The Good Thing About Government . . .

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There is something good about government. It is that – inevitably – it exposes itself.

Or rather, they do.

The first inevitable revelation is that government isn’t an organism or an entity. It certainly doesn’t possess superior wisdom. It is the apparatus of organized, self-legalized power over people, controlled by a relative handful of people. Usually second and third-rate people. These people are no wiser than we are, just more powerful – by dint of controlling the apparatus of this thing called “government.”

In order to get – and hold – this power, these people must persuade a sufficiency of the people that the power being exercised over them is legitimate. This can be accomplished via any of several means and usually most if not all of them together. The people are told they have consented to be governed – and that they are represented. That because they are allowed to vote, they have a choice.

Above all of that, however, they must believe that “government” is fundamentally good in that it serves their interests. As opposed to the interests of those who govern them. And here we come to the fatal inevitability – because it is impossible for “government” to maintain the preposterous fiction that it serves anything other than the interests of those who are “government.”

The worst kind of people.

Not the ones who mind their own business but the ones who very much want to mind yours. Not the ones who want to persuade you but the ones who want to force you. The people who think other people ought to do as they say.

And if they don’t . . .

But they are even worse than that because they are people who pretend they are not like that. They present a facade of respectability. As the serial killer Ted Bundy did. They are public servants. They give themselves honorifics and (usually) dress like the rest of us, wearing business attire – as if their business bore any relationship to legitimate business.

Worst of all, they pretend to care about people when all they care about is the power they wield over people, which they always seek to increase.

And this is their Achilles heel.

The more power they aggregate, the more obvious it becomes that what they crave is unlimited power such that it becomes a criminal act to question that power. At this stage, they become deranged, losing sight of the necessity (as regards the maintenance of their power) of not applying too much of it – for their own good.

We are arrived at that point.

It is the same point always arrived at when it comes to the natural life-cycle of “government.” Including limited “government” – a proposition as preposterous as limited pregnancy. The history of the federal government of the United (by force) States (previously plural, now singular) began with the almost-immediate exercise of power over the people who thought – having been told – that they had just fought a war to limit government. People who’d never been expected to pay taxes before – as on the whiskey they brewed – found the government to be rather expansive in its view as regards what they “owed.”  People who believed – because they’d been told – that they had a right to criticize the government without fear of being persecuted for questioning it soon found out that asking certain questions about the new government could result in punishment.

And, of course, they were told all about the consent of the governed – by a government that took up arms when the people (of the Southern states) had the temerity to seek a government they consented to.

But – for awhile – the “government” succeeded in its mission of acquiring more and more power as it was done incrementally, mostly, and most people still believed the “government” was a kind of wise agency that for the most part served the interests of the people.

It has become impossible for “government” to maintain that fiction. The people are harried by government to the extent that they are no longer permitted by the “government” to buy the kind of lightbulbs they prefer. It will – inevitably – get to the point that the “government” presumes to tell them which foods they’ll be allowed to eat, reducing them to the state of livestock.

Indeed, that point has already been arrived at. The “government” – that is to say, those people – say we may not buy the kind of milk we wish to buy.

It is all coming to a head, as it always and inevitably does. “Government” can obscure what it is – who they are – for a time. But not for all time.

And that time has come.

What comes next will be interesting.

. . .

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  1. Government….an illegal entity…a corporation with no authority…

    People are sovereign not the government….in the beginning, people put the government in place to work for the people….

    The current government is a corporation owned by the luciferion aristocracy, it calls itself a government but is actually a corporation, the entire legal system operates under maritime law…corporate law.

    This corporation calling itself the government then creates a tax system….it says it has the authority to force you to pay tax. Most of the taxes are stolen by the luciferion aristocracy….once in a while they fix the odd pothole in the road.

    This corporation calling itself the government also says it has allodial title to all the land then sells you tiny pieces of it….but… get fee simple title only…and collects property tax (rent) annually. It actually stole the land from someone else.

    This corporation calling itself the government creates many unjust fake laws, then it collects fines from the tax slaves/debt slaves for breaking them.

    The kings, presidents, prime ministers are freemasons working for the luciferion aristocracy…everywhere, on the whole planet.

    The luciferion aristocracy, who control the planet…..the templars are their military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the BIS the bank of international settlements in switzerland…… it controls all the world’s central banks banks….. they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money…they control the world’s financial system…switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291.

    The luciferion aristocracy….with roots going back to the pharoahs, 6000 years ago….a king at the top….slaves on the bottom…a feudal system… our current situation….

    Here is a discussion of the luciferion aristocracy’s banking system….

  2. Spooner was right. No group of people who all died 200+ years ago have the authority to bind me to their designs.

    None of us ever agreed to this, never got to vote on it, so where does the authority come from?
    What if there was a vote & you voted NAY? How could anyone claim any authority over you?
    Simple force.

    At the end of the day that’s all there is. How many people would eagerly tell the whole system to pound sand if there was no threat of violence leveled at them?

  3. Working within the system doesn’t work…never has, never will.
    The freedom you HAVE is the freedom you TAKE.
    Fly below the “radar”. Yes, it is possible. Keep a low profile and do whatever you want.
    The Amish are one good example. They routinely violate “laws” that are used against the rest of us. A good thing.
    Hasidic jews do the same thing.
    Look up Kiryas Joel, New York. If you are not jewish, you cannot buy property, open a business, establish residency or send your children to the “jews-only” public schools. (((They))) ignore EVERY civil-rights, equal housing, and even criminal laws that are imposed on “the rest of us”. On the other hand, (((they))) collect social services monies out of proportion to their population. Many criminal scams and schemes are run out of that “jews-only” community.
    Orania, South Africa is a self-sustaining community of “Afrikaners only”. This community was established “by Afrikaners, for Afrikaners” and is quite successful.
    Yes, it can be done…

  4. I’ve known for a long time that the state is evil. But when the covid freakout began, I still was astounded at the multitude of mini-tyrants that crawled out of the woodwork in every county and village to bark orders about everything from masks to how many tennis balls you could use on one court. This cancer has spread to every corner of the earth.
    To hear some libertarians tell it, people are onto the scam and won’t put up with it again. We’ll see if there’s any truth to that when Angry Joe declares his Climate Emergency. Fifteen days to slow the boiling!

    • Hi Roland,

      Take heart!

      History is always made by individuals – and committed minorities. The mass of people will go with the flow, however it flows. Lenin and his “Bolsheviks” – who were actually a minority in Russian politics – understood this. The American war for independence was supported by about a third or so of the colonists, until it became obvious which side was winning.

      What matters is the steel in the backbone of individuals – and committed minorities. Not the lowing cattle who will go whichever way the wind blows.

      • RE: “What matters is the steel in the backbone of individuals – and committed minorities.”

        Been thinking a lot about the particulars in this bit & how much of it might parallel today?:

        “This is the story of Shays’ Rebellion, which I contend is the most important falsified event in American history. It is a story of speculation in government bonds, political intrigue, propaganda, and systematic deception. […]

        …”Shays’ Rebellion provided an opportunity for a majority of a group of 55 men, more than half of whom were lawyers, to break the law of the land and get away with it. This is not how historians of the Constitution have treated the Convention in Philadelphia.”…

      • “History is always made by individuals – and committed minorities.”

        “Civilizations are created by individuals; they are destroyed by collectives.” Butler Shaffer

        • I was thinking about the incentives which fuel the collectives, i.e. who owns what, that will payoff as The Blob grows.

          From the URL above:

          …”While it is not possible to trace the ownership of all of the debt after the war, what can be traced indicates that 80 percent of the speculators lived in or near Boston, and almost 40 percent was held by 35 men. Most had bought these notes at tremendous discounts. Then, to add insult to injury, interest on these notes was retroactively made payable in silver. To pay off these speculators, taxes were raised. The main ones were the poll tax and the property tax, beginning in 1785. Prof. Richards describes the nature of this tax burden:

          Every farmer knew that he was going to have to pay for every son sixteen years or older, every horse he owned, every cow, every barn, every acre in tillage. Everyone also knew that the tax bite was going to be regressive.”…

          How many so-called ‘leaders’ are up to the hilt in big pharma or defense stocks etc… today and will gain tremendously as The Blog grows?

          They spread the crumbs out, too, i.e. the fella here at EPA who described all the perks (purqs?) active duty & other regular rank and file military get to just go along.

          …And the beat goes on…

  5. The sun’s gravity bends light. The force of gravity presents a problem, there is no control, it is there, nothing can be done to stop it.

    The immovable object meets the irrepressible force.

    The earth is trapped by the sun’s gravity, there is no escape.

    If there is gravity, why is the universe expanding? If the force of gravity were to act accordingly, the Universe would begin to collapse and then be gone.

    Not what is happening, Hubble’s telescope focuses on the far reaches of interstellar space.

    Where’s the gravity if everything doesn’t collapse due to gravity’s forces?

    Therefore, there is no gravity, then the ineluctable conclusion is the earth sucks.

    If the force of gravity were true, all governments would collapse immediately.

    A blessing in disguise.

    Give us this day our daily bread.

    Forgive those who trespass against us.

    Keep it holy.

    This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    And, also, fuck the government, fuck’em all. That means you, too, Joe.

  6. Amazing isn’t it? Some folks called ‘founders’ create a government. Voila,,, All of a sudden you are a citizen of that new government and must pay taxes, and assorted fees to it. Can only travel where it says okay,,, can only have products it approves. Sorry,,, guns and other personal defense products are disapproved.

    When they call for war, and fodder for that war,,, you are supposed to go willingly and die,,, called patriotism. Someone will place flowers and water your grave. Probably the person that gave you life that now puts up flags around their home and calls you a hero,,, defender of America in a war 10,000 miles away that will make government leaders wealthy beyond belief.

    They tell you what medicines you can have,,, with their approval, called a prescription. Otherwise one must go to a UNFREE country like Mexico to buy these medicines cheaper and without prescription. Mexico is considered a rogue state because it has drug cartels that compete with our government drug cartels.

    They make you take a drug test to work at one of their approved corporations. If you complain they lock you up and call you a traitor.

    Yep,,, this and plenty more from some small group of people that all of a sudden decided we needed a government. By the time we reach adulthood we are so indoctrinated we will kill any group that suggests otherwise.

  7. “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” H.L. Mencken

    • You… telling me the things you’re going to do for me
      I ain’t blind and I don’t like what I think I see
      Taking it to the streets…

      Michael McDonald

  8. Any time there’s a new entity created, even a governmental one, there are the pioneers. They are the true believers, willing to do whatever it takes to implement the impact. Society celebrates their victories and excuses their defeats. Wilson’s Brain Trust, FDR’s Kitchen Cabinet and Kennedy’s Camelot cabinet come to mind (and interesting that only Democrat’s adminstrations get cute nicknames -I’m sure Reagan’s cabinet was just as gung-ho as FDRs), but I’m thinking more about people down the org chart, the people who are driven to succeed no matter what. They’ll work late, take the calls and put in the sweat equity. And then they get promoted, scouted, or burned out then move on.

    In comes the next group. They see what’s there and realize what a hot mess it has become, but no way are they as invested, so they push to make it less work for them, usually by increasing the labor budget under the guise of efficiency. They can’t hire really smart people because that would threaten their authoritah, so they dumb down job descriptions to get a big pool to rule. Because the work isn’t fulfulling (how many times can you tell someone “that’s not my department”), they unionize, demand benefits and intangables and worry more about being out the door by 5:00 than job performance.

    This becomes the bureaucracy. No one cares, its just a job, but they’re held in high regard despite their lack of productivity. So do just slightly better than your coworkers but not good enough to stand out and you’ll do well. When the time is right you’ll be moved up and over (never managing your former coworkers because they know what a f***up you are), and along the way eek out a living. Maybe you’ll be the one who finally streamlines the IT trouble ticket system, but you’ll probably make it worse when the “new system” is rolled out and people push back just because they hate change, and the new stuff is full of bugs or missing key features. But you’ll be able to parlay that into a promotion, and that makes it all worth the pain you inflicted.

    In the business world the stagnant firm will be replaced (unless they’re able to get government to enact favorable laws restricting new entrants), but in government the bureaucracy becomes imbedded, whether it is the US Executive branch, European Commission in Brussels or the court of King George.

  9. “In order to get – and hold – this power, these people must persuade a sufficiency of the people that the power being exercised over them is legitimate. This can be accomplished via any of several means and usually most if not all of them together. The people are told they have consented to be governed – and that they are represented. That because they are allowed to vote, they have a choice.”

    Max Weber claimed that states achieve legitimacy through violence. I followed Martin Armstrong’s blogs and attended his conference in 2015 where he talked about the new cycle that had started concerning the downturn in the economy and the uptick in international wars and civil unrest. And the “collapse in confidence in government”. So true. Governments cannot make good on the social contracts where people paid taxes and were “taken care of”, so they have no choice other than to resort to repression. Survival of the state and that state looking out for its interests are the eternal principles of the state.

  10. Two Thoughts…
    It’s hard work to create something from nothing. People scratching the earth to grow a crop or two to eat was extremely hard work. Plunder is easy. You simply take what you want. Psychologically it is intoxicating to see the fear in other people’s eyes as you plunder their efforts and threaten them. Why do you think there was no lack of Nazi guards at concentration camps. Government creates nothing. Government plunders the human effort of others. In doing so, they do what Solzhenitsyn stated in that the receive praise and honors, not insults and condemnation.

    Trump was a failed president. However, he did do one thing…the government (uniparty) is so determined to destroy him still… that they have dropped any pretense of equal justice, constitutional law and have demonstrated what a full-on banana republic we have become.

  11. “In order to get – and hold – this power, these people must persuade a sufficiency of the people that the power being exercised over them is legitimate. This can be accomplished via any of several means and usually most if not all of them together. The people are told they have consented to be governed – and that they are represented. That because they are allowed to vote, they have a choice.”

    We all know they cheated in the last election by massive ballot stuffing, thus the vote is a fraud, they do not have our consent, and thus their rule is illegitimate.

    But no matter, they pretend they won, they prosecute Trump and J6, and they get away with it because the media is on their side.

    Before the vote was established to pretend authority was legit, we had kings, who had the divine right to rule, and in England today they still perform elaborate crowing rituals to fool the Brits in complying with the state.

    But before any of that, going way back, the authority was established by invoking the invisible man in the sky. God, they said, ordains the state – and it still says that in your Holly Bible, Romans 13. Before the vote, God picked your rulers.

    The priest, who dons colored floor length costume gowns, did elaborate rituals on a big altar, sacrificing some poor critter to keep God’s wrath at bay. And people believed too, because they say what happened to Jebediah when he was on the hill crest during the thunderstorm, a loud crack and God hurling a big lightning bolt killing him dead. The villagers said God was mad, and killed him dead for his sins.

    The priest told that story to the sheep, who knew it to be true, and thus when the priest said he represented God, they believed and that is how this whole damn thing started.

    • What is really going on is this – the gods, the elohim, alien race, created us. We call those gods the Anunnaki – after the discovery of the cuneiform tablets which describe what went down in ancient Sumer.

      They came here and made us, as their personal slaves, they crossbred themselves with the local hominids. Humans are a genetically engineered slave race of the gods.

      Proof is Chromosome 2, it is the smoking gun, it is fused together artificially. Go look it up, human chromosome 2 versus all the other primates.

      Humans should not even exist, the gods came here and illegally created us – then after using us like toilet paper, they tried to wipe us out with the Flood. But they didn’t get us all, and humans went feral on earth.

      Read Zacharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles for details. Enki, the chief scientist of the Anunnaki military mission to earth, created the first humans. He did it by taking local wild hominid eggs and artificially fertilizing them with Anunnaki sperm, creating a viable zygote and planting them in some Anunnaki nurses. The first nurse to give birth, Ninmah, is the mother of the human race, the father is Enki, who used his sperm.

      Humans survived the first big attempted genocide – the religious retelling of that story is Genesis myth.

      Humans are not a natural specie, they must work at jobs to exist, we are a domesticated specie that must earn money to buy food. Elite secret societies have taken advantage of us, used us like the gods, to elevate themselves as gods. They are in the know about our real origin, keeping us in the dark with holy babble fables.

      And part of that trick is to convince you of afterlife, so you tolerate your monetary slavery. That is why churches get tax free status – because the priest does an invaluable job for the state, teaching you it is your duty to obey, because god ordained the state, and even today religious say to obey government is to obey god.

      Only humans have government, because humans are an artificial domesticated specie, we are forced to comply with laws, to have a society in which we survive by working and owning stuff. We are not natural, we are the damned, a damned specie on a hell planet. Kurzweil says by 2045 robots will be indistinguisable from humans, by 2100 AD organic humans will be a tiny minority on earth.

      In the year 2525 lyrics”

      “Now it’s been ten thousand years
      Man has cried a billion tears
      For what he never knew
      Now man’s reign is through”

      Yep, in one hundred years we won’t exist.

  12. I remember how public school presented the Whiskey Rebellion as a great milestone for the government’s authority, as if that were a good thing. I wanted to know what gave them the right to enslave me via the “draft”, if that’s not involuntary servitude absolutely contra the Constitution I don’t know what is. Like John Kable frequently points out here govco rules by force – do what you’re told or we’ll put you in a cage.

    • Growing up in Western PA, not very far from where it took place, we were taught a slightly different perspective. Some of our classmates had family members who participated…

      Kinda like reading a book about The Civil War that was written by a southerner.

    • In some cases, like Ukraine, it’s much more than slavery. It’s a certain death sentence where, for the *LUCKY* few, they get out with just being maimed and/or captured. Aka “the lucky ones” and that’s literally been the caption of wounded and surrendered Ukrainians numerous times.

      People talk about how heinously evil slavery and the white patriarchy is but guaranteed death via “service” is A OK, no issues whatsoever.

      You can literally be compelled to be blown up in order to do nothing more than slow down an adversary of government.

      How’s that song go where “I’m proud to be an American”… “where at least I know I’m free”… yadda, yadda?

      Well proud Americans, where at least you know you’re free, you and your “freedom” might get drafted to die in a senseless war against China.

      Now go wave your made in China polyester flag! Maybe some fireworks and hot dogs and shit to wash it down.

  13. “He Has Erected A Multitude Of New Offices, And Sent Hither Swarms Of Officers To Harass Our People, And Eat Out Their Substance.”
    Once upon a time those were fighting words. Now it’s standard FedGov operating procedure.
    Once again, every single government is founded upon it’s assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey.
    Imagine if your neighbor assumed such authority over you, and threatened to kill you for not mowing your lawn often enough.
    Local government does exactly that. With most city and many county governments issuing ordinances of how your lawn is kept. If you resist, and keep resisting, goons with guns will appear at your door. If you resist them, they will shoot you.

  14. ‘They pretend to care about people when all they care about is the power they wield over people.’ — eric

    Case in point:

    ‘Internal FDA emails obtained by Motherboard through a FOIA request reveal agency officials were thrilled with the success of its derogatory “horse paste” tweet that went viral at the end of August 2021:

    ‘You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.’

    Wrong: in fact, I identify as an amply-endowed former equine TeeVee star, Mister Ed. Setting that aside, though, Vice reported:

    ‘In internal emails, supervisors with the agency’s public affairs office congratulated the author of the tweet for his ‘clever (humorous)’ approach. Brad Kimberly, director of social media for the agency’s Office of External Affairs, wrote it. He noted in emails that the tweet quickly became the second most popular in the agency’s history.

    “Horse paste overtook blood clots within a couple of days, per the emails. ‘As of right now, it’s the most popular post we’ve ever had on Twitter,’ Kimberly wrote to Erica Jefferson, the Associate Commissioner for External Affairs with the FDA. The tweet garnered over 23 million impressions, according to Kimberly, and got the agency 11,000 new Twitter followers.”

    Twitter followers and social media ‘likes’ — this is what FDA apparatchiks celebrated, while people were dying from lack of early treatment. Big Gov rock stars, in their own minds. And they are still there, touting the deadly new annual covid ‘vaccines.’

    • Hi Jim,

      The FDA, along with the CDC, exposed themselves the past few years as CORRUPT government agencies. As you may remember, Pfizer & the FDA wanted to keep the Pfizer COVID jab safety trial data HIDDEN from the public for 75 years until a court ordered them to release that data sooner, and the actual data PROVED that “Safe and Effective!” was complete bull crap. The FDA likely wanted to keep their money stream from Big Pharma going when they posted that tweet mocking people who took “horse dewormer”, as Ivermectin wasn’t a big money maker.

      As for the CDC, remember their edict that landlords couldn’t evict tenants who didn’t pay their rent, the stated reason being “Public Health Emergency”? Who gave the CDC that authority? And their diktats that children who went to school had to wear face diapers all day? I read somewhere that a teachers’ union was behind that, and that public schools had to REQUIRE children to wear those damned face diapers to receive federal funding. Translation: The Biden Thing effectively engaged in child abuse under guise of “Keeping everyone Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe from the dreaded ‘Rona” despite COVID effectively being a NOTHING BURGER to children. And now the CDC could potentially “recommend” a yearly COVID AND flu shot for adults, and they could do the same with an RSV vaccine, I read somewhere that the CDC green lighted a new RSV vaccine for newborns.

      • Both the CDC and the FDA are nothing more nor less than the marketing division of Pharma, with the force of goons with guns behind them.

    • I’m not surprised that statist fags celebrate the most awesomest tweet of ever and ever. Gay hurray!

      BUT… for anyone that knows their memes, they know that it’s a rip-off of the “Stop it, get some help” meme featuring Michael Jordan which has been around since fuck forever. It was played out before Trump was president.

      I’m sure those cunts spent a fortune on their social media clever fuckery and that it truly is the best they’ve ever done. But that doesn’t say much TBH.


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