Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 09/26/2023

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Here’s the audio of this week’s chat with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about “Big Mike,” the UAW strike and how “impairment” is likely to be defined come 2026:

. . .

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  1. The CDC quit collecting reports of adverse reactions to the COVID jabs on their “V-Safe” smartphone app weeks ago, suggesting that app was SWAMPED with such reports since 2021.

  2. Eric: while certainly the epitome of two unproductive slacker nitwit, Beavis and Butthead in front of the Boob Tube, taking bong hits, certainly don’t HURT anyone, at least those not immediately downwind.

  3. “It never dawns on most people that god doesn’t give a shit what we do”

    By my estimation, God created the beginning, then set things in motion, watching us while providing us with the ability to recognize right and wrong, and act accordingly through free will. This doesn’t imply that he doesn’t care. It’s possible he cares deeply about his creation, but has taken a hands off approach between our birth and death, with this small window of time dedicated to allowing us to make something of ourselves through our individual choices. It’s the ultimate show of respect. Any further involvement, and he would be god the tyrant.

  4. Rarely do Libertarians get more than 1% of the vote, and that is a great tragedy, and tells you most people are polarized and wanting to use force in relationships.

    The real value of Libertarians is injecting in the discussion freedom, which neither party seems to care about. I like to say Libertarians are “Freedom Witnesses”. As far as witnessing for Libertarianism, I give Eric Peters a AAA+++, best ever.

    Religions have to be sold and so do political philosophies. I love to tell the story of the Jehovah Witnesses coming to my door when I lived in Idaho – way back in the woods – where you have no visitors and want it to stay that way.

    Well they kept coming around and I loved arguing religion but I had to put a stop to it, especially because “I was living in sin” with a little Italian hottie, so when they came back, I was very polite as always and when they all piled out of their beater car, came up the steps, all women, from young to granny, I asked them the questions this time around.

    I said, do you mind if I ask you some questions about God? They all nodded in unison, after all they came to talk about their Bible god. I then said, is God all powerful? They all said yes, yes, nodding some more. And can this all powerful god speak directly into my mind? Once again all affirmatives with bright eyes and head bobbing up and down.

    Then I delivered the punch line: Well, I said, if you don’t mind I will wait for God to contact me directly. All of a sudden all of their faces drooped in sadness and then they left. I really felt bad about what I had done, but at least I got a good story. If they had come by as friends to just talk, without thinking they were better because they were saved, well we could of talked forever about such things as god.

    I felt bad after that, but I knew I had to defend my space from the insanity of the Jew Bible and everything it stands for – endless war in the name of some fake almighty god. It never dawns on most people that god doesn’t give a shit what we do, but people want to believe the opposite and pretend they have a personal relationship with whatever put us on this hell planet.

    I think we live in some Holographic Hellverse, and that this place is hell, because we are on a planet with Jew hellmongers who do nothing but start war after war – like the latest bloodbath in Jewkraine. What I find really sick is how so many Chrisians support Israel and Zionism. How in the hell did they lose the message of the Gospels and become supporters of hell?


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