The Browning of Green

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One thing leads to another. It’s the point of the thing you see.

The thing – or rather, the tactic – has been called (among other things) Fabian Socialism – after a Roman general by the name of  Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus who used  incrementalism to grind away toward his ultimate goal. Also known as one thing-leads-to-another thing.

Axiom: Once you get your target to accept the first thing, it is easier to get them to accept the next thing.

The first step – toward getting people out of cars – was to get them to accept the moral necessity of electric cars.

This was accomplished by getting them to accept that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

Everything that has happened since has followed from that. Electric cars didn’t just appear. They were summoned into existence. Not by the market; the suggestion is absurd. Products that cost more and don’t work as well as other products that cost less tend not to remain on the market. Electric vehicles aren’t market-driven vehicles. They are government-mandated vehicles. Summoned into existence to meet government regulations regarding “pollution.”

Take away the regulations and there wouldn’t be any EVs. There weren’t any – before they became the answer to the government’s demands for less-“polluting” vehicles.

Of course, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

It is a gas – and the distinction matters. Pollutants are sometimes gasses, too. But until the definition of “pollution” changed during the Obama years (kind of like the way the definition of “pandemic” changed during the Trump years, from a mass-death event to a mass-positive-test event) inert gasses that don’t foul the air were not considered pollutants.

They were just gasses.

Like oxygen and nitrogen. If carbon dioxide is a “pollutant,” then so are they. Or rather, why aren’t they?

Give it time.

Anyhow, they – the ones pushing electric vehicles as vehicles for their agenda – succeeded in getting people to use the word “pollution” when talking about a gas that does not cause pollution. This was how they succeeded in getting people to accept the regulation of a gas that isn’t a pollutant, because who could possibly oppose regulating a pollutant? Especially as people had already accepted the necessity of doing so as regards actual pollutants – which the government had been regulating since the late 1960s.

The debate had already been had – and decided.

Of course, the terms of the debate had been changed – without debate.

It just morphed.

People thought they were talking about the same thing but had been maneuvered into agreeing with an entirely different thing. (Just the same as the debate about vaccines morphed into a debate about drugs without any open debate about the change from one to the other.)

Anyhow, having accepted that electric vehicles are necessary to reduce carbon dioxide “pollution,” the next thing that will happen after pretty much everyone has been forced into an EV – who can afford an EV – will be that pretty much everyone will be forced out of EVs.

That being the purpose of EVs.

If you’ve not clued into that – if you think EVs are simply the replacement (one for one) for the vehicles we have – then you haven’t been listening. The people pushing electric vehicles are very clear they want fewer vehicles on their roads – as they regard them. Fewer vehicles in our hands. They want to maneuver us off their roads and into urban hives. They have been quite open about this lately.

But, how?

They have already done it.

If it is accepted that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and for that reason, it is necessary reduce the quantity of this dread inert gas (never mind there is so little C02 freely circulating – about 0.04 percent of all the gasses circulating – that worrying about plus or minus a fraction of that percent is like worrying about  plus-or-minus another grain of sand at the beach) then it has already been accepted that EVs will have have to regulated off their roads.

Because EVs generate carbon dioxide.

It takes a great deal of energy to obtain the raw materials that go into making an EV – especially its battery. And it takes a great deal of energy to power an EV. Generating all of this power results in the generation of a lot of carbon dioxide. More carbon dioxide, in the aggregate, than a gas-burning economy car. Much more, when you take into account that EVs don’t last as long as other vehicles. Or rather, their batteries don’t. This necessitates replacing the EV sooner – because of the cost of replacing its batteries. One new EV every eight years – as opposed to one new car every 12-15 years.

These aggregate emissions – as they may be styled – will be found a terrible and imminent threat to the “climate”  . . . shortly after electric vehicles have replaced the alternatives to electric vehicles.

And that is how EVs will serve as the vehicles to get most of us off their roads, out of privately owned cars and into government-controlled transportation – which we’ll be allowed to use to get from one end of our new homes in “15 Minute” Freedom Cities – to the extent we comply with government orders.

That’s how incrementalism works. You don’t see it happening. But before you know it, it already has.

. . .

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  1. So now they’re going to extract rent from mining claims for materials requred to build EVs.

    Are they really this stupid? It’s already hard enough for US firms to compete with all the EPA, OSHA and “misc” costs. Now they’re going to lump on another, because of course they need to get their vig off the top.

  2. Speaking of getting people to accept things… the wife and I just got back from an emergency trip to the Lancaster, PA area. My wife got a call from an officer that her mother was found dead in her apartment yesterday. The coroner estimates that she had been dead for about 5 days or so.

    My wife is her mother’s only child. We had to drop everything, go up there, make the arrangements and pay the funeral home, and go collect all of her mom’s documents. Even after a 3.5 hour drive home, the box of documents still smells like a 5+ day dead body.

    Anyway, my wife is convinced that, it was the clot shot and told the coroner so. The coroner was asking all manner of questions; did she smoke, did she use illegal drugs (to specifically include marijuana which is legal now), was she sick, yadda, yadda.

    “No! It was the covid vaccine. They don’t call it the ‘clot shot” for nothing!” (etc)

    Anyway, her mom was well educated and was not a liberal (unlike most of her family which are lunatic liberals). She accepted that the experimental gene therapy was necessary and trusted her murderous physicians. And now she’s dead.

    After reading yesterdays article about how to win the argument with a liberal it occurred to me that another argument is “where does it end?” Wear your seat belt, buy these airbags… time goes by and then it’ll be… you only get to live so long… for the common good.

    It goes into Logan’s Run. We get to kill a percentage of people… for the common good. We get to sterilize people… for the common good. You are only allowed to live until age ‘x’… for the common good.

    Because… like is pointed out there and here and numerous other places. Once the precedent is set that “sacrifice”, that is determined by the state, is not only mandatory but necessary, once you get people to accept that, literal “let’s kill you all for the common good” is only a few arguments away.

    “let’s kill 100,000 trees to save the planet”.

    “let’s incinerate the necessary number of Hawaiians for the common good.”

    We’re there already.

    • Shit, XM. Sorry to hear that. That’s horrific. Even if it were the clot shots, no one deserves to die for making a couple of bad decisions. It’s fairly absurd they’d consider cannabis as a possible cause, though perhaps if she had a heart condition…

      My condolences, though. My mom passed recently, in part due to medical neglect/malfeasance. There’s been a lot of that, lately.

    • Hey XM, I’m sorry to hear that, sorry for your loss. It sounds pretty horrible. Its crazy. So many old ladies have trusted in the doctors so completely. I’m convinced my mom died of poison as well. Poison she allowed them to shot her up with. Its heartbreaking, that a demographic (old White women) that should have lived with faith, choses trust, in big Pharma. Its the crime of the century, this death jab pushed by the propagandists in white coats .

      • I sympathize. My mother also died shortly after getting her second clot shot. My sister the nurse was in charge. Heart so ruled the Medical examiner. She never had heart problems until after the clot shot. She was 92 and had other problems, but still bothers me. I share your pain.

        • Morning, Ugg –

          Fauci actually admitted the other day that the “vaccines” cause “a little” myocarditis. But that’s ok, because “COVID” is worse. And he’s still pushing Face Diapers, too. Because they “work” – irrespective of all evidence (including the most comprehensive peer-reviewed studies).

      • Hi Norman (and XM) –

        It’s a tragedy. These older people are from a high trust era and so they trust. Also, they’re old. And so, more vulnerable to being pressured by the White Coats. Here’s a pill. It’s time for your shot. The neighbor couple down the road from us – very nice people, salt of the Earth country types – have probably a dozen different bottles of prescription drugs on the kitchen counter. Both got “vaccinated” – and the man is not doing well all of a sudden. It’s infuriating.

  3. As usual a very erudite analysis! I am often and usual very impressed with just how many things you know that apply to the circumstances in which we are currently living!

    > Axiom: Once you get your target to accept the first thing, it is easier to get them to accept the next thing.

    You know, it occurs to me that, this approach is further simplified in that it isn’t the scholarly or informed that are required for this acceptance. Nope. They just have to get enough of the loudest idiots to accept it and that wins the game.

    They don’t have to get 51% of Eric Peters level people to accept. Not even 1% or even the one actual Eric Peters. They just have to get — hmm, looks like about 33% or so — of the brainwashed idiot population to accept it and the bullhorns do the rest. Maybe not even that much. The media bullhorns are a “force multiplier” as in military strategy.

    Meanwhile, any of us that have two brain cells to rub together just watch in horror as the ratchet turns. It’s really fucken nuts.

  4. As further proof of the foresight of the 1993 movie “Demolition Man”, note that in this fictional San Angeles, there are actually FEW cars, almost all of them these then-futuristic EVs that are self-driving (but can EXPLODE upon impact!), and driven by either the “privileged”, or GOVERNMENT WORKERS, especially AGWs?

    It’s also implied that the inexplicably “cherry” 1970 Olds 442 that’s found with the “Scraps” is not a road legal vehicle. Didn’t stop Detective John Spaertan! Fuckin-A!

  5. “The Browning of Green” — organized labor version:

    Standoff Over Electric Vehicle Workers Poses Risk for Biden

    ‘The UAW wants workers who make electric vehicle components like batteries to benefit from the better pay and labor standards that the roughly 150,000 UAW members enjoy at the three automakers. Most battery plants are not unionized.

    ‘Detroit automakers counter that these workers are typically employed in joint ventures with foreign manufacturers that the U.S. automakers don’t wholly control.

    ‘Foreign and domestic automakers have announced tens of thousands of new U.S.-based electric vehicle and battery jobs in response to the subsidies that Mr. Biden helped enact. But most of those jobs are not unionized, and many are in the South or West.

    ‘A strike could force Mr. Biden to be more explicit and choose between his commitment to workers and the need to broker a compromise that averts a costly long-term shutdown.’

    What a mess: first Frank Roosevelt muscled the fedgov into regulating labor relations. Then ‘Biden’ started subsidizing EeeVees, whose batteries can be assembled by one-armed, one-eyed minimum-wage workers.

    Now we have a big industrial stand-off: help the poor battery workers is the DemonRat cry.

    I say, short the positive and negative terminals with a pipe wrench, phone the fire brigade, and let nature take its course.

    • Even worse than that one-armed kid in Bangledesh is the promise of solid state batteries, which might be printed:

      Of course they’re still working out the bugs, which seem to be insurmountable. I’ve been following this company since 2018 and they still don’t have a product for sale.

    • I have a good friend a fairly high up engineer for GM, no not Mary B. She says there will be a strike, she also says the EV shit is moronic and bad for the company and will never get one as a personal vehicle, so far the company has not made her drive one. She sells all her GM stock asap and buys Toyota and other non auto stocks.

      • PS. The big problem according to (Not) Mary is the Unions demand for a 40% pay increase and elimination of the 2 tier pay scale where old workers get a lot more for the same work as younger workers. Makes for bad mojo. I think GM according to Not Mary is ok with eliminating the 2 tier system. That was the UAW’s baby anyway. But the 40% is a huge swallow espescially when you factor in EV battery factories and the fact that EV’s are not selling, I have another friend a fairly big time dealer and he says EV’s are sitting and rusting. No one wants them, he does not want them, can’t sell em.

        The shit will hit the fan, just hope they don’t nuke us first, The RESET.

          • The inside is not much. Several very good quality engineers, but not management, nuts and programs people. These folks think it is moron on speed/crack.

            The dealer well he is biggish as in like 15 dealerships with more than 6 automakers in his lineup.

            He is worried as fuck. “can’t sell the crap” “Gotta get it off the lot”.

            What do you do with an EV on the lot in Michigan in February? Plug it in? Global warm has not reached Michigan.

        • A two-tiered wage scale may have been necessary for automakers to avoid bankruptcy at certain points, but looking back, why not. They aren’t worth a bucket of spit anyway. Their products suck and frankly I would like to see non compliant foreign cars imported to the states. Today’s cars are crap.

          The two tiered scale is at the face of it, unfair. Even as an older worker, if a younger worker makes more than I do, I don’t give a crap. As long as I get mine.

          • That is certainly the way it should work. Fair compensation for effort exerted. Big corps and big unions screw that up. Making everyone equal (in pay). We know that is not reality. Some people are better and more focused, get things done, others are not and maybe have issues (Alcohol, drugs, insanity, just not very smart). Govco has fucked it all up, just to pay off a few. I wonder what Biden’s assets are worth today versus what they were worth in 1990? How did he make that much on the salary of senator? Look at Ron Paul. I bet his net worth was the same or less after he got out of politics. I wish he had stayed, he is definitely more compos mentas than Nancy P, but he knew when to get out ant let young tigers continue the fight. Swamp that is my rant for this night. Keep on keeping on. PS in more good news a jury in Antrim County, Michigan found 3 defendants charged with something (I am not clear as to what and I read all the pleadings and the jury poll) NOT GUILTY of trying to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen (Wretched) Whitmore (Witchmore). The entire case was typical FBI entrapment of morons via social media. The demon rats used it for political gain.

  6. “…Kind of like the way the definition of “pandemic” changed during the Trump years, from a mass-death event to a mass-positive-test event…” -Eric

    Just some clarification regarding the term “pandemic”.

    Here is the definition from “Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language” (1923), which is a little before Obama’s time:

    1. Of or pertaining to all people: vulgar: general: universal: specif., Med, affecting the majority of people in a country or number of countries; everywhere epidemic.
    2. Of or pertaining to common or sensual love; sensual; carnal.

    That second one is interesting…

    But needless to say, “pandemic” =/= “emergency”. “Pandemic” never specifically meant anything about deaths or even danger.

    Then there is “pollution”:
    1. Act of polluting or state of being polluted; defilement; uncleanliness; impurity;
    2. Emission of semen at other times than in coition.
    3. That which pollutes or is polluted.

    Def. 2 worries me. Shit, that makes me a one-man crime wave. :O


    1. To make or render unclean, ceremonially, physically or morally; to impair or destroy the purity or sanctity of; to defile; desecrate; profane; befoul.

    It takes on a decidedly religious character…

    I would say that a pollutant has to cause harm in some way, but even that gets difficult.

    Too much nitrogen and the oxygen is displaced, and people pass out and die. Too much oxygen and people eventually get oxygen toxicity, and fires become much more common and fierce. Too much CO2 and your eyes and nose begin to burn; then you’ll feel sick and, at a high enough concentration, die.

    It might be more prudent to prove that any specific polluter is causing harm and address them accordingly, as in due process.

    • You would have to have C02 concentrations above 1k ppm to have any impact on humans. We are a long way from that.

      Pollution is a state of freedom. Climate change is a state of mind.

  7. The idea is that if only we’d put our collective heads together all the current issues with EVs will be magically solved. But 2030 is coming up fast and “we” haven’t really solved anything. There have been incremental improvements, and some promising lab experiments that show promise, but almost nothing that will scale to the extent necessary to replace everything in less than 7 years. About the only thing that seems to make a substantial difference is shifting office work to working from home thanks to not moving all the 200 lb guerrillas around five days a week, and that was a major disaster when looking at worker productivity (at least it’s been a mixed bag depending on how disciplined individual workers are).

    The people pushing the green agenda are enamored by the potential of everything they promote. Amory Lovins, of the Aspen Institute think tank, mentions the enormous amount of “energy” from the Sun that hits every square foot of the Earth every day. What he fails to mention is that the “energy” is not in a useful form, has to be converted from kinetic* to potential in the form of storage, and any uncaptured energy is converted to heat (a very useful byproduct) or lost. Energy capture and conversion is hard. Moving energy around is relatively easy in comparison, as long as you don’t have to convert it in the process.

    WRT to electric vehicles, they love the 90+ efficiency of electric motors. The don’t understand that as soon as you put that motor into a machine the total efficiency drops quickly. Rubber tires are a major drag, as is the road surface. The aerodynamic drag is another big loss. Of course converting electromagnetic energy to chemical is the biggest loss of all. Then there’s all that mass necessary to move the guerrillas (maximum 4 or 6) and all the stuff to keep them protected, comfortable and entertained. If you strip most of that away, like with an electric bike, you get closer to the efficiency of the motor. Or put the vehicle on rails and slow it way down, which is what is the norm in Europe and Japan because they’ve already wrung out the gains in their transportation network. But in North America and Central Asia, that’s really not feasable due to the vast area. Not to mention America has an excellent air transport system, which is far more efficient than we’re led to believe.

    *I know, electromagnetic energy is not kinetic energy, but it shares a lot of the same properties.

    • The best method of converting sunlight to usable energy is tahdah plants via photosynthesis. NOT SOLAR cells. So increase Carbon Dioxide (it is a fertilizer for plants). Thereby increasing production of O2 which we need to be able to breathe. More CO2 more plants+ more O2. A veritable win win and the planet needs to be warmer. It is too cold at least where I live.

      Why does it take an idiot like me to understand how it really works?

      I will answer the question. It is because the folks pushing the climate/trans/other shit/such as forever wars are #1 Evil, #2 Really really stupid, or # 3 Demons from Hell. Take your pick all are equally bad from my viewpoint.

      I personally go with the demons from hell as it answers a lot of other questions. But Evil covers that as well. The really really stupid, well nobody not even Trump or Biden in his declining years can be that stupid.

  8. I still find it hard to believe there are many in the elite class that thinks it is possible to reduce automobile ownership very much. If you drive around anywhere in this country all you see is cars! Cars going places, to work, to shop, to play. Take that away and you have nothing. No economy, no society, nothing. And this is the same the world over. You may be able to move a percentage of people to electric cars but not all, and certainly you can’t move people OUT of cars. Society would collapse. The first thing to go in that situation is any politician that approves of getting rid of cars. If it keeps on then the government itself will go.

    I think it’s correct that there are some people in position of influence that would like to see it happen, dream about it happening. But there have always been people in power with really stupid ideas about the world. Reality eventually slaps them down. That will happen here too. The only question is how much BS do we have to go through first. This website and others like it are important in sounding the alarm early.

    • Hi krusty,

      I don’t see government coming for vehicles, but pricing (and regulating) people out of vehicles. Making gasoline prices higher, making electricity prices higher, making it impossible to get parts, etc.

      They do it in baby steps. Right now the average new truck price on a dealership’s lot averages around $65K-70K. Some are as high as a $100K…for a truck. Someone who is averaging a salary of $60K a year cannot afford one. Most people will keep their older cars/trucks running, but what happens when the parts dry up? I have an old Ford pick up, but the brakes need to be changed. All of a sudden I can’t find any. Now the truck is undrivable.

      The only way around this is to create a parallel environment that is able to work around the current system. The first thing I would do is start befriending people who own auto salvage yards. They are going to be good people to know.

    • And why automobiles? Why not public rail or some other transportation system? Much of it was the evolution of horses and muscle power to mechanical. In Europe the pesants had no horses unless they needed them for work. In North America the farmers owned the land and had to fend for themselves. It was up to them to get the harvest to the grist mill. They did it with horse and buggy, and that same horse was used throughout the farm. Automobiles and gasoline engines were sold to farmers, not the general population.

      So there was a road network already in place when the automobile was invented. The road network was used by farmers, not armies or nobility. In Europe, when the factory pulled the peasants off the farms they still had no need for roads, but the factory owners did, so they built transportation suited to their needs. Efficient rail, only run when necessary. In America the rails ran to the farmer and miner, but still only to a hub. It was up to the farmer to get the harvest to the railhead.

      Forcing people out of cars without a practical/superior alternative isn’t going to do anything but destroy wealth. And it looks more and more like that’s the goal. It won’t end well.

    • KK do you own a car? Do you have a job? What do you do for a living. How old are you? Do you support yourself. Your posts exhibit a lack of introspection and a degree of immaturity.

      • RE: “Your posts exhibit a lack of introspection and a degree of immaturity.”

        There’s been quite a bit of that as of late here at EPA.

        I’ve done similar as you & called them out on this or that with direct questions… it’s interesting how they Never Ever answer.

        …You’d think they would want to. ?

        …It’s not funny-land here, like it is on C.I.A. Facebook or other sloppy-joe comment sections on The Internet.

  9. “Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway, looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.” – Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild

    Azerbaijan is a country on the western shores of the Caspian Sea.

    Cherries, apples, apricots, pomegranates, orchards of them, olive trees, all the garden vegetables you want, the place must be a Garden of Eden, darn near anyway.

    Comfortable outdoor living in the countryside of Azerbaijan.

    Nobody is trying to boot them out, might have a tough time if you make a foolish attempt to try and do so. You’ll be systematically and incrementally eliminated and extirpated, hope you live.

    Go to Relaxing Village on a video streaming service, YT, and catch a glimpse at how it goes out in the country there. They’re not poor and starving.

    Carlsberg Brewing has a brewery in Azerbaijan, at least one place to go and visit in Azerbaijan.

    During the Iraqi invasion by the US gov people in charge, a neighbor’s son was in Iraq to see it all, don’t know where, but was asked after he returned how the Iraqis live.

    “They live better than we do,” was his reply.

    Living and being alive 22 years ago was a picnic compared to what is being foisted upon people, especially here.

    You won’t have a car, a furnace, not even your home. Nothing!

    Nuzzing says Sgt. Schultz.

    It is just a matter of time that Klaus will have nothing, he’ll be at room temperature and the unhappy look on his face like it is now will remain for eternity.

    He’ll be stacked in an ossuary, no final resting spot for Klaus, the treacherous fool deserves no dignified place on this earth.

    Close to beer time.

  10. Another thing the elite (which I will refer to as YouTube) is hiding are alternative natural methods of healthcare. I watch a lot of healing with natural herbs/food videos. These have all but disappeared lately. I have to type in the actual person now to watch the latest video. The same with my prepper videos. They are being kicked out of the algorithm and if you type in what you are searching for and not who you are searching for you get “science” from medical doctors and clinics instead. We all know how well they tell the truth. ☹️

    I noticed the same thing in the grocery store ads over the last couple of months. The only stuff on sale is pure garbage…chips, cookies, beyond meat, sugary yogurts, etc. Anything and everything that is bad for you. God forbid, they put organic apples or grass fed beef on sale.

    • YouTube owner Evil Google is facing an antitrust trial which started this week.

      Bust Evil Google into a thousand points of light, I say. Then switch off the power.

      • That would be nice Jim. I don’t expect government to do much since Google carries the torch for them. Look at all of the “bad” information that Google hides from the citizens because government tells them to. Lest not forget about all the spying they produce for them which I am sure finds their way to the servers of the three letter departments.

        Just another show for the American public pretending the government gives a damn about us.

        • Raider Girl,

          Yeah, no. Kabuki theater. Google is still the best tool the dark state has ever had. It’s the ultimate surveillance, data collection and propaganda tool. Any punitive action will be superficial in nature.

    • Hi RG,
      I’ve noticed the same thing re: grocery ads, the same junk food is all that’s ever on sale week after week. The flyer used to be about 8-10 pages with fruits and veggies occasionally on sale; now it’s 4 pages of sugary sodas, chips, and assorted junk foods. The PTB don’t want us to be healthy but rather be diabetic, etc. so we will all be consuming pills from Big Pharma.

      • Hi Mike,

        “The PTB don’t want us to be healthy but rather be diabetic, etc. so we will all be consuming pills from Big Pharma.”

        Very true. They need to push their new Ozempic shots at $1400 a month. Don’t advertise the healthy stuff, hide natural remedies, and push those Wegovy, blood pressure, and statins drugs.

        The Pharmaceutical industry loves dumb Americans.

    • “Shelf stable” is a selling point for groceries. There’s the old joke that the only things that will survive nuclear war are cockroaches and Twinkies, and that’s really not too far from the truth. The really big grocery chains want to have a lot of inventory on shelves so that they don’t need to restock as often. And big shelving is a marketing tool because it looks like they have plenty available for all (although one could make the argument that big shelves with little inventory implies you better buy now before we run out). Either way, the goal is to maintain consistency over time, at least until the package is opened.

      Butter isn’t shelf stable. Like most fats, it will go rancid. Most food will attract mold and bacteria and cell walls break down once the organism is killed. It’s a matter of time. The science of food preservation was driven by the military, who needed a way to store food as efficiently as possible. Business picked up on this and ran with it. So now buttercream frosting isn’t butter, nor cream. But it can sit for months without refrigeration. The taste profile is close enough for most people, although when compared to the real thing (like wedding cake frosting) there’s a discernible chemical taste. But we’re great at fooling ourselves into believing what we’re eating is food, even when it isn’t. With the added bonus of the bliss point being dialed perfectly to maximize consumption.

      • Stay away from the middle of the store. All the real food is on the perimeter, where the refrigeration is. Canned and frozen foods are OK, as long as they aren’t “prepared” meals.

        • I used to think that, but what about all the glycophosphate that’s in everything? Like the uptick in people dying of “suddenly,” why all of the sudden did we see a massive increase in celiac dieseses, wheat allergies and other gut issues? Can’t all be better reporting and internet amplifcation.

          • This is so well put: “when compared to the real thing (like wedding cake frosting) there’s a discernible chemical taste. But we’re great at fooling ourselves into believing what we’re eating is food, even when it isn’t. With the added bonus of the bliss point being dialed perfectly to maximize consumption.”

            When you add, “but what about all the glycophosphate that’s in everything? Like the uptick in people dying of “suddenly,” why all of the sudden did we see a massive increase in celiac dieseses, wheat allergies and other gut issues? Can’t all be better reporting and internet amplifcation.” …That’s Very observant.

            The Industrial Agriculturalist (as opposed to real, ‘farmers’, sorta kinda, as most everyone has their “sprayers” hooked up to the back of a atv or sumthin’) spray the shit out of everything here in Iowa, esp to kill the Japanese Beatle. …Helicopters, Kamikaze single prop aircraft, …I’ve lived in Iowa about my whole life & until I moved further inland away from the Mississippi River I had No Idea how intense it all is. …Corn & soybeans are drenched/saturated in … ?

          • They days of safe foods are long gone. There are so many toxins in the ground. What I’m suggesting is merely the safest we can get in a grocery store.

        • You’re so right about avoiding the middle of the store….and am guessing that is why they are increasing the ways to stabilize fruits and vegetables with the new edible coatings like Apeel. Which cannot be washed away but must be consumed. You can suss out fruit with this coating because it is somewhat desiccated and tasteless – basically not as fresh. Routine trips to the supermarket are now quick, simply due the entire middle of the store no longer appealing. No desire to buy processed chemically laced food, or Whole Foods not so fresh produce. Which used to he their entire selling point, until Amazon bought them out. Now going more to farmers markets for produce and local meats. Until they get ahold of those guys…

  11. Instead of being in New York City to remember the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Joe Biden was in Alaska launching yet another war on American oil production. Gas & energy prices will likely be even higher than they are now as a result……..if that isn’t yet MORE proof that the Biden Thing is doing the bidding of gang green types & the globalist/ technocratic elite instead of what’s best for its own citizens, I don’t know what is…..

      • Indeed Eric, and yet I can just see the predictable bleating from some about how high gas prices are NOT from decisions from a corrupt President who’s effectively launched war on at least half the country but a result of “corporate greed”, “Putin’s War”, something Trump did when he was President, or some other nonsensical excuse they can come up with.

        • Of course corporate greed is the only reason for the high gas prices. Everyone knows that corporations were completely 100% altruistic charities prior to January 20, 2021, and now they are engines of pure avarice.

        • The mind of a democrat is beyond comprehension. Their hypocrisy is beyond measure. They will bitch about gas prices and blame oil companies while at the same time calling for the elimination of gasoline. How in the fuck do they plan on getting around?

          Not one of them are in shape enough to ride a bicycle more than 2 miles and none of them seem to care about anything but repeating their same old shopworn lines about climate change as they crank up their AC in their homes.

          Corporate greed. sheesh

          • Hi Swamprat,

            Some of them also bleat about how we need to reelect Joe Biden to “Stop the fascists” (i.e., Donald Trump) but what they don’t grasp is that we’re living under fascism now under Joe Biden, and arguably have been living under fascism long before Orange Man even became President.

            They’ve also bleated “My body, my choice!” when it came to abortion, but when it came to whether to wear face diapers or take experimental pharma products, they abandoned that & advocated MANDATORY masks & jabs for all.

            They also opposed “Bush’s wars” when W was President, but are now all in with “Biden’s wars”, be it against the dreaded ‘Rona, gasoline, millions of Americans who oppose the regime, or Russia.

          • Swamprat:

            I have to correct you. It is Demonrat! there used to be Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. may be the last one. I hope he is seeking vengeance in a big way on the slime that killed his Father and Uncle.

      • Hi Horst,

        IIRC, Biden claimed to have visited Ground Zero the next day after that horrible attack in 2001. Only problem is, he was a U.S. Senator from Delaware at the time, and George W Bush was President.

  12. They have already determined that Nitrogen is a pollutant, despite composing most of our atmosphere and being one of the most inert gasses. Hence the attack on agriculture and Nitrogen fertilizers.
    The fraud of EVs replacing ICVs is readily apparent, since there is no attempt to increase generating and grid capacity to power them. In fact, it is being reduced. Therefore, the purpose of the EV push is to get us out of our cars, and so EVs will become the next target after ICVs are gone.
    They hate us, and want most of us dead.

    • Maui did it for me. The fact that they blocked people from escaping town on the only roads was the last straw in the governments credibility Now not being from there I am not sure if you could still drive out to the north – it sounds like you could go north and they were mostly blocking/redirecting traffic heading south. I wondered why people obeyed them and didn’t just bust through to safety, But it probably only took a few trusting people obeying the cops to create a horrible traffic jam which trapped the rest of the vehicles. There was recently a fire in our subdivision that took hours to extinguish. One home. Many firefighters to help that one home and prevent the fire from spreading to other homes and the dry prairie beyond. Suddenly our residential neighborhood appears…safe until “someone” or “something” decides to torch it??

  13. ‘after pretty much everyone has been forced into an EV … pretty much everyone will be forced out of EVs.’ — eric

    It’s just a week since BMW’s CEO groused at the Munich auto show that Chinese brands pose an “imminent risk” to Europe’s mass market automakers. “The base car market segment will either vanish or will not be done by European manufacturers,” Oliver Zipse said.

    So, guess what happened today?

    ‘The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, on Wednesday launched an investigation into subsidies given to electric vehicle makers in China, according to President Ursula von der Leyen.

    ‘Speaking at her annual State of the Union address at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, she confirmed the probe, saying: “Europe is open to competition but not for a race to the bottom.”’

    “Take the electric vehicle sector, it is a crucial industry for the clean economy with a huge potential in Europe, but global markets are now flooded with cheaper Chinese electric cars and their prices are kept artificially low by huge state subsidies.”

    It’s not an ‘investigation’ when the conclusion is announced beforehand.

    Not hard to see the designated victims here: Euro-peon auto buyers, deprived of internal combustion vehicles, then (adding insult to injury) forced to pay punitive tariffs on Chinese EeeVees.

    If ol’ Maynard Keynes were still around, he’d probably call Europe’s war on affordable vehicles the ‘euthanasia of the bourgeoisie.’

    ‘Get on your bikes and ride’

    — Queen, Fat Bottomed Girls


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