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I stopped posting videos on YouTube three years ago – because YouTube “demonetized” me. Meaning, they stopped paying me. I moved to Rumble. But still watched videos on YouTube, because one could watch the video without being forced to watch ads, first. I used AdBlocker to avoid the incessant pushy-peddlering of products and services I was not interested in learning more about.

That latter being almost as insufferable as the ads themselves.

Remember when ads didn’t pretend they were schooling you? The ad would conclude with: For more information . . .  .

Exactly. You’re selling something. If I’m interested, maybe more information would be of interest. But – stop it – with the “learn more” insipidity. One reads a book – or studies a subject – to learn things. You are not “learning” anything when you’re subjected to a product pitch.

And now, YouTube insists upon your “learning” things – before you’re allowed to watch videos, including the ones posted by ordinary people (i.e., non-commercial) that YouTube isn’t paying these “creators” – as YouTube styles them  – a cent. Or at least, not a whole one. Perhaps a fraction of one, according to a formula that is purposely opaque to “creators,” so as to leave the impression that maybe they’ll get paid for their creations. In fact, YouTube uses these “creators” – to get paid. By using them to purvey the peddler ads that make watching the videos unwatchable.

And that’s why I’ve stopped watching them.

The peddlering has become so aggressively ubiquitous as to be intolerable. And they’re mostly all the same: Overly chirpy female or soy-looking Beta male reading a script designed to offend none of the usually offended groups, to the accompaniment of generically insipid acoustic guitar strumming background music. Few are clever and almost none are funny. They are merely annoying – and unwanted.

Ask your doctor about… . 

So, no more YouTube watching for me. It’s probably good for me – just as it’s been good for me to stop posting on Facebook and only post on Twitter teasers that led back to this site. I won’t de-platform or demonetize myself, after all.

And I won’t force you to endure pushy peddlers as the price of being allowed to read the articles here. (I Know there are some lingering pop-ups, but these can be closed and you can use Adblock on this site, without repercussions).

I understand people need to make a living. But we are dealing with corporations – and they are not people, though the courts (purchased by corporations) have ruled they are “people” in the legal sense and so have the “right” to “speak” – which translates in honest English as peddler. That is, assault you from every corner with advertising such that you feel the urge to smash every device that conduits them into your life.

It’s too bad, really. YouTube has a lot of interesting and often helpful stuff, most of both put there by ordinary people who aren’t making much, if any, money from it. They will suffer – and so will we – when more people like me tune out and watch something else.

Because we’re really not interested in “learning more.”

Addendum: I have “learned more” – thanks to readers, who hipped me to several ways to slam the door on these pushy peddlers. One – perhaps the easiest – is to stop using Google Chrome, which is apparently in league with YouTube as both are properties of the same ugly business. I was advised to try using the Brave browser instead. I gave it a try and learned that using it eliminates pretty much all of the pushy-peddlering, including YouTube’s.

Once again, I can watch a video posted by someone about how they figured out how to repair something I’m trying to fix – or a funny cat video – without being assaulted by ads for products and services I’m not interested in “learning more” about.

. . .

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  1. I have never been a fan of Youtube. Not even before it got Googled up. Many long years ago I had some vids of Halloween masks I had made and some vids of my dogs playing. Well, my account got hacked – I knew this because I kept getting notifications about videos in my account being removed (ostensibly due to banned content), but when I checked, all of my vids were still there. All I could figure is someone compromised my account and uploaded something (what…porn?) which was then removed. This kept happening over a period of time (notifications), and I complained to their tech help (which was non-existent) but they didn’t do crap about it. It got so bad that I could no longer access my account – and, when they began allowing monetization, I couldn’t get in on that. At the time I had a video of a mask that had well over 100K hits on it…it’s probably still out there, probably making money for Youtube and not for me.

    As for the ads, I have Opera with Ad block so I don’t see many of them. Either way, I have got in the habit of muting the sound before clicking on a vid, just in case. I do this also when I watch the free movies on Roku tv. Then I don’t get blasted by some stupid ad.

  2. META making a lot of money. Who pays attention to these online ads anyway? …. they are nothing but litter to be ignored.

    Disgusted to learn that Google paid $26 BILLION to be the default search engine on phones and computers, to make $146 billion in ad revenue – again. Enjoy those sponsored search results boys and girls.

    Disgusted that governments are pushing for message/email/communication scanning for our “SAFETY”. Encryption is going to be undermined with laws, already passed in UK for example and to a degree here, and being pushed for elsewhere. I guess we know know why email doesn’t enjoy the same privacy rights and protection like postal mail. Politicians and big tech are creeping on us together.

    Freedom of speech,….haha….. just watch what you say!

  3. They tried that with me, but Brave (browser) somehow defeated them again. I recommend it to everyone. I didn’t know you were on Rumble. I’ll look you up. YT does suck though.

  4. The one thing Youtube does is provide a venue for watching rogue cop videos beating the bejabbers out of ordinary citizens.

    Well, the recent mass shooting event ended in the normal way…the dude got tired and bored of waiting for the cops to arrive so committed suicide.

    Then this disgusting women on Fox who claims to be X-FBI goes on the air to tell everyone about the brave brothers in blue and how we all should go out and thank a Cop after this terrible incident. I threw up in the back of my mouth. The Cops contributed nothing in both response to this incident while it was happening and very little in the aftermath other than tell citizens to *shelter in place*. Too bad a good citizen with concealed carry wasn’t at that bowling alley to return some fire. These freaks don’t like return fire, only the control of being the only one with a weapon in the room.

    “The notion that cops comprise a bulwark between the public and open anarchy was undercut fatally by Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Parkland, and Uvalde. In all those cases, cops stood by while criminals ran wild.”

    This women on Fox was touting Parkland as a model police response success and we should all be grateful for her bothers in blue. Give me a break.

  5. Google ruined youtube. It’s unwatchable with the incessant & pandering ads. Viewpure used to filter them out; it hasn’t worked (for me anyhow) in a year. Watchkin still works. I preferred Viewpure bc it showed the timestamps, hence, the quantity of stupid commercials.

  6. Youtube just dropped Douglas Macgregor. One of only two gents in my opinion putting out solid information on Ukraine, Israel, Russia and China. I blame him in a way as people should know that Gougle and Youtube want nothing to do with honest solid truthful information.

    • Hi Ken,

      Despicable – in re MacGregor. Or anyone else, for that matter. Who do these people think they are to curate waht we’re permitted to read/see – and so, to think?

      We know the answer to that.

      Ah, but they’re merely platforms… and yet, they curate.

    • RE: “Gougle and Youtube want nothing to do with honest solid truthful information.”

      No doubt. A YouTuber has to point at their shoulder when talking about The Shot, another calls guns, ‘hole punchers’, and another has to spell out the phrase, ‘died suddenly’ – all in order to avoid being demonitized and/or erased from Youtube.

      …It’s just really weird watching this 1984-ish style self-censoring playing out more & more.

      • Another YouTuber, during the pandemic, was obliged to say ‘DWSNBN-1’ [hydroxychloroquine] and ‘DWSNBN-2’ [ivermectin] when discussing prompt treatment. He has a PhD in neurotoxicology, and most of his interviews were with MDs.

        DWSNBN = Drug Which Shall Not Be Named. Pronounced ‘diwisinbin.’

        By the way, type ‘covid treatment alternatives’ in Evil Google:

        1st result: acetaminophen or ibuprofen
        2nd result: Veklury
        3rd result: teas, essential oils, tinctures, herbal treatments
        4th result: antivirals, immune modulators, and renal replacement therapies
        5th result: Lactoferrin, and Probiotics (such as SivoMixx)

        Lying, evil clowns …

  7. Nothing is as it seems, everything manipulated and controlled, especially your perception of reality. That is why social media and do-it-yourself videos must be controlled – so that they keep control of your perception.

    A good example is the moon landing, just another damn hoax.

    The astroNOTs were actors on a set, here is the proof:

    So now you know WHY the ASTRONOTS got Hollywood Walk of Fame stars in the sidewalk.

    (Which is only for actors)

  8. Google, called Goolag, was run by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two billionaire Jews.

    Google bought Youtube – the chief executive officer (CEO) of YouTube from 2014 to 2023 was Susan Wojcicki. Youtube is now Jewish. That is why people in the know call it Jewtube.

    wiki – Susan Diane Wojcicki was born in Santa Clara County, California, on July 5, 1968,[6] the daughter of Esther Wojcicki, an American journalist, and Stanley Wojcicki, a Polish physics professor at Stanford University.[7] Her maternal grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants.[8]

    Jewtube adopted all of Goolag’s censorship. That is because both of these companies are run by Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad is embedded within.


    The motto of this company “Don’t be evil” raised eyebrows and was a topic of my Google Blogspot blogs before they shut them down:

    “Don’t be evil” is Google’s former motto, and a phrase used in Google’s corporate code of conduct. Following Google’s corporate restructuring under the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. in October 2015, Alphabet took “Do the right thing” as its motto, also forming the opening of its corporate code of conduct. Wikipedia


    I wrote, what kind of company has to tell it’s employees not to do evil?

    I had over 50 blog rolls exposing all kinds of things, but Goolag shut mine down, so I moved to WordPress. But the ADL, which was embedded in Goolag somehow managed to get influential at WordPress, then one day thousands of my excellent illustrated essays, my creative effort, was disappeared with no explanation and I was locked out of my account.

    The reason why is because I criticized Jews, their religion, and their treatment of the Palestinians – which is now becoming known by mainstream as they can no longer hide their genocide (although Jews were doing this before they even had a state).

    Everything I ever wrote was spot on about these people, I never lied, I never exaggerated, I just wrote the truth the mainstream dared not to write.

    Jews control everything in Amerika, which is why this nation supports the demonic evil state of Israel. So if you love freedom, cars, the right to travel, you need to wake up and oppose Jewry and everything the stand for.

    What they are doing to Palestine is what they intend to do to you. Here is what the current PM of Israel says about our country:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    • Here’s a tip, YJ:
      Get your own domain. You can easily install WordPress, and write whatever the hell you want, provided your web hosting company is not a “nanny” outfit.
      My personal website is here:
      Follow the link (press the button on the lower left) to Tiger Technologies.
      I highly recommend Tiger Tech as a web hosting company. They have always done a great job for me.
      Full disclosure: if you follow that link, and decide to use them, I get a small referral discount. But the price to you is the same as if I posted their URL right here, and I would not recommend them if I were not 100% satisfied with their services. FWIW.

      • “Get your own domain.”

        Ahhh, of course, I tried to do it without revealing my identity, even asked a few friends to set it up (and I would pay them the fees).

        Plausible denability only comes with free hosting.

    • >Youtube is now Jewish
      Jewtube always was Jewish. Right from the get go.
      The only question is how blatant they will be in censoring information they do not like.
      Their latest antic seems to be harvesting the personal info of those who wish to view certain videos. I refuse to comply. For those who wish to post on “controversial” (i.e., not Jew approved) topics, there are other (preferred) platforms…

  9. Most of the “videos” I “watch” on YouTube are really just talky, audio focused things anyway, so I always just convert them to .mp3 files, using one of the many online youtube-to-mp3 converters, which exclude these obnoxious advertisements (along with their torturous use of xylophone and ukulele music). And if you want to watch an actual video, you can convert it to .mp4, which also the excludes ads.

  10. Nice article Eric,

    I think people far and wide should know these things. Google has assumed the mantle of ourbetraitor of all things, great and small. They can destroy anything or anyone they like in virtual space with no consequence. They create nothing, only aggregate. The space they claim, should be a public commons, where anything goes. If some special snowflake has a problem with that, they can lock themselves in their basement and cry. I’m sick and tired of a world where every little grievance, every dissonant opinion that goes against the official deep state narrative is targeted for elimination or moderation, with the backing of the state. Today in America it feels like we’re going back to the days of ‘My country right or wrong,’ or, ‘If you aren’t with us you’re against us,’ BS.

    They spend a considerable amount of their filthy lucre, coming up with more better ways to yoke us to their digital plantation. The money is their$ to do with as they want..But, wouldn’t it be less evil if they put their energy and resources into creation, not destruction and enslavement? I think nearly everyone on the planet with two brain cells or more would prefer this. For the few thousand debauched souls, making up the Garbage Elite, this is never an option.

    You tube has become insufferable. I still watch music videos without signing in, as I refuse to use any “Google account.” It still makes me watch the first 4 seconds before I can skip the add. They’ve also been scrubbing old comment threads, decades long, with great stories and backstories about the artists in the videos. All because the threads contain periodic elements of unsavory insurrectionist freethink, or whatever currently offends the tribe.

    Sorry they have basically taken what is yours, and put conditions on how people see it. The constant selling by these people is sickening. All of GLObo-hOmo works in lockstep, furthering their war on white people. Its not like they have the imperative to make a profit. The deep state-MIC gives them any money they need whenever they want, just like all other TBTF propaganda organs.

    • That all ended with section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which put Internet companies in a legal space where they held the publishing rights of the content produced by the users without being liable for slander or copyright. They should all be common carriers, and we should all have our own servers, but that’s right out. No way would that be allowed, because then the 4th and 5th ammendments would mean a government agency would require a warrant before rifling though your personal effects -which is why the Clintons kept their email in the upstairs hall closet instead of on a hosted Exchange server.

      • Seems Leviathan always has it both ways. Friends in low places has its benefits. When VOAT went away, I realized they would never let us have true free speech. Wouldn’t surprise me if they have some shadow algo that reduces traffic to EPA. For a quick second there, it seemed like Twitter was going to be contrarian, then Musk put that cow from You Tube in charge, and you could instantly tell it all changed back. As for those pesky amendments they’d get around that roadblock by ‘national security.’ They’d just wipe them away with a dirty cloth.

  11. The promise of online advertising was that you’d get ads “targeted” at your interests. You’re on a diet? Oh, here’s a bunch of ads for the local supermarket with coupons for produce. And a good book recommendation, filled with tips to help you get thorugh the sugar cravings. Need new tires? Here’s a bunch of dealers and what they have on special.

    What did we get? Oh, Nabisco wants to sell Oreos… so here’s a whole night of nothing but Oreo ads. Because Nabisco wants to push them on you, even though Google/YouTube saw that you searched for a healthy recipe earlier this week. No one wants to sell you a turnip, which BTW could use a good ad campaign. Heck, if no one is willing to pitch me products I might be interested in, maybe Google could go out and find a good choice instead of just dumping whatever fills the slot -or just don’t run anything, maybe even telling me I have to pay up because they couldn’t find a buyer.

    The ads are only worth a few cents per view anyway, so I might be willing to “chip in” if no one is buying. The ads probably only generate $2-3/month in revenue per viewer anyway. But that option is a bottomless pit of never ending monthly charges, far more than what they’ll make in ad revenue. And you’ll still somehow end up with more ads, and “sponsored content” anyway.

  12. Try Firefox as a browser with the uBlock Origin ad blocker. Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer sabotaged ad-blockers because those companies want the ad revenue. Firefox isn’t backed by a tech giant, and it’s a bit better about privacy, but it is much more flexible about the plugins that it allows. uBlock Origin is clever – it tries to make the site think you actually saw the ads, while hiding them from you. there’s a lot of good stuff on Youtube, and so far, I’ve not seen ads with this browser/plugin combination.

  13. Dumped facebook…but…it was kind of fun battling…climate change freaks, EV pushers, leftist/marxists and lockdown, jonestown jab freaks….gets you banned over and over…lol…

      • I checked out invidious. I couldn’t quite figure out how to access youtube through it though.

        I think the simplest thing to do is to download and use the Brave browser to access youtube like you normally do. At least right now I’m not getting any ads, nor is my access blocked (like it was through my Chrome browser as of late).

      • Change the “” part of the address to “”


      • go to click on use invidious….click on one of the…. List of public Invidious Instances…I clicked on the first one………in invidious search I entered utube….it brought up utube content….I clicked on one of the videos…..on top of the video is utube search….enter what you want to see….I entered vobes…it brought up some vobes video content….

        Then i tried it does the same thing…..

  14. If you’re a little technically inclined the best way eliminate all such ads is with a pi-hole device. Basically you buy a little cheap Raspberry Pi 3+ or better (a tiny computer less than $75) and follow the simple steps to install the OS and then totally free pi-hole software. The pi-hole computer is then installed on your local home network and acts as the DNS server (name to IP address) for all internal devices you don’t want ads on any longer. The pi-hole has a list of tens of thousands of known advertisement IPs (constantly updated) which simply get nuked, your phone/tablet/computer can’t reach them so they disappear….

    The pi-hole freeware is at:

    Feel free to ping me here with any questions. I won’t even charge my $300/hour rate if you’re not covid vaccinated.

  15. ‘PeddlerTube’ — eric

    The Trödeljud, pictured in this 1775 engraving, has gone digital.

    But these days it’s leftist ideology he’s hawking, not ‘beer, canvas, carpets, cheese, ink, milk, rags, rosaries …’

    YT’s parent company, Google, now produces tendentious search results littered with paid placements, and stripped of historical content. Allow me to quote one such result:

    Why did Google remove ‘don’t be evil’?

    “Google realized that ‘don’t be evil’ was both costing it money and driving workers to organize”. “Rather than admit that their stance had changed and lose the accompanying benefits to the company image, Google fired employees who were living the motto.” [quoting NPR (via Wikipedia) without attribution]

    Which brings us full circle to an Orwellian conclusion: evil is good. 🙂

    • Google removed its informal motto, “Don’t be evil,” during a corporate restructuring in 2018. The phrase was originally coined as a part of Google’s code of conduct, emphasizing the company’s commitment to ethical behavior. However, as Google evolved and expanded its products and services, some critics argued that the company’s actions contradicted the spirit of this motto. Additionally, employees within Google expressed concerns that the phrase had lost its meaning and was being used hypocritically. As a result, during the restructuring, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) replaced “Don’t be evil” with the phrase “Do the right thing” as a guiding principle.

      Evil is absolute and definable. “The right thing” is subjective and manipulable. See now?

    • Lately, Yewtube has taken to requiring viewers to “sign in” using some kind of “Google ID” in order to watch certain videos. The excuse is that the videos contain “sensitive” material which “might not be appropriate for certain viewers.” Yeah right.

      Bottom line: they are taking down the names of everyone who enters the theater to view certain content. Such as certain Al Jazeera videos regarding the Palestinian Nakba, for example. I guess the atrocities depicted must be “too graphic” for “sensitive viewers.” Gee, really? I don’t know, because I refuse to be issued a “Google ID,” let alone “sign in.”

  16. I try not to watch anything that comes with ads any more. Can’t stand the constant leftist propaganda.

    The ratio of brown/white people in ads does not reflect the reality of our demographics. They want you to perceive a false reality.

    It seems to be perfectly OK to have a group of all brown people together. Yet every group of white people on screen must have some diversity? False reality. People prefer to associate with other people who share their cultural norms and interests. It’s human nature and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Most couples/families in ads now are mixed race. False reality. I can’t remember the last time I saw a white family with a mother AND father in an ad.

    The amount of faggotry in ads now is sickening. Apparently, 50% of the population is gay according to ads.

    It’s like they are trying to be bold and make a statement. Fine. But when it’s everywhere, and everyone is doing it, it’s no longer a bold statement to make. It’s tired and obvious.

    • You are so right Philo – almost all ads I see on TV now feature a black guy/white girl couple, maybe with mulatto children. Even ads for local businesses. This just isn’t representative of society as a whole, though. And worse, when a commercial does have a white male subject in it, he’s usually portrayed as a buffoon.

  17. I still watch YT but hit the mute button when the ads come on which helps. I agree they’re close to intolerable but there is a lot of content I’m interested in.

  18. I dumped Facebook a few years ago and don’t miss it at all. A totally worthless product and waste of time. Any product started on a morally bad idea isn’t going to last. The little creep was rating girls in college and making snarky comments about them.


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