The Leader vs. Our Leaders

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Say what you will about Der Fuhrer, the one thing he didn’t do was try to take away people’s cars.

In fact, he tried to get the German people – das volk – into cars – das wagen.

That is literally – what the German word, Volkswagen means.

This is not a defense of Hitler, for those who fail – oy vey! – to understand. It is an indictment of current leaders – that’s what Fuhrer means, in German (singular). We have many Fuhrers – plural – and they are determined to get as many people out of cars as possible.

They say, of course, they merely want to transfer people into electric cars in order to cleanse the environment. This is not dissimilar from what the Fuhrer said.

It was just a transfer – to the East – you see. To cleanse Germany.

And in a sense it was a transfer. As in from a living to a no-longer-alive state. Just as it is true EVs are vehicles . . .  for getting most of us out of them. If you cannot believe this – and it is hard to believe, as it was hard for people to believe the trains they were being loaded into were taking them to their final destination – you must ask yourself why people are being pushed (ostensibly) into vehicles for which there is insufficient energy to power all of them.

The “grid” – by which is meant the entirety of the power generation system that keeps the lights and other such things on (and running, if they are powered electrically) – has about 1.1 million Megawatts of power available, operating at full capacity. If all or even half the engine-powered vehicles currently on the road were replaced by battery-powered vehicles, it would take a 50-100 percent increase in current grid capacity to provide the electricity to keep them and everything else running.

Yet there is no serious effort under way to increase grid capacity to accommodate the increased demand for electrical power.

Nor distribution of it, as to rural areas. How will people who do not live conveniently close to urban areas “fast” charge their EVs, since it is not realistically possible to “fast” charge an EV without commercial-level power to tap?

The answer is that life is to be made harder for people who do not live in urban areas to continue living in non-urban areas by making it much less convenient for them to get around by car. And the people already in urban areas don’t need cars. Even if they did, those who want them have no place to park them. Or cannot afford to park them. Charging them is the least of their worries.

Ask a New Yorker.

The idea, then, is for all of us to transfer into becoming New Yorkers. That way, there will be more lebensraum out in the country, where the leaders will be able to enjoy their private sylvan paradises, as they already enjoy their private, gated communities, private jets, private (non HMO) doctors and private schools for their kids.

Back to the leader.

He admired Henry Ford, who put the American people behind the wheel. He determined to do the same and that was the impetus for the Volkswagen, the people’s car. Like the Model T Ford it emulated, the Beetle – as it came to be known, because its shape resembled one – was designed to be a simple car as well as an affordable car. So that the people – average people – could own and drive one.

Imagine that. Hitler wanted people to own and drive cars. Our leaders are doing everything shy of bayonetting people out of them.

The Beetle had an air-cooled engine that eliminated the need for a radiator, hoses and coolant (all of which the Model T Ford did have). It featured an ingenious, rear-mounted transaxle that eliminated the separate rear axle and transmission (and driveshaft, connecting the two) that the Model T had. And having the weight of the engine over the rear wheels (which were the powered wheels) helped the Beetle bully its way through mud and snow as well as or even better than modern cars with all four wheels powered.

It was a marvel of engineering in its own right, just like the Model T – while at the same time being very different from it in so many ways.

A new factory was built to mass produce the car and named after you-know-who. The name of that factory – Wolfsburg – survives to this day because most people have no idea that you-know-who liked to be called “wolf” – and that the factory (and town) were named in honor of him.

And still are.

Er ist weider da, ja? 

Germans were encouraged to save up for a new VW on a kind of lay-away plan. This very much differed from the monthly payment plan Americans got used to, but the two things aimed at the same thing, which was to enable people to buy a car without having to pay for it all-at-once. The German idea was arguable the more future-time-oriented in that it made people save before they bought, but the end result was essentially the same.

Isn’t it ironic?

Adolf Hitler, the absolute dictator of National Socialist Germany, not only wasn’t opposed to the average German having and driving a car and in fact did all he could to promote car ownership – he also encouraged driving, by creating the first interstate highway system, the Autobahn. This was the model for what became the U.S. Interstate Highway system after the war.

There was an underlying military aspect, of course. The Autobahn facilitated the rapid movement of military convoys across Germany – just the same as the Interstate Highways would allow here. But the point is Der Fuhrer wasn’t trying to herd the people – like cattle – into – government-controlled mass transit and “15 minute” cities.

But our leaders are doing just that.

. . .

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  1. Yep. Just goes to show that a lot of what we are told to believe about National Socialist Germany is a caricature written by the victors. Sure, if you were a Jew or a communist it wasn’t much fun, but for the average German it was a big improvement over Weimar, at least until 1943 or so.

    Certainly the NSDAP regime committed some atrocities, but so did every combatant in WWII. You can argue with some of his methods and some of his decisions, but it’s hard to deny that Uncle A genuinely believed that he was acting in the interests of his people.

  2. Just one week to USGovernment SHUTDOWN – again. Here is what to know and look for. Conservatives want spending cuts and Liberals will not cut a dime. Thus we have a stalemate, again, going into a deadline, midnight 30 Sep.

    Biden insulted all of us, and said, no money will be cut to Ukraine during the shutdown.

    The last shutdown, just months ago, cost the USGov it’s AAA credit rating. This one could cause it to lose another notch – something I am expecting. That means the USGov will have to pay higher interest rates as their credit rating slips.

    What to know – slippage is occurring, like a truck in a mud pit, once it starts to slip, it can get stuck fast – and this is what is happening, because if you are 33 trillion in debt, and interest rates are going up, your re-finance cost will go up, adding to the already completely out of control deficit.

    I predict in a few years people will look back on this insane Ukraine funding, now way over $200 billion as a complete waste. (Every state could of gotten 4 billion). There is a point when the family drunk gets cut off – and that is exactly where we are heading – the US Gov is heading toward a borrowing lockup – it will soon find itself unable to borrow as interest rates soar.

    Interest on the national debt just shot up to a trillion a year, it may be at 2 trillion a year in two more years. At some point it will become obvious that debts can not be paid, and then the USGov, a corporation, will be put into recievership.

    Biden will go down as the Prez who bankrupted the nation.

  3. I went to a classic car show today and hands down my favorite was a green/yellow 1929 Ford Model A Tudor. My second favorite was a Buick Special.

    The Model A flat head motor accessible from both sides, extremely simple and rugged – no problem to work on it – no problem getting to the top, sides, front of the motor.

    The leaf spring rear bumper – made to survive a low speed incident – unlike today’s plastic fall-off-your-car air shield pretending to be a bumper.

    Henry Ford published the International Jew – I’d like to see someone try that today! Jews were a problem then, and they are a problem now, and did you know they have been kicked out of 1030 times?

    Here is the list: The Complete List of the 1030 Jewish Expulsions in Human History:


    I scrolled down to the end, and found a new entry I was not aware of the lastest expulsion, in Guatamala:

    Times of Israel – “Jewish community ‘forced out’ of Guatemalan village

    Local indigenous population accuses 230-strong Orthodox Jewish community of discriminating against them and violating Mayan customs”


    They blame their god for this. Never do they look introspectively and make the connection that their extreme anti-social behavior has something to do with how others treat them. How many times have they been accused of eating the local villager’s children? You can’t believe that, I bet.

    What I can not understand is what any non-Jew would want to be associated with their religion, worship this angry psychotic fire breathing sky god Yahweh. I was raised Catholic myself, and when I had kids I was of sufficient awareness NOT to raise my kids in some Abrahamic cult that required circumcision and baptism to alieve them of some ancient Adamite curse.

    I was living in Idaho at the time, when my strict Catholic parents showed up, and found out my kids were not baptised, they grabbed them and took them down to the nearest church for an emergency baptism, because they believed they could go to hell. That is a true story.

    More recently, I have studied this whole Gentile-Jewish thing and discovered that no Gentile can be saved by Jesus anyways, since he came to save his own people, Jews. I have confirmed this with a Christian scholar. So that means for the last 2,000 years Christians have played make believe with the salvation gospel. It was never meant for them, the New Testament is directed at Jews for salvation, and if you are not a Jew then you have no business being part of that cult.

    It is all unprovable nonsense anyways, there is not the slightest piece of scientific evidence for the soul, afterlife, god, heaven/hell, etc. But for some strange reason, people still cling to those ideas – which are not supported by any evidence.

    Joe Biden is Catholic BTW. And a pedo and some kind of sniffer perv. That kind of behavior seems to afflict a lot of church people, I do not know why, but I read about it all of the time. And now they are trying to normalize it. Russia, our enemy, is not having anything to do with it, and Putin has explicitly said that in recent speeches – that makes him the new Hitler – online some call him ‘Putler’.

    If you are a decent human being, who is against the psycho Jewish religion, like decency and morality, like sound money, like guns, and families, like nationalism and are proud of your race, you are surely an enemy of the Jews.

    Have you noticed Jews have a homeland Israel FOR JEWS ONLY. But if white people demanded the same, you are instantly labeled a supremacist. The double standard is appalling.

    • Jewsoh converts from Kazakhstan which Peter the Greak kicked out, are the majority pf today’s Jews – Zionism is their religion and the Talmud is their playbook. They’re secular satanists who are solely interested in power Therre are some religous Jews but they’re ignored mostly.

    • Also the original twelve tribes of Israel were wiped out by the Romans. Zionists have no ancestry from there amd no right to be there. It’s a complete lie much like the fake “death” camps. There are some real jews with middle easter ancestry and they’re’ discrimnated against in Israel. Theyre also browner than the fake jews.

  4. The worst time in history to be a slave?

    The ancient serfs in Rome paid 15% tax….they were so pissed when the barbarians invaded they welcomed them in… tax slaves can pay more then 50% tax….on top of the hidden inflation tax of 98% since 1900 thanks to fully fiat currency now….

    The ancient slaves had a little shack they lived in on the slave owner’s property….the current middle class are now the poor class and the poor class are now the homeless on the streets….living in a cardboard box….

    The ancient serfs could grow their own healthy food….today the slaves buy their food from big corporate food chains supplied with antibiotic and chemical laden GMO food (which destroys their health…. making them a customer for the pedosatanists allopathic medical system)… poisonous food supplied by huge corporate industrial farms owned by the pedosatanists….

    meanwhile the pedosatinist aristocracy are rich (after robbing the slaves)…they eat the most expensive, organic, chemical and antibiotic free food money can buy……so they don’t destroy their health…body and mind….

    Restricting the slaves to eating antibiotic and chemical laden and GMO food…destroying their minds and bodies….. serves their agenda of keeping the slaves weak and stupid so they can’t fight back….the pedosatinist globalists control the food supply and will bring in food rationing..transitioning to starvation of the slaves….the cull….

    The ancient slaves could use multiple methods to maintain their health….today the slaves are restricted to/forced to use the pedosatanist’s health destroying, allopathic medical system……

    The ancient slaves didn’t have surveillance cameras every 200 feet recording all their movements….

    • The jews were slaves to the pharoahs for 400 years in Egypt….then they ran away…

      After the romans defeated the pharoahs, the pharoahs moved to Europe, they genocided the tribes there, took control and became the european aristocracy…renamed the templars…now known as the WEF globalist pedosatanists……

      The european whites have been slaves to the templars…now the WEF globalists…the luciferion aristocracy… for 2000 years….where are the white’s reparations?

      • After the romans defeated the pharoahs, the pharoahs moved to Europe, they genocided the tribes there, (any survivors became slaves), took control and became the european aristocracy…

        they then invaded the americas…….they genocided the tribes there, took control and became the aristocracy…

        the tribes in the americas have been slaves of the luciferion aristocracy invaders for 500 years….The european whites have been slaves to the templars…now the WEF globalists…the luciferion aristocracy… for 2000 years….so they should get 4X the reparations?……

      • There is evidence that the ISRAELITES (of which Judah was but one of TWELVE tribes) were NOT slaves to the Egyptians at all! Supposedly the entire affair was nothing more than a LABOR DISPUTE; i.e., the Israelites felt they could do better elsewhere and refuted to build anymore for “Pharaoh”, probably Thutmose III, and left.

        Considering WHO wrote the Pentateuch; and there’s much evidence that it was NOT in its present form until about the 2nd century BC, I’d not wonder about Jewish “editing” or their gift for “exaggeration”. As the first “Prophet, Seer, and Revelator” of the LDS movement, Joseph Smith, Jr, put it: “Some ‘old Jew’ put it there”.

        • I have a white European background so I am interested in this part only…….

          After the romans defeated the pharoahs, the pharoahs moved to Europe, they genocided the tribes there, took control and became the european aristocracy…renamed the templars…now known as the WEF globalist pedosatanists……

          The european whites have been slaves to the templars…now the WEF globalists…the luciferion aristocracy… for 2000 years….where are the white’s reparations?

          meanwhile the white Euro’s…the most hated group today….. are blamed for every crime…plus slavery….

  5. Ah, but your Beetle is a wasteful, polluting product. If you have to travel more than one mile (walking a 15 minute mile, which is a pretty brisk pace) for anything it’s wasteful. Moreso if you use the evil black oil for locomotion.

    At some point in the 1970s the end goal of everything shifted to efficiency. I guess that’s OK in the micro sense, but on the macro scale it’s been a complete waste of time (ironically the one thing we should be trying to optimize). We went from improving the human condition to making everyone into my cheap-ass dad, constantly yelling at each other to turn off the damn light, and not to stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open. In dad’s case, it was a precieved financial object lesson. For these people, the entire planet is presumed at risk.

    When the low-hanging fruits of efficiency were realized (optimized engines, increased insulation, lightweight packaging, transistorization), the result was more consumption. Because, as the ad says, “the savings were passed on to you.” Now instead of a drafty 2000 sq ft house you could afford to heat up a 3500 McMansion out on the old farmland (that wasn’t in the historic district, so not subject to the asinine zoning laws). And the way we build in this country is always going to be cheaper than retrofitting old work. Of course that farmland became available because the farms themselves got efficient too.

    “BUT BUT BUT you’re doing it wrong!” was the cry from the granola crunchers. Just because that car can go 40 miles on one gallon of gas doesn’t mean you get to drive further. So now they have to take care of the input side. If they really wanted to fix the alleged problem of global warming, the answer is pretty obvious, just let nuclear power compete on an even field. Plenty of “carbon free” power for generations.

    Yes, there’d be questions about safety, and certainly libility at the scale of reactors we have today would be a problem (which was the justification for the current NRC regulatory scaffold in place now), but that’s a solvable problem. After all, who in their right mind would insure a 85,000 KG aircraft flying over cities, full of hundreds of souls (who paid a measly $39 for the flight)? Yet it happens routinely and no one gives it a second thought. But who caused this to begin with? Well, of course the answer is 20th century politics. The warmongers wanted nuclear weapons, then they shared that tech with the enemy in order to justfy the restructuring of society around a central command and control system, just like what they claimed they were going to protect us from. Soft power instead of strong power. Then when the enemy collapsed under it’s own weight they didn’t know what to do. So they created artificial scarcity and new, inhuman bogeymen. All justified by ever more efficiency, this time forcing humans to restrict themselves.

    What gets measured gets managed. And when human behavior is measured, the mangement mechanism is religion.

    • The Amish would argue the fundamental reason is to farm, you gotta eat. Whether or not they are being assimilated, nobody cares.

      The Natural God and Natural Law does reject all religions of revelation. Deism is probably superior to all religions. The Native Americans no doubt have the right idea, the Great Spirit has to supersede all of the phony baloney religions created from human minds with no direction towards anything.

      Works until it doesn’t.

      The builders of the pyramids along the Nile went on strike when garlic was removed from their daily rations.

      Just Say No does work.

      There is no free lunch.

      Dot Gov needs to learn a lesson not soon to be forgotten. Learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

      Beer time, again!

  6. The battle between Electric and Hydrocarbon has already been fought and won. And with very little government interference. And by consumers,,, not government parasites.

    The Electrics lost for two major reasons. Grid capacity,,, much less at the time and Battery Technology. Those same two problems still exist and there is little the District of Criminals can do about it as they are fighting two battles. Even if they paid for the millions of charging stations their stance on generating the power from ‘green sources’ will prevent them from supplying those charging stations.

    Hydrocarbon power which they laughingly call fossil fuels, Think Dino down at 7-8000 feet depth of modern oil wells or maybe Dino had space travel and dropped off huge amounts of hydrocarbons on Saturn’s moon Titus for spaceship refills. And the wells keep filling up! If the Parasites of the Cartel got out of the way Gas would likely be $0.50 cents per gallon,,, Probably with a $5 a gallon tax.

    The leaches, parasites, fleas, in control of government cartels world wide have already said no private ownership of any type of automobiles by 2050,,, only 25 or so years away. Unlawfully subsidizing Electric Autos,,, unlawfully setting unobtainable standards for the ICE vehicles,,, increasing the cost of ‘required’ auto insurance and home insurance,,, increasing the cost of the fuel itself,,, taxes on filling stations,,, registration,,, inspections,,, limitations on where a ICE vehicle can go,,, parking restrictions etc. There are countless methods.

    The Parasites latched onto CO2 for supposedly causing Global Warming now changed to Climate Change and very few of them even know how much (or little) CO2 is in the atmosphere and even more astounding is their complete lack of knowledge of why CO2 is necessary. Those that do, realize that CO2 is their enemy of their depopulation agenda. Double the CO2 and farms will turn out two to three times the production of food. They have now realized their stupidity of picking on such a small part of the atmosphere and have recently moved on to bashing Nitrogen. Nitrogen is another gas needed for food production which is why they add supplemental nitrogen to fertilizer.

    World Cartels ( governments ) have taken a stand against life on the planet backed by the likes of Gates, Schwab, Soros, et all through NGO’s. The WEF backed Cartels are the enemy of all that is good. They are the demons from hell intent on making your lives a living hell and as short as possible. Everyone attending their conferences is a traitor to their nation and is your enemy. Their entire existence is based on your disappearance. Committees like in the video above are there to simply assure you someone is looking out for your benefits when most if not all just want you and yours disappeared! The lyrics of the song ‘Smiling Faces Sometimes’ comes to mind….

  7. Imagine a great leader of Ukraine, a real leader, a real nationalist Ukrainian coming to power, and with great orator speeches and charisma, forms a political party which is against the Jewish rape of Ukraine. He wants to stop the war, make peace with Russia, trade with the world, make life decent in Ukraine.

    This new leader arrests all the Jewish trouble makers, like Zelensky and his CIA handlers, the Jewish oligarchs who are chopping up industry for profit, like Ihor Kolomoyskyi,

    Then this great leader, realizing the Jews, gays, and trannies are morally corrupting his people, rounds them up and ships them via trains to work camps. The undesirables are no longer allowed to corrupt the people.

    This new leader promotes personal empowerment with guns and cars, Christianity for decent moral behavior, eliminates animal torture for “science”, encourages physical fitness, outlaws harmful foods, etc.

    This new great leader saves the nation from Jewish predation, just as Hitler did with Germany – just as Putin is now doing in new Russia. Television is used to promote the new decency.

    Currently the United States is in an epic death spiral from the Jewish infestation within. Amerika will continue to get worse, and worse, and worse, until people get the courage to name the Jews as causal. That is happening now, and even Trump talked about the Jew problem last week in a spat with that horrid Liberal Jew Jerry Nadler.

    It’s the Jews, and always has been. Getting rid of them in your nation is the first step to sanity. And you may doubt this but here are some names:

    Charles Schumer
    Jeffrey Epstein
    Harvey Weinstein
    Bill Gates
    Jared Kushner
    Merrick Garland
    Mark Zuckerberg
    The ADL, SPLC, JDL censoring free speech
    Dianne Feinstein
    Richard Blumenthal
    Joseph Lieberman

    All those people are in the new screwing you over.

    Jews promote unlimited migration to eliminate whites

    Jews say homosexuality and trannyism is normal and acceptable

    Jews now claim abortion is a Jewish sacrament (I shit you not)

    Jews promote climate change and elimination of cars

    Jews want digital ID, gun elimination, and the end of the First Amendment

    Jews did 911, then started the War of Terror on the world, Israelis planted the bombs in the WTC

    Jews have a religious belief claiming God chose them, and that they have the right to tell you what to believe

    To claim it is not the Jews is just insane. It is them. The fact is Jewish values are the corrupting force in Amerika, and why Amerika is a police state, and why Amerika is a mudbrid shit hole.

    • “Then this great leader, realizing the Jews, gays, and trannies are morally corrupting his people, rounds them up and ships them via trains to work camps. The undesirables are no longer allowed to corrupt the people.”

      Which Jews should be rounded up and put in work camps? All of them? There are about 7 million Jews in the US. Round up gays? So people should be rounded up and locked up because of who they choose to have sex with? So the “great leader” should decide who is “undesirable” and lock up anyone he decides is not? This is kind of inconsistent with libertarian principles or basic human decency.

      “This new leader promotes personal empowerment with guns and cars, Christianity for decent moral behavior, eliminates animal torture for “science”, encourages physical fitness, outlaws harmful foods, etc.”

      Libertarians do not believe that a government leader should promote anything. Instead, people should be free to make their own choices. A leader who has these powers is a totalitarian dictator.

      “This new great leader saves the nation from Jewish predation, just as Hitler did with Germany – just as Putin is now doing in new Russia. Television is used to promote the new decency.”

      It’s nice to know that you think that Hitler was a great leader. Maybe we should add Mao and Stalin too to the list of “great leaders”. In order for the leader to make sure television promotes decency, he would have to have complete control over television and, presumably, all other means of communication. In other words, life under communism. This is not very libertarian.

      “Currently the United States is in an epic death spiral from the Jewish infestation within. Amerika will continue to get worse, and worse, and worse, until people get the courage to name the Jews as causal. That is happening now, and even Trump talked about the Jew problem last week in a spat with that horrid Liberal Jew Jerry Nadler.

      It’s the Jews, and always has been. Getting rid of them in your nation is the first step to sanity. And you may doubt this but here are some names:

      Charles Schumer
      Jeffrey Epstein
      Harvey Weinstein
      Bill Gates
      Jared Kushner
      Merrick Garland
      Mark Zuckerberg
      The ADL, SPLC, JDL censoring free speech
      Dianne Feinstein
      Richard Blumenthal
      Joseph Lieberman”

      You’ve given a list of 10 rather loathsome people who all happen to be Jewish. So we should get rid of the 7 million Jews living in the US because of these 10. How would we get rid of them? Kill them all? Lock them up in concentration camps? Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the concept of “collective guilt”? I could easily come up with a list of 10 horrible people who happen to be Christian. Perhaps we should kill all of the Christians in the US, based on this list. It would only be the libertarian thing to do.

    • One W88 thermonuclear warhead, set off at maximum yield, 2,500 feet above Ben-Gurion Airport would go a LONG way to bringing World Peace. As it’d blow a Shufersahl market to “Smitheroons” (as Paul McCartney, voiced by Paul Frees, said it in those Beatles cartoons…), it’s also give “Whirled Peas”, LoL.

  8. Principle-free ‘Biden’ commits the ultimate in political whoredom:

    ‘Biden announced that he would travel to Michigan on Tuesday to “join the picket line” with members of the United Automobile Workers.

    ‘The trip is set to come a day before Mr. Biden’s leading rival in the 2024 campaign, Donald J. Trump, has planned his own speech in Michigan.’ — NYT

    Way back in 1938, thanks to ol’ Frank Roosevelt, the US fedgov inserted its fat snout into labor-management negotiations. But Big Gov is supposed to be arbiter between the two sides, not a side-taker.

    “Biden’s” abject, tendentious sellout is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals textbook: the ends justify the [illegal] means. Leftists care not for laws; only for the compulsory results they desire.

    “Grifter Joe’s” grossly improper and illegal appearance with striking workers is yet another count to add to the Articles of Impeachment demanding his removal from office.

    Well, I saw Joe Biden walking with the Queen
    Doin’ the werewolves of London
    I saw Joe Biden Jr. walking with the Queen, huh
    Doin’ the werewolves of London
    I saw a werewolf drinkin’ a piña colada at Trader Vic’s
    His hair was perfect

    — Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London

  9. ‘the Beetle was designed to be a simple car as well as an affordable car.’ — eric

    Simple and affordable are two adjectives that no longer apply to any vehicle offered in the US.

    It is no engineering achievement to design a vehicle with hundreds of chips that offers no gain in function over a 30-year-older model that has but a handful.

    Just as it is no engineering achievement to design an EeeVee that offers no gain in function over a gasoline-fueled vehicle, but — oh, whoops! — requires a complete rebuild of the electrical grid, along with thousands of new charging stations.

    From a systems engineering perspective, both of the above examples represent transactions of decline — a Great Leap Backward — with a large negative return on capital.

    When a politician utters the word ‘investment,’ it should be grounds for her/his immediate arrest. I’m gonna ‘invest’ in a frickin’ bullwhip, to flay their butts to steak tartare.

  10. RE: electric infrastructure.

    The majority of pushers of the EV have a D behind their name. Those who live in rural areas tend to be Hillary’s “deplorables”.

    Do we think that the EV pushers care much about rural dwellers’ ability to charge? Or get to the polling place?

    America is a class society – elite vs the rest – and the elite have constantly shown disdain for the rest. Laws are designed to suck us dry, keep us poor, disarmed, in debt, under control and in line.

    • More: With the maxim that “The hardest thing to predict is the future” in mind.

      Talked with a guy a couple nights ago who designs and builds prototype hydrogen tanks and fuel cells for electrics. He claims (grain of salt here) that in 5 years the dominant power for electrics will be fuel cells. The pressure: Lithium supplies are limited and politicized, grid expansion is expensive, if not impossible, on the timetable the political forces are demanding.

      Claims an 800 pound bottle of hydrogen at 12,000 psi yields a range of 300 miles, roughly equivalent to the average battery-powered electric with a 1500 pound battery. Big positive is that refueling will be roughly equivalent to filling with gasoline. Downside: no stations except a handfull in California. He claims the pipeline companies are in the process of relining some to handle hydrogen distribution since the current steel lines will not work properly with hydrogen.

      One thing I didn’t discuss with him was the fearsome “carbon footprint” problem. Will producing all that hydrogen take coal-fired power like battery-chargers devour? I have no idea of the methodology to produce it. (Just so I don’t get a lot of flak from some of you, part of this paragraph is sarcasm.)

      None of this deals with the dictatorial issues, just one of the engineering issues in producing an electric vehicle with fewer negatives.


        • When someone comes up with a better process than burning a hydrocarbon fuel, preferably with an excess of theoretical air, as in a DIESEL engine, converting the expanding gases, essentially heated air, and the products of combustion are essentially carbon dioxide (which plants need) and water (which ALL life needs), please let me know.

          Even “Da Goimans”, desperate for petroleum and/or motor fuels, developed a workable system of generating highly flammable CO gas, which an Otto-cycle engine, (i.e., “Gasoline”) can be readily adapted to use as a fuel. In fact, it can still have an auxiliary gasoline supply and carburetor or fuel injection system, for quick running while the wood-gas generator builds up CO. And it needn’t be strictly wood chips or pellets, charcoal will work just fine, preferably pulverized. The obvious issue is that this thing is intended to generate poisonous CO, so there has to be certain safety precautions, such as NEVER to enter a long tunnel, or at least where there’s the possibility the vehicle could be stalled therein.

          BTW, much was made in “investigating” the Holohoax with respect to “Poison Gas Vans”, or “Gasvagen”, supposedly used at Chelmno and Belzec camps. And at Treblinka, supposedly a few spare T-34 DIESEL tank engines were employed to gas JOOISH victims with their exhaust. Several problems: A van would have to be armored and well-reinforced to contain the panicked victims, once they realized what was happening to them. Or they’d have to be laboriously shacked to their seats, a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. The DIESEL tank engines, presumably salvaged from T-34 wrecks, would not actually emit all that much CO, as diesel operate in excess of theoretical air. A simpler approach would be to run a carbureted gasoline engine with a rich mixture, but gasoline was in short supply, and running rich for very long will rapidly wear out an engine, due to raw gasoline washing down the cylinder walls; i.e., soon the rings will wear w/o adequate lubrication. With the CO kits ALREADY readily available, as over 500K of them were produced and retrofitted to buses, trucks, and some cars, and the only moving part of the entire apparatus is a blower motor, why not take a few and use THEM? Not only are they a LOT simpler, they don’t use precious gasoline or diesel, and the fuel they DO need, WOOD, is readily available in the forests of Poland!

          If you’re going to concoct a good LIE, at least don’t be LAZY and fail to do some RESEARCH on the subject!

  11. Yes, ol’ Henry Ford was one “anti-Semitic” SOB (meaning the J-O-O-s despised him) in his day, but damn, ya gotta admire the simplicity of engineering that was the Model T. Sure, the contraption was uncomfortable, cramped, and SLOW by today’s standards, but so were MOST automobiles. The vehicle was simplicity itself, the engine not even needing a water pump. Since it had a quite low compression ratio, about 4:1, the block seldom wore out, all that was needed to do an “overhaul” was to drop the easily-accessible oil pan, lift off the cylinder head, and go to it with a wire brush and knock off the soot and, later, LEAD deposits. Pop each piston out, replace those rings and babbit bearings, and run a cylinder hone up and down to restore that “cross-hatch”. Go see the “Boys at Pep” and get that valve grinding compound, and “lap” the valves and seats. Put it all back together, and that engine’s good for another 25K miles, which might be four or five YEARS, at the rate that miles were put on vehicles in those days. Oh, and the “Tin Lizzy” could easily be adjusted to run on “corn likker” (ethanol) or KEROSENE, as that low-compression engine was effectively one of the first MULTI-FUEL engines that were mass produced.

    But the BEST part was how the Ford Model T was designed for MANUFACTURE. Over time, as Ford invested a great deal of the profits in further expansion and improvements of “The Rouge” (River Rouge Automotive Plant), the process was greatly streamlined. Supplies had to ship parts in crates made to certain specs, which became body parts for the vehicles. Ford acquired his own mines in the Mesabi range in NE Minnesota, at least as a partner, and owned his own ships that plied Lakes Superior and Huron, shipping the high-grade ore, to the steel plant at the Rouge that he owned. He also owned the logging companies and lumber mills that supplied the needed wood. It was figured that a typical Ford automobile went from raw materials to a finished product in but THIRTY-THREE HOURS, and all that when the “personal computer” was a SLIDE RULE. When Ford expanded outside the USA just before and after WWI, he also devised the “knock down kit”, that is, shipping complete automobiles, but in compacted shipping containers, itself an innovation at the time that Ford didn’t necessarily “invent”, but took huge advantage of, that cost less to ship cars, and kept them better protected from the elements at sea! Of course, where there was enough local industry and infrastructure to support it, Ford built plants similar to the one at Dearborn in the UK and “Goimany”, making Ford the largest manufacturer in both countries prior to WWII!

    Hitler’s “KdF”, from the phrase “Kraft durch Freude”, or “Strength through Joy”, car, aka “Der Kafer”, or BEETLE, drew inspiration from the Model T, insofar as a low-priced, simple to own and maintain, designed for manufacture, automobile, intended for the masses. As for its rear-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, that wasn’t new, being based mainly on the Czech-made Tatra 97, though there are differences between the two cars. As Ferdinand Porsche put it in relation to the Tatra vehicles chief designer, Béla Barényi, “Well, sometimes he looked over my shoulder, and I, his.” Tatra felt that Volkswagen had, in effect, “stolen” their design (the concepts of patent laws as applied in European countries are different than in the USA, here, such a lawsuit would go nowhere, thanks primarily to the 1915 Selden case), and filed suit in a German court in 1938. Hitler assured Porsche that he’d “settle the matter out of court”, which effectively happened with the Sudetenland agreement in September 1938 at Munich, and the German takeover of the remnant of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939. After the war, the Communist government of Czechoslovakia sued VW again, and the case was settled for DM 1,000,000 in 1965, which, considering the sizes of both VW AG and Tatra, probably barely covered their legal expenses.

    • Back then, the guys with the slide rules also had the philosophy that 2 decimals was kind of dicey, so lets just add 20% to the size of the part, thickness of the material, etc, just to be on the safe side. Now we get 3 or more decimal points so “that must be the right answer” and the bumpers fall off.

      You forgot Kingsford Charcoal. Waste-not, want-not. Same idea that created the Carnegie fortune.

      • In the original Star Trek series, Spock often quotes a numeric value to a ridiculous level of precision, lending a pseudo-scientific plausibility. Just ONCE, I’d have like to see the curmudgeonly Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy actually retort, “Tell me, Spock, in that vaunted Vulcan Science Academy, did they ever teach you the concept of SIGNIFICIANT digits?”

      • Taking the slop out is what makes today’s engines so good. It’s incredible that we can mass produce at the tolerances we do, yet there’s so few people who understand that, so the accomplishment is lost and taken for granted.

        Much like every new iteration of the latest microchips manage to pack ever more transistors on the die, no one understands what went into the accomplishment. Huawei’s latest phone wasn’t supposed to be possible, because it contains a chip China wasn’t supposed to be able to build. Yet they did. And now the consultants in the think tanks have to figure out what to say about it.

        No one ever asks if the consultants should have to refund their pay when they get it wrong. Heck, most of them fail up, FFS!

        If I’ve learned anything in my short 55 years on the planet, it’s that engineers are gonna engineer. If you present them with a challenge, they’re going to figure out how to meet (and usually exceed) it. Unfortunately these days the engineers are so mismanaged they chase the wrong problem.

          • In the aerospace software side of the house it is “The first 90% of the job uses 90% of the budget. The last 10% of the job uses the last 90% of the budget.” And that is on the jobs that are doing well!

        • It’s not that “Dem Chinks, dere” can’t innovate, the Great Wall is proof of that. It’s that they won’t put effort into R&D when they can simply STEAL. Ethics? That’s for SUCKERS.

          • The “ethics” of communism is that all property is owned by the state, including intellectual property. One of the big selling points of them gaining access to the WTO was that they recognize international patent and copyright.

            But funny thing about intellectual property: It is up to the holder to defend against violation. Anyone think they have the financial where with all to take on China in International court?

            • Or that our current Phony POTUS, being Chinese President Xi’s bitch, would enforce any finding by an International Court against ChiCom assets in the US.

  12. OK, some very good points about the motivations of our “dear leaders.” However, let me point to the inserted graphs in the article – what an obvious need for Load Shifting. For those who have an EV it is fairly simple to see how this all can work out. Already many power suppliers are giving discounted rates for those hours in the early AM when use is so low. And most people who can afford a “glorified golf cart,” for that is what EVs truly are, can also afford a dryer plug in the garage to charge it overnight.

    Just sayin’.

    Not to take away from your point about their nefarious motivations. Also, if we’re going to centrally plan our economy anyway, why not offer generous incentives for folks to put solar panels on their south-facing roofs, like is done in Canada? And, larger incentives in the US to buy EVs and PHEVs, as well. I don’t buy into the carbon-fuelled AGW argument, but I do buy into what’s efficient and saves money over the long haul. Which solar and EV/PHEV most certainly can do.


    • ‘if we’re going to centrally plan our economy anyway’ — anon

      I vigorously reject your premise. All the ‘incentives’ you describe offer a negative rate of return on capital, which impoverishes our society.

        • I don’t accept assignments handed out by random personas on the internet.

          The fedgov policy makers mandating your prosperity-sucking solar panels, EeeVees and PHEVs are the same ones who specified these hundred-million-dollar, grift-ridden pieces of shit:

          ‘On Thursday, the GAO reported that the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, was only mission capable about 50 percent of the time for the A and B variants and 57 percent for the C variant of the fighter. These mission capability rates, GAO states, are “far below program goals” of 90 percent for the F-35A variant and 85 for the B and C variants.

          ‘The list of parts for the F-35 program is maintained in a database that is proprietary to the program’s prime contractor, Lockheed Martin Corporation. With all this proprietary information, the military has to outsource much of its maintenance to Lockheed Martin and its subcontractors.

          ‘Not having ready access to part numbers hinders the repair of the aircraft because it delays the ordering and receipt of needed parts,” the GAO report states. “Maintainers at one installation we visited told us that they would not need contractors on the flight line if they simply had access to part numbers.”‘

    • Unless “the grid” decides it needs more power and sucks it out of your EV, as mandated in Commiefornia. Then you aren’t going anywhere.

    • Solar systems just shift payment from pre- to post- consumption. In essense you’re prepaying for ten years of electricity at time of installation. Of course if you finance your system, you’re shifting payment from the utility to the bank.

      Incentives should be though of as a tax break and nothing more. At best they reduce the length of time before break-even occurs. At worst, they screw up the grid to the point that the utilty has to renege on their agreement. Without incentives most solar installations will never make payback assuming the panel degradation curves are correct (most are over cautious).

      Solar can make sense without incentives, in cases where the cost of extending the grid to your home is excessive. And because of that, many utilities have drastically increased their connection fees. In other words, they don’t want your money.

  13. I wonder, how close to 6 million has the US/NATO killed? And how many of a Muslim ethnicity in the middle east? Is that not genocide? The current US trajectory toward nuclear war could end in the very worst “genocide” in the history of the species.
    If FedGov doesn’t accomplish that, they seem intent on making our lives as miserable as possible instead. In other words, they’re sadistic psychopaths.

    • >Muslim ethnicity
      A Muslim is an adherent to Islam, which is a religious confession, not an ethnicity.
      According to Wackypedia:
      >Adherents of Islam, called Muslims,[7] number approximately 1.9 billion globally and are the world’s second-largest religious population
      >South Asia has the largest population of Muslims in the world, with about one-third of all Muslims being from South Asia.[21][22][23] Islam is the dominant religion in the Maldives, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. India is the country with the largest Muslim population outside Muslim-majority countries with more than 200 million adherents.

    • FWIW, the specter of “SIX MILLION DEAD J-O-Os” was bandied about even BEFORE WWI, which was obviously well before the German NDSAP even existed (it was founded as the German Workers Party in 1920, and Hitler, depending on the source, was either the 18th or 24th member of record).

      Never mind the ridiculous amounts of Jews supposedly slaughtered by the Roman “Legio X”, or Tenth Legion, as well as the last holdouts taking their own lives at the beleaguered fortress. Or how many Assyrians, 185K of them, were slain by the “Angel of the Lord” in their own camp in ONE night. Never mind that military historians believe a figure like that to be ludicrous, as logistical constraints generally precluded armies of those numbers ever being assembled. As the first LDS “Prophet, Seer, and Revelator”, Joseph Smith would have put it, “Some ‘old Jew’ PUT it there.”

  14. This is another one of those things we just say without thinking, but which should be corrected: we do not elect “leaders,” at ANY level or branch of government. We elect REPRESENTATIVES.

    House members represent the interests and defend the rights of the people of their districts; senators defend the prerogatives of their states — or at least they did, had it not been screwed up as with so many other things in 1913.

    Even the president is supposed to represent our interests before the rest of the world.

    Start calling these useless assclowns “leaders” and soon they think their job is to “lead” us to some mythical sunlit upland of unicorns farts and green energy. Enough of that nonsense.

    • Many issues with what we’ve allowed the House of REPRESENTATIVES to become…a latter-day House of LORDS. Virtually ALL millionaires, virtually all LAWYERS, and a disproportionate amount of J-O-O-s. While certainly the elections that technically got them there are rigged, in the end, the fault is OURS for not “refreshing the tree of liberty” with BLOOD. Anyone believing that there’s a peaceful, lawful solution is living in a fantasy world.

  15. One thing Hitler did that the Biden Thing and authoritarian governors here are HELL BENT on doing is disarm their own citizens, suggesting they wish to do something to us that we’d shoot them for given the history of governments around the world who’ve disarmed their own citizens. And we’ve endlessly been told the last several years that it’s Republicans, along with Donald Trump, who are modern day Nazis. However, it has been the Biden Thing, along with many DEMOCRAT politicians and establishment media, that demonize people who refuse to be guinea pigs for Pharma or refuse to subscribe to the cults of COVID, FAUCIISM, TRANSGENDERISM, WOKEISM, or CLIMATE CHANGE.

    • Actually, the “Nazis pushed ‘gun control’ meme” is FALSE. If anything, the NDSAP LIBERALIZED firearms ownership in Germany…at least for NDSAP MEMBERS. Of course, Jews and members of the KPD (German Communist Party, which, BTW, had a predominantly Jewish leadership) were not “allowed” to legally be armed. Came down to the same problem we have in “gun grabbing” states like Cali(porn)ia…firearms ownership and carrying is seen as a “privilege”, to be “allowed” for the “privileged” FEW, and you’re supposed to supply “cause” and BEG “permission”. The Founders, of course, would be horrified at that state of affairs, considering it the epitome of tyranny, and wonder why the hell we weren’t already rebelling?

      Yes, Democrats behave far more like the Nazis of Germany from 1920 to 1945 than any GOPer. May they suffer the SAME fate.

      • Hi Douglas,

        That sounds like those world leaders such as the former New Zealand Prime Minister who wished to turn RIGHTS into PRIVILEGES for their citizens based on “Vaccination status”. I don’t doubt that the Biden Thing and many Democrat politicians have the same sinister ambitions. As for this crusade from some to DISARM Americans, here’s a possible future scenario if the Anti-gun zealots get their way…. “Did you take the brand new COVID-19 vaccine that was recently released? If you did, you get _______ privileges. If you didn’t or won’t, you don’t get these privileges, and you’re a dangerous Trumper/ Conspiracy theorist/ Right-Winger/ Anti-vaxxer who is a threat to public health and needs to be sent to our new COVID (re-education/ concentration) camp.”

        • Give those cretins the ability to put you in such a camp, w/o due process of law, and they’ll come up with an excuse, same as Laurenty Beria, one-time head of the Soviet NKVD under Stalin, bragged: “Show me the man, and I’ll FIND you the ‘crime’. “

  16. The family and I headed to dinner last night near Charlottesville. On the way down there is a Sheetz with 10 Tesla chargers around back. I smiled when I drove by and saw no electric cars parked there, just one defiant gas powered vehicle (probably an employee’s). 😁

    Government is dreaming if they think the majority of Americans will purchase one. My guess is they are only there for the Libs of NOVA to travel to their second homes in Charlottesville for a weekend of winery tours.

    • The one to watch is your local Pilot/Flying-J. Capo Gecko of the Insurance Mafia is on target to hold 80% of the stock by the end of the year, and he has big plans to invest his “float” in the all EV future through various subsidiaries and holdings, starting with the travel center chain.

      Whether or not anyone actually uses the chargers, I believe the changes will be very aggressive so that The Gecko can try again in 2025 at getting the Texas Legislature to fund the gas turbine generators he will need to charge EVs in rural locations in the state. The “Republican” Lt. Governor is his point man on the issue.

      • A few weeks ago, I overheard a broadcast: “…Buffet is dead, and I was ready to fist-pump in the air, then I heard it was JIMMY, not WARREN. Shit.

      • Hi Doug,

        “Near” Charlottesville…we actually went to Ruckersville, can’t get any less communist than that. I try not to patronize Charlottesville too much because everyone has purple hair and seems confused, but the small towns surrounding it are great. Lots of farms and nice people.

            • BTW, being a VA gal, what think you of the long-standing story about Thomas Jefferson and his “slave side chick”, Sally Hemmings? AFAIK, although Hemmings was a “light-skinned negress”, meaning she was actually what at the time would have termed a Quadroon, there’s no proof that it was Jefferson who sired any of her children; i.e., there are a number of Jefferson family men who could have “done the deed(s)”. And, indeed, if he had, WHAT OF IT? In general, such a woman, in her social station, would have considered herself quite fortunate, to have the attention and affection of a man like Jefferson.

              • Hi Doug,

                If I’m remembering it right, Sally Hemmings was (reportedly) fathered by Jefferson’s father-in-law, a man named Wales (again, if I am remembering correctly, without checking) so she was half white and the half-sister of Jefferson’s own wife. Sally reportedly bore a strong resemblance to Jefferson’s wife (who died) and so it’s understandable he might have been attracted to her…

                • I believe that Hemmings’ mother was also a mulatto, so that’d have made Sally a “quadroon(ess)”. Little wonder she was believed to be one beautiful gal.

              • I think I read somewhere that it was either Time Magazine or the New York Times that published the “story” of Jefferson sleeping with Sally Hemmings. Like front page headlines in the 90’s type story. Then like 6 months later, well after the story was drilled into everyone’s heads, they came out with a retraction – buried, of course, that there was absolutely zero proof he had any relationship whatsoever with her, but it was possible that his cousin did. The Corporate-State run media everybody!

    • BTW, how busy is the “Fred Ex”?

      I assume the Collective is busy assimilating everything in sight now that the road is open.

      If you haven’t guessed by now, I have a personal connection to that project and Transurban. These days, I work on AI systems. I joke that I used to work for the Borg and now serve Skynet.

      Things didn’t end well for the Borg if “Picard” Season Three concludes their story arc thanks to the Captain, his friends … and a Barchetta someone spent 20 years rebuilding in a garage.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        I travel to Fredericksburg about 2-3x monthly, but I rarely take I95 (I am a backroads kinda of girl). My sister went through last week and she said 95 was moving well, but ended up in 20 minutes worth of traffic on Route 3. That was Monday around lunchtime.

        The problem with the expansion is that it pushes people further south of DC and onto the access roads which is where the traffic is the worst and the backups occur.

        • IIRC, the long term plan is to push south to the state line with the express lanes. My sister is fully assimilated member of the Collective but lives in Virginia Beach to afford a showpiece house on the water. I doubt she’s the only one.

          Pre-pandemic, Transurban had extensive plans to push similar lanes they were building on I-77 north out of Charlotte into VA.

          • Oh my gosh, I cannot imagine tolls lanes another 130 miles down I 95. It doesn’t surprise me but once a driver gets south of Thornburg (until Richmond) and then south of Petersburg to the NC line it would be a waste of taxpayer funds.

            But, when has that stopped politicians.

            • “On a single day in June, an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.8-billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. An Australian company bought a 99-year lease on Virginia’s Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road from Austin to Seguin for 50 years.”

              Foreign Owned Toll Roads in the US

              Follow the money.

              First we take Manhattan, then we take Ukraine!

  17. One of my best high school buds had a Formula Vee (we were in high school in the 70s). Unbelievable how much fun it was on a dirt road.


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