this fake crap going on, energy, climate, open borders, controlling our lives.
    Pretty sure Obama is in his third fake presidency, ‘fundamentally transforming’ our once great country as he wanted to.

    • Hi Elaine,

      I read a piece recently about how King Charles is ALL IN with the WEF’s agenda. Martin Armstrong even wrote a piece about him titled “The Great Reset King”……and ever since the Biden Thing got into office in 2021, it has become quite obvious that the Biden regime is also on board with the WEF’s agenda, from trying to impose digital vaxx passports on the masses to this MASSIVE push for CBDC, EVs, etc.



    • British aristocracy seems to have clung on for the last few decades possibly due to the history and charm of Queen Elizabeth. Which neither her son nor his wife seems to possess a shred of. To me they represent the epitome of inherited wealth, individuals who have done nothing but live lives of insane ease and mind boggling wealth. In return for his his free life pass he clearly wants to ruin the lives of his subjects with the great reset. At this point the concept of the monarchy seems outright crazy. Maybe its no weirder than the Saudi princes and their families or the all but brain dead Biden and his wife “running” the US.

    • maybe history will repeat….

      king charles the 1st responded to political opposition to his rule by dissolving Parliament on several occasions and in 1629 decided to rule entirely on royal prerogative ignoring Parliament.

      In 1642, the bitter struggle between king and Parliament for supremacy led to the outbreak of the first English civil war.

      In 1648, Charles was forced to appear before a high court controlled by his enemies, where he was convicted of treason and sentenced to death.

      In London, King Charles 1st is beheaded for treason on January 30, 1649.

      • king charles the 3rd coronation..

        @ 4:50 in video king charles the 3rd oath…will he keep backing the WEF and screw all the citizens?….he will…

        @ 9:14 there is a court case about the bat germ misinformation….if the outcome of the court case goes the wrong way Vobes thinks the government and parliament are finished….

        @ 13:00 the people can remove the king according to article 61 in the magna carta…


    • The black bomber is still running the fbi and doj and has done so since he left office. That is why those 2 bureaucrappies keep after Trump.

  21. “Marie Antoinette, who was probably a nice (if vapid) woman who meant no harm.”
    By contrast, our modern “Bourbons” hate our effing guts, and would prefer most of us dying in a camp or dead. Every thing they do to us is headed that direction. If they don’t nuke the world first. They are all psychopaths, with a Satanic bent. Which creepy Joe demonstrated for us a while back in Philadelphia.

    • John
      You say:”They are all psychopaths, with a Satanic bent.”
      I don’t disagree. But the fact is, one cannot be a psychopath unless they have a Satanic bent.
      We, who do have a conscience, are not really able to fathom what it would be like not to have one. At least I can’t. I think that the only way you could ever understand that kind of mind would be to have one yourself.
      There is something afoot that is hard to put ones finger on. Eric feels it. Many, I think feel it but don’t really have a clear picture of just exactly what it is.
      I believe that it’s all revealed in the Scriptures if one has the eyes to see and the ears to hear.
      It’s easy to “see” physical things. And “hear” audible things. These are physical things. Of which every human is equipped to experience.
      But there is this Spiritual realm that requires a different set of “eyes” and “ears” to perceive.
      I’ve touched on this before but few seem to agree or understand.
      I base what I see and hear going on in this world on what is found in the Book. To me, it all fits. The bottom line is a war between Good and Evil. It goes as far back as you can go. It will continue until the end of this world. I don’t know when that will be, but rational minds can realize that the way humanity is going it cannot survive as a species.
      That war I mentioned is between God Jesus Christ, and Satan. Christ, The Truth, says that Satan lies and murders. That’s what he does. That’s all he does. Destruction. Period. How many ways are there? How many lies are there?
      Christ said that if it were not stopped, there would be no flesh saved. It’s been possible since the splitting of the atom, to destroy all life on the planet. So the question is, “If the destruction of all life is possible, and the psychopaths, who are Satan’s children, have the controls in their hands, why hasn’t the destroyer ordered them to push the button?” The result would be the Murder of all humanity. Goal accomplished. The only reason why the order has not been given is because Christ will not let that happen. If Satan wishes to murder all of God’s creation, he has no reason to wait if he has that option in his hands.
      I believe that we as a people are heading for a brick wall. Hammer down as the saying goes.
      Those of us who “feel” that funny rumble wonder where it will end, when it does. It’s like thinking you are riding on a fast moving train. You feel the rumble of the car you believe you’re riding in. But the reality is that what you feel is the shaking of the ground you’re standing on caused by the train that is approaching. Trouble is you’re standing between the rails of the track and you don’t know it.
      Scripture talks about psychopaths. People having their conscience seared as with a hot iron.
      Haters of God. People with “reprobate minds.” Filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, amlignity,; whispers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient…
      That’s what I think and feel is going on. And there is no way I can stop it.

  22. If memory serves me correct I’d read somewhere she said to use cake flour to bake bread with. In the end it would wind up the same due to there only being so much flour being available.

    The flour in our case will be electricity. Government policy’s limit base load electricity production and when the peasants need it to charge their EV they will pay an exorbitant price. I know lots of people who’s families have 3 vehicles not counting boats, motorcycles and ATVs. I’m still not sure how a family will be able to afford all these EVs since they cost so much.

    • “when the peasants need it to charge their EV they will pay an exorbitant price”
      If and when they can get it at all. Many of the grids in the US and Europe struggle with heating and air conditioning. At the same time, generating capacity is being REDUCED! Did Newsom not tell EV owners not to charge them during peak loads, or risk brown/black outs?

      • Your live is worth less than a fish.

        Construction begins on removal of 4 Klamath River dams

        The culmination of a regulatory and legal process that has extended nearly two decades, the project aims to improve environmental conditions along the Klamath River and enable key fish species to regain access to hundreds of stream miles, some of which have been closed off for more than a century.

        The four hydroelectric dams are known collectively as the Lower Klamath Project. These dams were owned, until recently, by PacifiCorp, a utility company that is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

        I wonder how much the “Sage of Omaha” made on that deal? Remember how the press vilified “Chainsaw” Al Dunlap? Why does Buffett get a pass for basically doing the same thing? Maybe because he’s in the DC family?


    • What’s happened to the grid is that there’s no longer “baseload.” That was a term used when power companies were vertically integrated, selling power they generated themselves. But thanks to intense lobbying by energy speculators who wanted access to the electricity markets, laws were passed at all levels of government with enthusiastic bipartisan support. Here was something for every political animal: The “free market” would determine electricity cost, and the greens would have the “choice” of 18th century technology, dressed up with fiberglass and aluminum. When Newt! GinGrinch and AlGore agree, you know someone’s gonna get screwed.

      Back when we had the unified power grid the utility figured out that there’s a minimum demand for power that never really changed. That’s baseload. So they built power plants that delivered that load, as cheaply as possible. Then when there were semi-predictable spikes in demand, fast reacting power stations would come online. Worked great, like a Swiss watch (in fact, electric clocks were more accurate than anything made in Switzerland).

      But now it is impossible to accurately predict exactly how much supply will be avilable at any given moment. Those baseload power stations aren’t able to follow demand (by design), so they have to go. When the demand goes up and there’s no supply, well, that’s when the boys on the trading floor get excited. Now we’re starting to see the case made for electric companies to force everyone into demand priced billing. Instead of paying one price per KWh, you pay whatever the utility is paying the generating company, based on the CME spot price and a fixed delivery fee (that is more like a monthly cable TV bill, and we all know how much we love seeing that annual increase “because”).

      Worked great in Texas a few years back. Worked pretty well in California when Enron was still in clover too. I imagine a lot of traders made their bonuses in a few days. Nice work if you can get it.


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