Getting Ready for Just in Case

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Some of of you have probably seen and listened to the speech given by the character V in the wonderfully inspirational movie, V For Vendetta – which bears re-watching if you haven’t lately and is a must-view if you’ve never seen it at all.

The speech – given over government-censored airwaves pirated by the character, V – talks about how people gave in to fear – of sickness, ironically enough. And turned over power to an authoritarian government – or rather, submitted to it – out of desperation for a return to some semblance of calm and normalcy.

One of the specific things V touched on was the perfectly natural desire most of us have for the familiar things, the everyday routines and places – and how this can be used against us by psychopathic political types to leverage our submission. No one wants to put their life’s work in jeopardy, much less their family’s security. People cherish their friends and community; they love their homes.

It is very difficult to say good-by to these things.

But sometimes, it is the only thing to do.

I learned this, like many others have learned it, when I was excommunicated from the little coffee shop that had been part of my daily routine for several years. I enjoyed spending a few hours in my usual spot, having some coffee and writing among the ebb and flow of people I had gotten to know over the years. It was a pleasant part of my life that became very unpleasant when the owners joined the Sickness Cult and insisted that patrons play Sickness Kabuki if they wanted to buy a cup of coffee. Since I would not join the cult, I was cast out.

I have also said good-bye to a number of people I once considered close friends of mine. I learned, to my great sadness, that they were not. Friends do not demand that you practice their religion – nor denounce you for failing to do so. These people did and so I call them friends no longer.

Another change may be coming – for me and possibly for you, too. I think it is wise to anticipate it.

What will you do if the gesundheitsfuhrer of the state you live in decrees that alles muss impfung (everyone must be “vaccinated”)? Not only those who – per the decree of the current Obergesundheitsfuhrer in the Haupstadt der Krankenreich – work for companies that employ 100 people or more or who transact any business, however peripheral, with the regierung in Washington – but everyone, period. To be permitted to enter any store in the state you live in. To be allowed to work, anywhere.

Even if you work for yourself.

As crazy as this sounds, keep in mind how crazy things already are. The Sickness Cult isn’t going to just disband. It must spread the faith. In this way, interestingly enough, it is very much like the virus-god it worships. Stagnation is death. It cannot abide unbelief for the simple reason that abiding it will result in unbelief. Some will see – and leave the cult. Other will never join it. Which is why all must be compelled to join it.

For that will make it very difficult for anyone to leave it.

My state – Virginia – will select a new gesundheitsfuhrer in about a month from now. The current one has been pretty bad. The new one – very likely to be the Clinton apparatchik Terry McAuliffe – could prove to be much worse. He spoke the other day of getting everyone in the state “vaccinated.” Read more about his “plan” here.

This makes me extremely uneasy. 

It motivates me to get ready.     

To put my place on the market, if need be – so as to leave what I love and have spent almost 20 years of my life building and caring for and making my own – for some other place, where I can at least live without being needled by people like McAuliffe.

This would be a very hard thing for me to do, attached as I am to my place – and I pray I do not have to do it. I have no desire to uproot my life – and say goodbye to the few old friends I still have and the new friends I have made – much less to have to start over, in a new place. But all of that is preferable to living in a state controlled by a cult.

A death cult.

Literally – in terms of forcing people to assume the risk of dying or a life-ending crippling as a result of being Jabbed with a “vaccine” that has already caused the deaths of thousands. I do not intend to be one of these. And also metaphorically, in terms of the death of liberty at its most basic level. If a person cannot protect his own body from the grasping tentacles of government – or rather, if the government will no longer respect the right of a human being to control and decide what is put into his or her own body – then the time has come to fight – or to leave.

It is impossible to say, at this moment, which of the two options will become the only option. But I am preparing for both options. As regards the second option, by getting my place in order so that if I need to leave, I can sell.

Without losing my shirt.

This is sound policy in normal times – as regards your home as well as your vehicles. Keep them in good order and they won’t become disordered. And by doing that, you won’t be faced – in a crisis situation – with having to try to bring them back to good order in a rush and probably at great expense, so as to not lose your shirt. It is easier – and in the long run, cheaper – to take good care of anything you might need to sell one day.

Because that day may come.

Even if you don’t want to sell. Best to prepare for that possibility. Because who knows what’s coming, a month or so from now.

. . .

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  1. I follow Seth Keshel on Telegram. He recently posted this:

    “Seth. Don’t know if you saw this.
    My wife and I went for early voting in Virginia today, and something very disturbing happened.

    We were both told we couldn’t vote since we had requested and been sent absentee ballots. Since we had done nothing of the sort, we raised hell and they finally produced affidavits we could sign saying that we had lost the ballots we requested. We demanded affidavits saying that we had never requested absentee ballots and absentee ballots had never been received by us. We were told there was no such thing. We could either sign the affidavits saying we had lost the ballots we had requested or go home without voting. We signed.

    During the time we were there and engaged in this dispute, a matter of about fifteen minutes, I overheard THREE other people going through exactly the same thing.

    We live in a heavily Democrat-controlled precinct in a Democrat-controlled state in which the Republican candidate for governor is running even with the Democrat candidate. A not inconsiderable number of people in just one precinct during a very brief period of time were complaining that the voter rolls showed they had requested and received absentee ballots they did not request or receive.

    Are you getting the picture here?

    When the election process becomes an endemically corrupt process manipulated by the Democrat Party to retain power at all costs, we are finished as a free nation. It appears to me that has already happened.”

    Probably nothing you Virginians can do – but it is another disturbing sign that our election system is broken.

  2. Eric, I’m writing from NJ and very likely me and my family will no longer call our state home in the very near future on account of the sickness cult and their perpetuation of horror (particularly if our blue governor wins re-election in Nov).

    What precisely do you recommend doing? Living in an essentially staged, sale-ready home? Packing out all non-essentials? My wife has even suggested selling our home and renting so we can “get out” quicker.


    • Hi Nick,

      Here’s what I’m doing (and I face a similar looming threat; in Va, the current Coonman is likely to be replaced by the even more loathsome Terry McAuliffe):

      Cleaning/fixing everything around here that needs cleaning/fixing that would be a deterrent to getting maximum value from my house, should I need to put it on the market. If I am forced to put it on the market, I will list it at a truly obnoxious price – so as to get as much money from a Leftist fleeing Northern Virginia as I can milk out of them. Because this will be “it” for me. The sale of my house will have to be at a price sufficient to enable me to no longer have to be work, wherever I end up living. It will be a take it – or leave it – offer. Which people in our situation can afford to do, as we have what they want.

    • SS,
      Both the ANZAC countries have gone full-bore COVIDIOT..

      Wouldn’t touch the regenerated penal colony for anything as well as the loony Kiwis.
      The weirdest thing is those people used to be clear headed and really laidback!!!

  3. To everyone on this tread.
    Quite frankly all the palaver strikes me as” rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic “.
    After the USA acquired Alaska and Hawaii in 1959, from a strictly geographic standpoint the United States is simply unassailable in natural beauty. (Personal opinion). Although based on natural beauty per sq mile New Zealand wins that award.
    Unfortunately the downside is the vast majority of it’s citizenry simply gave up looking at alternatives.
    Wether the “Frontier Spirit “ simply melted into chronic TV watching or USA USA Fist pumping…..the world is a lot bigger than sea to shining sea.
    In my humble opinion the US “sweet spot “ occurred from 1945 till the late 70s and has been circling the drain since.
    Therefore why not seek alternatives?
    I’m in the Dominican Republic and lo and behold in my estimation 85% of the population is Libertarian!
    You are simply Not bothered by anyone!
    It’s generally “live and let live “
    I won’t expound further due to typing on an iPhone…but trust me there are beaucoup options outside the US.
    I hope you guys can imagine.
    Good luck with whatever you decide 👍

    • “85% of the population is Libertarian”, that is not easy to imagine these days, however; the wonderful feeling you have about it, is.
      The closest to experiencing what you describe is Tijuana Mx in the 80’s. I understand it’s quite different today.

      I was reading about, “parallel structures” over at SurvivalBlog, it was from a longer quote from Vaclav Havel, The Power of the Powerless

      “They would be structures not in the sense of organizations or institutions, but like a community. Their authority certainly cannot be based on long-empty traditions, like the tradition of mass political parties, but rather on how, in concrete terms, they enter into a given situation.” …

      I imagine “parallel structures” would be more widespread in DR and that is a large part of why it is so great to you and appealing to the rest of us?
      “Parallel structures” are what people worldwide need to re-create, or so it seems.

      Vaclav Havel writes that, “Ivan Jirous was the first in Czechoslovakia to formulate and apply in practice the concept of a “second culture.”” He goes on to mention examples in Poland & the Soviet Union. …. This is where I am thinking as the Sun is rising and my day begins…

      • H,
        You nailed it. Community =going local. And it appears to be a dominant ethos down here. Parallel structures, precisely.
        I would recommend to anyone curious about this place to give” Dental tourism” a try.
        A lot of us older folks usually require new crowns or even implants. And whatever the estimate is in the US it will be less than 50% for the same service down here!
        The dentist we are using down here is terrific 👍
        You will get expert work done and score a “free vacation “ out of it!

      • Hey H,
        Just an old fart so I don’t know all that fancy app stuff..but I just came back from another recon of route 25 north to the coast over the mountains .
        We just checked out a western spur of the road to a town called Pedro Garcia.
        I don’t know if you ever watched the movie Scarface with al Pacino when he meets the drug overlord Sousa in Bolivia but the scenery along the spur beat it !
        Heck and the scenery is about 20 miles from the North Atlantic coast…unreal 👏😎👍
        Hey Tony! You in Colorado?
        “No Mang I ain’t in Colorado “😂

  4. Eric, aren’t you domiciled in the Blue Ridge Mnts/adjacent? We’re in the BRM in NC, 60 miles from any Interstate and farther from any major metro area. This state politically is teetering as well. We’re at our Redoubt. There is no where else to go that has the political will to actually resist the Borg, or Uncle Stasi-Sam. Being outside of an AmeriKan Urban Utopia, is probably the best one can do, absent of leaving the rotting fruited plain. Enjoy your homestead, best you can.

  5. We already have Meine Führerin, our state’s female Coronal Klink, Gretchen the Gruesome running the show. Hopefully “it” can be uprooted in another 13 months, but I doubt the election process will be anything close to truthful.

    Since I am retired, renting and own nothing other than my car and some personal items, I have little to sell. Since I have visited every lower 48 state, except Cally (thank the Heavens), I have a decent idea of some of the places I might want to move to should the need arise.

    The free states would like to stay free and do not want liberals, socialists and other Dem scum coming in and ruining their living places. The problem is liberals ruin the states they live in and think they are entitled to leave and go ruin something else with their “Commie” methods.

    I helps not having any “psychological” connection to your possessions, which for the most part can be lost in the blink of an eye and/or often replaced. But now I am hearing some politicians want to make moving across state lines impossible without an “injection” paper, or for those still hoodwinked into believing they are getting a vaccine, vaccination papers.

    The warmer areas will undoubtedly attract the most people, so the best places to relocate will be northward. Those options might be somewhat limited and trying to cope with the winters and the coming cooling down of the planet will be extremely challenging. Food might be another major problem. So maybe the best option is to make a stand where you are and never back down.

    Listening to Dr David Martin and Mercola explain the mRNA poisons and how there is a great probability the current agenda mongers want as many people dead by the year 2028 as possible…avoiding the injections are priority number one.

  6. Folks,
    You need to understand the root cause.
    Why is the country collapsing?
    We has been on a steady downward spiral for over 250 years.
    Go to sermon audio dot com.
    Search for John Weaver.
    Search “Nations”.
    Start with the series of 5.
    Then follow your nose so to speak.

  7. Eric – do you really think that we will be able to move anywhere else where we will be able to avoid whats coming ? The biggest shock to me from this whole thing is how quickly they got a place like Pakistan in line with the jab mandates (dont know if anyones following whats happening out there). For me its most depressing because my whole plan since I moved to the UK was that once things here get too much, I will just move back there and live a life where not many creatures from the government really mess with you…. but now that is completely changed.. Personally ive started think the best course of actions is to just bunker down where one is, build roots, get to know new (and like minded people) get access to food supplies…. that maybe be best way to survive, because I dont think they will leave you alone anywhere you go now….

  8. One thing we need to understand is that the ones pushing this are merely tools. McAuliffe is a nobody and will be put up as an expendable target. Also these people aren’t very bright. They have trouble distinguishing between their delusions of omnipotence from what’s actually achievable against real resistance. We need to provide that resistance.
    They cannot win if we refuse to surrender.

  9. I’ve been considering going mobile again. In the ’90s we “sold everything” and lived for 5 years on an oceangoing 37′ sailboat (Crealock 37). Then 3 years on a 44′ “trawler” (Atlantic 44). Followed that with 2 years in a 24′ travel trailer touring mainly the Mississippi and Missouri River basins and down into Texas. On reflection, the 5 years on the Crealock were the best of my life.

    As you will perceive, I am fast reaching my “expires on” date, and have acquired tons of tools and toys since becoming stationary in 2003, and it really hurts to look at them and say “let’s do it again”. We have changed states 3 times, went from rural to town once, from town back to primitive rural once. My wife (of 62 years) is reluctant, always has been, and after each change likes it so well she is reluctant to change again (“Y” chromosome thingy?). But she will always follow my lead.

    One could jump around in the friendliest states/locales. But I think of how easily that could be shut down by decree. And brick and steel hurricane shutters lend to better defense when TSHTF. Also hard to have a full room, we call our 4th bedroom “The Warehouse”, full of food. But I still keep looking. We loved Harlingen in 2002. Would we love it now?

    One thing that has improved tremendously since our travels is communication. I remember holding a cell phone as high as I could reach in known hot spots in the Dakotas. Now internet comes to you essentially anywhere.

    Anyone out there tried, or contemplated/researched, to escape that way lately? Eric, could you see yourself hauling your bike in a large “Toy Hauler”.

  10. I find the German references somewhat oblique Eric, the people doing this to America aren’t the n@zis, they’re the Bolsheviks.

    • Hi Fred,

      I use the Nazi analogy because the Nazis – uniquely – characterized “the enemy” in terms of sickness. The Jews as a “bacillus” that needed to be fumigated. Note also the wearing of symbolic clothing, the “papers” required… etc.

      There is also this business of America as a “homeland.” And a “homeland security apparat, which is almost literally what the SD was in NS Germany.

      • Eric, you are historically speaking, an ignoramus at best, an idiot at worst. Stop badgering us Germans with your insulting, stupid, idiotic Nazi bullshit. We have been and are being badgered daily in every language on earth for things which are a century removed, with which we had NOTHING to do and which under careful examination for the most part did not happen, certainly not as presented by ignorant fools likev you. Stop it already, as I am stopping because my rage at you is mounting.

        • Feeling sorry for yourself, are you? I can’t think of any other reason why you would viciously attack Eric for writing what he did. Perhaps you would feel better if he had used the term Stasi instead of gesundheitfuhrer. Oh, dear, I think I have just corrupted the language further or maybe just coined a new phrase. Yes, we actually have gesundheitfuhrers now. They’re called Karens in English and they will berate you loudly if you sneeze in public, especially if you wipe your nose on your sleeve afterwards. Much better if you snozzle all over the inside of your face mask and then breathe it all in deeply.

          Hey, Gerard, why don’t you just get over the past and move on.

        • Stop your NotSee-like raging. Even when Nazis didn’t control Germany pre-World War II, your Prussian ruling elites were war mongering from the very first year (1870) of the unified German State.

        • Mr. Frederick,

          You do realize that you are not required to be on this site, correct? If Mr. Peters speech offends you there are a variety of sites that exist that may be more toward your liking.

          Facebook goes down for one day…..😒

    • “Quick! Back away! There is a huge Grizzly Bear just past you in the bushes!”
      “Yeah, sure, in a minute. Hey, that’s not a Grizzly Bear. That’s a Kodiak Bear.”

      Grizzly, Kodiak, Nazi, Bolshevik…

  11. Top paraphrase the Micheal Bolton character in Office Space. Why should I have to leave, they are the ones that suck?

    It’s your home Eric, fight for it as I will for mine. Your home is the last redoubt Never let them drive you away, getting away is only a temporary measure. If this is not stopped now there will no place to run to, just look at Australia. Running from Melbourne to Perth? Sydney to Alice Springs? Won’t help.

    It’s past time to say “NO” in much stronger terms, we retreat they win.

    Your place, your life is beautiful. Let no one take it away without a fight.

    I am safe for the moment in Florida but I have no long term expectations. They use the Dominion machines here and as good as DeSantis has been so far, he is still a politician, but even if he stays good he is still only human.

    I am prepping to fight. We will win the fight if we have heart and God on our side. even if I fail to make it to the end I know I will be fighting for a better world for my grandchildren.

  12. Eric please lay off the fake German as if the USSAN fascists never funded, aided and equipped Mr Hitler. We all know that by far the USSA has more blood on its claws than Germany will ever manage. Otherwise keep up the good work and take some German lessons if you are going to continue with satirical German quotes and references to NAZI practice in the past. Your German grammar is obviously cobbled together from Goggle “translator” or some other mindless piece of AI BS.
    All the best.

    Pfizer macht frei

  13. I left Jacksonville, FL, in 2010 and moved to western Montana. Never regretted it. Never going back. When people I knew there asked my why I was moving to Montana, the answer was always the same. Three times the size of Florida, a population the size of Jacksonville. Incidentally, one of the most popular bumper stickers here reads that, “Montana’s full. I’ve heard North Dakota is nice.” My take on that is, “I’m here. NOW Montana’s full.”

    Seriously, though, if you are thinking of moving to a ‘better’ location, the time to do it is right now. You may not be able to do it in the future. Better 10 years too early than a day too late. I got out because I didn’t care for the big city life and the fact that there were only a few, easily blocked avenues of escape out of Jax Beach. Cut off three bridges and I-95 South–instant prison camp.

    • There is one OTHER factor that would have caused me to leave Jax or any Florida town of size (and a LOT of places that were sleepy little ‘burgs when I was there as an Air Force brat in the 70s have exploded in size)…it’s “Di-Voise” (diverse). Montana and North Dakota (and South Dakota and Wyoming, for that matter…) are, *ahem*, quite “monochromatic”.

      As for the Sunshine State’s politics, it seems that though it’s “purple”, it BARELY swings “red” due to the influx of retirees and refugees from Democratic-run hellholes to the North. As long as you get a fresh supply of both, the politics can just about stave off the prodigious birth rate of the more “dusky” Floridians.

      • Living in Jacksonville I can tell you that the new residents are NOT old retired democrats. My new next door neighbor from New York ran a small machine shop and plans to start another here.
        I see it everywhere, NY license tags with Trump stickers. Not that I am a Trump fan – it is telling nonetheless

    • I have a nice place in Micanopy, just south of Gainesville in Marion county. I almost did just that. But the politics of Montana… I just wasn’t that impressed. I definitely would have left Jax too though.

  14. I was going to move out of the place I love, got my house on the market, rented a home in South Dakota, then one evening I watched ( and something clicked. I will not comply with any mandate. I will stay, fight and possibly die to defend my freedom. We are no longer selling and are now meeting with like minded citizens in town.

    I refuse to obey any unlawful order, mandate, or unjust “law.”

    I will not comply! Damn the assholes who try to force me to do what is against my own best interest and not in line with a free man.

    • It’s too cold for too long. Your principle heating will employ which fuel? What about your back up fuel/heating source?

      Aren’t you domiciled in the Blue Ridge Mnts/adjacent? We’re in the BRM in NC. This state politically is teetering as well. We’re at our Redoubt. There is no where else to go that has the political will to actually resist the Borg, or Uncle Stasi-Sam.

      • Correction: Meant for Eric

        Aren’t you domiciled in the Blue Ridge Mnts/adjacent? We’re in the BRM in NC. This state politically is teetering as well. We’re at our Redoubt. There is no where else to go that has the political will to actually resist the Borg, or Uncle Stasi-Sam.

  15. Helot,
    Just a couple of comments on Dominican Republic driving rules…………………………..
    Okay, that was a relatively painless examination, No?
    Congratulations, here’s your driver license 😂😂
    In reality your primary goal is to avoid hitting the ubiquitous “Motoconchos “ swarming all city intersections.
    A motoconcho is a two-wheeled conveyance with the ability to ride a family of 5 on something that looks like a 175cc two stroke motorcycle.
    Motoconchos will in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS:
    1. Cut precipitously in front of your vehicle from all angles except overhead
    2. Plant their bikes perpendicular to you instantly . Causing a wild breaking which you will receive at best a nasty look for interfering with their driving
    3. Absolutely not follow any form of coherence to traffic lights or stop signs (can’t blame them for that …the damn stop signs don’t say stop but something called pare)
    Lesson 2 to follow 👌

  16. Personally I’m bugging in, not out.
    Central KY very rural, good neighbors, landscape fairly difficult to develop mostly sheep, goats, few cattle, and hay Fields and hilly thick woods. Not much alluring metro leftist zombies to this area. Of course that can change so I don’t rule out leaving if needed. Where would I go that was more suitable for for somebody like me? No idea.

    I’m more keen to the stay, fight, and out maneuver the nonsense rather than fleeing. I’m 45, my children are adults. I have quite a few good years left in me so I have options.

    Currently developing the most anti-fragile life possible so I need fewer and fewer large centrally controlled systems to operate. I’m mostly optimistic, but am prepared to see the U.S. and my way of life change drastically. We’ll see how it goes. The ride never ends!

    • Yep, Sici, ….I’ll leave this country when able to do so…but as long as I stay, KY is one of the best places to be. (There are a few as good..maybe even a hair better….if one can tolerate brutal cold, snow and wind! But wimps like me prefer mild winters)

  17. Hey guys, I suggest a few of us couples/families get together, find & purchase a nice chunk of wooded land in the hills near a lake. A beautiful place for us each to build a camp to enjoy and vacation but also possible long term survival land ie: fishing, hunting and water.
    We have been looking to buy a place up not far from Eric’s but reading this has us re-thinking the locatiion.

      • Hi cjm, We are in NC just outside Greensboro and have been looking at land on the nw side of Philpott Lake in Va.
        Such a beautiful place but we are open minded to other areas. Where are you guys at? I am concerned that any further north would make winters difficult in a survival situation. Any thoughts?

  18. This was a great article with lots of meat on it, in the article and the comments. We left Nevada ten years ago to build our life out here in the remote reaches of the dirty Verde. Unfortunately its not even remotely remote anymoar. Its still a nice place even with all the recent sh**bags dragging their dirty laundry down here. I am hoping beyond hope for an epic crash in the Realestate market. We bought at the bottom last time and these home equity washouts have a way of getting the weak hands to move on.

    Even though Az will probably be behind enemy lines quickly in the event of war I chose to make my stand here. We have 330 days a year of sunshine, unlimited water, and much empty space. 90% of our population is concentrated down south. So if I bug out it probably won’t be far.

    The wife and I looked long and hard at Florida ten years ago. It finished a close second to Az. The only reason it lost out was because we couldn’t agree on where exactly we wanted to live. She wanted down south near family, and I liked the panhandle near FloraBama shores. We still might try to find a place to winter in Florida. Was there last winter in Panama City and I still love it even though it seems crowded. Also I think Florida is painting a huge target on its back, beast wise. I wouldn’t put it past these psychopaths to nuke a red state and blame it on muh terrorists. Their playbook is pretty slim, anorexic really. They can’t even come up with believable boogymen anymore.

    Anyhow I know a lot of Zonians read this. Jim, Badnon, and others. If your ever interested ask Eric for my e-mail and we will have a beer or something. And Eric we would love to have you here. Probably too much boomerism as well as red team blue team nonsense for your taste. Although registered independents outnumber donks or pubes, it is still a uni-party state, just like your beloved old dominion.

    • I was fortunate to have traveled to Gulf Shores a few times…it’s a beautiful area and The actual FloraBama bar was a rollicking good time!

      I saw Kenny Stabler (The Snake) in there one evening.

    • Norman,

      Absolutely. I’d definitely enjoy having a beer with some Az EP fans, and most certainly the most esteemed Mr. Peters himself.

      • Sounds great BaDnOn, I don’t live to far from Rimrock that Jim is talking about. Either one of you passing through sometime, let me know, will see what we can work out.

    • ‘the dirty Verde’ — Norman Franklin

      A friend lives in Rimrock, a budget bedroom community for pricey Sedona half an hour away.

      Decent older (1970s) single-family houses could be had for under $200,000 until 2020. Now under $300,000 is difficult to find.

      I kinda like the high desert and the lazy old river, despite living in the forest myself.

      • I grew up in the desert and our place is right next to that lazy old river. The desert up here is 10-15 degrees cooler than BCC and points south. I don’t care for the snow, so I’m right where I need to be.

        • ‘The desert up here is 10-15 degrees cooler than BCC’ — Norman Franklin

          BCC = Black Canyon City

          Yep. On I-17, in 2-1/2 hours, you can ascend from the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix to Flagstaff (elev. 7,000 ft), with a climate like southern Colorado and a ski slope north of town.

          Pick your elevation, your vegetation, your climate. The other zones are never far away.

        • Hi Norman and Jim H: you guys live in a beautiful area. Couple years ago we took off out of Phoenix, headed north and was expecting a boring or ugly landscape. It was just the opposite – the desert there is a lot of pastel colors, oranges and greens – really nice. Then you hit Sedona with the amazing deep colored rocks. Just a really stunning place.

          We actually flirted with the idea of moving there (north of Phoenix-that heat is too much for me), but it’s a little pricey plus we would have to leave family behind.

    • Dig up a copy of Pat Frank’s 1959 novel, “Alas Babylon”. Was required reading in my high school freshman English class…in Central Florida. I won’t spoil it for you…

  19. Eric,
    Interesting article and food for thought.
    My only concern with a relocation is that the new location is just one state/local election away from inflicting the same tyranny.

    Guten Tag!

  20. There is one county in Montana that borders with Canada. It has a population of about 500 people, probably covers a thousand square miles, 30×35 miles or so.

    There is plenty of room for others. You will be living a frontier life, water will always be an issue, on a cold day and a blizzard, it’ll be no place to be at anytime.

    Winter is always a war of all against all, you are vulnerable at all times and Old Man Winter doesn’t care… at all. An igloo is a refuge, so is a foot-thick walled sod hut. Siberians have it under control, reindeer herds provide food and shelter, can’t really go wrong.

    Sixty below zero in Outer Mongolia can be survivable, be prepared.

    Of course, in Pennsylvania there are days that are rather dreary and cold too. Trees everywhere you go, rocks like crazy. Go to Gettysburg if you want to see rocks at the Gettysburg killing fields. 51,000 casualties in three days with 17,000 dead Union and Confederate soldiers dying on the hill to die on wasn’t a good choice for a place to be for a few days. Gimme some of that Soldier’s Joy.

    These days, homeless people in Pennsylvania live in the woods, the place to be for them.

    Cheyenne, Wyoming is okay for a smaller populated area and just north of Colorado, plenty of oil and coal out there in the Wyoming hinterlands. The Union Pacific has two mainlines for coal trains, one going hauling coal to Omaha, one returning to load more coal and truck it by rail back to Omaha.

    Warren Buffett isn’t going to freeze, can’t starve the beast. BRka isn’t going to go from 411,000 USD per share to zero, not gonna happen.

    Smoke is in the air, thick as can be. Gotta be a forest fire somewhere, nothing new there either.

    Some gotta win, some gotta lose. Good Time Charlie’s got the blues – Danny O’Keefe

  21. I’ve been to FL a time or two. The three things which stopped me: the teeny tiny black pepper speck biting bugs, the total flatness, and the serious freshwater fragility/scarcity.

    Otherwise, it seems nice. On the beach or in the countryside, that is. The big cities, not so much.

    A poem I once read, while not exactly true, is a difference:

    Why I like Winter.
    The flies.
    They all dies.

  22. I am guessing many people who are moving to Florida, have a conservative or libertarian bent. People who are liberals have no reason to leave a crazy liberal State. As Eric said, most people like the familiar – if it is comfortable for them. But, enough discomfort can make people change their minds, as many do in a long and unpleasant marriage.

    • Hi Jack,

      I am hoping that a working majority of the people who’ve moved to my area do not want to re-create what they fled from. If they do re-create it, then I will flee. I’m hoping I won’t have to. I’ve put too much work into this place and the prospect of having to reboot is not an appealing one. But I will if I must!

        • “Winter isn’t always prison-like, you’re just under-dressed.”

          Very true! I hike year-round in Colorado and don’t understand people who moan “It’s TOO COLD!” I’m not some kind of superman, just a normal guy. When it’s cold, I add more layers of clothes until I’m warm. Nothing mysterious or magical about it.

      • But the trouble is, Eric, the issues don’t seem to be in the local ‘burg where you live ATM, but by “city folk” at the opposite end of the state, clustered together in that Northern VA conurbation, or the State capitol, or just a hour’s drive to the southeast in “Navy town”. It’s THEY that impose their will, not simply by their collectivist idiocy, but also in enabling the Federal Leviathan. Any state that has these large urban clusterfvcks can overwhelm by sheer numbers, especially if they hornswoggle in non-citizens or other forms of election fakery. Witness what’s happen to my neck of the woods, the once-Golden State of Cali(porn)ia.

  23. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a good place. Get by a big lake (Michigan, Huron or Superior, I like Huron that’s my lake) and winter is not too terrible. There is plenty of firewood. Global warming should help (Ha Ha). It is sparsely populated. Land is not terribly expensive. There is a lot of snow. But that cuts down on the riffraff. Summers are awesome. Winter helps you appreciate it.

    • The Upper Peninsula of Michigan really does seem like a good place. More trees & wilderness than Iowa. Better hunting & fishing, I imagine.

      That said, saying it is, “sparsely populated” is often another way of saying, there are no jobs. Or, very few & far between and a bit on the low paying side. That whole income stream is kind of important for some. I’m not knocking your comment, just thinking out loud.

        • There’s work up there, if you want it. But the socialists in Lansing have made it possible to do nothing and still scrape by, which many do. I love the U.P. and northern Wisconsin. These areas are as red as can be. Went camping last weekend and saw many, many, Trump/Pence signs still proudly posted. (Ok, Trump is not my ideal, but at least he wasn’t Biden).

  24. You might have to leave the country the way power is being concentrated in the federal government. I found this stinky little number that shows how hard they are pushing now for power:

    It is probably just reactionary garbage to “trigger the cons”, but the fact they are doing it shows how it may soon make no difference what state you go to. I hear Somalia has no real government. Don’t like the pirates? Antarctica can work for now.

  25. The bromide, “In politics, if something happens you can bet it was planned that way” likely applies here. Corona communist states like NY and CA knew from the get-go their policies would drive residents into other states. The goal was apparently to spread liberalism far and wide via migration so as to blur the Red/Blue distinction.

  26. There’s really nowhere to run, but I like my chances where I’m at. I have chickens. Neighbors have chickens. The Jersey dairy a mile and a half from my house sells raw milk and eggs. There’s more guns than people by far.

    One downside is that many winters are very harsh. Mild winters are even harsh for most people. Another downside is that there are statists around. It’s impossible to get away from them. But, overall, I like my chances. My “just in case” is preparing right where I’m at.

  27. I’ve often contemplated Florida, my parents (rip) moved there when they retired, but they also had a small cabin in the Adirondacks to escape to for the summer. I love Florida for the lifestyle, low cost of living, and NO “inspection” required for your car.
    On the other hand summer starts in April and doesn’t end till October, I was there once for a week in July and don’t think it ever went below 90. On top of that the humidity hits you like a wall the minute you step out of the a/c, I’d sweat through three t-shirts by lunchtime. Sigh….if only “climate change” would make it cooler I’d be there tomorrow.

    • Hi Mike, you’ve pegged Florida right. We lived in South Florida for a number of years; after awhile, during the summers I realized every day was the same: it’s going to be 95 degrees with a chance of rain. Nice work for a weather guy/gal.

    • Just some food for thought. while the state (FL) from the outside seems to be resisting this mandate, it has nonetheless decreed that everyone that works in a healthcare facility either be jabbed or take a test once a week, which is not easy as I heard. To me this is a sneaky practice embraced by the GOPers in power.

    • If you can endure the humidity (more than the heat, though there’s plenty of that) and the BUGS during the summer, Florida’s downright nice from October through at least March. It does get cold for about six weeks in the winter, or at least it FEELS colder due to the humidity.

  28. What are you waiting for? Sell now, at the top of the current market, then you’ll get the most for it. I helped my mom sell her house in Philadelphia a couple of years ago. Wish I could have done that back in 2006, she’d have gotten almost twice as much for it. You know perfectly well that your new Gesundheitsfuehrer will be another bad one. Don’t wait for it, get out now while you’ll get the best deal. OK, so you just built a chicken coop. Tear it down and take it with you.

    That’s a big reason why I hesitate to buy another house, don’t want to get stuck in case the state turns bad.

  29. Same here, Erick. My place was just an old cow pasture and woods when I came 20 years ago- now it’s more like a park with a panoramic view and memories…..but I’d like to move to a more remote area (Would stay here in KY for the time being)….trouble is, not only is my soon-to-be 97 year-old mother really not into moving, but the real estate market right now…. Although I could get good money for my place right now….the fact is that it would be of no real benefit, as not only would one have to pay top dollar for another place right now…but fact is, in rural places like this, suitable listings have dried up. You see a few houses in town listed…and for crazy money…and big acreages…also for insane money….but the little homesteads- 25-50 acres with woods and fields, no one appears to be selling…unless they’re fit only for a mountain goat…or have a big expensive house on them…or are being offered by someone who is just fishing and seeing if he can 10x what his property is worth…..but no real viable options anymore, whereas formerly, there were always plenty of nice choices. And I think it is only going to get worse….until more people start dying off from the pandemic (The real one- the effects of the vax)- but then, it’ll likely be impossible to sell our places…or to get anything for them.

    Strangely, I don’t feel too bad about the prospect of leaving my place though. I’ve done it before- Leaving familiar friends and family and the place where my best memories were made, to come here….and I never looked back, because the past lives on in my head…but can not be relived in body, even if one is in the same physical location as in the past. The memories stay with you….but your present life is improved greatly by aquiring greater freedom, privacy, etc. and the newness of a new place, as well as the opportunity to do it different/better this time, creates a renewed vigor.

    If we have the opportunity, better to take advantage of it while we can, as it’s better to go at our leisure and on our own terms, rather than of necessity, running in the night with the panicking crowds.

  30. PBS headlines an Oct. 1 article by Lauren Weber:

    Rural Americans are dying of COVID at more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts — [in] a population that tends to be older, sicker, heavier, poorer and less vaccinated.’

    Sounds bad! But in a farther-down paragraph PBS admits that ‘Since the pandemic began, about 1 in 434 rural Americans have died of COVID, compared with roughly 1 in 513 urban Americans.’

    So after adjusting for demographic differences, there may be no statistically significant difference in death rates at all.

    Like the New York Slimes, PBS is simply capitalizing on the current regional pattern of the delta wave — worse in the heartland than in big coastal cities — to lecture deplorables about their ‘hesitancy,’ their weight, and their general laziness and shiftlessness. /sarc

    It’s simplistic, brazen statistical lying — carefully cherry-picked to hoodwink the gullible and promote the ‘vaccinations for all’ agenda of the Lügenpresse.

    • Heh, that’s funny!
      Just looked up the “official stats” (courtesy of the horse’s mouth- the New Jork Slimes)- There has been exactly one “COVID death” in my county of 10,000 people in the last year and a half. Makes ya wonder what those statisticians consider “rural”.

      Wow…what a bio-weapon! But I’m sure that number will be increasing soon thanks to a good number of people taking the jab.

    • I question that many persons overall in the US, regardless of geography, have died OF Covid…maybe WITH it, or more likely, DURING it, given how the flim-flammery has nothing at all to do with (air quotes), “THE Science”.

  31. come down to arizona eric. still sane here – for now. outside of corporate and state settings (same thing) virtually no one wears a mask even in liberal phoenix. a friend told me he knows marines using fake vax cards they photoshopped. guess that works too

    • I’ve been thinking about AZ. I gotta friend out there but I’m just not digging the desert in my old age. I grew up in the Mohave out in Coachella Valley (CA) but I know that I can’t do that heat any more. The more concerning thing is the amount of CA transplants that want to bring their stupid liberal shit to AZ. That, for sure, I can live without.

      Maybe I could do northern Zona… if I can get away from the cities. Dunno man. It’s a tough call.

      • Anon,

        There is more here than desert, like, as you say, Northern Az. There is decent land there and to the east of the state, if you’d like somewhere with some trees and seclusion. Keep in mind that Coconino County is pretty liberal, due to the presence of Flagstaff, but you can find nice land up there, too.

        • Any place you have a sizeable, state-run Institution of “Higher Learning”, in your case, Northern Arizona University, you’re going to have to deal with those college town ninnies.

      • My Ex tried to get me to move to Albuquerque, which she had recently returned from on a business trip. Nope. They have a water supply problem, which Arizona does as well. Which is also now coming to a head.

  32. “the perfectly natural desire most of us have for the familiar things, the everyday routines and places”
    As I’ve recently pointed out, safety is not a thing, it’s a feeling. We are habituated to things that we do that we FEEL safe doing. Speaking from experience, as we get older, that trend is even stronger, since we feel increasingly unable to provide for our own “safety”. It’s perfectly natural to desire to keep that routine of feeling safe. Unfortunately, many of us who felt safe, no longer do. And in fact feel remarkably unsafe. Time to go. Start over and create new feelings of safety. Fortunately, I made that move 30+ years ago. So as I now approach my maximum expiration date, I have no need to leave, nor the ability to do so if I had one. If you have concluded you will likely leave, do so before age prevents you.

    • I keep telling people that “I didn’t get to where I am by being safe.” That statement is absolutely true but it’s also kind of tongue-in-cheek because, as a young man, I took insanely stupid risks that I wouldn’t dream of these days.

      But then again, I have to look back and acknowledge that, regardless of the sanity of my earlier risk taking, indeed, I didn’t to where I’m at by being safe.

      Part of that was the early-on recognition that when an AGW is putting me/you in cuffs “for *our* safety” that means something other than what someone like me thinks about in terms of being “safe”.

      And that occurred to me, due to my penchant for risky “activities”, quite early on in life.

      • I Like this, a Lot: “I keep telling people that “I didn’t get to where I am by being safe.””

        The rest of your comment, too.

      • And! As I think about it, that is The perfect reply to those who say something like, “Be Safe” as you’re leaving.
        Man, did I Ever dislike that saying, “Be Safe”. I kind of wanted to reply, F-off, or something. I first heard it around 1989, I wonder who coined that cowardly and submissive phrase, it gags me.

        “I didn’t get to where I am by being safe.” – Love it.

  33. Seems like we’re in a race; the tyrants to vac’s everyone so there is no control group of non-vacs, and the truth coming out about how dangerous these vaccines truly are. If they win, there might be the greatest migration since India split into (2) countries over their differences in Hindu vs Muslim.

  34. McAuliffe was the Governor who started the ball rolling with regard to the express toll lanes around DC that fund Australian pensions.

    The “FredEx”, an extension of the network down to Fredericksburg is slated to open next year.

  35. Just a thought…
    A short term solution is to obtain and fill out a “fake vaccine card” and to avoid having a cell phone on your person.
    I realize that this is somewhat acceding to the demands of the poison vaxx mandate-pushers, but if it is necessary to gain access to businesses to procure needed supplies or items, all bets are off.
    If you have the ability to “create” such cards, do not sell them but give them away to like-minded individuals.

    • Where can I get one? I had one made up by a local printer but it didn’t look real. I don’t need one now but maybe in the future.

    • That’s fine if it was workable. I am all for it. but i heard they have mandated fines and/or prison term for this impersonation.

      • Never confuse a “law” with the state’s ability to enforce it. They may impose such fines/prison sentences, but can they actually do it?

  36. I’m really sorry to hear about how things are going in VA. Not just because it affects decent people like those that frequent these pages but also because I’m over in SOMD and the HQ for my job is in Manassas. Luckily, I haven’t needed to go to HQ in quite a while but I really enjoy quite a bit of VA. Just got back from a small vacation over in VA Beach last week.

    I always loathed Northam and wondered how it could get any worse. I’ve been through enough shit to know there’s no such thing as “rock bottom”. Things can ALWAYS get worse.

    I was hoping for better for VA because I thought there was enough people there that could override the blue poison politics. “The CA of the mid-Atlantic”… you have no idea how nauseous that makes me to hear. I specifically left CA nearly 14 years ago because of how shitty the place AND the people are over there.

    I get how people say “yeah, but there are also a lot of good people there too”. Well, I don’t doubt that but when 8 of 10 that you deal with are communist-minded liberals it doesn’t matter what the “how many” good people are stuck in the shit.

    I hate moving so bad. This is the first house that I’ve ever owned. I’m so proud of it. I just absolutely breaks my heart to wrap my head around the very real idea that I may have to walk away.

  37. ‘keep in mind how crazy things already are’ — eric

    As recently as last month, when pandemic unemployment benefits ended, it was the blue states which kept them till the federal deadline. Most red states had cancelled the extra benefits months early to get people back to work.

    But the ‘generous social benefits’ blue-state picture has completely flipped overnight for the vax noncompliant. Gov Hochul of New York maliciously ensured that those fired for not taking the jab will receive NOTHING: no unemployment, no departure bonus.

    How quickly our spendthrift liberal leaders morph into penny-pinching Scrooges, when the time comes to administer economic punishment to people they regard as simple-minded, rebellious children in need of tough-love leftist discipline.

    And if that don’t work, there’s always the re-education camps.

    • Why WOULD the dingbat Guv of “New Yawk” want to extend any “Gubmint” largesse to those that likely wouldn’t vote for her or her party? Do you not understand the fundamentals of the politics of patronage?

      In the recent, PHONY, bought-and-paid for recall election out here in Cali(porn)ia, to “seal the deal”, the Governor put out a last-minute payment to the “needy” and encouraged them to vote to retain him. I couldn’t imagine a more blatant act of vote-buying, and with MY tax dollars.

  38. AT&T requiring union employees to get the vaccine.

    The U.S wireless carrier, one the largest employers of union-represented workers, said the Communications Workers of America (CWA)-linked employees must be fully vaccinated by Feb. 1, 2022. CWA represents more than 150,000 employees at AT&T.

    CWA, from a March 2021 vaccine statement:
    CWA recommends that CWA members be vaccinated with an FDA approved vaccine to protect themselves, their families, their co-workers, and their communities.

    cwa-union. org /cwa-executive-board-covid-19-vaccine-position-statement
    (link altered to prevent triggering the spam filter)

    So much for the union supporting employee rights…

          • CWA is Commie Workers Association. They even want you to wear red on Thursdays. Flyers on their bulletin boards state jobs are a human right. They outright cheat on elections and strike votes. (A democrat thing I presume)

            In many areas if they dump the unvaxed they will have no one to take care of outages and equipment failure. They have fired so many that multi story buildings are completely devoid of people. In the event of failure an employee today may have to drive a hundred miles.

            Since when do you give up your constitutional rights to go to work for some POS corporation, business, the military or anywhere except when legally found guilty and imprisoned?

            Sorry,,, IMO, this is not going to stop peacefully…

            • Once AT&T broke legacy Ameritech in August 2009, the negotiating schedule for the rest of the company fractured into manageable pieces spread across the three year renegotiation period. They also unloaded SNET, the real labor problem child, to Frontier, telecom’s dumping ground for unwanted and/or problem territories.

  39. Our only hope it seems is to just hope the house of cards collapses. We need to be prepared for that and build up from that pile ourselves and not let THEM do it. We shall see what the future holds… run and hide and wait it out? Fight from our homes? A mixture of both?

    I think I’m going to consider staying put and ‘take out’ as many dumb-dumb Karen types as I can. If I die in the next 5 years, so be it. This world as it is, is hell. And in the future, if we don’t fight, it could be even worse.

    Death seems preferable.

  40. “Make no mistake, an outright conflict is coming in the US and the people in alternative media circles that fear it need to come to terms with that fear and accept the inevitability of war. The sooner they do this the sooner they can take action to mitigate the damage to their families and communities. There will come a day very soon when you will have to defend your freedoms and the freedoms of future generations with your life. Embrace the suck and move on.

    The Real Fight Will Not Be With Average Marxist Leftists

    Half the states in the US now have some form of anti-mandate laws or executive orders in place. Half the country is vehemently against the vaccine passports. If Biden continues on his current path, a soft secession of red states will begin and the mandates will be ignored. This will leave Biden with a handful of options. He will invariably seek to punish red states using economic pressure and cutting off federal funds, and when that doesn’t work he will have to put boots on the ground and use Orwellian methods to attack dissidents.

    Should civil war erupt (and I’m positive at this point that this is unavoidable), leftists will not last long. …”

    • If that were to happen, it would not surprise me that the leftist politicians would seek for example China’s help to quash the rebellion. I can see the sea ports on the west coast and in the northeast now receiving foreign troops. A lot of people may dismiss the thought of that happening. But I put nothing past power hungry egomaniacs who seek to dominate us.

        • Ah…ala the 1984 version of “Red Dawn”, where elite Soviet VDV (paratroopers) and Spetsnaz (one of their officers, a “Polvoknik”, or Colonel, played by the late William Smith, who’d studied Slavic languages in college and spoke fluent Russian, as well as longtime friend of Clint Eastwood, gives an excellent portrayal, especially in his speech to fellow officers) where carried into the American interior in aircraft disguised as commercial cargo aircraft…until they parachute out onto that little picturesque American town in Colorado on a bright Autumn morning…

    • Those of us of like mind that survive such are imbued with the responsibility to insure such never rises again. If some sociopath stands up and proclaims authority, dispose of them. If one of their agents attempts to collect “taxes”, pay them what they deserve. It’s not enough to defeat the Sociopaths In Charge. They must never be allowed to regain such power. My regret is that in my advanced years, and the inevitable lack of physical ability, I won’t get a chance to fulfill such a role.

  41. I clicked through to McCauliflower’s vax every eligible person link and it sounds a lot like what govking has already decreed here in NC. Certain folks are in the sights (schools, healthcare, etc.) and there is a big attempt to get businesses on board but no mandates to require passports, though some businesses may choose it. Worth watching closely but not a five alarm emergency immediately if he gets elected.

    • The Clinton Bagman is holding his cards close to the vest. He has to fool enough weak minded voters to win. If he does in fact win, more than likely he will have a leftist controlled legislature (if they hold it after the election) to run roughshod over the Constitutional rights of Virginians. They will make California, New York, Illinois and Michigan look sane. God help us if that does play out!

    • No passport YET.

      Steps. 1st the jab, once enough comply or resist the future jabs, the passports will come.

      Then more will be added to the passport – tax status, child support, DUI, suspects or witnesses in crimes. All things which will have majority support.

      Then they will start to dwindle everyone else – social media comments, protestors, group affiliations, users of too much energy.

      The goons won’t be able to resist the possibility of total control.

      • It’s certainly possible but I doubt it. Exclusionary tactics have drawbacks, limits, and, of course unintended consequences. Direct action has those as well. To see a glass half full, society may split apart for the better.

    • Howdy H,
      I’m down in the Dominican Republic for recon 3.0 before applying for a retiree visa.
      The Septemtrional mountain range running along the north coast has absolutely magnificent scenery AND IS SUPER FERTILE AGRICULTURALLY SPEAKING.
      I remember a comment you made when I first mentioned the place about a year ago. Something to the effect that “good luck with being adopted by a village “.
      Well it’s Super easy …just treat everyone as you wish to be treated And it works!!
      Given that my squeeze is Venezuelan makes everything WAAAY easier.
      I’m looking to score about 10 acres in the beautiful mountains.
      Look at Routes 25 and 21 running from Santiago north to the coast. I have back-packed around the world and this area qualifies as WORLD CLASS..No Shit the place rivals Tahiti in natural beauty at 25 cents on the dollar.
      The big upside for libertarians nobody messes with you. You can literally “Get Lost “ in your own 3rd world Garden of Eden.

      Downside Way too libertarian “Road Rules “….the driving down here is BEYOND BIZARRE!
      Don’t drive after dark period 😂
      Semper Fi Mac

      • Hey Lickpenny can you expand upon your Dominican Republic “Heaven “? Okay here goes
        No property tax on real estate under 200k;
        Propane will get you energy self-sufficient ;
        Solar power will take care of your lights ;
        Well paid construction workers make $15.00US per day
        $1,500 retiree income puts you in a comfortable lifestyle ;
        NOBODY messes with you if you aren’t arrogant ;
        Everyone will work for you in a heartbeat and smile ;
        Haitians are frowned upon because they are trying to usurp Dominican jobs…. Unlike my home country ;
        Health care is excellent and less than half price US
        Etc etc
        Reporting live from “Boots on the ground “
        Buenas tardes!

        • Hey lickpenny this is Licknickel…I’ve been to the “Fatbody USA USA “ DR places like
          Punta Cana and Cabarete ….and I’ve been swarmed by touts…they all try ripping me off what’s your answer to that “smarty pants “??

          • Simple Mr Inflation
            You plopped yourself into the…”Bigee shake Bigee fries DKNY t-shirt “crowd!
            I generally AVOID this obnoxious type Tellurian at all costs.
            Heck if you purport to being a Libertarian
            You simply “ blow off the ignorant aholes…”
            Zipping through “diverse”DR cities, towns and villages will blow your mind.
            Park your ass on a green plastic Presidante beer supplier chair at any out of the way “Colmado “ and you will make friends lickety split quick!
            Check out Las Galeras on the Samana Pennisula and you will disappear as long as you wish..heck you will think Tom Hanks in Castaway is a crowded hellhole!

      • I really like reading about how you’re making out in D.R., I had similar dreams when I was younger.

        I wonder, about how much in Dollars is it to score about 10 acres in the beautiful mountains?

        When you write, “Downside Way too libertarian “Road Rules “….the driving down here is BEYOND BIZARRE!”
        I find that interesting & wished you gave more detail.

        The closest thing I can imagine is driving in Tijuana, the nice cars Always yielded to the crappy ones at stop signs, or at intersections without stop signs.
        I can barely remember what that was like, a busy city intersection and no stop signs or stop lights. I liked it quite a bit.

        • Wow thanks for reading I didn’t think I existed.
          I’m presently sitting in one of the bedrooms of a 4,000sq/ft former tobacco merchant’s estate in puerto plata on the north coast!
          The damn thing costs $40US per night with breakfast, kind of overpriced but the place looks cool and I actually have my choice of ten bedrooms.
          This is the 3rd time down here utilizing the full 30 day visa.
          Okay enough background just the facts
          The north is optimal in my opinion the mountain range is “family sized “ at 3,100 ft max and incredibly beautiful. The routes 25 and 21 through the weirdly named Septemtrional range is laced with 400 to 500 ft drops from the road expanding out to a 3 to 4 mile vista. Just mind blowing views.
          Everything real estate wise is delineated in “Teras” .155 acre or square meters /4,000 per acre.
          It is imperative that you get clear title and a survey done. The process takes time with the “manana “ mindset.
          While contemplating your nirvana you can lease nice property.
          Quite frankly I’m set on this place and will send further details about land and driving challenges….
          Oh hell my girlfriend is bitching at me and I’ll have to hunt her down somewhere on the second floor

          • Hi Lickpenny,

            I used to be unnerved about the prospect of living in the Third World, in part because of what I perceived to be iffy respect for property rights, especially as regards real estate and bank accounts. But America is becoming worse than any kleptocracy next to Venezuela – and may soon be actually worse. The regime is demanding real-time reporting of all transaction of $600 or more, so as to better apply taxes. The thing is out of hand.

            I will not be surprised if these thieves propose a national real estate tax as well as asset confiscation/negative interest and other such. They are Jacobins and as such, incredibly dangerous.

            • Hi Eric,
              I gravitated to “No Clovers” while enjoying rational articles on Lewrockwell.
              The DR is a developing nation with surprisingly friendly people . All my Latino contacts swear the Dominicans are the most family oriented of the lot and I will attest to that.
              The land along the north coast is Spectacular, especially the north facing slope. Luisa and I have walked over “Si Venta” land east of Río San Juan (north coast) guided by Antonio the groundskeeper.
              Looking at the land from the road looked like “CT woods “ I.e. nondescript green stuff.
              As soon as we began “surveying “ the site we ended up walking through a multifaceted and totally integrated “ non monoculture “ environment.
              The farmer pointed out about 30 to 40 edible plant species working in harmony. Heck I was trampling on the yucca and ginger before being corrected.
              While checking out the land approx 0.5 miles from the coast
              The free range chickens were industriously scratching up cow pies. BTW strolling up a slight hill opened onto a wide open Atlantic!
              I’m seriously researching this and have NO Problem forwarding as much information about land acquisition as I can ferret out.
              It’s the least I can do for a guy that really educates me on “IC” vehicles 👍

          • I think my comment about being adopted by a village in the DR pertained to such a thing happening to Nunzio, who was involved in the thread, and the hilarity I imagined ensuing. Anywho… ;I’m not interested in living in the DR. I live on an island, albeit one connected to the mainland via a long bridge. One thing you need to know about island life, and this applies to any island but especially unconnected islands like Hawaii or the Caribbean islands, is rock fever. Look it up. It’s a real thing.

              • As Eric has pointed out in past posts, weather is a thing the gov’t has used to scare people into submitting to emergency laws, “mandatory” evacuations, curfews, etc. The NC emergency law, unbelievably still in effect going on 17 months now, was specifically written to deal with hurricanes, the effects of which normally last no more than 30 days total duration. The threat inflation about hurricanes is off the charts. Is there a risk? Sure. Mostly to unprepared, poorly constructed property, though. You wouldn’t believe the tsk tsking from people in comment sections on weather sites when there is a storm approaching. Climate change is real! Almost drooling at the prospect of people who live near the coast dying. And it’s always a Cat 7 where everyone’s gonna die so write your name on your arm for the coroner. Sound familiar? You could just as easily have a wildfire or tornado rip through your area. The hype about hurricanes is “overblown.”

              • JK,
                Unique to the DR the Central Cordillera includes the “Hurricane Slayer “ Pico Duarte at 10 ,172ft above sea level The mountain shreds “pinwheels “ like a hot knife through butter .
                No offense to the “sandbar countries “ but there is no reason to worry about hurricanes on the DR side of the island .

            • Holy cats HZ…I’m one serious dumbass! Before actually examining your “handle” I thought it was a nuclear launch code sequence 😂.now I get it…prisoner of Hatteras! Yikes spent 2 years in your AO at camp Lejeune and Morehead City.
              With respect to “Rock fever “ I don’t think it will affect me in the place. The DR side is approx 4 times the size of my home state of Connecticut but the geographic variation is unreal. Lush and incredibly fertile valleys 10,000+mountains in the central cordillera and an eastern New Mexico environment in the southwest!
              Heading out east to loop the Punta Cana area on Wednesday.
              I already anticipate P Cana will look like Cancun part deux 🙀
              My girlfriend Rocks making contacts!! Already have 2 Abogado (lawyer) friends a “shitload” of drivers, deliverymen, and a Dominican Air Force Colonel!
              Heck I’ll keep you guys informed of the “clear title “ land purchase process.
              Stay tuned 👍

              • “…..a Dominican Air Force Colonel”. The Dominican Republic has an Air Force???!
                Seriously? Must be to get some kind of military aid from Uncle.

                • Seriously YES!!
                  Met the dude while info gathering at his father’s Colmado in el cupey a recently paved mountain road circling Pico Isabel Torres a dominant geographic feature looming over the city of Puerto Plata at 2,600ft.
                  The caliche soil in the area is not conducive to productive agriculture. Super Kick ass view of the ocean though

              • Geebus H,
                The Brit writer is expounding upon some of the loopy starry eyed Ignorance I ran across in all my past travels.
                That is ,sitting under a palm tree with an umbrella shaped swizzle stick stirring a rum punch will bore you to death.
                Ran across just such a an Italian couple Sergio and Claudia that owned a supercool looking B&B in Las Terrenes…the Euro Expat community on the Samana Pennisula. The suckers were bored shitless after 4 years and yearned for an RV.
                I could have scored the supercool place for 420k.. I reckoned they “leaped before they looked “👀 That is DEFINITELY NOT ME BRO. I have beaucoup experience checking out geographically diverse potential homesteads.
                Zero chance of Rock fever Period!

  42. The problem is that you can run, but you can’t hide forever. There are a number of states that used to be reliably “red” that have changed quickly. Virginia is one. Others are falling like dominoes — Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Colorado. Texas is getting closer to the brink and Florida has been a coin-toss state since 2000.

    A large part of this has to do with immigration, both legal and illegal. I grew up in a country of 200 million people in the 1970s; now it is 330 million. The idea that there would be over 100,000 Somalians in Hubert Humphrey’s Minnesota in in 1970 would have been unthinkable. Cheap, rural places where you can bug out are increasingly uncommon as the population continues to surge.

    In addition, it has been the policy of the Left for over a century to undermine federalism and to empower the Federal Leviathan at the expense of the states. Biden’s vax mandate applies nationwide to any company that has over 100 employees. Not many places you can avoid that, even in “red” states.

    Packing up and moving may be a partial solution, but it is a temporary one at best.

    • ‘Not many places you can avoid that, even in “red” states.’ — X

      Twenty-four states wrote to ‘Biden’ on Sep 16, outlining their intent to sue if he attempts to impose a national vax mandate via OSHA.

      Beyond that, some of the signers have their own OSHA state plans, staffed by state employees rather than federal.

      I’ve already contacted the head of our state plan, urging him to defy any federal OSHA vax mandate. The governor is talking tough, and it could happen.

      • The states gave up their power back during southern secession.
        The north provided troops and allowed conscription in a constitutionally defined act of treasonous war against states.
        At that point all power turned to DC and the states became mere corporations of the federal govt.

        I hold no hope that politicians will hold the line, tell the courts & DC to go F themselves and retake their retained power back from DC

        • RE: “I hold no hope that politicians will hold the line”

          I guess it’s up to you to pick up the slack, eh?

          That said, some pelicans do seem to be holding the line. Perhaps they want to keep their job? Idk.

          • Yes, and soon they might want to keep their necks. At that point we will know that the tide has turned and that we are in a location where liberty may return.

            “When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

        • I wouldn’t exactly call having State sovereignty destroyed by killing 650,000 Americans “giving up” their power. That number by the way is more than American deaths in all other wars combined.
          The North did not “allow” conscription, it inflicted it. Riots ensued.
          And so ended the Republic.

    • I agree, unfortunately. I have relatives who left CA for Idaho a few years ago only to find themselves now surrounded by left leaning democrats. I forsee people finding themselves in difficult .situations in the next year or so.

    • Florida has a Republican: Governor, House, Senate, Attorney General, Comptroller, and two U.S. Senators. It is far from a coin-toss State. The large cities, where all the moochers live a Democratic, but the entire State is in Republican hands.

  43. Our primary residence has always been in a deep blue state. About 10-12 years ago, we basically said ohh-ooo and started looking for a ‘vacation’ home in a deep red state. About 7 years ago we built a small house there and started spending time there. We have started spending more and more time there because we enjoy it more there.
    Yes, losing the comforts of home would be tough, but you build it quickly at the new place, we have. Ya just have to get involved and help people and the town with your skillset and leave your opinions at the old place for a long time until the new place trusts you.
    We are preparing to leave deep blue, but on our timeline, in years. If the deep blue state goes draconian we are prepared to leave immediately, even if it means losing all assets there.
    Another thing to consider is enforcement of said draconian rules. How will they do it. Most likely they can not do it the way the say, so there can be a significant time difference.
    While the concern that blue idiots will cause a problem in red places, I have not seen it. Not even close. Of new people coming to our red place, 90%+ are red. In fact, a person causing some ruckus in our small red town couldn’t hack the redness and went back (because of pressure from good people). And there is a large migration from all things urban to suburban and rural.
    One thing that makes me very happy is that I have spent 3 of the past 4 months in our red place and there has been very little to almost zero talk of what’s going on in DC. Same with the virus/jab crap. Even after the national media went crazy about how bad our red state was, i visited again and NO one there believed it, and didn’t care. It was amazing. Even my friends in my blue place said “you can’t go there they are having a major problem with hospitals, etc…” cause they believe the media. I said no they are not, the media is lying, the problem is, half the staff quit cause of mandatory jabs. That’s what caused the ‘at capacity hospitals, !!! OMG!!!’ Turns out ‘at capacity’ they now define as how many people they have to handle patients, has nothing to do with beds.
    And after that scare tactic and propaganda went around for about a week it is gone. They accomplished the goal of scaring more, “see the Red states suck bad because they won’t jab”, even though the people living there won’t buy in.
    You have to be every careful believing anything these days.

    • ” there has been very little to almost zero talk of what’s going on in DC.”
      An observation made in Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America”. That folks rarely mentioned their government. Another of his observations was that “America is great because America is good’. A thing no longer true, and has not been for generations.

    • Hi Snap,

      I’ve noticed something about authoritarian types like the McAuliffe creature. They always have that Fake Warmth thing. Look at my smile! See my dog! Look at my kids!

      I instinctively distrust such people. I trust people who don”t smile all the time and for no good reason. Be real.

      • Because they haven’t any empathy for others they have to defer to experts to tell them what is marketable. And they believe their own press.

        The party system seeks out the “empty vessel” political type, who’s all hat and no cattle. This is one reason why politics is so vulnerable to dynasties. The kids who follow in their parent’s footsteps aren’t trying to do anything but be electable. When was the last time a politician’s child did anything worthwhile? I guess Warren Buffett could be the exception, but he’s basically just found a loophole in the anti-trust laws. And there’s an entire machine that is in place to sell the candidate. Much easier to sell someone another Hershey bar over Ghirardelli if they already are familiar with the brand, even if Hershey’s concoction tases terrible in comparison.

      • The most important thing to realize about the Sociopaths In Charge is that they never, ever, under any circumstance, take the BLAME for anything. They don’t hesitate to take the credit for any good, even if they have to create it out of thin air.

  44. I have been looking at friendlier places that I can sell my house & buy one for less money with land if need be.

    If things progress quicker than I can take advantage, no one will be putting anything in my arm I do not agree to. There will be issues that make the cost of their attempt higher than the satisfaction of their success.

    I have accepted that I will have to change jobs (if I will be allowed to work) to something with much less pay. I can withstand that.

    I will be as self sufficient as I can be.

    Hopefully I can find a community of like minded who can form our own economy & look out for each other.

  45. Fight is the better option. Anyplace one moves to even if all seems well there now can change in one election. There is a principle involved that is too important to run from.

    • Fight? We professing patriots have a big dog in the fight but there is no fight in our dog.

      The Republican’s NDAA (H.R. 1540 (112th) signed New Year’s Eve 2011 (although Bush’s Patriot Act laid the foundation) was America’s death knell. With the stroke of a pen, ‘We the People’ became mere subjects. Our Bill of Rights gutted. Habeas corpus and due process erased. US citizens are subject to execution by government on accusation alone without due process. That event was our generation’s Declaration of Independence time. What did professing Patriots do? Jack. Not one shot was fired. That was 10 years ago.

      Today we are living under the tyranny spawned by the Republicans’ post 9/11 Police State, Prison State, Security State, and Surveillance State.

      Talk of rebellion is easy. Wake me up when folks are willing to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor?” Ah, and there’s the rub….

      • Hi Montana,

        To b clear, I am not expecting or counting on a mass physical resistance, should it come to that. I am saying I will resist, period. I do not say this because I am a tough guy; far from it. I hate conflict and do all I can to avoid it. I mean no one harm unless they intend to do me harm. If the latter, then I will defend myself. And that is winning, even if I am killed in the process. I won’t submit.

        That is how I win.

        • I’ve seen this online in a few places:

          The Great Quote: Men Who Wanted to Be Left Alone

          “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of “Men who wanted to be left Alone”.

          They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.

          They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.

          They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.

          The moment the “Men who wanted to be left Alone” are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. . . .

          Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these “Men who wanted to be left Alone”, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at the Left’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy . . . . but it will fall upon deaf ears.“

  46. It’s interesting, that knowing what all has transpired over the past almost two years now, what insanity is going on this very moment, and what all has been telegraphed for the next round, people happily endorse it at the ballot box. Their livelihoods, friendships, kinships, country, and unifying ties all stand destroyed and they clap like seals. Polls suggesting that people really want a divorce, but won’t abide it if it starts to materialize. Forcing people who want no part of this to sit and ponder whether and where to move and when, and how to avoid what seems an inevitability. Man, how did this happen like this?

    • It is peculiar indeed that one may ask anyone on the street if politicians are liars and they will wholeheartedly agree they are. Unless they voted for one. At which point in time the begin to believe everything they say. After all, they have an investment. Their vote. Which is exactly why I DON’T vote. Without that investment, I have no reason whatsoever to believe a damn thing they say.

      • Every congressman is a bastard except ones own. But fortunately, we each have the best two senators in the whole crop.

        Off hand, I would doubt that there are 10 among the 535 who are worthy of the position. Of course, being human, even those obviously have flaws. But on balance are “with us”. And the ones in which you have the most hope let you down the most. Reagan comes immediately to mind. I went from praising him to cussing him in only months. But at least he did get rid of the Department of Education and the Department of Energy, right?

  47. Hi Eric,

    I expect Terry to win. Although, a Glenn win would put a halt to the state government achieving any mandate since the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate would likely stay Democrat is the outcome I am hoping for. Even if Terry loses, Fairfax will “reliably” come up with the votes that he needs to win.

    I have spent the last 8 months seriously looking at Florida homes. I have made more than a few treks up and down I95 and have visited (and stayed) in the areas of the state that I am interested in. All I am waiting for is the housing market to drop, which should occur relatively soon.

    Fortunately, I don’t need to sell the Virginia home to make the leap and will probably keep it for a few years to see what happens down the road.

    I am in SC now. It is Bike Week in Murrells Inlet. I didn’t know that when I decided to head down, but there is not a mask or helmet to be seen. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are 50k to 100k bikers here. It is packed, but everyone has been super nice. It is awesome to see the restaurants full and people not giving a damn about a plandemic.

    Although, Virginia’s requirements have gone lax in the last six months it is nothing like the freedom I have seen in SC or FL. DeSantis has decided not to run for President in 2024, but will run for re election in 2022. If he wins I expect my Christmas cards to show a FL return label next December.

    • DeSantis isn’t running for President? Since when? To me, it seems like he’s fighting 2024 now.

      Just be careful in Florida. I grew up there and spent more than 40 years of my life in the state. The political situation isn’t as straightforward as it seems, and the place is crawling with RINOs, starting with the “Senior” Senator.

      Don’t buy a home governed by the HOA or condo statutes, and be aware that the “portable” homestead exemption may well be tossed out as unconstitutional as designed by Uber RINO Governor Charlie Crist.

      I’m currently in Texas, but I don’t suggest this place either. We are one major power outage event from a serious change in philosophy out of the Governor’s Mansion, whether or not the incumbent survives reelection.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        Since yesterday…DeSantis stated he wasn’t going to run for Prez.

        I am buying a 20 acre orange farm. I don’t do HOAs.

        • I’m not convinced that DeSantis won’t run in 2024, but I will concede that he has been very lucky so far in Florida and possibly concerned about his luck running out. He is still young.

          Good luck with the farm. Keep your eyes open. Go back and Google “Andrew Gillum” and realize the state came very close to electing that train wreck as Governor less than four years ago.

          • It was announced today or late yesterday that DeSantis’s wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer. If he has in fact decided not to run in 2024, that could be a reason.

    • Hi RG – what is NoVa currently like with regard to mask rules at stores? We lived in the area for a long time and still have family there. We used to visit every year or two but haven’t since covid. I take it from your comments elsewhere that people are compliant-heads generally, but are mandates enforced at stores and restaurants?

      • Hi Snap,

        I am on the outskirts of NOVA (farm country) and in my area it has been pretty lenient. A visit north of Prince William county and it is hit and miss depending upon the business. The masks are not really being enforced, but more and more people are willingly wearing them.

        • Thanks for the report, RG – You Virginia peeps may have it even harder than us Michiganders if McAuliffe gets in. Our governor’s election is not until next year, and our Witch wants to get re-elected, so she has gotten rid of health dept mask mandates and vaccine passports. Unfortunately, school districts can still implement them (the masks) and several have. But we have a little bit of a reprieve.

          We suffered a lot of stupid indignities last year; hope you guys don’t get it even worse.

          We need to figure out this parallel society thing, so we can survive these insane times.

    • Hi RG,

      I’m a software engineer and currently live in SOMD. I own a typical subdivision house here that I built in 2014. I’m thinking FL is probably a likely destination for me because of this insanity. Since you’ve looked around, can you share any counties, regions or areas that would be good places to start looking? I know just about zero about FL and have never been there. I hate cities. Looking for rural but like an hour away from a smaller city.

      • RG can speak more to good counties to move to – but I can confidently say: stay out of South Florida, from Palm Beach on down. We lived in that area for many years – although the beaches are beautiful and nowhere on earth has bluer skies – you won’t like the politics.

        • I have to amend – West coast south Florida might be ok. I don’t have personal experience with the politics there, but I have visited. It’s a nice place to visit.

      • Hi Anon,

        I am looking at North Florida (east coast) St John, Duval, Clay, and Volusia counties. The west coast of Florida is very nice and very conservative, as well. I did look at Estero on the west coast, Clearwater, and Saratoga, all really nice places, but I just like the atmosphere of the East Coast…..the food, small boutiques, farms, etc. I also want to be on the river and not the ocean.

        • Hi RG,
          My sister lives in Sarasota and we usually go down for a visit every year for a couple weeks during the winter. It is a nice place but getting way overcrowded. She’s been there since the 80’s and every year that we’ve gone there’s a bunch of new multi acre development. All the funky local stores downtown have been replaced by high-rise condos selling for big bucks and the traffic is worse than here at rush hour.
          They paved paradise and put up a parking lot, apologies to Joni Mitchell.

          • I visited Sarasota about 40 years ago. Very nice. At that time almost sparsely populated. With a low cost of living. Which can be quickly judged by the price of beer.

  48. Where ya thinking? Texas? Florida? North Dakota? All the Daily Wire guys moved to Tennessee, right? I think I heard Arkansas isn’t too crazy. I dunno. It’s all just one stolen election from blowing up nearly everywhere it seems.

    • Hi Anon,

      Nothing specific, but in general terms – someplace very rural and diffusely populated. I think that is the key, more than any other criteria, to finding a reasonable place to ride this mess out.

      • You are on the right track, Eric.

        Police presence, even in a low-crime, peaceful suburb of NYC, was saturation-level: License Plate Readers on every patrol car; frequent ‘your papers please’ roadblocks; vigilant enforcement of registration and inspection stickers; time-consuming mechanical inspections including emissions; envious neighbors quick to summon the police; etc.

        In my new no-stoplight (ergo, no cameras at intersections) second-home town in the mountains, the sheriff’s office is 15 miles away. They visit when called; otherwise no routine presence. One time they used a radar gun at the bottom of a 45 mph hill … but not since. No mechanical inspection; no emissions check. Buy your license plate tag (fixed price, no property tax) and you’re done.

        Locals buy and sell guns privately on a trades & sales show on the radio. Don’t need no stinkin’ FFL.

        I’m hopeful that the usual midterm surge against the president’s party will keep the state government across-the-board red, as it is now. But even if that changed, DemonRats simply don’t have the money, the staffing or the resources to change the rural way of life out here. And I don’t believe the sheriff would enforce any new gun control laws.

      • The county I live in, in Missouri has 6000 residents, even though a fairly large county. Local “law enforcement” is by the elected Sheriff, who has a call us if you need us attitude, which he is required to have because of a lack of funding. As it should be. 20 miles from my door is the home of the University of Missouri, which of course is a socialist state in the making. So I get to watch the circus while not living it.

    • Hi Anon,

      I visited a spa in SC yesterday to get a pedicure. Everyone (except my nail technician) has moved from out of state, mainly from Illinois. Both ladies, next to me, who I was chatting with, have both recently relocated to the state (one moved just a few months ago, the other three years ago). We didn’t discuss politics, but it was obvious their and my politics would not have lined up.

      I am a bit concerned of the amount of migration that is leaving blue states and transferring to red states…..Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Idaho, Texas, and Arizona. For some reason these people leave their state that has been overrun by crime, deteriorating schools, high taxes, etc. and they transfer and continue to vote for the same ideas that led their state to collapse. I don’t understand it. Do they think it is going to work differently elsewhere?

      • A leopard can’t change its spots. They shit where they eat, then flee from the stench they created. But I’m not so sure it’s only leftist swine that are fleeing. I have to think its more that normal people are fleeing leftist shitholes. My family is contemplating this, as we really need to get far away from the crazies. Like Eric, I worry that we will soon be locked out. Our state legislature just gave the governor extended emergency powers through February. What emergency? Why? What could possibly be the motivation there, apart from implementing some horrible evil that could never be brought into being through proper channels and due process?

        • Hi BAC,

          I agree you that some people leaving are people that no longer recognize their way of life. I am, soon to be, one of them. I have lived in VA for 40+ years. I cannot remember any other home, but my once reliably red, sane state is no more. I sat back and patiently waited believing this was just a phase and people would wake up, instead we have become the California of the Mid Atlantic. She isn’t going to change.

          My very conservative, mind your own damn business, county is becoming purple. The people of NOVA has decided that the Washington DC suburbs are no longer their cup of tea and have decided to venture out further into redneck territory. They move here and then scream there aren’t enough traffic lights or things to do. They want higher taxes to pay for “better education”….an oxymoron. Our once pristine farmland is now covered with data centers and solar panels. Subdivisions with 100+ homes are being built along country roads. Beemer drivers honk and scream at the local farmers driving their tractors along roads that they have navigated for 50 years. It has become downright depressing.

          • Same here in Floyd, RG –

            A canary in the coal mine for me is the sudden uptick in traffic. I no regularly find myself behind a Clover – and unable to pass, because of other cars coming the other way. This was rare as recently as a year ago. But the population seems to have increased by 25-plus percent over 12 months – which if so is likely because of all the people fleeing places like Northern Va. But they’re recreating Northern Va, here.

            I’m still unsure what to do – but I am making contingency plans. It will break my heart to leave my place, which I expected to be my last place. My lifetime place. But the McAuliffe creature and his minions may force my hand. I’m not sure where would be next. It would definitely be somewhere extremely rural, at least an hour away from a major city or Interstate.

            • The cities are going to be refilled with refugees from failed communist states like Haiti. Maybe a few Afghanis too. Cheap, easily exploited workforce that won’t take a microwave oven and flush toilets for granted. That will drive out the remaining holdouts. A shame too, because there’s a lot of potential wealth transfer in the form of small post-war homes that could go to grandkids to help them get out from under the debt sword. But no, that’s already been reverse mortgaged to pay for the Lipitor prescription and new knees. Besides, they want to go to where the girls are, not where they can get steady work and live cheap…

            • AT the beginning of the circus, before we discovered it wasn’t the end of the world after all, I noticed a radical decline in traffic, and it seemed most of those on the road had become full blown Clovers. Easy to pass though because of the reduction in traffic. I don’t know how long that went on, 6 months maybe? Perhaps that’s the source of your perception of more traffic.

            • Eric/RG,

              Sorry I haven’t been around much. Coincidentally, I’ve been shopping too. As Eric noted, “It will break my heart to leave my place, which I expected to be my last place. My lifetime place.” I felt the same way about my home here in the city. I used to joke that my next move would be feet first. Unfortunately, my neighbors hate me for my freedoms and “feet first” no longer looks like a natural death. I could point a finger at the politicians, but it’s the neighbors that put them there. I’ll try to check in more often. Cheers,


              • Hi CJM,

                Good to hear from you.

                The only people that are not talking about leaving VA are the ones that just moved in. 😉

                I drive all over the state and it near impossible to find a nice quiet spot with decent acreage unless one is near the mountains.

                What areas are you considering?

                • …unless one is near the mountains. What areas are you considering?

                  The mountains. 🙂

                  I can’t uproot the family right now and my budget doesn’t allow me to buy a second house with all the trimmings, so I’m shopping for land now with the idea that I can build over time with zero or minimal financing. Craig County would be ideal but I’m keeping an open mind. I’m even ok with “fit only for a mountain goat” as Nunzio described. If it’s got some elevation, I’m taking a look. If I’m going to be forced to watch a shit show, I’d rather watch it from the balcony instead of the front row.

          • Sometimes I think that “local cowboy” County Supervisor, in the 1995 film, “Casino”, portrayed by L.Q. Webb, had it right as to how to deal with these annoying transplants:

            “It’s all the same with your kind. You THINK you’re ‘home’. Lemme tell ya somethin’, ‘pardner’, you AIN’T ‘home’…but ‘home’ is where were gonna send ya, even if it hare-lips the Governor.”

      • Morning RG!
        I believe the answer to your question is that they don’t think. They don’t know how. It doesn’t surprise me that people who still believe in the Holy Magical Rag, and who talk about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when even the CDC director admits that the frankenshots don’t prevent transmission, will keep doing the same stupid things over and over expecting better results.
        A few years ago we had a cardinal that would intentionally fly into a window that looks out onto our deck. I assume it was because he saw his reflection in the glass and thought he was attacking a rival bird. He would sit on the railing facing the window and swoop in – bang! Then back to the railing and swoop again – bang! Over and over and over until he literally killed himself. I’m sure on that last run to the bloodied glass he was thinking, “This time I will get him!”
        It’s sort of like that.

        • The cardinal thing happened to us this year. For months. I couldn’t believe how a bird could bang its head on the glass so many times and still come back for more.

          Apt analogy for today’s sickness cult members. Just one more shot should do it…

          • The expression “bird brain” didn’t come from a dream. With few exceptions, Crows being one, they aren’t too bright. Which also largely describes those of the cult.

      • The problem becomes when there’s enough momentum to draw people who are going to places for their careers. Colorado is like this. It used to be people moved to CO to live the life. Now the front range is so densely populated they’ve become their own attraction. Over the last few years I’ve met people from Denver who have never skied, something unheard of when I moved here. The mountains have always been company towns, but now the company expects quarterly growth targets to be met, or you ain’t gonna get your Q3 bonus (and won’t make the mortgage payment). So now “powder days” become once a season scheduled company events, quality of the schools matter and no one under 62 is ever going to get their 100 days in, even if that’s what brought them to them mountains. They have changed my state just by showing up.

        Politically CO has always been a mixed bag of oil men and miners, hippies and Hunter S Thompson. But we all got along. Neil Bush and Gary Hart were Coloradans. Hunters and environmentalists. Part of that was because it was such a large state with plenty of space between cities. Steamboat Springs, Vail, Cortez and Fort Collins are very different places, with different attitudes (and sometimes languages). And because it takes so long to get from one place to another, you tended to go there intentionally. Maybe it’s the Internet, or maybe it’s the Walmart effect, but the change in attitudes is very real. The things that make a town interesting aren’t really there anymore, or they are in a way that the marketing department exploits. The first bar that puts dollar bills up on the wall is interesting. After the tenth one does it they are just another prop to make you feel like you’re in Colorado. But you aren’t. You’re in America™.

        • Colorado has 64 counties. Every county at the beginning of the 20th century had KKK chapters. The Ku Klux Klan would have parades in every county seat on certain occasions. It is all on film.

          The KoKo Klub wasn’t invited. lol

          The exodus hasn’t even begun, all Americans will be scattered to the four winds.

          Have fun in the future, now isn’t much fun these days.

          Doesn’t matter much anymore, drinking is always fun.

      • RG, my wife and I left NoVa 6 months ago and immigrated to warmer, flatter and freer Central FL. Sold my small biz, wife was able to transfer here within her small company . We were lucky to have made a nice profit selling our Loudoun home of over 20 years. Much better life here in FL. Most recent arrivals I’ve met are fleeing the blue/lockdown state craziness like we were and do NOT want to see that here.

        There are plenty of Corona-Karens here of course(school boards in particular seem extreme in their craziness), and leftists in and around the big cities, but so far we go anywhere, anytime with no restrictions , masks etc. It is literally a breath of fresh air. Now I just have to get my 3 adult sons to follow us here!

        • Hi Angry,

          Thanks for the input. I am very familiar with Loudoun County and can’t blame you for getting out of Dodge. I am not far behind. My parents and youngest sister and her family are also looking at FL, as well.

          I don’t expect my business to have any issues with transferring to FL from VA, I already have several clients down there. We will just meet up in warmer climates. 😊

          • I have relatives who left Indiana in the 70’s & did as you plan to do, bought an orange farm along a river in FL. & lived happily ever after.

            I think of that now just about every time you comment.

            Eric says he wants to be, “at least an hour away from a major city or Interstate” is that possible in FL.?

            I doubt it’s possible in Iowa.

            It seems more like a Montana dream to me.
            …Snowmobiles are kinda like motorcycles.
            …Some young guys drive them to high school here in the Winter. Seems kinda cool to me.

            • Hi helot,

              I can’t think of anywhere in Florida that doesn’t have a major highway associated with it. Highway 10 runs east to west, 95 runs north to south and 75 and 4 criss cross the state. Central Florida does have some great farm land and less population, also some areas of the Panhandle may be pretty spread out as well, but FL is a pretty colonized state.

              There is no doubt places like Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming would be more tranquil, but one must like cold weather.

              I like being able to decorate palm trees for Christmas and watching Santa themed boat parades in the middle of December. 😊

              • Morning, RG!

                I also am not a big fan of winter. Especially long, very cold winters. Mild/short winters I can deal with. But months of temperatures below freezing equals a kind of part-time prison sentence for six months out of every year. Virginia is manageable, as you know. Montana and the Dakotas, not so much. I’ve thought about Kentucky as a possible fallback. It’s still pretty generally redneck – and so my kind of place.

                • Such is the nature of regions with nice weather. EVERYBODY wants to live there. Southern California for example. I would point out that all these folks looking at Florida need to realize it gets LOTS of hurricane impacts, and much of it is below sea level. The Seminoles did not live on the coast. Perhaps I’m wrong, I was once before, but I would think without a good hard freeze, in the near zero range, bugs would be a severe nuisance.

            • Geebus Helot Florida schmorida!!
              I spent 12 years between West Palm and a Broward counties.
              Enough runway flat nonsense for me. When the landfill happens to be the highest point above sea level you are in a cemetery.
              I’m presently sitting on one of the porches at the aptly named “Secret Garden “ in Tamboril Dominican Republic (DR) owned by a Canadian expat.
              The place is about an acre and costs $22US per night. Typical of such DR compounds I bonked my head on hanging avocados chatted with the parakeets and scarfed up some mangoes from the monster tree on property. After Luisa finishes up with the dentist tomorrow we are off hunting for arable land working our way to Punta Cana.
              The route will take us past vast sugar cane fields, rice paddy’s and lots of organic cocoa fields.
              Though mostly undramatic scenery wise (Think Floriida ) pthere is a cool low rise mountain range called “Cordillera Oriental”.
              We will be stopping at local Colmados (Bodagas) throughout the region inquiring as farmland situation.
              Those green Presidante chairs and splitting a Jumbo Presidante with them is “Oro Puro”……


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