Pre-emptive “Case” Dissection

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The people who weaponized hypochondria are bringing back their most effective weapon toward the perpetuation of mass hypochondria:

The Cases! The Cases!

Now, the new “cases”  . . . of the “UK variant,” which have been “detected” in every state (more here).  These are being touted as aggressively as the prior, generic “cases” – probably because there are fewer of those to tout, especially in the case of Texas and Mississippi, where “case” counts having been going down going on a month since the ending of most variants of Sickness Kabuki, including the “mandated” wearing by the healthy of Face Diapers to “stop the spread” of a sickness they haven’t got  . . . ostensibly to salve the fears of weaponized hypochondriacs who dread that they may.  

In fact, to maintain the fear visual – the compliance ritual. Can’t let up on that.


Enter the “UK variant” – and the rising number of “cases” of that.

This will spread to every state. Not sickness but the psychosis thereof. It is meant to maintain Diaper Mania and – more important – Needling Mania. If the “cases” are up, then freedom has to be kept down.

Hence the importance of a pre-emptive strike.

A “case” is only medically significant if it warrants medical attention; i.e., you are sick enough to need a doctor’s help. If you need a cough drop, you’re not a “case.”

Except rhetorically.

Which is just what Pope Fauci XVII and his willing helpers in the press have been engaging in by characterizing any “positive test” – based on hugely iffy tests and absent any symptoms warranting medical attention –  as a “case.”

This is, simply, evil.

Fauci purports to be a medical doctor – an immunologist – and therefore knows that, as far as doctors are concerned (and taught in medical school) a “case” means someone who is in need of treatment by a doctor.

It has never before meant someone who isn’t sick, has no symptoms of sickness but scored a positive on a test – one seemingly designed to test and test and test and then test some more until a “positive” result is obtained.

It is as if the tester-peddlers want as many positive “cases” as possible. And why would they want that?

The deliberate deception of bundling positive tests with medical cases exaggerates the sickness is why.

There are probably nine “cases” – of nothing medically significant – for every actual case of serious sickness. It is probably greater than 10-1 because 99.8-something people who test positive have not died from this sickness and because a very large percent of the population hasn’t been “tested” at all – and many of them likely would test positive, having had the ‘Rona or another ‘Rona, having recovered without medical intervention and having vestigial remnants of the various ‘Ronas in their systems sufficient to trigger a “positive” test.

But not symptoms. And almost never death.

And this is why it is evil to equate such “cases” with the less than 1 percent of the generally population that has supposed died of ‘Rona – many of them simply dying of old age or some other serious medical problem – and merely with the ‘Rona.

As many elderly men regularly die with prostate cancer – but not of it.

This distinction is hugely important  . . . if you’re not deliberately trying to scare people, in order to control people.

If a doctor were to exaggerate the risk of dying from prostate cancer in the manner the risk of dying from the ‘Rona has been exaggerated, he’d be denounced as a fear-peddling quack at best and would arguably be something much worse in fact – being a doctor and knowing better.

So what to say about Fauci and other fear-peddlers who know better?

Who have deliberately scared the population by not explaining the difference between a medical case and a positive case? Who have deliberately conflated the latter with the former in an obvious (and successful) effort to terrify people by deliberately exaggerating the ‘Rona Risk?

They are despicable, is what.

Some who’ve been conditioned by the weaponization of hypochondria will object that this writer isn’t a doctor. Which is true. But here’s one who is:

Justice requires the fear-mongers be held accountable for the harm they have caused – economically, socially and psychologically. And to prevent them from causing more of it.

Every business owner whose business was destroyed on the basis of false “science” touted by “experts” who knew better or had an obligation to know better (the facts about ‘Rona lethality are established and the difference between a medical case and a positive test is well-known to any doctor who didn’t get his degree out of a Cracker Jack box) has a case of his own…

Fauci, et al have done the moral and arguably legal equivalent of shouting fire! in a crowded theater, a criminal offense. People can get trampled to death and in that event, the person who shouted fire! can – and should – be charged with murder.

How many livelihoods has Fauci killed?

How many lives have been ruined?

How many elderly people have died alone, denied the chance to see their families one last time – because of deliberate exaggeration of the threat of the ‘Rona via the conflation of medical cases with positive tests?

What damage has been to an entire generation of children, subjected to a regime of fear-conditioning they may never fully recover from?

I wrote recently about a once-thriving restaurant in my area, now boarded up and closed not because of the ‘Rona but because an evil little man terrified millions of people, who were told the difference between a medical case and a positive test. It is one of many such manufactured tragedies. And there is the ongoing tragedy of millions of people hiding their faces behind “masks,” a conditioning ritual of unspeakable vileness.

This horrible little man – and other horrible people – are ramping up their “next wave” effort of more of the same. There is already an ominous and as-if-on-cue dialing up of the Fear Organ about the new “cases.” The “UK variant.”

But now you know that it’s a case of something else.

A Canadian pastor has the cure for this sickness. It is to exorcise these demons. Cast them out. Deny them. Refuse them. Kick them out of our businesses and our lives. Tell them to go to Hell.

Because it is where they belong.

. . . 

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  1. I have never listened to Mengele fauci speak and can find no reason I would ever want too. My state is leading the charge in new cases and our overbearing dictatoress is telling everyone to stay home for the next 2 weeks which really means the next 2 months and then the next 2 years. She is to be resolutely ignored.

    When there are no set standards for using the PCr testing method, results are going to be all over the map. There is no logic in using this to determine cases. Therefore, the real logic is that it is nothing more than a tool desined to create mass fear of covid and the adjoining fear of death.

    My state health department says that most people are protected with antibodies within 14 days of getting their last injection. In the minds of most willing subjects, that means they believe they are fully protected from coviid since the health department declares it so. Mind you, there is absolutely no facts supporting this assertment. And there won’t be for another 5 years at least.

    I sent the state health agency a scalding email stating such as they have no right to entertain the long term safety of these poisons. I am relatively sure my name will go on the antivaxxer list. But that is how I feel and I firmly believe that the entire vaccine program is mostly a charade and incorporates ulterior motives…all with the express design to enrhich pharma at the expense of human lives.

    • Now, now. You know that the vaxxed are far less likely to die from the ‘Rona. (Ya can’t die from the ‘Rona if you’re already dead from cancer or an embolism, or heart attack…. so technically, they’re right! 😀 )

      • Indeed.

        If they would just change the sign on the local abbotoir to “Corona mitigation station”.

        CNN/FOX/etc. could say it was the “right thing to do” and the hypo-terrorized-chondriacs could line up and within a few minutes all their troubles, angst and terror would be over. They would be completely ‘Rona immune.

      • Nunz, I just read on Epoch times a 4th site has shut down due to problems post vaccinations. I find it hard to believe so many people don’t do a bit of research about vaccines and don’t realize the makers can’t be sued. That should tell you a lot about the quality and efficacy of their products.

        Kary Mullis said when he invented the PCr test, anything above the level of 32 or 33, sorry I forgot which it is, always shows a positive. The tests sent out now are well above that. No wonder they have a 90% false positive.

        The wife and I were both pissed when they had us sign a form that was blank but a test was actually on the one on record. Ours was a blood test so maybe it’s different. At least we showed negative. I don’t want to lose my doctor because she’s familiar with lupus and keeps her distance because of Shingles and MRSA, but I felt like chewing her ass for pulling that on us.

  2. Hello Eric my name is Joe 85 years old and reading what you write is always a treat for me. Advising people to wake up is nonsense. I for one never had to wake up, since I was awake from day one ,never ,never ,believing one word of the monsters terrorizing the whole globe . Looking around, the people themselves now police each other . Simply just looking out the window is very stressful for me, seeing people coming out on the balcony across the street wearing masks and going back in again with mask on. Same people coming and going by car ,or in and out of their residence, 95% masked. Now that is only a small part of the world wide terror ,making the one we live on the prison planet. What is coming terrifies me. Without poison injection no life. truly the final SOLUTION.!!! No shopping for food. without the virus sickness passport., Soon there may not even be any food ,for us useless life and eaters ., Ask Bill Gates and see what he has planned . Sorry Bill that I still live at 85. Soon my body will call it quits ,old age usually, We are born ,we live and we die, the circle of life .Please don’t mark my death down as the YRUSS, doctor foxi,no, no no ,don’t lie so much, you want to go to heaven, don’t you .[ be careful DOC.a place in hell may be reserved for you already] Well Dear Eric that is enough for now. Please write again what is on your mind , your post is always one of the more interesting for me. If I had the talent I could write a book about my life, lots of stuff ,the war years in Europe as a kid , violent death ,eastern Europe, then Germany, a smoking bombing target. Thank you Joe.

    • Nunz, I just read on Epoch times a 4th site has shut down due to problems post vaccinations. I find it hard to believe so many people don’t do a bit of research about vaccines and don’t realize the makers can’t be sued. That should tell you a lot about the quality and efficacy of their products.

      Kary Mullis said when he invented the PCr test, anything above the level of 32 or 33, sorry I forgot which it is, always shows a positive. The tests sent out now are well above that. No wonder they have a 90% false positive.

      The wife and I were both pissed when they had us sign a form that was blank but a test was actually on the one on record. Ours was a blood test so maybe it’s different. At least we showed negative. I don’t want to lose my doctor because she’s familiar with lupus and keeps her distance because of Shingles and MRSA, but I felt like chewing her ass for pulling that on us.

    • lone ranger, you have my sympathy. I’m very lucky to not have neighbors and to live in a county it’s rare to see a mask in. I’ve yet to have anyone on my place with a mask.

  3. I’ve reached out in the past week to dozens of civil rights law firms, attempting to obtain legal counsel to sue Trader Joe’s and Everett PD for punitive damages for discimination after the visits documented here, but crickets so far:

    Trader Joe’s 2021/02/06

    Trader Joe’s 2021/02/27

    Trader Joe’s 2021/04/04

    • Hi Mr. Gold,

      I hope such efforts bear fruit – but if not, we have recourse in the form of shunning them and patronizing any business not “practicing” tyranny.

    • Call or email Trader Joes and ask them for their mask policy in writing. Most companies have loopholes, e.g. “when social distancing isn’t possible”, medical exemptions etc. If Trader Joes doesn’t have any exemptions, but makes an effort to accommodate people with medical issues, then no attorney in the country is going to waste their time.

      If they do have these exemptions, then your videos need to show that you were able to maintain social distancing or that you have a legitimate health issue. Other stores like Walmart, Costco etc. allow customers with health issues to shop at certain specified times.

      • No. Screw their policies and their exemptions. We should oppose this root and branch. Masks do not work. I will not participate in their stomach-turning superstition. Never. No!

  4. Hypochondriasis has nothing to do with misuse of PCR and an exacerbation thereof by increased Cts. Hypochondriasis is in the DSM-5. PCR and Ct are not.

  5. Hey Eric I found a new term for you – psychological iontophoresis.

    Nunzio got me thinking about Stockholm syndrome so I pulled up Huxley’s 1962 Berkeley speech.

    Iatrogenic. Also courtesy of Huxley.

    I think that word correctly summarizes your entire article.

    I always found it telling that Huxley, over a decade before Stockholm syndrome was a thing, said, “then we come to the consideration of other techniques, non-terroristic techniques, for inducing consent and inducing people to love their servitude.”

    • And yet my daughter’s college golf championship conference is requiring all spectators to wear masks and distance 6 feet apart. She knows how I feel about this nonsense, and doesn’t want to stand out by having a parent there who isn’t conforming…..I have sent her links to various studies and websites that will blow her mind. I guarantee that there will be other spectators there who are undiapered (we’re talking about a GOLF tourney, outdoors, beautiful days, etc.).

      She wants me to go, and wear a mask. I say, I can’t go, and I’m doing this for you.

      • BTW, I can go without a mask – she just doesn’t want me to do this bc the conference rules say otherwise, and I don’t want to ruin her time.

        If she didn’t feel so strongly I would just show up and let the chips fall where they may, as is my custom.

      • Hi Anon,

        I sympathize. I am dealing with a similar issue, with regard to my mom – who is imprisoned in one of those “care” facilities. The wardens tell my sister and I that we may be allowed to visit her this summer sometime, but “masks” will be required. I won’t do it. I am not doing it for her as well. If it means I never see my mom again, so be it. I don’t want my mom – afflicted with dementia – to see a Freak in a “mask” rather than her son. And I don’t want to see a “masked” Freak rather than my mom.

        I will remember her as I last saw her. I will not let these bastards leverage family to suborn my compliance with their sick rituals.

        • Hear, hear! I am sick of not recognizing people in these diapers, and the awkwardness that comes with that in ordinary social situations, much less in dealing with an aged and declining parent.

            • eric, I think about your family quite often…..probably more than I should since every time I think of your situation I get mad all over again.

              I try to avoid getting mad but it’s pretty impossible to do these days. I get upset for a while and then good old Shingles show up. When they do, MRSA decides it’s time to help. I often look like I’ve been shot a couple times with 8 shot. I put an expensive cream on every wound that helps a great deal. I carry it with me if I’m going to be away from home for over a day.

              I guess you know Abbott finally grew a pair. Well, not exactly. You can count on him doing what de Santis has done a week later. Chad Prather is running for the guvnah in 22. I’ll vote for him although as he says himself, he’s not likely to get a significant amount of votes. He’s honest so that reduces his chances.

              He says people who know of him will list things he’s done in his life and then he’ll reply “You don’t know the half of it. I’ve led a rock stars life and apologize for none of it”. He was never with the lies of Covid and refused to wear a mask just as I have.

              Abbott only opened Texas hoping to get re-elected. I don’t think it’s going to work. I hope it doesn’t anyway.

              • Abbott has the same chance of reelection as a June bug does of surviving a flock of hungry Guinea hens in Colmesneil! That mental midget blew it with the first lock-down. Even Twisty Kristi Noem got that part right. Then the ERCOT fiasco. He’s reelection toast.

        • I can relate to this Eric. We recently buried my mother, who suffered from demetia/Alzheimers for years. The evil men in charge of the state government there had forbidden normal contact, so I too will remember her as she was when I last saw her. Their evil, sick, twisted orders have caused untold pain and suffering, which we have borne with as much grace as we have, for the sake of the rest of our families.

          You hit the nail on the head, someone with dementia does not need to be exposed to a beloved family member in Darth Vader gear, with a demonic-sounding muffled voice. It is a kindness to them to not do so.

          There comes a point when “bearing it with grace” must give way to righteous anger, or the forbearance meant nothing. The Polish pastor in Saskatchewan is the tip of that spear, IMHO. I think they crossed his “forebearance line”, eh?

          I do believe those evil, demented men who foisted this demonic regime on us will pay when the Just Judge rules on their particular judgement. Until then, following the lead of the Polish pastor and “exorcising the demons” in public is worth consideration. He was presented with a golden opportunity to do so by the Saskatchewan Gesundheitsfuehrers. May we all have his courage to speak with righteous anger, and intelligence to identify the moment to do so (and a camera nearby with which to record it!).

        • this is the ery reason ging parents should NEVER be placed in one of those nightmare castles called”care” facilities, which do NOT care, in fact. ONce they go in there its a one way ticket to perdition.

          Dear frinds of mine had their wonderful Grandpa, near ninet, who lived by himself but had loads of wonderful friends coming round continually (to everyone’s great delight) Well, the eidc got called one tie too many and they brought him to one of those prisons. Then the Rona broke out. NO ONE could go see him.. unless they stood outside his window and ciuld only wave at him. Then one of his sons decided tomove back to his town, and move INTO his house…. so the “care(less” facility had to let him go back home, cause he had adquate care there. His last six months or so were full of an endless train of visitors, almost none wiht mug nappies on, his days were filled with the dozens, maybe even hundreds, of people he so loved. He breathed his last with his Daughter, her nhusband, four of her children, and a large helping of dear friends right there with him. He died smiling and happy to go HOME. Surrounded by his dear friends. And the county and the “care” facility had naught to say about it. They’d have freaked out about the “noncompoliance” of the crowds that came through. NO ONE got sick, of anything. NOt realising how short his time here was, I had cleared y schedule and wanted to take the two hour drive to go see him again. I checked the night before, and was told he’d loiekly not wait till I got there. He went Home the next morning, befor I could see him again. That’s fine, I KNEW he was with his most favourite people on earth.
          We now have the start of a generation where government control EVERY aspect of life, and death, and everything in btween. Stop the madness. These wierdoes whonge on contunually about ‘saaaaaaaaaaaaaafeteeeeee” and know nothing. Take yer viedeeyums and ya mostly won’t get sick. Eat well, stay physiucally activee (I spend Thursday bucking and loading about tw tonnes of firewood into y dump trailer, from a tree someone cut down poorly… and was now in the way. Yes I was VERY tired…. a good heary supper, a good night’s sleep, and I was fine the next day, a good thing because I had to go move a vehincle been sitting there for decade or two, which move was physically demanding. Again, good supper, goood nights rest, and I[m fine today. And no Rona. Ever. And I occupy at least TWO statistical classes labelled as “high risk”. Don;t mind me, I’m helping to keep the average DOWN.

          • Amen, T –

            Your point in re “government control of every aspect of life and death” is spot on. And it’s past time to say enough, to all of it. Government – if it has any legitimate business at all – has no business at all interfering with personal decisions regarding “risk,” which are entirely subjective and for that reason open to becoming the pretext for imposing harm on people who haven’t actually caused any. That, in my view, is the very nut of the problem with regard to practically everything relating to government – i.e., this business of asserting that “something might” happen – to “someone” – as the basis for imposing harms (in the formof restrictions, punishments, etc.) on everyone.

    • tb, I read that a few days ago. Bill Sardi is one of my heroes. He has actually returned my emails twice and advised me of how to address a physical problem. One hell of a nice guy and knows his stuff like nobody else I’ve read.

  6. Attention Covidaphobics…Be on the alert for a double mutant strain of virus. Reports are that this two strain germ will cause you to die twice…

    • Sgt. Shultz got threatened with this double virus frequently by Col. Klink…”Shultz, I will have you shot and sent to the Russian Front!”. I think Doktor Faulsley has the same writers as Hogan’s Heroes.

    • Anon, I saw that vid yesterday. I was actually smiling as they tucked tail and left. They won’t get a warrant. I can guarantee Trudeau won’t be re-elected, esp. since he banned all guns.

      • “I can guarantee Trudeau won’t be re-elected”

        I wish I could believe that. I can’t.

        There is no viable opposition leader and Ontario and Quebec will ensure that the Cunning Stunt will get re-elected. Modern Canadians are infantile and weak. There are still some of the old sort but they are of insignificant numbers now. The now grown special needs kids who wore helmets are indistinguishable from the average voter. Or is that the other way around?

        Matters little. The weak and stupid get a vote just like everyone else. There are just multiples more of them.

        The only hope left for “Canadians” is to break off BC, Alta., Sask. and tell the east to fuck off. We will still have to do something about Vancouver and Victoria, but the soy factor should make that fairly easy. There are a couple of huge valve stations near here. Once off, Vancouver and Victoria run out of oil and gas in two-three days. We can remind the vegan hipsters that they want everyone to go green, we just want them to go first.

        • Anon, when I was much younger I wanted to move to BC and get lost somewhere close to the ocean. Then I found out they were hell on guns in Canada although that might be different in BC. That stinking little queer(you should see several of his outfits)banned guns last year although I’d bet most of BC ignores it.

      • “I can guarantee Trudeau won’t be re-elected”

        I wish I could believe that. I can’t.

        There is no viable opposition leader and Ontario and Quebec will ensure that the Cunning Stunt will get re-elected. Modern Canadians are infantile and weak. There are still some of the old sort but they are of insignificant numbers now. The now grown special needs kids who wore helmets are indistinguishable from the average voter. Or is that the other way around?

        Matters little. The weak and stupid get a vote just like everyone else. There are just multiples more of them.

        The only hope left for “Canadians” is to break off BC, Alta., Sask. and tell the east to fuck off. We will still have to do something about Vancouver and Victoria, but the soy factor should make that fairly easy. There are a couple of huge valve stations near here. Once off, Vancouver and Victoria run out of oil and gas in two-three days. We can remind the vegan hipsters that they want everyone to go green, we just want them to go first.

        BTW, not “all guns”. Just arbitrarily picking the “scary” looking ones. Mini-14 banned, SKS still OK. No logical sense or consistency, even if there was a valid reason for the bans.

  7. I’ve given up talking to people i know are not of the same mindset as me because i can’t take it anymore. They are like parrots squawking the msm & fraudci talking points. THE VARIANTS! THE VARIANTS! They sqawk, usually followed up by, gotta get your jab, get your jab. I’m ready to punch the next moron that talks to me about variants in the face. I am normally a happy likeable guy who has always been able to go with the flow and find the best in all situations. But my demeanor has changed over the last year to one of don’t f*ck with me karen and don’t send your soy boyfiend over either becauae he will get no quarter. I’m done with these idiots.

    • I stopped my exposure to mainstream media years ago. Now, if I catch just a couple minutes of television (especially news or commercials), the amount of propaganda just shocks me.

      You’re right. It’s so bad now that spending even a short amount of time near people who allow themselves to be subjected to this has become insufferable.

      • I still watch a few things, on history channel like forged in fire but i have gotten to the point i don’t watch anything live. I record everything and skip all commercials. I can’t take the virtue signaling propoganda in many commercials so i try and ignore them. If the wife puts on the msm even as she says just to get the weather my response is always turn that crap off and use the weather app on your phone.

      • Amazing no?

        When I used to visit others homes, I was always shocked and disgusted that they would have the telescreen on wake-to-sleep. They pay $1000s of dollars to install the propaganda systems into their house, pay for the feed and electricity and dutifully turn it on for all waking hours. They even have 500 channels to choose from but pick one of the six full blown, no subtlety, propaganda programming stations. And complain that the others are crazy because they listen to the ‘wrong’ propaganda outlet.

        And they would look at me like I had two heads when I would point out that they had done and were doing the above. Most immediately would say, “it is what normal people do, you are just weird”.

        It sucks being the last person I know who retains critical thought and suspicion of “normal”.

        • Most people offer programmed responses to everything. They think what they are told to think. Or they think what they believe they must think to stay on their chosen team.

          The team left followers are a lost cause 95% of the time. The team right followers are used to being abused by the more numerous and louder team left followers so they have always look deeper and they can be reached much more often.

          The programming is so very strong now and only those of us who’ve been disconnected from it for a long time can even see it.

        • It is rather frustrating to contemplate, but the exact situation you mention (TV sets on 24/7, propaganda being fed into minds, etc.) was anticipated by Bradbury in 1953, and Orwell in 1948. Fahrenheit 451, it was “the walls” feeding pablum and mushy entertainment 24/7, 1984 it was the telescreen ominously directing and surveilling all. We had the warning, we let it happen anyway. The worst of both (fictional) worlds is what we now enjoy.

          • Have you tried, “That is straight out of 1984/Brave New World/F451…” on anyone under 40 lately? Try it.

            *Blink, Blink* “what’s that?” or “I think I have heard of those”.

            Those who ignore history are doomed to re-live it.

            Those who ignore dystopian fiction and the contained warnings too.

            I wish I was born 20 years earlier. Going to be lucid and alive for too long I fear.

            • It’s strange you should say that. When I was young, things just didn’t make sense to me. I was always asking why someone could treat me badly and I had to obey rules they made up on the spot.

              I knew all about cowboy history and how people treated each other and got along just fine. People were always telling me I was born 100 years too late. Eventually, I began to understand why they told me that. They were old-timers and they recalled when the only law was not hurting other people, regardless of what might have occurred.

              I still feel like I was born at least 100 years too late. I never bullied anyone or hurt anyone but was constantly berated by my teachers. I finally caught on in the early 60’s when Vietnam was getting a strong hold after Kennedy was killed. Somewhere, I have a picture of Kennedy my mother gave to me as a young teen.

              I think it was her way of giving me support and to avoid the Vietnam war which I knew from day one was something wrong and evil. A country all the way around the world, 150 miles long and 50 miles wide and they tried to tell me it was a communist stronghold that would take over this country. I was supposed to believe a sampan would cruise up on our shores and turn us into commies. I just wasn’t that stupid.

              • Eight,

                You mean to tell us that you didn’t want to “travel to exotic, distant lands; meet exciting, unusual people and kill them”?

                Some may think that is downright Un-American.

                But, then again, in retrospect, after marching and singing “I wanna be an Airborne Ranger, I wanna go to Vietnam, I wanna live my life in danger, killing gooks and Vietcong”, for years at a military school, I had a question.

                Why do I want to kill Charlie?

                Never met him.

                Pretty sure he wasn’t banging my girlfriend.

                Hell, I didn’t even know what he looked like.

                Why did I want to kill him?

                When Saigon fell my sophomore year in high school, my classmates, as well as myself, were totally devastated.

                Not only was the fall of Saigon a shit stain on the American flag that we were taught to worship on a daily basis, but our hopes and dreams of killing people as quickly and efficiently as possible (at the time) were put on hold.

                After I joined the military, I did magic mushrooms, and realized that all I had been groomed for was the stupidest thing in the world.

                Charlie had never met me either.

                As it turned out neither me or Charlie had even thought about each other. Let alone developed any animosity towards each other.

                But I did bang his sister. It was great.

                • Yeah, you think about 50,000 people, mainly kids who didn’t know shit from shinola, dead just to make colonels into generals and the banksters piles of money. Then you had dumbasses in this country treat you like shit because you weren’t doing your “patriotic” duty.

                  Even Paul Harvey changed his tune since his son was my age and there wasn’t any end in sight. He really changed after the 1st of the year in ’68 when the Vietnamese kicked the shit out of the “western” forces.

                  Some times it makes sense to go to war but I can think of only once in this country when the Brits were treating the people here in the 1700’s like prisoners, taking their goods and putting troops in people’s homes.

                  I find it ironic nobody ever mentions that that dirty ass Lincoln had the south blocked off long before a shot was fired. That’s considered an act of war in every country around the world but historians never seem to recall that.

                  It caught on though and was used countless times since then by the US. It’s not a “plus” in our history when you consider all the countries who never did a thing to the US except to want to make money in their own country.

                  It took the Brits, Frenchies, Spaniards and the US 200 years before they finally gave it back to us in tiny amounts. The Brits left when Fuzzy Wuzzy kicked their ass. It was time for the J.P. Morgans of the world to use Rothschild money to give it their own try.

                  I won’t even go into what Bush did to a country who had done nothing to anyone in the US after 9/11. Repeat a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

        • Big A Spot On!

          Just endured a visit with …a soon to be…old friend. Stashed some stuff (home improvement tools) from a storage locker at her new home…What was on morning till night?…..MSNBC and “Raging MadKlown”..Yikes!….Foaming at the mouth raging about Russia..Russia…woke…woke …evil White people..etc.

          I felt like Alex undergoing the “Ludovico technique” on the movie Clockwork Orange.

          I stopped watching the CSM (Corporate Shout Machine)…while the lot was ginning up a war with Iraq 2002. It is truly amazing how easily people are Brainwashed by repetition.

          The frog in the simmering pot analogy is fully accurate….the insidious process just flows forward….

          I have avoided the CSM throughout the 3 “Rinse and repeat” cycles of the 21st century….

          WMD- self explanatory

          TDS- same as above and now..

          either VMD (Virus of Mass Deception) or…

          CDS (Covid Derangement Syndrome)…

          I have concluded, given the present salient narrative that this is ..”No country for White Male Gentiles”.

          Looking forward to “Devolve” to the Dominican Republic posthaste..Expat? You Betcha….plus I meet my Hot shit Caracas bred Latina literally “half-way”…

          Geographically speaking.

          You are not the only sentient Biped Tellurian!

          Good Luck…the way things are going you will need lots of it.

      • I stopped watching normal TV about 2 years ago now. But now they put the same damn commercials recommend videos from the same outlets whenever I put on youtube !!

        • Sheesh, Nasir, get yourself an ad blocker, like Adblocker Ultimate. I would have jettisoned Youtube long ago if I had to endure ads to watch it…then again, just about everything I look at is demonetized anyway…….

    • Obliterate them verbally, that way you feel better, you’ll have a good story to relate here, and maybe they’ll think twice before opening their stupid yap.

      Why do you, the good person, need to hold the anger in and harm your body, for the sake of the shithead NPCs?

      Plus, the Universe (our Reality) is spoken into existence…and the other side NEVER shuts their fucking trap.

      • Damn! The truth is just so beautiful to read!

        Thanks for the encouragement, Michael! (Esp. the “spoken into existence”). Made my day!

    • Government/media behavioral modification techniques have become incredibly sophisticated and effective. The ability of 90+% of humans on the planet to think logically or act rationally no longer exists. Much of humanity has devolved into the “Borg” (with smartphones and social media replacing physical implants). In this “Brave New World” with the vast majority preferring slavery to freedom, where the “mark of the beast” is a virtue, you will be assimilated. The only action for the remnant 10% capable of logical analysis and rational thought is to separate and prepare to the extent possible. Get out of large cities, lots of freeze dried foods, gardens and chickens, lots of guns and ammo, keep your head down, network with like minded people and hang on.

      • >remnant 10%
        Optimistic you are.

        Large cites are death.
        All that stays is dying. all that lives is gettin’ out.

        I would be down for some wabbits.
        The meat is very sweet, and my sister tells me they are easy to raise, she having done so. My only experience, so far, is pan frying an unsuspecting cottontail which wandered into my yard. Bad move, Pete. You were very tasty.

        Besides, rabbits are much quieter than chickens, and their dung is much less irritating to the nasal passages. My Dad farmed chickens at one time in his life, and as a small boy i remember helping my Dad shovel chicken manure onto our large garden,. There is no question it is great fertilizer, but it does irritate the nasal passages.

        • The longer the mask and jab insanity continues the tougher it is to be optimistic.

          I like the idea of rabbits, it’s a shame they don’t lay eggs.

          • Hi Griff,

            I expect things to come to a head at some point. People on our side – the sane ones, who understand that the threat to whatever liberty we had as recently as a year ago is far greater than the manufactured/exaggerated “threat” of the ‘Rona – are sick of the people on the other side – the weaponized hypochondriacs who cannot be reasoned with. And they regard us – insanely – as a biological threat that must be dealt with using any measures necessary.

            Peace cannot arise from this.

            The game is afoot, or soon will be.

            • > they regard us – insanely – as a biological threat that must be dealt with using any measures necessary.
              Some folks used to ask, “How did the Nazis get so many people to go along with their evil program?”
              Well, now you know.

    • Everybody in the restaurant just allowed this to happen. I saw a recent video where a man viciously beat another on a NYC subway, eventually chocking him unconscious. Again, everybody just watched it happen without rendering any assistance. It blows my mind.

      • In nyc i can almost understand. Noone is allowed to be armed so you are already at a disadvantage vs a criminal who doesn’t care about laws and in the messed world that is nyc a good samaritain that helps is more likely to go to jail than a criminal.

        • >Noone is allowed to be armed
          More precisely, “law abiding citizens” are not allowed to arm and defend themselves from criminals. Chicago has similar laws.
          Q: What kind of twisted Bizarro world makes self defense a criminal act?

      • Just plain old run-of-the-mill garden variety barbaric reaction to sanity, a vicious act, an inexcusable abuse of a customer.

        There is such a thing as karma. The manager of the fast food establishment has yet to feel the experience. No revenge is necessary, nobody has to lift a finger, instant karma, one day, some day, is there for a reason.

        Actually, it is an assault and battery, malicious intent, a crime.

        Justice will prevail.

        The teenager will grow up sooner than later, the culprit, the perpetrator, might have a problem in about five years.

        Can’t generate any sympathy for the no good so and so, won’t feel sorry for the cad if he gets a few teeth extracted accidentally. lol

      • If you’re eating any restaurant food, but specifically fast food, health is probably not your highest priority.

        • Hey RK….watch out!

          You are using the Mascot AND Namesake of the old HELCO…Hartford Electric Light Company..I remember ReadyKilowatt smiling at me from the billing statement when Dad snarled at paying the electric bill………..circa nineteen sixties….

          Watch out for trademark infringement!

  8. Already the Covid testing industry is $90 billion a year–in the U.S. alone . That’s “too big to fail” territory. Which means “the cases! the cases!” in perpetuity.

  9. If we accept at face value the government claim that 550,000 Americans have died of COVID (which is inflated by the “with but not of” method of counting), and we divide that number by the U.S. population, we get:

    .55 million/330 million = .0016 or .16%, less than two-tenths of a percent fatality rate.

    And again, that’s assuming the 550k deaths is a legitimate number, which is questionable in and of itself.

    What kind of fake “pandemic” kills less than 2/10ths of one per cent of the population? it sure ain’t the Black Death, but the government wants you believing that it is so they can exert total control.

    Interestingly, the COVID death rate was highest in Italy, which has a senescent population and a birthrate below replacement level, but the COVID death rate is very low in Africa. Africa has many problems and many diseases but COVID does not appear to be an issue there because the population is younger and thinner, and COVID seems to kill the old and the fat.

    But what do I know? if the Director of the CDC is weeping about how “scared” she is, how can facts and logic trump that?

    • The majority of the African population lives in tropical climes of varying degrees of precipitation. More than Europeans, their lives are spent in the outdoors and under the Sun, so they get more fresh air and sunshine, both of which enhance the body’s own production of Vitamin-D. Add to that that Italy’s population, like most of Europe, is heavily weighted with OLD people, while Africa has a far greater portion of CHILDREN.

      We’ve allowed hysteria to overcome common sense. Likely the best thing to enhance public health is to get anyone that’s barely ambulatory or better off their collective duffs and OUTSIDE, for at least two hours daily, walking, playing, engaging in sports wherever possible, and so on. Hell, mobilize the militias and DRILL them! A few ten-mile marches with a rifle and field pack every week would get rid of a lot of the “bellyachin”.

    • Douglas,
      Let’s make it a twofer…Ten mile marches to get rid of the “bellyachin” AND the “bellies.”
      As we say in the Marines—-OooooooRaaaaah.

      • Geebus JJ,

        A ten mile march only???? For the record..

        USMC mid-seventies quarterly physical fitness test to hit 100% and achieve “Iron Man” status thus earning a “96” (4 day pass) for the effort consisted of:

        20 pull-ups;
        80 bent-knee sit-ups (in two minutes);
        3 mile run in 18 minutes

        I racked up so many “96’s” that when I was discharged I sold back 31 days of unused leave..and they actually added 31 days of “comrats” to my final paycheck..all for a 2 year “Vietnam contract” enlistment.

        Tell that to the Marines!…… this day and age…forget that once cool phrase….WE are dealing with UCS (Undisciplined Civilian Slime) old MC code for pear-shaped Fat bodies.

        One upon a time in America!

        • That is very encouraging to hear! If Uncle is going to have mercenaries carrying out his evil will, let it be the incompetent inept morons, the weak, women, faggots, trannies…… Maybe they can induct quadriplegics for “inclusion”; teach ’em to fly those wonderful F-35s……

          And they say there is no good news?

          • Hilarious flashback Nunzio,

            Did some hiking up in Yosemite park after discharge with some “Sierra Club” types….Gee whiz, Could I handle it???…

            You mean all I have to carry are comfort items…..we can have fire pits…and eat what we carry!!!??….

            You mean I won’t have to hump the extra 60 “mike mike” mortar ammo ( 3 pds apiece) and an extra belt of M60 ammo in case the gunner gets a little “excited”….in addition to my 782 gear, M16 (cumbersome) helmet and bedroll?

            WHAT A JOKE.

            Dehydrated foods rock.

            There is a reason we called them “Pussies”..

            Semper Fi Mac

      • Ten miles?
        I hiked the Grand canyon once, long ago.
        Down Bright Angel 9.3
        Up South Kaibab 6.8
        Trail miles 16.1
        Elevation change 4460 ft.
        Passed up the mule train @ Indian Gardens.
        Made the river about noon.
        Out South Kaibab approx. 5PM.
        Solo hike.
        No pack.
        No food.
        No water.
        There is drinking water @ Phantom Ranch.
        I did it in April, in my 20s.
        August would have been more of a challenge.
        If I tried it today (age 71) I would likely die on the trail.
        I know a few people who have done rim to rim in one day, including my sister & her husband. That is 21 trail miles, 5850 elevation change.
        OooooooRaaaaah, indeed.
        None of us was ever in the Marine Corp, although sister’s husband had been a weapons instructor in the U.S. Army.

        • Hey Turtle,
          I did the hike to the bottom of the canyon when I was 13 y.o., with my father and my eldest brother, in July. We went down the south rim, hung out at the bottom for a bit, refilled our water, then made our way back up. At about the 1/4 way up, my brother, the high school track and cross country star, RAN to the top. I stayed with my Pop, we took our time. At about the 2/3rds, 3/4 of the way to the top, I could see my Pop was hurting. (he was 40 y.o. at the time) My Pop ain’t no spring chicken, he is a very accomplished hiker and 10K runner (as of this year he’s 86 y.o. and doing 3 to 6 miles of walking a day) Anyway, we were about a 1/2 mile from the top when my brother came back down and helped us. we still talk about it to this day!

          • Great stuff, William!

            In my neck, there is an enjoyable – for those into such things – Death March called Rock Castle Gorge. It is a loop about 13 miles that descends into a valley and then elevation gains back on the way back. It is a beautiful, brutal day hike that’ll leave you sore and glad – like that girl you knew back in the day…

    • Maybe it is also possible those African regimes saw no monetary advantage to their oligarchs in playing the WuFlu game, so they did not. No game, no “cases”. No “cases”, then other illnesses continue to be reported as normal.

  10. Better wear your mask or else!

    Nicht so schnell says the livid Canadian Christian Pastor Pawlowski.

    Once people begin to starve is when to expect full French Revolution.

    The elite, the powers that be, are now the most vulnerable, most endangered.

    Best they quit while they are behind.

    • Which is why they want to keep printing money and handing it out every few months like candy. They know that well fed and well entertained people won’t revolt.

      • What ‘they’ don’t seem to know is that food price inflation has been a factor in nearly every large-scale popular revolt in history.

        Hungry people with nothing to lose will do anything. Imagine the Jan 6th event at the Capitol, but with every person carrying clubs, axes and firearms … America’s own Bastille Day, as it were.

        Got cake?

        • Jim, do you really think that those who managed to orchestrate worldwide political and social control for the first time in history are unaware of such a basic thing?

          50-something million ‘Mericans are already on Food Stamps, and that number is rising daily. Those who print worthless money out of thin air need not worry, because their very goal is to be the “provider” who gets to determine who eats 9As long as you follow all of the rules). The only ones who starve may be us, for non-compliance- or some other groups, when it is convenient to weaponize them against the majority (So the state can “keep them safe”).

        • Nuncio,

          I was imagining “liberated” bulldozers (in addition to the other stuff) but yeah, that analysis is spot on.

          Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…

      • funny thing our dumbed down ignorant population will never see the connection between money printing and inflation. It will be blamed on the chinese the russians or white supemacy. ANYTHING but the truth.

        • “Thank goodness that wonderful Mr. Bidet printed up that money for us, or we’d be going broke, what with prices going so high right now and all” -Mrs. Obama-Gonna-Pay-Muh-Bills

    • **”Once people begin to starve is when to expect full French Revolution.”**

      Oh, noooooo. When those who print money out of thin air start starving us, the masses will blame “those greedy capitalists” (Just as many already are bandying about that sentiment for every evil in society). They will view those who printed up the worthless money, and who have caused the crisis, as their saviors- while viewing those of us who oppose them as the “enemies of the people/state”.

      They’ve got this all figured out. They didn’t get THIS far by being stupid.

      You can already see this sentiment being expressed by how many average people loathe us for not donning the mouth rag nor taking the needle.

      Mass Stockholm Syndrome.

      • **”Once people begin to starve is when to expect full French Revolution.”**

        Expect a significant increase in the long pork market.

      • Nunzio,

        “Mass Stockholm Syndrome.”

        Man I’ve been thinking that a lot lately.

        Listening to the news about Patty Hearst on those old radio shows really brings it home.

      • Nunzio,

        “They’ve got this all figured out.”

        I agree but I’m not sure who they are. My best guess is the Fabian society with the wolf in sheep’s clothing and the tortoise and his slow and steady pace.

        “They didn’t get THIS far by being stupid.”

        Serious question Nunzio, how far is THIS far?

        More importantly, what is their goal?

        The puppet mastery has long been accomplished. The daily goings on of late seem childish.

        Rush sang the Grand Finale 45 years ago.


        • Nunzio is correct. They, the controllers of this world, spread among many different and overlapping institutions, yet all of ONE MIND, have gotten almost 7 billion people to lock themselves in their homes, suicide their businesses, wear dirty diapers on their face, post selfies holding their injection card with a fucking donut in their mouth, and cry about those who don’t.

          That’s how far they’ve gotten and how STRONG of a hold they have on the minds and souls of the people we share the planet with.

          Their goal is to become GOD ON EARTH, possibly moving BEYOND being human, becoming immortal, with the power to determine who lives and who dies, with the rest of humanity in a subservient and worshipping position.

          They’ve forgotten more about history, psychology, and how things work than most people have ever learned.

          As evidence of their success, LOOK at the SHITSHOW the world has become.

          Do NOT underestimate the enemy, or comfort yourself by thinking you’ve discovered the fatal flaw in their plans, which all the rest of them overlooked…food inflation… Yep, once the food inflation hits, the zombie hordes are all going to take our side and demand their freedom back.

          • Bravo and well-said Michael!

            I don’t mean to mock any of the naysayers….but what they say is basically our “It can’t happen here”- only “here” is now the entire world (A fact some of them remind us of if we mention expatriation! 🙂 )- And it’s an oft-repeated refrain: “It’s just a lousy 1% tax on rich people; If they ever tried to impose it on everyone there’d be an uprising, so that’ll never happen!”…..”Why, who would ever stand for them tracking our every move, and having enough info about us and our interests and shopping habits, and who are contacts and friends are to be able to build an intimate profile of us and our activities, transactions and thoughts? Ooooppps! Wait…my phartsmone is ringing!”…..”Well they got away with it in our father’s day, and they got away with it when we were younger, and they got away with it last week, but they’ll never get away with it next time, ’cause it’s 4D chess, and we have more evidence, and the military’s gonna swoop in at the last minute….” 😀 “Hey, we may be starving on Earth today, but don’t worry- next week they’re printing up a few more trillion and sending a rocket ship to Mars where they might find some leftover Tang or Jim Ignatowsky’s brownies…”.

            • Thanks Nunzio. Exactly. Maybe the real feeling isn’t coming thru via text, but I see so many people HERE, one of the ELITE areas of the free internet, with a “Gee whiz, golly, these bullets keep coming at us. I dunno if the people shooting at us are just stoopid or if they really mean it.”

          • >with the power to determine who lives and who dies
            Maybe worse than that.
            I expect within 20 years the majority of human males will be unable to reproduce by normal means, due to catastrophically low sperm counts, which have been steadily decreasing for decades.
            If a couple with an infertile male wishes to have children, their only option will be artificial insemination. By that time, “gene manipulation,” i.e. f*ing with people’s DNA, will have become commonplace. The “fertility doctor” will push an “upgrade,” initially to remove the possibility of genetically transmitted diseases, then to enhance the characteristics of the offspring. Genetically enhanced humans will become reality, for those who can afford it.
            One catch: the company which modifies the genes of “your” offspring will own the result, including the right to propagate the resulting modified DNA. Just like soybeans, “your” children will not own their own DNA, which will belong to whatever corporation created it.

                • Turtle,

                  I really liked the first one.

                  Do you think human cloning has been perfected?

                  My guess is it has. And then some.

                  No need to bring back Hitler or even a Kennedy. I think the mRNA shots are the result of huge advances in cloning research. A sort of postpartum “cloning.”

                  • My guess?
                    If it *can* be done, it will be.
                    I conjecture the mRNA shots may be (partially) to condition the population to consent to someone else f*ing with your DNA.
                    in any case, COVID-19 is a massive psyop first, as most here will probably agree.

                    • Considering that the shots affect DNA, I’m wondering just what the [planned] effects will be on the future offspring of those so vaccinated- assuming they live long enough to procreate/aren’t rendered sterile.

                      THAT may in-fact be an objective of the vax Nazis: To genetically engineer the next generation.

      • That’s probably why the French one lasted for many decades. People kept insisting on going after all the wrong things, and all the wrong targets.

        Just like what will probably happen here, as it happens again.

        Are we still in “tragedy” mode, or have we made it to farce yet?

        • Hehe, I don’t think we truly understand today all that really went on in the Frog Revolution! Kind of like how it might go down here- pick a side- The Democraps or the Republicants; the good blacks, the niggers, the queers, the trannies…those who don’t know what they are and who will be something else tomorrow; the Christians, the Moozlims, it’s all just a hodgepodge with no clear sides or black and white right vs. wrong….just everyone vying for their particular side against various enemies, some of whom may be real enemies or some who may be victims that the real enemy has convinced them is instead the enemy. And in the end, what good comes of it? Look at France today!

          • Yup. There are some good ideas in the mix, but also a whole lot of bad ones. Everyone is pissed off, and each faction has different ideas about how to fix it. Sooner or later each faction gets their turn in charge, only to screw everything up even worse and piss off everyone else even more than they already were to begin with.

            In a way, I think it’s already started. The violence just hasn’t yet gotten to the point where the streets run red with blood. Give it time, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if that achievement is unlocked in about 5-10 years.

            My advice: Do whatever you do for a living, stay away from protests, move to the countryside if possible, keep out of debt as much as possible, keep a low profile, and try to ride it out alive.

      • Ye Gods, Nunzio. Does the black pill taste like licorice? Yes you should never underestimate an enemy but it’s also unhealthy to overestimate them and long term fatal to have no faith at all. Call it God or karma or nature they’re going to lose. But for now we have to embrace the suck.

        Personally I’m being royally tempted to give in and start taking advantage of the suckers and the gullible. So very many want their masks and shots and electric cars, it may be time to consider government contracting. So far my morality is preventing it…

  11. Funny how you mention the UK variant ! In the UK they told us about a “California variant” some weeks ago (which my brother in California has never heard of). Similarly when they described a deadly “brazilian variant” spreading – while a buddy of mine who’s married to a Brazilian girl was sending pictures taken by her family of people packed on beaches and in bars !! Reminds me of how Orwell described the world where the government will constantly keep people in a state of fear because of evil things on the other side of the world in countries they know little about….

    And thanks for posting that video of the Pastor again ! Never gets old!!

    • The pastor’s church was seized today by the RCMP assisted by local police and private mercenaries. Locks were changed, two concentric permiter fences were built and fortified, and armed guards posted. Blatant persecution of Christians and implicit demonization of Whites, aside from violation of private property rights and peaceful assembly.

      • Do you have a link you could post here?
        If so, I will definitely forward to several Christian friends and acquaintances.

        Christian martyrs?
        Evidently, it is not just Sunday school anymore..
        Coming to a town near you, RSN.
        Bad f*ing news…

      • Now now, it MIGHT be a Type 4 Variant too!

        California WuFlu variant, makes you want to pay horrendous taxes, eat tofu, and smoke a doobie?

        • Ah, then it must be confined to the coastal counties.
          Here in western Riverside County, we eat red meat, drink beer, and prefer our corrupt politicians to be Republicans. Some folks even ride horses, and are proficient with firearms.

          • Sounds like a good antidote for some of the commies in Austin, or maybe like garlic to a vampire. Coastal Cali indeed!

  12. Never mind that without a corresponding increase in deaths, which there isn’t, an increase of cases of COVID is no more relevant than an increase in cases of dandruff.
    Curious you brought up Prostate Cancer. Quite a number of years ago, 20-30? a study in one of the Scandinavian nations, I forget which, concluded that the survivability of Prostate Cancer was statistically the same, whether treated or not, including Prostate removal. In other words, the millions if not billions of dollars spent on treating it were the result of fraud. Which brings to mind another medical fraud perpetrated by the Medical Industrial Complex. In the 1970s millions of women in the US had completely unnecessary hysterectomies. Serving no purpose other than to collect insurance payment. I know, my mother was one of them. As I often state, the Medical Industrial Complex has a far far better reputation than it deserves. There are doctors who actually try to adhere to the Hippocratic Oath, but often find themselves under threat for doing so, and thus have to restrain themselves from doing the right thing.

    • John Kabel,

      “the survivability of Prostate Cancer was statistically the same, whether treated or not, including Prostate removal.”

      I think you’re spot on with that. My dad lived at least 19 years with it untreated. Actually lived longer than his parents and siblings.

      I read a study that claimed autopsy of any given group of men aged 80 would find at least 99% had prostrate cancer.

      What I find incredible is the high regards given to these people who are so vehemently wanting to stick their fingers up our asses.

      If some random person walked up to you and said, “I’d like to stick my finger up your ass, for your own good of course”, you’d probably decline.

      However if that same random person has a few capital letters after his name…

      Sure thing doc, let me drop my drawers and you can have at it. In fact I’ll just write you a check for $500 while you’re wiggling your fingers around in there.

  13. Perhaps they are teeing up their “out” for when the data starts to show their precious vaccines don’t provide any long term protection, if they provide any protection in the first place. That everyone hung their hopes on false promise of gaining their lives and normalcy back.

    So many people I’ve talked to about their vaccine tell me how sick they were for 1-3 days after each injection. I just tell them I hope it was worth it. These fools made themselves very sick, when they very well might never have gotten the rona. And gained nothing for their efforts, except the false hope of being able to travel. Dipshittery is strong with them.

    • Accordingly, the Ministry of Truth is now saying the Moderna gene therapy provides 6 months of “protection.” If people can’t see through this ruse by now, they never will.

      Darwin participation awards for all.

      On a positive note, went to the dentist yesterday, no mask requirement.

      • Here in my neck of the woods, local news is reporting (oh my gawd!!) a DOUBLE variant mutant strain 😳!! Of course,the vaccine may not be effective against this mutation, and of course it may be even deadlier than the original. Bastards just don’t wanna let this go.

        • Of course they don’t want to let this go. The ptb are [ ] this close to complete control/take over of the country. They just need us hold outs in the general population and state & local.
          govts to be disappeared to achive their goal.

        • Holy crap! The only thing worse would be double secret mutant strains!

          It’s time to start clubbing them and laughing at their pain!

          • Maybe that’s why they get all them tattoos- so we can’t sell their skin. (If we could get Tiffany pattern tattoos to come into style…we could sell their hides to lampshade manufacturers….)

  14. Dr Fauxchi can’t back down now. He’s gone more than a year now with variations on the same story. If he said he was wrong and it actually wasn’t as bad as predicted, then he’s going to be vilified. Along with everyone who advised him, everyone who got on board with the plan, got themselves too deep into the Imperial College’s flawed algorithms.

    If you haven’t already, get a copy of “Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History” Easy read and not much new to anyone who’s on this forum, but a good concise summary of all the ridiculous crap we’ve had to deal with over the last year. Heavily footnoted too, with links to source material on the Kindle version.

    • I doubt that those who have to be TOLD he was wrong, i.e., who can’t figure it out for themselves, would vilify him. They may shrug, and then wait for directions as to what to do next.

      Those of us who have known for quite some time that this is a colossal scam don’t need to be told, we will continue to vilify him and all those who have participated in this magnificent farce.

    • I see Fauxchi as Gilda Radner playing Roseann Roseannadannna on an old SNL sketch. After all the ranting……never mind!

  15. ‘A “case” is only medically significant if it warrants medical attention.’ — EP

    This brings up the curious example of Michigan, currently registering the highest daily ‘case’ rate at 67 per 100,000 population per day.

    With vaccinations having reduced illness and hospitalizations among seniors, Michigan now reports rising ‘cases’ in the 1-10 and 10-19 age groups.

    But until now, the narrative has been that children rarely get sick or manifest symptoms of Covid. Now children supposedly are driving an explosion of ‘cases’ in Michigan — though whether these are simply positive PCR test results, or kids driven to their sickbeds by viral symptoms, is unclear.

    It was similarly surprising when Pfizer reported that in matched groups of over 2,000 under-18s — one vaccinated, one not — 18 ‘cases’ developed in the unvaccinated group versus zero in the treated group: that’s 100% efficacy for pediatric vaccination, per Pfizer. But again — 18 positive PCR results, or 18 kids actually sick and coughing?

    The mystery deepens. With Russia having developed covid vaccines for cats and dogs, it’s inevitable that suspicion will soon turn toward Fido and Whiskers as covert super-spreaders, lurking in plain sight.

  16. It’s obviously bullshit to a thinking person who isn’t swayed by following the herd into the culling.

    Other than that, good sheep- lambs to the slaughter- they’re as willing and oblivious as their animal kindred.

    I’m an avid watcher of stupid human behavior and this mask nonsense is endlessly entertaining.

    My only concern, is that this is a man made virus and there are many virii waiting in the wings if the population doesn’t accept the mask and the herders won’t like that.

    Then I can can see a truly deadly variant of what they manufactured being released with real population control, not just via the “vaccines”.

    Still, I’ll die on my feet, not on my knees.

    • You may be right, but I would think if they were able to create a truly deadly “virus,” that would have been what was unleashed, not this nothingburger. Might as well cull us immediately instead of stringing us along.

      I think that their gain of function research was only partially successful – the labs were able to add deadlier pathogens to ubiquitous cold bugs so that the deadlier stuff would spread more rapidly, but in doing so, perhaps the deadly pathogens lost some of their sting. That would also explain the variety of symptoms.

      And, of course the PCR isn’t a test, so it is actually irrelevant to whether or not a “virus” even exists.

  17. The other day I saw a headline saying something like “New Double Mutant Variant”. I wasn’t sure if was just altered ad copy, “New and Improved” or a modified playground challenge, “Yeah, well I double-dog dare ya’.” or some combination of the two. Coming Soon! Triple Mutant Dog Variant!!

    The sad part of all this is seeing just how successful the American Government Education/Industrial Complex is at dumbing down an entire nation.

    • Someone watched dean wormer from animal house talk about double secret probation and came up with this double mutant variant crap.

  18. Eric,

    “(the facts about ‘Rona lethality are established and the difference between a medical case and a positive test is well-known to any doctor who didn’t get his degree out out a Cracker Jack box)

    But Fauci is omniscient!

    He has found gold on a sandy beach. He has drilled for oil on a city street. His wife’s ruby slippers were located in a mountain of rocks.

    But most importantly, his medical license and his Coup de Ville WERE hiding at the bottom Of a Cracker Jack box.

    Eric this man has poured it on and he’s poured it out. He has tried to show you just how much he cares.

    Why can’t you provide this man with your love and obedience?

    You want the mask.

    You need the mask.

    But there ain’t no way you’re ever gonna love the mask.

    But don’t be sad Eric. Because two out of three ain’t bad.

  19. This entire scam has the jab as its end game. There is simply no other explanation for the ginned up hysteria over what amounts to a basic cold or flu.

    The jab, on the other hand, is a cocktail of lethalities, and includes nanotechnology that is intended to control humans (whether it is actually successful or not).

    The jab wasn’t created for convid, convid was created for the jab.

    • I saw a comment the other day elsewhere and as I formulated my response I realized something. The jab does not need to have any sort of bio weapon in it. It does not need to create immunity from COVID. it does not need to reduce the symptoms of COVID. it does not need to do anything at all. It doesn’t have to reduce the population. It doesn’t even need to make the system money. It can be entirely inert doing no good or harm. The jab is the goal in and of itself. It’s meaning is entirely symbolic and religious. It is the communion wafer of technocracy.

      It’s the symbolism that matters, it’s all that matters, it’s all that ever mattered.

      Are you going to follow scientism or not? That’s all that matters.

      At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if there was absolutely nothing more than saline in the jab. Even with the bad reactions.

      Because all that matters is the ritual.

      • Ayup, Brent.
        With your permission, one minor edit:
        Are you going to follow *orders* or not?

        Perhaps mairzy doats, but l’il lambsul eat poison ivy, if you sell it well enough.
        Time to prepare the battlefield…

        Enter the “super salesman,” who reputedly can sell frozen polar bear sh*t on a stick to Eskim0s, and have the Eskimos believe those are fudgesicles.

        • Follow orders voluntarily? No.
          My guess is that I can hold out until they are on to the next thing. Then the process will start all over again.

      • I agree the ritual is important, and I attribute this to a spiritual (dark) significance. However, I believe there is *something* in the jab that is hostile to natural human flesh and the immune system, as well as the human soul.

        I don’t have it all figured out, but I believe there is much more to this than just forcing people to ingest saline.

      • Hi Brent,

        I agree – regarding the ritual- but to what end? Submission is part of it, certainly. But to what, specifically? The Jab becomes the foundational precedent for submission to everything related to “health,” both public and personal. It’s not enough to force people to take the Jab. They will be forced to submit to everything related to “health,” including physical and psychological “testing” as well – with all the ramifications implicit.

  20. You have to call this out wherever you see it. I was talking to some friends and someone brought up the subject of vaccines and “variants!!!” and they all started repeating the media spin to each other. I eventually told them I thought it was really funny that a bunch of healthy men in their 40’s were acting like scared little ninnies because of propaganda from the television. Only one of them – a liberal sock – took exception to my ridiculing, but the rest of them all started backtracking on some of their DOOOOM! talk and admitted it probably wasn’t as dangerous as being reported.

    The point being, you gotta call people out. You can’t be afraid of offending people over this nonsense. We’ve lost over a year of our lives in response to what was originally just election year claptrap that got out of control and the only way to stop it is to make it stop. It’s 99% propaganda and people need to be reminded of that fact.

    • I have noticed that, too, that if I don’t go along with the crowd’s conversation about the Megadeath Virus of Doom, that the hysteria kind of wilts.

      Whenever someone tells me they “had co[n]vid,” I start asking questions like, “Were you sick? Did you have to go to the hospital? What were your symptoms?” {crickets}

      • But I know so and so who died from it. But unlike every other cause of death it’s contagious. But you might have it and not know it. The triptych of fear fallacies leading to get vaxxed and still wear a mask. Makes my head hurt.

        • I personally know two people who have died from it. Right at first it was kind of sobering both times, but then I realized that they both were diabetic – one was older, too – and that I know 2-3 people every year of varying levels of acquaintance who die. There’s nothing special about people dying.

          The only reason these particular deaths stand out to people is because the media and the politicians emphasize them so much and and make such a big deal about it.

          Similarly, a guy I follow on twitter was joking about how he was “invincible” to Covid because he didn’t hide under the bed and has been trying to live normally and never caught it. I replied to him that it’s nothing more than because he’s a healthy man and, contrary to the narrative, Covid is not EVERYWHERE!!!!!. Millions of people catch a cold every year. A larger number doesn’t. It’s just normal that bugs come and go and some people get sick and most people don’t. The only thing different about this one is – again – the attention that is being focused on it.

          Get it out of the news – get people out of those stupid masks that are just reminders to be scared – and covid will quickly fade from people’s attention.

          • Exactly right, JR. What I’ve been asking people is whether they would have suspected anything unusual was up if not for the nonstop media freakout. Unfortunately, few are intellectually capable of performing this thought experiment.
            One person I knew has died from it. But he was 80-ish and had other health problems. I would have been saddened – but not alarmed – by his death. Many of my neighbors have had it, including an 80-something who had symptoms for a few days but is now fine.
            Not only would I not have thought anything out of the ordinary was afoot, I’m certain that I wouldn’t have even heard about my neighbors’ illnesses. Most people don’t broadcast it to the world every time they catch a bug that makes them feel crappy for a while.

            • Roland,

              “Most people don’t broadcast it to the world every time they catch a bug that makes them feel crappy for a while.”

              They do now.

              That shit started years ago with the handicap parking.

              Or the single mom with five baby daddies. (One of Nunzio’s favorites.)

              Being a victim, especially of your own stupidity, now raises you to the highest echelons in American society.

              • Not a year ago in my neighborhood, but now I’m afraid you might be right. Even many of the tough farmers are now pussified and wearing the Holy Rag. As Orange Wimp would say, “Sad.”

              • The end began when;
                “Being a victim, especially of your own stupidity, now raises you to the highest echelons in American society.”

                Good enough for carving into the American Tombstone.

          • Hi JR,

            One of the pathologies resulting from weaponized hypochondria is this business of regarding the death of anyone who has achieved the normal human lifespan – appx. age 75 or so – as somehow abnormal. Any years beyond that are “bonus” years, but it’s entirely normal for any person pushing 80 to die… from complications related to old age and the body’s inevitable loss of strength, capacity to maintain itself. It happens to us all, eventually – and it’s as normal as birth.

            • Eric – heard of 2 cases recently where the parents of people I know died. Both 70+, final stages of cancer. Doctors threw in the towel, family went back home to be with them in the final days. And when they died – they tested positive for covid (god knows why they were testing people who were basically worm food for covid). Anyhow they go down in history as covid deaths, with their kids making a big deal of how horrible covid is and how we have to be careful!! WTF

            • Eric, right.

              Total excess deaths – even if you assume every one was covid, which isn’t accurate – in the worst weeks were 40% of normal and on average have been 20% for the past year until very recently. Throw in the age discrepancy – most people who have died were in their bonus years and no longer substantially contributing to society – and there simply would not have been enough of a material disruption for people to notice, absent government actions. The only reason people are noticing now is because government is making them notice.

              It’s why I get so mad when I hear someone say, “Well, THE PANDEMIC did _______.”

              Uh, no. Government (or media or both) did that.

            • Eric,

              “[Death] happens to us all, eventually – and it’s as normal as birth.”

              I don’t know what planet you’re living on.

              But I’m sure if you follow the food pyramid scheme, don’t smoke or drink alcohol, don’t use illegal drugs, wear a seatbelt and a mask, drive a car with dozens of airbags, drive no faster than the posted speed limit, heed all of the don’t walk signals, wear two condoms, and MOST IMPORTANTLY see your doctor at least once a year, you will live forever.

              Immortality. It’s a government thing.

          • What’s “funny” is how FEW are dying from OTHER influenzas and other diseases. The directive was given…IF the patient was positive for COVID-19, regardless of whether the disease was manifest and/or a proximate cause of the subject’s demise, (s)he’s counted as a “COVID” fatality. That alone ought to render the entire campaign suspect.

            And speaking of ‘suspect'(s), what of the late George Floyd? Is he counted as a “COVID” death, since he was positive when he “flamed out” under the knee of “Ossifer” Chauvin? If not, then the entire counting process is dubious since it obviously has political motives. If so, then Chauvin’s defense counsel should motion the court for a directed “not guilty” verdict, since the cause of death is a GERM, and not the action(s) of the officer facing homicide charges. Either way, it’s a load of shit.

            • Something that bugs me immensely is when someone throws out the big number of reported deaths and then throws down the microphone like that’s a dispositive rebuttal to any criticism of the panic regime.

              1) Those numbers are inherently suspect as you point out, 2) There’s no evidence whatsoever that any of those deaths were preventable beyond normal epidemiological medicine, and 3) What happened in the past has nothing to do with what’s going on RIGHT NOW.

              • Indeed, JR –

                It is beyond dispute at this point that the “authorities” are guilty of fomenting mass hysteria. Arguably, they are guilty of inciting potentially murderous violence as well. At Nuremburg, Julius Streicher – the publisher of the Jew-baiting publication Der Sturmer – was tried and convicted of exactly that and hanged for it.

                • Since mask scolds and their ilk are guided solely by emotion, perhaps it would be effective to point out that these sons of bitches have driven children to suicide.

                  • I like that term…”Mask SCOLD”. Makes me think (ugh!) of Mass Senator Elizabeth Warren. If it’s my lot to end up in the “nether regions”, I can see some demon with a pitchfork stabbing me in the butt until I MOUNT that…THING.

                • Though Streicher wasn’t exactly “Mr. Congeniality” (his fellow defendants did their best to not be seated in the box next to him, and no one would talk to him during their daily exercise periods in the prison yard), he was not part of the SS or the Wehrmacht, and AFAIK killed no one, nor served in any significant governmental or Nazi Party capacity. He was a magazine publisher, that is all, doing what would have been perfectly LEGAL in the United States (I doubt he’d have had a significant readership). He was convicted as a “War Criminal” and executed for the “crime” of being an apologist and propagandist for the Nazi regime. Patton was right…the Allies had supposedly prosecuted the war in Europe against the Nazis to uphold freedom and the rights of men, and as soon as it was over, tossed aside those virtues.

                  • Hi Doug,

                    I agree – I was only making the point that they executed him for what is being done right now with impunity by the likes of Fauci, Biden et al.

                  • “Supposedly” is right.
                    By allying themselves with one of the most brutal political regimes this world had seen, to that date.
                    Last “score” I heard was
                    Stalin 30 million (at least)
                    Hitler 12 million (or so)

                    Somebody can’t count, or what?

    • I think Frederic the Great authored a similar quote, “Now that I know men, I prefer dogs.”
      Dogs are perfectly honest. They prefer to steal food or treats, rather than have it handed to them, for example, and don’t try to hide the fact.


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