Diaper Report 4/4/21

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This report concerns the “case” of a death – of the livelihood of the guy who used to operate the best restaurant in my county, the Bent Mountain Bistro.

Not Because ‘Rona – which doesn’t kill 99.8-something of the healthy population.

But because government.

He just closed the Bistro – after a mighty effort to remain open, after the Coonman – Virginia’s Gesundheitsfuhrer – graciously gave him permission to reopen after months of being force-closed so that people who were not forced to eat there could “feel safe.”

And those who knew they were safe could not eat there.

Ben – the owner – could not, however, fully reopen.

While he didn’t insist on Diapering, the Gesundheitsfuhrer insisted on his removing about half his indoor tables, which meant losing about half his previously paying customers. The bar – where liquor was served to people who were never forced to sit next to one another – was effectively closed.

Good luck paying your rent and other carrying costs when you can’t sell much liquor and can only feed about half the people who used to come inside to eat.

The margins in the restaurant business are tight. A bad month is a problem. Bad months, catastrophic.

But this catastrophe was contrived.

Imposed – by political animals like the Coonman, a creature so vicious it callously destroys the livelihoods of people like Ben – and the people who used to work at the Bistro – while smugly lecturing them about the necessity of it, having exempted himself from the consequences of it.

It is astounding as well as mighty depressing that not only aren’t people in the streets over this but – a great many of them – coming to defeated terms with this as the “new normal.”

They wear their Face Diapers – two, now – as if that were a normal thing to do. They seem unworried about being injected with a substance that has not been proved safe to “keep them safe” against something that – for 99.8 something of them – they have nothing to worry about in the first place.

Kids have a 99.9-something chance of nothing to worry about – but they are being pushed to the front of the line for injecting, too.

Perhaps because their parents think this will allow them to resume “normal” life. Except of course it won’t. Pope Fauci XVII – who apparently serves until he dies (which, with the help of his daily triple-shot of Adrenachrome, will likely be a long time hence) has openly said that even the Needled must Diaper, probably forever.

But the thing these Diaper Fetishists miss entirely is that by accepting that the lives of hundreds of millions – including the lives of people like the owner of the Bent Mountain Bistro and all the people who worked there and all the businesses that no longer do business with it – can be crippled at will by “mandating” Gesundheitsfuhrers like the Coonman, who can shut them down whenever they claim it “isn’t safe” for people to enter – things will never be normal again.

Things will be bleak and uncertain and poor – in monetary and other terms.


What rational person will be willing to invest perhaps everything he has in a business that can be closed whenever a Gesundheitsfuhrer so orders? The weaponization of hypochondria has not only destroyed the Bent Mountain Bistro and countless other such previously vibrant eateries and gathering places, it has also pre-emptively aborted countless future such places.

The cost of this is incalculable – and not just in terms of the jobs never created, the dreams never fulfilled and the fun never to be had. We are cheated of life by creatures like the Coonman – who posture as its protectors from the comfort of vast, taxpayer-mulcted mansions through reptile-dead eyes without compassion or remorse.

I know some of the Bistro’s ex-employees who no longer have jobs – and so, money to buy food to feed themselves and their families thanks to the Coonman’s “executive ordering” of their economic lives into nonexistence.

Let them eat cake, perhaps – in the words of Marie Antoinette, who eventually lost her head on account of it.

In her defense, the clueless queen of France didn’t order the peasants to starve to death; the crops were bad and the peasants starved for that reason mainly and also because the government of France over-taxed them and was generally incompetent.

But not even the absolute monarchs of the 18th century had the vicious gall to order people out of work and then tell them to eat cake.

That requires something more than the callous indifference of the high and mighty. It requires deliberate, sociopathic cruelty; the thing Orwell tried to explain in his novel, 1984 – through the character of Inner Party member O’Brien to the suffering Winston Smith, who was being interrogated – tortured – by O’Brien for going against the Party.

O’Brien asked Winston how one exerts power over another?

By making him suffer, was the answer.

That’s what these bastards are doing – and not just to one restaurant in one small town and the half dozen people I know who are suffering personally on account of it. We are all suffering – and will suffer more, perhaps in ways as yet not quite conceivable.

Unless enough of us decide to stop accepting being made to suffer.

Ben should have defied the Coonman and kept his doors open to any customers who weren’t forced to walk through them. I know I would have. I know others who would have, too.

The Sickness Polizei might descend? Well, let them. They are coming anyway and regardless.

Understand this.

Let us remember what a man who regretted not having understood in time had to say on the subject, after he understood it:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Will we also deserve it – and more?

 . . . 

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  1. I am a bad person. I find this hilarious. Completely expecting the ENTIRE WORLD to accommodate her and her insanity. When that does not happen, so much for social distancing and her health.

    “Severely compromised immune system”? So what the fuck are you doing exposing yourself to the world. Either you are so compromised you should isolate yourself or be in hospital. But NOOOOOOO! Everyone else must play along with my hypochondria.


    I would not convict anyone who put her out of her and our misery. Clearly it would be the compassionate response.

    PS. WordPress still sucks the big one when it comes to posting HTTPS.

  2. Hello again, from beautiful downtown Zaragoza Spain.

    2 weeks ago, I received a certified letter from the health department. Seems last October, when I was sitting eating a tortilla de patata, the local cop who stopped and accosted me, did not include my valid health exemption with his report of non mask wearing. The fine? 300 euros, but a discount to 120 euros if I admit guilt.

    The protector did not include a copy of my valid health exemption with his report.

    This last Monday, 2 more certified letters. The same old same old. Two reports from the protective AGW’s. Both times they saw my exemption, not included with their report. I will send in another response to their complaint. What will the authorities do? Believe the pigs, unquestioably, and decide to fine me 300€. x 3. How will they do it? Direct access of my bank account, in which I leave the absolute minimum. BUT, the bank will advance the gubmint the money, the account will be overdrawn and I will be charged interest, penalties and some other bigus charge they add on.

    Your murKKKins back home, you think you have it bad?

    For the record, I NEVER wear a face diaper on the street. NEVER. Today, walking 200 meters to the grocery store I was verbally accosted by an old lady, 75 or 80 years old, but the spagan women age rapidly so maybe i overestimated. ¨Where’s your face mask?¨she screeched at me. I just looked her, would have told her, ¨madam, mind your own p’s and q’s¨if i knew how to say it in Spanish. She harped for a few minutes at 2 older men who were drinking coffee and overheard the conversation. When she walked past me, I smilad and waved at her through the window.

    Another thing for the record. A 40 something spanish born native told me 2 years ago, that spanish men are cowards. They have been browbeaten by their truck driver voice women for decades, of late it’s murKKKin feminism and all they do is retreat; to the bars, and whorehouses. What a world.

    Agoraphobia. I do not even want to go outside anymore. People are nuts, the cops lie to fill their their monthly ticket cuotas, bah.

    Health and tranquility to all of you.

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the front line report; it was brutal reading. This business of government simply being empowered to withdraw sums from your bank account and the bank advancing it to them and then charging you interest… would drive me into The Woods and to becoming a middle-aged “variant” of Rob Roy or some such. I can barely take the way things are now. The way they are where you are? No way. I’d fight. Literally. Nothing left to lose. Not life, certainly. That having already been taken.

  3. hey Eric, guys – something quite good I came across –


    It’s a covid death and hospitalisation risk calculator by Oxford uni. Think it’s quite a good tool for those contemplating the dodgy vaccine (based on constant fear mongering from all avenues)… maybe it’s the little bit of objective evidence they can keep them from going over to the dark side….

      • Correctamundo! I remember reading that in high school (of course, the English teacher who assigned the book about drugs, misery, and depravity also moderated the Young Dems at the HS, what a surprise) and thinking “lol, wtf, that’s rannnnndom.”

        Little did I know…

        Have you seen the reference to the Dr. in another such book detailing what literal monsters the ruling class are, The Franklin Coverup?

  4. I did a three hour bike ride over 40 miles of mountains this past weekend, which involved some bike trails and some roads in the Bay Area of CA, maskless naturally, as there is no outdoor mask mandate if you can keep your distance.

    So, during this ride, I had several people pull up their masks, hoodies, whatever, as I passed out of fear. Ok, not too bad, generally maskless. Then, a few yelled at me to put a mask on, and I had an amazing thing happen a couple of times; a couple of joggers and cyclists gave me a thumbs up and smiled! I did the same.

    I’m starting to see the first signs of sanity. This ride, despite being yelled at by some maskholes, lifted my spirits. On the downside, some people are using the phrase “naked faces” in a derogatory way. Crazy.

  5. There are some signs of “normal” in Virginia. This past Easter weekend, I went with a group of friends to a large brewery park near Richmond. You had to wear masks to order beer and to go inside the building. However, by early afternoon on Saturday, there were at least 200 people outside without masks.

    A better sign was at the family-owned restaurant we went to for dinner. It was completely full, with no social distancing of tables. Only the staff wore masks. It was great to see so many people having a nice evening.

  6. The very purpose of this psyop was to destroy private business. Putting their assets in distress so the banks and corporations can buy them up for pennies on the dollar. To extract what wealth remains among the 99.9% and transfer it to the 0.1%. With the oncoming digital currency leaving us no way to opt out. They’ve forgotten one thing they would have learned in history class, if there still was such a thing. While no revolution was ever started by fat people, hungry people on the other hand have been known to get out pitchforks, build gallows and guillotines, and use them. Not always with better results, but always different people in charge. Because the previous one’s in charge have stopped breathing. Just ask Czar Nicholas or Marie Antoinette.

    • Sa Gerald Celente says, “when people loose everything and have nothing left to loose, they loose it.”

      We are in for much worse. This scamdemic is just the softening up of the battlefield.

      Collapse isn’t an event, it is process.

  7. The Unmask Jax instagram page has been removed. :(.

    I hate you, Facebook.

    Fortunately, I was prepared for this and wrote all of the businesses names down.

      • No, but I am not on Facebook or Instagram either. I can only see public pages since I do not have an account. I have no social media accounts and this is the only site I post to. I have no interest in expanding my horizons. 😁

        • Roger that!

          I often wonder whether I’m wasting time/effort bothering with Gab. Or any of them. I use them, to help spread the proverbial word – but that opens me to their data mining scams, which I do not “like” at all.

          • I try to make it difficult for TPTB to find me. They always look at Facebook and Twitter….when was the last time you heard about anybody posting on anything other than those sites?

          • I’m the same as RG- No socialist media; not interested. Hell, I don’t have the time to keep up with all the articles and comments here! (And this is the only site I participate on too).
            Eric, looking for potential signs of intelligence/liberty lovers on social media is like trying to find a worthy chess opponent at the zoo [after visiting hours]!

            • Hi Nunz,

              My problem with social media (other than the constant propaganda and disenfranchisement of anyone with a conservative or libertarian viewpoint) is you can’t get into an in-depth discussion on anything. How can anyone make a valid (or invalid) argument in 280 characters? Everything is a blurb or a slogan. Ugh!

              If the TPTB don’t like it, because the NSA/FBI/MSM tell them not to “this content has been removed” flashes across the screen. Total BS.

              • Hey RG!
                I’ve been saying from the very beginning, that social media destroys actual communication. Forget about having a meaningful discussion or debate there, even among sane people, because the way it is structured, it’s pretty much an ‘at the moment’ thing- i.e. you can’t really go back to the beginning and follow a discussion on a particular subject from the beginning- nor archive things from the past by topic, like ya can on a forum.
                The worst thing though, is how it discourages actual one-on-one personal conversation- especially among friends and relatives- and replaces that with just ‘broadcasting yourself’ to a mass audience all at once.
                Add to that the invasion of privacy and data mining that ya mentioned….. and I just don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would have anything to do with it.

        • Likewise, I only comment on open forums such as Eric’s. I also comment on open forum sites like Caitlin Johnstone’s, decidedly more socialist, which keeps me from bouncing around in an echo chamber. One of the local broadcast news stations also has a website with an open forum, which is indeed a target rich environment.

    • This was great to wake up to, Drump!

      Responses just as this are exactly what’s needed. Kick these Diaper-enforcing thugs out. Take back our lives!

      • Morning, Nunz!

        That pastor is the kind we could use more of. A not-sheep who is willing to stand up to “Caesar” – in defense of his flock.

      • I have watched the video several times and it still brings tears of joy.

        The pastor didn’t mince any words, was direct, laid it on the line. The word of the day: fearless.

        Actions speak louder than words, even when words demand action. “Out!” said the pastor.

        One single word works wonders.

    • Hi Anon,

      Just a bit more than a year ago and these people would have been taken for what they are today – severely mentally ill. But now, mental illness has been normalized.

  8. “Let them eat cake, perhaps – in the words of Marie Antoinette, who eventually lost her head on account of it.”

    She never said that. It was a lie fabricated by that dirtbag Rousseau.

  9. (Read with a “corporate” voice)

    Turn that frown upside down! The owner has valuable experience managing a restaurant! He can now apply at the local Applebees or maybe even the new Red Robin that will be opening soon. And the former staff is welcome to apply too! They might even get health insurance and $15/hr! And a uniform with lots of flair…

    And the best part is that we know that the chain restaurant is “safe” for the public. The single-source suppliers are inspected by the Department of Agriculture, the menu is scientifically designed to maximize profit while minimizing taste, the employee training manual was written by a corporate committee, and the decor has all the charm of a Holiday Inn. But most importantly, the local Health Officials are on site, inspecting and insuring compliance. Which should be easy, considering ConHugeCo™ Industries helped draft the amendment to the legislation that happens to mirror the employee training manual, the official corporate building design and supplier standards.

    So eat up, and know that if you have too much to drink or ask for anything not on the menu you’ll be reported to the authorities. We’re all in this together.

    Apologies for making light of the situation. I know this has to be terrible. But the sarcasm comes from how I imagine some in power might respond to this situation. Don’t dream unless your dream is to do what they say. That’s why they want all the immigrants. They have dreams of just being here. We natives have lived that dream for a while now and want something more.

  10. Another one out of myriad tragedies, killing the “middle class” by the death of a thousand cuts.

    I do have a little good news: My local Ace hardware bears no “Diapers Muss Sein!” upon it. Great, and I’ve been there a few times during this fiasco, undiapered.

    But today was even better, as there were EMPLOYEES undiapered, as well as what appeared to be a manager. He seemed quite friendly as well, possibly elated about having an undiapered parton come though.

    It’s changing, though slowly.

  11. I sympathize with this restaurant owner. The victim of an attack by gov’t. Not bad choices, not a virus, not hard times. A vicious, coordinated social and economic attack by those who presume to rule us. I hope he avoided future losses. I hope he stayed open long enough to collect the damages offered to him and closed up as soon as they were exhausted. I hope he and others remember and teach their kids who did this to them and regroup to fight another day. The only consolation is to think of the diaper head swells who collaborate with the medical tyranny who will be so sad when they can’t virtue signal while eating the wonderful food in his independent establishment anymore. If I was him, I would say to them, “I hear Arby’s is still open, comrade.”

    When thinking of business owners, think of the times you are in the supermarket as the only undiapered. Now think about the economics of offering goods and services in person to that crowd in order to make a profit under Gesundheitfuhrer mandates while maintaining your defiance of them. Talk about suicidal. Both to your sanity and your bottom line. To 99/100 small business owners, “fighting for your business” doesn’t mean defying Coonman it means doubling down on kabuki compliance with his arbitrary edicts, maybe even embracing it and rejecting heretics, in order to make less money than necessary to continue as a going concern. Not smart, and certainly not sustainable, but then again, neither are the tenets of sickness kabuki. BTW, just checked online and it looks like Sweet Donkey coffee shop is still open.

    • The other problem is that insurance won’t pay out for pandemic losses. So when some fool in the public sues because they “caught the covid” at their place of business, the owner is on the hook for the payout. They’re screwed no matter what, but at least if they can show that they are attempting to comply with government guidelines they might get away with a slap on the wrist. Put out a few stickers and make wipe down the credit card machines, check. Put up a bunch of scary signs? Check. Health Inspector gives you an A rating? Check. Oh, and get the accountant working on the PPP loans.

      • Conversely, if you fold up and fall down from suffocation from wearing a mask, the owner is likewise liable, private or corporate. Which staging such event could bring to the owner’s/manager’s attention. Never underestimate the fear of a law suit as a motivating factor.

        • I said very early on that people should do this. Stagger, say you can’t breathe, fall into the most expensive display you can.

          Find an ambulance chaser and sue.

          The pain the government can inflict keeps them compliant. The pain they feel from following the mandates must be worse, or they will never stop.

  12. Even as the number of “the cases, the cases” declines the hysteria ramps up higher. The so-called “vaccine passport” is already being bandied about as a given, and the proles are clamoring for it. Guess I’ll never get to attend another movie or concert again. At this point I’m ready to get that cabin in the woods and finish out my days there; just me and the cats and a 12 gauge ready for anyone who’s coming for me.

    • As I watched the FAA shut down the air traffic system on 9/11/2001 I knew we were screwed. Everything has to ratchet-strap up, never loosen back. Oh, it’s just a restriction on liquids, what’s the problem? Oh, it’s just showing your driver’s license what’s the problem? Oh, you have to present your boarding pass, what’s the problem? Oh, it’s just a temperature check, what’s the problem? Oh, it’s just a vaccine, what’s the problem? Oh, it’s just a QR code on your phone, what’s the problem? Oh, it’s just a forced sterilization, what’s the problem? Oh, it’s just a forced exile, what’s the problem?

      • Hi RK,

        Yep, you nailed it! These leftist/progressive/government control types *always* use the “it’s just…” arguments. “It’s *just* a seatbelt”, “It’s *just* the higher-caliber guns”, “it’s *just* a tax”, “It’s *just* a mask”…and on and on….

        It’s always presented that if we (the public) will just agree to this one little itty-bitty thing that we’ll hardly even notice, then they’ll be satisfied and stop bothering us.

        But they never stop — one regulation opens the door to multiple others (more “small” things) until one day there’s so many “little” things taken from you that you don’t have a lot left.

        • I’ve been way too nice to these toilet-bowl scum people. The next time one of them says something like that, they’re getting verbally destroyed with righteous fury. Let them remember and FEEL the pain if they want to open their filthy fucking mouth again. Fry their fiendish programming to hell and back.

          • So I was at a golf course yesterday, where many (most) were diapered. Had to use the restroom so walked into the clubhouse. Didn’t see anyone, no one said anything.

            As I was walking out a female(?) Boy George impersonator was staring at me, mouth open. I had seen her(?) earlier diapered, but now she(?) was drinking a soda.

            She(?) should have left the diaper on.

  13. And this is just the beginning- the earliest stage. The effects of what the purveyors of the plandemic have imposed on their inmates, such as illustrated in this h’yar article are going to start snowballing exponentially, right about….now! -and we’re going to see a true pandemic- economically, as government has effectively administered a deadly kill-shot vaccine to all of the once-healthy small bidnesses which but for that kill-shot and the government-mandated BS would hasve been naturally immune. And with the healthy autonomous entities killed-off, the world will be a “safer place” for the favored sons of government- i.e. their artificial “people”- big corporations- to thrive despite their own dysfunctionality, because there will no longer be any alternative, but to buy from and work for THEM.

    • Nunzio,

      I just hope I’m dead before they take away all the guns.

      Pretty sure what comes after that.

      Of course no one knows what the message is in mRNA shot.

      • Hey Tuan,
        If I don’t make it out of here, I’ll definitely be dead before they take my guns…’cause that’s the only way they’ll get ’em out of my cold hand….. (Hopefully I can take a few of *them* with me…)

        • Hope is a poor strategy Nunz. It has a place, but “Be Prepared” is a far better one. You have chatted up like minded friends and neighbors haven’t you? And you do have your weapons in multiple caches?

          I might even let them get one or 2 if it comes to confiscation- but they won’t make it back to the station house… And I’ll have an absolutely clean conscience.

    • “…because there will no longer be any alternative, but to buy from and work for THEM.”

      On top of that, we’ll have no choice but to abide by their onerous policies because “private property rights” (which apparently, ONLY apply to multi-billion-dollar corporations now). Which means that eventually, WE’LL become their “private property”!

      • isn’t it funny how “private property rights” only work one way – e.g., a business that does NOT want masks is told it must, but one that “decides” to enforce masks is just flexing its private property muscle!

  14. OT but Happy Easter to the EPAutos community! Let us all be glad for the blessings and virtual friendships fostered here. They can’t take that away.

    • Same to you! This site has been a go-to helping me to keep my sanity. Nice to know that “we’re all in this together” 😉

    • Happy Easter Monday, everyone! Seventeen of us celebrated mask free yesterday. Drank wine, ate ham, and everybody touched the same buffet spoons. There was even a smash cake involved…the adults left that to the kids after the five year old licked it. The three and seven year old didn’t seem to care, but all adults and teenagers were a no go.

      Stopped in at my local Walgreens to buy a few gift cards (I am a lazy shopper). Lady in front of me with no mask and a 12 pack of beer checking out. The cashier (a girl about 22 years of age) said nothing to either one of us. I smiled, wished her a Happy Easter, and went about my day.

      • Excellent report, RG!

        I consider it a matter of the greatest importance to hang tough now. To defy the depression – and the Diapering. Acts of resistance are popping up all over the country and if that can be sustained it can be propagated, just as a small fire can grow into a huge one, if provided fuel and air.

        Do not give in to this sickness – if you value your mental health!

  15. That’s the crux of the issue – that businesses need to realize that they have NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, and stay open anyway. If they don’t, they commit suicide, doing the gunvarmint’s dirty work for them. The gunvarmint can then walk away with clean hands, having not had to expend any effort other than threats. Let the gunvarmint come, and be ready when they do.

    I for one am intentionally supporting businesses that are resisting the tyranny. Gourmeltz in Fredericksburg, VA, is a fine example of such. If the gunvarmint wants to shut down a business, the onus is on THEM to PROVE the reason for it. If the business fails to fight, and instead commits harikari, the gunvarmint lives to destroy another business merely through THREATS.

  16. I have considered why people have let the govt do obviously immoral & illegal things to them.
    We have allowed every aspect of our lives to become privileges instead of rights.
    Everything is licensed. All for our safety, you know, to keep you from getting a bad haircut and such.

    The news makes it seem like the state is a giant force that will come for you if you disobey. The reality is the state doesn’t have enough enforcers to do much of anything en mass.

    Cops can’t control gangs & street crime, yet we think if hundreds or thousands of us step out of line, they will somehow be able to lock us all up.

    They control us through fear, counting on us to stay in line so they don’t have to force us. Because they can’t.

    In my state, many restaurants finally said enough. It has taken months for the enforcers to send letters to all those restaurants, and they were just a handful.

    Solzhenitsyn is right. If we all said GFY, there is nothing the state can do. But we have been too effectively trained by the education system as the robots they wanted us to be.

    • Dan,

      This is the key to all of it. Same with gun control. The govt expects, even takes for granted that 99% will comply with anything they demand. Wear a diaper, get a jab, close down your businesses, hand in your scary black rifle. When 1 or 2 don’t comply it is very easy for govt to make examples out of them. When 100 or 1000 or 10,000 ot more don’t comply you can see how powerless govt can be.

    • The shitlib communists have been very effective this last year in their riots. One of the reasons is when the cops come to make an arrest, I’ve seen them close ranks and PROTECT that person. Pull them back to safety and help them get away. And then taunt the cops afterward.

      I’ve been DISGUSTED with the “protests” I’ve seen when the sack-of-shit, NOT-ON-OUR-SIDE order follower SCUM come in to make an arrest during an anti-mask, pro-freedom event. One was in Idaho when the sissified mangina fake-ass “Christians” were singing their little hymns and COMPLETELY IGNORED the modern-day centurions taking away some of their brethren for arrest. Another was in Canada when the little-boy police were nabbing marchers whose mask was below their chin or nose or something. Everyone else DID NOTHING. Walked by. Pretended it wasn’t happening. Scared shitless that THEY might be picked on next. So thankful that they get to walk on by.

      I get it. No one wants to be arrested or fined or whatever, but for fuck’s sake, DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING to help your homies out. Make a stink. Yell, “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! DON’T ARREST THEM!!!” Make a circle around them. It usually just takes one person with courage to get others to join them.

      • This^^ is the only thing that ever makes a difference. The sooner everyone realizes it’s us vs them and that they are just crooked people with no legitimate authority, then the sooner the problem will cease to be one.

        You will notice that the brave (z)heros in blue would much rather mouth off to a working white guy than a few rastas in a blinged out escalade. I’ve even noticed they show more respect for us po white trash in rusty old pickups- it seems that all sorts of pain could lurk in them for troublemakers on back roads.


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