On Deck!

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I will be on the Kennedy Financial show tonight (their web site is here) at 8, with the audio hopefully available here by Friday. I should also be getting the audio clip from my last appearance on Bill Meyer’s show any day now (Bill’s been on vacation).

The Ford I was supposed to have gotten to review last week got into a fender bender and they weren’t able to slot me into a replacement; hence the No Review last week. But I have a VW CC right now and should have the write up for you in the next day or so.

VW, by the way, has been a friend lately. I can’t get into specifics – but let’s just say they are not like GM. I encourage you to support VW, too. They make damn good cars. But maybe not for too much longer.

I am working on a rant about the criminal prosecution of one of VW’s “Dieselgate” engineers. It makes my teeth ache to think this guy may be going to prison and about the fact that his professional (and probably personal) life is ruined.

Over “cheating” the EPA.

Which is like “cheating” the Gestapo.

Ok. Better save my bile for the rant!

December was a great month for us. Here’s hoping January – and the rest of 2017 – will be, too.

Maybe I’ll even find a woman who isn’t obese, doesn’t have three kids and is less damaged than I am.

Time will tell… .

Thanks, all!




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