Google Will Decide What’s True … And What You’re Allowed to View

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Saw a video today from a conspiracy channel I follow on YouTube.

You don’t have to believe everything on the channel, but it is entertaining.

The video explains that, now, channels that are deemed “untruthful” by Google, will be punished; pushed lower in the search rankings and have the video automatically demonetized. Additionally, the producers of these videos will not have their videos displayed in the subscription feed of their followers. The video explains this well, but it is easy to follow through to conclusion.

The video also explained that Google stopped supporting Adsense on

Seems very familiar. Doesn’t seem coincidental.

Just thought I’d share the censorship:


  1. John Deere and GM will decide how much license you hold to operate their tractors. You only purchase a permit use their vehicles, you can’t “buy” a tractor, you still remain subject to all their terms and conditions.

    JOHN Deere and General Motors have eviscerated the notion of ownership. Sure, you pay for a vehicle. But you don’t own it. Not according to their corporate lawyers, anyway.

    John Deere—the world’s largest agricultural machinery maker —told the Copyright Office that farmers don’t own their tractors. They contend their computer code snaking through the DNA of modern tractors results in farmers receiving merely “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle.”

    It’s John Deere’s tractor, you’re just driving it.

    Several manufacturers recently submitted similar comments to the Copyright Office under the DMCA. The Copyright Office, after reading the comments and holding a hearing, will decide in July which high-tech devices we can modify, hack, and repair—and whether John Deere’s twisted vision of ownership will become our permanent reality.

    Manufacturers have used DMCA to argue that consumers do not own the software underpinning the products they buy—things like smartphones, computers, coffeemakers, cars, and, even tractors.

    Old MacDonald merely holds the rights to the benefits of the programming that makes his tractor run.

    You are a criminal whenever you strip the DRM off your smart kitty litter boxes, install custom software on your iPad, or alter the calibration of a tractor’s engine.

    Owners, tinkerers, and homebrew “hackers” must copy programming so they can modify it. Product makers don’t want consumers messing with their stuff and hurting their profits. So they place digital locks over software. Breaking the lock, making a copy, and changing something is generally considered a criminal violation of copyright law.

    That’s how manufacturers turn tinkerers into “pirates”—even if said “pirates” aren’t circulating illegal copies of anything.

    John Deere argues that allowing people to alter the software—even for the purpose of repair—would “make it possible for pirates, third-party developers, and less innovative competitors to free-ride off the creativity, unique expression and ingenuity of vehicle software.”

    GM has gone so far as to argue locking people out helps innovation. According to them, the notion of actually owning the things you buy no longer applies.

    • And you argue against my junmp to the nuclear option…?

      These a-holes seek to OWN US.
      Removing them from the gene pool isn’t murder, they’ve forsaken their humanity. We should correct the problems…

        • Tor,
          I think you over-estimate Clover’s humanity, again.
          The objective is to inflict the “correct” (collective, power-worshipping) DNA into US – not to enhance themselves!

          Clover is the Newcomers (Alient Nation). They’re just the nascent form of the slave race, not yet perfected – but they see us as the THREAT…. And will glady “immunize” us against free thought, any sense of “self,” and anything over room-temperature IQ.

          Whether it’s an rDNA retrovirus “innoculation” or “vaccination”, or some other system of enforcing changes on those who don’t fit the “proper” role (useful slave), the means is somewhat unimportant.
          The plan is ALWAYS to drag US down to the lowest-common denominator. To build an Elysium (the elites) and an Idiocracy (the proles). Capable slaves, limited by their own stupidity…. And a ruling Elite who will never want for anything. Living the “Life of Reilly,” or “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous.” Complete with TV-inspired dreams that you, too, if you work hard enough, could become The Elite…

          Clover sees aggression against Clover as a sin against God; but Clover’s third-party, “hidden hand” assaults on you? That’s just good society in the making….

          We need to Purge them. It’s far humane to the human species.
          And there’s no reason to mourn a Clover’s passing.

          (Cue Monty Python’s “Every Sperm is Sacred.”)

          r/K selection and the Mouse Experiment. If you haven’t seen the Purge: Anarchy, take a few minutes and watch. At least the last 10 minutes or so, where the government murderer admits the purpose of the Purge is to ensure the “lesser people” kill themselves off. It’s all about population control.
          Just like Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, ensuring the “lesser races” don’t over-breed. Abortion as birth control [I think that regardless of where any of stand on Abortion, we can agree that abortion as birth, or population, control – is inherently wrong and immoral. Otherwise, why not infanticide, too? and euthanasia? Etc.]

          There is NO WAY to deal with a prey species like Clover, per human morality. It really doesn’t translate.
          Think Rabbits. Rabbits breed well, and feed the predators. Predators eat their fill, more predators are born. If it’s all in balance, the numbers can continue indefinitely, until the resources are depleted. If the resources continue, then the breed/feed cycles can continue, too.
          But if anything happens… Say, the prey species falls ill? then the predators will have a corresponding failure, and population will decline. The older, less-capable hunters will fail to get enough food. The less aggressive predators will be driven from kills, and possibly even the pack, and die.
          If the Predators grow sick, and die off (or are artificially constrained – remove Darwin from the laws of nature, limit those who would stop violence with violence, ensure children are uneducated and forced to bow to “authority”, drug children into compliant somnambulent states, and impair higher mental function in later life…)
          Anyway – if Predators are decimated in some way, the Prey species population is able to grow unchecked. They over-feed and over-consume their resources… Then they starve to death. There’s an abundance of food for predators, but not enough predators to eat it all… Now disease becomes a problem as the dead rot.

          Apply it to economics, you’ll get the same result. (“Too big to Fail” is just another artificial constraint on Darwin’s Law; it also turns all of us into Prey animals, so the Ruling Elite Wolves can take the food right out of our mouths… Enforced Insurance is the same thing.)

          We cannot sit this out, we are Predator, or Prey. Right now, we’ve inverted the “Democracy is two wolves and a rabbit voting on what’s for dinner,” to “Mobocracy is a pack of bloodthirsty, armed rabbits, who make the laws everyone must follow (Except the ruling rabbits), and they wish to eradicate Wolves in the name of “SAAAAAAFFFFFFEEEETTTYYYY.”

          If we ignore the rules of nature; allow this perversion to continue, unchecked, for another few decades?
          1. We may be extinct. Between rDNA, nanotech, and cyberbnetic/ transhumanist combinations, humans might be extinct. All, or maybe just non-clovers / non-borg. And the genes will be deemed “unsafe at any speed” and destroyed pro-actively. [Note: the society, and the world, will fall apart.]
          2. If we avoid #1, humans will still be little more than organic machines. And they’ll likely follow the model of Prey animals, though I imagine a world like “surrogates” or “the matrix” will become the norm. People will not know or care, nor will they question the program. No escape. Closed loop, until the sun consumes the planet in a supernova.
          3. If we walk away, we vacate? Clovers take over. Clovers over-consume, destroying all in their path, like a virus. What does a virus do after it consumes all the resources in one host? Migrates to another host! There is no escape, and the sickness will be smart enough to flee it’s infected host even while the slower, dumber clovers continue to consume resources… We’ll infect every land, spreading bad ideas and ineffective, even wrong, even Evil, systems – which don’t work, but encourage Cloverism elsewhere.

          Which leaves #4: shepherd and improve clover. Selective breeding programs, rDNA/nanotech/cybernetic enhancements of Clover’s bad points…

          Why not just leave Clover alone, as #5, say? Clover has apportioned to itself ALL right to violence, especially Coercive violence, and decided all “wolves,” and all “thinkers,” are EVIL and MUST BE CONTROLLED by the Ruling Rabbits…. White rabbits good, Brown Rabbits bad, or some such… And they see us as Brown rabbits, or Wolves, or a THREAT… And they allow themselves to, even glorify their actions of, “removing” the threat we pose… Even if we just want to be left alone, we must be pro-actively hunted, for the “good of society” (White Rabbits).

          They’ve rigged the elections, ensured Corporate Oligarchy (Cartel, also Fascism)… They punish us for speaking out about their excesses; punish us for questioning; punish our young for existing!
          They won’t leave us alone, unless we can project enough force to FORCE them to leave us alone (and then they go back to the drawing board and find new ways to LEGISLATE themselves power, and the right to enforce their wants, and apportions bills to ensure they are better armed, have greater numbers, and can force you to kiss their @$$ next time…)

          This game will never end.
          Most we can do is kick the can down the road, and trim down the Clover…

          And ultimately, hunting the prey species is the only realistic option. It improves both predator and prey, per principles of evolution.
          For example, we are weaker, physically (maybe mentally) than our Paleolithic forbears. We can’t carry as much, for as long, without tiring; we tire faster. We “know” more – but little of what we know is useful in this world, since we actually DO NOT read much (especially when we make a value judgement on what’s read.) We don’t use geometry much, nor algebra – let alone Trig, Calculus, linear equations… Who here has even HAD a course in logic…?
          The Clovers haven’t, either. Most of them have degrees, mind – Social Sciences, Women’s Studies, European Literature, French, Music, History (useful for knowledge, less useful for work), etc, etc – plus many I didn’t name, even including Psychology and Philosophy…
          but they’re not smart, and have no wisdom. Lots of non-applicable knowledge, but insulated from actual work – and usually, incapable of it, too. Example: An Economics major who cannot balance a checkbook.

          We do THEM no favors if we allow them to be siloed into an “ivory tower,” where their “advanced basket weaving” degree is worshipped – but they actually DO nothing. In fact, we allow weakness to take over the race….

          And when you point out someone’s weaknesses, do they thank you? NO! Even here, we will likely take some offense. [Usually, that means it’s true. If it’s a wrong observation, it doesn’t hurt. If it hurts, and you react… there MUST be truth to it! Otherwise, you’d dismiss it….]
          No, point out someone else’s weakness, and you make an enemy, more often than not.
          ESPECIALLY if it’s a cloverian room-temperature IQ Chicken-head. [That IS a medical term, though ancient now.]

          Clover worhips power. This means, ultimately, Clover worships Death, as Death is ultimate power: Power to kill, to take a life, without retribution.
          Clover PROJECTS this on to us.

          I do not see an alternative; we defend against Clover’s Predations, try to educate where we can, and accept the hatred we’ll face…. Or we will be subsumed, or consumed, and removed either way.

          I know, I’m a cynic and a fatalist. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.
          Besides… We owe it to Clover… 😀

          “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”-1984
          –> Clover is controlling the present, re-writing the Past, and – between numbers and mis-education – will control the future, unless another force intervenes.
          And Clover hates us….

          “If someone hates you for no reason, you give the MF’er a reason!” (I want to attribute this to Malcom Reynolds of Firefly, but can’t confirm right now.)


  2. Yeah – even without my rant elsewhere, murdering this sort of parasitical organism (Brain Slugs of Futurama?) is a public service.
    The Irony is …. Stifling.

    At what point do we resist?

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