Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show 09/14/2023

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Here’s the audio of this week’s Wheels Up! segment with Bill Meyer over at KMED FM in Medford, Oregon!


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  1. Must watch videos about what is going down in Lahaina town:


    This is a WACO repeat, child burned alive:

    Wake the hell up people, they torched the kids so there’s no inheritance of the land. The kids have been disappeared, either burned alive or sold as slaves. Yeah, CPS does that!


    Idiot James OKeefe says he has the goods on Hawaii Gov

    (Yeah, tell them you got info on them before you release it dumbass – then go follow Michael Hastings into the firebomb.)


    PentaCON spends billions to make DEW weapons:


    Larry Ellison, Oracle, owns Lanai directly across from Lahaina:

  2. Space lasers ignited Maui fires? Crazy theory no more. I suggest everyone suspend their prejudice and follow the evidence – and stop believing the gov’t wouldn’t do such a thing. Well Virginia, the gov’t burned WACO to the ground and all the kids in the Koresh compound.

    What makes me believe this is a land grab is the mere $700 Biden passed out to the residents who lost their homes, then Biden marches over to Ukraine and passes out 40 billion. The $700 is GTFO chump change.

    It is obvious Biden and company don’t give a shit about what happened – because they are in on it, authorized it. Over at Lew Rockwell a prominent Libertarian writer does think Lahaina is a government hit job:

    “We are in the midst of a heinous crime in what is falsely referred to as the ‘American’ State of Hawaii, so vile and evil, that it should sicken all who have any remote possibility of exhibiting mental acquaintance with truth, compassion, or empathy. The State’s attack on the people of Maui was in my studied opinion, premeditated, brutal, murderous beyond explanation, and targeted to achieve a preconceived agenda which was the total destruction of Lahaina by extreme property devastation and mass death of much of the local population. This was necessary in the mind of the State in order to steal the land and rebuild based on the World Economic Forum and U.N. plan for captured cities, as evidenced by the evil piece of garbage governor, Josh Green, who immediately claimed he wanted to acquire by theft the purposely destroyed land and property for the State, while smoldering embers still burned, and bodies had not been found.”


    Josh Green, BTW is a New York Jew. AND THAT MATTERS. Reason? Tribal loyalty. The Biden admin is packed with pyschopathic Jews, like his fat disgusting Sec. Of Health – a male Jew who calls itself Rachel Levine; and this insane Jew Antony Blinken who just authorized Depleted Uranium to Ukraine and called it a house warming gift.

    DU is banned, using it is a crime. Joking about is insane. Using DU against Russia is incredibly stupid and dangerous. The entire Biden administration needs to be arrested and sent to GITMO, then tortured to death for crimes against humanity – like the Ukraine war and burning Lahaina town down.

    See “Biden approves transfer of ATACM tactical Long Range missiles to Ukraine”

    Biden sending “attackems” to provoke Russia into WW3.


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