Another Case of the Usual Thing from The Biden Thing

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An interesting thing – it is actually the usual thing – as regards the Biden Thing’s latest “executive order” (that is, its latest decree) that “all government vehicles” be electric vehicles by 2035.

It’s not actually all of them.

The Biden Thing’s decree will not require that the next Thing – whomever replaces the Biden Thing (as the Biden Thing will not be president or even probably around in 2035, assuming its supply of Adrenochrome is eventually cut off) shall be electrically driven from one undisclosed location to the next.

Because its things are heavy duty.

As opposed to the light duty vehicles that are described in the decree.

The armored SUVs and limos which ferry around the high echelon government things  are exempted. Also the military things, since F-22s can’t fly on volts.

The government things will be electric ”  . . .where the General Services Administration (GSA) offers one or more zero-emission vehicle options for that vehicle class.” We of course will be allowed one “option.”

The EV – or the sidewalk.

Well, they may allow us bicycles.

Are you surprised?

Similar exemptions have long been applied, as for example regarding the requirement that you and I and practically everyone else except these things must hand over our money to the insurance mafia in exchange for what is styled “coverage” – as opposed to medical care –  else hand over money to the government mafia as our punishment for not “complying” with the “individual mandate” to hand over our money for “coverage.”

It is called the “shared responsibility payment,” as you probably already know if you’ve already had to pay it.

The Orange Man defanged this “mandate” – but if you didn’t pay the health insurance mafia before he did, you still “owe” and are obliged to pay whatever the government things say your “shared responsibility payment” is for the applicable year.

The same exemptions also applied to the “essential” government things and their favored lampreys, such as Wal-Mart, during the individual imprisonment mandates – styled “lock downs,” as in a prison – decreed by the essential things, who were free to work and remained free to make us pay for it.

There were also exemptions from the wearing of the Face Speedos the same things decreed we would have to wear – to “stop the spread,” which it never did. Technically, they weren’t exempted. Only actually – since no one could force the things to wear the Face Speedo. So they wore it when situationally convenient and removed it whenever it suited.

It was up to them – as it was never up to us.

There are also apparently exemptions from the Jab(s) for things that work for the various arms of the thing, including minions of the executive and legislative things.

The roster of such exemptions is long – but they all have one thing in common: They almost never apply to any of us.

As they didn’t apply to “the people” in “people’s republics,” such as the old Soviet Union and the current Chinese people’s republic, freshened up to look like republics once looked, with the facade of a “market” where the people’s choices are directed by the government.

And now, this former republic – where the people have the right to buy (and sell) whatever the government things who control the former republic say they may.

” . . . in order to reestablish the Federal Government as a leader in sustainability, it is hereby ordered as follows,” says the Biden Thing.

The decree will ” . . . create and sustain jobs, including well-paying union jobs; support a just transition to a more sustainable economy . . . ” 

Italics added.

“It’s a similar to strategy to what China is doing so successfully, leveraging the purchasing power of their government to create demand that markets can meet.” 

Italics also added.

So says another thing named Joshua Freed – who is something styled “senior vice president for climate and energy” at Third Way. Third Way which is one of those nebulously-innocuously named entities that is interested in one way.

The government way.

It is wearying hilarious to consider the use of terms such as “market demand” and “purchasing  power of government” in the same sentence. But then, this is how “markets” are allowed to “work”  . . . in modern people’s republics.

For some puzzling reason, many don’t see it – even as the V8-powered/armored SUVs and limos of the things who control this “market” fly past them in the streets, cordoned off for the express use of the things.

That they don’t see the incongruity of the things demanding sacrifices – from us – from the steps of their private/chartered jets, used to convey them in style to meetings in exotic far-away places where the things hammer out the sacrifices we’ll be expected to make for the sake of unchanging the climate.

Something is changing, all right.

And by the time it has – if it’s not stopped – it will be too late to prevent it.

. . .

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  1. anon 1

    cailifornia leftist government stealing……..

    something you have to understand about governments everywhere, they are thieves stealing taxpayers money, they have their hands on the money coming in from taxes, fines or money they borrow, so they steal some and never get caught, they are in control, untouchable. money ends up in their offshore accounts and accounts of friends and family.

    Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

    mullin’s quote
    people refuse to believe that we are governed by criminals. I refer you to the opinion of one of the most famous FBI agents, Charlie Winstead, the man who gunned down John Dillinger. In his book, “The Bureau”, William C. Sullivan quotes Charlie Winstead as saying, (P.27),

    “When I investigate a man and prove he’s a criminal, if he doesn’t already work for the government, they’ll hire him. If he already has a government job, once they hear he’s a crook they’ll promote him. The criminals in Congress only feel comfortable with other criminals.”

    We could not ask for a more qualified source, nor for a more apropos phrase than “the criminals in Congress.” The criminals enact into law program after program to reward their fellow-criminals, and to rob and enslave the workers of America. Anyone who gets in their way is disposed of by the “majesty of the law.

  2. Interesting – some government entity/agency illegitimately
    decreed/mandated (no law) and The Orange Man illegitimately
    “defanged” some of these ongoing illegitimate “mandates”.

    Number of illegitimate federal agencies: 432

    “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and
    expecting different results.”
    – Albert Einstein

    Some positive news: The governor of Florida (DeSantis) is
    proposing to reestablish the Florida State Guard – not
    beholden to the fed controlled Florida National Guard.
    Time to reenlist.

  3. Is the Biden Thing actually Hillary’s revenge on us? Tim Black peers into the pitch darkness of her [its?] rotten soul:

    Imagine Mitt Romney, five years after he lost the 2012 US presidential election to Barack Obama, reading out the victory speech he would have given if he’d won. And then imagine him breaking down halfway through as he contemplates what could have been – or, as he sees it, what should have been.

    You would probably expect some sort of professional intervention.

    This is no longer a hypothetical scenario. On streaming site MasterClass, which provides pricey ‘lessons’ from self-important, famous figures, Hillary Clinton has delivered the speech she would have given if it weren’t for those pesky Trump voters.

    As she relives the 2016 victory that wasn’t, she does hold it together for a bit. But during a particularly butt-clenching segment, where she starts addressing her mother, Dorothy Rodham, Clinton starts to choke up:

    ‘I dream of going up to her, and sitting down next to her, taking her in my arms, and saying … “You will have a good family of your own and three children. And as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the United States.”’

    As Oscar Wilde might have put it, you’d have to have a heart of stone to listen to Clinton’s ‘victory’ speech and not laugh.

    Anyhow, Hitlary’s maudlin babbling serves as a timely diversion from the trial of the Clintons’ now-discarded friend and madam Ghislaine Maxwell, chief recruiter and purveyor on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express.

    Those trafficked girls represent the REAL ‘Clinton family values.’

  4. Even kings used to claim their power was only granted by God. This crop appears to believe they ARE Gods. That simply putting forth an edict such as this one makes it so. As if they can simply put forth another edict that will magically form a power grid that will support this one. No wonder they don’t think the rules apply to them. After all, who rules a God?

    • anon 1

      king charles the 1st

      the government was ignoring parliament, shutting down debate, ending democracy

      king charles the 1st responded to political opposition to his rule by dissolving Parliament on several occasions and in 1629 decided to rule entirely on royal prerogative ignoring Parliament.

      In 1642, the bitter struggle between king and Parliament for supremacy led to the outbreak of the first English civil war.

      In 1648, Charles was forced to appear before a high court controlled by his enemies, where he was convicted of treason and sentenced to death.

      In London, King Charles 1st is beheaded for treason on January 30, 1649.

  5. “…Third Way which is one of those nebulously-innocuously named entities that is interested in one way….”

    This caught my attention. The Clintons used to bang on about this philosophy. The ‘Think Tank’ organization appears to be still around. Hard to tell who the leaders or followers are. It’s all grifting nonsense.

  6. anon 1

    Definition of a gold mine:

    A hole in the ground with a liar at the top.

    The covid hoax sounds very similar, the hoax was based on faked fraudulent data released by the ccp in china. Who the hell would believe those bastards?

    What is in the hole in the ground?

    For fauci: billions of dollars profit from his big pharma stocks.

    For politicians: Huge new powers, billions of dollars in bribes, life is good.

    For enforcers: bonuses, huge overtime pay, more power to bash heads in.

    For doctors and nurses: Huge bonuses and overtime pay

    For the elite nobility/globalist one world government: An effective way to grab more power and wealth/real estate and cull 7 billion useless eaters/invasive species.

    For the billionaires: An effective way to grab more power and wealth/real estate, get useless eaters out of the way

    For the average person on the bottom: Loss of jobs, small businesses, loss of freedom, forced masking, lockdowns, extermination injections, grief, pain and death.
    The extermination injection: The same as being thrown into a very deep hole, (they say step down into the hole there is a nice sunny beach down there). In reality it takes anywhere from one hour to two years to hit the rocks on the bottom, on the way down you probably get injured bouncing off the walls.

    What really was in the hole? nothing it was all based on faked fraudulent data released by the ccp in china, working with the globalist/communist one world government, to pull off the hoax, a hole filled with lies. the latest lie? there is a variant in the hole.

    • The real problem the slimers on top have is that they need the workers, the makers, doers or they die. Evil is really pretty stupid. If they kill us all off or even only 90%, the goal. They are still fucked as the survivors will KNOW what happened and get real time revenge. Evil is stupid.

      Go Fauxi . Guess what his reward will be. It ain’t heaven.

      • Those slimers on top have motivated followers to hate the productive. The leftists slaughter the productive then they starve to death almost every time. Somehow the “leadership” survives on imported goods. But if done on global scale, where will the leadership import what they need from? Do they have vast stores of food? What happens when it runs out?

        They need us, the productive and we don’t need them.

  7. At the moment things are in flux. Notice all the media shows one thing 24-7 another thing zilch. The Christmas parade rundown in Wisconsin versus the school shooting in Michigan.

    In Wisconsin ,you have an adult running over and targeting folks in a parade. In Michigan an obviously disturbed juvenile shooting several people. Which got the press? The gun (disturbed juvenile) not the car (terrorist).

    I know I am preaching to the choir here.

    They have not won. I believe they are losing. Unmask, Do not believe the lies. If it’s on TV or the radio it is a lie. Don’t vax. That is their goal. If you have vaxxed STOP. Do not get another. Sue if you are fired. Gonna be a fertile field for lawyers. Stand your ground.

    The point is they, the evil (Satan is real) forces fear us still. It is important to be brave. If they come for you fight. The worst thing that will happen is death. Death can not be avoided it will come for all of us even them, they however will burn in hell forever the bargain they made. Make them pay upfront. Vow not to be easy. Be Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. Be Joan of Arc. Be Robin Hood. Be Patrick Henry. Be true to yourself.

  8. All pretense of sensibility has been long gone.

    But this is what we get for allowing executive orders & mandates substitute for laws.

    We are so far gone, with congress fearing for the next election, given all their legislative powers to executive agencies & breathing a sigh of relief when whoever fills the White House decrees something so they don’t have to go on record voting in favor.

    I’m not sure what kind of government system we have these days – kind of a constitutional monarchy, though it seems as one without any hard rules on how things are supposed to gain legitimacy.

    • Actually, what we have is fascism. The means of production are in private hands, but the government has total control. Crony capitalism/corporatism tends to lead to that. Corruption becomes all encompassing, and the laws mean what ever those in power say that they mean, when they say that they mean. Given how desperate the Progs are at the very real prospect of a gigantic Red Wave, I suspect something dire is going to happen before the election.

      • Fascism enforced by bureaucracy as a form of government, instead of a part of government as it used to be. A great deal of the state evils we suffer come from one agency or another with not a single elected person involved. CDC. FDA, the nest of them Fauci runs, etc.

      • BJ, no doubt we are fascistic, but it is also something more.
        I’m not sure what though. It’s not Italian fascism, yet. Something on the way there, perhaps a hybrid of a pseudo monarchy & fascism, since politicians still need support of unions.

        Whatever we are really operating under, it isn’t democracy/republicanism/freedom like we are told. Therefore, I claim it is invalid & has no force as it is not what was “consented” to by people alive 230 years ago.
        But that will send me down a Lysander Spooner rant.

  9. Eric, they are reaching the point that they don’t even make a pretense of being anything by Lords and Ladies. Unless the Stupid Party gets its act together, the expected Red Wave is going to be over ruled by Dominion…

      • I very much enjoyed Spooner’s works. A brilliant mind, and many insights into what we are facing. Make no mistake, without all of the illusions/delusions that have been fostered over generations, the Gang would not be able to continue its operations. Their enforcers are very badly out numbered. That is especially true in the US, with the fact that the population is rather well armed. If those illusions/delusions fail, this country will become ungovernable. I suspect that is the one thing that
        our would be masters fear the most.

  10. In his Oval Room
    In his rocking chair
    He’s the “president”
    But I don’t care..
    R.I.P., Blaze

    Why do I have a picture in my mind, of the Biden Thing strapped to a board, being cranked up to vertical in order to “face” a video camera and teleprompter?
    And when he can no longer read his lines…the next simulacrum gets dusted off and pressed into “service.” Meanwhile, it is we, the people, who are being “serviced.”

    • Eric has referenced the original “Star Trek” episode “Patterns of Force” in this space.

      It is required viewing for anyone who wants to understand our current situation.

      Netflix used to have the TV series episodes. Or you can wait for that title to pop up on H&I or MeTV.

  11. Leona Helmsley summed up their attitude best when she said “only the little people pay taxes”, but she said it out loud so the PTB made an example of her. Almost gotta love the blatant, in your face hypocrisy of govco nowadays.

    • anon 1

      ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

      1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

      ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
      i would bet the doctors in other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

      a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
      NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

      the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
      same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

      The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
      attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

      NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

      another exempt group: U.S. postal service

      NBA players exempt

      6 million foreign chinese students exempt

      NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get.

      NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite:

      gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinte their own children,

      gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated…. gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

      elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated

      the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
      one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

      rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, doesn’t use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, he uses homeopathic medicine.

      FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

      NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


      Putin said he will not mandate injection of their military,

      (xiden and blackface are owned by china)……..canada and the US will mandate injection of their military, (helping china’s agenda) that will cause them to lose the next war, maybe.

      Putin also says people should make their own choice for injection or not.

      china only has about 3% of their population injected, they do not use the mrna injection and they do not inject their military…..then they are healthy for the next war. china doesn’t exter minate it’s citizens for the elite nobility. (it had enough them in the opium wars).

      whole parts of the globe are no longer complying: China, India, Russia, most of Africa, Japan, Indonesia, US Red states, Denmark, Sweden….North Korea never did and has zero cases and no injections…

      japan just dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, they stopped complying, it is hard to exterminate the japanese with the experimental gene therapy extermination injection, they are too high IQ. japan has no injection mandates, in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections. japan will survive, the whites won’t.

      what is in there?

    • anon 1

      hochal is just bribed promoter for the satanist controllers, spewing out lies 24/7 like a good leftist/communist…

      All science and medicine now is 100% controlled by the government, not one word of truth is allowed out, these doctors and scientists have to go along and agree with everything the communist/ccp/satanists government says and does, (they are paid huge bribes so they don’t care who is killed),

      it is all pseudo science, anti science, there is not one word of truth for example in this whole covid hoax, a huge lie,

      it was all based on faked, fraud chinese communist ccp data. Anybody that says or implies one word of support for this is a paid ccp/communist troll. These are leftist/communist/satanists so they just lie 24/7.

    • Hi X,

      NY is worse than CA, it appears – if such a thing is possible. This will only work if enough of the people in NY go along with it. Mass resistance will “stop the spread” quickly.

    • That’s the next step after individual freedom fighters refuse to comply and are martyred by local enforcers. Tis of course applies to all government actions.

      • Ernie,

        It would be nice if we could start nullifying the power centers WITHOUT becoming martyrs. States have legalized marijuana. Some states and counties have become 2nd Amendment sanctuaries, while others have become illegal immigrant sanctuaries. I don’t see why some county offices can’t be taken over by the “rustics” and the tyranny rolled back a bit.

    • Just start driving your “farm use” vehicle or side-by-side as you would a regular car (aside from interstates); I think you’d be surprised how long you could do that before being hassled, at least in the mountainous state I live in.

    • Good luck with that.
      In Commiefornia, the Next Big Thing is breathalyzers for trucks:

      >New rules will require these big trucks, including ones from other states passing through California – to be tested at least four times per year to make sure they meet the state’s standards for particulate matter and ozone pollution.

      >The state has two of these unattended monitoring devices in place and plans to install more. The devices resemble toll booths and capture a sample of the truck’s exhaust as it passes through without stopping.

      Can you say, “false positive?”

      • Well, perhaps we’ll see what happens when MORE trucks refuse to deal with California. Either they have to start paying exorbitant salaries for these truck drivers, or there will simply be an even greater deficiency of trade from the Pacific coast. Either way, the ire gets directed at Commiefornia and its absurd practices. Or, at least it should, if anyone knows what’s happening.

  12. Yet another usual thing from the Biden Thing: out of control inflation, courtesy of Biden’s runaway debt spending binge, all cheerfully monetized by Jerome ‘Zimbabwe Jay’ Powell.

    Today the Consumer Price Index came in at a blistering 6.8%, highest in decades. As the BLS remarks drily, ‘The indexes for gasoline, shelter, food, used cars and trucks, and new vehicles were among the larger contributors.’

    New vehicles up 11.1% annually; used vehicles higher by a stunning 31.4%. Nice work, Joe.

    Funny they mention ‘shelter’ as a large contributor. It rose 3.8%, when nationwide housing prices are rising 20%. Most of ‘shelter’ is a fake, non-market-price number called Owners Equivalent Rent.

    Substitute actual housing prices for OER, and it tacks on another 4 percent to the CPI, raising it to a double-digit 10.8%.

    Is Joe Biden turning into Jimmy Carter, a headline asked this week?

    No. Carter, while feckless, was mostly clean. Whereas Joe ‘Ten Percent for the Big Guy’ Biden is a corrupt, boodling machine politician and fixer.

    Jackass Joe now has cranked inflation to a level that historically has pissed people off.

    Both he and Zimbabwe Jay (who Joe idiotically just reappointed) need to go. They are social wreckers, maliciously putting our standard of living to the torch with their worthless green Yellenschrift.

  13. Just a reminder, the Biden Thing isn’t Biden. It’s his mob of handlers. Biden does well to get a pair of socks on that match, and read his teleprompter correctly, most of the time, and to correctly relate what his earphone tells him to say in an “interview”, again , most of the time. He is being operated by, guess who, the agents of a gang of bureaucrats that were never elected.

    • I get what you’re saying, but I also don’t understand why so many appear willing to give Biden a pass with “It’s not him, it’s his handlers.” I’m sure Biden is controlled, but he’s also willingly reading the script. And that makes him every bit as guilty as the ones who wrote it for him.

      • No pass given here. He’s guilty of a plethora of past sins. Just noting that Biden is a helpless old addled moron who does nothing without being told to, except perhaps fondle children. He is a good general point of criticism for the gang operating him. But the gang needs naming. All of them. With pictures.

        • I appreciate your response, JK, and hope you didn’t think I was busting your chops. But I agree, they whole gang needs naming–with pictures!

        • “But the gang needs naming. All of them. With pictures.”

          That’s precisely why they all skulk behind him, anonymized by convenient “plague masks”…

          It is an out-and-out cryptocracy so in your face that the secret rulers are actually VISIBLE now, but just wearing masks and studiously ignored by the mind-wiped rabble.

          • anon 1

            fauci is a high up cult member…

            The Most Striking Fact in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book – Thomas DiLorenzo

            America’s Dr. Mengele – Thomas DiLorenzo (Review): The pharmaceutical industry “remunerated Incarnation Children’s Center . . . for supplying children for the tests,” writes Kennedy. The “tests” involved giving the children experimental drugs that were “toxic – they’re known to cause genetic mutation, organ failure, bone marrow death, bodily deformations, brain damage, and fatal skin disorders” (p. 246).

            Torture is not too strong a word to describe what happened to these children. “If the children refuse the drugs,” says Kennedy, “they’re held down and force fed. If the children continue to resist, they’re taken to Columbia Presbyterian hospital, where a surgeon puts a plastic tube through their abdominal wall into their stomachs.

            From then on, the drugs are injected directly into their stomachs” (p. 246). This wasn’t science fiction or a sick horror movie, says Kennedy, but Fauci-funded “AIDS research.”


            This covid death cult are satanists


    • The fucker agrees or assents to everything his mob is doing. When he’s focused he parrots this shit on command, with conviction. He should be tossed in a landfill, but compared with Harris, he’s fun to have around.

      • I suspect he would probably agree to getting his leg sawed off and his eye put out at this late stage. Although he probably fusses when told not to fondle children.

      • I agree with the first part of what you said, Nixon. But I’m starting to think Harris would actually be a better choice. As bat-spit-insane as she is, her handlers would likely keep her on a very tight leash and wouldn’t allow her to talk as much.

  14. ‘Face Speedos’ — eric

    Oof. Harsh, with its sweaty jockstrap connotations.

    Why not a pink Victoria’s Secret thong, edged in white lace? (Inspired by a South African lady caught on video, angrily reaching under her dress and ripping down her thong for facial use after being ordered to mask up in the supermarket queue.)

    Facial lingerie might be a jarring sight on a muscular man. But in these anything-goes times featuring the equally jarring spectacle of ‘Admiral’ Levine (who lost his dick in 2011, but not in battle), no one can say boo.

    Fashion freedom: the last one left in a loony-left regime, when all others have been suspended.

  15. For years the democrat party has always admired one party state rule in other countries. Cuba, Soviet Union, Venezuela and now China. Now that they can break laws without any consequences, have a lapdog media, have roped in nearly all the multinational corporations and have an almost dumbed down population and bringing in more by the millions with open borders, the masks are off and they are seizing permanent power with the help or no resistance from the hapless republicans.


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