What is “Government”?

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Government takes many forms (monarchy, democracy, etc.) but they all come down to the same thing:

Other people you’d rather not have anything to do with.

Except that unlike ordinary people you’d rather have nothing to do with – and so don’t – government people have the power to make sure you cannot avoid having to deal with them. They are thus the enemies of society, which is people coming together freely to deal with one another in ways mutually agreeable, according to rules rather than laws.

Society is organic, natural. It arises in the form of marriages and families, friendships and similar arrangements, which are entered into voluntarily and can be left voluntarily as well. It is not perfect, of course. But it is free of the element of coercion – the threat of physical violence as the mechanism to compel association when you’d rather not – that makes government worse than imperfect.

Society is a form of contract that differs from government’s idea of contract – which is that you are bound by something you never agreed to, which manifest as laws you are required to obey and which you will be punished for if you do not, even if your only offense is that you did not obey the law (irrespective of any harm caused). In society, there are rules that people follow as a matter of course, as in the home of a friend you are visiting. Part of the reason you’re in your friend’s home being your unforced willingness to abide by “house rules” within his home.

If you choose not to abide by them, the only sanction is loss of your friend’s society – which is usually punishment enough to prevent such “offenses” from happening.

Or at least, recurring.

Arguably, a critical mistake made by those who attempted to “limit” government – as via the Bill of Rights that was incorporated into the American Constitution by men such as George Mason of Virginia, who were hugely doubtful that the Constitution would limit the power of the federal government it created – was to not include as a foundational expression of rights the inalienable right to freely associate.

And to articulate its usually unspoken corollary – the right not to.

These two are the essence of society and the antithesis of government. The latter cannot exist without denying them – while the former cannot survive if not respected.

It stopped being respected in America, officially, when the hero of American government – Abraham Lincoln – repudiated it with express and explicit violence. The events of 1861-1865 are almost always styled the “Civil War” or something less dishonest, such as the “War Between the States” but it was in fact a war against society, against the idea that human relationships ought to be based upon freedom of association as opposed to coercion.

It was not articulated well at the time, of course. Nor since that time. One often hears about “state’s rights” – a bizarre construction – but almost never is secession parsed down to its essential tenet, which is the right to not freely associate, when it no longer suits either of the two parties.

Marriages, friendships, business relationships (when they are honest) are all based on this tenet, which almost everyone agrees with. This latter is a fascinating thing, given that people tend to disagree – often vehemently – about government.

Yet few people believe that friendships ought to be forced; indeed, most people would agree that such a “friendship” is nothing of the kind. Similarly – and on the same principle – very few people would say that forcing people who do not like (or even know) one another to get married is reasonable and right. It is understood that a marriage not entered into willingly and lovingly is not a marriage at all – and that forcing people to remain married who do not wish to live together as man and wife amounts to assigning one of the parties to the “marriage” the status of chattel and to the other of its owner.

In our business dealings, we buy and sell on terms agreeable to both. There is no unwanted (by the parties involved) interference in the free exchange of goods and services. There is only the corrective mechanism of declining to exchange, by either party, when the terms of the exchange don’t suit both.

Society is built upon such natural, organic and non-coercive relationships – which are built and maintained on the basis of mutual agreeability. Tensions may arise but they can never percolate to the degree they do under government, because people are free to not partake of relationships – whether personal or business – that do not suit them, with no other justification necessary for ending them than exactly that.

Government negates that – via the assertion that you have no right to not associate, made by people who – in society – would quickly find that few if any would wish to associate with them, as almost no one likes a busybody or a bully.

Yet by the magic of calling such people “government,” busybodying and bullying are empowered and legitimized. The town pariah becomes a congressman and you are forced to deal with him because he has the power to make sure you do.

So ends the lesson in “government.”

. . .

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  1. Sovereign Natural Empowerment

    A source of information on natural law and constitutional law…6 videos in link…

    Hierarchy of Jurisdiction Find out where true law derives, and where you truly stand in law

    Inalienable Rights
    Human Rights and the manufactured industry surrounding this are completely unnecessary and a convoluted distraction. We are all endowed with inalienable rights, so why do we have this industry. Take a look at your inalienable rights and see for yourself

    The Difference Between Lawful and Legal
    Lawful and Legal are two very different things. Unfortunately, we aren’t taught about the law at school or anywhere else. Even at law school. The legal system has usurped the law, and we are kept in the dark about it, kept in confusion, because when you know the difference between lawful and legal, you begin to stand in your own Sovereign power.

    True Democracy
    We think we live in a true democracy, but we really don’t. This video gives an introduction to what a true democracy, and shows us why ours is a sham

    Our Written Constitution
    We believe in this country that we don’t have a written constitution, but that isn’t the whole truth. We don’t have a single document, there are several – but they do amount to a written constitution, and they are very powerful, which explains why we’re kept in confusion

    True Common Law of the Land
    At law school we’re taught that the common law is judge made law, precedent. There may be some truth in that, but this is not the full picture and it is not true lawful law of the land. True law must be derived from natural law by man, and not by a man


  2. Learn your rights in 20 seconds

    @ 1:32 in video what they teach at law school now is not law

    @ 8:59 in video telling you to wear a mask is violating your inalienable rights……not capable of being taken away or denied…also tell them to show proof that the mask works…they are making a claim…make them prove that claim….confront them…whoever makes the claim is responsible nobody else…

    @ 11:22 in video…you have to fight for peace…peace is another one of your inalienable rights….but you have to fight for it all the time…you have to get into conflict and confrontation…(you have been taught not to in school, etc., because it would solve all the world’s problems if we did)…

    @ 12:20 whoever makes the claim is responsible nobody else……think about suing them…

    @ 16:00 it is your responsibility to confront people violating your rights

    @ 20:00 in video the constitution and bill of rights say you cannot suffer fines or forfeitures without a trial by jury…this isn’t taught at law school..

    @ 21:40 the legal system and legislation is what facilitates what happened to you the last 3 years..

    @ 28:40 re: speeding ticket fines..

    @ 31:30 city put clamp on vehicle wheel on private property for 70 days…because of speeding ticket…..the defendant sues city for $1.2 million…

    @ 38:50 legislation doesn’t apply to you without your consent…

    @ 41:00 write in your own words don’t use a template…

    @ 41:20 when you enter a court they have made 12 or maybe 20 presumptions (something taken as being true or factual and used as a starting point for a course of action).. about you…you have to say…I rebut all presumptions made about me when you enter…


      • .
        Personally I don’t think these people understate Natural Law at all.
        They seem to support the idea of authority they also seem to support theft in the form of taxation.

        Neither are supported under natural Law.
        Both are violations of Natural Law.
        Authority over others is not supported in Natural Law (i.e. all men are created equal)
        Theft regardless of who does it violates natural law.

        The works of Mark Passio are IMHO head and shoulders above the works of anyone else.

        That being said perhaps these videos are a good starting point for the uninitialized….

      • Explaining Natal Law by starting out with Sovereignty (without even bothering to define it) is IMHO a very poor way to teach natural law….

        Especially with the brainwashing most police get about the FBI operation called the sovereign citizens movement.

        I’ll go back and listen and see if she even bothers to define her terms….

      • Explaining Natural Law by starting out with Sovereignty (without even bothering to define it) is IMHO a very poor way to teach natural law….

        Especially with the brainwashing most police get about the FBI operation called the “sovereign citizens movement”.

        I’ll go back and listen and see if she even bothers to define her terms later….

        *** I have come to the conclusion that people with English accents (British ans Canadian) have a very skewed and convoluted understanding of natural law and do a very poor job of explaining it.

        This lady is about the 10th English accent person that I have listened to, and every single one of those 10 do a horrible job of conveying the information IMHO.

        Maybe I am biased but Mark Passio is the only person that I have found that presents this information is a clear, understandable, and logical manner.

        I wish I had the time to listen more to her and to try and understand what she is trying to convey….

  3. Why don’t we have any decent political candidates?

    In close to 50 years of  being of age to vote,  I can not recall a single candidate in any political race  that demonstrated that  they understood Liberty and Natural law well enough for me to vote for them and   trust  them to do the right thing.

    This observations applies to those running for dog catcher,, US senator, and president.

    These people ALL  come from the very bottom of the intellectual barrel.
    If they had tried to run in 1776 all of them would have been tarred and feathered and run our of town on a rail.

    Because people back then had not attended 12 year long Communist indoctrination centers.
    The people back then understood that the sole purpose of legitimate government was to secure our rights.
    The people back then understood Romans 13 (not Hitlers version that modern Christians follow)
    The people back then  and their black robed Pastors understood  Natural Law.
    The people back then, did not drink brain damaging, and  IQ lowering fluoride in their water.
    The people back them read things called books……

    I just listened to a speech by Trump.  Just about every sentence made me want to puke, because what is clear with him is that he has no fuking clue as to the limits  that the Constitution  places on government.  Not in the slightest….
    Almost every single thing that he said he was going to do was NOT a power delegated to the Federal government by the still sovereign States.

    What you should  immediately see when political pukes like Trump start talking is that the do not know the difference between right and wrong.

    Then you  should ask yourself why the people hearing him talk do not seem aware that everything that they are applauding that he  promises to do, is criminal! and unconstitutional.

    The real problem we have is a dumbed down public.
    Voting nor politics, nor a Republic can possibly work  when you have a moronic public doing the voting.

    Nothing will change in the long run if Trump does manage to get into office, because he is not the solution.  His and the public’s ignorance is actually the problem.

    The bottom line is that we a are a national of dumb fuks, that are totally incapable  of of discerning which candidates we should vote for it we wish to remain free.


  4. Government is the deification of man. Certain men are elevated/elevate themselves above all other men and usurp the dominion that God gave to [every]man over the natural world/their environment; their property; their families; and their very lives. Government thus usurps the very authority of God, which is why governments have a long history of persecuting the worshipers of God- because it will not tolerate men having any god before it; and it also why government almost always maintains some degree of lip service to some god, so that the citizenry can labor under the delusion that their veneration of and obedience to government is some sort of divine service- “God and country”- and will thus gladly do anything which government commands them, including murder, kidnapping and theft, because they believe that the god-government has the ultimate authority over the universe and all within it.
    The communists are a little more open and bold about it, as they try to dispense with the idea of any deity, and overtly parade the state and the men who rule it as the deity, after waging open war on any gods whom their subjects may have claimed allegiance to. The real God will have the last laugh.

  5. The bottom line is that our Founders’ stupidest blunder was to draft a document that limited government and protected us from it, and then gave the ultimate power to “interpret” that document into the hands of the very people it was supposed to protect us against.

    • You are parroting the lies that we were told Henry.
      They were not given most of the powers that they have usurped mainly with the Supreme Court with the Congress being to blame for not reigning them in as early as 1803 with Marberry V Madison.

      The best summation that I have seen of this is:

      The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution (Politically Incorrect Guides) (The Politically Incorrect Guides) Paperback – June 11, 2007
      by Kevin R. C. Gutzman


      Free PDF:


    • @ Henry B

      I think you’ve made a case for separating the supreme court from the federal govt here. Obviously the founders erred mightily by throwing the ultimate decision makers in with the same group of troublemakers as congress & the executive. The S.C. should NEVER have been a govt agency drawing their paychecks from the same people they’re supposed to oversee. I like the idea of non-govt folks serving on a jury and thus believe they can also serve on some kind of steering committee that should replace the utterly failed & disastrous S.C.

      Of course this is a complete pipe dream but what the heck.

      • “…separating the supreme court from the federal govt here….”

        Dave this was already done! Over 200 years ago!
        The Constitution allows Congress to do almost anything to limit the both the size and the jurisdiction of SCOTUS. (but they don’t!)

        The problem here being that almost no one has a clue as to what the Constitution says! It is illegitimate SCOTUS “case law” that people mistake for the law that the Constitution clearly lays out.

        It all started back as early as 1803 when SCOTUS criminally bestowed upon itself the power of judicial review of the Congress. It soon bestowed upon itself the power of judicial review of the presidents actions, and soon thereafter judicial review of the actions of all of the States high courts, and also their legislatures!!!

        The fact is that for over 200 years we have not had any government either State or Federal other than SCOTUS!!! And our criminal Congress has done nothing in over 200 years to reign in SCOTUS.

        Why weren’t we taught these facts?
        Perhaps because we support the 10th plank of the Communist manifesto and demand that the State indoctrinate our youth for 12 years.

        The works of Dr Richard Proctor get into the power grabs of SCOTUS.
        LIBERTY – Will it Survive? (Series)

        But the most concise place to see this information IMHO is in:

        Politically Incorrect Guide To The Constitution.pdf


        • The answer Dave is if the Congress does not stand up to SCOTUS, the States must exercise their sovereignty, and reject unconstitutional actions by SCOTUS. (Ever hear of 10th amendment State nullification?)

          To do so they need State militias.
          The problem here is that we have very dumbed down people that call themselves both “patriots” and “Christians” that don’t have a clue as to what Jesus and founders told us about self defense and militias.

          Most of your State reps should be riding the slow bus into the State Capitals because they are that fuking stupid about these matters.

          The best piece I have ever seen explaining the Constitution as a what is actually is: a legally binding contract between the States (NOT the States and the Federal government.)
          Please take the time to watch this (a few times)

          This information is precisely what your State psychopaths do not understand!!!!

          Non compliant the movie – by Kris Ann Hall


          FWIW The link is flaky and I can’t find an email for Kris.

        • Congress has always had the power to control the “supreme court”. When the first attempts to “homosexualize” the Boy Scouts was being bandied about by the “supreme court”, Congress declared that subject to be “off-limits”.
          Congress has always had the power to reign in the “supreme court” by limiting the scope of subjects that it could rule on…

  6. Here is an amendment that would work:
    to wit:

    “Congress shall make NO LAW that does not apply equally to itself, the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government and their departments and subdivisions.

    Notice how Congress exempted itself and certain other federal types fro receiving the “clot shots”.
    This Amendment would stop all of that…

    • We already have that amendment. It’s called the fourteenth. Equal protection under the law. Didn’t work did it.

      • Exactly, John. Words on paper can restrain no one, nor guarantee liberty- only the love of liberty and justice in the hearts of men can do that- and our forefathers sold us out by standing by and letting government usurp power upon power, as they took no action to stop it while they still had the power to do so. They fought King George, but they stood by and did nothing against the enemy at home- and it has continued down to our day, as people allow themselves to be bribed with the money which was taken from them. Although we no longer have the power to reign-in the state-run-amok by physical force, a lot could still be accomplished if people just stopped participating and resisted….but of course, there are no longer sufficient numbers of such people who possess the moral character, love of liberty, and common values which once bound us together- so instead, millions will do the dirty-work of those tyrants, at home and in far-flung nations around the world, while our own borders are not even defended- and will even sonsider such acts as ‘patriotism’.

        • @ Nunz

          You make a great point which gets back to a most important issue which these damn amerikan yankees have sadly overlooked & forgotten — and as a result was relegated to the dustbin of history.

          And just what is that? (for those who are wondering). Often referred to as The Principles of ’98 these were the Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions of 1798. It was right then and there we had the opportunity to draw a line in the sand and make a stand to possibly push back on federal govt power forever.

          Early in the game the “people” had their chance to send a strong message once and for all — but naturally they fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line and failed to act. None of the other new states adopted nor ratified those resolutions which I believe would have sent a statement that we were not going to tolerate being pushed around by the central govt powers in D.C. The results would have sent a message to that scoundrel Adams to take his Alien and Sedition Acts and stick them where the sun don’t shine. This one act alone just might have allowed the South to go its own way in peace and prevented the unpleasantness of 1861-1865.

          For me 1798 was the focal point in amerikan history which begun the downfall of the American Dream and individual liberty. . .which will probably never be tried on the planet again.

    • It is self evident (to me at at least) that if all men are created equal……

      that all laws MUST apply to all citizens.

      Where we have gone wrong is our current ignorance of natural law.
      The founders ate, drank, and dreamed, natural law.

      Today we don’t even know what Natural Law is and as a consequence we rarely know right from wrong.

  7. Politicians and government have gotten out of control…it is time they are reminded of their place….the people are sovereign not the politicians/government….

    These politicians and government workers are civil servants, employees of the people, they have to understand the people are the big boss not them… they should be reminded if they don’t do their job (protecting people’s rights) and staying within constitutional law they can be replaced/recalled/ and charged with breaking their oath and the constitutional laws…….

    At CommonLawConstitution.org they are trying to get the message out…..

    to supporters that with your new understanding of the Constitution, you might now wish to reframe your messages. It is now critical that people change their thinking.

    Communicating with your government employee is less about asking them to consider voting against a particular measure but perhaps reminding them of the unconstitutionality of the proposed bill and therefore the possible criminality of their support of it!

    Keep in mind the following logic…

    They are a public servant – why?
    Because they took an oath of office
    What is that oath? It’s to the people

    The representation of the Rule of Law under the Constitution
    The President/politicians/King, in turn, have taken a promise to the people to govern according to Laws and Customs (Common Law) – meaning keeping the established Rule of Law according to the Constitution.
    This, in turn, means maintaining the people’s sovereignty etc.
    Therefore the member of Parliament cannot support the introduction of a piece of legislation that infringes upon the liberties of the people without running the risk of committing a crime under the Constitution

    You might therefore like to suggest that they don’t support it – not merely because you don’t like it (although that’s important too), but because they might well be committing misconduct in public office were they to do so.

    Increasingly, this is how we should be framing this. Action will begin in this form – and the numbers are still important to create the spotlight/weight of attention.


    • Who is in charge?….how to get rid of unjust laws….

      @ 3:30 in video the people are in charge not the government

      @ 4:40 in video ATTENTION: you don’t have influence through voting

      @ 10:18 on the parliament website they claim they are sovereign…which is false
      @ 17:12 trial by jury has been weakened

      ATTENTION: a way to get rid of unjust laws….
      @ 18:36 in the trial by jury…… the law…the legislation is also on trial and can be cancelled by the jury….the jury has that power

      @ 35:20 the ouside influencers the ccp and wef don’t like constitutions…they have to countered…. attacked using constitutional law

      @ 41:12 king charles the 3rd can’t take his coronation oath if he is supporting policies of the WEF…

      @ 43:00 all trials should be by jury…the power to punish is only in the hands of the people

      @ 45:30 spread the memes shown on the CommonLawConstitution.org website on social media and to politicians and government


    • It started here…then went downhill since there…….

      the king/president/politicians/parliament have forgotten they are just servants/employees of the people….

      @ 12:33 in video…people are sovereign they appointed the king,

      then in 1265 the king appointed the parliament to manage the day to day running of the so called new entity he called government

      The U.S. government has a similar structure to the english government….


      • These politicians and government workers are civil servants, employees of the people

        but…….they are now bought off…controlled by a foreign power…the ccp/wef….they are now used as a weapon against the people bringing in a marxist totalitarian government…a coup…they work only for the ccp/wef now…not the people…

        The whole G7 is now controllerd by the wef/ccp…working with their other branches…the WHO and the UN….

    • How to fight back…get rid of unjust laws….

      in the trial by jury…… the law…the legislation is also on trial and can be cancelled by the jury….the jury has that power…this is how you get rid of bad unjust laws….

      DOCUMENTARY ON JURY NULLIFICATION of laws…a real case of this happening…


      • Unfortunately Americans are too stupid about Liberty to serve as effective jurors.

        The myopic people over at FIJA doen’t seem to be phased by the fact that you don’t get a jury trial for :
        Asset forfeiture
        Federal agencies applying their “rules” upon us (such as IRS bank seizures)
        When CPS kidnaps your child
        When the property tax office steals your home when you can’t pay their extortion demands.

        If you think that juries the way they are constructed mean a damn thing…. you are very naive.

    • You make good points as always anonymous1.

      I fear however the prescriptions you propose are all too little too late to affect those in power. Also, still not enough critical mass of those who understand these things. I think things need to be reframed from within the perspective of the front sight. The next crisis they will push further than the last one, that is a given. I watched as my liberty was severely curtailed over the flu. I don’t intend to do that again.

      If they come for our guns, our cash, coins, land, food or other tools and assets in the name of “An Emergency”, we all ought to realize we have nothing left to lose. Not looking for any kind of fight or Rambo type BS. I’ll fight for this greatest gift I was given by my ancestors, even if its a losing fight. I don’t feel I honor them by going quietly into that good night. Bottom up top down is how they roll, and it is at once their soft underbelly and their Achilles heal.

      • And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt . . .
        Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

        • Those have always been inspiring words to live by. Since I first learned about Solzhenitsyn, his words resonated with me. If things get sporty… Its not just the officers and transport that need to be set upon, but the Organs and all the shit bag shills who give the orders from all the local boards, councils, and commissions. Its the least we can do as free men.

          • Hi Norman,

            I was also greatly moved by Solzhenitsyn when I first read him back in high school, when there was still a Soviet Union. His intelligence and humanity have always impressed me equally. And of course he was a superb writer. I learned from him to not budge on principles. It is why I never would and never did wear a “mask” and to this day I feel really good about that. Especially because I know it helped others to see me not wearing the disgusting thing. I had one older woman tell me so. It is something I will never forget. The way forward is to tell these evil SOBs no.


      • right….it is a bit late….and the government is run by the ccp/wef now…but…

        If the people don’t like a law being passed they can petition the king or his representative….or whoever is the signing authority… to stop it……there is similar tactics to use in some U.S. states

        If the people don’t like laws the politicians are passing, the people who are the top authority… can ask their servant the king or the governor general or the lieutenant governor…or whoever is the signing authority……..to not approve or overturn existing laws….but…they have to petition them…

        If the people are silent……
        If the people don’t like a law being passed and they don’t petition the king or his representative to stop it they are stuck with the new law…silence = consent…

        If a few million people started confronting these politicians re: reminding them of their position as an employee/servant only ……and giving them a list of laws to rescind…that they approved… because they violate the constitution…that might get their attention…..could be sent by mail, email, by phone, fax, twitter and other social media….pressure….
        like the leftists said….go after them in restaurants….their treatment of conservatives….

        @ 39:48 in video…..
        NOTE: if the king or ruler or his representative the governor general or the lieutenant governor won’t act to stop the bad/unjust law… the people can take action to rectify it….by the means necessary…..


        • The best chance we have of affecting change, or getting accountability is at the local and state level. Imagine a few million people as you say confronting these politicians. If this were national thing, the Gestapo would quickly incite a riot and it would resoundingly benefit the DS, think J-6.

          Also, of the hypothetical millions most, even those who would stand together still stick to the Red team/ Blue team bullshit narradighm. Many still think they can vote their way out of this. Or that politicians will listen to us if we just talk loud enough in one voice. The only way that works, is a sustained national work stoppage and buying strike.

          People have yet to accept that this will change all our lives and will not be contained once unleashed. By the same token, many people do not understand that these evil elitists would rather rule over ashes than give up their grip on power.

          The only way that a large group could change anything is if they knew going into it, there was #1. No turning back and #2. Violence would be needed. No peaceful redress or words will have any impact on the rulers of the earth at this point. Pro tip, most of them are very old and near to death anyway, yet still they persevere.

          Now confronting these people individually, if done by a few million people, could have an impact. Even with their formidable security, imagine every time a Pelousy, Biden, McConnel, Schumer, and members of their families went out into public. Someone walks by and spits in their faces, or dumps an ash trays worth of cigarette butts onto their table. Or, pelts them with rotten tomatoes or dirty diapers as they ascend the stairs to whatever elite function. The opportunities to make their lives as miserable as they try to make ours, are almost limitless. The other elites would quickly tire of the attention drawn to themselves by these Washington weasels.

          Its doable, it just needs to be sustained and unrelenting, de-centralized with small groups of people who’ve known each other over time, and, we need more than the few hundred thousand that currently recognize these truths.

          • “…The best chance we have of affecting change, or getting accountability is at the local and state level…”

            Yes but the first place for change is in the individual.
            Most Americans are clueless as to natural law or even the principles that this country was founded upon.

            Until people address their collective ignorance, you will having people that don’t know right from wrong, demanding change.

            Americans need to learn about Natural Law and the Occult as Mark Passio puts it.

  8. What is “Government”?
    If I’m not mistaken, again, govern is of Greek origin, meaning control. Ment is also from Greek, meaning mind.
    So, control of mind.
    Whether I’m correct or not about the origin, that is exactly what we have.

  9. Have you wrapped your mind around the connection of god and government? The former created the latter. If you go way back in time and look how this government thing got started you will find god at the center of it. The New Testament states it directly: https://biblehub.com/romans/13.htm

    Submission to Authorities
    (1 Peter 2:13–20)

    1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is from God. The authorities that exist have been appointed by God. 2Consequently, whoever resists authority is opposing what God has set in place, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    3For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Do you want to be unafraid of the one in authority? Then do what is right, and you will have his approval. 4For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not carry the sword in vain. He is God’s servant, an agent of retribution to the wrongdoer.

    5Therefore it is necessary to submit to authority, not only to avoid punishment, but also as a matter of conscience. 6This is also why you pay taxes. For the authorities are God’s servants, …


    This stems (no doubt) that modern governments evolved out of theocracies. Like Iran still is. Back when society formed a group of parasites, call priests, would settle disputes. The priests were the learned, while the 99% was illiterate. We take schooling for granted, but back then no one got educated except the rich and the religious.

    So to keep order amongst the rabble, the priestly class soon figured out that they needed to convince the slaves of their authority, so they said god ordained government, and they said the priests were serving god, and that to disobey the rules was to slap god in the face. The priest didn’t say obey me, he said obey god.

    At one time the Holy Roman Church ruled all of the west, but now they are pushed aside, as the institution of state became it’s own thing, the pope is no longer our supreme ruler. The modern secular state, no longer can use the god meme to justify their authority, so they now say they derive their authority from our consent, via voting – but they cheat on that – their authority is without clothes.

    Communism is the total state, the new god. They eliminated god altogether and just took total control, no dissent allowed. You either obey or die, or worse get sent to the gulag which is worse than death.

    But there is hope for us, because the insane death cult called government is at war with other states, who also have nuclear weapons. When the nukes fly, real freedom will be only minutes away.


    • Eric asks what is “Government”?. Ayn Rand said force, a Libertarian might say a parasite on the body politic. But if you were a prophecy expert, how might you define the state in the ‘end times’. You would for sure call it the Beast of Revelations.


      The beast is a metaphor for government unrestrained by religious morals in the end of days. The Church had the Gospel to restrain it, but the Beast run by child raping blood drinking reptiles like Hillary Clinton is completely unrestrained in the use of force, against us, for their quest of total political power.

      The Beast is a common artist theme, like this one:

      The Beast is shown as one animal (which represents the One World Government, NWO) which has many heads (nation states) with each head having many horns (horn = king, individual rulers like Biden, Macron, Turdeau, etc.). The heads have the familiar analogs for each state, the lion represents the UK, the bear Russia,the leopard is Germany and the EU, etc.

      The whore which rides the beast, is commonly thought to be the Church, whored out in the end times to money. The Church created the beast with it’s authority, but now the authority runs wild, having no limits (like the Covid kill off).


      Her wine cup is filled the blood of all those murdered in her wars (WW1, WW2, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc) . The heads of the beast are the nation states all connected to the one world system of Wrathchild debt money. All nations are brought under this one monetary power system, any nation that refuses to be controlled gets hammered by the USA war machine.

      It all makes perfect logical sense and matches what has happened in the past century. So what happens next? The beast gets destroyed, which would have to be by all out nuclear war which destroys all these beastly authoritarian nation states.

      We can see China and Russia splitting off with their own currency system, which will not be tolerated by the Jewish London Bankers, and thus they will keep pushing Russia into the corner, like they are doing by sending depleted uranium to the war front. Thus the end of the beast is near, if you believe in this stuff.

      And what it means for Libertarians, is that unlimited government is against Natural Law, that in the end, “God” or “Mother Nature” destroys it. All wild animals enjoy freedom, only man cages animals, and cages his own kind, and tries to restrict or movement, etc. That is not how the earth works, all are free. Governments restrict freedom and thus are anti-nature.

    • The luciferion G7 leaders, owned by, working for the CCP/WEF cult…

      the CCP and the WEF are working together on the global takeover….

      The pyramid of power how it works by real law…..

      1st level at the very top… the little people, the common people
      the people are the highest power on the planet…the sovereign…not the government…NOTE: the government always says/ acts as if it is the sovereign….which is false….they are faking authority…

      2nd level the king or their representative or the president….or the governor general…they work for the common people only… the common people control them

      3rd level the politicians

      4th level the enforcers…

      This somehow got twisted around….the government say they are the top authority the sovereign…they aren’t…. the people are…the government is on the bottom…

      The government says they are sovereign not the people…that is inversion…the opposite is true…

      the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists…..black is white….. up is down….bad is good….

      Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
      leftist/communists = satanist.

      The elite nobility, their billionaire friends and their wef…..
      When you consider the positioning and branding of the WEF, with their certitude and paternalism, it all makes a lot more sense when viewed as a cult instead of a cabal. Cultists know all…. they have the inside track ……
      and most importantly, they claim moral authority over us all by Divine Right

      techno-utopianism was ultimately a Luciferian construct. …… that the aspiration to “usurp God” was Luciferian in character …..the wef/marxist/cultists see themselves as the new gods…. they claim moral authority over us all by Divine Right.

      The people are the sovereign…..above the government in power and authority….

      so the government to be a power above people say they are the new gods….so above the people….

      this a Luciferian construct….so they are evil….but they are satanists so they invert it and say you are evil….

      you have been labeled evil
      They call the people, the useless eaters on the bottom….. an invasive species now, destroying the planet…the government has convinced people they are a weak little, destructive, biosecurity threat…..soon to be herded into FMC 15 min cities/ghettos/prisons….which is justified….

  10. I found this article extremely well articulated, and this identifies the source of violence in our society:

    “Society is built upon such natural, organic and non-coercive relationships – which are built and maintained on the basis of mutual agreeability. … Government negates that – via the assertion that you have no right to not associate …”

    Government is force, so says Ayn Rand. Government negates your right to associate with who you want to associate with. The government has a big gun pointed at your forehead which says you must obey. Thus, the only logical conclusion you can draw is that government wrecks society.

    Hawkins force vs. power chart:



    If you study this chart, religion and government can occupy much of the lower vibrations, destructive area of the chart. Like the punitive court system, which many democratic socialist European states have tried to change from punishment to correctiveness. Jails became correctional facilities. But who corrects the government?

    If Britain sends depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine, will Russia correct Britain with the tsunami bomb? The government becomes so arrogant with it’s power, it will do false flags, falsely blame a patsy state, invade and bomb, then deny it did anything wrong. This is exactly what the United States did to Iraq.

    Then this arrogance gets them caught in a trap, like in Ukraine, where the target of aggression, aka Russians, who unlike the Iraqis, can defend themselves, and even use nukes to stop the force being projected by the United States via the proxy Ukraine. So what now brown cow?

    As the government ratchets up the force in Ukraine, they can also ratchet the force against us. For one thing, we ultimately have to pay the $200 wasted so far in this war, but they can also force us to fight a war we don’t want, and they may even get us killed if the war spills over the border.

    Government wrecks society by the use of force. Thus, government is our enemy. Not the Russians, but our own government is our real enemy.

    • YK
      I’ve often said, the greatest threat to our liberty, prosperity, and our very live is not in Russia or China. It’s in Washington DC, and some of the State capitols.

      • I agree, the Federal Government is the real threat, not some Commies on the other side of the planet. Like how was Vietnam ever a threat to the United States? People living in bamboo huts with no air force or navy are a threat to no one.

        “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” ― Gideon J. Tucker

        “When congress is in session no american is safe.” — Mark Twain

        • A curious fact, that a great deal of congressional overstep began when they air conditioned the capitol. Meaning congress was “in session” longer.

  11. One aspect of life before the “War of Northern Aggression” was the fact that the federal government had little power and was subservient to the states.
    In those times, an individual citizen regarded himself to be a citizen of his respective state–NOT a “citizen of the united States”. A person living in Virginia considered himself to be a citizen of Virginia and likewise citizens of other states who were citizens of their respective states.
    At the time, the only responsibilities that the federal government had was to coin lawful money, run a post office, and have the ability to gather troops to repel invasions, nothing more.
    The “War of Northern Aggression” was illegal on its face, as states always had the right to secede from the “union”.
    The requirement that the “states in rebellion” sign a statement recognizing the inviolability of the federal government before readmission was done under duress and were not valid contracts. The only state that never signed a “no secession” clause was Texas. To this day, Texas could tell the feds to “take a hike”. There would be very little the feds could do about it.
    That all changed with the conclusion of the “War of Northern Aggression” when the states were subordinated to the federal government, illegal powers being taken by the federal government. It was all downhill from there…

    • And yet Lincoln is praised as the savior of the nation. Even though he is personally responsible for killing more Americans than all other wars combined.

  12. Problem is the multitudes of NPC’s cherish and revere government. If the Northern Peoples refused to go there never could have been Northern aggression.

    As for the constitution. This was out and out a coup of the Articles by those that wrote both. It should have been obvious but not having the “Bill of Government Limitations” sticky and built in to the constitution they were added on like an afterthought to get a few of the States to sign on.

    Today we have groups of,,, shall we say,,, special people. These groups are given special privileges over and above other groups in the nation while claiming they are repressed. These special ethnic and religious groups are not held to ‘the law’ and are free to break any law if they so wish.

    This could only happen under government,,, especially a government not held to its own laws and constitution, a government that uses the Peoples money and Woke policies to divide and conquer groups it feels are a existential threat by merely holding government accountable.

    The current government in Washington is in fact an existential threat to the nation,,, and the world at large. It’s ambition is to destroy Russia and seize its vast resources. The US wants 300,000 troops on the Polish/Russian/Belarus border for an invasion. Ukraine will be the excuse if they cannot get Russia to attack first.

    Since the US, cannot get enough recruits due to military Woke Policies, Americans in poor physical shape, and the discharging of many over not wanting the kill shot, a draft is sure to be coming.

    Once drafted lucky you will become the new patsies to get slaughtered or melted down by nukes on the battlefield. Already the US is at DefCon 3. Most missile detection ships and aircraft have been launched preparing for war.

    If the war goes and missiles fly it will be our fault for not demanding a cease and desist from the most dangerous government the world has ever known.

    The best government is no government.

    • Any form of “government” will work, and likely work well, as long as you are allowed to walk away from it.
      Government without that right is only good at one thing, and that is killing people, and very good at it they are.
      I still do not understand how conscription squares with the 13th amendment outlawing involuntary servitude. What better example of it is there? Being required at gunpoint to kill or die? To my knowledge, it has never been challenged on that basis.

    • The US gov should buy Russian soldiers to fight for NATO and Ukraine to defeat Russia. Money talks. Mercenaries fight for good pay. It’s an old trick.

      Hire the Wagner group to attack Manhattan!

      First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin, sing it, Leonard.

      Looks like a war of all against all, makes it all even more real.

      Good times!

      All the way from the absurd gone all the way to plaid.

      For all intents and purposes, it is still your fault.

      Antony Blinken’s great great grandfather was Hey, Blinken.

      Hey, Blinken also starred in the movie Men in Tights.

  13. ‘a critical mistake [was] made by those who attempted to “limit” government’ — eric

    Freedom is only compatible with small government. In the pre-1913 era when the US fedgov supported itself solely with Customs revenues and excise taxes, its revenues averaged 3 to 5 percent of GDP. Most citizens never interacted with the fedgov at all.

    But the Tragic Trifecta — fedgov income tax, ‘Federal’ Reserve money printing, and popular election of Senators, all enacted in 1913 under the Virginia tyrant Woody Wilson — turned the DC leviathan into a monster. Now it micromanages the smallest details of life, as it pads its payroll with a circus-freak assortment of alternative-lifestyle petty authoritarians.

    On my bookshelf, the Federalist Papers — a satire authored by three 18th century stooges — is paired with Report From Iron Mountain (1967), an altogether more serious work which accurately projected that ‘the environment’ and ‘pollution,’ now morphed into ‘cliiiiiiiiiimate change,’ would be used to endlessly cow the populace while sucking away revenues to ‘fight’ it.

    The one pearl I pull from misanthropic ‘scriptures’ is, ‘Smite the Bidenites, and their sons and their daughters, and their manservants and their maidservants, and their oxen and their asses, yea, unto the seventh generation! — Jim H Revised Standard Version

    • You left out Lincoln, who took away the State’s power to keep FedGov under control, by threatening secession. Killing more Americans than all its wars combined to do so.
      “Freedom is only compatible with small government.”
      The problem being, governments NEVER stay small. They favor a malignant cancer, and never cease growing. Which I suppose is why Jefferson recommended tearing it down and starting over every 20 years or so.
      Alexis de Tocqueville, in Democracy in America, pointed out the the people did not talk about government, because it had little influence on their lives. Now it seems that’s nearly all we talk about, because it has enormous influence on our lives.

  14. The greatest increases in US governement power have come just after periods of heavy immigration. Without the hordes of Germans and central Europeans during the Civil War the union army wouldn’t have had as much of an advantage. Without the massive influx of immigrants starting in the 1880s you don’t get the Progressive Era. The nation changes when the population changes. It doesn’t help that the people moving were living as serfs or worse in the old country. I’m not knocking the freedom of movement, just that when a large group overwhelms a territory it tends to defer to “leaders” instead of rugged individualism. Heck, even the Israelites followed Moses for 40 years before coming to their senses.

    The US government attracts people who want power and control. They’re fully aware of the tendency of immigrants to subjugate themselves, especially if the nation they left was even more suppressive than the US. A slightly smaller boot is better than the big old one they escaped from.

    I’m fine with people wishing to leave their supressive world behind and choose to move here. I’m not OK with them bringing along the baggage that drove them to leave in the first place. There’s more to the miracle of the United States than lots of coal and good farmland. The right to keep what you sew is fundemental. Many immigrants understand this because they had everything taken from them before coming here. Many others never sew and never learn the lesson.

  15. Unfortunately the subjects of the English crown, even in England (physically near at hand to said despots) had far more real freedom than Americans since 1913. In fact Soviet subjects in some respects had more freedom than 21st century Americans.

    It may turn out that feudalism is as good as it gets. Certainly huge nation states are destroyers of human liberty. Small local “nobility” tends to look out for its own prerogatives, and has a vested interest in keeping the peasants content. If you read the writings of the founders, you will see that they despised the idea of “democracy” and recognized the natural aristocracy of some men. As opposed to hereditary aristocrats, who are somehow more entitled than others just because they had a capable and/or lucky ancestor.

    The feral government was granted only a tiny sliver of powers, voluntarily relinquished by the states. It may have power, but it has no legitimacy.

    There is a rule of firefighting which is similar to an ancient rule of war. Never make a frontal assault on a raging fire, never attack a flame down a hillside or chimney. This is where we are- it is time to cut fire breaks and put out spot fires, hopefully the new alliance of Russia and China and the “global south” is enough of a fire break to stop the American empire, and it has consumed all its fuel and will die. In the ashes will come new freedom and growth.

    If I get the chance to do part of the building of the new, the Constitution as written 236 years ago only needs a few things fixed. Representation must be proportional, never should one man represent more than 30000 of his geographical fellows. And the bill of rights must have an enforcement clause where the right of secession is explicit.

    Government in some form is a feature/bug of human nature. It is simply necessary to keep it under tight control. We are not there.

    • Ernie,

      Also: Explicit rights to travel & free association

      Right to medical freedom/privacy/autonomy

      Eliminate power to ban things & regulate/ban vices

      Hard (& low) limits on power to tax

      Hard limits on other economic regulations

      Hard limits on welfare state.

      • Ernie and Publius,
        And how exactly would that do any good, since FedGov largely ignores the Constitution we have? A piece of paper will not protect us from the Psychopaths In Charge.

        • John,

          You make a good point.

          Enforcement clause is great but someone has to actually do the enforcing, and it has to be broadly recognized.

          Necessary but not sufficient.

          Has to be supported by culture in order to have a snowball’s chance of actually working.

          A written constitution is an important first step, not the end-all/be-all of good governance.

          The true meaning of “just a G-D- piece of paper.”

          • There is no such thing as “good governance”. They all depend upon their authority to kill you if you disobey. Without that, they are entirely toothless.

            • And that only works to the extent that people fear that outcome.

              Overcoming the fear of death is the pathway to true peace and freedom.

              • I don’t know if it’s possible for one to overcome the fear of death. It’s hardwired into us. Accepting it is another matter entirely.

  16. I have been more interested lately in what theory could permit one generation to bind the future to a contract or system of government.

    Art III sec 3 “The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.” Even the constitution itself recognizes that the actions on one person do not bind others, yet this is somehow tossed when it comes to the constitution itself.

    As Spooner pointed out, those who agreed are not known to us & were never authorized to speak for the multitudes not yet born. Yet every generation keeps saddling the next with debt, and we somehow accept that we are stuck with their form of government.

    • It is indeed taxation without representation. Born with a tax burden inflicted by others before you were even conceived.

  17. This is the best way I know to describe people in government and the private sector (without government meddling); in the private sector, the cream rises to the top while in government, the scum rises to the top. The person in business will display his/her achievements while the government bureaucrat will display the number of “scalps” to measure “achievements”.

    • Hi BAC,
      That’s my favorite passage in the entire Bible – be careful what you wish for or you’ll get it good and hard.

  18. Again, because it bears repeating:
    Each and every government is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. Without that authority they cannot exist. Who would obey their edicts without that threat? In fact, there would be no obedience, since one could abide the edict if they prefer, or not. Government would have no power to command at all.

    • A few comments here on how it can be “fixed”. It cannot. It’s an evil psychopathic anti-human organization that ignores its own laws. It has none of the normal human virtues. Sympathy, empathy, charity, guilt, remorse, etc. are incomprehensible to it, except as weapons to be used against us to satisfy its psychosis. Which is likely why Jefferson recommended tearing it down and starting over every twenty years or so.

      • I’ve always thought that if the Constitution required that every law sunsetted after 2 years it would be helpful to prevent the ratchet effect. I can’t think of a single federal statute that I could not live without.

        Just think, every two years they’d have to pass laws to keep the Fed, FBI, Social Security, Tax Code, etc.

        • In the past, I proposed an amendment to the Constitution as follows, “If you can make a good faith argument that someone is violating your Constitutionally guaranteed rights (not Constitutionally created), you can kill them.” But like the rest of the document, they would simply ignore it, or go through some legal gymnastics to make it illegal. Like they did with asset forfeiture and sobriety checkpoints.

      • Yes Thomas Jefferson was right, the blood of politicians should be shed every twenty years to renew the vigor of liberty. Line them up and mow them down, and let god sort them out.

        • Indeed, there are just a handful that are in government to actually serve the people, and they wouldn’t need to be there if our self appointed overlords were, shall we say, thinned out occasionally.

    • Edward Fitzgerald wrote a book about getting rid of unjust laws and tyrannical leaders called…SMOKE & MIRRORS

      see an interview here….

      @3:46 in video….petition of rights…petitioning the government to cancel unjust laws…

      @ 7:32 in video the people are sovereign not the government

      @ 23:00 in video how to hold tyrannical government to account…there is three ways…1) royal ascent…2) trial by jury… 3) article 61 of the magna carta…the security and peace clause…to control a rogue monarch….

      @ 26:10 in video….in england the king gives royal ascent (approval) to new laws after they are approved in parliament…. in commonwealth countries…..the governor general for federal and Lieutenant governors in provinces… give royal ascent to pass laws after approval by the house and senate…or provincial legislature……a safety valve for rogue governments…to stop parliaments from passing bad laws….

      If the people don’t like a law being passed they can petition the king or his representative to stop it……there is similar tactics to use in some U.S. states

      @31:35 in video…..article 61 of the magna carta….security and peace clause…a way to get rid of a rogue monarch…

      If the people don’t like laws the politicians are passing, the people who are the top authority… can ask their servant the king or the governor general or the lieutenant governor….to not approve or overturn existing laws….they have to petition them…

      @ 39:48 in video…..
      NOTE: if the king or his representative the governor general or the lieutenant governor won’t act to stop the bad law… the people can take action to rectify it….by the means necessary…..

      If the people are silent……
      If the people don’t like a law being passed and they don’t petition the king or his representative to stop it they are stuck with the new law…silence = consent…

      @ 35:12 in video…the last time this happened was in 2001… prime minster blair was going to sign over sovereignty to a foreign body….

      @ 41:40 in the video it describes how the people are the highest power on the planet…the sovereign…not the government…NOTE: the government always says/ acts as if it is the sovereign….which is false….they are faking authority…

      @ 42:00 in video laws can’t be passed in prejudice to the people…court case in 1572…

      @ 46:00 in video
      ATTENTION: the government will sign all sovereignty over to the WHO soon…

      @46:45 in video you can go after laws that have been passed and get them rescinded, reversed, cancelled….great news….

      @ 50:33 how to send a petition….how to do it the right way…not just a letter…
      this has been downloaded in 18 countries in the 1st two weeks…

      @54:00 in video
      ATTENTION: the book has been used in canada as evidence against a corrupt judge already…

      @ 1:00:00 in video
      ATTENTION:article 42 of the magna carta…the right to freedom of movement….this was violated with lockdowns and now with FMC 15 min cities coming now…..

      @ 1:00:00 in video parliament is not sovereign…but…they say they are…


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