Our Selected Fuhrer

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Under the terms and conditions set forth in the Constitution – ostensibly the document that  is the literal “letter of the law” – the president is supposed to be an administrator. The person whose job it is to – as the Constitution puts it – see that the laws are faithfully executed.

This is rather different than decreeing them – as for example via what are styled “executive orders.”

The Constitution says Congress shall write the laws, the idea being that congressmen are elected and there are a lot of them, rather than just one president. This to diffuse legal authority among many and also to hold it accountable to the many. The president is of course also elected, but in a manner that effectively renders each vote meaningless as one out of millions has the same effect as a drop of water on the depth of the ocean.

Senators  – the other half of Congress – were once elected by the legislatures of the various states, with the idea being that this would counterbalance the democracy the men who wrote the Constitution dreaded and for that reason sought to check.

But the point – as regards this essay – is that it is Congress that was given authority under the Constitution to write the laws. Not the president.

And yet he does.

He has become, for all practical purposes, the National Lawgiver. It is why presidential elections are the ones most people do pay attention to, for they understand that whomever is elected will be the one telling them what they’ll be doing – as well as what they are not allowed to do – not merely for the next four or eight years but possibly for the remainder of their lives.

There are still some vestigial-procedural hobbles that haven’t yet been totally disregarded. But they are just that – vestigial. And for how much longer will they be regarded? Congress stopped declaring war 82 years go, which was the last time it did so, as per the Constitution. And yet there have been numerous wars since, including the Late Afghanistan War, which Congress never declared and yet was fought because The Decider so decided. That was 20 years ago. The war was only ended a little more than a year ago.

The current Decider has decided to go to war with Russia – without Congress declaring it. And that all new cars must average nearly 50 miles per gallon within the next couple of years and also that every new car made beginning three model years from now be fitted from the factory with what is styled a “kill” switch. Meaning your car can be remotely disabled at will, by whomever has control – remotely – of the switch.

Where in the Constitution does one find presidential authority to impose fuel economy standards – or that a “kill” switch be factory installed in every new car? One doesn’t, because there isn’t. The power has simply been asserted.

Italics to emphasize the distinction.

It is the power – of the bully. Of the gangster. Who is the bully all-grown-up. The politician is the gangster who got elected and went “legit.” He no longer has to worry about the law – because he makes them.

The president is the king of these gangsters – because he is above the law. For who else other than a president could so blatantly affront it – and get away with affronting it? Has any president been recalled – much less jailed – for launching a war that Congress never declared? How about for binding Americans to treaties never ratified by Congress? How about for decreeing that every American within reach of his power will roll up their sleeve and submit to being drugged, else lose their job and thus their livelihood?

Yes, the latter was rolled back. But the point is that it was rolled out – and it was this close to being, effectively, the law. It got that close because too many people have gotten used to having an elected Fuhrer around.

I use the word not to disparage but to illustrate. It means leader in German. The precise thing that presidents – and presidential aspirants – tout and assert. I will provide leadership for America, they say.

And they do.

Just like he did. Not exactly – and not yet. But in the same way and toward a similar end. The Fuhrer claimed he was the law – which he said he was by right because he embodied the will of the German people who had elected him to provide leadership.

A parallel need not be immediately adjacent to be a parallel. What’s relevant is that they are things of a kind.

Unsere Fuhrer is no less a Fuhrer because he is elected than Der Fuhrer was a president because he, too, was elected. For it is not elections that determine whether it is a tyrant who is selected but rather whether tyranny is prevented. Or at least, rendered something less than tyrannical – via laws that restrict the authority of whomever is elected. But that requires a president who respects the law – and if he does not, a system capable of removing him.

The Constitution has proved itself incapable of doing so, except in the sordid case of Richard Nixon – whose affronts were the presidential-level equivalents of parking tickets. He was removed because he was not liked – not because he was a tyrant. Even though he was a tyrant – viz, the creation of law-giving bureaucracies such as the EPA which has scourged and beset us ever since.

But he wasn’t removed for that.

Next year, a new Fuhrer. Or perhaps the same one. Does it matter? It will still be a Fuhrer.

How much longer before we dispense with the fiction that the Constitution is, in fact, anything more than a goddamn piece of paper, as a recent President-Fuhrer correctly styled it?

. . .

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  1. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

    Joe is undoubtedly one of them.

    Another is Barack.

    Another Bush doing a whack job. All the same.

    Those guys don’t care, doesn’t matter how many lives are ruined.

    It is tragic. Something has to be done.

  2. From R Greene: “Section 24220 of the bill directs the National Highway
    Traffic Safety Administration to develop rules…”

    Eric has shown that presidents, through illegitimate executive orders,
    are running the country by whim, rather than Constitutional law.
    Decrees, emanating from federal “agencies”
    (434 of them, https://www.federalregister.gov/agencies) are
    in the same category.

    There is little reason for states to exist if they are all bound by
    goddamned pieces of paper fashioned in Washington, DC.

    • Our Congress is failing us.

      They have powers that they voluntarily give away to the executive branch. Mainly done by Democrats, but some pretend to be Republicans too.

      They pass multi-thousand-page bills that no one could possibly read before approving. They are written mainly by industry lobbyists and lawyers. Nasty Nancy Pelosi used to say: ‘You’ll find out what was in the bill after it is passed’.

      Even worse, these multi-thousand-page bills voluntarily hand off power to regulatory agencies by telling them to decide how to accomplish the generic goals in the bill. The result is whatever the agency wants to do, rather than what was intended by Congress.

      There is a voluntary transfer of power from Congress to the leftist Deep State government employees.

      Whether the President, his cabinet, or his regulatory agencies try to control the private sector, the result is still fascism. And we are moving toward fascism at a surprising rate since 2020’s lockdowns.

      Fascism is sometimes called ‘Rule by Government Experts’, but they are never experts, and we don’t want to be ruled.

      A sad fact of life is that most governments in history have been tyrannies. Democracy is unusual, and does not seem to last long.

      Since 2016, I have used a climate science and energy blog to spread the news about the false coming climate change crisis prediction. That false prediction of climate doom is being used to justify fascism, with the compelling claim of saving the planet from climate change.

      Governments claim they do not want more power over the private sector simply because they are tyrants — they “need” that power “to save the planet for the children”.

      There has been no global warming since 2014, but no American has ever read that in the mainstream media.

      Antarctica is not melting from CO2, and can not melt from CO2, because of a permanent temperature inversion over most of the continent. 90% of Earth’s ice is there, and it is not melting, so sea level rise can not accelerate. That climate science fact is not even found on most conservative websites.

      Earth does not need to be saved from climate change.
      We do need to be saved from leftist fascism.

      End of ranting and raving for today.

      • Richard, do you recall ever hearing of a “derecho” until recent years? I learned this morning that there was one practically in our backyard yesterday. News to me.


        There seem to be more and more of these scary special words being used now to describe weather phenomena that have occurred since the beginning of time. Strong straight-line wind is now a “derecho,” and persistent precipitation is an “atmospheric river.”

      • “most governments in history have been tyrannies. Democracy is unusual”
        Democracy is just a very slightly kinder and gentler tyranny, of the majority over the minority. The 51% holding a gun to the heads of the 49% and insisting they obey. Or else.

  3. “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” Lysander Spooner

  4. This all happened because during the Great Depression the Congress gave away legislative power to the bureaucracy that FDR created. It was thought that the only way to properly regulate/micromanage the economy was to surrender to wise experts. At first it probably did help, if only by giving some assurances to investors that anyone getting out of line would be delt with. But it didn’t take much thinking to realize that businesses would game the system to their advantage and the “wise experts” were quickly outgunned by the businessmen.

    Worse, the old “spoils system” that handed out executive branch positions to political allies became lifetime positions, except for old traditions like choice ambassadorships. And even the Congress got involved in the grift, walking exceptions through the system for prefered firms and benefactors.

    We’re past time to have a revolt (like we did after the Civil war and the Great Depression), and it really feels like the adminstration really wants to hasten one. But that would require the distruction of so much wealth (much of it in Washington DC), there’s no way they’re serious. So we end up with screwing up social issues and repainting the gingerbread.

  5. As an independent and not a hack, as least you represent yourself not to be, you shouldn’t be using a “quote” that probably never happened. There is limited info on it coming from George Bush and the info available is from liberal hacks with little documentation or corroborating evidence. I’m open to proof that it happened, but so far that proof is nil.

    • Hi Bryan,

      Anyone who defends The Chimp is part of the problem. The man is a sociopath and a war criminal. Personally responsible for tens of thousands (of not hundreds of thousands) of deaths and incalculable misery. He is also why Barack Obama became president.

      He also – infamously – styled himself The Decider. And that (plus his actions) tells us all we need to know about his respect for the Constitution.

      • Hi Eric

        Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Fuhrer! Oops, sorry got too far into the current focus back in Mordor on the Potomac. But we all know who the Volk, Reich and Fuhrer are. Hell the DNC/RNC aren’t even making a pretense about it any more. With the Ministry of Truth (mass/social media) working openly with them, why should they bother? The last three years have been very instructive. In many senses of the word. Many trend lines are converging. Not to mention accelerating. Lets hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

  6. ‘The president is the king of these gangsters – because he is above the law. ‘ — eric

    And he’s STILL on the frickin’ take:

    “We know from the laptop that Hunter Biden’s business paid for a private phone line that Joe Biden used while he was vice president,” Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. “It was from AT&T, it was $300 a month, it was a global phone where you could access somebody anywhere around the world.”

    Now get this – journalist John Solomon called the phone, and President Joe Biden picked up!

    “One of those documents got leaked to me and it had a cell phone number that Hunter Biden was paying for, so I figured this was my chance. I’ve been trying to get fair comment from Hunter Biden, so I’m gonna call the cell phone!” Solomon told Real America’s Voice. “So I called the cell phone, and guess who picked up the phone? Joe Biden!”

    “Joe Biden! Boy was he shocked when he got – when he picked up the phone and found out it was me,” Solomon continued, adding “He hung up pretty quickly!”


    “Joe, this is Volodymyr. Can you airlift me another $500 million?”


  7. “The current Decider has decided … that every new car made beginning three model years from now be fitted from the factory with what is styled a “kill” switch. Meaning your car can be remotely disabled at will, by whomever has control – remotely – of the switch.”

    Regular heckler, and fact checker, here.

    The kill switch claim above is false.

    The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act does not direct a kill switch to be implemented that gives any third parties, suh as law enforcement or government officials, access to the in-vehicle technology.

    The bill directs a federal agency to require technology that would detect driver alcohol impairment and disable the vehicle in that scenario.

    One provision in the bill seeks to prevent alcohol-related driving fatalities by making “drunk and impaired driving prevention technology” standard equipment in all new vehicles.

    Section 24220 of the bill directs the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to develop rules that would require new cars to be equipped with technology that “passively monitors the performance of a driver,” identifies whether they may be impaired and prevents or limits motor vehicle operation “if an impairment is detected.”

    The agency has three years to finalize the standards for which technologies cars should use.

    Automakers have two and three years to implement those standards. The earliest implementation date for the technology is 2026.

    The legislation does not direct the agency to require a remote “kill switch”. That is a conservative myth.

    There is also no automotive technology in development that could be considered a remote “kill switch”.

    The federal government has funded the development of passive technologies that measure blood alcohol content by sampling air in the vehicle and using a transdermal sensor device – a light directed at the skin.

    An alcohol detection sensor that prevents an impaired driver from starting his car is NOT a remote kill switch.

    I am not in favor of an alcohol detection sensor. It will probably be almost worthless, because it will be set to monitor the legal alcohol limit. That is too high. After just one drink, a driver is impaired, even though his blood alcohol level is far below the legal limit.

    Due Diligence: I don’t drink alcohol. But I do use Listerine mouthwash, that has 22% alcohol. That could be a problem in such a car.

    • “The kill switch claim above is false.”
      So you honestly believe that such a kill switch won’t be utilized to increase the total control regime? That just because it is “not directed” that it won’t be there, just waiting for activation, as a part of its “connected” features? Really?

      • “After just one drink, a driver is impaired” and may be almost as bad a driver as half those on the road that are sober. Almost.
        You don’t drink, so you know not of what you speak.

          • And I have had friends have accidents while stone cold sober. One, like you, didn’t ever drink at all. They still wrecked their car and some one else’s. Yes, most were at fault, including the one that never drank.

          • Richard,

            Impairment is the problem and it does not all arise from booze. If a glaucomic old man doesn’t see you and runs you over – but he’s sober – is it any better? “Drunk” driving has been defined down to absurdity, as in the case of those under 21 – who can be charged with it for being caught with a beer (as in one) in the car. Even if the can is empty – and they did not drink the beer.

            Some people are still better drivers with 2-3 drinks in them than others are sober. A fact. Why not focus on loss of control – and harm caused – than these arbitrary hobgoblins of yours?

        • Are you really that naïve Richard? Do you honestly believe that such a kill switch is not likely already installed, and waiting to be activated? Have not cars been taken over by hackers while rolling down the road? All the state has to do to take over the drunk driver detector is take over its control mech.

    • Richard,

      Just when I think you might be beginning to get it… you come back with your Talmudic quibbling and parsing. Cars will be fitted with technology that can and will be used to turn them off. That is a “kill switch” by any definition that makes sense. The reason why the car turns off is incidental. It is a pretext.

      Your parsing/quibbling is another example of a guy who isn’t dumb showing he is lacking understanding.

      • Insults will not stop me from correcting your misinformation. You and many other conservatives claim there must be a remote kill switch that some outsider could operate to disable your car. Such a switch is NOT required and is not being developed.

        What is required is an alcohol detector that PREVENTS a drunk driver from starting his or her car. That is a BIG difference, not quibbling over details.

        There is no remote kill switch coming, as you falsely claimed, and you are now bending the definition of a remote kill switch in a failing effort to prove you were correct.

        As a non-drinker, I believe an alcohol impairment switch in all autos would make my journey in a car safer. I welcome such a safety device on all cars and trucks, if they actually work, and can’t be tricked. It does not sound like they would stop a partially drunk driver from starting his car, so should not affect a driver who stopped to drink a beer after work.

        Alcohol sensors would be the second mandatory safety device I favor since the mandatory seat belts and shoulder belts. Once is a while, the US government does the right thing, because about one-third of car crash fatalities in the U.S. involve drunk drivers, according to the NHTSA. An average drunk driver has driven drunk over 80 times before first arrest.

        Most fatal drunk driving accidents occur on interstates and freeways (13%) compared to principal arterial roads (32%), minor arterial roads (21%), collector roads (19%), and local roads (15%).

        I had two close high school friends die in alcohol related car crashes in the 1960s. A friend’s daughter here in Michigan drove drunk and almost killed another driver after falling asleep at the wheel. Even after $15,000 of legal fees, she went to prison.

        I know of fender benders from impaired drivers. Almost everyone I know who drinks eventually drives under the influence, even if not over te legal limit, and it ought to stop. We have seized car keys from friends at our Christmas parties to prevent them from driving home drunk.

        According to Insurify’s data, 2.27 percent of drivers around the country have a prior citation for a DUI. Additionally, 12.70 percent of motorists have at least one prior accident on their driving record, and 17.78 percent of adults nationwide report excessive or binge drinking.

        • “one-third of car crash fatalities in the U.S. involve drunk drivers”
          Which means two thirds involve sober drivers. And your stat does not clarify who was at fault, so the two thirds could be higher regarding who is at fault.
          So should we all take down a shot or a beer before we hit the road? Of course not, and I am in no way in favor of driving impaired, but neither do I want the Psychopaths In Charge deciding if I am or not.
          The US government NEVER does the right thing, because they hold a gun to your head and threaten to kill you if you disobey. They are far more dangerous than drunk drivers. Just ask a couple of million folks in the Middle East, for example. Oh, you can’t. They’re dead.
          Or do you really endorse an inebriated driver being drug from his car and shot dead by agents of the state.

            • I originally said such a mandatory driver alcohol sensor would be a good thing to save lives and serious injuries. Of course, I am biased, being a non-drinker. The wife just convinced me the alcohol sensor could be a lot more restrictive than I imagined. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to me anymore.

              The wife owned a bar / restaurant for 15 years. She claims the sensors will be government mandated, sooner or later, to freeze the ignition switch after just one drink, way before the legal alcohol limit, which is too restrictive. I have to agree with her “slippery slope” argument.

              I don’t think drinking one beer, or a glass of wine for the ladies, after work, should disable your car and require a UBER ride home.

              • Yeah my first thought was that it would not be a bad idea to have a device that prevented the car from starting as that would be a good way to know you could be busted for a DUI, something I DO NOT want to happen.

                But on second thought the slippery slope would happen and yes, it would soon go for “zero tolerance”, just as allowable blood alcohol levels have been going down since the beginning.

              • With the way government is, and with the desire from them and the WEF psychopaths to use technology to implement digital slavery for the masses, with this “mandatory” device for new vehicles under guise of preventing drivers from driving drunk, what’s to stop them from using it for other, more sinister purposes like “You don’t get to drive today because you’ve exceeded your carbon footprint allowance!” or even “You don’t get to drive today because you didn’t take the latest vaccine!” (made by Pfizer of course & ‘required’ by the WHO for the next pandemic)

                • >other, more sinister purposes like “You don’t get to drive today because you’ve exceeded your carbon footprint allowance!”
                  [nodding head in agreement]
                  Or even, “You can only drive on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, because there is not enough electricity being generated to power all those rightous EEEVeees.”

                  Reminds me of a John Prine song (“Automobile”) from a simpler time:

        • Richard,

          Those who us the term, “misinformation” are typically those shading the truth. And the truth is the federal government has decreed that cars built beginning with the 2026 models be fitted with technology that can disable the car. Ostensibly, to prevent “drunk” drivers from driving. In fact, to allow for the disabling of the car by authority – for any reason authority decrees.

          How is “drunk” determined, Richard? By arbitrary BAC levels? By eye movement?

          You arbitrarily favor disabling the car if the car suspects the driver is “drunk”?

          Are you aware of the fact that the “technology” at issue can easily encompass “aggressive” and “erratic” driving and equate it with “impairment”? Do you really believe the insurance mafia will not insist upon access to such data and that the car “correct” for “aggressive” and “erratic” driving? Are you that naive?

          Oy vey, it gets tiresome.

          • I have changed my mind thanks to the wife. An alcohol sensor can be programmed, or reprogrammed, to disable a car after just one drink. Disabling the ignition for blood alcohol levels over the legal limit sounded like a good idea. But it won’t stop there. It never does. The government will soon claim just one drink is too many to start your car. I can’t go for that.

              • I thought one optional air bag would be a very high take rate option for the front seat passenger.

                Now we have six mandatory airbags which is five too many for me. The slippery slope again.

                • Hi Richard,

                  It’s not just the airbags, either. Having accepted the premise that it is proper for government to define what is “safe” – and mandate in the name of “safety” – we now have cars saddled with mandatory back-up cameras, anti-whiplash head rests that crimp rearward visibility and high doors/low windows that do the same. Now comes “advanced driver assistance technology” – and “kill switches,” too.

                  Never, ever give them an inch – for they will take a mile.

                  • I have to agree with the never give them an inch argument. All the extra safety equipment forces us to pay more for automobiles to get features we don’t want.

                    My wife would lobby for a mandatory compass because she never knows which way is north or south unless I’m in the car.

                    The rear camera in our car will hopefully prevent her from backing into poles, which was her hobby for many decades. She once backed into a girlfriend’s car parked in our driveway.

                    • Richard,

                      If your wife backs into things, she should pay more to be “covered.” She needs “coverage.” But the problem is that people who do not back into things are forced by the government to buy “technology” they do not need – such as back-up cameras – and also more for the “coverage” they do not need, either. To offset the losses incurred by people who back up into things.

            • >The government will soon claim just one drink is too many to start your car. I can’t go for that.

              Wellll….I already impose that rule on myself.
              I like my beer (prost!), but I refuse to drive with *any* alcohol in my system.
              1. I do not own a breathalyzer. Guessing @ BAC is too risky, in today’s legal environment. And I live in California, not Utah.
              2. Even if you are not *legally* “intoxicated,” my impression is that involvement in a T.A. with any amount of blood alcohol *could* open the door to the state claiming that “alcohol may have been a factor.” (I was once kicked off a jury for asserting that BAC and demonstrated physical impairment are two distinct questions – the state does not see it that way, and will not tolerate those who insist otherwise.) Having once been involved in an accident in which the other driver lost his life, I shudder to think what can of worms *might* have opened up had I not been cold sober, which I was. Sorry, no one gets to play that card with me, ever.

              I am not a pilot, but both my brothers are qualified single engine VFR. Both are also hotrodders, and one got busted for “speed contest,” i.e. street drag racing. We (all three of us) like to go fast, but my brothers have told me that “twelve hours between bottle and throttle” is the rule for those who fly airplanes. That seems like a good rule to me, so I have adopted it for my own use w.r.t. autos as well.

              Full disclosure: I am an old fart, and “don’t get around much anymore.” I fully admit to having done many *stupid* things in my (long lost) youth, such as* driving an automobile with entirely too much alcohol in my system.
              *but not limited to 🙂

              • If people did not drive with a small amount of alcohol in their blood. we’d have all 35 guests sleeping on the floor after our Christmas party. We try to be sure drinking ends one hour before our party ends.

                • Richard,

                  It is a wise man who knows his limit. It is a tyrannical man who thinks he knows what the limit is for everyone else. I miss the better, vanished time when people would get pulled over if they were driving erratically- as opposed to everyone having to pull up for an inspection by a government geek with a gun and a badge (this dirty business also giving the government geeks the excuse to look for other “violations,” such as government-issued stickers not up-to-date, seatbelt disobedience and so on).

                  Are “dangerous drunks” and a danger? Certainly. But government is far more dangerous than any drunk.

                • >we’d have all 35 guests sleeping on the floor

                  I’ve had guests sleeping on the floor. What is wrong with that? In the case in question, I do not believe there were any “small amounts of alcohol” involved, though.

                  Quarter keg is quite a lot of beer, even for an entire rugby side on a hot July night, and I had recently been informed I would not be drafted after all.

        • Richard writes:

          “As a non-drinker, I believe an alcohol impairment switch in all autos would make my journey in a car safer. ”

          As a skilled driver, I believe a manual transmission in all cars would make my journey safer – by making drivers better (of necessity).

          Shall that be the next mandate? If not, why? I mean, other than because your arbitrary “beliefs” seem to entitle you to impose things on others.

          • Mandatory manual transmissions are a great idea. The increase in safety would be instantly measurable. Such a mandate would remove about 30-50 of the drivers currently on the road. It would be like the old days, 15-20 minutes to get where you’re going, not an hour or more.

        • You are correct that drinking effects the motor response. Tests have shown that to be true. Even small amounts change response time, the thing is response time varies greatly from person to person, a young healthy person who has had a couple of drinks probably has their response time reduced to that of a 70 year old person. There are a lot of 70 year old drivers out there, and as much as I would like to hit the “kill” switch on them, (I mean their cars-mostly), I realize a driver doesn’t have to have the reflexes of a race car driver to navigate correctly in most situations.

          You know that there are no kill switches currently operating because the police are under heavy pressure to stop pursuits because of the accidents that result. The city of Ann Arbor just said it will prohibit police chases for anything under a felony. If the cops had a kill switch they would certainly use it in these cases.

          • Hi Cashy,

            We all vary in abilities. If you are better-than-average at something, even if you are “impaired,” you are probably still better than average. Example: I work out pretty hard and for that reason am stronger than average. I can easily rep 225 pounds on the bench press 11-12 times. If I get drunk tonight and get no sleep and go to the gym badly hung-over and tired, I can still bench more than most guys who got a good night’s sleep and did’t drink a thing.

            Years ago, I drove around with the ex racer Bob Bondurant. He loved to drink. And he could still out-drive 98-plus percent of the sober drivers out on the road, I assure you. I’d much rather him on the road than my ex mother-in-law. She never drank. But she wrecked with regularity.

            Mind, I am not defending “drunk” driving. I am simply pointing out the standards are arbitrary and have been dumbed down to absurdity for the sake of easing the fears of hysterics, to the advantage of those who seek to control us.

            • Eric,

              Excellent articulation of the necessary argument.

              Now, how long will it be ’til there’s a suite of instrumentation monitoring a drivers every vital, including hormonal concentrations and biochemistry, worn by every driver as an army of sensors studding his or her body and an onboard computer deciding at every moment whether that driver is fit for driving?

              You vitals are slightly out of spec, the car pulls itself over and deactivates.

              How long ’til that’s not a nightmare of madness, and becomes a mandate?! It’s looking not-so-distant.

            • “I can easily rep 225 pounds on the bench press 11-12 times.”

              Real men do not brag about how strong they are. The truth is probably 125lbs. cleaned and jerked two times. Or you lift two 12 ounce beer cans once.

              • Richard,

                I was trying to make a point – which you clearly missed. Again. We are not equal in ability. Ergo, arbitrary standards are just that. I mentioned driving with Bob Bondurant, the ex race car driver who founded a high-performance driving school. If you knew him, you’d know he liked to drink. And even with a few in him, the man could drive – far better than most people. Even if he was “impaired” by alcohol, he was still less impaired in terms of his ability to drive than most sober people ever are. He had a margin, in other words. One my ex mother-in-law did not. Nice lady, but terrible driver. She was unsafe at any speed – even though she never drank. She would sail through a “sobriety checkpoint” with flying colors. But she was a danger to herself and everyone in her vicinity. Bob was not. Yet he would have been arrested as a “dangerous drunk” if caught at the checkpoint with a .06 BAC (in many states).

                It’s one size fits all tyranny.

                As regards the rest: I mentioned the bench press. You obviously do not know that benching is not the same as clean and jerking. And I expect you’d have trouble benching what I warm up with. If you want to find out, let’s meet at my gym or any gym you like and we’ll see who’s telling the truth (again).

            • From my student hitchhiking days, long ago, I have vivid memory of “doing the ton” as passenger in an MG Midget driven by a man who said he raced SCCA events.

              Headed north on the number one lane of the NJ Turnpike in the wee hours. Guardrail to the left, semi to the right, rapidly overtaking a semi in front. Distinct smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath, and no place to go in case of driver error. I felt perfectly safe, as he was an excellent driver. He “had been drinking,” but was not incapacitated.

              Contrast that with the “sober but stupid” New Yorker who gave me a lift eastbound on I-80 in eastern Nevada, and damned near got us both killed. Terrible driver, equipment in bad repair. He was life threateningly stupid, and I got away from him ASAP once I realized the situation. He really had no business driving an automobile.

          • I outran New York police at radar traps two times as a speedy teenage driver. They never got close enough to read my license plate. A real kill switch would have cost me my driver’s license two times.

            • I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

              Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye yah yah yah yah aye yah yah yah yah!

              Me me me me me me me me me me me happens to be the meme.

              Good Lord!

              You, Richard Greene, need a bottle in front of you and a maybe even a frontal lobotomy.

              Looks like you need at least one in the worst way, maybe both.

              You’re driving everybody to drink, that’s your queue.

                • Always have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. That is, until they speak up and remove all doubt.

                  I’m not the one submitting for publication tldrs incessantly all of the time.

                  Get a grip, you dope.

                • Richard you are very fun to watch. I am guessing since you retired from Ford in 2005 that you don’t have much to do. Do you live in Dearborn? You seem to be intelligent with a bent towards regurgitating facts. I think you really missed your calling. You should be a White House Press Secretary or whatever the title is of the immigrant, lesbian, black, non binary, currently occupying the post and in the process delivering lots of entertainment.

          • > If the cops had a kill switch they would certainly use it in these cases.
            Which might not be a bad thing, in certain cases, such as:
            1. Stolen cars
            2. Wrong way drivers
            3. Any other armed felons fleeing the police (hot pursuit of bank robbers, e.g.) Can you say “O.J. Simpson?”

            There was a famous case a number of years ago in which a police sharpshooter shot and killed (from a helicopter) a bank robber who was fleeing (wrong way driver) on Interstate 215 in San Bernardino. Can’t say I would object to an ignition kill switch in such cases.

            But, there is certainly a *huge* potential for abuse, and for that reason the idea creeps me out, mostly. If you think I don’t trust the government, you are right.

            • I would rather take my chances with the illegal criminals than with the state criminals. The former is not nearly as dangerous.

    • To say it’s not a remote kill switch is to ignore how the technologies work in the modern car. For all I know the remote kill switch ability is already in cars due the soft on-off button.

      Certainly if the car can use a variety of sensors to decide the driver is impaired and shut down and the car can be accessed remotely there will be functions by which this can be triggered even if they only exist for test or diagnosis purposes. The ability of the car to do it plus remote access makes a defacto kill or hobbling switch depending on which option was chosen per the quoted passage.

  8. Another day of dreaded suffering and misery in the Biden Thing’s Chimerica, whatever it is now.

    A day in a mercury mine would be a joy to experience compared to what has to be lived here in the now.

    Nixon would get drunk and roam the halls of the White House talking to the portraits of the other presidents who had been there prior. At least he had enough brains to drink enough to get drunk. Anybody with a brain knows how to swear, even in church.

    You swear to God, for Christ’s sake.

    Words from the wise:

    “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.” – Cicero

    Must be Joe’s motto.

    “An ignorant person is one who doesn’t know what you have just found out.” – Will Rogers

    Walt Whitman said to resist much and obey little.

    Straighten up and fly right.

  9. ‘The current Decider has decided … that every new car … be fitted with a “kill” switch.’ — eric

    I despite what Jason, in a comment below, styles the ‘fossilized cretin.’ But we can’t blame the senile simpleton for the stinking kill switch.

    Slipped into the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, sponsored by DemonRat clown Peter DeFazio of Orrrrrregon, is Section 24220, Advanced Impaired Driving Technology. You can read it here, in this sloppily formatted document, by scrolling about 40% of the way down:


    Dementia Joe merely signed this bill on Nov 15, 2021 … after his aides pointed out that he was holding the pen upside down.

    Who, you might ask, helped draft Section 24220?

    ‘According to the Associated Press, development of the drunk-driving tech has been ongoing since 2008 with the research and funding coming mainly from NHTSA and a group of automakers. The joint effort culminated with a group called the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety or DADDS, as Automotive News reports.

    ‘The DADDS group has led the advancement of the tech, which the NTSB says could be licensed by automakers in the U.S. by 2024, and be available in new cars just two years later.’ — jalopnik.com, September 21, 2022

    So a biz-gov partnership consisting of the administrative state (NHTSA) and auto makers themselves shoved this shit down our throats. This is another very good reason why Ford, GM, Stellantis, and whoever else collaborated with them, should be SHUT DOWN and PUT OUT OF BUSINESS.

    Auto makers are our enemy. Make them cry; make them die.

    • “and a group of automakers.” And there it is! Just as I’ve been pointing out to whomever will listen, the automakers themselves put much/most (all?) of this safety insanity in place and put upon us. It is simultaneously to their benefit and our detriment. They did this to us, for their profit and power, and they all deserve to die on the ship they made sink.

      Fuck them and especially fuck Audi, whose eurofaggot exuberance for all this shit has been waved around like a rainbow flag at a pride parade. Second only to Tesla for putrid disgust in my mind.

      And also fuck DADDS too! I prefer DDAMM… drunk drivers against mad mothers.

    • Automakers used to oppose new government regulations in behalf of their customers. When I retired from Ford product development in January 2005, that fight was already history. When the government says “jump”, the auto CEOs say “how high”.

      They really failed to oppose the 2025 model 49mph CAFE requirement that forces them to sell EVs that few people want to buy.

      • What do you think happened there? I am amazed that Big Auto, one the biggest money makers and largest employers (lots of union votes) was pushed aside so easily on so many issues related to the government over-regulation of cars. Anti-pollution add-ons, safety devices, mileage requirements, now electric vehicles. If George Soros can purchase our whole Congress couldn’t these mega companies seize control of some key politicians?

        The same thing is happening to the energy industry. What happened to Exon, and Mobil, and the coal interests. They are getting trashed by a bunch of green commies that want to put them out of business. This is an existential battle for these companies and they are rolling over like puppies. I don’t get it.

        • Mandatory 49mph CAFE for 2026 model will restrict sales of high profit ICE pickup trucks and large ICE SUVs. Or there will be big CAFE penalties to be paid t sell them. … Maybe the current auto CEOs are just as “woke” as the Deep State employees giving them marching orders?

  10. Every time I have heard and continue to hear these criminal bastards talk about “leadership”, it makes me nauseated. I literally feel sick, in my gut, in my mind, knowing WTF they have stolen from us and the evil that they have done and will surely get away with in the future.

    I don’t need any-fucken-body to lead me shit anywhere. Fuck right off with your “leadership”… disgusting putrid demons.

    Yeah, the Constitution was (in general) a good idea once upon a time. Not bullet proof and apparently inferior to the Articles of Confederation. But anything good that it might have been was put to an end, no later than the American Civil War. Very likely much earlier, depends on the focus.

    It’s just a sick joke at this point.

    Every time I hear those bastards wailing and screeching about “our precious democracy” (akin to “our thing” aka cosa nostra), I wish that somebody would fucken John Wilkes Booth their evil asses.

    But “oddly” enough. No “untimely passing” has occurred for the evil bastards since Lincoln.

    Which (lastly) reminds me. “We” as a society are never ever going to learn from history because too few people believe what actually happened and have an ignorant insistence on the fantasy they learned in its place.

      • I don’t think Kennedy qualifies as an evil bastard and I think that’s exactly why the deep state killed him. But, TBF, I don’t really know much about the others that you stated outside of being president at some point.

        If they were evil bastards, then the world became a slightly better place when they were taken out of it.

    • ‘I wish that somebody would fucken John Wilkes Booth their evil asses.’ — XM

      One of my great grandparents on the maternal side was surnamed Booth. I like to think I’m related to the man who relieved us from the gaunt-faced tyrant Ape Lincoln.

      In his own words:

      ‘I have ever held the South was right. The very nomination of Abraham Lincoln, four years ago, spoke plainly of war upon Southern rights and institutions.

      ‘I have also studied hard to discover upon what grounds the right of a State to secede has been denied, when our very name, United States, and the Declaration of Independence, both provide for secession.’

      Sic semper tyrannis, bitchez!

  11. “How much longer before we dispense with the fiction that the Constitution is, in fact, anything more than a goddamn piece of paper”

    The Constitution of the United STATES — a federated republic of semi-sovereign states — died at Appomattox on April 9. 1865.

    • Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.
      -Judge Learned Hand

    • Yep.

      And even then it was a fraud, as the Articles of Confederation were illegally replaced with the Constitution, by the colonial aristocracy/mercantilists of that time. The Whiskey Rebellion shows the Constitution for what it was — a move to centralize power — almost before the ink was dry.

      There always have been and always will be psychopathic men who wish to rule over everyone else, to boss others around. (The kind of people Will Garland likes or possibly is…)

  12. >>> The current Decider has decided to go to war with Russia – without Congress declaring it. And that all new cars must average nearly 50 miles per gallon within the next couple of years and also that every new car made beginning three model years from now be fitted from the factory with what is styled a “kill” switch. Meaning your car can be remotely disabled at will, by whomever has control – remotely – of the switch.

    We aren’t at war with Russia. Giving/selling weapons to a country that is at war with another country doesn’t constitute “going to war” with that other country.

    The 1970s Energy Act that created CAFE standards gives the President authority to impose fuel economy standards

    There is no kill switch requirement. This is just something that idiot boomers have just accepted as true because they saw some Facebook memes about it. The law requires that car itself, not something remote like the police or the manufacturer’s servers, monitor the driver for impairment. Some cars already do this and popup a message to the effect “You seem tired. Maybe take a break.”

    Considering every single new car sold, even most base models, comes with Bluelink, HondaLink, OnStar, Toyota Connected Services, etc… that can already remotely disable your car, I’m surprised this is such a huge concern.

    I wish the President had more power. If the people elect the President to “build the wall” or repeal and replace Obamacare or setup Medicare for All or make paid parental leave available to all workers – Then the President should be able to do those things. In parliamentary systems the party that wins actually gets to implement it’s agenda. That’s how it should be here too.

    It’s interesting to me that so many people on the left are concerned about a second Trump term. With congress being basically 50/50, the filibuster in the Senate, and the inability of the parties to discipline their members for not voting for their big agenda items (e.g. Manchin and Collins) he won’t be able to accomplish anything. The only tangible accomplishment he had in the first four years was a tax cut and getting lucky that RBG died.

    • Will writes:

      “We aren’t at war with Russia. Giving/selling weapons to a country that is at war with another country doesn’t constitute “going to war” with that other country.”

      Technically true. But going to war in Iraq sure does. And the current selected Fuhrer is doing almost everything imaginable to provoke a war with Russia. Which – unlike Iraq – does have “weapons of mass destruction.”

      I am sure you do wish the Fuhrer had more power. People such as you love power. Love to see it used to force others do do (and not do) things think they ought to do (and not do) and pay for them, too.

      • Hey, Eric, (and anyone else)
        [Alt]0252 => ü (German umlaut)
        [Alt]0246 => ö (German umlaut)

        [Alt]xxxx yields many other useful symbols from the ANSI character set, such as
        [Alt]0241 => ñ (Spanish letter)
        [Alt]0191 => ¿ (Spanish punctuation)
        [Alt]0247 => ÷
        [Alt]0177 => ±
        [Alt]0188 => ¼
        [Alt]0189 => ½
        [Alt]0190 => ¾
        [Alt]0169 => ©

        I suggest a professional journalist should have an ANSI character set chart at his/her disposal, and know how to use it (friendly suggestion). 🙂

    • I won’t even start poking holes in that comment Will. I might need to sleep and eat, and my fingers would get sore.

  13. I resent the comparisons of Hitler to Biden. That is unfair and untrue. Hitler at least liked his people and wanted the best for his country. Biden hates us!

      • Hitler didn’t bump his head, fall down, or forget where he was. He also was not a rubber stamp president like Biden is, who signs whatever document he is told to sign, and reads whatever it says on the teleprompter to the best of his limited ability.

        Hitler was the big cheese. We don’t really know who is running our nation now, except that they were not elected. Obama? People who used to work for Obama? Deep State leftists? Biden’s wife? It’s not Biden or Kamala Harris.

      • Towards the end, Adolf was getting “twitchy”. Parkinson’s disease and continued living in a confined space (Fuhrerbunker) will do that to a man. Even at his Alpine retreat, Hitler spent relatively short periods out on the terrace of his estate, and only with Luftwaffe patrols and radar monitoring. There were even special “quad twenty” AA guns in batteries around Bertchesgaden, to deal with potential attacks from USAAF P-38s, P-47s, or P-51s, and RAF ‘Mosquitoes’, coming in “on the deck” through the mountain passes!

        So if Hitler seemed to deteriorate mentally as the war drew to its “Gottdammerung”, his troglyte existence, along with all those drug cocktails that Dr. Morrell was administering, along with stress, were probably the reason.

    • That’s true. For all his faults, Hitler at least directed his fury and the power of the state at foreigners — Communists, Russians, Jews. The stated purpose of his regime was to benefit the German volk — a continuation of Bismarck’s task of uniting the German-speaking peoples of Central Europe.

      Hitler wanted the German people to have personal transportation, high wages, and a high standard of living. He did not want to flood his country with illegal Third Worlders to work for slave wages or collect German welfare. He did not want his people impoverished by bogus “reparations” (where have you heard that word lately?) and have German territory annexed by foreign armies with Prof. Wilson’s blessing.

      Of course his regime committed war atrocities. And yes, it was a demagogic mass movement which does not appeal to me. But the idea that the United States represents pure virtue while Germany represents pure evil is a false dichotomy.

      • I learned something very enlightening about modern Germany, from the substack author known as Eugyppius recently. He pointed out that, as most people know, Germany passed laws against fascism after WW2, but that counterintuitively they have used those laws to eliminate dissent, limit democratic participation, and to essentially get away with having a modern form of fascism anyway.

        We have seen that very thing imported to the United States in the form of Antifa.

        Lots of people, myself included, have long pointed out how Antifa “somehow” misses the overt fascism (i.e., the merger of corporations and state) that is overriding every bit of freedom/liberty we have remaining.

        They’re not missing it by accident.

        Fascism never really went away. Maybe went cold for a while so that the dust of WW2 could clear. It just put on lipstick and gives us all a huge “my precious democracy” kiss every day.

        In Germany, as it turns out, their anti-fascist laws are now used to prevent any meaningful change via the democratic process that is not wanted by the political and powerful elite.

        The false dichotomy goes very deep!

      • From Kristallnacht to Feurtag:

        >Hours before their wedding ceremony, a large-scale attack by hundreds of Israeli settlers on their occupied West Bank village of Turmus Aya turned their lives upside down.
        >A 27-year-old Palestinian father of two, Omar Qattin, was killed in the attack while at least 30 homes and 60 cars were torched in broad daylight, according to a local official.
        >The wedding was supposed to take place in the Turmus Aya Grand Hall. The celebration was cancelled because the space was turned into a funeral hall.

        I expect the Government in Washington will self-righteously take the side of the murderers. Jews can do no wrong, you see.

      • The YouTube personality Razorfist posted an excellent dissertation about Hitler and the Nazis being Socialist, despite howling protests from the Loony Ledt that they were “right wing”. Funny how it was the GERMAN right-wingers that almost got him on July 29, 1944.


  14. This elistist power structure is what the Revolutionary War was about.
    To eliminate the power of a Monarch to destroy the liberty and lives of innocent people.

    The situation in America is now much worse than it was when our forefathers fought a war to throw off the chains imposed by a tyrant.
    America now has a secretive Deep State who thrives on war and has maintained a state of undeclared war for the past 70 years, wasting the lives, fortunes, and sacred honor of millions of Americans in order to enrich and make powerful that tiny gang of thugs.

    DC is corrupt beyond redemption.
    It’s the only way to be sure.

  15. We’re told that no matter how badly an activist president has abused his authority, once he’s out of office we should let bygones be bygones. We don’t want to be a banana republic!
    But that’s one characteristic of a banana republic that would be beneficial – along with the actual bananas. After the inauguration of the new thief-in-chief, take the old one directly from the White House to prison, and leave him there for life. It would be a slap on the wrist considering the death and misery most of them have caused.

  16. Great article Eric!
    The whole “executive orders” business has always made my teeth hurt. Nowhere in the CONstitution does it say the president can rule by diktat, yet he just declares an “emergency” and all your so-called rights go out the window. It’s long past time for torches and pitchforks, Uncke has way bigger weapons than us peons.

  17. Not a good time to be a Marine. To defend the constitution and republic with this soulless cretin thinking he is in charge.

  18. For a regime that consistently claims they’re “Fighting for democracy”, the Biden Thing has consistently ruled as a DICTATORSHIP instead, from issuing nonsensical diktats like face diaper & EV mandates to trying to FORCE Americans to be guinea pigs for Big Pharma to saying Biden won’t have any primary debates with challengers such as RFK Jr, even though most voters, including DEMOCRAT voters, WANT such debates.

    And over in that “Precious Democracy” called Ukraine, Zelensky is calling for suspending elections in Ukraine next year because of the ongoing war. Had Trump called for suspending the 2020 elections here because of the “pandemic”, the militant Trump Haters would have called him an AUTHORITARIAN DICTATOR. Their response to Zelensky’s call for suspending elections in Ukraine? Crickets. I don’t doubt though that the Biden Thing & the Neocons who control his foreign policy would LOVE to do the same thing here or rig the elections so Biden wins a 2nd term.

    • Here is a great sing from 1980 or so by Tonio K called Trouble. I think about this all the time when “Democracy” is mentioned. Don’t listen while driving, you may get a ticket. BTW, he poses the question at the end about just who are we fighting for?

      I wake up every morning
      I go to sleep each night
      The communists muslims
      And war monger texans
      Are still trying to ruin my life
      And all the kings horses
      And all the kings idiot sons
      Ain’t never in all of their glorious battles
      Solved anything with a gun
      (You just can’t do it)
      You’re just askin for it
      (Trouble) it’s in every single headline
      (Trouble) i can’t believe it
      (Trouble) every day another hard time
      (Trouble) i don’t need it
      I don’t like your tiny thinking
      I won’t fight your stinking war
      You start something this time
      We all get a half-life
      Go figure it out on your own
      And it’s all in the name of democracy
      Or it’s all in the name of the state
      But you can name it your mammy
      Name it when i’m through
      You know it all works out the same
      You must be insane
      (Trouble) now you’re getting out the big guns
      (Trouble) i just can’t believe it
      (Trouble) you’re gonna wind up killin’ everyone with this
      (Trouble) but you just can’t see it can ya’
      (Pastoral interlude in c# major)
      (Trouble) in every single nation
      (Trouble) it’s so hard to believe
      (Trouble) right out of the book of revelation
      (Trouble) why don’t you read it read all about it
      (Trouble) ga.ga.i’m talking about trouble
      (Trouble) la la la
      (Repeat 6 times)
      Are you men associated with the american army
      No we’re not associated with anybody

    • Zelensky is not “calling” for suspending elections in Ukraine next year. He has declared marshal law and suspended them until the end of the conflict.

  19. The jab mandate was cover for the C-suites, from whom the Fuhrers’ power flows, many of whom saw the “pandemic” as an opportunity to rid themselves of the troublesome 20% or so of their employees who actually think for themselves, without risking that the “problems” would go work for a competitor.

    At least where competition still exists in this country.

  20. Regarding the Constitution:
    It’s main fault is in not providing for its own enforcement. Once Lincoln disposed of a States right to depart, the only initial means of enforcing it, it was indeed just a piece of paper.
    A piece of paper in which I can find no legal requirement for a public election regarding the POTUS. Article two section one paragraph three:
    “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may
    direct, a Number of Electors.”
    Which means the State legislature can use astrology or chicken bones to select electors if they so choose. I can find no amendment that abrogates that authority. Perhaps one of you can. Which means that in the case of a widely suspected ballot fraud, the State legislature could have simply thrown the election results in the trash and appointed what electors they saw fit.
    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that not only are the multitude of executive orders illegal, but the very process of selecting him is.

    • Was what you describe above not the case in PA during the last presidential election? IIRC, the PA state constitution says (paraphrasing) that election laws/procedures are established by the state legislature. Yet the PA governor put in place all the mail-in voting, etc., etc. Then, I think, Texas sued Pennsylvania on this, over which the Supreme Court has Original Jurisdiction. And subsequently the Court did not hear the case. – Did I recite correctly?

      So yes, enforcement of the Constitution does not happen in this regard, like you say.

      Kinda/sorta the only benefit we have in this federal system of ours is that you can leave a state, and go to another, without any paperwork. Why do you think people are going to red states after all?

    • I actually prefer the Articles of Confederation, which gave FedGov no taxing power at all. Making it wholly dependent upon donations by the States.
      “Act right, and we MIGHT send you some funds. Act wrong and Eff YOU.”

      • If I could go back in time & talk to my ancestors, I’d encourage them to vote against joining ratification of the constitution. That was 235 years ago this week.

  21. Sleepy Joe is a cartoon. Anybody listen to the doofus?

    Nobody home, lights are out too.

    Was at a big box store, priced a tight knot cedar 1×6 ten feet in length. Priced at $63.85, that is 6.38 USD per foot. Four boards will cost you 255 dollars plus tax. Going to be low demand for tight knot cedar boards with prices like that.

    One bundle of western cedar shingles is priced at 80 dollars, five bundles make a square, 400 dollars per square of western cedar shingles is kind of high.

    The fires in Canada have caused high inflation for some lumber products. Gotta be something. The fires must be causing increases in the price of automobiles, just as I thought.

    You won’t have much of an economy with prices that price you out of any kind of market.

    There ain’t no fixin’ it and there ain’t no savin’ it.

    The only way to save humanity is to wipe out the members of the World Economic Forum.

    Going to solve part of the problem.

  22. My friends and I used to discuss how we’d know when we were close to distopia in this country. We honestly didn’t realize just how insidiously it would creep in. We’re here. Not close; this is it. I’m sure it’ll get worse, but I find it amazing how I more or less just realized one day that it’s already happened.

    Btw, you know what Spooner said about the constitution

  23. The Joe Biden is not a dictator. The addle brained (“Russia is losing the war in Iraq.”) Biden is at best a front man for the Military/Industrial/Intelligence[sic] Complex. More likely, however, he is an empty suit with the manipulative hand of the Deep State inserted controlling his every move and decision.

    The end of the American Empire is nigh. Its collapse will take down Western Europe along with “NATO”. It will become the task of Russia to maintain the remnant of Western Civilization, built on the teachings of Jesus, to resurrect the world we’ve known…if possible.

  24. Has there ever been a U.S. president as uncharismatic, unlikable and loathsome as the current White House occupant? While I’ve steadfastly avoided watching most of Biden’s speeches (they’re very hard to stomach), in the few snippets I’ve heard, all he does is wag his finger and scold. In fact, his entire tone and demeanor is that of a crusty, bitter scold. He scolded us for not wearing masks. He scolded us for not getting the “vaccine.” He scolded half the country for being “MAGA Republicans.” He scolds us for not supporting the war in Ukraine, or for not being on board with the alt energy “revolution.” The picture in this article of the Scold-in-Chief captures the totalitarian essence of this Caesar wannabe. I’m not sure the country can survive four more years of this fossilized cretin.

    • Indeed, Jason –

      And, above all, he is a grifter of the worst sort. A textbook sociopath-psychopath. Worse even than Nixon, who had some humanity in him (he was faithful to his wife, for instance). This thing would trigger a nuclear war if he thought there would be a payday in it for him.

        • Hi John,

          Except in the case of Joe Biden, if he “presses that button”, it could start a nuclear war, and we’d be in serious trouble. We have people out there who are soooooooo blinded by hatred of Trump (there are people who STILL think that Trump only became President because he “Colluded with Putin”) and/ or Russia that they seem to have no trouble with risking all out war to satisfy that hatred.

          • There was huge election fraud in the 2021 CA gubernatorial recall election, but whether the slick “pretty boy” would have been tossed via an honest election isn’t clear. The reported result was that “recall” went down in flames, 64% to 36%.

            However, with my ballot, cast in Sacramento County, if you voted “yes” to recall Newsom and also marked the spot for Larry Elder as the new governor, and fold the ballot one of two possible ways before inserting it into the envelope, the spots were VISIBLE through the envelope vent holes. Make of that what you will.

      • The head of Biden crime family of grifters — the Big Guy — that I have written about on one of my blogs since summer 2019, is perfect for blackmail. Joe Biden must do what the Deep State tells him to do if he wants to stay out of prison for taking bribes from our adversaries when he was VP.

    • There seems to be a non-stop anger constantly bubbling beneath the surface with Biden, something which I’ve never seen in any other President since I became politically aware, including, to his credit, the Orange Man.

      The guy has led a charmed life. Where does this seething rage come from?

      The death of the first wife?

      The second wife effectively losing her divorce to be with Scranton Joe and never letting him forget?

      Getting caught for plagiarism in a very public way?

      • Hi Roscoe –

        “Where does this seething rage come from?”

        I think I know. He knows he’s a nothing – and resents the rest of us for it. He wants desperately to be acknowledged as a high achiever but knows, deep down, he’s a grifter. He despises himself – and he despises us.

        • I would tend to agree with that Eric. I have somewhat followed his life in passing only because of a prior relationship I had a long time ago. He was always wrong, always. Mostly revolving around international affairs, but domestic as well.

          • He wasn’t wrong at all Chris. His intent was to promote himself, his life style, and his bank account. All of which he finally accomplished by moving into the White house. If it isn’t in favor of one of those goals, he is against it. Most especially the health of the nation.
            In other words, a full blown textbook psychopath. But that ain’t new in politicians.

            • John you think we got a psycho now …wait till the next instillation…. I think it will be the gov of commieforina.Newsom. What a loathsome piece of shite.

              • Possible that if that POS makes it into the White House we may see an actual rebellion. The SOB had to survive a recall, which was probably defeated by fraud, and that was in California.

                • I am very confident that the recall was specifically defeated *by* fraud so that Newsome wouldn’t have any bad strikes as they usher him into the White House!

                • There was huge election fraud in the 2021 CA gubernatorial recall election, but whether the slick “pretty boy” would have been tossed via an honest election isn’t clear. The reported result was that “recall” went down in flames, 64% to 36%.

                  However, with my ballot, cast in Sacramento County, if you voted “yes” to recall Newsom and also marked the spot for Larry Elder as the new governor, and fold the ballot one of two possible ways before inserting it into the envelope, the spots were VISIBLE through the envelope vent holes. Make of that what you will.

              • @ Zane F
                I dread that possibility, but I suspect you may be on to something. Of late, photos of Greasy Gavin taken from a low angle to make him seem larger, with a stern visage and dramatic hand gestures, seem to have proliferated. Its almost as if we are being “preconditioned” for something.
                [vox Bill Dana] “Oh, I hope not.” /vox

      • Early dementia patients can exhibit unusual personality changes. I have too much experience with this.

        I have experience with a Mother (nine years of dementia), Father-in-Law (several years of dementia) and Mother-in-Law (several years of dementia). All three had significant personality changes.

        A talkative person became quiet.

        A quiet person became talkative, often repeating themselves over and over.

        A friendly person became angry with a failing mental capacity, mainly the inability to remember things.

        Dementia patients are not the same from day to day — sometimes they are in a brain fog and at other times they seem almost back to normal, at least for a few hours.

        Biden’s deteriorating rating as President is probably what most makes him angry. He “got” all those votes, he thinks, so why is he not a beloved, popular President? He lashes out at Trump and MAGA Republicans who hate him.

        A bad situation for early dementia is for the patient to move away from home, such as into the White House.

        Even worse is taking the toughest job in the world, with a brain moving in and out of a dementia “fog”.

        I think it is a disgrace for Jill Biden to have pushed / allowed Joe to run for president, knowing his failing mental abilities first-hand. And Jumpin’ Joe was no brainiac to begin with.

        The same argument applies to John Flusteredman’s wife — he is in worse shape that Biden.


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