Do America’s political leaders also worship Kim Jong Il?

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Do America’s political leaders also worship Kim Jong Il?

By Mike Adams

As it turns out, there may be more in common between North Korea and the United States than you ever imagined. One of Kim Jong Il’s great admirers must be, of course, U.S. President Barack Obama who has:

1) Advocated an “indefinite detention” bill that allows the U.S. military to secretly kidnap and “disappear” citizens just like they do in North Korea


2) In doing this, he has thereby expanded the role of Gitmo and other secret prisons in the USA, even after he promised to shut them down.

3) His administration has modeled the TSA’s “reach down your pants” police state searches after Kim Jong Il’s illustrious sexual escapades involving the young women of his choice.

4) His administration plots false flag attacks against his own countrymen with hare-brained schemes such asOperation Fast & Furious, a failed government gun-running setup that was designed to cause escalating gun violence and a reactionary call for abolishing the Second Amendment (…).

North Korea would be proud… these are tactics right out of Kim’s playbook! And in terms of making Obama look like a god, check out all the incredible propaganda found across mainstream media photos that try to place a “halo” around Obama’s head, just like this Associated Press photo:…

(Search Google images for “Obama halo” to find hundreds more…)

In fact, watch this hilarious parody video showing North Koreans weeping in the streets over Obama’s delayed Hawaiian vacation:…


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