The Existential Threat Hits Home

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Nearly 4,000 Ford dealers have publicly pushed back against the push to cram EVs down their (and our) throats. This is good news – in the same way that it was good news when people began to refuse to take the drugs being pushed on them as “vaccines.”

But the dealers – let alone the car manufacturers – haven’t yet pushed back against the predicate for the pushing.

Against the lie that it is necessary to push people into EVs – that is, to use EVs to push most people out of cars (and thereby, most car dealers out of business) – in order to avert a “climate crisis.”

This is vile nonsense is of a piece with the lying predicate that served as the basis for the push to inject people with drugs that weren’t “vaccines.” In the case of the latter, that there was a mass die-off event looming that could only be averted if the masses submitted to being injected with drugs that turned out to not be “vaccines.” Now the masses are told an existential threat looms that can only be averted if the masses accept being pushed into EVs – which they begin to understand means pushing most of them out of cars (and driving) because most of them cannot afford an EV and because for many of them, the EV is functionally useless for more than occasional use.

Note the curious commonality of the lie – which in both cases came in the form of a purposeful exaggeration of truth, meant to foment mass hysteria – in order to get the masses to accept what would otherwise be unacceptable.

Yes, there was a bug going around. Just as there have always been bugs going around. Just as every Fall, more people catch them. Just as more older people get seriously sick and end up dying when they catch them. Just as old people become more and more likely to die as they get older, even if they don’t catch a bug.

Yes, the “climate” is “changing.” It is always changing – a fact once understood by most people to be part of the nature of things – before it became “unnatural” in the minds of some people for the elderly to die.

Ever, apparently.

It has become an imminent catastrophe – in the minds of some, who genuinely believe it. Notwithstanding that it has been “imminent” for decades. Many of these are the same people who genuinely believed it was necessary to wear a “mask” – and continue to believe it.

Some may believe it forever.

Just the same as the people who continue believe that we are living in the End Times – or are about to – on account of a literally fractional increase in the fraction of the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide. This is hysterical – and not in the it’s funny sense. And just as as a similar hysteria – the cases! the cases! if you remember – was used to foment panic and thereby render the questioning of it a kind of moral affront – this hysteria about a “climate crisis” is being used to get people to shut up about the push to get everyone into an EV – and thereby push most of them out of owning a car.

But there is another commonality.

When evidence began to percolate that the drugs being pushed on people were not “vaccines” – which became apparent when people who took them continued to get and spread the bug they had been assured they would not get and could not spread – and (this is the critical part) threatened their health, people began to refuse to take them. However hard they were being pushed. Because nothing is worth your health – to say nothing of your life. Certainly not a job – or being allowed to enter a restaurant.  

The drugs had become – because they were (and are) – an existential threat.

It is interestingly similar with regard to the pushing of EVs, which people begin to see as an the existential threat they are to their once-assumed and taken-for-granted right to drive a car they could afford to buy.

The dealers are seeing it, too.

It is one thing to go along (to get along) with sickness kabuki such as the wearing of a “mask” and performing various odd rituals which, in healthier times, were performed exclusively by the mentally ill. These can be seen (and were seen) as temporary stupidities that would pass. Some also saw them as a way to publicly express their virtue – which in our time seems to be synonymous with affirming whatever the Latest Thing happens to be. But all of that goes out the window when people’s health is actually threatened. When they perceive that is, their survival instinct overrides the instinct to go-along to get-along.

The same is now rebooting – and may (fingers crossed) – put the kibosh on the push to get people into EVs, so as to get most of them out of cars. Understanding is percolating. More and more people are seeing the truth – not just about the limitations of EVs – but that EVs are an existential threat to their way of life.

The dealers’ revolt is a good start. It is akin to the way Florida provided an example of both resistance and sanity contra the mass insanity that still afflicted so much of the rest of the country. Florida’s example gave courage to the rest of the country and made it much more difficult for states ruled by gesundheitsfuhrers such as Kathy Hochul in NY to continue with the kabuki.

Now, if just one major automaker – Ford could be the one – would push back and tell the Biden regime that it won’t continue pushing EVs on its dealers – or their customers – and will instead be making cars (and trucks!) that people want and dealers can sell.

That there is no “climate crisis.”

There is only this malevolent push to get most people out of car ownership (and driving) by pushing EVs most people can’t afford – and that dealers can’t afford to sell.

. . .

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  1. Last week was traveling from CO to PA, 1700 miles or so each way. Drove straight through with the Cherokee set up for car camping. Filled up 8 times each direction. Most of the stops only took a few minutes, although I did nap for a few hours at the truck stops. Stopping every 200 miles for 30 minutes would have added 4.5 hours to the 26 hour trip.

      • Good point. Lots of gas pumps and a few spots like WaKeeney KS had lines at the pumps because it was just the right distance from Denver (about 300 miles) to require refueling. Tesla claims their Supercharger network is set up in a similar way. So you might end up waiting in WaKeeney.

    • I agree that Tesla’s are awesome, but that there should be no mandates for EV’s, the grid can’t support too many more of them, and they are not about “saving the planet” which will do just fine, with ot without them. But the only problem this guy was facing is that he wasn’t driving a Tesla, since they have fast and working chargers just about everywhere. On a recent road trip, I was charging at a Tesla supercharger where there were 80 stalls! And for all the other EV’s, there were four EV Go chargers, two of which had “out of order” signs on them!

        • Hi Stufo,

          I don’t get the “Teslas are awesome” thing, either. To me, they look generically lozenge-modern; nothing especially eye-catching. The interiors look cheap – and spartan. What else? They are very quick. Ok, I can appreciate that. But the catch 22 is that if you use the performance you lose charge – and it takes an absurdly long time to get them charged back up.

          • Tesla being an EV-only brand means that it is the perfect go-to brand for people who want to acquire a vehicle for virtue signalling purposes, which is arguably the primary purpose of Tesla.

    • Will you defend with your life my right to keep driving my ICE vehicles? Liking or hating Tesla really has nothing to do with it.

  2. If automakers simply empathized with car buyers, especially women, AND car dealers … they could have just stayed with HYBRIDS and saved $billions in wasted corporate revenue.

    • Hi Jeff,

      You raise an interesting thing – with regard to women. Who now get to wait at “fast” chargers in sketchy areas, at the mercy of thugs who know they’re stuck and not going anywhere soon.

  3. The entire climate crisis theory is based on one false thing – that increases in CO2 will cause runaway global warming – so convinced are the advocates that it has been officially announced that the earth has entered “global boiling” stage.

    Besides making plants grow faster – what is the effect of CO2 increases at the current level of 420 ppm. That’s parts per million, not very much. Here is the one chart you have to wrap your mind around, how the warming effect of CO2 goes down as an inverse exponential – it shows that the first 20ppm causes almost all the warming, and goes down with each additional 20 ppm, until where we are now, no detectable change:

    What this means increasing CO2 at current levels is so slight it is not even measurable. Furthermore, CO2 levels are at the lowest level in earth’s 4.6 billion year history, and that previous ice age epochs CO2 was 10 times higher than today, and CO2 had no effect.

    • Here is a high school level science course on the global warming gases, note how water vapor is 95% of the global warming effect, also note that man made CO2 only contributes 0.117%, which is so close to zero, rounded off to the nearest integer, it is zero:

      “Anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 contributions cause only about 0.117% of Earth’s greenhouse effect, (factoring in water vapor). ”

      So do you think it is reasonable to shut down our entire economy, ban gasoline engines and gas stoves, for a 0.117% effect? (So low it can not even be measured.)

      The Pope said today all carbon fuels should be banned. I would point out the point lives in the lap of luxury, does not have a real job, lives in a fairly warm climate, and is not a scientist nor does the Pope actually produce anything of value for the human specie, and that shutting all carbon use down would kill off most humans.

      • Since CO2 can not warm in a dramatic fashion, the government criminals in a mad desperate attempt to prove this phony existential carbon threat, do what governments do, lie and cheat. Tony Heller at Real Climate Science busted them, they went in to the temperature data sets and fudged the data to make it look like warming, and you can see it graphically in this article, a gif of the same data changed over time for the political agenda:

        What this means nothing any government agency puts out can be trusted, weather data is fudged, inflation data fudged, pentacon spending unaccounted for – the latest audit they are missing 3 trillion, money and weapons to ukraine, no one knows where it went, except we just found out that zelensky’s aides just bought two 75 million yachts.

        The level of lying is over the top, Biden and Blinken claim they are trying to stop the civilian bombing campaign in Gaza, yet are forking over 14 billion to Israel and 300 bunker buster bombs. They lie, they are fully bankrolling the ethnic cleansing campaign yet feigning the opposite.

        This week we learned Biden’s 9 million illegals are costing US taxpayers $451 BILLION per year, they blew 200 BILLION on Ukraine, for what? I just hope Zelensky and his wife get the Christmas Ceasecued treatment.

      • Hi Jack,

        Yep. And – in re the Pope: This man, as you note, lives a life of material ease and comfort beyond most people’s imaginings, none of which he pays for. It takes an almost inconceivable callousness – and evil – for such a person to demand others shiver in the cold and starve to death.

    • I recently read “The Case Against Sugar.” Taubs devotes a chapter to the suppression of negative health effects of sugar, and promotion of dubious science that “proves” sugar is harmless. One of these studies showed that there is a correlation between consumption of salt and high blood pressure. While some 4% of the population is somewhat salt-sensitive, nearly 100% of the population sees increased blood pressure from consumption of refined sugars. The fact that people aren’t told the truth about sugar makes a pretty strong case that anthropogenic global warming is based on junk science but the journalists of the world are too stupid to spot the bullshit. And, like sugar, advertising green products makes money for the dead media.

      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair (who should have looked in the mirror when he said it)

  4. First, congratulations to car buyers. Dealers would be all in if the buyers didn’t reject these golf carts.

    As a general rule, if big brother wants us to be afraid of something, there is nothing if which to actually be afraid.

  5. If the auto manufacturers had any balls at all they’d all get together and tell the feds to stuff the MPG rules up its ass. No exceptions: all manufacturers in the world that sell to the US.
    (Of course, GM’s CEO never had any balls and she has been giving GM’s ass to DC for years.)
    How long would it take for the politicians to realize that unemployed auto workers wouldn’t be good for them? Would they take a page from Atlas Shrugged and assign someone even more incompetent as CEO to US car makers?
    F%^k DC.
    Paraphrasing Ripley in Aliens, Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  6. what a well written article!

    I still see the occasional mask around town. My MD is wearing one. I meant to ask him about it. Not many in the clinic do.

    I’ve got one local cashier that actually wears TWO.

  7. Buy a Chevrolet remanufactured 350 a warranty can be purchased, it is for 1,000,000 miles.

    For 2299 dollars, the Chevy 350 is yours. Who needs an EV when a Chevy 350 will take you a million miles?

    The now old more or less worthless Suburban can be revived, I suppose, it’ll go places with a new engine and interior. Lots has to be done. Some other century, sell it as is on Barrett-Jackson.

    It still has some gas in the 42 gallon tank, at 20 miles per gallon, you do go over 800 miles per tankful. When you are heading north of Dease Lake in British Columbia, 42 gallons of gas is a blessing in disguise.

    • The price to rehab an old car may be much less than a new EV. If the EV is the only option, then keeping the old cars on the road is the better option.

      • Hi Dan,

        My buddy (Graves, regular here) has an old GM 4.3 V6 gathering dust in a corner of his garage. I eyed it the other day and thought how nice it would look in the engine compartment of my ’02 Nissan Frontier. No computer. A carburetor. And it’s basically a small block Chevy V8 less two cylinders, so a manual that fits one of those ought to bolt right up to this – and then it’s just a question of a custom driveshaft….

    • Ummmm….I highly doubt that 350 will go 1 mill. Carbureted no way. Too much cylinder wash with carbs, bad for longevity. And a 350 in a Burb is a pig. Had one in 89 with a 350. Big Block or go home.

      • Hi Craig,

        A small block Chevy might not go a million miles (per Drump) but 200k is very realistic with proper care and – assuming it’s an iron bock – it’s usually rebuildable at least once, so the engine cab realistically last 30-plus years in regular service. This is much “greener” (in terms of being less wasteful) than an EV that gets thrown away every eight years or less.

  8. The point most people are missing is the mechanism by which we (the people) can defeat these silly, draconian movements: quit buying their crap! The only reason the automakers and dealers are pushing back against the mandates is because we (customers) aren’t having it. They haven’t “seen the light” about the glo-bull warming scam; they are simply doing what any sane business person should do in order to stop the bleeding.

  9. 20,000 years ago the northern third of what is now the U.S. was covered by glaciers. The climate changed. The globe warmed. And it wasn’t because the woolly fucking mammoths were driving around in ICE-powered SUVs.

    After the glaciers receded, they left behind some of the best farmland and some of the best habitat for humans anywhere in the world, which Europeans made excellent use of when they colonized and settled this country.

    Just sayin.’

    • Hudson’s Bay is an impact crater filled with water.

      The Colorado Basin is an impact crater. Powder River Basin, impact crater.

      18,500 years ago, the Laurentide Ice Sheet was in full melt mode, some of the Laurentide Ice Sheet still exists on Baffin Island, still there to this day, just a tiny remnant. The Lake Missoula ice dam emptied all the way to the Pacific Ocean about 90 times. You just never know anymore.

      A one mile thick ice sheet covering the earth from Illinois to Ellesmere Island across the top of the North Pole and extending onto the Eurasian continent did melt and fill the Mediterranean Sea. There are underwater structures built by humans in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas.

      A sea storm in 1530 Common Era flooded the Netherlands, 100,000 Netherlanders died. That’s the way the ball bounces.

      Eskimos, Inuit, Laplanders, Siberians, Mongolians, far north peoples will survive any kind of Armageddon, nuclear annihilation won’t be 100 percent extinction of humans, only those that deserve annihilation will die. Could be a lot of them.

      Canadians in the Yukon Territory will have a good chance at survival. Life will go on in Nunavut.

      Decision makers and stakeholders need to make the right decisions. Number one is to stop all of the killing. There is a lot at stake. Making the right decisions is a good start. Get a clue.

      The triple-sized Mount Everest asteroid heading towards the earth’s orbit could be the lesson humanity needs to learn, once and for all.

      Have another drink of anything that makes it all better.

  10. The manufacturer, Ford, should not be let off the hook here. Since Ford is a believer in EVs, Ford should have done the heavy lifting of making EVs viable by investing in R&D that would make its EVs have price and performance parity with its ICE-powered Ford counterparts. There is no good reason why in 2023, a Ford EV should have a shorter range, a longer charging time and/or a higher price than a similar ICE-powered Ford, but Ford has not done the heavy lifting and the required investments to make competitive EVs. Instead, Ford is exploiting the fact that government is creating an artificial market for battery-powered automotive crippleware, and dealers are left hanging once it turns out that this artificial market is unsustainable. Dealers need to lambast Ford for this.

    • No matter how much money Ford throws at making EVs in parity with ICVs, it’s not going to repeal the laws of physics. Of course they could throw that money at making ICVs lesser than EVs.

      • Ford should not be allowed to hide behind “the laws of physics” as as excuse for the shoddy performance of their EVs. Either EVs are viable, in which case Ford should have no problem making them perform at least as well as ICE-powered counterparts, or EVs are not viable, in which case Ford should abandon them. There is no middle ground here.

        I refuse to let any EV manufacturer off the hook merely because they have chosen a technology that’s unfit for purpose.

    • EV’s failed in the 1920’s and no matter how many 10’s of billions you throw at it, won’t work today. They must have been a lot smarter in the 20’s; they knew when to quit.

      • Hence the importance of consumers calling the EV manufacturers’ bluff. There are way too many people who seem to accept the idea that EVs need “special considerations” because they’re “different”, I say this needs to stop. Consumers need to demand price and performance parity for EVs, even if they know it’s impossible for that to happen, because that will expose the EV as the cul-the-sac it is, and the manufacturers as incompetent for using the wrong technology. After all, there is nothing unreasonable about the expectation.

  11. Jones ford in Camp Verde is overflowing with inventory, Ha ha. Never seen the lot so full as yesterday on the way into town. Not surprising the way they refuse to negotiate. Months ago I tried to buy a Maverick off the lot. They wanted 35K minimum, wouldn’t budge an inch, nothing really special about the three they had except the smell.

    At least this winter isn’t that cold on this side of the mountain, so far. Shouldn’t be a problem shuffling them around the lot. It looks like they only have a couple of chargers in back. All their EVs are just sitting pretty, gathering dust. The handful of people out here who want that dreck already have it.

  12. A fresh and threatening chapter in the EPA’s War on Carbon is announced today in the NYT:

    ‘New limits on methane, announced Saturday by the EPA, take aim at just one source of climate warming pollution.

    ‘But within the language of the methane rule, E.P.A. economists have tucked a controversial number, known as the “social cost of carbon,” used since the Obama administration to calculate the harm to the economy caused by one ton of carbon dioxide pollution [sic].

    ‘Obama’s economists calculated the social cost of carbon at $42 a ton. Trump lowered it to less than $5 a ton. Under Biden, the cost was returned to Obama levels, adjusted for inflation and set at $51.

    ‘The new estimate of the social cost of carbon, making its debut in a legally binding federal regulation, is almost four times that amount: $190 a ton.

    ‘The EPA plans this spring to release final regulations to curb carbon dioxide from cars, trucks and power plants. Plug the new number into the agency’s proposal to tighten tailpipe emissions by ramping up sales of electric vehicles: the economic benefits could exceed $1 trillion, greater than the auto industry’s cost.

    ‘Historically, when the government can show that the economic benefit of a regulation is greater than its cost, the courts are likely to uphold those rules against legal challenges.’

    This is “Biden’s” kill shot to internal combustion vehicles. Neither the public nor Congress Clowns understand how radical it is. Its objective is population reduction, via energy starvation and mobility restriction. Maoist red guard Michael Regan, who heads the EPA, needs to be confronted and ousted.

  13. I know several people who bought Ford Mavericks over the last year, incuding my wife’s nephew.

    Every single one was a weird deal, either slightly used or through a dealer insider who was reselling a sweetheart deal they received through their employer.

    Ford could squash the price arbitrage with increased production, but it wouldn’t fit the EV agenda.

  14. How is it that this old man, living on social security saw this coming months ago, but these 6 figure income folks only saw it after the fact?

    • Scotty Kilmer? Social Security?

      Go watch his videos, particularly from a few years ago when he cashed out his house in Houston and moved to Tennessee.

      Scotty isn’t scraping by on Social Security.

        • In 2019 we bought a Gen2 Touareg TDI after selling OUR B7 Passat TDI back to Herr Martin Winterkorn (VW CEO during dieselgate). No new money in that purchase due to the fines against Vee Dub.

          Given the cost of new ICE or EVs, we can purchase quite a bit of fuel for the Treg regardless of the dieselgate settlement.

          Given the cost of EV’s, breakeven vs the VW is decades out, not even including the inevitable EV battery replacement. Btw, it cost me $175 to replace the battery in a Subbie a few months ago; a ‘bit’ cheaper than an EV battery. Sigh.

    • Hi John,

      Scotty’s a professional mechanic and so understands how things work. He therefore understands that EVs don’t. And when you understand that, you begin to understand the politics of EVs.

  15. ‘The dealers’ revolt is a good start.’ – eric

    It is. But a customer revolt, backed by a voter revolt, would be more telling.

    The original EeeVee subsidies passed under Barky O’Bummer in 2009 phased out once 200,000 plug-in vehicles were sold by each manufacturer in the US. Both Tesla and GM reached that number in 2018. After that, EeeVees were supposed to succeed or fail on their own.

    Then along came Senator Joe Manchin, whose Inflation Reduction Act grants $7,500 tax credits for ten years, until Dec 2032.

    Manchin is retiring next year, no longer viable as a DemonRat in West Virginia. He will almost surely be replaced by a Republican, who might be open to repealing Manchin’s folly.

    Buy a stack of post cards. Write ‘Repeal the $7,500 electric vehicle subsidy’ on them. Mail them to your Congress Clowns regularly. Jerk the rug out from under these useless, satanic EeeVees.

    • Hi Jim,

      The tax credit is slowly dying. Teslas (and a few other electric vehicles) have been available since 2008 (and a tax credit was pretty much always available for one or the other). Over the last five years those that wanted an EV bought an EV. They don’t seem to be keen on the purchase of another one. I only had one client receive the EV tax credit for 2022. I am not aware of any clients that bought an EV in 2023. Previous years seemed to have an average of ten or so taking the credit. The tax credit is no longer working to incentivize people to buy an electric or plug in. The Inflation Reduction Act seems to be another fail for Bidenomics.

  16. ‘This vile nonsense is of a piece with the lying predicate that served as the basis for the push to inject people with drugs that weren’t “vaccines.” ‘ — eric

    Now the tables have turned on the vile vaccinazis:

    ‘Houston Methodist, the first hospital in the US to mandate the COVID-19 vaccines, will no longer require its employees to receive the controversial shots after Texas outlawed the practice of denying vaccine choice to workers in the private sector, effective Dec. 1.

    “Houston Methodist and their CEO Dr. Marc Boom coerced nearly 30,000 employees to get an experimental modified mRNA shot with no long-term safety data,” said Dr. Mary Talley Bowden of Coalition for Health Freedom. “Their mandate policy was the first in the country and paved the way for the government and businesses to impose a highly unethical employment policy on millions of Americans.”

    ‘Texas State Rep. Brian Harrison, who first introduced the legislation in 2021, voiced regret that the bill took so long to become law, posting on X, “This is great. But … imagine how many careers would’ve been saved if the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act had passed when I first introduced it, OVER TWO YEARS AGO.”

    What Dr Bowden said remains true: in August, the CDC’s V-safe website quietly stopped collecting adverse event reports with no reason or explanation. It now states: “Thank you for your participation. Data collection for COVID-19 vaccines concluded on June 30, 2023.”

    When regulators refuse to collect safety data on a dangerous injection (over 1.5 million adverse events reported to VAERS) while still pushing it, they are committing a crime against humanity, and should face capital trials under the Nuremberg laws.

    • The Republican Party of Texas is a group of cowards.

      Passing the anti-mask and anti-vax laws this year provides cover for the Governor and Legislature to pass property tax “reform”, effectively giving away the state surplus to the leftists in charge of the schools and local governments.

    • When I saw that congress was exempt,,, The executive branch was exempt the post office exempt it was a obvious scam. Everyone in Congress should be arrested, tried and fried for the biggest mass murder in history and the murders are continuing…

      But,,, you cannot expect the same criminal bunch to prosecute themselves. The People will have to deal with this and from what I see what constitutes Americans, it isn’t gonna happen.

      The country has slid into the abyss. People simply do not care. When People kick out 95 year old veterans from a retirement home to make room for illegals that also collect a check every month larger than that veterans Social Security…. it’s over,,, Kaput,,, put a stake in it.


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