Brezhnev and Biden

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Leonid Brezhnev, one of the last leaders of the old Soviet Union, was 75-years-old when he died in 1982 – although he looked near death for several years prior. Those old enough to remember Brezhnev will remember him standing (just barely) atop the Lenin Mausoleum in Red Square, gazing through watery eyes and (just barely) waving at the crowd below.

Joe Biden is currently five (going on six) years older than Brezhnev was when he died, back in 1982. If he is re-selected in 2024, he will be 85-years-old at the end of his second term. Assuming he makes it that far.

The Left used to rail about Ronald Reagan being “tool old” to be president when he was elected back in 1980.

Reagan was 69 that year.

Biden’s age is appropriate, though, in that he is much like Brezhnev – and America has become much like the Soviet Union. It (America) is an ossified, stultified, bureaucratized failing state, ruled by dead-handed gerontocrats who won’t give up the power they spent a lifetime scrabbling for until they are, finally, dead.

And have killed the country.

Jefferson had some wise things to say about the dead hand of the past exerting control over the living. It was his opinion that a kind of plebiscite ought to be held every generation (that is, about every 20 years) so that those who got governed were, at least, governed by some of themselves – the actually living rather than the already (or nearly) dead.

It is confessional that the latter cling so tightly to power, even as their life force slips away. After all, power is everything to them. Not family. Not friendship. Not the normal interest most normal people have in hobbies, interests and pursuits that do not center on being the center of attention – and other people being forced to pay attention (keeping in mind Lenin’s dictum that while you may not be interested in government, government is always interested in you).

Without power they are nothing.

Of course, they have never been anything. It is why such people are attracted to power. It endows them with the false – forced – prestige enjoyed by people who have produced or created something and specifically something other people are willing to reward them for having done.

What has Joe Biden done?

After just barely graduating from law school he went into the kind of work that suits a person who wasn’t able to make it work (or pay) as a lawyer. He became a proto-Brezhnev. A party apparatchik, that is.

It all began in 1970 – 53 years ago – when Biden first acquired a little of the power that has ever since enabled him to force others to feign respect for him. That is the chief charm of being an apparatchik. That – and being in a position to tell others what they may (and may not) do. As this power waxes, whatever was still human in the apparatchik fades – as the inhibition, regret and reluctance to kill again fades within the serial killer with each new kill.

In time – as the decades pass – lying becomes as fluid as casual conversation; grift becomes how business is done. And the power to do all of this and get away with it results in more and worse of it, until the apparatchik is a reflexive liar and grifter, cynical and unashamed. He can look you in the eye and lie to your face – without batting an eyelash. And if confronted with his lies, his response is not the normal person’s chagrin and stammering but anger at being challenged.

Woe betide any who question what the Romans styled the auctoritas of the apparatchik.

C’mon, man!

And so the ancient apparatchik will not leave the stage until his casket is rolled off of it – very much like Brezhnev. Just older – and later. By the time this happens, time will probably have run out on America, too. In 1982, the year Brezhnev went horizontal, the Soviet Union had less than ten years to live.

How many years has America got left?

Time will soon tell.

. . .

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    • Confiscation is another word for inquisition.

      John Kerry wants to be the self-appointed Grand Inquisitor.

      John Kerry needs to be apprehended, placed on trial before a court of law to be indicted and prosecuted for being anti-human and committing crimes against humanity. It is thought crime to impose on others and want something from them you don’t deserve.

      Next time he wants to have a bite to eat, slap the dumbass silly. Call Alex Karras to do the job.

      Sorry, can’t really call old horse-face a dumbass.

      Horse’s ass works the best.

  1. Federal officials should be required to undergo thorough examinations every year or two, like those who have Commercial Drivers Licenses whether they are currently driving a truck or not. The exams of the officials should include complete psychological panels to retire those with declining mental abilities.

  2. In the not too distant future I see the perfect Democrap’s candidate: a gay, black, gender reassigned woman? with five or six illegitimate kids. And the senile Republicons will offer the usual non-resistance, the cowards.
    In short, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. Eric,

    What you say makes sense. I mean, why else would someone in their golden years want to stay in DC vs. golfing, puttering in their garden, etc.? I was able to retire early, so I did; most rational people, if able, do the same. Why would anyone work if they don’t have to? Why? Ah, but you have an increasing number of octogenarians who continue doing just that!

    You have Nancy Pelosi, who’s 82. You Mitch McConnell, who’s 80-81. You have 88-89 year old Chuck Grassley. Steny Hoyer is 81. Bernie Sanders is 80 or so. Diane Frankenfeinstein is 89 and barely able to function! Of course, we have our putative “POTUS”, Creepy Joe Biden who’s 81. That’s not a complete list, BTW. For a complete list of DC octogenarians, go here:

  4. Since we’ve entered our “Soviet America” phase, it may be worthwhile to examine how and why the Soviet Union fell. My conspiracy theory is that our ruling class is aware that the Asian hegemon (an alliance of China, Russia, India, Iran and Pakistan) will be the dominant power going forward. Our homegrown rulers are thus positioning themselves to be their resident managers. The so-called Green New Deal and the coming of digital currency constraints would be among the means intended to impoverish the heartland and much of the periphery the better to create an easy to control peasantry divided and ruled by race, gender and other ginned up class divisions.

    Those of us dependent on our motor cars and other f.f.-burning vehicles will likely be severely restricted in our movements with fuel or mileage quotas being rationed. Meanwhile American gulags may fill up with political prisoners as J6 becomes J7 becomes J8 etc

    I don’t think the terror will last forever as its “internal contradictions” to use an old Marxist term will cause it to collapse amid the backstabbing, but we and our kids and grandkids will need to make do with less, lots less. Better to be proactive now than to be caught with whatever these days passes for our pants down.

  5. Appropriately enough, you also featured a photo of Di-Di in your article. When she was wheeled into the Senate, she denied that she was ever away! She said she was “working, in the Senate,” even though she was MIA for three months.

    And then you have the fossilized “Joe Biden,” the Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated, acting like he’s in charge.

    At least we know who’s to blame for this mess.

  6. Great review of soviet amerika. I always wondered what The Dummy has done over the last 50 years in the DC Swamp. It appears he took up space and not much else. We need term limits, I suppose…but congress would never allow that. The corruption runs so deep…all the way to China.

    There are now quite a few old, ill tempered curmudgeons populating the Swamp. Many of these people become life long takers of the spoils and return little to the citizen other than more laws and misery. My vote is for NO more government at all.

    • Term limits are you telling me I can’t vote for whom I please.

      You know what happens when you get your term limits? Unelected private political parties and lobbyists gain even more power to do what pleases them. “You’re in office now. Shut up and do what we tell you and we’ll give you a case of Turtle Wax on your way out.”

      Term limits are clearly anti-democratic.

      Wait, it gets better. Why would Congress not enact term limits? “Cuz they’re selfish bastards who won’t let go of power!” 1-says you; 2-quite possibly. But also because it’s a fringe idea popular with a tiny (power hungry [see above]) minority.

      Term limits are clearly anti-democratic.

      Now I’m not defending democracy. I’m just saying that the proposal of term limits in a democratic system is contradictory and self-defeating.

      Term limits only serve to hide the tyranny and grease its way. If you have gotten to the point of term limits, the normal people would be better served by scrapping the system and elevating reality.

      • Well, we actually started off as a Republic, but who cares about that anymore, right. Not defending a democracy but……

          • You’re welcome, Gruhn. It is too bad those who want “Demoooocracy” (Mob Rule) cannot be shipped to the moon together, in their “Democracy Paradise”, so that those of us who do not want it could be left the hell alone. Oh, wait, those kind of people do not work like that. They are miserable bastards who cannot stand it if others are happy, and want the rest of us to be as miserable as them.

      • We don’t even have a democracy – not that one would be a good thing. We have these things called voters which can be tweaked and manipulated by the power brokers to elect whomever they please. And when they see they can’t be controlled, then the ballots are simply created out of thin air, just like money.

        If we really even had a democracy they’d make it illegal. Oh wait, don’t campaign finance laws already do that?

    • I have no problem with that eliminate government. If you look at history. The big killers are always governments, they kill wholesale with individuals it’s retail. Lot less death, I would take my chances with the local nutballs, But when the nutballs are running governments it gets bad. Look at how many murders Each of our presidents has been responsible for. Trump. O’Killer, Bush, Clitnon, Bush. The list goes on each makes the worst individual mass murderers look like wimps.

    • Here in the USA, Florida governor DeSantis signed anti-free-speech bills which affect Florida residents while in israel.
      Go figure…

      • DeSantis knows which side of the bread is buttered. Already he knows one genuflects and kisses butt of the Israeli double citizens who control this country. His taking the new governmental recruits from Florida to Israel to be sworn in there typifies one who is and always will be beholden to the invasive parasites that have pulverized our land. As repulsive as this habit is, if you’ve seen Jordan Peterson on a speaking jaunt to Israel kiss Israeli butt over and over, you know that people are totally convinced they can’t make it in the world without the blessings, and coercivenesses, of the Tribe. As such, I could never vote for a slime like DeSantis who’s just another arse kisser playing his cards in favor of those who can either make or break a political candidate.

  7. The way these people must retain office until they die shows either sickness or corruption. Fear of being caught in their corruption or the sickness of needing power over others.

    • I’m not arguing against the need for power, but fear of discovery (and inability to counter such) is a compelling argument. Let’s have both.

  8. ‘He can look you in the eye and lie to your face – without batting an eyelash.’ — eric

    Now “president” F Joe Biden has a little conundrum on his hands:

    ‘House Republicans are preparing to leave town Thursday. Lawmakers are tentatively not expected back at work until Tuesday, just two days from June 1, when Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said the U.S. could start running out of cash.

    ‘Fitch Ratings agency placed the United States’ AAA credit on “ratings watch negative,” warning of a possible downgrade.

    ‘Weeks of negotiations between Republicans and the White House have failed to produce a deal — in part because the Biden administration never expected to be having to negotiate with McCarthy over the debt limit, arguing it should not be used as leverage to extract other partisan priorities.

    ‘Even if negotiators strike a deal in coming days, McCarthy has promised lawmakers he will abide by the rule to post any bill for 72 hours before voting — now likely Tuesday or even Wednesday.’ — AP

    • ‘remember Brezhnev standing (just barely) atop the Lenin Mausoleum in Red Square, gazing through watery eyes and (just barely) waving at the crowd below.’ — eric

      As with Leonid, so with “Joe”:

      ‘Axios reported Friday [April 28] that aides say it’s tough to schedule “public or private events” with Biden at certain times of day — namely weekends, mornings, and evenings.

      ‘In fact, the report adds, most of Biden’s public events happen between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

      ‘So far this year, Biden has held just four events before 10 in the morning, 12 events after 6 p.m. — mainly state dinners, receptions, and Democratic fundraisers — and has spent a dozen more weekends without any public events.

      “Biden’s schedule today includes one public event at 2:30p, which is to present a trophy to Air Force’s football team at the White House for winning the Commander-in-Chief award last year,” Fox News noted Friday. “He then attends a DNC reception at 6:45p, making this an exceptionally busy day for POTUS.”

      “Our 80-year-old president has a six-hour window for public events, reading off a teleprompter, taking few questions, five days a week,” tweeted National Review political correspondent Jim Geraghty. “And the plan is for him to keep doing this for the next five and a half years.”

      ‘Sunsetting’ is a real problem for Sleepy Joe. His handlers try to keep him out of the public eye after dark, when he gets cranky and his meds wear off.

  9. They’re all socio/psychopaths. That condition does not improve with age. If anything their psychotic tendency increases, as they become too incompetent to restrain themselves and cover it up.
    They do make a nice front for other socio/psychopaths, many of whom are even more psychotic, that are actually controlling them, since they are no longer able to control themselves. Which is obvious as regards Creepy Joe.

  10. Aging is a strange thing. No two people do it the same.

    Paul Newman raced competitively as an amateur into his 80’s. Then you see a doddering old fool driving down the road incompetently and find out he’s only in his 50’s.

    It would seem that never letting yourself slack off is a big part of the reason. Just compare Biden and Trump. Biden has been on cruise-control since the 70’s. Trump (love him or hate him) is ALWAYS trying new challenges. Biden can’t read a teleprompter or be expected to do simple tasks without handlers (remember when he said, “Salute the Marines.”?) yet Trump would hold unscripted pressers at the door of Marine One for a half hour and be sharp as a tack.

    RFK, Jr. seems to have what it takes to lead, however, he will be ignored and then railroaded, a la Bernie, in the primaries. The R’s seem to think either Trump or Ron will carry the day, HA! The United States is like that 40 year old car from Ohio, the salt has taken its toll, there’s nothing left to fix. Send it to the scrapheap of history and start over.

    • Where are you going that you need a leader? Has anybody in that position led where you wanted to go? How are you less well suited to leading you than any of those who seek not to lead, but only followers?

      This whole preoccupation with leaders is absurd.

  11. Spot on, Eric. This especially:

    “Without power they are nothing. Of course, they have never been anything. It is why such people are attracted to power. It endows them with the false – forced – prestige”

    I would add that Biden has probably been stealing elections for a long time (I am no historian but I always would suspect the worst from that slimeball) Biden admitted that they had a vote fixing machine in place. In my opinion, based on the evidence, DJ Trump won the last election, and Biden – the greasy slimeball knows it – and assumed office anyways – which proves he has zero integrity.

    Then to hang onto power – and to coverup and reverse their megacrime of vote fraud – these Demoncraps prosecuted the peaceful Jan 6th protestors. Biden is good with that also.

    But Biden has met his Waterloo in Ukraine. Ukraine can not win yet Biden keeps doubling down regardless of how bad the losses. Basically all the equipment sent to Ukraine has been turned into scrap iron by Russian forces. This was so predictable I have been saying it would of been cheaper just to dump all that military hardware into the Atlantic.

    So Biden will for sure lose Ukraine as he did Afghanistan – but that may not route him from office – but I will tell you what will – fucking up the budget deal that causes the USA credit rating to falter – which is already well in progress – just look at the CDS rates on US Treasuries – and today T-Bills on June 1st maturity spiked to over 7%.

    What may happen is this – the debt ceiling crisis is going to end badly – regardless of what passes – interest rates will continue up – not so much from inflation but from lack of confidence. Biden’s aggressive and very stupid “no deal” posturing is going to cost the USA dearly. Fitch’s rating agency place US Treasuries on watch today. This is only the beginning of the loss of credibility in the US ability to pay it’s debts – which are ginormous.

    The hegemon’s loss in Ukraine and gamble to topple Russia has spectacularly backfired – Russia is strong and China signed onto Russia’s side – thus sealing the fate of the USA – which will now lose it’s primacy and leader of the world. This loss will play out in the credit markets – and slowly at first – then like the E Wile Coyote that ran off the edge of the cliff, finds no support and freefalls.

    The bankruptcy was slow at first, then suddenly, the nation was bankrupt – just like Lehman or Sam Bankman Fried’s FTX, or even Enron. Slow at first then boom, it’s over. This drama will be seen live in the Credit Default Swap market.

    In the near future I expect a chorus to grow to remove Biden from office – even Demoncraps are going to realize that Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster – a national wrecking ball – and being the arrogant prick that he is, he won’t resign like Nixon.

    • “Demoncraps are going to realize that Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster”
      Except Biden isn’t in charge, never has been, and the Democrats never intended him to be. They have been providing handlers to coach him along. Often unsuccessfully. All they have to do to get rid of him is produce a teleprompter script saying “I resign”. He will read it, then stumble around the stage looking for someone to shake hands with, even if they are invisible.

  12. And when he goes, he will be hailed by the state apparatchiks for all his years of “service”.
    We live in a system where the otherwise worthless scoundrels are lauded as deities of the religion of state.

    We didn’t get here overnight. We won’t recover overnight.

    But it is nearing the end of this iteration. Hopefully whatever phase comes next, it will be one of disdain for government, leading back to a minimalist one.

  13. Two old goats like Feinstein and Biden are just hanging on, barely, one has to be lifted out of bed and into a wheelchair.

    Diane is hard at work trying to stay alive. Joe Biden has a brain that needs some serious attention, doesn’t work much at all anymore. Gettin’ a little late for Biden to fully recover, he keeps holding on, I guess.

    If the US gov defaults on the debt, Mr. Market won’t be happy. 3M is at a 52 week low and 140 dollars per share down from 238 USD per share from its ATH.

    Going to be a bumpy next seven days or so if there is no agreement.

    Picked some asparagus out in the ditches of country roads yesterday. Four more rows of potatoes to finish up 12 rows.

  14. Though it sucks being lorded over by enfeebled geriatric ghosts, let us not forget the the likes of Occasional Cortex and Camel Toe – nominally humanoid creatures who make funny noises, but who still have the power to make others drone us.

  15. “How many years has America got left?”

    ‘America’ the original idea has been gone since 1861. The landmass called The United States (now singular) is clocking out rapidly. When watching a gas torch, once you shut off the valves you get a small poof and then nothing…. That’s where it is. The small poof….

    • Milton Friedman liked to quote Adam Smith: “There’s a lot of ruin in a country”.

      America seems to have really gone off the rails in 1913, the year of the Fed, Income Tax (on just millionaires), and direct election of senators.

      How we survived 1913 is a mystery, since it led to our entering WWI, then inflation, depression, another world war, then Korea, Viet-Nam, near hyper-inflation, Orwellian controls after 9/11 and now that we’re broke and the world is about to dump us, we’re headed for soviet style socialism.

      I think we’ve had all the ruin we can take, 110 years is more than enough.

  16. “The Left used to rail about Ronald Reagan being ‘tool old’ to be president when he was elected back in 1980.

    Reagan was 69 that year.”

    Bobby Kennedy will be 70 next year. And he’s the young and dynamic one.

    • Hi Horst,

      Do you know who else railed about someone being “too old” to hold office? Joe Biden when he ran for U.S. Senate in 1972 against his then opponent, who was in his late 60s. Now Biden is 80 years old, PRESIDENT of the United States, and actually thinks he’s going to run for a SECOND term, which, if he actually served a 2nd term, would be 86 by the time he leaves office.

        • Ugh, but can you imagine someone younger like a Gavin Newsome/Gretchen Whitmer Presidential Ticket? What a nightmare that would be.

          • Shadow,

            Here’s another potential nightmare ticket……a Kate Brown/ Gretchen Whitmer ticket. As awful as Whitmer and Gavin Newsom have been the past few years, former Oregon Governor Kate Brown went all dictator herself at the height of COVID hysteria, instituting all sorts of draconian measures that not only didn’t work, but DESTROYED countless lives in Oregon. However, during her final State of the State address last year, she actually claimed that her COVID response “saved lives”. No, her COVID response DESTROYED countless lives, and her COVID jab mandates for employees in certain sectors like health care destroyed MORE lives through firings of employees who wouldn’t become part of an experiment for Big Pharma. I was concerned that her replacement, Tina Kotek, would be even MORE of a dictator and try to bring back face diaper mandates or even expand COVID jab mandates to ALL Oregonians no matter what.

            • Oh yuck, that is even worse. Of course we cannot criticize because they are a couple of women, and that is not allowed, as that would be raaaacist, even if they are incompetent, and want to go all Maoist on us.

              • Shadow,

                In the unlikely event that there was a Kate Brown/ Gretchen Whitmer ticket, any criticism of them would likely be framed as MISOGYNISTIC or ANTI-WOMAN, even though their party routinely pushes anti-woman nonsense like allowing biological men “identifying as women” to participate in WOMEN’S SPORTS.

                • It reminds me of Kentaji Brown Jackson. Appointed only because she is a black woman. Cannot give the definition of what a “woman” is but she checks off all the politically correct boxes, and that is all that counts. Same with that press secretary. Neither one of them are competent in anything (same with Pete Buti-what’s-his-name), but hey, they check those boxes!! Can you imagine being under the knife (surgery) with someone who was passed and got his MD because they “checked off all the right boxes”? God help us!

  17. It is indeed all about power. For most people, their jobs don’t give them much power, and they gain power once they retire. This is true of even C-level executives. After all, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Sam Walton, and Warren Buffett could never use force to make people buy anything from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Walmart, or Berkshire Hathaway.

    For politicians, their jobs give them a lot of power, which they lose once they retire. And politicians CAN and DO use force to make people buy what they’re selling. All you have to do is keep the gravy train rolling, which is easy to do with tax dollars.

  18. Politics should have never become a “career”.

    Biden and another slime ball that has been around far too long, Bernie Sanders, have been sponges their entire lives. Image being that person in their 80’s that has never put in one honest day of work, EVER! I know they are laughing at us for allowing it.

    We can pick at little reforms like “term” limits etc. Maybe it would have put an end to Biden and Sanders “careers” around 1980 (even 10 years is way too long), but what do you do with these people who don’t want to work?

    In all right they should be living in old single wides in a run down trailer park, wearing a torn wife beater t-shirt, and drunk driving a rusted ratted out 30 year old monte carlo……

  19. The only reason I can think of why ANYONE would vote for Joe Biden again is if Trump is the “R” nominee again and they have this irrational attitude of “We’ve gotta keep Orange Man out of the White House no matter what!” due to being poisoned by sheer hatred of him and anyone who voted for him. I suspect that the Democrat Party establishment, the “media”, and the Biden Thing will concoct such narratives to hold on to power and amass MORE power and money for themselves.

    • John B,
      Sadly I think you are right….the 2024 selection will be as corrupt as all the previous ones….that is, if we survive the madness in Ukraine. Our only hope is that the entire system collapses a la the Soviet Union which the USSA has come to resemble so clearly. On the other side of that collapse, expect no mercy from the rest of the world after the decades of abuse of power by turds from both sides of the Uniparty and the deep state after nearly a quarter of a century of proxy wars by the USA and its allies in Europe and Australia. Sadly, people conflate the concept of America with its illegitimate government.

      • Hi Giuseppe,

        There are people who still think Republicans are the problem and that corruption in the U.S. government is a “conspiracy theory” despite massive evidence just over the past few years that the government is VERY corrupt, consisting of corruption from various Presidential administrations. I’ve also read on Martin Armstrong’s website that the Neocons who run the Biden Thing’s foreign policy will likely try to start a war next year using the theory that a sitting President has never been defeated in the middle of a war. I also read a piece written by someone who thinks that the ultimate nightmare scenario for the Neocons & the government would be a Trump v RFK Jr election.

  20. Then there were those men between Brezhnev and Gorbachev. The old politburo loyalists from Khrushchev’s generation. The only thing they brought to the table was their staying power, and their connections. Much like Biden. Difference being medical science can keep Biden above room tempature indefinitely.

    Feinstein and the other fossils holding on aren’t about the person, they’re about the little empires they have built. The machine. From the Wiki: In the year 2000, there were approximately 11,692 personal staff. That’s a lot of people feeding into 535 congressional and senate seats. 33.1 jobs per seat, although that’s not evenly distributed. California, being such a heavy burden on the rest of the country, is going to have a lot more staff running the show behind the scenes. And being dominated by one party, those staffers are going to collude nonstop. Why take a chance on a new name, a new face? Black (red) swans happen all the time, and might mean new staffers. Better to keep your senator on life support.

  21. Biden is such a slimeball that he fucked a campaign donor’s wife. She is is now the First “Lady” of the United States. His crackhead son, who took bribes from Ukraine, actually fucked his dead brother’s widow before knocking up a stripper. Wwhich just goes to show that “the apples don’t fall far from the tree.”

    The problem, of course, is that if Biden shuffles off his mortal coil before leaving office, he gets replaced by an even bigger slimeball, who got into politics by going down on Willie Brown’s willie. And as difficult as it is to imagine, she is even dumber than the geriatric, senile Biden.

    There are NO good solutions any more. The fact that a pompous ass like Trump was our last best hope and a huge improvement over the alternatives shows us the true depth of the dire straits we are in.

  22. Excellent article Eric,
    We are indeed ruled by an oligarchy of geriatrics, there should absolutely be term/age limits for our overlords but the catch-22 there being that they would be the ones needed to pass such a law. I counted down the days till my retirement date ten years ago and have enjoyed every minute since. No more traveling in rush hour traffic, can do my errands when there’s no crowds, clear the snow out of the driveway at my leisure, etc. I can’t begin to understand the mindset of someone who can’t let go of their “job” and enjoy how ever many days they have left on this earth. Guess that’s the definition of a true psychopath, having to be in control to their last breath.
    Dr. Evil Kissinger is about to turn 100, the s.o.b. might outlive me, and I so want to piss on his grave.

    • “Work” for these people is a few hours a week of phone calls and listening to staff regurgitate information. They aren’t working the donor boiler rooms, that’s for the young blood. The hardest thing they have to do is figure out how to keep their “business lunch” meeting under $50.

    • It’s the adrenochrome treatments that are keeping those old fossils alive. For those who are unaware, adrenochrome treatments involve transfusing young childrens’ blood into these old fossils which does have somewhat of a therapeutic life-extending benefit to it. However, it does nothing for mental acuity.
      Both Epstein’s “fantasy island” and the state of israel are sources of major adrenochrome blood “harvesting” operations.
      A sordid criminal part of adrenochrome harvesting is the extreme torture that these young adrenochrome victims go through. These children are slaves who are tortured, pain being inflicted on them while their blood is being taken in order to extract the maximum amount of adrenaline in the blood.
      The death penalty would be too kind a punishment for these modern-day vampires and their customers.
      The old canard that jews harvest the blood of their victims is actually true.
      Henry the “K” Kissinger and others are living proof…


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