Driving Us Out of Cars – Again

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My recent column about the service so good you can’t refuse it – car insurance – summoned many emails from people affirming they’re being driven out of their cars by the cost of paying to “cover” it. One reader sent in some specifics that show how it’s being done:

“My insurance is with AARP/The Hartford and I drive about 2,500-3,000 miles a year. My 2017 Chevy Sonic has 18,200 miles on the clock. Last year, I paid $1,569 (to insure this car). This year, $2,179.”

The difference between the two figures is $610 – for the same thing, over the course of one year. About a 30 percent uptick, which amounts to several times the worst estimate of how much buying power a dollar has lost over the past year as a result of giving so many tens of billions of them away to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev and of flooding the economy with so many trillions of them, digitized and otherwise.

So it’s not all the fault of the walking dead that is presented as the “the president.” (Of what? is the appropriate response – as per Snake Plisskin in Escape From New York.)

Actually, it is.

The thing styled “the president” has been the front-man for this business of pushing every automaker to make EVs – and led the effort to reboot the subsidization of them. He also slyly used regulations as much as subsidies to push more EVs into circulation. Automakers don’t have to make EVs; they just have to make vehicles that average nearly 60 miles-per-gallon. The reference is to the recent near-doubling of the current federally mandated MPG minimum that automakers must comply with – else be punished via fines transferred to their customers, in the form of higher sticker prices for the cars people want to buy.

It is easier to make the electric vehicles the government wants them to buy (or so it says). These also use no gas at all (though the generate plenty of gaseous emissions) and that helps the automakers meet the almost-60-MPG requirement.

So as long as the manufacturers manufacture vehicles that average nearly 60 miles-per-gallon, they can manufacture whatever vehicles they like . . . And if that doesn’t work, count on regulations that will require all vehicles be zero emissions vehicles – which is to say, all electric vehicles (even though, as already mentioned) they generate plenty of emissions.

These are the subtle processes by which the Thing styled “the president” has caused the average new car’s selling price to reach nearly $50,000. This amounts to a roughly $15,000 (or roughly 30 percent) increase in the average price paid for a new vehicle. So maybe the 30 percent uptick in the cost of insuring the reader’s car isn’t all the fault of the Thing styled “the president.”

And yet, of course, it is – synergistically.

Several seemingly disparate things, each aiming toward the same end. From the weaponization of hypochondria, to Idiot Rags – to drugs that aren’t vaccines. From general agreement regarding the need to reduce harmful emissions to pretending gasses that don’t foul the air are “pollutants” to vehicles that may not emit them but sure do generate them.

Voila! The $50,000 Average New Car you won’t be able to afford to insure  . . . assuming you were able to afford the car.

My reader is paying (is being forced to pay; never forget the fact that insurance can and will be used against you because the insurance mafia has the government as its enforcer) nearly $2,200 annually to cover a car that, when it was new, listed for just over $17,000. A car that is driven not much by a retired guy who doesn’t “speed” (or at least, doesn’t get “tickets” for “speeding”) and has not filed a claim or had one filed against him.

If what he is being forced to pay this year remains the same next year – and the year after that – he will have been made to pay in three years a sum ($6,600) that is probably equivalent to about 50 percent of the current market value of his six going on seven-year-old economy subcompact.

If it upticks similarly next year – another 30 percent – my reader will be looking at an annual cost-to-insure approaching $3k and another, similar uptick the following year would put his costs to “cover” his subcompact economy car at 50 percent of its market value by that time. If he’d just put his money into a cookie jar, he’d have been able to buy another Sonic by 2026. Of course, that’s not allowed – for the same reason that drivers who’ve given no cause to suspect they might be “drunk” are not allowed to drive past a “checkpoint” where they are required to prove they aren’t “drunk”:

They might cause harm.

Therefore, they must be harmed – by forcing them to buy a service they might prefer not to buy, if they could refuse. And because they can be forced to buy it, there is no natural restraint on the cupidity (and worse) of those have the power to make people pay, even when they haven’t cost.

Imagine what it costs to “cover” a $50,0000 car (as opposed to the reader’s $17,000 car). It is probably at least another 30 percent more – and that’s just for now.

Unaffordable insurance made owning a muscle cars untenable, by the early ’70s. Unavoidable insurance (mandatory and verifiable) has made owning a car (nothing special, just a car) financially untenable for teenagers and people in their early-20s. They can’t afford the coverage they can’t avoid –  because the DMV will know – even if they could afford to buy a used economy car such as the reader’s Sonic.

How many teenagers can afford to pay $2,200 per year in insurance? And that’s not what they’d be paying – because they’re teenagers and young people, not retired older guys who don’t drive much and are unlikely to be the cause of an “accident.” How many of the rest us will be able to afford as “little” as my reader is being forced to pay?

If it continues, the tag-team of devalued currency and rising costs will drive most people out of the market for vehicles – and those who have vehicles out of them, by making it as unaffordable to “cover” them as it is becoming to buy them.

We’re already almost there.

It will be (as the Chinese say) interesting to see what happens when we get there.

. . .

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  1. A new, incredibly audacious scam by two mafias:

    ‘A New York state law that went into effect on Aug. 1 requires auto insurers to add a new line of coverage — supplemental spousal liability insurance — for all drivers, even those who are unmarried or are buying coverage for a business.

    ‘If a driver caused an accident and the driver’s spouse was seriously injured — and had expenses above those limits, including pain and suffering — the supplemental spousal liability coverage would allow the injured spouse to seek a bigger payout. He or she would need to file a lawsuit to prove that the driving spouse was culpable.

    ‘The idea of suing your own spouse is unusual, and insurance experts said they hadn’t heard of this situation’s arising often. But proponents of the change, who include personal injury lawyers, say policyholders are often surprised to learn their spouses aren’t covered.’


    ‘Coverage’ peddlers and tort shysters, scratching each other’s furry backs: you can smell the revolting stench from a thousand miles away.

  2. Driving us out of our cars….just part of WW3…the technocrats…the pedosatanists against the slaves…..

    at war with the technocrats @ 56:10 in video…

    tecnocrats…the globalists….the pedosatanists…

    freedom of speech ended in march of 2020 @ 59:10 in video

    @ 1:03:54 the technocrats are pushing the vegan diet…banning meat…..it makes slaves weaker……..easier to control…

    website…. www dot gaps dot me


    • the control group uses contract law….maritime law to take control….everything is a corporation including you and the government

      birth certificate deception

      @ 10:10 in video tricked into a contract

      @ 13:15 ownership meaning

      @ 17:00 giving over rights to your child

      @ 20:30 anything that has a serial number on it you don’t own it….car, computer, etc..

      @ 24:00 what happens when you open a bank account

      @ 26:00 the meaning of inclusive

      @ 29:40 every time you sign something it is securitized

      @ 38:20 how to fight back

      @ 1:02 two books with information at…the sovereign project


  3. You all do realize that Biden could of written a check to the insurance industry and we could all get free car insurance for the next 20 years for the money they just shit down the drain in the ukraine.

    • But then how would they kill every adult make between 16 and 60 in Ukraine Holodomor 2.0?

      Think about it. Let’s say you wanted to change the entire make-up of a population of a country by killing off a large portion of it. Let’s say you don’t want to get blood on your hands or suffer the bad PR of ethnic cleansing. All you have to do cause a coup, install a puppet and have him instigate a war with a military giant against which you can’t possibly win, and then conscript all males between 16 and 60 as cannon fodder and let the “evil” Russians do it for you. Voila! Ethnic/societal cleansing in 3 easy step without the ugly stigma.

      • Ok, maybe it’s 4 easy steps.

        Of course there a great possibility that a war isn’t even really going on. I mean, why don’t we see videos and pics of these epic battles that have allegedly killed hundreds of thousands?

        • There’s lots of video of soldiers and armored vehicles getting blasted on the internet. You can search a chat bot to bother me but you can’t find any war videos?

          • RE: “You can search a chat bot to bother me but you can’t find any war videos?”

            I’ve never gone out of my way & looked. Howevah; I find it interesting I’ve never seen any headlines on the news websites showcasing any battles. …Or, much of anything but a few photos of bombed out buildings which could easily be someplace like Detroit.

            Odd that, considering everyone has sthmart phones these days.

            Are these war videos on NBC, ABC, or CBS nightly newscasts?

            …’Cause, if they’re not… that’s really really odd considering how this is sooo important that Billions of Dollars & tons of weapons must be sent there.

            I’m reminded of a bit by a journalist in the early days of the Iraq War. He was riding on a bus with other journalist going to ‘the war front’.

            All the other journalist had cans of gasoline next to them in the bus. They asked him, “Where’s yours?”

            (He wondered if it was, ‘just in case’ the bus ran out of gas)

            …He didn’t, ‘get it’ until they reached, “the front lines”.

            The reporters all hopped out of the bus in deserted area and stood in front of armored vehicles which had been damaged – but sitting there for years – and the gasoline was poured onto the vehicles & lit up so the reporters had something to stand in front of while they gave their reports from, “the front lines”. …They even ducked, as if to avoid bullets.

            …That reporter, the one without a gas can, spoke out out that and other oddities… he was killed not long afterwards.

            …Did you ever see the hurricane reporter on the TeeVee news fighting the wind, acting as if it were a struggle to stand upright?
            …Then, in the background, normal people walked by nonchalantly without any difficulty?

            I imagine, not.

            • On another thread here recently that I can’t recall at the moment, I mentioned the fact that we haven’t really seen any videos or pictures of all these battles. The commenter OppositeLock posted some videos from Polish websites about a so called atrocity killing of 400 Ukes by Russians. I couldn’t read most of the text because it was in Polish but what I could read said the videos were made by US NGOs. Big red flag. For a scene where 400 people were killed all you really saw was some makeshift wooden grave markers and one single dried out looking skeleton/corpse. Nothing like what I imagine a scene of 400 recently dead bodies would look like. OL has people over there and seemed to indicate the videos were legit. I

              Poland is “in play” as a supporter of the U.S. support of the Ukes and the videos seemed to me like agitprop to convince ordinary Poles to support Ukraine. I figured they haven’t bothered trying to convince us with any such cinematic productions because the US gov’t is already so all in on financial and material support they don’t even care what we think.

            • Nah, you’re the lazy bastard. You can just type in “Ukraine war” in your search engine and get all the video you want.

              I go to the twitter site of Russians with Attitude which has good video. The extensive use of drones with cameras captures a lot stuff getting blown up.

      • And that is exactly what they are doing, because they sure as hell can not win against Russia.

        And like Jeff Rense says every night, only the white Christian Ukrainian boys are going to the front, all Jews are exempted.

    • I’ve had free health care for more than 50 years. I bought two years of health insurance for the entire 72 years so far. I’m healthy as a horse! Don’t need no stinking health insurance!

      Why should some health insurance CEO be paid millions while you struggle and strive?

      It ain’t worth it, you have to realize the shtik sooner than later.

      I read a comment many years ago on another blog where a doctor advised a patient to not purchase health insurance because his physical condition was in a state that he didn’t need any insurance.

      Also read an article ca. 1995 where the president of the American Medical Association resigned in disgust because the medical industry was in favor of advertising and advocating medical advocacy. In other words, be Mega Medical, medicine is good for business and business is good for medicine.

      I didn’t make up any of this.

      The innocence is over.

      Let’s not go there to where there is no wonder who might be to blame.

      Humans are animals and they behave like the wild animals that they are.

      Food is medicine, always will be. Has a taming effect.

      Food is a blessing in disguise.

      The dogs of war know how to feast on discord.

      Beer is essential.

      Best health insurance on the planet. Bar none.

        • Its hard to eat the right stuff all the time. Your channel kind of alludes to it with all the addictive stuff they put in the food. Nice pond BTW. Still want that at my place. Might get to the point I just buy a 2 or 3 hundred$ pool at Big Five and fill it with baby cats caught from the creek.

          • “Its hard to eat the right stuff all the time.”

            …Yes. And, dying is easy. Suffering & pain, too.

            …Thought of your pool idea many times. Bullheads, though. They need less oxygen & care.

            • ‘Ponder the path of your feet, then your ways will be sure.’ Psalms or Proverbs, I don’t remember which. Most important when walking through the poison factory we call the grocery store. Something about resisting temptation by avoiding it.

  4. There is one way to beat the system, the insurance racket, and I did it for over 20 years – and got clean away with it.

    Stop paying and start faking.

    Take some risk and grow a pair.

    Make a fake insurance car. And when the uniformed pig asks you for insurance, produce the card. I have done this and it works, the cop has to accept it.

    I even mocked it, I scanned my USAA insurance card into the computer, using MS Paint, I changed the numbers, not the VIN, but the policy number, I changed USAA to USSA.

    I did it because I do not give a fuck about them whatsoever.

    BTW, move to Oregon, the cops have been instructed not to ask for your insurance – we got leftist liberals in charge protecting the thousands of illegals who drive stolen cars.

    • To make it look authentic, I used the same bond paper, I added a dotted line, then printed it out, and cut along the dotted line so it looked like the real thing.

      Fuck them to hell. From a moral standpoint, I feel righteous, as I am not feeding the beast. Why would any sane moral person want to pay into a system that murders millions and millions and millions, prints fake fiat money, fucks the world over in every way?

        • I would think so, too : “Also, I bet there’s a database for the police to verify.”

          I had a friend, who got pulled over by a sorta friend, who told my friend, ~ “See, look here, it says you have a farm. Which means, you have stuff worth taking.”

          That’s how they roll.

          • To serve and collect

            Dot Gov is now a criminal enterprise and a very successful extortion racket. Every single penny to the penny is carefully spent on the most egregious actions conceivable.

            33 trillion is chump change. The US Gov is being played big time. Everybody is being robbed blind, you’re a mark.

            Julian Assange correctly deduced what is happening, you are being fleeced.

            Permanent War is a book published by Lorne T. Morgan, you are the victim, the mark, Homo the Sap, that’s you.

            You have to design a plan if it is decades long to make progress to force you to be an obsequious slave.

            Klaus has it all under control.

            Drove the ICE vehicle 260 miles today, I hope Klaus cardiac arrests.

            “It went on forever and never did lead
            To nowhere and on into the dark
            Where you roll, roll away
            Where you roll, roll away” – Midland, Roll Away

    • The problem in some states is that once the policy lapses, the insurance mafia rats you out to the DMV. At that point the DMV demands that you surrender the plates, and if you don’t they suspend your license. If you get busted driving w/o a license it might then be an arrestable offense It’s quite a racket, you know. They literally get the cops out there as their goon squad payment collectors.

      I think you might be better off just driving with an expired license plate and not have insurance. I don’t think that’s typically arrestable.

      • I registered a newly purchased motorcycle, didn’t insure it … and promptly got a letter from the DMV, saying my registration would be cancelled in 30 days unless I insured it.

        An expired or cancelled registration gets fed into the database accessed by the ubiquitous ALPRs (Automated License Plate Readers), ‘always on’ in many police cruisers.

        Drive past one, and it will alert the officer in real time that you have an expired registration. ALPRs are the K9 narcotics dogs of the insurance mafia, suspiciously sniffing every vehicle that creeps by.

        Fake temporary plates, particularly from out of state, might defeat the hundred-eyed Argus of the ALPRs. But one of the legacies of Nahhhhn ‘Leven is that fake documents are more severely punished than they used to be, in the innocent olden days of the twentieth centuryyyyy. 🙁

        • Man, does this ever spell out how it’s All a big time shake-down racket:

          “I registered a newly purchased motorcycle, didn’t insure it … and promptly got a letter from the DMV, saying my registration would be cancelled in 30 days unless I insured it.”

          That’s right up there with, ‘if you make a claim with your homeowers insurance company, they’ll promptly drop you’.


          • Good morning, Helot!

            Yup – in re the mafia knowing. Or – rather – telling. When I decided not to renew the insurance on my ’75 Kawasaki S1, which I ride around the neighborhood maybe 2-3 times a year, I got the same Threat Letter from the DMV within a couple of weeks of doing that. It’s not longer that the DMV does “spot checks.” Instead, the mafia immediately notifies the DMV if you fail to hand over the money they say you must pay.

          • One year I was late getting my saaaaaafety inspection and got a notification from the DMV that my registration would be canceled if I didn’t hop to it and get it done promptly. All your info is tied together in Big Brother’s database now, no place to hide.

        • Did you finance the bike? If so the loan company usually requires insurance. In that case you are contractually bound to get insurance as a part of the agreement. You can understand a lien holder wanting to protect their investment.

      • About 20 years ago, at a National Rainbow Gathering, an older ‘brother’ from upstate New York told me that NY would enroll you in a state insurance program, for $20 on top of the normal registration fees. They did this so everyone is covered. The state, insuring millions, got very low rates.

        Now why would they do that? Simple, the state picks up the tab anyways, in many big wrecks, no one is covered enough.

  5. My house is being invaded by stray cats! Another daily outrage!

    What’s worse is my house is being subverted by assholes like Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Trump, Glitch McTurtle, all of them. All assholes ad absurdum, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

    You get your ass to the vax store and get vaxxed! You give up everything you have, you deserve none of it!

    The District of Criminals are just that. Complete shitheads nonpareil.

    “We will not submit to your bullshit”

  6. A message to Global Tyrants taking away your cars….and everything else….

    “Go To Hell”: Brave EU Politician Delivers Damning Message To Global Tyrants

    Member of the European Parliament Christine Anderson has been an unyielding opponent to Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ Agenda….she calls them…despicable globalitarian misanthropists….also known as pedosatanists…

    Her message to the slaves……You may have heard it’s all coming back. The first country is already starting [to talk about] mask mandates in Israel. They’re already imposing it. I’ve heard of a few universities in the United States. They’re already bringing it all back. And I would really like for you, the people, to not go along. Simply say no! They want you to wear a mask; say no. They want you to put in another mRNA shot; say no. They want to impose a curfew on you; say no. That’s really all you have to do.

    “And it might not be or might sound a little hard, but it’s actually not that hard. Because once you have made it clear to them that you will no longer go along, once you’ve let them know, they cannot scare you anymore. Because as long as you are afraid of what they might do if you don’t comply, they have power over you. Take the power away from them! Simply say no. Once you do that, they don’t have power over you anymore. You will feel so free. Simply say no.


    • they cannot scare you anymore……if you see through their lies….

      pedosatanists use fear as a weapon to herd the slaves…

      FEAR is an acronym….false evidence appearing real….

      pedosatanists spew out lies, misinformation/disinformation, propaganda, 24/7…..

      demons and psycopaths invert everything…good is bad, bad is good….

  7. ‘The thing styled “the president” has been the front-man for this business of pushing every automaker to make EVs.’ — eric


    ‘Yesterday, an apparently fake headline circulated on Twitter, alleging that President Biden was open to “depleting” the Strategic Petroleum Reserve due to rising oil prices.

    ‘Many quickly accepted the headline as genuine, perhaps because it sounded precisely like something Biden might say.

    ‘Though the headline was fabricated, it almost doesn’t matter at this point. Biden has made it clear that tapping into the SPR is perpetually under consideration.

    ‘As Jim Bianco correctly noted on Twitter yesterday, the SPR was created to prevent supply shocks (i.e. shortages of actual oil) that the U.S. saw in the 1970s — not to manage prices of ample supply.’


    This article was posted under the melodramatic headline ‘Joe Biden Defiles The Corpse Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserve.’

    “Biden’s” official lawbreaking is now a subject for jokes and parody. The joke is the USA, whose ‘attorney general’ Merrick Beria Garland has no problem with ‘Joe’ depleting the SPR if it will help to steal another election.

  8. “We’re already almost there”

    Yes Eric you are right. Here in my neck of the city they are busy making separate bike lanes as probably any people will be forced to ride bikes instead of cars.

    The future is creeping up on us slowly.

    • It’s even worse here, they’re moving the bike lines next to the curb and making the cars park halfway out into the street. Try to get out of your car without getting blown away by a bus going by. Can’t wait to see how it goes after the first snowstorm.

      • Commie Cambridge positively hates cars. I have off-street parking, but when we have guests visiting, there’s basically nowhere for them to park. The dickhead urban planners who come up with the nonsense probably don’t even live in the city.

  9. Additional consequences of prohibitive insurance and other sharply increasing ownership costs are appearing. There is an apparently growing use of fake temporary (paper) license plates, created with home computer printers, which hide the fact that a vehicle may be stolen, unregistered, and/or merely uninsured. In some urban areas like Chicago, we read of an almost casual practice of hijacking of cars to reach a destination. And recently arrived illegal immigrants are being granted driver licenses apparently for merely showing up — among the many serious issues that presents, will the government cover their insurance?

  10. This insurance mafia is the weakest link for the grifters and rent seekers of TPTB. What would happen if everyone, or even a slight majority of people, with paid off cars refused to pay? Would we hear some /Progressive/Neocon Boomers hectoring us about shared sacrifice? How we’re all in it together, or some nonsensical social contract? Would we get strongly worded letters from the insurance companies and DMVs telling us we must comply? Probably, but in my mind, the only options they’d have is back TF off, or go full totalitarian. TPTB are dying to go full boot stomp. The only reason we don’t see it yet, they aren’t quite ready. We should pull the pin and force the issue on our time table, not wait for theirs. Peacefully declining to buy a product, thats being forced on us, is the least we can do, as an acknowledgement to our ancestors. Just say no works, if you let it.

    If enough people ‘rolled dirty’ it would force their hand. If you were stopped for no other reason than lack of ‘proper papers,’ then impounding your vehicle would be an outright theft. In the big cities they could get away with this. Lots of tow companies are toads for the Roid Rangers. In the country, policed by sherifs and local officialdumb, I’m not sure how this would play. After all, they live, shop, and eat among us, and by now, I would hope everyone knows who and where they are. Point being, its is a good a time to push back against these insurance companies and their agents. They make the choices to insure vcxx brained retards and people who make bad life choices, with bad driving records. Why should I continue to pay more for it?

    I didn’t chose to live in hurricane alley, along a river, next to the ocean, or in a steaming blue pile of festering offal, amongst millions of other like minded people. I should no longer subsidize these groups ‘choices’ Plus, there is the problem of tens of millions of Illegal Aliens, who aren’t required to carry car insurance. I think I’ve already ‘contributed’ enough to their care and feeding.

    Never had a homeowners claim in my life. They want to raise me from 500$ to 900$ a year for the house. Haven’t had a wreck or a ticket in longer than I can remember, they want moar $$$ for my cars, of which I only drive one at a time. My slave score is over 800. The only thing I can think of is the actuarial decisions are now made solely on social credit scores, which I’m sure mine is in the shitter.

    • Just order minimum coverage and cancel after 1st payment. Even if you get stopped and get a ticket the total cost would be way less then the insurance premiums.

      Concerning people “rolling dirty” in large numbers. That’s already happened. It’s called living in a large urban area. No one is insured. Most have expired plates too.

      The problem is if you are in an accident, the cost of repair or possible medical expenses, could be high. But if you’re good with the risk, go for it.

        • I’m sure the program is set up to answer questions in a logical and commonsense fashion. Since you lack logic and commonsense, it would appear to you to be weird or creepy. So your comment that you could be an AI bot is incorrect.

          That reply you posted has nothing to do with my comment either. It’s just repeating the basics of what I suggested and asking a question.

          • Here’s the AI generator’s response to your comment Beelzbot:

            “I apologize if my comment came across as offensive. I did not mean to imply that you lack logic and commonsense. I was merely suggesting that the program is designed to answer questions in a logical and commonsense fashion, and that might have been why you found it to be weird or creepy.”

        • I understand your point and agree that the cost of insurance premiums can be overwhelming. However, I think that taking the risk of driving without insurance could end up being more expensive in the long run, especially if you are in an accident and have to pay for repairs or medical expenses. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is right for you.

          This is the latest AI generated reply.

      • In regards to rolling dirty I was referring to us country folk. The ones who’ve had a penchant for ‘following the rules’ their whole life. They pay the rent on the grift. They need to be the ones to say NO.

        • Hi Norman,

          I’ve begun discarding various government-mandated expenses, such as “registering” my vehicles each year – i.e., paying the government $50 for a stupid sticker I don’t want. It doesn’t sound like much (and in Joe Biden’s USSA, it does not buy much) but it does add up, especially when you are expected to buy a sticker every year for every vehicle. Plus the other stupid sticker that you are expected to pay for to show your vehicle has been “inspected.” This is another $20 down the shitter – if you go along with it.

          I’ve stopped. It has saved me several hundred bucks so far – and it does begin to add up (in a good way, this time). If I could avoid having to spend the money I’m forced to pay in order to not be evicted from the house I paid for years ago, I’d be doing ok!

          I recommend everyone reading this join in hoisting the Black Flag – as being a “pirate” in a lawless society is what honest people must do.

          • Eric: I plugged your comment into the AI generator and got a great response. Maybe I stumbled upon libertarian AI. Too funny:

            “That’s great to hear! It’s always a relief when you can find ways to save money and keep more of your hard-earned income. It’s sad that we have to resort to such tactics in order to protect ourselves from oppressive government expenses, but it’s a necessity these days. I’m glad that you have been able to find ways to save money and I wish you luck on your journey of avoiding unnecessary government-mandated expenses.”

          • Agreed Eric,

            I’m doing this now in measure. My women still insists on full coverage for her car. Which is probably a good idea seeing how she drives. We don’t have inspections out in this county, although the state of Maricopa is pushing for their nonsense to be imposed on all of us, state wide.

            Property tax slavery is still something we need to break. I figure if we can start with the low hanging fruit of mandatory insurance, it will become easier to smash TPTB toys as we go up the ladder.

            • Excellent, Norman!

              And in re the property tax thing: It’s like withholding in that it is (for many) folded into the cost of their mortgage and so they don’t miss the money because they never had to write a check (per se). But if you do own your home – and you have to write that check – it really chafes. Any day now, I expect to get the letter I get every six months, telling me how much I “owe” to live in the house I paid for. As I’ve mentioned here before, so far, I have paid the county something in the vicinity of $40,000 over 20 years to live in my home. This is confiscatory taxation. Of course, all taxation is exactly that. But it’s even more obnoxious because it is an affront to the very idea of owning your home – which you can never pay off because you will always “owe” these people money.

              And what I “owe” is relatively small compared with what many others “owe.” The house I once owned in Northern Virginia costs $6k annually in taxes to be allowed to remain living in it (assuming it’s “paid for”). And it’s a small, tract-type house on a slab in a subdivision.

              No wonder everyone’s broke! And – much worse – in debt.

              • Six thousand $ is horrible to be ‘allowed’ to live in a home you ‘own.’ Mines only a couple grand and it still chafes. The cost of my auto insurance, for all my cars together means the money I waste, could buy a new (used) one as a replacement every 3-4 years.

                Prince of Wales island, Hyder County, Southeast Alaska has many places with no property tax, no gun laws, no licensing. CDP places and others, designated second rate cities and villages of 50- 2000 people. Not all dirt poor as you’d expect, and not all millions of dollars to own as you’d think. A few acres and a cabin in a secluded cove can still be found for a couple hundred grand. Of course you probably need a boat, a bear skin coat, and the energy of a 30 year old. Still, its something I’m considering.

        • Agreed. The problem there is they have something to lose. People in urban area’s are generally too poor and don’t worry about fines, short jail times, or being stuck with government health care.

          • Via AI response generator:

            “Yes, that is true, lyspooner. However, it is important to consider that even those in urban areas may have something to lose, such as their job, housing, or access to other essential services. Furthermore, they may become more aware of the consequences of their actions if there is greater access to education and support services.”

            Hey, this is fun.

  11. I’m going to start a new insurance company. The slogan will be “$10 a month and you’re legal, but we cover nothing.”

    Seriously, if this was a thing, I’d buy it.

    • He says all the right things. But that’s what politicians do.

      That being said, I like him. He says things others dare not say. I’m still not going to give my consent by voting in their (s)election. One time I almost registered and voted for Ron Paul. Almost.

      • I’m with you Philo. Never voted in my life, and I’m sure as hell not gonna start now. I also like what Vivek says (he did a great podcast with Mike Rowe that’s worth a listen), but people have to remember that saying and doing are two different things. He has no government experience, and probably doesn’t have a clue as to how things really work in DC. You can’t drain the swamp if you don’t know how to navigate it. I like to think that I too have some great ideas about how to save this country (as do most of those who comment here), but wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to make them happen if I suddenly found myself in the Oval Office.

  12. Like Jim Quinn said the other day. Paraphrasing. The power your Air conditioner and heater uses is causing Global Warming yet charging an EV will save the planet.

    How can they say that? Because they know few will be able to purchase a EV and even if you could the price of insuring it will put it out of reach.

    Soon they’ll ban the ICE car. The registration will be so high the avg slave won’t be able to afford it.

    Thinking about just keeping your present ICE car? First the registration will be so high most won’t be able to register it. Then the price of gas will verge on the ridiculous if they even allow it to be sold. Most gas stations will close or turn into charging stations.

    If you think they cannot or won’t ban gas,,, they have already banned gas stoves in many places saying they’re bad for the children. Wood stoves are banned in many states. They’ll put an age limit on your vehicle. Already doing that for semi trucks in Commiefornia. Trucks over ten years old are banned.

    Do they really have the authority to do any of this. No,,, but they have usurped the authority because their is not enough push back.

    Got a cold or flu? FDA is fixing to ban all otc drugs and supplements. Yes,,, the same FDA that fronts the Covid kill shots. If not stopped,,, in the next 10-15 years they will control everything we do.
    No covid shot? Speak out against the war in Ukraine? Then no CBDC access for you.

    Did you know Ukraine has run out of fighting age men, running out of elderly men and the disabled. They are now drafting women including pregnant women. A company now is making flak vests just for pregnant
    women! So when a pregnant lady gets blown up with one of our munitions we are supplying will this count for two dead or only one?

  13. My advice would be to shop around and look at a local insurance provider who isn’t nationwide. A large insurance company is caught in the crosshairs dealing with tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires. A smaller provider is dealing with localized events and doesn’t experience the same risk. The other idea is (if you can afford it) increase your deductible. If you can afford to pay on the first $500, 1000, or 2500 worth of damage raise your deductible by that much. Also having multiple policies with the same company can also save additional money. I save about 12% a year by having my homeowners and auto with the same company.

    The value of the car is not indicative of a price hike. Your credit score, claim history, and the risk associated with area that you reside does.

    • Trying not to be a cynic 🙂 I wonder how those that cannot afford a $500 emergency expense will be able to afford a $1000 or $2500 deductible. And the way insurance companies work it today the deductible must be paid before they pay. Either way the ‘insured’ will likely end up with no car, (they pretty much total all vehicles today) and possibly still have to make payments for what the ‘insurance’ did not pay. This actually happened to my sons step daughter. Another ‘driver’ T-boned her year old Hyundai. The insurance totaled it. It didn’t pay off the car so she is on foot and still has a car payment. Just mention insurance to her and she lights off like a Atlas rocket.

      • Hi Ken,

        Yup. I’ve been saying it for years. Insurance – as it exists, as a rent-seeking enterprise – is a total loss for most people. It is one thing to spend a small amount on coverage that correlates with the small risk (if you’re a competent, responsible driver) and even people like me would buy it without being required to. It seems sensible to me to spend say $200 annually to insure myself against the very slight risk I cause damage to someone else’s car (or to them). I see no sense in spending a cent more to “cover” my old truck that’s not worth much (except to me). If I damage my truck, that’s my business – and I’ll deal with it on my own.

        But the way insurance works is they force you to “cover” the costs incurred by others – and then tell you you must also pay for the costs they claim you might incur. On the basis of that, many people are paying out sums in the tens of thousands (in the aggregate, over a period of years) and that is just deranged, financially speaking. And it is why so many are so broke.

        But – they are “covered.”

          • Hi lyspooner,

            Yup, in re teenage boys. My old college buddy’s kid is one – and it’s a good thing he can afford to “cover” the kid. Many cannot. And that’s why so many teenage boys (and girls) don’t even have a driver’s license. Why bother to get what you’re unable to use?

      • I am not defending the insurance companies by any means, but no where in our policy does it state they have to payoff the car balance, just the FMV.

        Let’s be honest there are many people today that roll over any negative equity (from a trade in) into their new car loans. Should the insurance company be responsible for that? All that does is hike the rest of our premiums.

        Also, there is gap insurance. I have it on two out of our four vehicles. One is paid off but is a collector’s car that has been increasing in value. If the car was to get into a wreck I know that the original payout would only be about half of today’s value without the gap insurance.

        The entire insurance industry is a case of buyer beware. We have to read the fine print, because they are not our friends and have no issue with screwing us over.

        • Morning, RG!

          As with so many things, I think the fundamental problems we have with insurance stem from it being pushed on us. Were it not for that, insurance companies would need to persuade us of the value of their services (because we’d have the power to decline them) and that would mean rates that we were willing to pay for services we wanted. And we’d have real recourse when the service they provided suck.

          Government (force) ends all of that.

        • Hi RG,
          I have an independent agent that manages our policies (auto and homeowners) who has managed to keep things affordable for us, as you mentioned above. I have zero collision coverage since the cars are old, and I have a high deductible on the house since most minor damage I would repair myself anyway. I do have a hefty liability policy, just in case someone decides to call Morgan & Morgan to sue me for whatever they can think of.

          • Wow Mike, I didn’t know that Morgan and Morgan was all the way up to your neck of the woods. Don’t remember them when I lived there, thought they were just a southern outfit. Sleazy lawyers apparently spread like wildfire. Fir the paypull!

              • Yup, they sure do look like sleazy lawyers. We have one down here looks like the spitting image of snidely whiplash, twirly stache and all. In keeping with the theme of your article, let’s not forget that these scumbags are also a big part of rising premiums.

    • Though indeed I don’t care for “Progressive” Insurance, especially their monitoring cameras, I’d “canoodle” with the lovely Stephanie Courtney, were she available.

      • I’ll bet that “Flo’s” vag stinks and the rest of the Progressive gang are fags. Their commercials are not only not funny but are repulsive.

        • Hi Anarchyst,

          The thing that annoys me most about these commercials is that we are being forced to pay for them. How much money do you suppose Progressive and GEICO spend on the juggernaut of ads that are everywhere? How can they afford this? That’s easy! They make us pay for them.


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