“Limited Value”

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We often hear law enforcement – as police used to be called, before America became a police state – refer to us as “civilians,” a term formerly used exclusively by soldiers to refer to the noncombatant population of an enemy country under occupation.

It is not surprising that law enforcement considers American citizens to be “civilians,” given the blurring of the line that once separated the civilian police from soldiery. Law enforcement dresses up (armors up) like soldiers – even to the extent of awarding themselves what are in fact civilians dressed like soldiers military ranks, such a “sergeant” and “colonel” and even four-star “general.”

It also ought not to be surprising that some of these law enforcers regard us “civilians” as being of “limited value.”

That is how a Seattle law-enforcer – Daniel Auderer – valued the life of a 23-year-old woman who was killed back in January of this year when another law enforcer, Kevin Dave, struck her with his vehicle while driving just shy of 50 MPH above the posted speed limit in “hot pursuit” of someone who had “used too much cocaine” and was supposedly  “freaking out.”

But video of the supposed “freaking out” shows no such thing. And so no need for Dave to be driving just shy of 50 MPH above the 25 MPH speed limit (74 MPH) and blowing through intersections, such as the one where 23-year-old Northeastern University graduate student Jaahnavi Kandula’s life was ended by the front end of Dave’s vehicle. 

“I fucked up,” Dave is heard saying on video after he ran over Kandula, who was killed while attempting to cross the intersection on foot. She had no idea Dave’s car was going to end her life because she could not hear Dave’s car coming. Dave claimed he had his siren on. It was later determined he merely “chirped” it.

This was the last sound Kandula didn’t hear.

But Dave was not charged – because law enforcers can do with impunity what would get a “civilian” arrested on the spot. Such as driving just shy of 50 MPH over the posted speed limit in view of a law enforcer.

Do that – without a badge – and you will almost certainly be going to jail. Even if all you did was drive just shy of 50 MPH over the posted speed limit.

Even if you didn’t run anyone over.

You would be pulled out of your car at gunpoint, probably – and hurled to ground and cuffed roughly.

In some states, it is considered reckless driving – a serious misdemeanor just shy of a felony all-by-itself – merely to exceed whatever the posted speed limit is by more than 20 miles-per-hour. In Virginia, it is “reckless driving” to drive faster than 80 MPH anywhere – including on highways with a 70 MPH speed limit.

“Civilians” can be arrested on the spot and have their vehicle impounded. It is a Big Deal.

But when a law enforcer does 74 in a 25 – and kills a “civilian” – it is just collateral damage. And someone else foots the bill.

The city of Seattle – that is, the “civilian” taxpayers of the city of Seattle – should “just write a check” to Kandula’s family, Auderer says. For “eleven thousand dollars.” Enough to cover her funeral expenses. That is the “limited value” Auderer placed on Kandula’s life. He can be heard on his own body cam video mocking her death.

“She was just 26 anyway.”

Actually, she was 23.

But never mind. She was a “civilian” and so what does it matter?

She was in the way.

According to Auderer, who reportedly has shown worse than mere contempt for “civilians” who happen to get in the way on a number of prior occasions, Dave’s driving 74 in a 25 without his siren blaring to warn people who might get in his way wasn’t “reckless,” because he was a “trained” driver. Try telling that to a law enforcer when he pulls you over for driving just shy of 50 MPH over the posted speed limit.

Or even ten.

For “civilians,” there is zero tolerance. No matter how “trained” you might be. No matter how “under control” your driving was.

There is never any justification for any of us ever driving any faster than whatever the speed limit happens to be. Or for not wearing a seatbelt. The law is the law. Unless, of course, you are a law enforcer. Then you are a law unto yourself. You are allowed to do the one thing “civilians” are never allowed to do. Tthat being to exercise judgment.

Including poor judgment.

We aren’t allowed to decide for ourselves whether it’s reasonable to drive even a little faster than whatever the speed limit is, even if the speed limit is set so absurdly low that everyone drives at least a little faster – because everyone knows it’s safe to do so.

We are not considered sensible enough to “run” a red light – even when it never turns green and it’s clear there’s no oncoming traffic. We must do exactly what the law says. And if we don’t, we can expect to have the law enforced upon us by such as Kevin Dave and Daniel Auderer, who regard us as “civilians” of “limited value.”

Meanwhile, when a law enforcer is killed by a “civilian” – or by his own reckless driving – it is an occasion for a North Korean-style Dear Leader funeral, with parades of battle-dressed law enforcers and bagpipes for the “fallen.”

It shows us the relative value of things.

. . .

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  1. Eric, your articles are very well written. Some of them, such as this, really help bring us back to the reality of the world we’re living in. I sure get angry, not so much at the brain-dead order followers who are REALLY fucked up psychologically (I mean, how badly must one hate themselves in order to blindly obey without exercising their own conscience?); I’m mainly pissed off at the organic portals/NPCs/sheeple I find cohabiting this plane of existence with myself.

    By the way, have you ever heard of a gentleman by the name of Mark Passio?

    • Hi Gary,

      Good morning! And – thanks for the kind words. I also am appalled by the unthinking belligerence of our era. The way meanness is trumpeted as a necessity and a virtue. We saw this really flower during the height of the “pandemic.” People chasing the “unmasked” out of stores and so on. But we also saw this before – in the form of people flashing their high beams, honking their horns (and worse) if you dared to pass them (even if they were driving 10 MPH below the speed limit).

      I hope we can recover. Or at least, rebuild….

  2. You know what?

    Law enforcement officers—as opposed to peace officers—are of “limited value.”

    Peace officers—those who are left, anyway—are worth their weight in gold.

    There is a difference.

  3. OT – sounds good to me: Ramaswamy wants to invade Mexico to attack drug cartels; fire 75% of federal employees; scrap the majority of federal regulation; and abolish the Department of Education, the FBI, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He’s also proposed gutting the Federal Reserve; increasing reliance on fossil fuels; and pegging the dollar to gold, silver, and agricultural commodities.

  4. Yes who actually is at fault? The police for speeding and driving recklessly or the young woman who stepped out onto the street. Letz say she obeyed the crossing signals which I would never do without looking left and right or looking out for crazy drivers. You are taking your life not very seriously. You could be right and dead. The city has a lot of crazies out of the streets. The rural areas I agree are a lot safer.
    Both police and pedestrian have to share some responsibility. The police for excessive speed and the young woman who tried crossing the street without caution.
    I for one would never trust an automobile driver even if the crossing light is green for me to walk. But that’s just me maybe as I am on old paranoid man. Even if I am in my car driving I would never trust the other driver no matter if he signals his intent to turn of stop.
    In this case I would rule against the City/Police with the Pedestrian partially to blame. Pedestrians are always right no matter what the driver does but there were extenuating circumstances. Of course the driver has to be in total control of his vehicle at all times. Therefore instead of a 20 million judgement against the city/police it would only be a 10 million judgement. Case closed. Pedestrians relatives receive 10 million. The lawyer of course gets his 33% cut.

    • Hi Euro,

      The galling thing here is it was a cop doing three times the speed limit – 74 in a 25. A cop who would pull me or you over at gunpoint, probably, for doing twice the speed limit. This cop killed a pedestrian – and he didn’t even get a ticket.

      • Hi Eric. Don’t want to stir the pot, but I’m going to anyway! We’ve had discussions in the past about speed limits, and I’ve maintained that there needs to be some limit. Although admittedly hyperbolic, I asked as an example, should I be allowed to drive 150 mph thru a school zone. I believe the answer is no, because that speed is obviously dangerous, and at some point, society has a right to tell you no, you can’t do things that clearly endanger others. Correct me if I’m wrong but you have always said that people shouldn’t be punished for something that might happen, only for actual harm to others or their property. So here’s my question (insert spoon into pot). A little twist on the situation. What if the girl wasn’t there, or she never stepped into the street. Pretend her death never happened. Would you then defend and condone the officer (or anyone else) doing 74 in a 25 zone?

        • Floriduh,
          You are allowed to drive 150mph through a school zone, until something stops you from doing so, hopefully your sanity. As in this case, no sane person would drive 74 in a 25. We largely live in anarchy. There is not a gang of armed goons every where just waiting to gun you down every where you go. We depend on each other acting in a sane rational manner, which most of us do. And this cop did not.

          • Sanity is often in the eye of the beholder and can also go in and out. I’m dealing with an issue that’s testing my faith in the concept of waiting for actual harm before people act on others. My next door neighbor had a fire pit on our contiguous property line that, while legal, almost burnt down my house one night when his rental tenants decided, while drinking legally, to build a 10 foot fire with scrap building materials in 25 mph winds blowing right at my house in tinder dry conditions. I spent time hosing my house down preemptively and the fire was extinguished after a bit of bickering with the tenants and a call to the owner. If I wasn’t home watching every second or was asleep, my house could’ve easily been burned down and/me and my family killed. I self insure, so there’s that as well.

            After this incident, the fire pit was dormant for 2 years because it sold to a new owner before the issue was resolved with the old owner. I convinced the new owner right away that the fire pit was an obvious danger. He agreed but has now decided to make the house a short term rental with a listing that “sells” the fire pit as an amenity to “make memories with.” I spoke to the guy and he refused to remove the obviously dangerous fire pit. So, I contacted the county fire marshal to explain the obvious danger and see what could be done. A few days later, the guy moved the fire pit to the center of his yard, away from the property line. I don’t believe this obvious threat would’ve been mitigated even somewhat like this without appealing to a third party.

            We’ll see what happens. Any “sane” person could see the obvious threat before and now to his own house but he wants to roll the dice to keep that “amenity” for his rental. I still have the properly located hose hooked up and I’m not gonna wait for actual harm.

            • Hi Funk,

              This is a real-life instance of the legal saying, hard cases make bad law. Put in plainer language: One idiot does something idiotic and it opens the door to the law idiot-proofing everyone, including those who aren’t idiots.

              Jefferson also had something to say about the subject, to the effect that with freedom there are risks (and sometimes, harms) but with government everything is at risk – and we’re all certain to be harmed.

              But, how to deal with people like your neighbor? Well, the way you did. It’s no fun, obviously, when anyone has to deal with idiots – especially when their idiocy threatens to harm you/others.

              But – as for me – I’d rather have to deal with that sort of thing every now and then than have to deal with the government all the time.

              An example from my own situation will suffice: There is a piece of property just five miles or so down the road for me – some 100 acres – that sold recently to people who intend to use it to host a major summer event called Floydfest. This will attract more people to the county than live in the county – doubling the population (and traffic) in the space of a week, for a week. There is certain to be obnoxious braying noise radiating from the event in all directions, ruining the peace of people who moved to the country to get away from all of that. This is happening in part because my county does not have zoning laws, so anyone can do as they like with their property.

              Now, I despise Floydfest – and resent the people who are behind it. I consider them greedheads willing to ruin a beautiful place for the sake of making a buck. But I resent zoning laws and being told I must beg permission from the county to be allowed to (as an example) build a shed on my property even more. And so I am resigned to putting up with it – and if all gets too obnoxious, I suppose I’ll have to move.

              C’est l’vie...

              • Once upon a time I was plumbing a house, and the neighbor gal was out in her yard crying, because in building the house a lot of “her” trees were cut down. Except they weren’t her trees. When she approached me with her concern, I told her, “the lot has been for sale for some time, and you could have bought it”. Same goes for both Funk and Eric. I sympathize with both of you, but keeping your liberty means putting up with that of others who don’t see things as you do. Been there, done that.

                • They weren’t her trees so her complaint was moot. I don’t see how that’s relevant here. When burning embers were flying at my house at 11:30 pm, I wasn’t considering keeping my liberty, but rather my life and property. As I mentioned to Eric, there’s a difference between annoy and endanger. As I told my neighbor, I wasn’t putting up with the latter.

                  • It’s relevant because you could have bought the property, but either couldn’t afford it, or chose not to. If you owned it, it would have exactly the number of fire pits you desired.
                    Throw a hay bale up against it. When it lights call the fire department.

                    • It wasn’t her property, yet she obviously thought it was. She was mistaken. I don’t have any misunderstanding of my property or my neighbor’s property ownership. That’s why your anecdote is irrelevant.

                      Taking what you said to her to its logical conclusion, though, until you own every piece of property in the world, you’d still have a neighbor somewhere. The fact that someone doesn’t own every piece of property in the world doesn’t equal “suck it up buttercup” when a neighbor endangers their life or property.

                      I’m not fucking around with lighting things on fire and waiting for the fire department. Is it 5 o’clock where you’re at already?

                    • JK “By leaving it to government, you have contracted to having them steal from you. A non-government alternative would not involve any theft. You would voluntarily submit to arbitration, as would your antagonist, for a fee.”

                      What if the antagonist doesn’t voluntarily agree? Then what? These “private” arrangements need to be binding, which means whether you like it or not, in order to work at all. Also, in such case, calling it a fee not a “tax” is semantics. Maybe call it a “just wet my beak a little.”

                • Absolutely, John –

                  I’d much rather move – and find a place more to my liking – than make the titanic error of looking to the government for “help.”

                • I agree older trees should have protections. Some dope bought the house I grew up in and cut down beautiful century old pines and magnolias. That shouldn’t be allowed. If I could I would pop them in the jaw.

              • I’m going to split hairs here and note that to endanger is different from to annoy. This same neighbor of mine has 3 sets of 1000w LEDs that come on automatically at dusk every night he forgets to turn them off, which is regularly, and they come on every night for weeks at a time when no one is there. These lights shine right into my house. I had to spend money on three sets of curtains to block the light from illuminating my entire house at night. I mentioned it to the owner but it goes on. This annoys me to no end but does not endanger me. The same cannot be said for flames and embers licking my house. One time even.

                I don’t want a law banning fire pits because of this one idiot. However, I know that, if I act unilaterally under our current system, I could be accused of, at a minimum, trespass. I was even told I had to wait for “ignition” of vegetation or property to even call the fire dept. So damned if you do, damned if you don’t, in a way.

                  • Hey, I’ve got pretty much no neighbors for 6 months of the year. Is it November yet? Haha…

                    This is one of those things about libertarianism (an-cap, really) “working” that is similar to Rothbard’s critique of Konkin’s agorism. How do you sell a kind of personal autarky that is friendly to true liberty to a guy who works a factory job in a city? Is living without neighbors, which certainly can, but not always, diminish the need to arbitrate disputes via the State, something that could ever be widespread or mainstream? Probably not. The notion becomes self limiting. Most people have neighbors, at least to some extent.

                    I always try to apply zero gov’t doctrine to real life situations. The way I see it, there has to be some arm’s length dispute arbitration entity whether by contract or subscription or dues or something that is binding, which starts to look a lot like gov’t no matter what you call it.

                    • By leaving it to government, you have contracted to having them steal from you. A non-government alternative would not involve any theft. You would voluntarily submit to arbitration, as would your antagonist, for a fee.

            • >make the house a short term rental
              Don’t know where you live, Funk Doctor, but so-called “short term rentals” are another issue entirely, and have become an intolerable irritation in some areas. City Council where I live recently passed an ordinance with rather large teeth which is intended to prohibit turning SFR (single family residential) property into what are essentially hotels.
              The local ordinance is well written, IMO, and should do the job.

              • Where I live, it’s a traditional short term rental vacation area and being a year round resident is the exception. I’m surrounded by them and in the short term rental business myself in the same area. So I’m sympathetic to the business model and told the owner so. I also told him fire pits at rentals are rare and tend to be gas and/or right on the water. I’ve had a guest or two at mine ask why we don’t have a fire pit. I refer them to the beach fire permits we provide. It’s the only reasonable place for a fire in the area. The winds can shift direction and go from calm to a gale in a minute. It can also get extremely dry. After the things I’ve seen at my rental (we do all the work, cleaning, etc.) I would NEVER allow one on my property. 49/50 people are respectful and responsible, the 50th… forget about it. Animale. There’s at least one horror story every year.

        • Hi Floriduh,

          It’s a trap!

          Here’s the deal: Sane people are not reckless people and do not drive 150 (or even 74) in a school zone. They do not need laws to prohibit this. They self-police. On the other hand, insane and reckless people will do such things irrespective of the law. So the law does not prevent them from doing it. On the other hand, once a “reasonable” law is enacted – no 150 (or 74) in a school zone! – the principle of regulating speed in the name of “safety” has been established and it becomes inevitable that unreasonable laws will follow. That is how we got to where we are. Tens of thousands of people are hassled – and ticketed – every day, probably for “speeding” and probably 90 percent of them were not driving recklessly and threatening meaningful harm to anyone.

          As for your specific question: “Pretend her death never happened. Would you then defend and condone the officer (or anyone else) doing 74 in a 25 zone?”

          No, of course not. Because driving that fast in a situation such as that is obviously reckless; see my points made above!

    • If the woman was in a marked crosswalk she has the right of way. This has become a national standard, like lights on when raining. The cop should know this. Even if his siren was blaring, which it wasn’t, she would not have to be aware of his presence before stepping into the crosswalk.

      Consider this in relation to the story Eric recently posted regarding a woman walking a bike across a multilane highway in an unlit area NOT in a crosswalk where the driver was charged with manslaughter while obeying the speed limit.

    • At 74mph, she probably barely noticed him until he killed her. That’s not a thing you are looking for in a 25mph zone. Sort of like keeping an eye out for Grizzly Bears or meteors.

  5. We interrupt this keyboard brawl with an urgent news bulletin —

    ‘Eight House Democrats broke ranks on Thursday to vote with Republicans to pass a bill that opposes California’s environmental regulations mandating the purchase of electric vehicles.

    ‘The Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act received approval from the House with a vote of 222–190, with 214 Republicans and eight Democrats supporting it.

    ‘In March 2022, the EPA reinstated California’s ability to enforce its emission standards and EV sales mandate under the Clean Air Act. Furthermore, it granted other states the option to adopt California’s regulations.

    ‘If enacted, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act would prevent the EPA from providing such approvals to states that try to ban or restrict internal combustion engine vehicles.’


    Cracks in the facade … blows against the empire.

    The House of EeeVees is crumbling to dust before our disbelieving eyes!

    • Thank you, Jim, for this important bulletin. 🙂

      We will take any good news we can get. Also, thank you to the eight House Democrats with a brain (I will not refer to them as Asses). I noticed AOC was not one of the eight.

      • AOC? 🙂

        Like Hillary, AOC probably doesn’t even drive. But she sure wants to control what WE drive:

        “We can create a just economy and millions of union jobs by actually transitioning and decarbonizing our economy and saving our planet. The EV Freedom Act is a piece of legislation that upholds those core Green New Deal principles,” said Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.


        ‘Transitioning’ … heh heh! Nice double entendre … and what a fine, dark proto-mustache you’ve got going, my Boricuan babosa.

      • ‘EV Freedom,’ real-world version:

        ‘Tesla intentionally deactivated Erine Erickson’s supercharger feature [when] they discovered that Carfax listed her car as having a salvaged title due to being totaled in a collision. But Carfax’s information was wrong.

        ‘Even with proof [from the insurance company], along with Carfax correcting the salvage title to a clean title, Tesla hadn’t restored the supercharging feature and hadn’t helped Erickson at all.

        “I wouldn’t characterize it as customer service,” she said. “I mean, there’s not a way to email them. There’s a way to communicate on the app but they don’t respond.”


        Just like AT&T back in its monopoly days, tech companies stiff-arm their customers … the same way telcos flat refused to communicate in writing.

  6. I just read this bizarrely entertaining thread, and I think BS is most likely a child. Not just emotionally, but an actual child. The bravado, the profanity, the simplistic reasoning (or lack thereof) and apparent glee at getting so much attention all lead me to believe he is literally a kid.

    • I just read your post. I think you are a mental retard. An actual mental retard. Your lack of reasoning and somehow determining that there is “glee” involved in educating a gaggle of similar idiots leads me to believe you are posting from a mental clinic. Don’t let the nurse see you using the computer!

      • Blue,

        Once again, you call names. “Mental retard.” You are apparently unwilling – or unable – to have an intelligent discussion based on facts. I’ve tried to be civil with you and tried to reason with you. It seems to be a waste of time.

        • You don’t want to “reason” with anyone. You call people names yourself. You want surrender to your point of view. Well it ain’t gonna happen. You’re wrong on this like the rest of the nuts on this posting board.

          • Blue,

            I’ve tried repeatedly to reason with you; I’ve stated facts.

            You call me (and others) “stupid,” “shitheads,” “mental retards” and “nuts” for stating facts. For having the gall to be appalled by double standards, reckless indifference to other people’s lives, contempt for anyone who does not worship authority – and so on.

            If you actually are a cop – and not a prison guard – it’s truly sad.

  7. These kinds of cases serve the agenda of the lunatic left as does all police misconduct and criminality. Somehow the multitude of cases of such get translated into supposed examples of “systemic white racism.” For which zero effort is made towards reform. Instead the lunatic liberals that run the cities where these cases largely occur continue to invent new ways for police intervention. Which of course requires even further “immunity”, i.e., allowing police conduct to include gross criminality with zero consequences.

    That gets further exploited by police themselves. Whenever they are constrained in the slightest, they essentially say fuck it all and allow crime to run rampant, because then “there’s nothing we can do.”

    BULLSHIT!! They can do basically anything they fucken want with no consequences but take away their toys or ask them to be less criminal and then there’s nothing they can do?!?!

    From where I’m sitting it looks as though, unless police are granted the “above the law” status for any and all crime, they will allow crime to occur. Which basically encourages and escalates crime (read about all the retail theft these days) until it gets so bad that people throw up their hands and say “fine, have it your way. no laws apply to you so that you’ll do something about the other criminals.”

    What a fucken bullshit trip. This is the product of the lunatic liberals. Though the “tough on crime” conservatives have plenty of responsibility for getting us here in the first place.

  8. Didn’t a driver fall asleep while in line at a fast food place and then was tased first, then shot dead by the pigs?

    You deserve to die if you are tired and had a long day.

    LEO’s are dangerous people, shun them at all costs.

    Stop the gaslighting, you’re a big bully, Blueshield. Sleep it off and join the human race.

    You can do it!

  9. Another troubling aspect of today’s “law enforcement” practices is the use of “subdued graphics” and internal light bars on many police cars. Subdued graphics consist of flat black lettering and logos on a shiny black car–almost impossible to spot, even from a short distance. Placing the light bars inside the vehicle further obscures the identity of the “law enforcement” vehicle and its occupants.
    This is a dangerous practice for “law enforcement”, but especially for the honest citizen. ALL “law enforcement” vehicles must be clearly marked and identifiable.

  10. They talk like this guy on the video to each other using terms like limited value because in their cop culture world they can be callous and be considered cool. I worked in a desk job around cops and can attest this how they act. And the station and inside their police vehicle is their bubble. They pat each other on the back and complain about civilians until civilians start to blend together as one big obnoxious useless blob. I rode in a police car to a meeting and the cop decided just for fun to run a red light and whip into an illegal uturn with sirens on just because he could get away with it. He laughed about it. The older cops are calmer and have more humanity, but the young ones a lot of them seemed to he on a testosterone high and a power trip.

    • Hi RS,

      Yup. Also: I do not consider it incidental that most of the young cops literally look like members of MS-13. They are all tatted up and may are jacked-up (as on steroids). They are angry, paranoid, clannish and have short fuses. They are dangerous and best avoided.

    • Hi RS,

      Everything borders down to psychology. Most police officers are former military. We cannot be surprised when we take young men and force them to become fighting machines and expect them to be able to “turn it off” when not on the battlefield.

      The same is seen with NFL players (especially defensive players). Their job is to “take down” the other guy by any means necessary…slamming him into the ground, pushing him out of bounds, anything to stop forward progress. To be to do this you have to be an angry person. You have to delve deep to be able to constantly punish someone else day in and day out. There isn’t an off spigot. We all seem surprised when we read in the news that the defensive tackle went home and beat his wife or the defensive end got into a bar fight that left three with gun shot wounds.

      Do police officers have dangerous jobs? Yes. None of would want to deal with a domestic abuse call at 2am or having to go into a hostage situation. The question is why is society (mainly government) hell bent on creating this. It is like asking a pit bull (who has been trained to fight and guard) to know the difference between a burglar and a baby. Both will get the same treatment. The eyes of the dog cannot tell a difference between a threat and a non threat so the outcome is the same.

      • “Do police officers have dangerous jobs?”
        Not especially. Doesn’t make the top 25 of dangerous jobs. Don’t forget, they are always armed, and are unlikely to suffer any consequences if they use those arms. They don’t go into hostage situations, they wait for SWAT. A Pit Bull does know the difference between a burglar and a baby. They don’t smell the same, and a dogs sense of smell is superior to their eyesight.

        • Hi John,

          Yes, yes, I know being a crossing guard (#5 on list) is more dangerous than a linesman (#18 on list) working hundreds of meters in the air off a tower, in pouring down rain, with 400k of voltage. I am sure it is a very simple job compared to holding a big orange sign, wearing a bright yellow vest at a crosswalk outside a school zone.

          I am going to have to disagree with you here. Sure, the guys behind the desk writing the reports job isn’t too dangerous, but I (sure as hell) don’t want to confront someone in a stolen car or after a murder or burglary attempt. Plus, SWAT teams are police tactical units. So, yes, they are police.

          Also, why are pit bulls the most dangerous dogs if their smell can tell the difference between a baby and a burglar? Read any news story when a child dies because of a dog attack. There is one breed that stands out and it isn’t a Cocker Spaniel. I am not blaming the pit bulls, they are doing what they been trained to do along with the genetic make up of their temperament. I am just saying we can’t expect rationale or reason when we push certain people into an offensive “attack” position and think they can shut off the valve day in and day out.

          • I’ve spent a lot of time around a lot of Pit Bulls and similar breeds, and they are not naturally aggressive toward people. Unless they have been trained to be. Funny you should mention Cocker Spaniels, as they are the breed most likely to bite someone. Fortunately, they are not as well equipped as Pit Bulls.

  11. There’s a name for the attitude of the AGW in that video: “Psychopathy”.

    The way he laughs after saying “She is dead” is quite chilling. Wow.

    • Good morning, BaDnOn!

      Exactly. No indication of “that was tragic” or even – “too bad that happened.” Just “she’s dead” (laughs) and then “cut a check.” It reveals indifference to human life, innocent human life. And he has a gun and a badge.

      • …And we must respect his authoritah!

        Off topic: I can’t wait to hear your take on the UAW strike. The “Biden Thing” is on the telly right now speaking of the “record profits” of the auto companies. Somehow, with the EV debacle festering, I doubt that.

  12. It was a horrible accident, one which should eliminate high speed chases in heavily populated areas but what really grabbed me was the heartless response by the ‘hero’

    “Yeah, just write a check. $11,0000. She was 26 anyway. She had limited value.”

    Man,,, that’s cold!

    • Yeah let’s use one example of a tragic accident to stop pursuing criminals during getaways. Just let ‘’em go, don’t bother chasing them, someone might get hurt. In fact why arrest any criminals? Shit can always happen during an arrest. Don’t risk it. Laws are an immoral infringement on your right to be totally free. Who needs cops anyway. They’re all just crooked thugs for the state. Wouldn’t this country be a lot better off if there were no police mucking it up for everybody?

      • You know assuming you are a man which may be a stretch. You are absolutely correct we do not need cops or government. The worst mass murderers in history have been governments and its tools the cops, soldiers, enforcers. All others have been retail. The worst individuals like Bundy et al can’t even touch someone like Bush, Obama or Trump, not to mention Lincoln. You are either a troll or a total asss. Yes you deserve an extra S.

      • Actually blu boy you wannabe tough guys should take lessons from the Dominican Republic National Police
        Not running around like everyone is a ….
        Ummmmm keep off the AI radar..
        Ummm.. GOT IT!!!!… ne’er do well 👍🎯
        Hopefully I didn’t trigger a naughty word..Gitmo trigger😂
        Heaven forbid

      • The problem, @blueshield, is that what you see as criminal is not what we see as criminal. We see a man speeding off wanting to avoid a seat belt ticket he can’t afford and doesn’t think legitimate in the first place, and you see a criminal deserving of death if need be to stop him.

        I’m pretty sure no one else here agrees, seeing the highway robber who wants to ding him for not wearing a seat belt (and who is willing to escalate up to and including murder of however many “civilians” as necessary to accomplish it) as the real criminal.

        Start chasing murderers or kidnappers or bank robbers, and we’d be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. But so long as you are just an “revenooer” targeting people for non-crimes like expired tags, not so much.

      • Blue,

        There is a word – and a concept – that bears on this matter. It is proportionality. You seem to think that any cost is worth enforcing every law. So, a seatbelt “violator” who poses no threat to anyone but resents being fleeced of a day’s pay decides to “elude” his armed accoster (that’s you). Instead of letting it go, you pursue – amping up the situation over nothing (other than an affront to your Authority).

        You write:

        “Laws are an immoral infringement on your right to be totally free.”

        No one here said any such thing. I said that it is immoral laws to enforce immoral laws.

        It is interesting that you feel the need to lie about what people actually said. Do you also lie about what they didn’t do, in court?

        • Talk about proportionality, why flee a traffic ticket? If you do that then the pursuit is not about the ticket but a suspicion that you are guilty of a greater crime that would make you run. Just don’t pay the ticket! It’ll come back to bite you in the ass. But it’s better then a high speed chase.

              • Yeah like there is any kind of common moral standards in this fucked up country. You somehow think your standards of “morality” are correct, funny, so does everyone else. The ranting crack head has his idea’s of morality, maybe we should use them? The community sets the standards of morality in the laws they enact. Not using the fantasy desires of loopy libertarians who believe shit should work like it never has anywhere and never will.

                • Blue writes:

                  “Yeah like there is any kind of common moral standards in this fucked up country.”

                  You seem to have trouble with language – and logic.

                  I have advocated for moral standards. Not arbitrary or subjective ones.

                  You write:

                  “You somehow think your standards of “morality” are correct, funny, so does everyone else.”

                  But it is correct – moral – to avoid causing harm to other people. Unless you believe it is “moral” to cause harm to others – in which case, you’re a psychopath. Cops who drive 74 in a 25 and run over people are reckless people by definition. People who think it’s funny and laugh about it are cruel and callous people who should never be given power over other people.

                  There is no “fantasy” involved.

                • What a fucking meathead. Blueshield uses nihilism to justify his inhumanity. His walnut brain can only equates morality with positive law.

                  I’m calling bullshit on this asshole. He’s no cop. Even cops aren’t this stupid. He’s a two-bit troll playing a role. Blueshield, it’s time to move out of your mother’s basement already.

              • Perhaps he’ll learn something here.

                I’ve told this story before, but I have a good friend who’s a cop. We met when we were both dumb 18-year-old. We used to occasionally drink and smoke pot together. It was all in good fun. I met up with him about 10 years ago and he was telling me some cop war stories. He told me about how he busted some 19 year-old college student for smoking pot (before the laws in his state were relaxed). He bragged about how he ruffed him up during the arrest (I think the kid was trying to eat the evidence or something), which resulted in him tearing the kid’s expensive winter ski jacket. He was quite proud of the whole thing.

                He was expecting me to be impressed, but instead I was totally outraged and immediately told him so. I reminded him that he and I were once that 19-year-old kid and he quite possibly did a lot of damage to the kid’s future since he’s now got an arrest record and perhaps was convicted of a crime.

                He was initially shocked by my reaction, but eventually acknowledged his inhumanity and vowed not to do anything like that again. I hope he’s stuck by that.

          • If the cop gets the license number of the vehicle, then disengage from a hot pursuit at high speed and figure out where the vehicle is listed by DMV as being “garaged”. Get an arrest WARRANT for felony evasion, and make the arrest if a person matching a description of the driver is found.

            There was no reason to put the lives of the public in danger over this!

            • Seriously? Let them drive away, reckless and endangering others? Just let a felon go and circle back to him sometime? You think this is a good idea? You know these cars are often stolen, have wrong or expired plates, or no relation to the address where they actually stay. And how do you identify a driver of a car speeding off? This is a really bad stupid impractical suggestion.

              • Blue writes:

                “Let them drive away, reckless and endangering others?”

                Does the irony not hit you?

                A cop drives three times the speed limit in an urban area where people are out and about – runs a woman over and kills her – and you talk about others being “reckless and endangering others.”


          • Maybe I wouldn’t flee, because, if the citation is false or other unjust, I’ll happily go to traffic court, just for the sheer pleasure of making you look like the LYING POS that you are. If it is just, then likely I just send in the bail and move on.

            Then again, a psychopath with a badge and an issued sidearm like you will likely lose his temper over me recording the stop, and unless he’s got urgent matters demanding that he move on, will escalate the situation because a “civilian” didn’t fellate him on the side of the roaf.

      • I have a question of real curiosity for blueshield. Do you realize there are many professional people who are not fans of modern day police? Not necessarily police haters, not anarchists, not ex-cons, but they believe current police tactics are overbearing and out of hand.

        Have you ever asked yourself why do so many people have a negative view of us? What answers or possibilities have you come up with?

        • Hi Dan,

          BS is a bully; this is obvious from his numerous comments. We are to shut up and do what we are told by the LAW. Because it is the LAW. If we question any of it, we are “shitheads.” This is how they think of us. Because they do not think, at all.

        • A breakdown in the moral fiber of the country where criminals are heroes and following the law is for suckers. Too much crookedness from politicians who pass the bs laws that police have to enforce. A complete breakdown in respect for the whole system. A flood of people into the country who have no respect for the rule of law. Dumb asses on the internet that navel gaze about fantasy worlds of freedom that never existed and never will.

          • Blue writes:

            “A breakdown in the moral fiber of the country where criminals are heroes and following the law is for suckers.”

            Yes, exactly. Criminals – like cops who recklessly endanger (and kill) innocent people and face no (or lesser) consequences for the damage/harm they cause. Meanwhile, us “suckers” – who harm no one – are expected to “follow the law.” Else be harmed.

            By criminals with badges.

            Also: You ought to be more careful about calling people who can spell and compose grammatically correct sentences “dumb asses.” Observe that I haven’t called you names. I’ve called out your bullying.

          • Blue writes:

            “… bs laws that police have to enforce.”

            What a cop out. Do you have a gun pointed at your head? You do not “have to enforce” anything. If you were a man with any principles, you would refuse to “enforce” laws that are clearly immoral or that have no place in a free society. Instead, you pawn off responsibility for what you choose to do – and get paid to do – on others.

            That’s what a cynic – or a coward – does.

            Keep these comments, coming BS – you are making the case I tried to make in my article far better than I could have done.

            • eric: You do not “have to enforce” anything. If you were a man with any principles, you would refuse to “enforce” laws that are clearly immoral or that have no place in a free society.

              Maybe the stupidest thing you’ve posted out of a flood of stupid posts. You would ask each cop to be judge and jury on every person they come upon. That would be a mess and every cop would get canned. Of course that’s what you want anyway. Why don’t you just say: “do your job in a manner that will get you fired”. That would be more honest. You freakin don’t trust cops now but you would want them to determine the “morality” of each incident they come upon!

              • Blue,

                You seem unable to do much more than hurl schoolyard insults. I am “stupid” and a “shithead.” For pointing out the fact that no cop is under duress to enforce laws he judges to be immoral. You choose to enforce them – or not. You chose to be a cop. You have the option to refuse – and to resign – if you find that you cannot square your conscience with what you are expected to do. But you do neither.

                Perhaps because you have no conscience.

                If you do have one, there are other ways to earn an honest and moral living. You think I am a “shithead.” Well, this “shithead” does not force you to pay my bills.

                What do you do?

              • Yes, expecting cops to demonstrate a bit of moral restraint is probably asking too much. Since they have no moral foundation or ethical standards. Exercising such restraint probably would get them fired. “Your aren’t stealing enough of the public’s money. You need to work on that.”

              • Hey blueshield:

                Isn’t that exactly what cops did in NM? They said they will refuse to enforce the governor’s gun ban. Do you have a problem with that or would you be crackin’ skulls of those otherwise legally carrying?

                It’s called using discretion.

                If you pulled a kid over for some traffic infraction and you realized he was your nephew, you most certainly would exercise this discretion and let him go. I guaranty it.

                • Yes, this it, right here:

                  “It’s called using discretion.”

                  Back in the day, a teen caught with beer or other, the cop made them pour it out on the ground, and that was the end of it.

                  Not that the cop should even be doing that… but it’s far preferable to the zero tolerance Idiocracy which goes on now.

          • “A complete breakdown in respect for the whole system”
            That sort of thing happens when you send out SWAT teams to serve warrants, shoot innocent people, and their dogs, at the wrong addresses. Happens all the time. Curious, 50 years ago there were no SWAT teams. We got along fine without them.

            • Indeed, John –

              What BS seems incapable of understanding is that, once upon a time, cops were respectful toward citizens. Did not treat them like “civilians.” Did not regard themselves as something other than civilians. Didn’t put “officer safety” first – and strut around like stormtroopers in body armor, carrying military grade weapons. Would not escalate a discussion into “get on the ground, now!” Didn’t resort to force except in extremis.

              But BS doesn’t want to hear about it. Just obey THE LAW.

              • Hi, Eric,
                >Did not treat them like “civilians.”
                My experience with Military Police (MPs) is that, without exception, they were polite and professional, and treated (us) civilians with respect and dignity.

                It is the macho pendejo *civilian* law enforcement wannabe “tough guys” who can be real A-holes. Not all are, of course.

                • Adi,

                  I just posted a reply to blueshield before seeing your post.
                  You are right, and the difference I believe, is MPs are prosecutable under the UCMJ, while we know civilian police are rarely held to account for behavior and actions.

                  • Hi, Dan,

                    MPs hold *themselves* accountable, first and foremost. They have too much self respect to engage in the sort of shit show described by “bluesheild” and his ilk.

                    The words “Duty, Honor, Country” and “Semper Fidelis” *do* mean something, and exemplify the standard of conduct which is expected of those whose organizations subscribe to them.

                    Their members are generally “squared away,” in appearance as well as in conduct. They respect themselves, and therefore do not need to build up their self esteem by disrespecting other humans.

              • If only AGWs knew and obeyed the “law” also.

                Instead, all too many fancy themselves as a real-life Judge Joseph Dredd, bellowing “I am…THE LAW!” and executing summary “judgement” and perps.

          • I suppose you’d label the writers of the US Constitution as “fantasizers of freedom”.

            What department is corrupt or incompetent enough to hire a JERK like YOU?

          • Blueshield,
            Thank you for your response.
            I know this thread is long and you may not see my follow up, but here it is.

            As to my experience with those who are skeptical of modern police, I think you may have hit on two items that really lead to this:
            1. Too much crookedness from politicians who pass the bs laws that police have to enforce.

            This is a complaint I hear and leads to the perception that police work for politicians and do not serve the people.

            2. A flood of people into the country who have no respect for the rule of law.

            The second part about no respect for rule of law I think can be tied directly to item #1. If the law is bad, I would expect no respect for it.

            Aside from these, what I hear from normal folks is a dislike of how people are treated by officers. I can break this down into two main items.

            1. Feeling of being hassled when no one was harmed (e.g. not stopping a full two seconds at a vacant intersection)

            2. Being treated in abusive, harassing, or intimidating manner when in contact with police.

            #1 seems to be an annoyance, #2 creates a real dislike, since it is an engagement on a personal level.

  13. I’m somewhere between being a shitduck wizard and a Norwegian Caveman. Piece of shit must be somewhere in between.

    However, I try hard to avoid being a self-righteous judgmental asshole.

    Just the nature of the beast.

    • Not only getting on (and up there) in years, but seeing where the world is headed (to hell in a hand cart), and if you can believe it, sometimes I wish I was ninety, and on the way out a lot sooner. At this point, I fear I will still be young enough to see SHTF, and know it will not be pretty. P.S. Eric, can you bring back the “send follow-up comments to e-mail” option back? I miss getting them in my e-mail “in” box….

      • Hang in there us Boomers or as I prefer, Grandparents can still do a lot. Teach the little ones how to shoot and drive, the parents (our children) of our grandchildren are overwhelmed with shit. Grandma and Grandpa can help and teach the next generation. history began with Grandparents as they remember and pass it on.

        We shall prevail. The scum will not. However it goes they will lose. Just keep up keeping up. There are a lot of good people out there. Even the evil “immigrants” that so bedevil NY. Just let them work. Really all they want. Eric Adams is a fucking moron. The other 8 million denizens of NYC should string him up to the nearest lamppost. May yet happen. Hard to believe a 100K immigrants to a city of 8 Million causes that kind of problem. Must be racist.

    • The reason many of us are up in years is because of our life experience. We can better see the truth, and have something to say about it.

  14. One of the more interesting “Things which make you say, ‘Hmmm'” which came out of the Summer of Love and “CHAZ” in Seattle was that many members of the Seattle Police Department live in mostly white communities in Snohomish County, about an hour north of the city. This included the *African American* woman who was Chief of Police at the time.

    I wonder where Kevin and Dave live.

    And, please, spare me the ‘Cost of Living’ argument.

    • You clowns should have moved to CHAZ. I hear it was real light on law enforcement. I’m sure you could have ignored all the red lights you wanted.
      Antifa would be a good match, I’m sure you would get along great. Both hate government-check. Both hate all laws-check. Both are considered weirdo’s by the reset of the country. I’m surprised all you tough talking, sharp shooters didn’t go stake out a piece of real estate there!

      • Blue,

        Like many authoritarians, you conflate opposition to overbearing/tyrannical government with advocating for chaos. No one here has ever done that. Yet you attempt to defend tyranny by pretending that’s whaty we advocate. The more you comment, the more you make our point for us.

      • Seattle is too cold/rainy for me. Even if I could afford the rent, I can’t justify $1500 for a coat like the CHAZ leader favored.

        Of course, when I lived up there, I couldn’t afford Snohomish either.

        Maybe Pinellas County Florida. Like the former Tampa Chief of Police, living an hour from TPD HQ in mostly white Oldsmar — the truly embarrassing aspect of this situation.


        • Hi Roscoe,

          I can understand both sides of this situation. One, the sheer stupidity of being cited for your golf cart not having taxes. Seriously, why is this even a stoppable offense? Who cares? And secondly, the former Tampa Police Chief’s “rules for thee, but not me.”

          This is why Americans are so disgusted with the judicial system in the country. It is two tiered. No justice will be handed out to the top tier for truly serious crimes (e.g. Hunter Biden), but the rest of us would get a ticket for riding our golf cart (with no tags) to the freaking ice cream parlor and be read the riot act about ignorance of the law is no excuse.

          • The fact that the Chief of Police for *Tampa* lived in a gated community in Pinellas/Oldsmar was politically humiliating for the Mayor, another former Chief of Police herself who put her reputation on the line to hire Mary O’Connor, a proven wingnut.

            Much like Seattle vs. Snohomish, the issue is not about cost of living as much as lifestyle. I wouldn’t live in Oldsmar due to the vulnerability to hurricanes, but to each their own.

          • Exactly, RG –

            This BS guy refuses to even mildly criticize a cop driving three times the posted speed limit – with the result being the death of an innocent pedestrian – but gets very haughty when I object to being ticketed for driving safely a few MPH over the speed limit and causing no harm to anyone. BS draws himself up and says: Cops have a job to do! And so, anything goes – and we’d better shut up and be grateful for their “sacrifices.”

            • I never said anything remotely like that. That death was tragic. Any death is. If the cop that did it was really that callous then he is a monster. Most cops need years of therapy for offing a gang banger they had to shoot to save their own lives. Someone that dies innocently like that is even worse. Just don’t forget that was caused by a criminal fleeing the law.

              • Blue,

                I am glad you have finally come out and agreed that the cops described in the article are monsters. But you have yet to acknowledge that the death of that woman was not “caused by a criminal fleeing the law.” It was caused by a criminally reckless cop driving three times the speed limit in an urban area with his siren off – to get to a non-emergency situation.

                This cop deserves to be criminally charged with reckless endangerment and perhaps vehicular manslaughter. I believe he deserves to be made to personally pay the victim’s family a sum sufficient to give notice to other cops to not be criminally reckless with other people’s lives. And he should never be allowed to work as a cop again. The same goes for the psychopath who laughs about the death of an innocent woman, whose life is of “limited value.”

                More psych screening is badly needed.

              • “Just don’t forget that was caused by a criminal fleeing the law.” -blueshield (or is it bluesheild?)

                Wrong again, hothead. Nobody was “fleeing”:

                ‘Kevin Dave, struck her with his vehicle while driving just shy of 50 MPH above the posted speed limit in “hot pursuit” of someone who had “used too much cocaine” and was supposedly “freaking out.”’

              • Sorry, but if the fleeing perp were identified, and charged with manslaughter or even MURDER (IDK if WA uses the “felony murder” rule), while I could readily find him guilty of felony evasion, the proximate cause of that young woman’s death was the pursuing officer’s poor judgment and recklessness, so I’d acquit the runner with respect to her death. I’d find the cop guilty of aggravated manslaughter if so charged, but not object to a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter if the jury could agree on that. The idea is to hold the officer and his department liable so her family may recover copious damages.

      • Antifa is no more anti government than you are. Just like you, they seek the power for themselves. We do not seek power over our neighbors, just like the rest of the sane among us.

  15. Police are there to control you.

    Bought and paid for politicians pass laws that constantly turn benign behaviors into crimes of which there are no victims.

    Then send forth swarms of officers to monitor us for violations, who stand behind the bulwark of “we’re just doing our jobs”, as if this removes them from any adherence to morality.

    The purpose of it all is to keep us constantly scared of the government.

    But all power is illusory. There are far more of us than them, with too much ability to resist if we felt like it. They count on us not binding together and drawing strength from each other.

    So long as we stay apart, they will continue to abuse us with impunity. The day the people have had enough of them will be quite the spectacle.

    • That’s a commie perversion of the rock-bed principle that we were supposed to be a society governed by rule of law, not that we are a nation of laws. That’s two drastically different things, the latter of which has only the end of fostering tyranny in a populace which no longer understands the distinction.

    • Did the Ten commandments come from God or did Moses just say they did? We only have Mose’s word for it. Did people just call him Mose when he was doing nothing, hanging around?

  16. Soon to be replaced by AI drones and AI robotic dogs armed with machine guns…no huge salary or gold plated pension required….

    To assist the AI drones and dogs…lots of surveillance….

    G20 Announces Plan To Impose Digital Currencies And IDs Worldwide

    from zh comments…..

    Accept CBDCs — you are a slave. Period……people are already slaves…..debt slaves….tax slaves…the leash will just get far shorter…

    99.999% of humans are dumber than rocks. Literally. No kidding and no exaggeration. Which means, at least 99% of humans will adopt CBDCs. And they will be more enslaved….

    Notice the article always includes “digital ID” in the discussion. That means they intend to JAM some kind of electronic device into your body that cannot be removed — to uniquely identify who you are. If you let them do this, you are screwed — totally screwed — permanently screwed. Everywhere you walk your exact location and time will be recorded for every predator-that-be on the planet to always know … immediately.

    And I don’t mean every time you walk through a door. I mean your location will be monitored by satellites every second or three … maybe even more often.

    You will need to be very careful. The predators-that-be will JAM these “digital ID” devices into people in many ways … almost certainly including insertion in popular food items (think soda-pop, coffee, etc).

    The humans doing this are human predators. Period. Much worse than predators of other species. They know exactly what they’re doing — destroying the lives of every human on planet earth — on purpose.

    Oh, and guess what? Not only will the “digital ID” that is inserted into your body let them track your location, that “digital ID” will also let them TURN YOU OFF — in other words … KILL ….like the kill switch on EV’s….

    YOU DEAD. At any time any of the predators-that-be or predator-class want you dead, for any reason — YOU DIE.

    And they will. The globalist totalitarian predators intend to exterminate at least 90% of the humans on planet earth. And this will be their favorite method. Quite possibly they will mass murder 90% of the humans on planet earth all at the same time. POOF — you’re all dead, humans. This is the most effective way after all, because everyone is dead before anyone can wise up and chop off whatever body part contains the “digital ID” to save themselves.

    Every national leader who attended the G20 is a puppet of the Cabal – they have agreed to slaughter their own citizens because someone or something wants a global population of 500 million.


  17. It’s weird how, as far as I can remember, whenever Eric posts a piece like this one, some character like blue pops up in the comment section to make all the typical retorts. Like clockwork. Does some kind of bat phone ring somewhere when something like this hits the internet? Thin blue line AI chat bot perhaps?

        • Yep, can’t have any wrong think, Doug.

          How dare these mortals question the public narratives! Someone else could read this, think it through, and say “I never thought about it that way, but it makes sense.” Then they could tell someone else, who passes it on to someone else, then the next thing you know we would have a critical thinking, literate, freedom loving society…the horrors!

          Do you think they make a phone call to the FCC or does Alex Soros call Nancy and she puts a phone call into the FCC?

    • Hi Funk,

      The writing is similar to someone else’s on this forum who has not responded all day. I would hope a bot would know how to correctly spell “shield.”

      Guys, I think we have the interest of somebody/someone and it isn’t a friend. Some three letter agencies have been known to troll the Dark Web gathering intel. I would not be surprised if we have something similar here. Not saying it is so, but if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….I will let you fill in the rest. Or I could just be totally paranoid.

    • Dumb ass link. It’s not cops stealing anything, it’s about “asset forfeiture”. Cops got nothing to do with that. Take it up with the lawyers and judges. Are you all this pitifully stupid???

      • Blue,

        “Asset forfeiture” is theft – by a different name. You are pulled over for a traffic violation on your way to buy a used car. You have brought with you cash to offer the seller. Perfectly legal. Yet under “asset forfeiture” laws, cops can simply take the money because it is cash and “excessive” amounts of cash – the precise amount is not defined in law – constitutes “evidence” that the money is “drug money” and so subject to being taken, without any charges against the owner levied, let alone proved in court. It is up to the person whose money was taken to prove the money was not “drug money.”

        Any person who is a party to such theft is worse than a thief, because the victim cannot lawfully resist such theft.

        This is an example of the despicability of “law enforcement.”

        • The police have nothing to do with that. Any cash seized is given to the court and they handle it. You make it sound like cops grab cash and stuff it in their pockets. That only happens on the TV shows made by cop haters like yourself. In the real world that virtually never happens except for a few bad apples like everywhere. And when they are caught they get punished. I agree it’s a bad law in many cases but there is nothing the cops can do about that.

          • Blue,

            The cops steal the money and hand it over to their higher-ups. But this “seizure” isn’t theft in your mind. Despite the fact. Because the men who actually (physically) “seized” the cash didn’t stuff it in their pockets. Ok, so then I suppose a mafia soldier who seizes money on behalf of his captain isn’t guilty of theft, either?

            Anyone who participates in bad things is bad by definition.

            You say I and others here “hate cops.” A simplistic dismissal of the reasons why. We hate injustice. Keeping the peace is honorable work. Enforcing laws – just because they are laws and never mind whether the law in question is morally reprehensible (such as “asset forfeiture). It’s “the law.”

            And that is what we hate.

          • There is no “law” that requires cops to steal it in the first place. They do so of their own volition. So, there is something they can do about it. Stop stealing people’s money.

          • BULLSHIT. The incidents of cops skimming seized funds, or a portion of illicit substances, are way too frequent to be dismissed as the depradations of the MYTHICAL “few bad apples”.

            Cops are rewarded for CAF, period, even without evidence of illegal activity, such as controlled substances or persons prohibited to have firearms. Some old boy with a few thousand bucks to buy, say, an old farm tractor, “cash on the barrel head”, should NEVER be thus mulched. It’s obvious that the purported reason, interdiction of drug trafficking, is but a lame EXCUSE to be the latter-day “highwaymen” with badges, just like a Mexican “Federale”.

          • Congratulations, Blue-Balls, you have just used the lamest excuse in the history of civilization. Here is your Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Diamonds, Herr Eichmann!

            • Hi Graves,

              To be fair, holders of the Knights Cross with oak leaves and diamonds were at least usually soldiers who’d demonstrated conspicuous courage under fire. Eichmann was an Obersturmbannfuhrer, but not a soldier. He was a “colonel” like a police chief is a “general.”

      • Hey bluesheild, if you’re are so proud of your comments, why don’t you reveal your identify? Go ahead and post your full name and the police agency you work for.

        Why do you hide behind a pseudonym?

      • Blue,

        Also: Cops serve as the enforcers of theft. What else is a “ticket”? You pull someone over – not because they’ve harmed anyone or even because there’s valid reason to think they might, as in the case of seatbelt “violations.” You then hand them an extortion note – the “ticket” – which demands the payment of money, with the threat of further repercussions if the payment is not made. What else is this but extortion?

        You tell yourself that you’re a “hero” who is “protecting society.” But no one is being “protected” from seatbelt “scofflaws.” Or people who who don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign when it’s obvious there’s no cross traffic coming. Or who drive faster than an arbitrary number posted on a sign. There are many – countless – examples.

        If all you did was pursue people who actually do hurt other people, we’d support you – because we support that. What we do not support is “law enforcement.”

      • “Cops got nothing to do with that.”

        I know, I know, you’re just following orders. Yeah, they tried that at Nuremberg…didn’t work out so well.

        • The defendants at Nuremberg were FUCKED irrespective of their defense. Many prominent Americans, like longtime GOP Senator Robert Taft, criticized the International Military Tribunal as “Victor’s Justice” and a sham.

          • Agree.
            The Nuremberg trials were one of the most egregious farces ever foisted on Germany. Here are but a few examples of the “victors” exacting retribution on the vanquished.
            To wit:
            That, irrelevant appeal to authority, what the court is saying bears no relevance to what is the reality. Thanks to articles 19 and 21 of the Nuremberg constitution they could accept any rubbish they wanted ignoring standard procedures applied in non biased and independent court:
            Article 19: The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.
            Article 21: The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigation of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations.
            That judicial notice and common knowledge mean, that everything what circulated among people long enough to become common knowledge could be accepted as a fact without need to prove it, like witchcraft which was a common knowledge in the past and thus real according to that silly approach. Sending people to death on the basis of false/missing evidence was a crime. What public believe is irrelevant to what is the reality and evidence. That the so called evidence was accepted without challenge speaks volume about the show nature of such trials.
            Problem is, that even some of the judges were concerned the way the Nuremberg “kangaroo court” was handled.
            Much of the “evidence” presented at the trials was not evidence at all, but was based on conjecture, rumor, innuendo and hearsay, such as the quantity of people supposedly “gassed and cremated”, (even today, the figures are an impossibility), “lampshades and soap” made from jews, those who could tell who was being cremated from the smell and color of smoke, and other obvious falsities. The Nuremberg trials, were “show trials” no different than the show trials put on by the Soviets.
            ALL of the defendants were tortured extensively with their families being threatened with prosecution. They were prosecuted under laws and statutes that did not exist at the time–ex post facto “laws”.
            The Nuremberg trials were sh!tshows of the highest order and were vengeance exacted by “you know who”.
            Even General George S. Patton KNEW who the real enemy was…Hint: It wasn’t Germany …
            Normal “rules of evidence” were not only ignored but not allowed. Hearsay was not only allowed, but taken as TRUTH.
            This is where the holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust™”) got its start as being the hoax of the 20th century.
            Even in present-day kangaroo courts that prosecute those who utter “holocaust™” heresy, normal “rules of evidence are thrown out and not allowed to be exercised.
            You see, the “commonly accepted narrative” is accepted as FACT while real FACTS are not allowed to be entered into the court record.
            Look up Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zundel, and many other martyrs who have been prosecuted and convicted on the altar of “holocaustianity™”. In all of their cases, they were not allowed to introduce evidence into the court record proving that “holocaust™” claims were false and could easily been proven to be false.

    • Yes. That’s why it’s necessary to challenge commenters like him. Sooner or later they reveal themselves. In his case, much, much sooner.

      He’s a tough guy though and we’re all pieces of shit civilians, you know. His contempt for us is entirely consistent with the sentiments of the cop in that video. He totally proves Eric’s point. Of course he’s too obtuse to understand that.

  18. Here is a guest article that deserves the light of day:

    No One Cares If You Go Home Safe At The End Of Your Shift
    Jan 02, 201812:50AM
    Category: Politics
    Posted by: Michael Z. Williamson

    Here at the house, I have a couple of decades plus of military experience. I have tools to dig in or out of natural disasters. I have extinguishers and hoses. I have a field trauma kit and bandages. I have weapons both melee and firearm. I know how to use them. I know how to trench, support and revet. I understand the fire triangle and appropriate approaches. I understand breathing, bleeding and shock. I know how to detain, restrain and control. I have done all of these at least occasionally, professionally. I’ve stood on top of a collapsing levee in a flood. I’ve fought a structure fire from inside so we could get everyone out before the fire department showed up, which only took two minutes, but people can die that fast. I’ve had structures collapse while I was working on them. I’ve been in an aircraft that had a “mechanical” on approach and had to be repaired in-flight before landing. I’ve helped control a brush fire. I’ve hauled disabled vehicles out of ditches in sub-zero weather.

    My ex wife has over a decade of service and some of the same training.

    We have trained our young adult children.

    My wife is a rancher who knows her way around a shotgun, livestock, sutures and tools, hurricanes and floods, and works in investigations professionally.

    Our current house guest is another veteran.

    This means if anything happens at the house, and last year we had a lightning strike, a tornado and a flood within 10 days’ we’re pretty well prepared.

    Now, we’re probably better off than 95% of the households out there. The level of disaster that necessitates backup varies.

    If we find it necessary to call 911, it means the party is in progress and it’s bad.

    You will probably not be going home safe at the end of your shift.

    And you know what? If it gets to that point, I really don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit if you get smoked. I don’t give a shit if you fall under a tree. I don’t give a shit if you get shot at.

    Because at that point, I’ve done everything I can with that same circumstance, and run out of resources.

    If my concern was “you going home safe,” then I’d just fucking hunker down and die. Because I wouldn’t want that poor responder to endanger himself.

    Except, that’s what I pay taxes for, and that’s what you signed up for. Just like I signed up to walk into a potential nuke war in Germany and hold off the Soviets, and did walk into the Middle East and prepare to take fire while keeping expensive equipment functioning so our shooters could keep shooting.

    There’s not a single set of orders I got that said my primary job was to “Come home safe.” They said it was to “support the mission” or “complete the objective.” Coming home safe was the ideal outcome, but entirely secondary to “supporting” or “completing.” Nor, once that started, did I get a choice to quit. Once in, all in.

    When that 80 year old lady smells smoke or hears a noise outside her first floor bedroom in the ghetto, she doesn’t care if you go home safe, either. She’s afraid she or the kids next door won’t wake up in the morning.

    If I call, I expect your ass to show up, sober, trained, professional. I expect you to wade in with me or in place of me, and drag a child out of a hole, or out from a burning room, or actually stand up and block bullets from hitting said child, because by the time you get there, I’ll have already done all that. And there will be field dressings, chainsawed trees, buckets and empty brass scattered about.

    I don’t want to hear some drunk and confused guy squirming on the ground playing “Simon Says” terrified you so much you had to blow him away. I don’t want to hear that some random guy 35 yards away who you had no actual information on , may have reached toward his waist band. Or that “the tree might fall any moment” or that “the smoke makes it hard to see.”

    Near as I can tell, I don’t hear the smokejumpers, or the firefighters, or the disaster rescue people say such things.

    But it’s all I ever hear from the cops. If you and your five girlfriends in body armor, with rifles, are that terrified of actually risking your life for the theoretically dangerous job you volunteered for and can quit any time, then please do quit.

    You can get a job doing pest control and go home safe every night.

    Until a bunch of fucking pussies with big tattoos, small dicks, body armor and guns blow you away for minding your own business.

    Because what you’re telling me with that statement is, your only concern is cashing a check. That’s fine. But if that’s your concern, don’t pretend you’re serving the public. If you wanted to help people at risk of life, you would be a firefighter, running into buildings, dragging people out, getting scorched regularly.

    If you’re cool with writing tickets, then there’s jobs where you can do just that.

    If you want to tangle with bad guys and blow them away, fair enough. But understand: That means they get to shoot first to prove their intent, just as happens with the military these days. Our ROE these days are usually “only if fired upon and no civilians are at risk.”

    If your plan is “shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, then if anyone is still alive try to ask questions,” and bleat, “But I was afeard fer mah lahf!” you’re absolutely no better than the thugs you claim to oppose. All you are is another combatant in a turf war I don’t care about.

    Since I know your primary concern is “being safe,” then I’ll do you the favor of not calling. Cash your welfare check, and try not to shoot me at a “courtesy” sobriety checkpoint for “twitching my eye “in a way that suggested range estimation.

    If you’re one of the vanishingly few cops who isn’t like that, then what the hell are you doing about it? If there’s going to be a lawsuit costing the city millions, isn’t it better that it be a labor suit from the union over the clown you fired, than a wrongful death suit over the poor bastard the clown shot? Both are expensive, but one has a dead victim you enabled. So how much do you actually care about that life?

    How is the training so bad that it’s not clear who is the scene commander who gives the orders?

    How is it that trigger happy bozos who, out of costume, look no different from the gangbangers you claim to oppose, get sent up front to fulfill their wish of hosing someone down because “I was afraid for my life!”?

    Why does the rot exist in your department?

    If you can’t do anything about it, why are you still in that department?

    At some point, collective guilt is a thing.

    You’ve probably not been a good cop for a long time.

    And I still don’t care if you go home safe. I care that everyone you purport to “serve and protect” goes home safe.

  19. A good book and a decent read that espouses just that of honest citizens successfully defending themselves against unjust and unjustified government behavior is “Unintended Consequences” by author John Ross.
    It is a long read, the hardcover encompassing close to 900 pages but it has a good story line and weaves historical, political and legal doctrines and concepts into a relatively entertaining story.
    One can get a good historical, political and legal education from this book as well as being a “how-to” book with real solutions.
    Original hard copies of this book are difficult to find and are going for hundreds of dollars.
    I understand that a softcover version is now available. It is also available for free as a pdf file.
    I heartily recommend this book and consider it a mandatory read for all freedom-loving people.
    When this book first came out, sellers of this book were routinely harassed by FBI, DEA and ATF types.
    THAT sort of tells you something about the potential volatility of the contents of this book.
    Once I started reading it I could not put down this book and read the book in one evening. I’m a fast but comprehensive reader…
    I encourage all to obtain and read it…

  20. A number of years ago, a Michigan State Police trooper was killed in an rollover auto accident. The concern for this trooper was not only lavish but was also effective in removing blame from himself for his own actions.
    I posed a question on various sites about this incident with one simple question: “Was the trooper wearing his seat belt?” (He wasn’t)…
    The vitriolic responses I received for posing such a simple question ranged from mild to outright threatening. To wit: “How DARE you question the trooper’s actions. He’s DEAD”.
    Once again, the “double standard” rears its head. We are told that police officers are “specially trained” to drive and look at their computers and cell phones (yeah, right…) while us “unwashed masses (who pay their salaries and bloated pensions)” would be cited and heavily fined for the same actions.
    This is merely more proof that the “sheeple” have been conditioned to accept their third-class status.

  21. You guys are pieces of shit. Cops risk their lives everyday chasing down dirtbags that would blow you away in a minute and an unfortunate accident happens while they are risking their lives for you and you pile on THEM. You cowardly bastards talk tough on the internet but not a single one of you has to face down murderous scum ever day, walk around with a target on your back, or deal all day with crazy people.

    And the thanks you give is to take some freak accident and make it sound like the cops are the problem. What kind of low lives criticize the people that put their life on the line for them?
    Cause you want to drive a little faster? Cause you want to go through a red light? Pathetic!

    • Hi Blue,

      Do you think the cops described in this story are good guys? This was not a “freak accident.” It was willful, reckless indifference to public safety. A deer bounding out of the woods and running into the path of your car, swerving to avoid it and accidentally running someone over who was walking on the shoulder at the same time is a freak accident.

      Do you think it’s funny to laugh about the death of an innocent young woman? What if she had been your daughter or sister?

      Why is it ok for a cop to do 74 in a 25 but we’ll get a ticket for doing 60 in a 45? Because you are “trained”? Well, so am I. I have been through the same evasive/high-performance driving school that FBI and DEA agents go through; I have taken the same training that qualifies a person for an SCCA road racing license. I have decades of experience (including track time) driving all kinds of vehicles, including exotic high-performance models. And I have not killed anyone in 30 years-plus of driving. Yet my qualifications to drive fast safely cut no ice when I am caught “speeding,” even though I’ve not harmed anyone. Even if the cop agrees that I was in complete control of my car.

      Why is that?

      You assert that “Cops risk their lives everyday chasing down dirtbags that would blow you away in a minute.” And say “What kind of low lives criticize the people that put their life on the line for them.”

      First, we didn’t ask you to do this. Plumbers chase down leaks every day – but no one is forced to pay plumbers.

      Second, you put “officer safety” – not our lives (or even our property) first. You seem to think cops are beyond reproach and entitled to be worshipped as “heroes.” Sorry. You’re just guys with badges and guns who do the wet work of the state.

      Third, many of us would rather take our chances with ordinary criminals we can legally defend ourselves against than empower thugs who have “qualified immunity” to brutalize people with little, if any consequences for doing so.

      Finally: You accuse us of cowardice. Well, what is “tough” – or “heroic” – about driving around in a car, armed to the teeth, wearing body armor, to hassle people over traffic violations? Because it’s “the law”? That’s a poor excuse for serving as the enforcers of laws that have no moral standing.

      Or calling people “pieces of shit” anonymously, online?

      Look: Most of us here despise criminals. But if you can’t see that it’s criminal when police behave criminally, you just can’t see.

      • I am also highly trained, more proficient with a rifle than 99.9% of the cops (it’s a fact, I’m not bragging) and probably more proficient with a pistol than at least 97-98% of them.

        Yet in my state the cops will arrest ME for even possessing the means to defend myself — let alone using it.

        It is an undeniable fact that the cops are under NO legal obligation to protect me whatsoever, the Supreme Court has decided this on a number of occasions. Yet they can kick in my door in full body armor with Class III weapons at 4 a.m. and blow me away if they think I am “armed.” If they are wrong, oh well. Meh. ‘Nother dead prole.

        Fuck that. I could handle the criminals fine by myself if it weren’t for the cops. The cops are a racket, they want a monopoly. They are literally like the Mafia, I have to pay them “protection money” and comply with their demands to keep them from fucking me up, while they make it impossible for me to defend myself against criminals whom they have no obligation to protect me from.

      • I can’t believe you stuffed so much bullshit into one reply. Cops don’t laugh when they accidently hurt someone, only a psycho would do that. And if that guy did it’s on him. Not all cops.

        Why is it ok for a cop to drive over the limit in a chase, and not you when you are out joyriding? To ask such a question is show your stupidity. The cop is not driving like that for fun. He is in pursuit of a criminal that can pose a danger to other people. As far as you, no one gives a shit how much “training” you have had. Drive the posted limits. If you don’t like it then get the law changed.

        The vast majority of people want and need police. Just because you don’t doesn’t matter. Find a place where there are no police and move there. You will have plenty of room because no one else will want to live there.

        I never said cops are heroes. They are mostly just people doing a tough job. If your point is that there are some “bad” cops then you are an idiot. There’s bad people everywhere, one of the reasons you need cops.

        Most of you would rather take your chances with criminals? Well hooray for you tough guy. Unfortunately most people are not endowed with your same super powers and need help when bigger, crueler, crazier people try to rob or attack them. If one of your precious cars gets stolen go look for it yourself.

        • Every government is founded on its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. They cannot function without that authority. Cops are the enforcers of that authority. There’s nothing virtuous about them.

        • “Find a place where there are no police and move there. You will have plenty of room because no one else will want to live there.”

          The United States of America in 1787 when the Constitution was written. It was called a “free country” back then…

        • “Cops don’t laugh when they accidently hurt someone, only a psycho would do that. And if that guy did it’s on him. Not all cops.” -bluesheild

          So let me get this straight, when a cop does something good, we should all thank our lucky stars for existence of all cops. But, if a cop does something bad that’s on him and should not reflect on all cops.

          “The cop is not driving like that for fun. He is in pursuit of a criminal that can pose a danger to other people” -buesheild

          Oh c’mon now. Cops get an erection when they get to break the speed limit. They’re most certainly having fun. Also, I like how you say he’s in pursuit of a “criminal” that “can” pose a danger to other people. First he’s innocent until proven guilty, and tell me how he “can” pose a danger. . .?

          I guess we’re arguing with a 6-year-old here. Way to go, bluesheild! You have the perfect amount of intelligence to be a cop.

          • You have to be the dumbest of the dumb shits on this site. If you don’t know the difference between one guy being a dick not meaning that they all are dicks, then I don’t know what to tell you. Your just too stupid.

            Not sure how you know about cops getting erections when driving.
            But no cops don’t like high speed pursuit, accidents go both ways and plenty of police get killed in accidents. And they know he’s a criminal because fleeing arrest is a crime dipshit. It’s also dangerous because his recklessly driving often ends up hurting other people and if he will flee the police he might also bail and harm someone else.

            You might think you’re arguing with a 6 yr old but I know I’m arguing with a retard.

            • Blue,

              Name-calling is argument ad hominem. It is an “argument” used by those who haven’t got an argument.

              In the case at hand, there was no imminent danger – so no need to be driving 74 in a 25. And not using the siren to alert people to the pending arrival of the car doing 74 in a 25 is incontrovertibly reckless endangerment.

              This is not an isolated case, either.

              • Hey Eric, I have not been on this site in a bit. Not being able to have follow-up e-mails in my “in” box has made following the threads a bit challenging. Have also been out enjoying the last bit of Autumn before Winter arrives. And so who the hell is this “blue sheild”-who cannot even spell “shield” correctly? He sounds like a nasty version of Cashy. What a prick.

        • Maybe you should have watched the body cam footage. Perhaps then you might change your mind on what you wrote.

          Do you remember what the boys in blue did when the people demanded their constitutional rights back when they were taken away over the seasonal flue?

          For that matter what do you call some one that beats up people for money? Mercenary or thug will do, goonda works if you’re from the Punjab if I remember the word right.

        • I doubt you’re a cop blueshield. Are you a frustrated prison guard who can’t pass the psych eval for the PoPo? Its OK Scro, plenty of prison guards lead perfectly normal lives. As for being a ‘tough guy,’ I’m older now, and freely admit that I would probably get whooped by younger stronger criminal. Thats why I train with, and carry a weapon most everywhere I go. As for getting stolen property back, you guys suck at that. If ya think otherwise, you been watching to many cop shows on Tee Vee. Even if the majority of you were honorable, which you ain, most of you will do the bidding of yer masters. At the end of the day, if you were trained well, with a good heart, the undisputed fact remains, When seconds count, cops are only moments away.

        • “ If one of your precious cars gets stolen go look for it yourself. “

          Actually, that’s exactly how it works. Co-worker had his car stolen. He and friends kept an eye out, South King County WA. Several weeks later, about given up (of course nothing no info from KingCo Sheriffs office) when he spots his car in a driveway on a major arterial. Calls in, their response “well if you have your spare keys just grab it, but don’t confront them”. “You aren’t coming to arrest them?” “Sorry sir no one available now”. That was that, and the story happened 30 odd years ago. So, it’s better now? Ha!

          • Sure you’re right. Its orders of magnitude worse now. I heard a similar story back in Vegas around 2ooo. Except they found the car 90 miles away in Pahrump, it’d had been used for target practice.

      • Wow….
        Been out of the scene for a while….
        But EP you hit this one out of the park with blu boy …SEMPER FI FROM MARINE GREEN..
        Just a few hints from the blu boy Dress Down..
        You are being trolled and scanned as a”honey pot” for….future red flagging, and
        “Unlawful activity theory crimes “…,
        Check out what kraut dickheads are doing to C. J. Hopkins in Germany !!
        Amerkan Gestapo could really take lessons.

        Semper Fi Mac👍👍🎯

    • BS, Richard McNair was an LEO who was also a burglar. He had safe cracking tools and carried a police issue firearm. McNair was caught in the act of committing a crime, he rolled up his tools, saw a witness, opened fire and emptied his firearm on the victim, stood over him and believed he was dead. He re-loaded his firearm, he left the building, saw a trucker and shot five times, killed the trucker dead.

      He was enlisted in the armed services and worked for a local PD.

      Was on the lam after escaping from prison, made his way to Canada where the authorities apprehended him. He was then deported from Canada turned over to authorities in the US.

      There is corruption in anything and there are people who have no regard for human life.

      Richard McNair, Police Officer of the Year, strike that, shithead of the century is more like it. McNair is one Charles Manson wannabe. He’s where he belongs, in prison.

    • blueshield: Fuck you. Cops are generally lazy fucks. Never in my life have I even been helped by a cop. To the contrary, they have cost me time and money over silly “infractions” like going a few miles over a speed limit. No cops have ever put their lives on the line for me or anybody I have ever known.

      Cops tend to be pussies that usually run from actual danger. A perfect example is that fucking coward Scot Peterson, who did nothing but wet his pants while 17 people were massacred at a High School in Parkland, Florida.

      So fuck you, you delusional “bastard talking tough on the internet.”

      • You’ve never been helped by a cop because you’re a pathetic piece of shit that nobody in their right mind would spend a minute helping. Cops tend to be pussies? Go to a bar where off duty police officers hang out and loudly proclaim that cops are pussies. You’ll see who the tough talking internet bastard is.

        • bluesheild: You’ve just proved my point that cops tend to be pussies that usually run from actual danger. Oh sure, in a bar where off duty police officers hang out they’re real tough guys, but put them in actual danger and they wet themselves. Fuck you internet warrior!

            • Yeah I’m sure you believe everything they write in USA Today. They also had an article about how safe the vaccine was. You believe that too?

              • USA Today are statist bootlickers just like you. I purposely cherry picked an article from your team. Those are Bureau of Labor stats – the State. Your team.

                • That’s not MY team. I got no more say in that then you do dickhead. If your head wasn’t so far up your ass you’d realize that.

                  • Blue,

                    Is it necessary to call people who disagree with you “dickheads”? Why not deal with the substantive points raised in the article? Are you willing to do that?

                    Incidentally: I note that your email is “enforcer.” Interesting – because revelatory. I and others here support keeping the peace. We support dealing with criminals – as distinct from people who have failed to obey some law (e.g., “buckle up” laws). Laws are only good to the extent that they do not punish people who’ve not caused any harm. Laws that punish such people are criminal. As are those who enforce them.

                  • Blue,

                    You want respect. Why not earn and deserve it? Calling people names and demanding respect is not the way to earn it.

                    I cannot fathom your defense of the cops described in the article. The actions of the cop who killed that girl were homicidally reckless; the attitude of the cop who dismissed her death as inconsequential is despicable. She was not a criminal. She was a student, lawfully going about her business when she was run over by a copy driving nearly three times the posted speed limit – without his siren on. For no good reason. There was no “active shooter” or any other such exigency. Just an excuse to drive extremely fast, extremely recklessly. And because he did, an innocent “civilian” is dead.

                    If you – and other cops – want our respect, then stop making excuses for cops like the two described in this article. Treat citizens respectfully and put their safety ahead of yours.

                    • I don’t give one shit if you respect the police or not. You just need to obey the laws or suffer the consequences. Police got no right to pick and choose which laws are “moral” or not. If they did then you pricks would bitch about the police not following the law as written. Don’t like the law then take that shit up with your “lawmakers”.

                    • Blue writes:

                      “You just need to obey the laws or suffer the consequences.”

                      Spoken like a true authoritarian. Authoritarians said the same thing in Soviet Russia and National Socialist Germany, too. Sadly, there are people in America who feel the same way.

                      Also: You continue to evade the point made about “the law” not being applied to cops. If I drive three times the posted limit, what happens? If I run over a pedestrian and she dies, what happens? When a cop does the same thing what happens?

                      Oh, but he was “on duty.” So that makes it ok.

                      PS: It’s shield. Not “sheild.”

                    • Blue writes:

                      “I don’t give one shit if you respect the police or not.”

                      Well, you ought to. Because absent respect, there is contempt. Do you like being held in contempt by people who are not criminals? Do you think this is healthy for a society? Have you ever considered that there might be a reason most people try to avoid cops? No decent person resents being held accountable for harms they have caused. But many decent people do resent being harmed for no reason – other than they disobeyed a “law.”

                      They naturally feel contempt for the enforcers thereof.

                      You evade responsibility by saying – essentially – that the enforcers are not to blame and that if we don’t like the laws, then change them. At the trials held after WW II in Nuremburg, Nazis said they were not responsible for what they did as they were just obeying the law – and following orders.

                      Think about it.

                    • “Police got no right to pick and choose which laws are “moral” or not”
                      Of course they do, as all of us have the right to decide what is moral, or not. Does someone stand behind you with a gun to your head insisting you enforce each and every one?

                  • Homicide is homicide. That cop driving should be charged with murder. Probably manslaughter with a possible plea to negligent homicide. In my state that would be 5 years, Manslaughter 10. The cop on the tape should be charged with stupidity and terminated with prejudice.

      • ML,
        I would prefer you not stoop to BS’s level and resort to profanity. You are better than that. I know it’s often difficult to restrain one’s self. Having worked in construction most of my working life, profanity is second nature. But restrain you should, it makes your argument stronger. Which is why BS doesn’t have one.

    • I’m not a piece of shit. Quite the opposite in fact. I’m a got damn glowing example of what a model human being should be. I’m a producer. I produce things that people willingly pay me for because they value my product, and in doing so, I contribute to the economy which enables this wonderfully functioning society.

      You are a parasite. You produce nothing of value. You do not contribute to the economy, you siphon from it. No one would willingly pay you for what you and your ilk do, in it’s current form. That’s why people have to be forced to “buy” your product through taxation (theft). That’s called a racket. And it’s illegal.

      Please think about quitting this illegal and immoral existence. Become a producer like me and sleep well at night.

      • You’re a producer of bullshit. Cops would exist even if there was no taxes. Some one has to bring order out of chaos. I work hard for my money. A lot harder then a pussy like you. You should stop being such a pussy and get a job important like protecting people and upholding the law.

        • You are wrong. Police departments are a late 19th century creation that were organized to protect the “powers that be” in various states, cities, and municipalities–not the citizenry. In fact, many municipalities require appointed police chiefs to sign undated letters of resignation upon appointment. This insures that a police chief can be involuntarily dismissed without recourse if he does not “play ball” with the city administration.
          Witness the “stand downs” in the major cities during the 2020 “summer of love”.
          County sheriffs are another bailiwick entirely, having Constitutional authority. As most (if not all) county sheriffs are elected, not appointed, the citizenry has more say-so in how they operate.

        • Funny but it sounds like you’re a cop and don’t like it when the workers and pheasants fail to recognize your god like status. If you were a fireman or paramedic you would be a lot less ignorant. Just saying.

          PS- Keep taking your booster shots to stay safe.

        • You are correct, “cops” would exist absent taxation. But they would be called peace officers and they would be paid through free market exchange. What you do is immoral. You force your services on the innocent and guilty alike. Do you see the problem with that?

          One of my obligations is to protect the innocent, because I am a decent human being. I protect my family every day and that is the most important part of my life as a father and husband. I’m head of security for my family and myself. No “cops” needed. Ever. My only experience dealing with cops have been of a harassing, unwanted, unnecessary nature.

          Through my everyday actions, I bring order out of chaos. It’s the nature of being. You and those in your profession bring chaos. You are a net negative on society and society would be better off without the profession.

          My original advice still stands. Go find a real job and contribute something to society. You can still be a hero while being productive if you wish. You are free to help people who need your help on your own dime, no one is stopping you from being a hero, except maybe some cops who might not appreciate it. The government does not tolerate such competition. It exposes it’s inefficiencies.

    • Hey, blueshield,
      “Piece of shit” here. Nice to know what ya’ll think of ordinary, law abiding citizens. I’ll keep it in mind, for future reference.

      BTW, when dirtbags broke into my home at 3AM, some years back, I didn’t see you, or any of your compadres. It was just me, and my friend Oscar Mossberg, against those who might have wished to do me harm.

      I *did* see one of your “brother officers” come across the double yellow line on his police motorcycle and off himself on my front bumper 30 years ago. He evidently had not been taught that the laws of physics apply equally to everyone, even police officers. I learned the meaning of the term “PTSD.” I hope you never do.

      • I don’t know that you’re a law abiding citizen. But you are a piece of shit. And stupid. You expect cops to be at your house at 3am just in case. What a dumb ass. Of course you have to take care of yourself, no cop doesn’t agree with that. We do what we can, when we can.

        You rag about a cop laughing about killing a girl accidentally, you don’t seem to upset about the tragic death of a cop at your hands. Maybe his relatives should hunt you down!

        • Blueshield: “cops risk their lives everyday chasing down dirtbags that would blow you away in a minute ”

          Also Blueshield: “You expect cops to be at your house at 3am just in case. What a dumb ass.”

          Anyone know how to spell cognitive dissonance? Or hypocrite?

          And before you reply, if it makes you feel better about yourself to call me a piece of shit, then by all means do so. We’ll just add inferiority complex to the spelling list. Or asshole.

        • >You expect cops to be at your house at 3am just in case.
          Nope. I do not.
          I expect to take care of myself, which I did.

          >I don’t know that you’re a law abiding citizen.
          I assert that I am.
          In case you haven’t heard, we have a legal tradition in this country called the presumption of innocence.

          >You rag about a cop laughing about killing a girl accidentally,
          I did not “rag” about anything. I did not mention “killing a girl.” Please read my post, or, more likely, get someone to read it to you again.

          >death of a cop at your hands.
          Now you are attempting to assassinate my character.
          For the record, the tragic death of the motorcycle officer in question was determined, by his own department, to be his own fault, and due to poor training. The investigation was very thorough. The report ran to 49 pages, and took a month to complete. I spoke with the officer’s motorcycle riding partner, who bore me no animosity. His superiors assured me similarly.

          >Maybe his relatives should hunt you down!
          Now you are crossing the line from civil to criminal territory.

    • Your name-calling exposes you as a small-minded individual who not only should not be involved in “law enforcement” but should also be prohibited from possessing and carrying firearms.
      Your attitude reinforces the “us vs. them” attitude that is so prevalent in today’s police departments. I hope you are not employed in a “law enforcement” capacity. You are a danger to every decent non-police person out there.
      I’ll bet that you would be another Philip Brailsford who murdered Daniel Shaver for not being able to crawl with his hands behind his back which is impossible for anyone to do. It’s a damned shame that the three other police officers standing around were not charged. In fact, Brailsford was rewarded with a permanent disability pension by his department.
      YOU are the problem.

      • Using foul language should prohibit someone from possessing a firearm? Not the most complete dumb ass thing I’ve read here but pretty close. But here’s a question. Who would do the preventing and arresting?

        • It’s not your use of foul language. It’s your mentally unbalanced attitude that needs help. Your seeing “us” as the “enemy” is a problem. As I previously stated, I hope you are not in “law enforcement”.
          Cops don’t prevent crimes–never have never will. Cops only “pick up the pieces” and arrive “after the fact”.
          Of course, harassing honest citizens is the easiest thing for cops to do. Criminals who “know the system” routinely escape true “justice”.
          If I had my way…I would abolish all municipal police departments and rely on county sheriffs for “law enforcement”. A compromise could be to put municipal police departments under control of the county sheriff–not the municipality.
          Absent that, I would require ALL police chiefs in every municipality to be elected positions–not appointed.

          • You cannot possibly be as stupid as your post! I never said you were the “enemy”. Who talks like that? I just said you’re ungrateful pieces of shit. And you should be made aware of that. As for cops not preventing crime, that’s almost the most ridiculous thing I’ve read here. Just the sight of a cop car reduces crime. Hell cops park empty cars in places to reduce crime. Why? Because the police are the people that do the busting of criminals when they rob steal or assault. Not you tough guy internet studs but cops in real life. The jails are overflowing with real criminals, people who hurt and steal from other people. That reduces crime as those thugs are off the street.

            WTF difference does it make if they’re municipal police or county sheriffs? You saying your all good with deputies but not police officers. And the police chief is answerable to the voters through the mayor.

            • bluesheild: I can’t seem to understand your vitriol. As best as I can tell, you’re just a bellyaching cop crying victim. A crybully, really.

              Exactly what is your beef with the article written above?

            • Are you taking anabolic steroids to “bulk up” as many (if not most) cops do? Your name-calling is a “marker” for steroid (ab)use…
              Steroids also affect the mind, making one more prone to unprovoked violence. That aspect of steroid use has also been noted, but is downplayed by most police departments.
              Of course, “qualified immunity” also contributes to many cop’s “bad attitudes”.

        • Blue,

          People with anger management issues are people who ought not to be given guns – and badges – and power over others. The attitude of many law enforcers is – Obey My Authority. This is often accompanied by an aura of paranoia fostered by the Cult of Officer Safety, which puts the fears of “officers” ahead of the safety and lives of others.

          • Stop trying to analyze shit from comments on an internet forum. It just makes you look stupider then you are. People DO need to respect the authority of the police when it is a matter of law enforcement. You don’t live in your stupid fantasy libertaria land where everyone does whatever the fuck they want and somehow it all works out because you agree not to aggress each other. Here in Real World USA we have laws, you follow and the police enforce. If you don’t you might get arrested or worse. Don’t like it? Tough, that’s how it’s worked out for you. Go to libertaria where you don’t have to complain about stopping at stop signs.

            • Blue,

              I am not analyzing “shit.” I am stating facts and making observations based upon them.

              Your attitude reveals you to be an angry man who expects deference and obedience.

              Res ipsa loquitur.

              As far as ” It just makes you look stupider then you are.”

              Italics added.

              It speaks for itself. Again.

      • “Your name-calling exposes you as a small-minded individual”

        Not to mention small-dicked. I’m sure his badge compensates for that insecurity though…

          • Blue,

            The contempt you’re showing for citizens – we’re not “civilians” – is telling. Also, you might want to reflect on how and why it is that thoughtful, intelligent people who are not criminals, who don’t steal or cause harm to others, are leery of you.

    • Dear BS,

      You epitomize the diminishment of the trade in which you say you work. I’m not sure if it’s your vulgarity, lack of mastery of the English language or your monumental arrogance and condescension that makes you such a fine example of why much of the populace finds police contemptable.

      Keep up the good work.

      • Much of the populace respects and honors the hard work and sacrifices police make. It’s only bizarre groups of weirdo’s like here that think the people paid to help them are some kind of monsters. And criminals. You guys talk just like criminals. I hear it all the time, “I ain’t hurting no one”, “why bother me I’m just minding my own business” “there shouldn’t be no law about that”. All to cover up for scumbag shit that no one would disagree is a crime. You people are even weirder wanting a pass on stupid shit that any asshole knows makes sense, like following simple traffic laws. You couldn’t even have a functioning society without this simple shit that you are expected to follow but you don’t even want to do that. Damn.

        • Blue writes:

          “Much of the populace respects and honors the hard work and sacrifices police make.”

          This number is dwindling. And it’s not just the “weirdo’s” (as you misspell them). Consider that the people responding to you here are articulate, thoughtful people with jobs and families. They are not criminals. If you really are a cop, you can look up my record. I am not hiding behind anonymity. You will find I am the kind of person who ought to not fear peace officers – and I don’t. But I do fear law enforcement, because the latter enforce laws. Any law. Just because it’s “the law.” This is arbitrary, mindless thuggery no different in principle (and often, fact) than what the NKVD in Soviet Russia did. And it attracts the same personality types. Like the psychopath described in my article. (You still have refused to address the facts of this case.)

          If you cannot understand this, you are part of the problem.

          We had a “functioning society” before there was a police state. This was as recently as 30 or so years ago. You may be too young to remember it, of course. Another problem.

          Finally, you aren’t “sacrificing” anything. You chose a government job that pays more than the market would offer for your “services” and that provides a cush retirement/pension at a relatively young age that enables you to live better than most people do while working less.

        • Yes, BS, prior to the modern iteration of “law enforcement” if there was no victim there was no crime. The preponderance of what we have today is contra that philosophy; especially speed limit “laws”. There was a time when speed limits were prima fascia, not absolute. That changed in 1973 with the 55MPH national mandate from Nixon. Instead of allowing traffic to flow safely at whatever speed, e.g. 80 in a 70, it became draconian forced obedience to whatever number some bureaucrat or politician chose. Why their judgment is superior to anyone else is never defined.

          When the time comes and your are forced to give up meat in lieu of mealworm patties to eat, do not complain. It’s merely those that hold the reigns of power dictating how you should live your life. The moral principle is the same as that which says you shan’t smoke a certain plant in your living room.

          Can you understand that? Or, are you merely being obtuse?

  22. That girl’s father should track down the cop and blow his legs off with a 12 gauge; put the prick in a wheelchair for the rest of his miserable life.

      • That girl was hurt in an accident. Why the hell would anyone want to punish a cop when something tragic happens in the performance of his duty? It wasn’t intentional, and it only occurred because some other POS had broken the law. What kind of sick fucks are you that would to hurt someone in that situation.

        Not to mention you are all just internet pussies that brag about shit you would never do in real life.

        • That wasn’t an accident you moron. That was grossly negligent homicide. He should be tried, convicted and placed in the general prison population like the common criminal he is.

          Speaking of which, why is it that pussy cops like you don’t protect us from the criminals within your ranks?

          By the way, the only internet pussy I see here is bluesheild. Talking all tough from your safe keyboard.

          • Who exactly is the moron copper?

            Eric wrote a well outlined article and made excellent points. Your inability to grasp that along with your poltroonish behavior here places the badge of moron squarely on you.

        • It was reckless, which is worse than not intentional. Because he was a hot head in hot pursuit, a wanna-be Javert. She didn’t deserve it, and it was 100% avoidable. But more than that, it is Dan’s (the real pussy) callous indifference to the life he snuffed out. He commuted manslaughter, or reckless murder minimally – in other words he also broke the law, then had the gall to essentially laugh about it. An innocent paid with her life because of Daniel Auderer, and he would well deserve a little street justice of the kind I’m sure he doles out routinely. Fuck off, boot licker.

        • Hey “blueshield:”

          A cop doesn’t get to commit the same crimes he’s tracking down.
          Driving in a way that would get the rest of us sent to prison doesn’t give you a pass because you’ve got the shield.

          I don’t have the “shield,” but I’d put my own skills at the wheel up against anyone who does.

          If you’re chasing down a *real* criminal, or you’re getting my stolen TV back, or even getting a cat down out of a tree, that makes you an officer who could be worthy of the shield.

          If you’re letting the adrenaline get the better of you when you could have gotten on the radio, or you’re sitting in the bushes waiting to give me a “ticket” in order to steal my money, you’re completely worthless and as far as I’m concerned you can fkc right off.

          • You bring up a good point.
            Let’s not forget SWAT teams–unnecessary in 99.99% of cases but are still used to serve ordinary warrants “for training purposes” and “to keep their skills sharp”. Waiting for s suspect to exit his abode is never quite enough.
            I could never understand the need for SWAT teams to destroy people’s houses and possessions instead of just serving the warrant and apprehending the subject. Wanton destruction of property is never warranted. Off course, these steroid-addled poor excuses for human beings blame “adrenaline” for their official violent behavior.

  23. In Israel, the IDF just shoots and doesn’t even ask questions, not necessary.

    We’re all Palestinians now.

    You get the feeling that you don’t count, doesn’t matter what happens, have to move on.

    The poor lost soul police officer will one day meet the Ogre at the Gates of Hell and then get a good hard get down to the fiery depths.

    Not acceptable, there will be hell to pay.

    • Many law enforcement agencies get training from the IDF?

      Funny, I don’t see many Palestinians in AmeriKKKa.

      But that’s the same outfit that allows one of its members to wear a T-shirt that boasts of shooting a PREGNANT Arab female, with the caption: One shot, TWO KILLS!”

      And their grandparents presumed to judge Nazis for their crimes…

  24. American police departments are sending their personnel to Israel to receive “training” in IDF military tactics, which are presently being used against both Palestinians and American citizens. A good example of this is the “command and control” tactic in which multiple police officers bark out conflicting commands to suspects in the hopes that the suspect(s) will obey a conflicting command and lose his life as a result. Departmental immunity protects police from being held accountable for their “mistakes” even if the loss of innocent human life is the result…same as in the IDF…
    We are all Palestinians, now.

  25. The “thin blue line” takes care of its own.
    Not too long ago, a Michigan State Police plainclothes “stakeout team” ran a stop sign and “t-boned” a driver who had the right-of-way.
    The first thing they did was to drag the driver out of his car and handcuff him, showing absolutely no regard for his injuries.
    These ‘stake-out team” members attempted to blame the driver of the car they “t-boned” but there was a stationary video camera unknown to them that proved otherwise. This video was made public and showed the “stakeout team” clearly in the wrong.
    The story was then buried. There was no further reporting of the actions by these “criminals in blue”.
    I hope the driver of the car that they “t-boned” got a nice settlement check from the municipality.

    • >These “stake-out team” members attempted to blame the driver of the car they “t-boned” but there was a stationary video camera unknown to them that proved otherwise.

      That is what is known as “an ironic twist of fate” in “noosepaper” parlance.

      >The story was then buried.

      Of course. Can’t have anything which contradicts The Narrative.

    • Ever notice how, when a cop shoots someone, it is nearly always reported in the passive voice? As in, “an officer involved shooting occurred,” rather than “cop shot suspect.”

      Makes it sound like a naturally occurring phenomenon, sort of like a (lead) rain shower. Today’s forecast: scattered high clouds, with 30% chance of officer involved shooting(s) this PM. Never mind an umbrella; be sure to wear your body armor if you are venturing out today.

  26. I used to like and respect cops back when I was young and stupid and thought they existed to defend my constitutional rights to “life liberty, and property.”

    Now of course I realize that they are merely government goons who get their rocks off on being able to do things that would get the rest of us thrown in prison. Like beat the fuck out of people, kick in doors, point guns at people, shoot people, drive as fast as they want, and generally act like assholes with “qualified immunity.” And get paid for it.

    Sure, I know “there are good ones.” But The System they work for is 100% corrupt. They exist to protect politicians who are in fact criminals themselves.

    I have never been sympathetic to the black people bitching about the cops because, let’s face it, black people commit an extremely disproportionate amount of the crime in this country, and that’s a fact. In every city. And they bring a lot of the attention they get from the cops upon themselves by being stupid.

    But they are nonetheless right about the cops being assholes.

    It’s gotten to the point where, although I have no fondness or respect for black criminals, when the black people start anti-cop rioting and burning cop cars, I just open a beer and enjoy the show.

    • Hi X,

      My sentiments as well. It is a kind of canary in the coal mine when people like us – who aren’t criminals – who loathe criminals – increasingly loathe “law enforcement.” The reason for this is self-evident. These enforcers treat us like “criminals” – and are thus themselves the actual criminals.

      People who don’t attack or threaten to attack other people, steal stuff, etc. ought to have no fear of police. Because police have no reason to bother people who don’t attack or threaten to attack other people, steal stuff, etc.

      But law enforcement is another matter. In part because of the laws, of course. But also because of the people who are attracted to law enforcement. It’s a magnet for bullies, sadists, control freak authoritarians and worse.

    • Well said X, couldn’t have put it any better.

      We have a big problem on our hands when it’s just govt administrators who are corrupt, but when the police turn to the dark side you’re in deep do-do. The realization that law enforcement is 100% corrupt should make any rational human shudder and tremble in fear knowing that you don’t dare call a cop under almost any circumstance. When someone steals something of value from you or violates your rights that’s bad enough, but to subject yourself to the real harm that could come by interacting with the fuzz is like seeking justice from Al Capone – you’d better watch out for what you wish for. And like the Godfather movie, they have practically devolved in a sickening fraternity of brotherhood characters which worsens by the day.

      The bottom line is this, you no longer have to worry about the country turning into a police state . . . we’re already there.

      • You guys are all a bunch of paranoid nuts. No cops go to Israel to be trained by the jews (ooh scary), police aren’t 100% corrupt, only a real asshole would think that. No one needs cops more then decent black people as there are so many bad characters in their neighborhoods. You people are a real piece of work. You got yourself so worked up over internet bullshit and your hate for the government that you think the good guys are the bad guys and try to sympathize with the bad guys that would cut your throat in a minute. Instead of the average cop that would try to help you the best way they could. All because you might get a ticket here or there. You need to step back and think about that because that is some real faulty thinking.

        • Once again, you are wrong. American police departments still routinely send American police officers to israel for “training” to “see how its done” for free. Police departments gladly take the “free” training and bring it back to train their fellow officers. This has been going on for a few decades now. There are calls in congress to abolish the practice, but will get nowhere as our federal “government” is “Knesset West”.

        • No one said ‘cops are 100% corrupt,” bs. But if I had to put a number on it, I’d say its along the lines of the rest of our tyrannically lawless GovCo. Probably in the 90-95% range. You sure do spend a lot of time talking about throat cutting. Why don’t you become our ally? Think Global, act local. Turn your policing power against the city and county managers you work for. Its what a honest lawman would call a ‘target rich environment.’

  27. It’s always an inversion with these government types. No, dickhead (referring to Auderer) – those of limited value are mildly retarded punks who wear funny costumes and believe they have super powers. Which super powers seem to only be useful to kill family dogs and unarmed 23 year old girls. The super powers don’t seem to enable true courage or even the ability to drive a car correctly, or even shoot straight and accurately for many of them. And this is why, Danny Boy, that I do a little happy dance every time the wife of one your brothers in blue gets handed a folded flag.

  28. The cops are stupid, or they are acting just like the arrogant Marxist in that they are willfully doing their bad behavior right in our faces and you can’t do anything about it. Why not, they have *qualified immunity* and you and I don’t.

    Today the cops are crime historians if you get robbed. No investigation, no chance of getting your stuff back, no justice, unless you buy your stuff back on Offer-up or Craigslist.

    Other than an interest in crime history, the cops are tax collectors for the failed city-state.

    The Supreme court has ruled in the Florida mass shooting case that the police have no obligation to risk their lives to protect the public. OK WTF are we paying taxes for these gangs in blue? We got Uvalde.


    • RE: “The cops are stupid”.

      In the 80’s I tried to give a speech with those opening lines.

      I was made to sit down & shut up by my, ‘teacher’.

      The actions of the cops to clear out the downtown area of cruisers (think: American Graffiti) resulted in teens hitting the highways & crashing rather than going an easy 15 m.p.h. downtown…

      Anyway, this sure was an illuminating thread to read all the comments. Wowzer.

  29. I’ve said for years that I’d rather have bikers for neighbors than cops. Since we both want to be left alone we get along well. You won’t see bikers bothering their neighbors like you will see the cops doing.

    As for that woman killed by the cop he should have been charged with negligent homicide and when convicted; fired and put into the general population just like they would do to the rest of us.

    • Wife’s friend, a single mom, had biker neighbors move in across the street of their dead end road, pretty isolated. They liked their privacy and were actually very protective of her and the kid, and kept the noise down during their “get togethers”. Smart enough to embrace “don’t s**t where you sleep”.

    • Landru,
      over 30 years ago we bought our current home. We had to let the neighbor use our driveway because he was landlocked. He was a police man. Really nice guy and we’d been there about a month and I said something about giving him a key to our house for when we were out of town. He burst out laughing. He said the last person you wanted to give a key to your house was a cop. He said half the people he worked with shouldn’t be behind a badge but, rather, behind bars.

      I never forgot that.


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